Hi guys and welcome to another episode of Exvius updates where we bring you all of the hottest information for our awesome application of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global available to you guys for iOS, Android, as well as Amazon devices. So, here we are I’m Shaly, your host as always, and then, my special guest is Hi, I’m Hiroki. I’m producer of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global Version All right, and as always we have very exciting information to share with you guys today but today is kind of a little bit more exciting than usual I wanna say because there are some news coming that we have been waiting for a long time! Well, I think that I can meet your expectations and I’ve got a lot of surprises for you today So, I know you like Final Fantasy XV, Shaly? Yes, I love Final Fantasy XV I mean, I haven’t finished it yet but it’s because I keep playing the side quests like so, so much! But I really enjoy the game, and I especially love Noctis and I heard some rumors from the Korean Fan Festa about Noctis…! Yeah, that’s right! Okay, Dah Sol, tell us what’s going to happen Hello, welcome back I am Dah Sol, from the marketing team, and I am here to bring you some exciting new information about the brand-new FFXV collaboration, as well as some exciting new information about our favorite prince, Noctis That’s right, and I’m really dying to know what this new event is going to be like and what new and better things are coming for Noctis because so many of our users, myself included, have been waiting for Noctis to get that much-needed upgrade! Upgrade! So, what’s going down? So, first of all, to briefly cover the event itself The event is going to be a Mog King exchange event where you fight waves of enemies to get the event currency and exchange that currency for goodies such as Rare Summon tickets trust moogle firsts…all that stuff Event-exclusive equipment And later on in the event there’s also going to a higher-difficulty exploration map where you can fight for a bit more higher-tier equipment as well Mm-hmm And, to move on to the units There are going to be two new units for the occasion and And Gladiolus is going to be our new five-to-six star tank unit And as a tank he is naturally quite tough stats-wise Right. I mean, just look at him I’d be surprised if he wasn’t tough And, being a tank, he has a skill that can cover the entire party Which, like Warrior of Light does and how Veritas of the Earth does And, on top of that, what makes Gladiolus very special is the fact that he has a brand-new skill called “Royal Guard” which is going to let him pinpoint one ally and cover all attacks that come in that direction That’s amazing! Usually cover only lets you protect against physical attacks but, Royal Guard is going to attack physical and magical Oh, wow! So, if you want to like, bodyguard one very strong attacker or Your healer. If you want your healer to survive! You send Gladiolus at the healer Send Gladiolus And, on top of that he has a very efficient buff ability and he can counter enemies’ attacks like crazy so he is going to help a lot with your party’s LB (limit burst) gauge as well And our second unit is Cor Cor the Immortal The Immortal! The fourth six-star attacker And Cor is going to come with an innate double hand-like passive that is going to provide a massive attack buff to himself if he only has one weapon equipped, one one-handed weapon equipped and the other hand empty And his kit is, let’s say that his filling up his LB gauge is going to be super, super easy and his LB is going to be extra, extra strong Nice So if you want to try out some If you want to try the LB attacker, make sure you pick up Cor There you go. Use your pots wisely Maybe Cor can then make use of them And lastly we have Iris, our three-to-five star supporter

Right, and Gladiolus’ little sister Very cute And she can help your party survive some of those longer battles through decent HP recovery as well as MP recovery Right, and I think her TMR is that Moogle plushie that you can use in the Final Fantasy XV game to kind of deflect attacks coming at you, it’s kind of like a decoy that you throw it in there and then all of the enemies rush to it I wish I had that doll Yeah, I mean I think it would be a very cool thing! We could add that into the game I think the mechanics of that are a little bit too difficult, but either way I’m very excited to have Iris there Gladio, of course, because he’s one of, you know, the main four characters and Cor, who’s just really, really cool and I’m pretty sure Cor is a katana-user And we don’t have many katana-users in the game that are really like, OP besides Chizuru probably, and I’m sure I’m forgetting like, one person that can use katanas really, really good but Chizuru’s the one that always comes to mind, so it’s nice to have Cor in this as well Yeah, and apart from those three, the new characters, we are also going to pick up Noctis during the event So we’re gonna feature Noctis Feature Noctis, and boy, Noctis is going to have a really, really strong buff Yeah? So, when we first