Adobe After Effects – MOTION TUTORIAL

hey there guys welcome to this at the vomit waited in motion tutorial in this tutorial we’re going to be breaking down each of these scenes which I created in my motion video just so you know all of these scene files are available to download in the link description so let’s go ahead and power through we’re gonna start off with our first scene file here so it was jumping to see my hoodie and get started so here we are inside of cinema 4d with our first scene file let’s go ahead and take a look at what we’re gonna be creating so you see we here we have some nice metal book with some good stuff going on some nice stripes and if we take a look at the original scene file this is what we have which doesn’t look too great in a minute but this can be made in literally five minutes so let’s go ahead your side up let’s make a new project well what we’re gonna do gonna go ahead and grab a sphere and all we’re gonna do over this fear we’re gonna drop it into a coin object we just need to go ahead and change from the settings in the coin object so firstly the mode we’re getting ahead and change that to a grid away erase all right and then let’s play around with some of these values and maybe maybe the sphere a little bit smaller I’m also just gonna drop the count on the bottom so we only have two layers of it and we can also maybe reduce some of these as well we don’t want anything too big so maybe this is about Gibbs so I have three to two and we’re just gonna change the size for this doesn’t matter too much in a minute now once you have this obviously nothing is going to happen so we’re gonna go ahead and change it so that will floating around and moving and intersecting and stuff like that now how do we do that what we need to do is quick our kkona and we need to go to mograph effect a random effector you’ll see now that they’re gonna be moving all over the place so under the random effector we just pull this up we can go to our parameters and we can change some of these positions and under our effector we need to change our random mode to noise and this is straight away you can give us some animation as you can see here now that’s a bit quick for the minute for let’s go ahead change this down to a bit slower maybe 30% but this is all completely up to you it depends how much movement and speed you want in your scene file maybe about 30 and we’ll increase this to 45 and if we go back to our parameter you can go ahead and change these positions up a bit just so that we get some a lot of movement happening here we’ll say zoom out of it and what we can do with North though you change the scale for a uniform scale and we’ll just add this the uniform scale and maybe scale it down a bit we’ll set a date absolute scale so that will go in one way and you’ll see now we’re getting something a bit crazy so after we’ve done this we can go ahead and drop it into a a meta ball and that’s just going to make it look nice and wobbly so if we cook our coin ah and we’ll go to this tab here and we’ll grab a meta ball and we just shove the coin up under the mobile and then this is going to give you this great big bull working type thing and what we can do with go ahead and play with some of the values so the whole value maybe just drop this in a bit just that’s a bit tighter and the end of the subdivision depending on how quick your computer is we can drop this down just to get a more accurate view on what we’re gonna have and now you can see we’re starting to get the effect that we had originally and we can actually go ahead and make that a bit slower animations feeling maybe 35 we’re getting something a little bit and we can also grab our metaball and we’re just going to play with the rotation so if we grab our rotation tool we’ll go to frame zero we’ll add a keyframe here and we’ll go to the 4 and 90 frames and we’re just going to spin it around a little bit not too much and we’ll add another keyframe and if we also grab these key frames here just by highlighting it and the inspiration we’re gonna change it to Alinea and the first one to lavinia and you’ll see now we’re getting this nice cool effect then we can go ahead and change these objects around and like the whole value depending on how bumped out what you want it to be so that’s looking good to me and so now we need to go ahead and

