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hi welcome apologies for the delay we had a bit of hiccups here with Iza he’s wild and crazy panelists but I’m happy to finally welcome you to the spring 18 developer preview so I love that you all took the time to register and attend and bear with us through these couple of minutes will be arranging things here in the studio but let’s not waste any more time to get to the forward-looking statement so as you know it is not a genuine Salesforce event unless we have the forward-looking statements and the reason it’s there is to say that make sure to make any purchasing decisions based on what’s currently available and in release so with that said if you have any further questions on our forward-looking statements or for any topics that might be relevant for the spring 18 release for developers let us know check us out on Twitter and use the hashtag Salesforce live and we are monitoring all questions now live so if you get your questions in soon enough we’ll be able to ask our lovely panelists here today one thing to note if something goes by too quickly or if you had a slide that you want to check into later on go ahead and relax don’t worry about taking notes right now we are going to be putting the entire webinar are the broadcast on Salesforce live a few days after this event so don’t worry about it we’re always going to be online on Twitter if you have further questions and we’ll always have this information ready for you so with no further Ado I’d love to introduce our panelists today or let them introduce themselves let’s start with your name I will talk to you about new and I’m house API as well as Einstein platform services my name is Zayn and I’m excited to be talking to you about features for platform development and lightning Renee do you want to go over what you’re going to be talking about social as well as new announcement that cover the user interface API integration toolkit having said that I would say let’s go into demos because that’s what it was so I can perform Services is a new offering that mediate was a spring 18 that allow you to detect objects with an image and a real coming to use case for this is for example in retail where companies want to make sure that products are aligned in the Shelf in the correct Row in the correct order with other products and this what you see here is some training that day. Let me prepare for this so old cereal boxes Khan fight boxes and so far and we use them this data to train Einstein table detection to allow us to detect those boxes within another given images so if we’re doing this playground is an open source project you can grab it from get up and install it into any aquafix choice to get Hands-On with I Shine by phone services so when I gone out to the object detection tab you see me that I already prepared and data set for the Alpine cereal boxes and based on this data set I created a model which than is used to detect if any given image an object is available so by going to the prediction tap and uploading a file in this case from my local pie system with other cereal boxes I’m no collecting Einstein parking services in the image of the object within the image in a real life situation this could be for example a shop employee using their cell phones mobile app directly in front of the shelf so what you see here is now that highlighted three boxes at identified to Oat cereal and one complex box within this image by going to the raw Jason datta you see that we get a list of probabilities so I’m Stein allows you to detect the number of given object within an image as well as the location so you can then use this information to either count do I have the right amount of objects and is in this example products in the shelf or do I have them

in the wrong order I said it’s a it’s a really nice feature that being really upset at a couple of metric apis on like this one for more detailed labeled training accuracy that you also can grab those open source project on the table saw that directly into the Arc of your choice and get Hands-On with this moving on from Einstein platform Services a complete new topic IRT and we have a company here that’s called jewelry and watches and Rose on the Harvest field to take the moisture level on those fields Explorer winter 18 and now with south of iot and the new rest API a complete new management capabilities are available so if you have haven’t played with society yet I will give you a short introduction first Howard Brooks so when I go into I attend set up the first thing that you have to do is to define a context add a contact is basically a mapping between a platform event which is moisture sensor data and in this case ascendo ID as a common shaft key between the platform event data and the Harvest field which represents a custom object in the south of Arc so with this information some cellphones iot platform event data from it devices to passing record with in Salesforce now this context is then taken from the Explorer within orchestration as a set of rules which means once when I want a platform event is fired and in this case given condition is it acted like a threshold of a moisture sensor level are business actions executed and in this case it is setting the value of a field status to wanting now this is really nice now that you have to see why but now we spring a team but taking this a stepfather for you by introducing the complete new rest API for this and what is better than going to post man because we want to see some real dress code by calling the youth / iot and Pawn in the API I’m not able to see the base contacts objects that we offer like for excess to contact John castrations as well as music data so when I execute request I get an overview what the what the limit of platinum event for my IRT Explorer implementation is as well how many events for example has been processed in this organization but now I’m stopping there we also giving you the full capability to configure any kind of orchestration within yourself as organization so if you remember we had a rule for normal that allows you to listen on an event of type noises answer and when I give them condition is detected it is going to change the state on a cell phone to record of type Harvest field right and you can only get this data by the rest API you can alter uses to configure our checks per hour for me automatically which is really exciting time to complete a new topic because we talking about how many many apis Sophia changing now spring 18 is that you i a p i really love Rod you want to integrate cell phones data within counseling with her medications are custom mobile applications and the u i a p i n able to to fetch all data for these for all the records that I’m going day today. But also layout data right so you can rebuild the sales for the you I just using the you I buy opening this recent record I’m getting now a layout that looks quite similar to what you see in Salesforce right I mean to column labels translated for my language I want to go to the days later which is at the bottom of the screen you’ll see that all this you my information is to do it in a single rest call including the date of the record so this is pretty nice having produces user interface API couple of minutes ago but now we also bringing little use choosing use interface API which enables users to have the same experience across multiple applications with in Salesforce or within your custom that application for example

