J'AIME LE RISQUE | #8 The Luc Money Late Show

and it started with monusco letters welcome to all in any case thank you for being with us this evening world around the table this choice there is we show them we will go and show now that we can see them look at the two who were in the khl earlier you know everything towards there with sharp teeth is what we can and can we in any case see mariana please Here it is and if you have the high salt water and we do not see the series of the right apal cyrille since in addition it will be for later cheryl it is the envoy of the kgb of the supreme soviet he will come indeed earlier to introduce himself cyril came as do the people who subscribe to I do not come to the money studio and they come to learn, he is definitely there really comes to take then there I can tell you who he is and leave with Leo a priori he has weather in his suitcase he will be able to leave thanks to the cameraman in any case for being able to give us a beautiful image we will talk in this show of seriousness of course we will talk about factors risk assessment risk management risk forecasting the risk anyway I will trying to eliminate it as much as possible from what you do on a daily basis is very interesting very important anyway and once again shared the link to the show because I know you watch in replay and I also know that you will like it a lot so first of all traditionally we are going to take a look at the statistics of the heifer stephen we are going to go there who has kindly slowly see what the heifers investors have done in any case this week if you subscribe for free elsewhere with us you will receive all Fridays in fact the just the results a bit the reporting financial reporting of Jenny go wild we’re going to show it hide nothing we say things considering elsewhere that many new joined the gewiss thank you besides for coming in the heifer to his even so we have a nice distribution today we did 39 operations that includes both losers and winners present validated at 67% almost people who say they win in any case make gains with the jenny today why because we also have a third who has been absent ah bah yes we count the absent said that the absent in any case one is not not the age so not to win if we look at what we call today we have about 40% of people subscribed to the genius who have gained at least more than 30 points and then the same quota more of 10 points and the rest was missing elsewhere on this I would like to please I would like please make a call I would like to please not this is a call that’s why it’s important that there are a lot of them tonight we’re going to talk about risk and I need a category of people I actually need to go look for people because we need them in the jenny this because there jean huss is also above all a machine learning a ning diploma and we have need people who lose yes we need people who lose h always we need people who we lose we have people who win we effectively allow ourselves all the possibilities for save but I need losers so if you recognize yourself in loosers and ben a sent an email info to trader alert others like once to create date speed cameras like or so 09 81 08 20 11 hello I would like to have the looser service but the player is not pejorative 12 hours we have all been loser lover or another and that is part of life and we anyway we need people who lose down it may seem quite special but I need people who lose since when we are in contact with the contact heifer of leo around the table even when you are a beginner we are also able to do how much today three senses here is 350 ball you so we need riots that really do not lose what they trusted charlots because they can’t do it because they are completely at the pick up we will find you anyway in bled we will find you help we will give you gaining the genius will help you we need to teach him in any case to succeed in zaire which me say luc if we are unemployed and mark what in the work box when they ask for our job unfortunately either at bankrupt internship can not take you unemployed that is one of the sine qua none conditions to be able to open an account we cannot if we is unemployed open a future account some forex brokers or even some stock brokers banks go to your bank and anyway you can ask to open an account and necessarily

it will work once again, I repeat to you, we need guys who lose to be able to do find out at the jenny salal god genus or software genus why they lose is really enter yes validated everything is taken to validate start is loser winner we hide nothing I do not believe no I’m going to show you something else look good we will move on to the new stuff anyway la jenny stien we’re going to laugh about new things just before it’s a little week I like watch weekly because this dose is more meaningful is even monthly it is more meaningful but there are a lot of there are a lot of people absent at the moment it is the holidays look we have 40% of subscribers who are not processing at the moment because they are on vacation it is why it distorts the results a little we will perhaps eliminate them elsewhere in not what that means nothing at all the fact of course in disability handicap talent right jason heap absolutely right absolutely i want losers glynn bah yes i will losers I want losers I want losers so I can transform them you’ve never won anything of your life when you go out in the street you hear me from the cat dog your wife is the ugliest finally in short, we do not care a call month 09 81 08 20 11 09 81 08 20 11 and we actually believe in to make you gain the lgo in any case to take your bullshit and ultimately make you go up all that it’s explicit or not it’s science fiction now can’t wait and betty on star trek is not in permanently the waters it is very expressive in any case go I show you the latest news from janus because they make us dream of these novelties in any case I wanted to show everything now you will see a we are playing for transparency it’s transparency no they not contact the employer or it’s really that you have a really shady profile of the one where I see you what i mean come on let’s connect quickly i’ll actually show you when you are a subscriber of genius what is important is identified in relation to what actually do each other genius investors and especially what the heifer is doing look you have here I will try to put in full size normally I must be able to oh how beautiful but on the other hand it is true that we were able to use the small bar the wind bar, it makes me think that I will have to ask to the developers to put the wii mrs barba yes that’s what I want you not to talk to you that’s of the wind bargach the wind barral and drowning and teachers is just