add our materials now this is where the important factor comes in so go down here we’re gonna create a new material we’ll double click on this now what we need to do in here is if we turn off our specular and we’ll go onto our cover we’re going to go ahead and create a gradient and we’ll just click on the gradient here now depending on what color you would like I’m just gonna go for a nice orange and we’re getting out some nice orange stripes happening and click OK so it’s similar to the original I will add a white yeah and then we’ll add another Orange another white and if you click ctrl hold down ctrl and then click on the color you can copy it cuz on the white control will cook on the orange and you’ll see now we’re just creating these faded stripes as a min and we’ll add one more here and if we just even we get these rights and then if we quick our little arrow just off their gradient here we can go down to the interpolation again and see where it says smooth not will click on that we just go ahead and change it to none and you’ll see now you’re getting this nice harsh stripy looking effect and if you just go ahead maybe even these out a little bit as much as you can just like so like that and that is all done for the color so if we right-click on our cover and we’re just going to copy this channel and what we get ahead and do is add so we have an alpha channel so we’ll come down to the alpha here we’ll just check this on and we found here and we’re just going to paste that channel on top and if we actually copy the texture on the cover Channel my bad copy Channel and then down to alpha on the texture will click the arrow and we’re giving it go ahead and click paste channel and you’ll see now we’re getting this sort of ghosting effect inside here so if we go ahead and turn off the soft check box now we’re getting these nice stripes happening here so we can add this to our gobby-o texture and you’ll see now we’re getting somewhere you can see some cool lines and stuff happening and if we go back and start out a texture just make sure this is all right so all these are even and that is pretty much it for inside here so now we’re going to go ahead and animate our stripes so it on our metal ball will click our texture and you can go ahead and change the length to make the lines actually thinner as you can see that it’s getting a little bit rough from the edges will fall out layer and we’ll just get it to however you want but now we can go ahead and animate so if we go to the frame zero we’ll click on our texture we’re gonna hold ctrl and click on offset you and click the little circle next to that’s always add a keyframe now we can go to our end of the animation and we’re just gonna increase this it’s maybe about 80% hold ctrl and click that again to set another keyframe and you’ll see when we play this now we’re getting these cool stripy go Bobby working effect happening here and you’ll see we have some quite rough pages on the out here but that’s nothing to worry about that’s just because I added a subdivision it’s quite low so if we increase this we’re getting some nice move stripes happening there obviously the rubber you have this number the slower your render is going to be so if we just increase that when I render subdivision we can maybe put that down to maybe about three and you’ll see that is how I created the initial scene inside of cinema 4d and I get to the After Effects part later so that’s our first scene file done we’ll go ahead and close these and now let’s move on to our second scene file next so here is our next scene file you see we’ve got some nice circular stuff happening some nice dots out the side this was really easy to do inside of off in cinema 4d so and here is our original scene file so if we come out of our camera you can see it’s made up of some simple animating of them tubes and a nice Crona for the circles on the outside so let’s go ahead and start making this from scratch so the first thing I did is I went into the shapes I’m gonna make a tube I’m gonna

change the orientation to plus or minus X either way it doesn’t really matter and then we can go ahead and start changing some of the things on here so the inner radius we can increase that just so we’ve got a nice outer ring make it however thick you want we can go ahead and drive our slice effector so if we click the slice tab and we’ll check that you’ll see this here is where all the animating happens so if we keyframe our – we’ll set that to zero again click ctrl or hold ctrl and we’ll click on the little keyframe and I’m going to skip to the end and kick the keyframe again and you’ll see when we won’t know actually when our own keyframe will change this back up to 360 and that’s gonna make our full circle will just click ctrl click now again and you see when we run this through we are now making our first tube now to make this a little bit more dynamic we can go ahead and change the keyframe interpolation so well click Archie we’ll go to window timeline and we’re gonna drop this down and your fear here is where our keyframe happens for what I did in the original video is how had the start animation come on really quick and then it slows down towards the end so you’ll see if we think it’s a bit of a bigger our animation starts off here comes in nice and quick and then towards the end we just slow down to the end and you’ll see let me play this 3 it’s quick at the start shoots around quicker to start and then finish now after I created this one tube I went ahead I held ctrl click on that and drag it down and make a copy hit T on the keyboard and can go ahead and scale this down and in this cube we can go back to our object tab we can play around with the various Heights the outer radius and the inner radius so now we now have a copy of that but what we want to do is change some of the keyframes so we go back to our window timeline and we’ll open this up here we don’t want these two keyframes to be exactly the same we want some dynamic and some difference in there so on our second tube we can maybe slow this one down on our end table we’ll play around here just so they’re not completely the same and we’ll go ahead play this through again and you’ll now see we’re getting some variety in there and again we’ll hold control and we’ll drag it down we’ll make another one we’ll make it a lot smaller we’ll make a nice thin one in this increase the inner radius and actually what we can do on this one on our third year we can change the orientation to be a plus X or the other X so now we’re getting the offset effect happening and you can see that we’re just slowly building up the effect will so what we can do here if we grab another shape we’ll grab a sphere hit T on the keyboard for the scale we’re gonna really make this and then we’ll grab a mograph Colonna object shove the sphere inside the corner and the mode of the coin oh we’re gonna have a radial to keep the theme of the circle and again we can increase the count and the radius and we can change the plane to see why so we have the same orientation we just scale up the radius maybe have a few mol increase the count and the sphere we’re gonna make them a little bit smaller like so and this is all personal preference for that looks pretty good to me now to animate this we’ll go back to the start is always on our Corona object we can go to the start angle an end angle on the end angle cells to zero hold ctrl click the keyframe go to the end of our animation at 90 frames and we’ll change the end angle back up to a 360 degrees or somewhere enter and again remember to hold ctrl and click the keyframe an IEC we can start making this dynamic looking circles and spheres happening just like so now a few more touches we need to do is add our material so if we double click double click again I will make our simple material