so let’s go let’s have a look at the by calling then you and pond list Dash in July and a pending the API name of the account object as well as the API name of the layout view I can then get all metadata as well as record data in one single call so you can then rebuild the columns with localized labels my own user preferences for those columns as well as the record data in the single, and I think that’s a really huge enhancement that will give you this the same experience by using their cell phones that no matter in which kind of application on there are in which is really great last but not least let’s talk a bit about Salesforce console reintroduced last year lighting console which is a huge productivity boost for us but we also know that you invested heavily and using visual thoughts pages in using plastic puzzle so I can just drop this with my coat and lightning and it will work so sadly when I click on closest app is not working and you couldn’t take investment to lightning now with spring 18 we are unable you to take your investment from Wichita Falls to the lighting console and it is one minor change that you have to do for this I’m just hoping I’m going to edit and the only thing that I have to do is I have to change the IP API version from 41 to 42 I’m now saving my Little Falls patch I’m reloading the lightning console and in a second that’s what are false page loads I think those two top vacation just ending the if you’re taking the investment photo and that’s exactly what is it that was really great that you went through this and I’m sure that was so much work so I know that Cammie are on the lightning team is also very excited about uaap eyes and we recently had a weapon on that topic as well so if people here are interested in the most recent topic that Renee I discovered be sure to check that out it’s really interesting and he gives a lot of context and a lot of concrete details about how to go further with the UI API if you’re interested in anything else that Renee discovered check out the blog post that was just put up or the blog post that was put up regarding Einstein object detection and this is but that’s right and but this is part of a wealth of information regarding Einstein in general that you can find on the Salesforce developers blog we also have a couple of other Trailhead modules and I think you wrote one of them as well is that right at rescue app that recognizes cat breeds to his house a little bit about that one I lost you to chose showcases how you can incorporate an investigation into processes in yourself Ozark I know some retail products well the moment you have it for dog breeds I am totally drinking milk what does it take out about to do if you an introduction and how I take for a works and also a more in-depth you around orchestration contacts now you can use this information within yourself Ozark when you can find recordings online if she curious I I was really thrilled to see the response because there were spontaneous Applause when people were talking about it so there’s so much exciting stuff happening for

developers I’m for Salesforce so if you do go through these two modules and they’ll all be available at the end of this broadcast if you have further questions as you build your own apps and your become more familiar feel free to to ask these folks directly on Twitter when you make it a faster response if you go to Second change right and don’t forget the Trailblazer Community which is Super Active and chock-full of MVPs so I think we’re that no that’s that’s that’s quite a chunk of the the spring 18 really that you’re covered very very quickly but let’s go to Zayn and you’ll share more about what’s happening with lightning or with the highlights of spring it came for lightning absolutely and we’re going to look a little bit at some of the changes with the look and feel of lightning we’re going to look a little bit at some changes in where you can take your lightning components and then even how your building those lightning components and what it takes to get complex bits of you guys in front of your users so just like Renee for here to see things and actions I’m going to show you all of this in a few different demos so what’s happened to the 1st demo I’m here in dream house which is a sample application that is built by Salesforce and provided to help you understand how to ways you can build apps on the platform and in dream house we’re looking at a property record page and then we’re talking about some of the changes to go look and feel with lightning and in Winter we introduce the idea of theming enlightening experience which among some of the other changes brought say a colorful blue background in to lightning and you can opt out in winter and turn that background image off to go back to a more familiar white look and feel if that was right for your company and and dreamhouse in Winter they actually did that they disable background images but we’re in spring now and dream house and what happens is if you disable does background images in winter when you’re upgraded to Spring games are on for everyone all the time it’s now a regular part of lightning experience but the look and feel doesn’t really change because the theme that’s going to be activated by default it’s called Salesforce light and it has a white background if you opted into keeping that background image your theme of course is going to look the way you expect it to but also in spring or some other UI changes that developers you going to want to be aware of one of these is right here on this record page we can see them in the right hand column these components are no longer one big bar we can see each component more distinctly with these outlines and drop shadows and the UI changes might be even more obvious on say an application page like our property Explorer right here where we can see each piece of this page as a distinct part with these drop shadows and outlines for the most part I would like these might be subtle changes but something else we also introduced in Spring if we go to set up and then I search for games and branding you’re going to see that we’re now offering you many more themes to choose from right out of the box the color palettes are really different there really a full of variety we even have one that changes every season if you’re if you’re adventurous are also giving you the ability to build your own theme you can build a custom team that matches your company’s branding if you want so if your company might want to revisit the conversation around seeming as a developer you might want to see what that’s going to do for your or so here in dream house I’m going to enable more colorful themed say cloudy sky and something I can do in Spring as I can choose to preview this right here from set up so when I enter a preview it means I get to see what the more colorful he look like I can navigate around our entire org but this isn’t