Development – 1 Demo, Salesforce Carrier Opportunities

okay that’s the realest cuss of those the sales force development so this in this development main task here it comes for so in our acceptance II the sales force the sin Salesforce has been that up this software has been developed Oh reserve force and up its language the reserve forces building HTML based so you require this HTML programming and apexes for business logic in this presentation logic result also used for presentation logic in this Salesforce from which platform in this wait I would say the has the area said they so whatever you develop any programs these are programs are existing we’re in the force platform it has its own area this is the infrastructure the force infrastructure and it has force memory and we all this all I decided the millions of ID’s are created and we are acts in the Salesforce software all these heidi’s are connecting to wait the in this your application is acts in your memory which is existing in force platform the servers are excluding your request and it’s sending this so you are connecting through browser intermediate between the users and the sales forces the browser so browser II used to access what Salesforce software and this after its existing way and any number of high days they access the Salesforce software and whenever you customize that application that is existing under your ID only that means you won’t power the Salesforce copy for every idea like we have the Gmail application in a Google platform so whenever I create a gmail ID so I won’t get in Gmail software we have the reference to Gmail software and if I do any changes in the Gmail application it effects your ID only like that seen our is lip select a gmail software which is like Google is here it is a fourth start come and we access the software by all this millions of an user it is the user IDs are different IDs this user ID can be developer developer and user ID end user and employ user any user a deacon I am developing a project for a Samsung company Samsung implies will have thousand implies they will access through browser only end-users something like 1 lakh users are there they relax with the same develop end some 10 developers will be there all they will connect through pros around but here we are both two areas admin and elephant part is that the at mid-station water movement this will customize the existing software but now the requirements are changing to say the client is saying that’s Samson client different clients like company holo company wherever there is a requirement they’ll check with the Salesforce requirement if a new requirements needed if new requirements are needed then what we need to do I need to do the new requirements new changes in Salesforce start to come then you need to go further force and effects language through self enough its language only we

develop new changes further we need to learn result for tune-up its language and these two languages are developed by company and people think that why can’t you use Java software at ceiling with a C++ and this outlets are these languages are from different companies C C++ Java from different companies so I cannot use that language is here for ACP a map language for a dotnet see sir overacting Java like different soft it’s a different languages are there so far our force come close it so for start come cloud so force cloud in which we call the Salesforce is what software as a service is it s of T C is in software as a service and this is what is a tas its on ceases what is so now we are learning which is an SAS we are not learning PS and we are not running a s this PS is our who the company people maintain this PS and is we won’t work on PS and is we do own NSF assess further Tony we have we find openings number of openings for in essays on not in PS is perhaps all right IT jobs what which this site shows how many list of openings are there that all its best first to you in which technology so you need to go through that so that will get the conference on how the openings will be in different technology you may observe for example this Java C you find in Java technology how the career in Java technology so the KD point how the silence is 40k like that synthetic and the kd8 bind to the jobs howard swing and put in for to donate it is 28 percent of jobs it’s in 20 person for job openings in java elected same go back and search for the were actually something like that how many openings are there in oracle the percentage of so just to show the contents level when you’re learning the new technology out of the variety see it’s 32 percent of jobs its came to put on for it’s coming down that job opportunities working with twenty percent now same see our software as a service the salesforce so in some sites will call the software as a services software as a services the cloud technology related subtypes are called cloud computing related softwares what i develop is called software is a service the sound is how the salaries are there in software services let’s see the growth how it came from 2005 it is 40% of jobs are there 40% no company use such a number of opening sent what the percent of jobs in that’s the salaries are constant so 40% jobs left same and when you go for like if we observe how to apply that people think that i can’t go for a dupe related structure it’s also a new emerging technology but only for big companies maintain shadow so don’t go and that’s means if we require opportunities and this is a more carrier so that’s let’s say the percentage is from 2010 it’s going on it’s going it is only 3% of openings but in software as-a-service how many openings are that 40% of openings out there since number of applications are telling this in a database database once the companies develop and use it that cell but every company has to be changes in the application level the web-based application level we need to change this so to change an application level you need to go through now in every it’s like you need to go first software as a