all I did was I went to the color I did a nice orange effect I okay our luminance we’re gonna do the same add some nice bright of vivid orange okay and we’re just gonna increase or decrease the brightness of the movements to maybe 50% and we’ll also turn off our specular and we’ll just drop this on each of our fears and achieve now I want it to be front on just so we don’t get any sort of perspective so if we grab a new camera and we’ll hit the little tight will safe here that to make it white and under the projection where it says perspective we can change this to front or actually maybe left yeah depending on the orientation just go ahead line that up with our scene and now you can see we’re creating this tube effect happening here obviously it’s a little bit different than the final video but you can be as creative as you want and again remember when you render this out and I render things make sure to have the Alpha channel checked on if you want to change the background and stuff like that so that’s scene file number two done remember this is in the link description to download and let’s go ahead and move on to the third one so here we have our third scene file we got some thought of which we polygons working effect happening this one was really simple to make it involved one object we’ll take a look at the original scene file here and you’ll see this is all it is this is really really simple to make so that surrender under our new project we’re gonna go ahead and grab a shape grab a landscape object will make its fee Racal so we’re getting this rough working texture here that’s what we can go ahead and do is change our sea level so we’re gonna bring that in just like so we can also decrease our segments so we’re getting a more polygon type of look we’re just gonna play around with the various looks just like so if we grab our scale object which is gonna scale this in keep playing with the sea level objects just so we’re doing this maybe increase the size on the Y so now we’re getting this weird-looking shape and also on the landscape object you’ll see this little tag here which is the font tag and we can change this to check it to an angle in it and this if we decrease it you’ll start to notice we’re gonna see more of the flat surfaces so you can change this however much you want maybe something like that now we need to go ahead and animate it so we’ll go to frame 0 I’m gonna change our scale so we’ll maybe have it on one hold control weight the keyframe button will scale go to frame 90 at the end and we’re just gonna change this up a little bit maybe a 1.5 and again hold control get keyframe button and you’ll see now again some animation happening here which may be a bit too quick so let’s go ahead scale that down to maybe 1.3 or whole control we’ll reset the keyframe so now again some animation and if you see in the original example we’ve also got some nice spinning motion happening so if we go on here we’ll hit our for rotation we’ll go to frame zero a keyframe go to our last frame and we can spin it on one single access so we’ll spin it on this axis remember to hold shift to lock it into place and we’ll maybe do a hundred and ninety degrees we’ll get go ahead another keyframe and as always we’ll grab a camera and we’re gonna change this to the perspective that we want so maybe front will line up to the middle you’ll see now we’re getting the same look here if we actually go ahead play around with some of these other various settings just to get how you once can change the sea level to bring this back up you can

reduce some of the segments and as always we’ll double quick’ we’re gonna make a new material famous before grab a nice orange again on the luminance we’ll check this on add a nice orange and we will just decrease it a bit and turn off the specular and don’t we’ll shove it on and here we have our moving polygon look in effect so that one’s done time for number four let’s get started so here is our original theme file for our scene number four and you’ll see all this is is for meta bulls and some random effectors again this is really simple to create so let’s go ahead get started or click ctrl in for a new project and we’re gonna grab a sphere mograph kona gonna coin the sphere a couple times we’ll shove it in a grid array and we don’t really want too many so we’ll put the counter maybe two by two by two will change the size maybe add a third one on the y-axis and also gonna hit T on the sphere just to scale these down a little bit so that’s done we’re gonna go and add a mograph effect a random effector to move these around maybe just bring these in a little bit under random I’m gonna have the around a mode of effector to noise to get some basic animation again the animation speed maybe you can decrease that go to our parameter we can move these around a bit depending on how crazy you want it to work we’ll set up the scale uniform and absolute and I’m just gonna meet yous a bit smaller if we actually change the animation feed a little bit further to 50% and the parameter we can change the height Jeff doesn’t change too much from now getting lift or work and also maybe have some rotation but it’s not gonna make much of a difference if I put them good to me again we’ll go to this top here add a metal ball shove the coin out inside the metal ball whoops we’ll have that here and do our random effector I mean under I Met Ball sorry gonna maybe increase the whole value so we’re getting this little cool just to crease this for now – twins them and again as it’s playing you can go back to the random effector to just play around with some of the values to see what yours gonna look like you’ll seeing the original the middle one doesn’t have too much movement so let’s just bring these back in a little bit and we’ll increase the whole value will decrease it sorry and again on the original you can see we’ve got these other little ones sprouting off let’s go ahead and do that again we can probably just copy this metaball object and under the krona we’ll go to effect us and we’ll just delete this effector and I’ll go to your mograph effector random we’ll add a new one a separate one and make sure under the second corner we’ve got that random so we’ll call this two and for this one and also rename that so these two together and these two together now under our second man my factor in the original you can see they’re going quite high on this ad six let’s increase this y-axis and also we’ll go to the effect that’s have and change the random mode back to noise just so we get some basic animation and obviously that’s too quick so we’ve changed the animation speed down and it will say maybe increase this a little bit more maybe that’s still too quick junior clown warty 40 books kids go back to the premiere maybe with this a little bit and finally under our second metal ball will open these tabs I’m just gonna make this fear a little bit smaller just forgetting these little