affecting any of my user’s I haven’t done anything to change the actual Act of theme this is just for me to test out what’s happening which is pretty great so if I go back to my property Explorer now with my new colorful themed I can see that we have a bit of a problem here now I’m seeing that this component that just looked a little different before his permission disappearing in the background and I’m not sure why it say my days on the market chart right below it looks great but my calculator above doesn’t so let’s go jump into the code and see why that might be so I’m going to go to visual studio code and here we have are components open and I’m going to look at the mark-up for our property days on the market component that’s the one that showed up correctly on that application page and I can see right here online 18 I’m styling this component with lightning card which is a basic component in these base lightning components inherit styling from the Salesforce lightning design system automatically and the lightning card component specifically has the right styling for your components to show up correctly no matter what theme is enabled so that’s why this component looks okay if I jump over to the mortgage later component I can see I’m using lightning based components but I’m not using lightning card so that’s why the styling isn’t being applied correctly so

does that mean I have to go back and restyle all of my components to use lightning card thankfully the answer is no I can go up to my outermost HTML right here and I can just a simple class attribute and I can set that class attributes equal to live typing slds card that’s what we want right so I’m going to save that change locally and actually when I use the integrated terminal here and I do a push back up to my scratch org and then we go back go back into Salesforce and we were fresh we see our changes didn’t say if so that’s fine let’s just jump into the developer console will do it more ways than one and we’re going to go we’re going to go again two or more and maybe you can tell us why that didn’t work can we talk about this I think it’s a sign question coming from to leave questions from the audience and everything looks like it should because I can apply that design styling right from Salesforce lightning design system to my lightning component but you think Apple discard it also respects my custom styling it’s not going to interfere in any other way so it’s a quick way to check your components for compatibility and it’s a great thing to be aware of because with the spring 18 against the themes it really let you customize lightning in a whole new way so the next advancement in lightning which I’m really excited to jump into is actually also in pure aloe which Renee just showed us and its future that we showed in the developer Keno because I talked about it when it was still in Pilot and it involves where you can take your lightning components and I’m taking us to Pure aloe because you can see here on our field management screen which lets us get an overview of all the things that are going on and all of our Harvest fields and I can quickly take action right here but pure aloe actually wanted some enhancements around business logic they wanted more control about how irrigation gets triggered they wanted users to be able to have some input into win and how it would be triggered and that’s usually really a great yusuke’s for flow so if I drill into the details for the record homepage for our kale field I can see actually here on the right hand panel I have a flow interview that lets me sets very easily how long the irrigation should be going I can decide when it should turn on so I don’t say start spraying my colleagues who might be working in that field I want to see everybody to let them know hey this thing is happening with irrigation and when I hit next business logic about you’ve had to manually turn on Irrigation in this field too many times I can add some notes for maintenance if I want and when I hit next week and see what we’ve actually turned on Irrigation in this field but at a future point in time all thanks to this flow interview and the capability that I used here it’s actually this screen is a lightning component which some of you may have guessed because I get to use things like lightning in a quart canning some different kinds of date Pickers which is pretty awesome because it’s spring the capability to yours use your lightning components in flow interviews is going to be GA so let’s go look at this in the code because it’s really awesome it’s probably my favorite feature in Springs and with this new interface lightning available for flow screens this is how you get your components into your flow interviews one interface going to be GA everybody can use it pretty awesome so please scroll down we’re going to see the actual markup for the component I’m using some bass lightning components for my styling and it’s it’s a pretty simple form in and of itself it’s pretty Compact and I’m using Force record data to get lightning data service on here to grab some field values actually and then I have quite a few attributes listed up above and that’s because when you’re building components for you since low it’s a good idea to start thinking about them is go-betweens go-betweens that sit between a user entering information and working in the guy and the rest of your flow interview and way past date of back and forth between your lightning component or user and your flow interview are these attributes and you can see this here on the design part of our component bundle I have a subset smaller part of the attributes listed here as design attributes like our start time when we want to start our irrigation and that’s because of these are or how you get your are attributes to be exposed in the cloud flow designer so these are the things that are going to show

up for users that are working in that design interface so let’s go see what that actually looks like jump back into Salesforce and here’s our flow in the cloud Flow Design and as we saw our first screen this tiny tiny thing that will zoom in on a second is actually are irrigation management thank you okay so we have our irrigation management screen here it doesn’t look that different from the rest of a flow screens but when I drill into the actual content we can see right here that it is actually based on a lightning component that’s the new option that you can choose and down here on our input and output tab this is how I get at those attributes and the way to think about your input tab is data that you want to send into your lightning component so here on the left hand side we can see these are actually my or hot or attributes but what’s showing up isn’t the name of that attributes that label value so it’s good to get those it’s good to get solid descriptions there in those labels so that users understand what they’re working with so I can see now here clearly my irrigation start time on the left hand side and then I can match it with values from my flow here on the right so this default start time is actually a constant that I defined which means then I can provide users with those nice touches they’ve come to expect from