the top I don’t know if you see it I think that I must be able to play on it this not possible with a magnifying glass anyway on that skm look on this match at auch issues but if we must be able to have one or all the same obviously we have a magnifying glass obviously waiting obviously obviously look look at what we have at the top of the TV I’m showing you you’re going to arrive you see me I wanted something in full transparency I wanted something that when you watch TV you say ok either shelby or I’m in the tempo audard every morning we reset the capital to 10 miles and look when we look autumn windows 7 windows in pet it puts you in real time the gains and losses of the account that means that we call good this complete operation of the bouquets and we won 3,155 with 13,000 with ten thousand pardons this morning at midnight and reset everything to zero every day we are all at zero all every day every day of the day and you see things actually happened in front of you in such a way automatic yes it’s because it turns marianne made a plan on me like 20 seconds make a plan on me I will be if I can here I go the same time here he stopped these two cases well look you can pass me now my screen if you look at it come back month here I have here will look at this wind down look I will see you there for signs it is there and it is visible by all the subscribers it allows you to see in real time how much the jenny amputates the gains compared to you what you win we try to break records we never got 100% we try indeed to send the grand salan if it is real in the jenny us and it is in real time and we can see it is true that we are benefiting enormously at this time from all that is happening on the markets and so you were going i come back to 100% mariona if you want you can take me off i will present you the latest news if you allow me if you allow me sorry for the genuis you will like to know before we start the story of risk because it is important it is not the all risks organization but it is there jenisch all risks it may not be wrong i will show you several things first in the chat genus in the chat is actually become a game you can attack now you can tag people it’s our pussy this is not an external resource does not make us cream we are not fremm inside we but we are not at all fresh even elsewhere in it and music where I dream no it was a noise engine if we hear everything here it’s fabulous look I’m showing you we can cut in any case if I manage to make my @ which would be to little I have niall in any case here I come to arrive where I not going to get there troubling story why he doesn’t want to put it on me anyway here look we can you said people look it’s easy you want to look for the water you hit it it’s ok

find direct hop find the waters there and kill little like that talk to him directly about others you can also talk to him in private you can click on his name and you can have a conversation but it is really useful for professionals when they want to talk to each other so as not to have insider trading problem I want to show you a travel tip I show the latest things have been wise for him already shown that it will be operational from this week brackett order inside the jam stations at bas à brac is 11 o’clock it’s not complicated the bracket will be insight like at least that’s river I show you then there are not many because we closed a lot alert earlier but we left this opportunity so that’s great because it said on which family of ascetics you have to go I click immediately give downright the type of plate his talent you have to go trade and his fabulous excess power bah yes the excess price method, moreover, that’s not what stung my book of excess heat at I’m going to do chinstrap it must be in the drawer they took away my excess book price in fact the ex and this power in the drawer I think the waters the excess the excess this power in fart it allows you to find all the values ​​that are in excess of price that in any case that we uses to be able to actually do excess recovery and then a new the top bottom then the top bottom and we will ask charlotte if you want to ask charlotte who we brings all this of course the top bottom in fact it allows to identify the ascetics who are at the top at the hampton look there on the other hand we have a value which takes off it is bnp paribas with a monstrous excess in any case we see everything on the jenny we see absolutely everything we see where the subscribers are we can see where the most emerging stock markets are located and we can also see results from day to week to year we see everything that has been done during the day at least his peers in bavois the padene the me please this is the basis of everything the basis of all this is the book number one this fairly available 09 81 08 20 11 09 81 08 20 11 info is very hard on the bow others like jenny this hyphen station.com call from me anyway here you get it charlotte is going to put the links to you, this is the one that happens so I’m on it, it’s there almost certain when we make the probability of artificial intelligence the real one, not what they tell I do artificial artificial intelligence had intelligence the apple no no you copy and who does not happen you oh date that is known to come back effectively for the probability almost certain it is super important and then a new edition holds the manual of the janis nation is the book to have the book to have this is great and it’s a gift for all people who subscribe actually a monthly classic version or you download it when you at least want to go yet another novelty the sort that rocks or the stuff that don’t tear that up, the thing that rocks, according to you, is Leo so you see an easy year past according to you who knows what more that tears the novelty of the jenny station what this is the thing that rocks in the jenny stephen according to you I am using my apa I am in the process of putting it so available of course on ios and android I will log in and so far nothing extraordinary about this look and that everyone knows how to do it, let’s go ac it’s a madness it’s a real madness look then first there is a mode which is very appreciated on behalf of the institutional ones it is the radio mode in fact the radio mode they are in the metro they can listen to the 2g null without having here we hear the same table but no but you are you and you him then the radio mode is just a killer but there is still better than that in fact when she on your jenisch it’s not on the way we can do a close-up and mariana on the jenny or not can we see or not this is the deuce mobile version I press on this embarrassment and i press his jeans and pressing this genie i will tell him gbp usd obviously gbp usd lady in pig crawl aa gbp usd is not nice we did before we tested before and all the pages whole is he going to hear me little afraid of he is not nice he is not nice why he is not nice like that come on we go back gbpusd does not arrive he does not want it will be for everything at the hour gbp usd ah bah too bad and more so much the worse I will raise the premium bother me sorry this thing there I will relaunch there we tested it earlier it works great well and there in front of everyone puts shame on it because it’s not normal here we go we go no big deal it happens that’s part of at least we know that we are actually on the rise and that we are