services customize the application and we need to deliver this so we are learning and software as a services any application any software delivering through cloud computing technology use collagen a software as it sells every cloud as difference after the service imagine they uses Java language and if I go Microsoft cloud they use a c-sharp so kind to be out these three codes are there Microsoft Imagine like force platform but forced outcome related cloud-related without subtypes are there currently our Salesforce it’s more useful and more number of clients are using this one compared to other complete it’s for us and we need to learn that this languages for force platform related languages for any substrates were never released for platform then you need to go through via phone up its language furthest you require the oops concepts object-oriented programming concepts using the O’s programming only we can learn any language this is a basic programming from 1980 still day photo language releases till date all language follows Boop’s concepts on it whether it’s in a java SE p let’s in a bap and c-sharp all these language follows the oops concepts so we need to learn the oops cancel first then anyway should go to the programming so once you learn the programming knowledge so we can shift or you can transfer to any technology very easily most of people feel that a development is very difficult concept it’s not like that the development is very easy when comparative development is very easy the reason is we don’t need to think anything more on that’s compared to admin and elfin which is the best but in is easier telephone disease which is the best there had been a development so admins feels in different way and development feels a different way development part means the client will use the list of requirements and we need to follow step by step what the giant requirement that mean related you need to configure we need to think about the analysis all that we have to do both but know whatever technology now are coming are very easy you don’t need to write any programming the number of editors have that we are number of editors are there if we go in 2000 if you want write any program you need to type and we need to remember method names and the syntax alders if you observe the java language in 2000 like that we have to remember all the concepts all the method names what parameters are personal that you remember when now we came with an editor for every language that HR c-sharp are aware but visualforce are pets you intellisense are there for that only when you go for interest we won’t find any questions like what is the parameter what is the method names they are asking only the concepts how you implement them if you learn Java it’s very easy for see sure sing but we are not learning the concept and we learned only the language so first you learn the basics of oops then you can serve in any industry any technology since the last 30 years we are raising on that concept only all subjects are coming the opposite oriented program concepts on your getting will see what is object-oriented concepts in our code spectrum and so will learn the upfronts of 5 hours and 10 hours 5 hours will go for we have it’s an oops word result foods for fire were scarce fighters and then we know what so while using app it’s also now explained is intelligence the visual for second so we use both visual forts in the pits while learning this in up its program so our course takes you know 25 hours sometimes I am changing to some new concepts also so it takes to turn favorites minimum that’s today’s twenty

third mates can complete within the next probably repair don’t is like this with the 23rd so we need to learn the oops concept basically first fire words will see the whoops then we’ll go further programming lengths and how this concepts of concepts are implemented in way of and effects and Salesforce while going sulfate this software also developed in using the oops concepts only and this was implemented in VF and of its language and we learn the software as a service and we are enhancing the features of s of T C through in the development part the development requirement when comes the first phase will be in a twin face can you check with what is icon if sales force is even some find a list of requirements and my Samson companies in some hundred requirements they’re saying that only hundred requirements are required then we’ll compare and no deliver its hundred apartments are available in Salesforce and we delivered it sometime Klein says that I require new changes then go for the Salesforce turbine that mean and development are completely different topics we will take separately developments and administer servlet you don’t need to bother about what is that mean is doing what is dolphin is doing we are the software concepts earlier we have as an admin is there I’d be noggin here the concept like customization and the configuration part and its development also we have result force effects and now they’re asking integration web services so in 2012 we have the requirements where as admin related only that means to Tonto is complete requirements for admin related that to also the customization part I’m present well made downwards again configuration they asked the security level the data management level dollars in from 2013 there was huge requirements for the development part the clients implemented that mean level the next step is new changes didn’t go for the development so they’re asking the specialized individuals for now when you go for increase their last so whether you learn admin develop integration okay put in which area in which area specialist either very of our up it’s like this if you are good in VF so the project will pass in to be a part wave in the vision force again we’ll go for Ajax functionality and J JavaScript jQuery that all comes with it in the development part now we come in with a Salesforce Mobile Application the new one Salesforce Mobile that means without screens we develop in this screens are only for desktop now the same screens need access from the Salesforce customization schemes me toward mobile application also it’s a new release in Salesforce mobile application like we are and ‘red I phone like this reason the same we have the sage was no violence so every every quarterly there is a new requirements a new changes enhancing in our Salesforce every chordal they change and enhance its and weakened and we can learn on this within good documentation that provides advantage of Salesforce what I’ve seen that there in my other self gates the documentation what they provide the tutorials are very good compared to the I’ve seen have seen s AP all that but the documentation and here they provide the workbooks to us the company people is providing workbooks to prepare very easily why means why they give me a good workbook I require a huge number of resources I could say 40% of job openings are there I will get the number of resources to get such a number of resorts means I require compulsory I could help and good materials work tutorial so that if a job I want to go for Salesforce go through the workbook tutorials and start preparing it for that reason the company people as providing everything any good materials also go for developer for start come it’s in the job so we find that selects a loop is there like software is a service and you can go for Salesforce like it’s going and any any for any related materials