Flo like having common values are filled out for me so I don’t have to do is a lot of clicks and typing and that’s how I can do it right here I can use information from my flow pass it into my lightning component only outfits tab I can do the same thing I can take an attribute from my lightning component and pass it on to something in my flow so down here with her override count I’m actually taking that data from lightning data service and passing it into the rest of my flow and then when we get out of the screen we can see that we can use that information to make a decision and then set the rest of our flow parameters and that lets me avoid having to use an additional record update or fast look up or S object look up here which makes my whole flow more efficient this combination of the power of lightning components and the logic of flow together like never before it’s it’s really exciting I can’t wait to see what people get in the building the next enhancements are all about how you build your lightning components I want to take us to another little simple act it’s just all about spring 18 that’s actually just Cody’s Garden Supply code is Garden Supply they are very very close with our customers and we often celebrate the the completion of projects with of course barbecues what’s what does spring were like a barbecue and we have the request for people in our order to be able to update Salient Account Details like when they’re having their next barbecue from anywhere on the application so sitting here on a contact record you can see on the right-hand side of the screen I have my update Account Details form and I can even say I actually the next barbecue is coming up on Saturday tomorrow and fill it any other information I need and when I update we can say that we get to save the record I got a little notice and if I navigate back to the account I can see that oh yes I actually really did update that record which is pretty cool I say the same thing if I say navigate to an opportunity I have the same ability to choose when the next barbecue is update the record right here in fact it’s so popular that are cases team has asked for that capability on cases so let’s see how we can do that I’m going to go into setup right here I’m going to go at at this page and go into the lightning app builder and the way I’m going to get this on the page that thing looked a lot like a quick action or an object specific action but it’s not object specific it’s actually a custom component I don’t think I’m going to just drag on to my cases page right now we’ll go ahead and Save I will go ahead and activate and when we go back we can see that now we have our custom-component right here on our cases and that’s because I’m using a new base lightning component available in Spring but I want to show you right now so it’s going to the developer console and check it out it lets me bring this on a hair on our update account component and I want to drill into line 11 right here is our lightning record at it form it gives us the ability to quickly and easily build interactive forms for users that has the word at it implies allow you to update and change data and I can do it very quickly and easily if we go into the controller code because there is some controller code it’s actually has nothing to do with saving our record I wrote this controller code to give us that nice little success message just so that users no they don’t have to keep hitting the button and the rest of the the rest of the saving the rest of the fetching the data

is taken care of for me by using this lightning record at form providing an object API name giving an explicit record ID and then using some other light base lightning components of this lightning input field which I can just send provide the API name of the field and it shows up right here within my form and then if something goes wrong with saving I actually can display messages by because I added lightning messages right here I don’t have to do any other special error error handling and the way we’re saving the record is I gave a lightning button on my form with a type of submit I could call it whatever I wanted but as long as the type is submit it means that the lightning record edit form going to take care of saving and updating the record for me which is pretty cool another enhancement in Spring is actually something that really is going to affect our community and so Cody’s Garden Supply has a little bit of a community and we’ve actually had to request to share more information on this community because when a customer is having a barbecue in the next week around Cody’s Garden Supply that means the account rating changes too hot so understandably the most popular listview is the hot accounts list and we’ve had a request actually add the hot accounts list right to our community home page so that everyone can see what’s happening and in the past that would have taken quite a bit of work we could do it but it would have been a big ask and I’m happy to say that in Spring I can just go into my computer Community Builder and we can go when we get the community Builder Lowe’s we’re going to go to our component section and when we go I’m going to search for this component because we can see it’s clear down at the bottom of the list that we provide for you but I built a custom component called the hot accounts list and I’m going to go ahead and drag it right onto the screen for my community or not in space will try that again on my community and we can see right here is a list of you looking just like you would want for internal users the same functionality the same features and how did I do that I think you’re going to get even more excited when we go look at the code so let’s jump back into the developer console and this is our hot accounts list this is it it’s one lightning bass component it’s lightning listview right here and I can provide an object name and then the developer name or API name of the list you that I care about and that’s it I can put this on any page of my lightning application and as we just saw it fully supported in communities I can send to find the behavior of the list even more by choosing the number of rows or if weather not want to show actions or allow in line at it but it is just this one lightning base component that’s it no other code which I think is pretty awesome win for everyone this is the last thing I want to show is actually related to this lonely little documentation tab here which I know is this is Renee and my favorite tabs in the lightning comes on a bundle right actually been a place where I think a lot of developers we know we should we want to document it helps our future selves but finding wear this or documentation to have actually end up has been a bit of a? But I added some documentation here for this component even though it’s pretty simple is in spring now we have the ability to go to the lightning components Library which is going to be in beta for spring but the lighting components library close together all of the lightning components available in your org in one place and so it doesn’t matter if it’s coming from the force name space or the lightning name space or the UI namespace all the different components you can use and lightning are here for you to look at you can see how do I use them find more information about what are they meant for see what is there scope and in addition to all the components that are provided by Salesforce your custom components show up here too so that hot accounts list. Documentation to have that I finally filled out is showing up right here so now I’ve left a gift for my fellow developers they know how to use an app builder or in code we could put further business logic right here and of course all of the specifications are already done for me it’s it’s pretty awesome I think people are over the moon about this one right what other songs were there before this came along this is lovely thank you that’s pretty much all the things I have to show you in demo and yeah and there’s so much more online you guys have been pretty busy over on the Block creation Department haven’t yet so in conjunction with this webinar that we have right now there are also two