at live we register word to go just the time to log in its it will work you will see it will work when I tell you it will work it will work here and we will redo the test at least tight but here we can have the euro dollar frankly if we do this thing he is not nice she is not nice 1 really fraky there it is not nice it does not matter will demonstrate to you you understood it this is the voice command in the ios and in the android bah yeah these crashes to these crashes it worked great thirty seconds ago 1 2 3 1 2 3 no gbp usd no but too bad the voice command in little piles available the dragons get back on it tonight instantly and I imagine they understood that there was something that wasn’t working here’s something really wrong not serious in any case for the fun that a game shows it to you we actually have in the heifer now the voice command we have the possibility to see the gbp usd you click on it and talent graph a real chinese graph with the start stop target there is everything in absolutely all in any case i’m very proud to have the voice command what we call the ciri the command one artificial vocal in any case in the generation rooms can always hang on I can you say it’s work and it works super well you imagine and in front of everyone the friend of small holds a renault you think what you say renault and hop it opens in any case renault here another good thing good listen at home angry at him at the end it got me drunk it was great worked just before and flavors it smells bad to try the risk that’s the risk that’s absolutely the risk that’s it is to make a real attempt and it doesn’t work it’s okay it annoys me go it’s okay it’s okay the news that i said i you understood it anyway it works great normally except when you on the air in short the news of the week which before starting the news of the week the superb at barra si one day you mess with your family you call it I can tell you it’s a hit then the news of the week we knew that we talked about it a lot in this show the news of the week because it is indeed necessary to speak a little bit to the news of the week it is their confinement in confinement luc you abuse it’s just a curfew it still smells like roof or animal all the same then if I tell you that it is because really first of all we know very little wales and in total containment are completely re-confined we know that the united states it takes the nose and we know that in europe his skin we are currently the clues words we do money so much the better that’s clear now will it continue to rise yes as long as there is no containment announcement because if there should be a containment announcement really everything could turn up is grouped way and we could actually see the markets of the valleys but udc it is possible that but yes absolutely shocker second important news the american elections the american elections on the financial markets tend to currently want to curb it yes but the which show the market the dow currently he is at 24 1420 28 420 you told him that he was going to climb to 30 miles before the elections and I maintain but for people who like me or a little bottle on the financial markets we have a golden rule in the financial markets the market hates vacuum the market hates laughter the market hates hesitation the market in europe and i don’t know the game don’t know the the market does not want it and as the market does not want it, it remains at the level of the water be careful because here we go up which would mean that we know we already know the markets know who will be reelected by john holmes then there is speculation in the united states it is true that tends to make believe that currently maiden could pass in front of tron ​​so if we can allow an opinion, I don’t mind except that with what bayonne announces a priori the markets should to break the face so if they continue to go up it smells of American greg it smells of the stuff in we already made us four years ago and did it to us they made us from the hall to the super it’s the other in nonant and hop 30 harry baur and bah yeah trump exploded everything and trump is still working to make it climb we find ourselves at 30 miles 1 we find ourselves at 30 miles we find ourselves after he remembered that the markets hate a vacuum, etc. if the market climbs like that, it is because the empty is not there ah bah there is someone who knows something good bah me that’s what I say after it’s settled so the risk low the risk in trading it’s important we are already going talk about risk in training what is it when you start in fact you have to be interested in

the base and generally speaking the bullshit you do is related to at least the bad risk management so I’m not going to make you the father who is telling his kid we has nothing to [__] like besides small features in the apse people it is also you have time I would like you to go to a back to 460 to get the 500 please are all two like sometimes its here they are more two like crazy we go one ahead guingamp way I don’t really see why we would stop before 500 so a little bit of bickering way for beginners we get back well 68 60 we will look for the fact during the show here abbas has to know it, there is something that the guys didn’t know about you, it’s such a thing easy and that in fact if you do not explain to me bat understood that half will actually get into it the types makes it very theoretical, that is to say that in fact a stratum holds all and I am announcing a thing a theoretical strategy is worth nothing it gives an indication signal that to do nothing that effectively gives an indication therefore all the masters who are currently in the process of tell with the artificial intelligence having seen what the jenny is doing and we will return containing the same thing wink at the one called stock market decision not really me sincerely there that makes me puke boys late you are 8.9 to pump what you doing in these cowards or when even if your mother that you make brief in any case in any case a solo signal is worth zero it is to say that if I send you anything