वृश्चिक राशि 2020 राशिफल | Vrishchik Rashi 2020 Rashifal in Hindi | Scorpio Horoscope 2020

Namaste viewers, I am Suresh Shrimali Today I will present you the episode of Scorpio 2020 and find out what are the wonderful things that could happen to you this year You will get relief from the ups and downs in life. There will be hurdles, obstacles in your work, but you will rip them all off, and achieve success. This much is assured for the Scorpio natives in 2020 In this era of cut throat competition everyone tries to upgrade their life and is also a little worried about the future of themselves and family Many times, even after working hard, the person gets a little frustrated due to not getting the desired result they become depressed and desperate and that is why they are curious to know about their lives in the future to come It is Astrology which does the work of calming ones curiosity and give hope for the future It is Astrology which does the work of calming ones curiosity and gives hope for the future – what wonders will they do in 2020 and what good can they do for you As it is, people with Scorpio natives have struggled a lot and Saturn’s 7 ½ year sojourn has caused a lot of trouble After 24 January 2020, it will be over and in the coming time, after analyzing the planetary transitions, I will tell you about your horoscope And now, that the New Year is knocking at our doors, the eagerness to know the future has increased even more How will be the environment this year in terms of healthy in the family will it be good or will you have to suffer illnesses How will be the condition of jobs and business, will our financial condition be better than last year How will the health be? We will talk of our travel, our spiritual activities, of our beloved students and many more answers to all the pending questions in this episode Now lets begin with the personality of Scorpio natives They usually have a serious image and are basically intelligent Scorpions, though they are very intelligent, but due to being emotional, at times they are deceived too If these people work for others, then benefits are surely possible for their employers But if they work on their own then they do not get satisfactory results Due to which there is a little mental disturbance as in this zodiac, the Moon which is the Lord of mind and brain becomes debilitated They neither interrupt unnecessarily the work of others nor tolerate the interference of anyone else in their work They are very smart by nature hence no one is able to fool them easily but if they become emotional then they become stupid Despite all this, their nature is very soft and harsh. They also get angry according to the situation and cool down soon Being compassionate is in their nature. But they are largely practical But they are largely practical. It has been seen many times that they are able to bear the pain of others and help to a great extent in eradicating the suffering of others They are masters in technology. They do work in a hurry and sometimes they spoil the work in haste They get irritated quickly, get anger quickly due to which many a times due to the wrong usage of words, relationships gets spoiled Sometimes their ego is so bad that they are willing to spoil their relationships but are not willing to go back on their words Later they do regret for it. Now with these qualities and faults we will see how will be your 2020 Lets begin with business and job From the perspective of career, this New Year will bring big changes in you If you are doing business or job then it will be towards betterment if you are sitting at home then you will get work, it is certain that this year you can join new jobs by changing old jobs This work will be done by March, and maximum by April which will be very fruitful for you In the beginning of the year, the influence of Jupiter in the 10th house will propel you to start some new startups But remember that if Scorpio natives prepare a strategy before doing some work and prepare their goal and implement it at the right time, then you need to understand that 2020 will be great for you Take care of one thing that until you complete any work, you should remain in silent mode Do not tell anyone about your work and from the 30 March to June, the effects of Jupiter and Saturn on the 9th house

will move towards supporting your destiny I often say in my daily or monthly horoscopes that do not rely on luck, luck may be waiting for you to do something so as to support you But now it is certain that you will do something and luck will support you, during this time many new opportunities will fall in your hands and respect and respect will increase in the workplace But you have seniors, boss, coach or those who are your ministers, under whom you work then there might be people who could talk negative things about you, therefore you need to feel it before hand and prepare your strategies accordingly so that you can handle it easily In this time of 2020, new relations will be formed whether it is in job or business, you may be recalled to some old job It is possible that your old customers who had left your business might come back and you can move forward to greater heights and you definitely have this ability, these good changes will also increase your confidence and now you are going to get work Iron, Chemicals, Petrol Oil, Building Material, Transportation, Building Construction, Liquor Coal, Properties and specially work related to technology whether it is software in computers or machine work will increase confidence and you will get employment After June 29, the time will become even more auspicious. In this time interval, your confidence in yourself will make you successful It is going to prove to be very beneficial for people doing land related business and for people doing construction business or jobs related to it Let’s talk about our financial condition From the economic perspective, the beginning of the year is saying a lot In the 2nd house, the influence of Jupiter, will bring in a positive change in your career, in whatever you are doing, in your business, may be you are