additional blog post focus on highlights for spring 18 especially for developers and so I’m not sure who wrote them but I think they’re covering off topics focusing in on Flow and I’m also building secure an interactive forms easier so this is something that we talked it out already and if you want to learn more that’s kind of where you going to learn the latest and greatest about what really is exciting about these particular aspect for 3:18 a couple questions coming in but I’ll save them all until the end to get everybody enough time to kind of get any inquiries into you guys sure the hashtag again as a reminder is Salesforce live and with that let’s see here oh I think another thing that’s interesting is you dipped into the pure aloe reference app and we’ve been mentioning the Dreamhouse app and I think a big shout-out to Kristoff has put so much work into making these two references at reference apps amazing and there are there are a couple more reference apps available for developers to explore right now but I think actually the best place to watch lately is going to be the developer blog because as they get updated to Spring 18 you’re going to see those announcements there on the developers blog and Kristoff going to walk you through all the changes we invest and also another & Trail Outfitters so tomorrow so I’m in addition to that of course this wouldn’t be a Salesforce events without drilling modules so we have a couple of here if you want to get started with a couple of Concepts that you that you jumped into today so what you were showing kind of assumed as somewhat of a familiarity with lightning and lightning components and can you give us a bit of an overview of this lightning components Basics module going to take you through some of the technical details about what are we talking about how do I put together a lightning component it really it really takes you through that makes you think through some patterns and then the other model we have of course is about screenflow distribution which if you aren’t familiar with Flo and all the different places you can use it it’s is a new badge which is awesome and it really takes you through all the different places you can corporate flow and why you might want to use flow and it’s pretty great too so as I’m sure they can’t wait to get started and get it back badge in addition to the other three that we just mentioned it so thank you again for sharing what you’re fighting for the highlights for spring 18 and this is a Salesforce DX has been such a Hot Topic across the board so many developers in the community have loved Salesforce TX and ncic and we’re really happy right now to be having delete delete here talking about what’s new for for sale for sdx and spring 18 so I’ll let you walk through it so to be extremely sincere heartfelt thanks for everything that you’re doing in the community your Blocks Your Tweets your feedback was positive and critical having incredibly helpful come down please please please continue to do that with that what’s the what’s the highlights for the Pocket Edition Arts like apartment Developer Edition apartment application you can now create scratch art using these capabilities and we think this will go a step further improve your experience with card sharks there have been many of you that are working in the government cloud in the public Cloud the ability to create Sky charts in these environments can be immensely helpful and we are offering. As far as being 18 longtime friend of Apex beer 22 * invest in Samsung Edge enhancement so it’s something that you know it’s near and dear to your heart so we are offering list. Contains the stock index off and will continue to invest and offer more things in upcoming releases sandbox learning the ability to create new Sandbox Arts using an existing sandbox instance to copy and clone the settings it’s something that you’re doing an open Beta release you know what you think I don’t know I don’t know we need to pause cuz you guys are dancing of

a lot of a lot of conversation to be a Honda to develop a community and as you know it started, packaging has been a Salesforce partner-centric functionality but there’s so much goodness the packaging that when we design Salesforce. We wanted to offer a mechanism for doing packaging for everybody so it was parked at the different flavors of packaging that will make it much easier for you to organize and give me the true modular development that sells was DX has been so that they can certainly give me thinking hard about packaging to Affordable 2nd edition package as I’ve heard it would manage packages what is what is the weather like can help me 50 Cent sales force BX on the packaging technology that you’re building a Spotify to brought flavors the first one is the ISP 2nd edition packages which is geared more towards Salesforce partners that want to build and listed apps on app exchange under the second player control packages you just get worse customers I’m going to spend the rest of the session talking about but I want you to know that Danny and Xena booking guitars in terms of creating a blog post but this is a package is a container for you to organize data as part of your development process you will be developing code I want to disturb your time until scratch Arc in the sandbox you do CI you the user acceptance testing before packaging was maternity Plies chain set which don’t give you a life cycle in terms of how you manage these changes and offers that capability for a rental customer best hits of the First music if it’s up on his I’m building a new app management app for my employees how do I delete this tested and distributed how do I go about doing that DCPS and had lots of customers you have postings of components are in fact in 2002 how do you start using DCPS of Salesforce customization for your building something new you can take advantage of the sickness what’s the benefit of the first thing is it’s a software development model exist for like BCPS is built on top of everything that is supposed to say HR Source driven development all of them work seamlessly with the packages and was in management if you do I change the deployment animated apartment with packaging you create new versions of the package you can eat it or wear this and you can say I’m going to install version 3.4 on this production instance while I live in salty Point 3 and under another instance over changes and to have this version management system next to repair control packages pretty compelling you made it incredibly easy for you to add modify and remote components so that it’s really easy for you to internet with an artifact that package so much easier for you to put together a contestant irrigation system Which Wich I’ll be highlighting a little bored as we go along and dependency management packaging and for you to say use my financial package and it depends on my job corps use