that you don’t know how to take it I can send you the best club of the world it’s worth zero you agree we can ask you over there you agree or not in fact there are plenty of things to know but yes to find out but artificial intelligence does is not there just to send signals absolutely not handcuffed it is not to the other then the title says anything 1 he takes something on a Sunday afternoon he says there at 40 points 83 points according to the never seen displeasing while we are in real and we enter turns and where the ferro lol and people take loesel cause i mean the i can send u a super signal after we talked about it earlier with cyril we talked about it because cheryl and told me you bought that carbide and but when you left I stayed so I got ate the breath and then after its ascent you don’t see what they’re talking about no bullshit all I say and absolutely verifiable you there so then the risk in trading is to believe and even to hate in general is to believe that we have mastered anything from as long as you say that you have mastered anything tonight and most of the time there is more keeper it’s I manage but you manage three judges errors nothing absolutely nothing a luxury there is who make 1 of the pnl you you do the wrc earth which will put us under the table at 0 what you leave the show tonight you’re going to cry in tarom petticoats bah yeah but that’s it in big but not at all in the Bastille nothing nothing nothing nothing Therrien and at the base you master nothing and in general you master nothing and especially not people you master nothing and especially not people and in addition if you believe that you manage the market you put your finger in the eye until behind in the brain see what I mean I explain to you wait nervous not that’s how those already thrown pebbles on the TV I explain to you then eh in fact the risk of In general and especially on the stock market, it is not to know roughly one does not know then a good trader oh well I have the impression of making strangers a good hunter with a bad steep slope, he’s a guy or a girl who has an enormous faculty and there you say to yourself [__] but that it is stupid I am there yes if the mac line and knowing and islands does not need it is not what I’m talking about the guy celebrating or the chick she must have an extraordinary quality she must have a quality fabulous yes it must have a quality fans or aixam also there with me the good hunter I see something not it here we hunters and see something not to act urgently to hunters then had in fact when we are a trader when we listen to you are so tonight but I swear we are going to get married if the guys are there to take the lead go look elsewhere we here we have fun that’s why I put it back up I take off the shirt I throw the shirt in brief not fully 28 1455 we expect it at 500 before the end of the mission come on we go out we don’t go out I catch everyone sit there frozen kidnap I lock the door so a good trader is a nyala guy who has enormous quality

and of a truly exponential faculty he does not know everything is there and this faculty there in fact it will serve you rather throughout your life the problem of this faculty is that education in are you doing no service listen to a faculty in any case we have all this same faculty I will swear we all have the same we all have at birth the same faculty absolutely the same faculty absolutely the same sheet is what you see what I don’t want it’s the same ability for everyone what changes is education, that is to say that this faculty increases or decreases depending on the education you receive and this faculty is very important in everything that you do in everything in everything because everything that I’m going to tell you afterwards you’re going to laugh abba obviously you are going to laugh this faculty there you have you to you have an idea or not and we have an idea what is the best faculty that you can have on the markets the catch decision it’s not quite this timing that’s it go stop reciting me the little one robert random l the idea or no idea if you pass a message you see a car slump this faculty that you must know everything about the markets this faculty is the notion of adaptation see adapting being well wherever you find yourself being ready even though he may actually be a bit like a chameleon getting to change color fit into something that really you may not necessarily have taken it at the base but that’s okay because that you are really going to be able to adapt an adaptation in fact on the markets we are doing 99% of the time we send a signal we have almost certainty but ultimately instructions at the ip is super good but if you don’t know you adapt to the market what is happening with the plan then adapt to the market what is it that this knowledge enters is managed to exit its position it can be learned by cowardice data signaled earlier from 460 460 to 500 before the end of the emission I can give signal you may be sent 460 but if you don’t manage it the thing if you adapt can not in fact you will come in what one also at 461 tp at 500 it will be stretched one ca but no I’m not all red why I’m all red I’m all red our alleys adaptation the risk in in any case the risk in any case three on the stock market it’s simple it’s when you start doing of the stock market by choosing a service to supposedly help or learn where nothing is verifiable nothing lahlou us canada to put who makes pdf ahmed kissa records videos 2016 ahmed qui explain to you he has artificial intelligence in the end you see no result or the Sunday afternoon I only have the facts – Sunday afternoon the result is if you want in addition inside I put you the horse races I put you the dalkia turf we put everything inside holds the grand prix motorcycles artificial intelligence the author we all put we are all gold but it’s shit my thing I want to check in real time if your thing works or not it’s for that besides that you can test the jenny us for 1 euro test yourself one euro then in tangier not finished with that you will see the risk in any case it is really to go on included suddenly we do not see nothing what to believe put it on his word you see the guy who the distance he is stashed in the countries of the east towards poutine problems the problems and flocked of pda squire and he tell us about his salad what but wait you know we eat salad every day we talk about it regularly here you me we all eat we all eat salad except that there is sometimes they say wait anyway sellal has trouble getting through there is still a sheet who is there she is not going what do I mean so you have to be careful because that is taking a risk anyway a phenomenal that’s clear an email to really has not understood that the bigger it is the more it works that’s what risk taking at the limit you need nobody you enter the market that goes with my intuition but you adapt yourself I’m not in saying that he to do that just saying that rather than being in bad company be all alone well yes I am asking you a question that will make you think for two short minutes two short seconds earlier I asked cheryl a question I’m going to say do you think that I can give them 40 points between the 60 and 40 on the two masts Diouf told me go ahead give it the hour but I am especially asked a question the following question in any case what do you