released Noctis, we released Noctis in a very early stage of the game, and he was designed so that he fits into the game environment but, we’ve been getting countless requests from various users Yes, every day! on the Fan Festas, and on our social medias as well And, we wanted to answer those calls, and now we’re going to Now, to celebrate the FFXV collaboration, we will be we will be buffing up our Prince Noctis Yes!! He’s finally gonna be off that bench again! I know that a lot of users already have Noctis by this point because, again, he was released pretty early into the game and then in order to protect that game balance, he was kind of like nerfed down a little bit, but now that a lot of people have Noctis in their squad or have several Noctises in their squad and he’s getting his buff, uh, y’know, get hyped, because he’s finally going to be able to make a huge comeback and help you out I’m not going to go too far into the details, but He is going to be a force to be reckoned with And maybe we even slipped in a few new skills for him? Oh! Oh, that’s so…!! With the, with the extra hints…! Nice! And, if you already have Noctis, you’re in for a treat, because Noctises you already pulled are going to get the buff as well And his Trust Master Reward is going to get powered up as well so if you do have it, lucky you! Yes! So that means that not only the unit itself but the trust master that a lot of people already have because it’s one of those things you always wanna have on your Ling, or whoever it is that you’re trying to get to 100% motivation. It’s a very popular TMR and with those extra buffs added in on top of it, I think everybody’s going to be very, very happy with the new and improved Prince Noctis! All right, and we’re back with Jojo! Hello, everybody, this is Jojo And Jojo today is going to talk to us about brand-new trial bosses gonna come out, er, coming out! I’m so scared of this trial boss that I can’t even speak! But coming up in the new trial of the Chamber of the Fallen It’s in the Chamber of the Fallen, exactly So today I’ll be talking about the Bloody Moon and the coming enemy in the Chamber of the Fallen So, I’m gonna give you guys a couple of tips about this brand-new boss because I’m sure you guys are wondering, you know, what kind of character is it? So basically it’s a strong character that is resistant to physical attacks and you wanna make sure to bring someone really strong in magic or SPR, you know? I don’t suggest that you bring physical attackers, you know if you have, like, an attacker that doesn’t have any special magic skills it’s better to bench them Bring magicians and stuff like that If you don’t have any magicians on your team then it’s time to start to go through your units list and check out that little guy you’ve been ignoring for six months and you know, make some spot in your party and slap it in You need to be ready Another characteristic about the Bloody Moon that you guys wanna be careful about is that it comes with a couple of apostles and defeating one apostle will trigger the Bloody Moon to the second face The second face, I said? The second *phase*! It kinda has like, two… it kind does have two faces ’cause one is like, turned to here and then it kinda turns that way It makes sense Second phase…so you wanna be careful about that

The reward that comes with the Bloody Moon is the Glory of Evil It’s a rod, I suggest you check it out It’s a very powerful rod I can’t say…more than that! But yeah, you wanna check this out Yes, certainly! One more thing, I forgot to say! Please do! If you’re familiar with Malboro If you’re familiar with the Machina of Destruction, then guess what What? Bloody Moon’s out for you! So people who are familiar with those two bosses and went through and defeated them, well, props to you Because next challenge is Bloody Moon Yes, and the Bloody Moon is stronger, we wanna say stronger, faster than either one of those, and as you guys know Dah Sol and I have been running away from Aigaion and Malboro for long long time We’re still gonna do it, don’t worry! I still get asked, like every single time But, you know, Bloody Moon Did you do Malboro yet? No! Yeah, but, but we will! But, you know, the next question after Malboro is going to be Did you do Bloody Moon yet? It never ends! It’s gonna be a meme! But the Bloody Moon is especially tough because, as Jojo mentioned you cannot bring in your usual, you know, damage dealer as you really do need strong mages So make sure that you show love to your mages. If you’re benching them most of the time it’s time for you to you know, bring ’em out, equip them correctly, and get them to max to the max level, awaken their abilities as well ’cause this one’s gonna be a tough one Oh yeah. You’ll need a lot of good TM to get ready Yes Okay, it’s time for Q&A Corner Yay~ Seems like we have received a lot of questions. Thank you, again! Thank you Yes Thank you as always for all of the questions you send in We’re always very happy to hear from all of you and these two are very happy to answer for you! So we’re going to get started on the questions, we