my collections management module that I’m building and I want you to depend on this utility package that I have so dependency-management is built into DCPS which makes it much easier for you to do modular development I’m finally with all this change tracking change management becomes built-in for the first time offers you a mechanism to do repeatable scriptable trackable way of doing development and tracking changes the before I jump into the demo to show her this book let me go back to those to use cases I said initially that if you’re building a new app you can use this it is how would you go about doing this from scratch you can beat up on everything that you’re already doing the Salesforce DX and add this as an additional layer so you already have your install you’re familiar with using scratch offs to do development when you get a package of immutable artifact that you would know install as part of your CI you then install them into you 80 and quite likely to find a bug here and then you can go back and it’s much much easier for you to create a package that sits at a single CLI command so you can come up with this find the me when the build an aversion pass our test your deployed install the same package version into production. That’s one piece of the single biggest advantage of packaging in the v you can eat today to what changes so you get the next request from your business team to add a new feature you can go back to the same Metadate CR version one of your package you clear scotch locks to see Iran’s go to you a tea and then you’re ready you’ll install this as a virgin on top of the existing package so in that format you start developing new versions of the package that gets installing a production of developing and managing exist in new apps much easier more difficult on This Is Us come up in many many conversations this was this is great I have imposing components in my aunt package metadata who do I get started again Xena working a lot of blocks will be sitting out of information security get started I just want to use it as an opportunity to give you tell concept to the whole weekend we can you sing this if you see a production work today at 8 has a set of appexchange actually against unlimited associated with it and then the rest is still this article on managed metadata are vertical internet is a happy soup exchange app you’re actually installing a package pocket flavor packet increase mode Gear 2 hours is ways to enable it to methylated already exist in your production and the best thing you can do this Nativity fact you don’t need to do this in one shot you can feel it slowly and as you’re doing it you would get to a stage babe you have a set of packages that you’re built homegrown and then select me pause here for a minute and show you a couple of things that you moved to the demo mode and show some of these things in action and what you have here is a production part where you can see I’m not installing a package and then you get to that manager I’m just laying here the role of a developer of Acme ink so I have a few in-house activate the Dreamhouse app the fitness app for my employees I need to go and look at the metadata they’re all our present here in a ton package for Mike what I mean by that is WhatsApp on the Block controllers for the Dreamhouse app but it is no containment here for you to really sense that this belongs to a particular set of packages and components but there’s no clear demarcation the first step and we will have blocked person information about as a first step that he will do is identify the set of that belongs to that particular package if you want to create Sushi you can go go take a nap so in this case and come up with a package that represents the Dreamhouse app so my first step

is to pull this metadata from the production org into the Salesforce DX format and you can see that now then you look at my source is empty I don’t have anything but I do have a a fine for a package of the symbol that represents that he must have to do is I’m going to do it at 3 so this is a mess and retrieve the message we are going to pull off the method that represents the Dreamhouse app I retrieve this message later I’m in a stage 2 now converted to Salesforce PX4 Matt and build a new package off of it so if you if I go back to this folder where I retrieved it and you can see that Island package think I’ll go ahead and unzip this and that will pull in a limited data so the next thing that I will do is I will go back and down convert this okay I’m asking so that I can see what I’m doing some when I do a convert convert EPS format format and I do that the metadata is converter saliva switch back and show you in previous Court you can you familiar with this format where is transmitted to work with the metadata but you can take the next step on say it you would build and control package using cast and to show you how easy it is to create a new package all I needed to hear this I’m saying I want to create a new package and you can see that the package itself is the population to the reason I’m saying that I want to create a Dream House Spring 18 package and I’m throwing some options can I go ahead and create a package at this stage when the package is going to successfully I get to Unique ID which is what you call the package I disable automate this in the next iteration so that you don’t have to do this but you got to the sex was The X Project Jason as a one-time step you will enter this package at this stage I need to create the package version version where is the same Source was deep throat. If you’re working but so I’m supposed to find the clear package version for me using the first app I deleted it so go ahead and create package version this package version takes a bit of time to create song I don’t want to sit and wait here but one thing that I want to highlight the areas if I can go here and things I can query the status of this and in this case it will show that this package information is still in progress but before this demo at already created version of this package song Sarah come here this is a command that I’m issuing to install the package store in Longmont cycling saw this in a scratch off I’m just testing and now I’m ready to install this back in the production of this stage might be wondering why did installing this package back in the production. Doesn’t it already have the metadata yes but to go back to water should a few minutes ago the whole intention here is to do this migration from the unpackaged word to the package but which is what I’ll be showing now to hear I’m seeing that I want to install this particular packet that has passed all testing into this all the 0-40 IDS the idea that is issued every time I create a new package version this is the immutable artifact once we create a pack of Busch and you cannot change it so you can keep you waiting on the package by giving you the immutable package version you can install it in different environments and beat you’re testing same stuff so I’ll go ahead and I want to show you how this looks so refreshing to spend most of this was unpackaged State Senate let me go ahead and prefers to spade a spade what you see is as part of the insert command reissued and you dream house package of them. Do not change them later and show