would do to be sure to make money remember the question you are asked all by now what would you do to be sure to make money would you go rob a bank or what would you do the sleeve out of a church think small seconds would you go rob a bank or do the round on the exit of a church it’s completely stupid your question well no it’s not if like that in the end it is what we do every day ghana with very little risk except that perhaps of taking spitting or insults and to the other where you are still laughing at last twenty years at the moment I believe that these two years with the remission of sentence it must be a little fast it was made a kiss at the gua six months you are out short anyway and it is to know in what position you are position position position will you have to create a bank or are you really do the sleeve outside the church if you rob the bank you can trade if you do the sleeve at the exit of the church you can take abbaoui abbas is logical if you are really looking to make money like that you dream it requires a minimum of doing when i want to say that a little bit he laughs anyway guylaine simard it makes you laugh see the mark that makes the sleeve me I make the sleeve next to the bank that he writes we know never there can be agreement it is not an incentive to rob a bank that charlotte has perfectly right on guard, there is a troppo of guys and girls who is the one to run after jeans so they use the same terms he tries to do the same they explain things they do not master we follow the positioning of the mouse on the screen and [__] the guys in the street he rubs you his salads tomatoes onions the total one talk and bab royal it’s the one at 9.95 with the drink that’s nonsense nonsense what right now there are guys trying to sell it because there is the risk what is it to go to them but you are going to say yes to me but why him that you fall for anyway why do you say that you come to 60 yeah they manage to massage each other on the cool look something easy to put it in front of the salad with maybe match onion like his salad variety he did not even understand the taste of the salad the same as in the cellar in four times free of charge or in six simple installments and ask to commit to two or three years but the carrot that of a che is it guaranteed satisfied or refunded there you say it anyway it’s alice in wonderland is so really you say it’s awesome see the stuff is really awesome and in addition you turn on his website you see that everyone wins hallelujah it’s great except that when you look at his purchase he tries to sell your a fremm with inside hold view values ​​and on the left you are a table not of the results and that’s intelligence try to make your life in your corner f we peace is ready it’s not possible as soon as we go out something new requires a bunch of prawns a skewer of morons who have truly to copy me took place but still 60 62 we take a risk we take 62 81 85 cents to the tension 80 ha take the risk was so they tell you stories on youtube here you piss us off with your youtube ad saint servan it weighs us in permanently so obviously youtube facebook and pubs and pubs and nicer and more and have kept the same vocabulary in the jungle and we do not know anything in high school actually viste because we know absolutely nothing about machine artificial intelligence learning but we make the numbers believe then I will already tell them something because I not listen to what they listen to everything because they learn at the same time well yes obviously a algorithm in artificial intelligence that is not done in 30 days never or so it is one more a little blind it was 3 okay an artificial intelligence algorithms it does not not done in a day or so than that of doing what is called a robot and the robot is what we call a bot has nothing to do with artificial intelligence absolutely nothing to do artificial intelligence is able to take a set of conditions exponentially to cross experience and be able to generate behind not only results but also more to offer to whoever uses the possibility of obtaining better results that is at least that it is then agent is right about it is time for them to arrive at the jenny they will paddle but the problem that’s not that the problem is that they try to make believe that they have the same thing me that does not bother in the absolute but at least later respect the rules what it’s really supported shit they are constantly relaying koko von to wanting to copy but even the competition it’s great if we each bring something new, I bring the aspect

vocal continuous walking walhain including it is exceptional made noise living room sea brief in anyway that’s how it’s going to work on it and at least it will be settled I need masters who lose no to like that i need masters who lose if you lose on the stock market come see me i want to teach ddt genius how to win how to make someone win obviously win there is not enough in any case we do not really have enough losing data we want losers and we’ll do whatever it takes to catch you see us and turn you into a winner unless it is then the net shows performances on weekends of course he makes us visit a site an algorithm in artificial in artificial but nothing is true understood it absolutely nothing a amount malgorn I tell you my channel gogniat its request for months means still months had a month a month they are not cattle in his alfa is the guy is not afraid to say that he sells the alpha anyway, all that is bullshit the risk it would actually be to support this kind of crap and after you put yourself upside down fight way he doesn’t care because the risk he will not take the one who will take the risk is you / – cyril and so artificial intelligence is not there to send strategies yes see knows we have a clear speech you and I yes I tell you no salad if it’s just to send strategies and boots at least it’s settled via a jason comes from young roma in jenny we remind charlotte 09 81 08 20 11 09 81 08 20 11 we will talk about you you lose you are a looser enter will put a photo marked on it with a donkey cap who cares it’s for fun you