have two today And the first one is from Brandon Swartz, and it goes as follows: Will we see a global exclusive unit in the EX tier? Loren was in the Japanese version of the game, but she is now a rare summon in the Global version of the game, so we would love to know! Hm…yes We don’t have any plans for now Okay But, if everyone wants to, maybe we will start talking…? Yeah, considering some We’d likely consider it for Noctis Maybe if everybody wants it So you see, your faith can move mountains! All you have to do is make sure you and your friends constantly bombard our media channels and just be like, “we want an EX tier unit!” and then maybe it will happen! You never know, right? Yeah, just in general give us, keep giving us your suggestions and like, what you want to see in the game and we’ll try to improve the experience as much as possible Of course, of course And moving on to question number two from Lionel Genot I hope I’m saying your name correctly It goes Can you give us a possibility to get the exclusive unit equipment we have missed? So, for example, Rem’s dagger, maybe you didn’t play the Type-O event or you didn’t get enough currency to exchange for Rem’s dagger They would like another chance to get the equipment or, at least offer a bundle for some Lapis where they can get that particular exclusive equipment It’s a good idea But, then, on the other hand, some players joined the event, and played hard to get that equipment Right So, I don’t want to waste their efforts Right I will ask, or I will start to talk with the team, the operation team about how they can get the missed equipment Yes, I understand. Those events take a lot of like, farming take a lot of dedication, and you have to spend all of your energy every single day to make sure you have enough currency to exchange for these exclusive items. And, it’s all time-loaded, you know? If you miss your opportunity, or maybe you had enough currency but you missed the deadline for the King Mog exchange And now you’re trapped with all of that currency, then You know, it’s very difficult if you have missed some certain equipment that can help you out in the future So, it would be really nice to have a chance to get that equipment that maybe some people have missed Because it’s important to have as many varieties of weapons or armor as you can in order to do well in the game All right, well thank you so much for all of your questions, please keep sending us more so that we can cover them on the next episode and we’ll be waiting to hear from you! Welcome to the fan art corner! Yay~! We received a lot wonderful works, as usual, so thank you very much Yes, as always, thank you for everything that you send us

We love looking at all of your beautiful artwork and cosplay and everything else that you guys send us like the crochet, that was from the last episode, it was very amazing And today we have picked three, as well, and these three very, very talented people are going to featured on the show and get some amazing prizes for just showing their love for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which is, y’know, not hard to do I mean, not saying that this didn’t take a lot of time and effort but, you know, the more love that you show for the game the more good things that are going to come your way So let’s get into these pieces here We want to start with the first one It’s by LordGrim, and it is of Aileen, one of our most popular units Oh, Aileen! Yes! But she has another weapon, right? I think it’s the artisan weapon? Yes, she’s got the artisan one That artisan looks like it’s going to cause a lot of pain Yeah I really love the detail on the artisan as well, because you have to remember that in the game, they’re like, really, really tiny like, pixels, and you can’t really see all the detail that goes in it so a lot of imagination goes into making fanart like this where you have to kind of just fill in the blanks with your own creativity, so, yeah It’s great! It’s great, yeah, I think so Next one is going to be by Ian and it is a picture of Illusionist Nichol, or how the community refers to him, iNichol iNichol?! Yeah We’re gonna have to order something like that (Is it a trademark or…?) Yeah, with the little “i” and then the And then theres the trademark on it we can put I absolutely love this piece, and I think it’s because the eyes really, really remind me of like, Ghibli kind of in a ways, but it’s, it’s so amazing It’s so beautiful to look at He looks charming Yes, very, very charming All right, and then our last piece of artwork here, fanart is a beautiful, beautiful picture by Hero, and I think by “Hero” it’s actually *the* Lady Hero, who was with us in the New York Fan Festa dressed up as Tifa, very beautiful And she has drawn here a picture of all of the Halloween characters together This is really good Yes! One thing I like about this, this pumpkin looks like a Chocobo! Yes, it does! I didn’t notice that! It’s so cute! The pumpkin more, um, I think it’s this way for you guys there’s a moogle pumpkin as well, next to the white witch Fina there But the chocobo one