me the components you see that all the components that I pulled in from the back of that example is not part of this package so what’s the big deal I just moved it from Santa package nothing got changed what am I getting out of this and this is driving to one thing and say that I’m looking the same did they eat but since it’s part of a package if you make a change and you don’t communicate their development team the next version but not contain this changes very well regulated process whereby the changes made with the development team always wins but the admin still have the ability to make changes as long as they communicated so now if I go and stop looking at the set of lightning components for the set of Apex classes in my arm what do you start seeing is the components that belong to a DCP shorter than I can say you know that these things belong to a package for you still know that you have some metadata that is still laughing and packets state which you might put in another package which is the Preakness magic packet so this way you will slowly start moving things from the current world into the world of is it is get all the advantages of says 40 years later they came out development and the good thing about this is you don’t have to do this in one shot you can do it in that slow man and learn from this process I need to pick it up now let me go back to the Raptors have one thing I want to highlight is that when it comes to sales force BX it’s not an all of you can order things gradually you can start with the sales for sale I can start using scotch and wants to become familiar you can stop taking advantages of the modular development model that is being offered as part of DC face and also I want to spend the next 30 seconds talking with what’s on the near temperature in summer 18 you may already be participating in an arc shape pilot we are we are connecting it and we plan to take it to bait a ga in the upcoming releases sandbox learning that’s open Beta he scheduled to go GF soon and will continue to make enhancements in FX and one of them is the absence of a switch statement song this in a nutshell is what they’re looking at in terms of what’s the best place for you to interact with us I want to highlight is the Trailblazer Community you having a lot of interactions there that’s a lot of collaboration that happens you ask questions to get the responses from the Community Reach I’m in the really really encourage that you participate in this community you’re on there right go to these communities definition that’s available right so I’m happy share that we will be doing a Salesforce DX ask me anything session so keep your eye on the on your inbox and we’ll have you as well as Wade and John and Dave so we’ll have a whole crew of Salesforce DX product managers experts here to ask any questions that you have on sale for CX what if you’re just getting started that we have here on this on the screen module for telephone control packages in the next few weeks we plan to launch them and deserted modules are at Lily good mechanism for you to get started getting the Trailblazer Community finish it real bad modules come to us with questions would be more than happy to help you great we’re getting ready for you too but we’ll kick off here cuz there’s just so much this so much I’m really glad we have this AMA coming up in early February to take care of anything you can’t answer right now the first

one here is who is Salesforce dx4 can can admins use it as well as developers that I showed you have the opportunity was DX and deliver packages for you to make changes as long as you work closely with the development team so windy in Vision says was very clear that we fully understand that when it comes to sales for both of them RTD Beyond Bissell different model using sand boxes of the declarative tools and all the stuff that rainy and Zane Demotte in terms of lightning inside so so the answer is since was Dax is not only programmatic support multiplayer given programmatic and be me think about this is way of working I think it’s appealing to everybody so we have a question here also for you can developers rollback developer control packages redo so there are two ways in which you can do that one if you install the version 2 on top of one Or you can go back and start one.. The other thing that you’re building as part of Summer eating is the ability to remove a component from Spring 18 removing components is almost as easy as adding computer speak to talk this through because we understand that in many many scenarios you’d want a lot of flexibility in terms of another question hot off the twitters is Will code in developer control packages count against your apex-code limit yes it would be considered yes it should count against limits but if there are any concerns let us know why that would be concerning I think and respond to that but yes it is is belonging to your organization discount okay so I guess I’ve got a question here for Zane so the question is it’s regarding of lightning striking flow so so I can embed custom lightning components in my flow but can I add fluid to my cousin living components so what you can do is you can incorporate custom lightning components in flow as screens and we all know the flow has many different parts you can make decisions and assign variables and update records until right now the support for lightning components is on the screen element so to think about trying to put a flow inside a screen element is making more work for yourself and what you can do is put your lighting components into a bigger flow and we have a great sample app shows you an example of okay how can I take that screen and then incorporated into a flow and if you have other questions that’s there’s also the great Trailblazer Community around lightning flow and you can hang with them with ideas about where you want to see it going in for their hands months cuz I know that the this is a new capability and there’s more to come so what you’re saying is blog posts + reference apps so let’s hear I got one for you Renee it’s the question form Services be using managed packages also suing DCPS everything that you have to be aware of is that if you want to share that across multiple stalks you also have to share the authentication credentials for that so it’s a better recommendation to share the data set itself then just showing a model ideas an example of them out of the package great thank you so the next question we have here is where delete it so if an admin makes a change to a component in a package but forgets to tell the dev team I mean that would never happen but in the universe by that happens will there be a way for the developer to pull these changes back in like a four Swords pole actively designing and thinking about how some of these things happen because the first thing I thought of when we came up with this was what happened to Dustin just get lost but do you think you would listen bitch weekend