have me you want a cheat what you want but the important thing is them how much as they say here there as well the primacy loser and then immediately after you become a winner and that it’s important because the jenny she will make you win that’s the real goal but that’s it but the risk of a skate you train like we trained people in the 90s 2000 2010 the market has nothing to do with it’s not 62 68 don’t know and we will continue look at the risk small risk daycare but red is like this every day if you watch TV for money it’s like that every day and we will kindly go get the little 500s and you see the thing you see the match has in mind the risk that would mean catching a strategy without have this ability to adapt the adaptation it is easy to find we do not tell them what the others must be writing so lucas says the adaptation is easy to find in fact you take a thermometer and put it in the buttocks of the market every morning and you asks how much the temperature in huy lê huu what is it that we ask him to market in the morning that we shows what the trend the trend and numbers one of which shows what gives them balts logs and all that they don’t know how to vote since you read your notes and a third the next day what is he able to give us is then the rawdon is the ability to lose to win he is able to give us it’s still something else a little 70 to 68 it’s beautiful then we continue the artificial intelligence is there to analyze all the parameters so the parameters are external environmental parameters we even speak of policy we talk about legal we talk about the weather we talk about a lot of things but artificial intelligence is will she take care of it and why not what it must happen to the quasi-certainty something that you all alone who had not me already all alone in the morning I can unfortunately take my son to attest about him vitamin tablets – 8 with a little extra taurine for that people tell me nifff no I drink I do not drink alcohol but here I am I borrowed in thing to have this effectively is paid pss necessary to have effectively apart from things to be able to function in any case in addition to the virtual certainty at compulsory school it is mandatory because there are thousands of conditions these conditions are constantly changing and these conditions allow us to adapt, you see, makes us a small two-wheeler gives a breathing it’s okay we see where it will go before the end of the show I would like well give you a little blow of 500 we are 45 points of the 500 have the back is absolutely peanuts so obviously he tells you that you have a satisfied or refunded guarantee it’s obvious starting his your satisfaction but it’s shit guaranteed will satisfy good if I will explain to you first because eh I did not verify that I could succeed with what you offered me 1 2 it is not went to say how in two minutes that you will understand the match so we will compose pay in two or three times and of course you so you did not pay everything you will believe that

still in the guarantee but when you have paid for everything its too late we will not give up it will do a lawsuit for a company in russia where I have no idea what no we can see if he manages with the supreme soviet but we are not going there at least had a great time 1 it’s completely stupid to imagine all the same to subscribe to this kind of service by paying too much four times is that one does not have the means can’t afford but believe me experience it more alone in my opinion you will avoid well airs or bleury I remind you that the jenny is one euro one month is 1 euro so look for it not to what I can reimburse the euro it’s not true and I will reimburse boss euros not cheryl tried it did not succeed in any case at least it is settled we do not refund a euro but at less it’s a thing or two new case I come you come home you make money you sign don’t do no you stop it cost you a euro – that’s it so eh you take the risk of course you take the risk 2 believe that this kind of thing in addition to one will help to win when you believe in people like that on Sunday showing results it’s the mother obviously so that might help that might help you but when you know the guy anyway everyone from the trade charts in view wouldn’t do it to me you know very well that he has nothing intelligent about his daughter if she beats no this was not already fucked up making graphs with a database will not make me believe that you make artificial intelligence and not a web page of a framework you can do it marc with your one euro I swear I have and the American if we called the American I was walking in Barcelona people applauded the name of the autographs one euro sacred march it made us happy in everything if you don’t know with us i know you’re coming back i know you’re coming back i know you will come back I know I know why you took a little while but it doesn’t matter when you wait, there’s no difficulty 60 81 85 cents today is a it’s scary be careful it is the risk is to believe week me what I mean the risk is to believe this dude there it’s impossible so the risk that it is mainly to buy on youtube or facebook because that you take AP once a day and listen carefully to what you wouldn’t do by elsewhere is obliged to do it you feel obligated to go buy something because you heard it a thousand times on TV or in sure we were the takers and that’s great so we can more so hiding in gold note the risk is believing that an 18 year old kid will teach you the trading but what was not possible during these six months I don’t know when I buy a coaching I buy I buy the most classic things to pass licenses or allowed and things like that I buy because the last I rented is to improve my way to snowboard on the slopes here I took a coach the guy we were outside of charlotte the guy we had a great time in two three minutes he will correct it hop let’s go we left like crazy but the guy I learned a kid we notice at the same time alongside the members season one his own killer is addicted but it’s not the same in credit when at 18 not the experience and when you buy something you buy on all the know-how of their city or conques was 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old 21 years old who are the world champions like these world of the universe please please agree julia les traders pro he is 18 yes but there are exceptions but it does not abound on the internet take my word for it that is clear then you can’t take it anymore you buy that it’s clear you are cute like all kids but stop your bullshit with i will do i will teach you pnl you will be able to put them jr 6.7 leclerc in france and they go to conferences or m at 17 aurélie tightening know it’s not possible when you buy something you buy the