is absolutely adorable I love it. I love it! I like the angle, like how you know, it’s not pointing towards in the angle, you can see the moon, you know? It has a really nice feel to it It looks like a tv show, you know? Yes, so make sure to send more our way, because, again we love seeing all of your artwork and how you expressed your love for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius All right guys, now it is time to end this show But we had a lot of exciting information this time around and some events that I’m really, really looking forward to So I am…excited!! Yeah, but, wait a minute! I have one more big information for everyone! Do you know “Black Friday”? Yes, of course Black Friday? Is that the big bargain sale event in November, right? Right, yeah! November 24th is the Black Friday this year, and we already announced in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fan Festa in Seoul In Korea, uh-huh In Korea I want to enjoy the FFBE during the day, too So we will hold a Black Friday campaign in the game Oh, wow! Very, very nice So, for Black Friday, we’re going to be preparing a few special, very, very special bundles which are going to have loads of value packed up in them And on top of that, when you buy Lapis from the shop you will be granted 1.5 times the usual EX points! Oh, nice! Unbelievable! That’s a really good bargain! Yes, that’s like a really good deal So, if you are just a bit short of that five-star guarantee ticket this is going to be your chance to go for those EX points And, believe me you don’t want to miss this sale Yeah, take advantage of it while you can Also, you’re gonna be very excited to hear about this Since the Black Friday campaign, the drop rate of rainbow crystals will be increased by…3 times! Oh my God, it’s finally happening!! It’s here! Can we call this Can we call this “Rainbow Friday” instead? Yeah, black is too sad! Rainbow Friday! Rainbow Friday, yes! A big dream!

I hope you will look forward to it Oh, my God! That’s amazing news! All right, and before we end the video Jojo, I believe we have a special homework for you? Uhh Did you finish the homework? Um My lord My what? My what?? I got whooped! Ohh…! I got whooped, I’m so sorry! I’m really sorry! But I got whooped like, see, I got against the boss and it was like, you know, I was like, sure I could beat ’em and all my party was ready you know and I had all the buffs and I’m gonna whoop ya! And he just came like…!! Oh man It’s hard! That’s too bad!! Everyone I’m so sorry! I’m really, really sorry! Jojo, I forgive you…but But…? But…! Oh no, there’s a “but”! After “but” there’ll be something? There’s always something like But since… Since you couldn’t complete the challenge there will be no Rare Summon tickets for all our users! Ohh man! As a compensation You are going to have to drink a punishment drink! Yeah, this is Malboro juice MALBORO JUICE?! Are you serious? Eww! It looks terrible! It looks… It looks really ugh Where did you get it from? I don’t wanna know where he got it from! Oh, it smells like Malboro! Ohh…my God Is that the tears of all the units that got defeated? Yeah…no…the tears of all the salty players who are not getting any rare summons today! I’m sorry okay… I’ll just drink it down Do it, Jojo! Do it! Oh, yeah, that’s a genuine face How is it? I have to drink it all, yeah? If you love the players enough then you’ll drink all of it Oh, so there you go. He loves you guys He did it for you, so Way to push through Way to push through that punishment! It looked terrible, but you did it But at least, I’ll get stronger like Malboro, right? You’ll get to use Malboro’s signature skill Bad Breath? People are gonna hate me! I’m so sorry, that’s a life-changing experience I’ve changed for the better, I think Okay, so that means you’re going to do better on the next challenge, hopefully! I got stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you Malboro Yeah, so, I’ll do my best next time All right Thank you We’ll be cheering for you It’s a good life lesson. Thank you. Yes! Okay, and now it is really time to close this video But, before closing, I would like to give you a heads up on the exact dates of the events FFXV collaboration event and the new Units are going to come on November 24th PST And the new very, very scary challenge, Bloody Moon is going to come on the 23rd All right, well, we’re gonna be looking forward to all of that ’cause it’s very exciting content, but I’m also very much looking forward to the LA Fan Festa which is going to be happening in December; December 9th if I’m not mistaken. And Hiroki’s going to be there and I also will get the opportunity to be there once again along with our other MC Claic, and of course, Hirono-san, from the Japanese version of the FFBE game So, I’m really, really excited because it’s the very last one! And I am pretty sure we have some really, really crazy announcements that are going to be happening at the biggest Fan Festa So get hyped, get excited and we will be seeing you there And we’ll also see you next time on the next episode of Exvius Updates See ya! See you!