studying then it could be your pocket money During this time you will be able to invest money but you will have to make an effort to save You should not make unnecessary expenses by which your financial situation could get disturbed You will strengthen your financial condition if you control your finances and try to make money from money You will be surely faced with challenges but you will move ahead by ripping away all your problems Any you could do it as the Scorpio native have this God gift During this time you will also have to take care that you do not lend money to anyone, where you are get doubt that you will not be able to get back this money as there are more chances of money getting stuck in it Do not make any investment in things you find very attractive as there are chances of money getting stuck This year, auspicious work could be done, it could be your journey, dream house, dream vehicle or some spiritual activities that will fill your heart with pleasure Whatever money spent in it could be thought as an investment. You should be ready for any big religious event, for children’s wedding, children’s education because it is going to happen After June 30, the time will be better and you will also earn money and with this money your stalled work will be completed and expenses will be fulfilled Remember to make money from money, second- systematic investment plan, invest money in a Recurring Deposit, it will be very auspicious to give an installation by booking a flat in an upcoming building Once you move forward, God will definitely support you Let’s talk about family and happiness from children After financial condition, the family is the most important thing for us, this year was presenting mixed results for you, but the coming year it is getting better Jupiter in the 2nd house can cause a growth in family, like – if you or your children are eligible for marriage, then new guests could come, children can also come wife or a husband can come. Whatever it is, the family will grow that’s for sure This increase will also be good in terms of marriage of a member in the family or the birth of a child However amid this good news, Rahu’s sign aspect could spoil this family atmosphere You might have a quarrel, like dispute between wife and mother-in- law, dispute with your parents a property dispute due to ideological differences, worries and family dissolution – these are the causes due to Rahu For this, remember For this, remember that if wealth is lost, let be, but do not leave the family For this, remember that if wealth is lost, let be, but do not leave the family. Even if you have to separate from the house, do it in such a way that you are able to see in each others eye and if you could go to a family function, then you could hold each other’s hands It should not happen that a situation of abuse and abusiveness takes place due to money that can be earned tomorrow If you have the ability then you could earn but it will be necessary to save the relationship

That is why you have to take special care of them this year, you will get support from life partner You will move forward by understanding each other’s feelings In the 3rd house, the influence of Saturn and Jupiter, will be very auspicious for you Due to the tremendous progress of a member in the family, the prestige in the family will increase This year, if you are in politics, then you could do something to become famous, as this will make people happy and you will get support in the family Which will in turn give more courage Whenever you take a decision in the family make sure to check your horoscope. Otherwise, many times we take good decision at the wrong time and then we have to bear the consequences From the point of view of children, the year is very favorable for you You will get both child happiness and happiness from children, but you should take care of one thing that it is not always good to order children all the time, it is also very necessary to understand them They will better their education and improve their career which will bring tears of happiness in your eyes and you will feel like –Yes my son or my daughter has done it If your children are not yet connected with spirituality, spiritual activities, yoga, pranayama, spiritual, then you should try to involve them This brings a lot of peace, otherwise in this era filled with pressure we tend to spoil them Secondly there will be the Spiritual activities in your house, in which you will get a chance to be spiritual Now let’s talk about our next topic health It is said that the first happiness is a healthy body, if we are mentally and physically satisfied, then we can do everything and despite everything, if there is no health, then everything is useless in terms of health, this year is going from normal to betterment You have to take care and have to learn to be mentally satisfied From January onwards, you may get a little upset due to sudden health problems. Chronic diseases may return So many times you must have seen that you have been given some medicine, having a course of 5 or 7 days, or one month, we continue it for some days and leave it without completion and then after 10-15 days this disease comes back again Due to the transit effect of Rahu, mental worries and unknown fear will surround you For this, spiritual activities, daily yoga, pranayama and meditation will beneficial Problems related to your stomach will bother you, due to some contracted diseases So take special care of what you eat. Eat homemade food and avoid eating outside and if you eat outside then it should be light Along with this, there will be a effect on your daily routine. To increase your immunity abilities, you should do special activities amidst ups and downs in health you have to move ahead in a strategic manner, taking special care of your daily routine Now talking of yoga, pranayama, exercise, going to gym will not do, now you will have to do it You will get benefit from it, overall everything will be alright If you have an operation due which can be of the eye, stomach or the bone, its chances are very high, you will take care of it Let’s