experience and there is something which is fundamental is that you have to be able to check under cro contract but in real time and then there is something that is really fundamental is that the guy who wins from below peanuts what interests you to check is because he there was this is what you are in the barge almost out of his mind who cares because he who has had it for 20 years filmed himself two thousand times winning we have nothing to type and everyone interests it is what they are able to gain cyril know what he is able to gain it is not better see my performance if the chosen ones a thousand times on the internet 468 4,181,500 I want speechless blood the risk is still to believe in things in fact that torreille jars made of indeed in normal times you never their effects would never have sold in time normal never small question we also talked about it earlier and it’s funny because that this kind of questions you weigh yourself no small question you take the last ten operations to carry out I repeat first, join its good pieces not what is happening tonight a heat to burst day I ask you a question then the best

answers to questions are not thought out but rather spontaneous ones so try to quickly answer what I’m going to ask you a bit the same as what you are doing to earn money you rob a bank or so do you make the sleeve go in front of the big bets that’s it my grandfather he breathes the mm adapah being there well of passion the adaptation that was settled gave us a little 60 68 and breathe then after going go back up here 72.4 we want 30 miles before November 3 promise me that if he ever leaves 30 miles before November 3 we have total couscous champagne we all do – after one evening there with your back 30 miles, it’s smoke firecrackers the Stade de France quite boom on explode then the question it is simple on the last ten operations of your realizes on the dikes go saramon what about the last five out of the last five tahri operations said how many times you lost in a selling trend and how many times you won in a buying trend I repeat I answer on the last ten transactions even five last trades you carried out how many times you lost on the sell side and how many times you won on the buyer side such a ratio if he put it in the neighborhood that’s the type something that I’m going to ask hao zhang ginesta who has just arrived the one who will come to see us and teach jenny what they lose on what i mean nds ckoi besides you lose twice on three sides seller that’s it tell me in chat if you lose more towards the bar than towards the top yes it is towards that most of the time when we question people you that’s what artificial intelligence is interested in father’s motives why people lose and we have a whole arsenal we have dozens of 10s and dozens of conditions which will make you count messages constantly that will allow me to come back on the cold rails because it is dragged a little bit derailed from time to time with them the runaway greed the adrenaline shiller side stayed well with me because that at the end of the mission I will offer you a deal I will offer you a route ali tells us I lose more in jet sales he’s a scholar twice as much this lost seller as 3 1 ds1010 others do not feel sincerely telling you the same thing about stations in fact most of the time you almost all waste when the market goes down and you almost all win when marc cherry and in fact when people come to talk to me they tell me what I have to do I can’t get there then it’s a heap you do more sales operations i.e. you don’t take no more short operations and you simply do what is called monitoring on a little after a week you don’t sell anything anymore you make more shorts you are more inflamed in bandage trends you no longer believe in the markets they breathed which dates back who no longer believe come down suddenly and you resume hiding you did that for a week we talk about it again Tuesday next in europe 1 here is the stupid thing this is the experience and you will see I am sure that most of you eat against the market is going crazy I’m sure but then some tests with logical solutions we arrive at the best results seem to stop here i lose in shorts and benjamin jean will have been erased c-17 arise 6 out of 10 510 la cow he’s tough on me 5 out of 10 at least that’s settled these facts don’t make shorts if you don’t you are not going out of charge it is settled for the moment our back and breathe there is still x too a small recovery is a flag that is a small dish that will go up that the last candle is not fenced and the or leaves the fence and the Ossetian candles lets see this back to 35 or 40 let’s flag it up and we’re here it’s settled hi because of the information maximum licensees alone influence the position taken, that’s what we call psychology psychology it’s true that if you ever had couscous casseroles yesterday in stainless steel behind you it is necessary to take that perhaps as something saving that is to say something thing that stinks of this luxurious of a situation in which you are not well me this that I mean to find pleasure where there is it is not that carnal rip them to be lucid sickology thus understands so really that it is not going well in your life which can perhaps we can say that it is precisely this arbitrage of financial markets elsewhere whatever it is it can be something saving once again we can say by

example that having fun on the financial markets is something that will develop adrenaline and who will make you feel good and where he saw that little butt for me we were wrong 1 for me the recovery but I would like to give you the 60 around 81 86 go where he said that my attention there is some who pulls down 28 410 a dwarf who shoot indiscriminately it’s like that in the TV forman is every day in fact we meet analyzes the jenisch tells us guys you are completely being west and told us bah yeah bah to the outfit it’s still right the market will fall to 410 be for after to do a pullback is where he saw the little girl that they will learn a lot then that works well for the unhappy ogm others at free when we are there in the entrance two lakes we practice every day every day we practice every day we are not in practice weekend to a lifetime the weekend on Thursday I want you to spend your weekends doing round trips in andorra or in the amusement parks ah bah we are not far from everything here it would be rather not bad go must go up to 500 must go la la la la la la recently a bull bear short long one month thursday in haiti there is better if you win back and forth doesn’t change a thing why you need a kid at 18 a method from home what to surprise the sorrel you do not need him if ever really that walk why change nothing change nothing you