particles coming off and then do our meta board and also maybe increase this a little bit and again finally add our famous material will go into the cover has some orange okay luminance turn it on add some orange brightness down to 50 cm and turn off our specular or shove this oops on our Kona or I’m edible sorry on one and two and again that is how I made this one like that so that seemed for done let’s move on to scene five so here is our next thing we’ll go ahead and run this through we have a nice ads track sound effect our working effect but actually all we use will some pain effective so this is again really easy to do take a look at our original project file here we have it and always if some basic cues and effective so control then let’s go ahead and make this I’m gonna start by grabbing a cube I’m just gonna make like a couple BBQing objects maybe in this town if we’re gonna be looking at it from this perspective maybe make this a good a bit thinner I’m understand we need to make a whole bunch of them so click on our cube go to my graph and Crona drop the Cuban kronor and on the krona effect or go to object and when they go ahead and change the position from 0 on the way and we’re gonna increase it on the X so maybe about 200 and we’ll increase the count actually maybe bring this down right a few more in the can we move into the middle and that work for that give em hmm we don’t want too many at the minute so we just leave it around yeah and this is the basic structure for what we’re gonna be making so what we need to do is go onto our kroner mograph effect a plane effector and you see the whole thing’s gonna jump up so we go ahead and change the Y values down to zero and what we want to affect is our scale on the Y which is our fullness so what we can do is make this one kind of large maybe 0.8 and to kind of make this will go to our 4 off tab and on the shape will change it from infinite to linear and actually if we scale this up actually yeah and then we’ll change the orientation to X and you’ll see now we’re getting a nice effect happening but actually we can change the shape from lavinia we can change it to days so there and that’s gonna get a nice fall off on both sides through on these tab here we can increase the fall-off play around the scale go back to a pramana can also maybe make a bit bigger and so simply animate this we’re just gonna start off here make sure our frame 0 I’d say I’m gonna click our keyframe tab down here go to the bathroom I’m gonna move it across – maybe yeah we’ll move it to the end you know if you now when we play this through we have a basic animation we want it to be a little bit more crazy than that so well maybe go to frame 25 will click our plane effector I’m gonna shove it across here click the keyframe button again when we fought a couple frames move it back over here go here welcome again we can move it anywhere just get a little bit creative so now you’re gonna see we’ve added some nice randomness in there and again what we can do click on our coiner mograph effect airplane effector and we’ll do the same against what position down to zero our scale and our Y let’s make this one maybe a negative value so negative point six go to our fall-off time or change this again to a sphere and we’re gonna head scale this up maybe squash it a little bit and we just need to animate so for go to our starting for him hit the keyframe will scrub forward and move over here has another keyframe keep