talk about education Those students, who are going to fulfill the dream of their country, family and theirs, will see their dreams come true If they wish to get out of school and go to a college or go from a college to another city, state, country for further education and those whose college will end and want to work then 2020 will be a great year for them At the same time, if you are preparing for the competitive exam for a government job, which you have been trying for the last few times without success then the time has come to reclaim this job I am not saying that all the Scorpio natives will get government jobs. It is those who have the ability, the positions of planets in the horoscope, their influence and the effect of your positive thinking will help you in getting you a government job To get success in career, you should continue to work tirelessly without stopping You will get benefit of this hard work during the periods of March to June and from September to November, and everyone will see your dreams come true On the other hand, if you are taking a furthur education a master’s degree in which you have a business administration or some research work, then the time is very favorable To study management, M.Tech. doing a master’s degree, something that will upgrade and upgrade you will always be great for you Yes, it is definite that your dream of going abroad or studying elsewhere is now coming true For this you need not panic, God will arrange the money automatically. Parents will get blessings and will be able to do it

Let’s go ahead and talk about the journey In this busy and stress filled lives if there are few travels it gives pleasure, for some it could be pilgrimage, some travel to the water place while some to a desert A lot of people have a dream, there are many who have been planning for the last several years, during their children’s summer holidays or winter vacations But remember 2020 will be very good for travel, this year you will be able to enjoy the journey right from the beginning From the beginning of January, a travel plan will be made between January and March-April and it is sure to happen between April and June In such a situation, you will be able to travel further while celebrating with friends, family, your partner with your girlfriend, lover In this year, if you have dreams of traveling abroad to some religious or far off places, then it will be accomplished After 30 March, there are strong chances of long journeys, so make a proper plan and invest the money so that you can get it at the time of travel Business related trips between 30 March to 29 June will also be quite good and these trips will give you pleasure with work You should think for 2-3 months in advance the way and how will I travel in the coming time so that I get enjoyment, it should be profitable so that I could make such trips in future too In the 12th house which is the house of foreign travel and expenses. The effect of Saturn on it is going to give you a lot of pleasure in your travels You are going to go to a place which is auspicious for you, along with water sports, water sports, activities, those trips are going to be enjoyed with the whole family and friends , Your journey towards the northeast direction will be very auspicious and after June the journeys towards west direction will be very auspicious Now let’s talk about worship, spiritual activities and those measures that will make 2020 great for you This year, people with Scorpio natives will have an increase interest in spirituality Your mind, which was not focused, wandered meditation, abusive, angry, irritation, all these things you used to have now get over it with meditation, yoga, bhajan, kirtan, if you give the ten-fifteen minutes to bhajan-kirtan and meditation If you are unable to do anything, then close the eyes and for five times feel your breath going inwards and outwards. You will get benefit from it Now I am telling you some remedies, such as, wearing a Durga Bisa pendent and along with a Maa Bagalamukhi pendent around your neck, will be auspicious I feel that Scorpio natives should wear coral and topaz but if you check the planets of your horoscope then it will be better Donate articles related to Rahu on Wednesday and on Saturday’s, donate black things Recite or get Durga Saptasati done You are going to get a lot of blessings from Maa Lakshmi for any problem during this year For this and for luck, you should pray Ashta Maa Lakshmi, her special remedy packets are available at our Jodhpur office You could continue this prayer throughout the year or keep doing it every Friday Hurdles will be removed and you will get the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and get progress too Give full respect to parents. Serve the elders at home as well as old age homes. Do not insult anyone by speaking bitter words, nor do the work of hurting someone’s soul Hanuman ji will be your saviour, so always keep Hanuman Chalisa in your pocket or read Hanuman Chalisa everyday or every Tuesday Avoid drinking and non-veg, offer water to the Sun Lord while reciting the Aditya Hriday Stotra, it will be beneficial for you Feed jaggery and gram to monkeys whenever you have time These are small remedies, because of which all you Scorpio natives who were constantly irritated will now go towards a memorable journey I pray to God to bless all my Scorpio natives, mothers, elders and children Hoping they realize all their dreams if you want to meet me personally, then I am ready You can talk to me via video conferencing or telephonic appointment for which you will have to take appointment from Jodhpur office You could visit our website Grahonkakhel.co.in and take advantage of our services This is all for today, I would like to say Happy New Year to all the dear viewers who believe in the English calendar, I sincerely hope and believe that the year 2020 will be a successful year for the Scorpio natives As you are now out of the effects of Saturn’s 7 ½ year sojourn and now you will surely be progressing forward dear friends, we will meet very soon. That’s all for now. Namaskar and blessings to you all