surface that information would love to hear from the community as to how they think it should work one of these are good thinking of is the changes have been made by the Admin in the sandbox and we can talk those changes and notify did the development team so that the changes are not over return so short answer this I can be designing it but would love to see we got another question for for all y’all so just quit LOL I’ll just throw it open to everybody who ever jumps in first get the answer Version Control is a New Concept for many cabins out there do any of you have recommendations for getting training or help with learning person control they’re great resources actually about this on Trailhead inversion control working with gets so it’s something that if we want we could maybe add it to our trail mix for this broadcast well there you go You’re actively working on it so in the next few weeks will be launching a lot of noise about that when when it is released another one here for Renee Stein how to reset Einstein but that’s totally up to you how can I get access to the Einstein playground when you follow the reference thing that you put in the presentation that’s leading to the Blockbuster but I would have to type that is also a reference to the guitar project IGI playground gets up and you will find it and it’s also a reference on several Block Puzzle out anyway thank you so I guess the other question we have here is for you to leave objects exist in multiple packages how do I design a shared object such as contact or count going back at 1 or package deal it’s a given piece of my heart belongs to a single control package will handle this is true dependency so for instance if you have a set of shared object and put the shared object in one piece EP other packages depend on that account and contact to be so that they don’t put them in the package but for example of a custom field record around sales service commonly shared objects that might belong to two or three apps could be making utility package thing about the happy super than packaged metadata and start breaking it down it’s a bit of a science and then are because it depends on how you see things but that’s the whole reason why the dependency frame of thinking about shared in today’s Library packages and yeah and I have yours for you then and are the question is how will themes affect the branding or colors I’ve chosen for my existing lighting apps yeah so that the theme that you choose for your org you can have one active game at a time and if you have chosen colors and icons and other things for specific lightning at there’s actually now an option when you go into the lightning app manager to choose if you want to override your organization’s active theme for that app so each app can have its own look and feel if that’s appropriate or it can take the thing for your work you have flexibility that is a lovely level of control we have another one for the leap what is the difference between unmanaged packages and developer manage packages point in time to plant looks at you put together if you deploy something to your production instance chances are very high that you want to continue staying too

late on that so they will provide BCPS are upgradeable and manage packages you can eat a genetic conversion rate you can upgrade that Mexico pray thank you straight answer there’s another nomenclature question for you here it is our developer controlled packages packaging to Dano I would say as a shooting maxlite it’s one of the two key flavors of packaging 2nd edition packaging the other one being the new packaging framework that your building process was Partners so if you’re a customer you could anybody that is not list developing your offer at exchange you’d be looking at thank you for the next one hears a lot ISM can our existing package org be upgraded to developer control packages so it’s not a good thing in the context of DCP so if you’re a Salesforce partner you will be done a lot of things for you to work with your current presentation packages with Salesforce yes we think we should you should continue to do that until we take the highest V flavor of 2nd edition packages to GM but the packages that can use packages for Mortuary thank you the next question to hear it have here is for Zayn and it’s what’s the difference between a base component and a standard yeah so that’s actually something that the the lightning component Library really can help with cuz it’s a bit confusing to track all of all of the different pieces when we talk about lightning components and so base lightning components are going to have the lightning namespace it’s going to be lightning colon and card lightning colon badge that’s an easy way to recognize them and they inherit styling from the Salesforce lightning design system that’s why we call them Ace components because of his face line of styling that you don’t have to worry about and they really are those complex pieces of you why that you can build quickly because of that styling and because of the work that we provide for you and other components on a standard components or Force components are coming from those different name spaces aura or force or UI and if you have trouble remembering all that you can just go look up look it up in the county library well thank you for that but unfortunately that’s about as much time as we have four questions today thanks again for bearing with us and a little bit of a hiccup we had in the beginning of this broadcast but if you did have any further questions or wanted to explore this more go ahead and go where to learn more for spray painting for developers and you can explore the spring 18 drill you know what I just got to talk about why Rene has his way gone I think this week looks pretty familiar I think we saw this quite a lot in a certain developer keynote and in that you were talking about are you were demonstrating the the vast power of the pure aloe demonstration and you will be around again for Trailhead DX is that right yes very soon is you going to be at the lodge and you should all come with showing the were showing the URL here if you want to hop on the internets and take that particular field makes it discusses all of the badges that we have talked about today and don’t forget to take her survey and tell us if you want to see more people in wigs in future broadcast and are early bird pricing is only lasting for a few more days so be sure to lock in your $599 pricing that comes with two free certifications or $2,599 for the ultimate bootcamp which is three full days of certification training so once again thank you all thank you to our panelists and thanks again thanks for joining