don’t need training does she need almost certainly it will allow you to actually raise the level of teddy important to take four or five points net will take maybe 80 votes to be careful 1 christian don’t put me on all these people are nice christian my site people is nice thank you 1,410 boom 400 is so abou bakr it is now web apps and now if they ever die it comes down to its choices but the hens low courmont I want my 500 and will not give me pay attention to this kind of thing of course you have to adjust constantly adapt that’s why we taught everyone had a devastating norn crash we show it all live you are with us and we are able to take on an operation like this it’s point on the other hand the complicated descent even if the alive ones at the time that interest us not it is really happy but yes but people but you’re right bravo anyway it’s great if you know how to continue except that the risk would be to go short when in the end super auction three times out of four I see what I mean it would be totally stupid I am trying to calculate the 25-50 head oh yes the republic method this with iph of excess make the waters then the shock of the back in fact to still finish on it jeans of the contracts nothing and is just doing an expert study or knowing so it’s not a trend it’s a little help, so much the better it gives pleasure to about fifty relatives it’s pretty good caution caution caution this is caution because we are not immune of a turnaround due to confinement once again we talked about it at the start of the mission if you have not seen their number go into replay in any case me it happened I would have during 500 years, I would have liked to spin you 500 baht took a big hammer back nasdaq basel way they do not go down the back nice idea it’s not the descent that this is stock picking catch me it’s funny 1 the risk would be to also believe the websites the opinions guys who issue opinions on websites I guarantee you that me these guys there do not exist these guys there they are bought is even worse audit companies notice these companies verification of come it’s shit it’s worth nothing there isn’t one that’s right they are all wrong are all good, i.e. in fact you are paying not to display reviews negative I do not believe check all these trust companies and other barbins if they are not happy they come and it’s the opposite I tell you that if you ever pay the opinions negative that’s how it’s settled for me so the risks that it would be to finish believing guys who don’t take that for me it’s completely to consider that it’s clear the risk it’s to stay in position overnight at overnight but there are plenty so what’s funny is that these people in fact that he gives more positions on the shares closed us all at 5:30 p.m French and at 10 p.m. United States good techniques of these guys actually had to stay overnight You should know for example that a little yucky back 200 times the value can take 40 takes in the

face there are still 200 points and 30 points yes the goat has said well is it not less 30 served go and you are going to really go in there we absolutely no jeanjean that’s a joke that’s style as they say it’s shopping but I’ll suggest something to you after you’ll see stay with us I will propose a little case really then the risk would be to get in there people the risk would be to do this operation like he is the market hall the risk he is there he is to do this operation the risk his sister against this operation not to have the capacity 0:59:58.610,0:00:02.780 adaptation that I was talking about earlier the ability to adapt extends to all who has to [__] of the demo we can have fun without football but six months to have fun ah no six devoted month lemaitre seem credible then say gerber like jaye of course me I have want to win obviously not to be real all the time either laughing at me said yeah laluque with him that you come home straight away if I teach you to ski I put you with me on a falling track I lay you down you take a good shower and after you get up I will show how to do it – it’s settled because if you wait six months for words to take a good shower in real thank you for all see you soon it’s spiel the demo of junior 1 it’s okay because that at the end of six months the guarantee satisfied or refunded it will be finished so you have them in any case the risk would be to listen to people who really do nothing but listen to himself he does not listen to anything other than them they do not demonstrate he shows and you must eat the risk that this doll without knowing that’s what you do so I’m leaving the risk it’s to follow masters who show you stuff from the 70s that’s the risk it’s to go get a slab when the market given 25 and you don’t have the capital it’s that life risks once again is not knowing how to adapt and that is really before to leave I remind you of the important information administration with voice control I am looking for losers I repeat I am looking for losers and not that besides I am looking losers I’m looking for guys who win with technical analysis I can’t find I ask everyone guys who post spider man spider web graphics the master does not want to come if you win with the technical analysis if you lose without the analyst besides also you interest me it looks like elie semoun almost you interest me 09 81 08 to 11 09 81 0 there’s just one thing, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you not a day without thinking what I could do what I could do to to be able to effectively increase your performance there appeared the day when I didn’t tell myself it’s time to build the ultimate tool science fiction which by the waters where the guy enters and he is on rails I’m not telling you to copy trading its not going to 99% losers according to I’m just asking you to learn to do a suitable thing knowing how to enter knowing get out knowing how to spit out an order knowing how to start again I would start again then start again then start again still until the moment when at home the jenny we call her that is claude alain and claude-alain is our surface-to-air missiles, it takes at least forty seven and the udc in anyway we are really dangerous but the more you my stall I hope you liked it at the tables hungary pleasing the guards still has it on a show that may seem a little bit childish at the base there are thousands of super important information thanks for watching the show tonight I wink at the whole team really the whole team the developers the animators the commercials mariana at the broadcast lungs if she was not there nothing would work silo was not there nothing would work if Charlotte was not there nothing would work if you weren’t there nothing would work remember i gave you saint john theater