moving forward and we’ll just shove this here and we’ll forward back over here now you’ll see we’re getting some nice random effects happening as you can see here so again one more time we just gonna add a another mograph effect a plane effector I’ll make sure if you go to our corner and I’ve affected a blow just make sure that’s on their famous normal decrease the white zero make sure the checkbox for the Scoville scale is on and for this one we can maybe make a negative value by minus 7 so we’ll get something like this again fall-off change the shape to a sphere increase our scale and we’ll squash it in and this one more keyframe at zero maybe move over here move it over here keep scrubbing through just so we get some nice random look what’s happening and now we’re gonna play this through we’re getting some really crazy stuff happening now just to finish this off again we’ll add one more clean effect us it’ll go to our coin mograph effector pain go to our parameter tab and we’ll change this to zero again however on our scale make sure if your uniform scale actually not another uniform scale just on our y-axis we’re gonna change this down to zero I mean sorry minus one just so we can’t see it completely flat however on this we’ll go to our fall-off will change it to a sphere will increase this up just so we’re touching the edge and we’re gonna go ahead and change this to an invert so if we see if we bring this in our edges are just gonna be pinched in towards the edges and that gives it that nice thought of smoother look and actually if we go to our filter we’ll go down to deform at your foot and turn those off and you’ll see this is the effect that we’re starting to create now I just add a nice bouncy effect why did in the original flick on our coiner mograph effector and we can add a debate effector and that our effective tab we can increase the strength and under the mode we can change it to a spring and you’ll see when we play this now we’re just gonna get a nice a bouncy look happening and you can increase this and if you now it’ll bounce is around which gives it a more a dynamic feel finally we will add our cover and we should be done so again luminance orange decrease specular off have balance while corner and then if you just position your camera that is how I created that scene file right now isn’t that one done we now have one more and that needs to find a1 and after that we’ll move on to the auto FX bar so here is our final scene file which is probably the most complex one which because it uses a couple dynamics tabs and that is it so let’s take a look at the original would you play this from the start here you’ll see we have a bunch of balls falling down and they sort of fill up towards the bone and you’ll see when we render this out this is the look that we’re going for so if we actually come out of our camera right now we have a lot of stuff happening what we can do is actually turn these back on just so you can see what’s happening this is what I created now it’s actually not too confusing for you just pan around here and we’ll go inside here this is what we’re going to be making so all I did if we go back to our frame zero your fear we have a string of particles a if we go back and just turn these off we have a string of particles which is not particles a sphere sorry inside of a coiner object

and what they have is a dynamic tab with a four and then basically I built up out of cubes we’ll turn these back on I basically built like a funnel type of effect also turn these mold on see I added these down here so they couldn’t escape out the sides and you’ll see if we play this they all fall down they hit the sides and they build up on the back back wall here and turn that on and we also have a front wall in front of that and then what I did is I just clicked this bottom red button here so I can’t be seen when it’s rendered let me see they’re falling down falling down falling down will correcting up here so that’s very simple to meet you just make a funnel I have a bunch of shapes and then on the shapes that you want the balls to collide with I added a colliders hub so you do that very right click on the cube simulation if you’re in r-13 I will go to collider body and then that’s just gonna add that Collider tab so the balls can’t get through and then after that I made myself a camera turn these off just so we can’t see them we’ll hit play and the balls come down and you can see that they’re collecting up there and if we just render that out we used our standard material through our cover and our luminance and then I just went ahead and rendered that’s power so once I’ve had them rendered I import them into After Effects I’m going to show you the work that I did inside there so here we are inside of Adobe After Effects and this is the original project file that I did and let’s go ahead and start so going layers so I start off with a nice white background and then for the introduction I used some text and a shape layer which is a simple sphere for you laughs with the keyframes I just keyframe the position from my left onto the rights for the text to animate it on like that for you hit you I have a simple scale on each girl which kind of makes bond just forget that nice smooth motion and ask the beat kicks then we have our first render so let’s go ahead and take a look it up which is here we’ll add that on this is what we rendered out from a cinema 4d you go to our effects and controls of nothing on there and what I did to make it more abstract as I added my logo over the top so if we just add that back on and I matched the cover to the background just to give it a night nice abstract look and again we used our second one which is here this is what look like before the logo we added that on next we added this polygon one which we rendered out earlier and then we added that one this one and finally how about complex one out to the end there and actually on this one I added a real smart motion blur just so we can get some nice blur happening for the top and that was basically I just ordered them one by one I’m actually we can take a look what mark this is I will go down quickly made inside a Photoshop it’s just my go go cut out from a circle so we get this nice effect these shape layers of what I used to add my name at the end as you can see they scale on there and that’s just a simple scaling from 0 up to a larger number just so it completely covers and again I use that same effect from the start with the square which was animated on and added to my name the inside of After Effects after I complete it I realized I didn’t really like the really bright vivid orange as much so I added an adjustment layer I added a hue/saturation adjustment there I just decreased it slightly to get more faded orange and also we added a curve

just to bring up its a little bit more so I can get a nice faded more abstract look and as you can see there we have a sort of a washed-out effect and after that was done it was all completed I added on my music to match that and I went ahead and rented it out and I finally created my emotion and so we can go ahead and watch this three at one more time we’ve gone inside after effect for the explained how this is done we’ve done one two three four five and there should also be a fix there there it is so that whole project took me maybe an hour or two to make as you can see it was really really simple we could get this nice effect happening it looks nice and clean you have nice music to go with it and really I was just trying to be creative inside of After Effects and cinema 4d and creating various looks to go at my logo so I hope this video helped you remember to crest more tutorials and stuff like that remember to leave a like and comment on this video and what you want to see and yeah I really hope to have John I’ll see you guys soon bye guys