are all so don’t go for any materials go for a developer for start come in developer for dot-com there is a Thiele Technical Library this is a good site developer for start come it provides everything to you whatever you want materials they provide tutorials see the workbook tutorials for start comic book it’s an admin related effects workbook from basics topics workbook its provide out rate data variables declaration Charlotte comes to advance program level the visualforce were ill so our focus forty fifty paise workbook the integration later workbook database only for reports related and deployment that wrote the case security service level there is a one once topic you are coming with site calm this is a new model this site outcome deals about how to develop a web sites so we develop the web sites through PHP so instead of using PHP can go for site comm site comic and ello content management related software very easily I can develop this site that comes so we can download this and start using this don’t follow any metals or any notes at all you follow the standards are committed the workbooks for derivatives once training is done so you should go through these workbooks to learn the new concepts where is it in practice this developer which contains number of our books are there the number of database and good number of websites are there tools what are the integration tools later and we find the number of projects also developer provides number of free free projects with code sailors all projects are there hundreds of projects are there they provided with a KU source code also so one to one not five projects are there with codes you can access this projects out the Salesforce products has been developed to this code Chinese word it providing the project’s a free open-source like in the blocks are there documents and there is an epic since it’s in a more useful app it since so what type of projects has been developed in force comes at all we can say he had an app exchange we won’t find in Java no when you go for Java dot and what happens that’s it’s only software they’re providing and used it’s for developing an application but here this is a platform way what are the products has been developed at all you can see here in the app exits in training certification related so we have defense at equation 2 0 1 3 0 1 2 0 3 0 and these are admin elated certification and 4 0 1 and Phi 0 and sin in development and our tech lever this cause steady hey so we hit the resources now that’s adequate in they provide cell this force for developer for start come very can create an ID and invertible tutorial set so good this can go for more and this half x inch so this is an area where you can see all the products delivered through four star comma that means we are not developing an application sitting for one year or nine months already our two nested the Salesforce is we can say as in it as in a tool we can say this is the tool take the Salesforce software I’ll customize it I delivered the product I’m not sitting so here if I want

develop in a product for a college management or any medical medical agency medical people as some two thousand stores are there with own medical stores are there for all these people they don’t use any IT software and they want in sales operations related software the best approach is what we customize the Salesforce software as I record some five developers Salesforce developers I will customize for medical people now will go to the medical agencies and show that this is a software you don’t require memory you don’t wear any servers you require only the software you require another browser and they’ll access this medical agencies software directly and they’re not installing anything and they are not bother about servers infrastructure and they need to pay monthly a fire alerts are $3 it’s how they access their memory how much memory they required depending on the memory and the applications the as the levels are there which is in a CRM bundle which contains marketing sales and service these three models comes in the CRM our cowards the mark generated sales and service if my medical is in sleep client saying that I require only sales operations so you can take sales related screens only from sales for software I will customize that nail deliver to the clients medical people says that I do not require dampening they won’t do any campaigning then what what screens are required only sales screens so pay less amount and for sales related screams so I recruited five developers these five developers they’ll customize the sales force update on sales related screens and I will release a product medical product like that this whole products are delivered a pick six so this applicants contained all these products IT at the station projects human it’s all related products finance products reports only reports related for UPS all these types of products are tailored and you can see that products how they delivered what is the documentation I can start taxing just create an ID and pass for the Salesforce ID in password start using it I don’t install further it already products has been delivered and we are is it some client says that I require marketing sales and service before it schools if maybe colleges at some medical products some products has been delivered a new product has been delivered so then you require the marketing so how you invest some money to delivered about the product that’s marked in service record sales in service depending on that serum product the cost matrix would have been now client is very much sets where less cost investment medical stored now how much senate invest i need to pay some $5 monthly monthly pay some three to five dollars for salesforce and for my i develop from from my company i develop medical project then i’ll make as in a product and delivered like this like that we had within to yet see how many number of products has been delivered and if you observe this products has been delivered these are the products the applications my praise 44% 2001 33 applications has been delivered and to millions installations as in done within this that means the growth in sales was was from 2010 only how many types of applications has been sales related 41% products are there an ITA 22 marketing finance club administration i administration the customer related products that means they customer the sales force of trade and the release of product we can make entrepreneur will become an independent so we can recruit some developers and that means if you are in a business level as if you want a developer level you go to the company you go for is a service based company like we provide sensor anywhere and we deliver the products for them but this company will deliver the products if salesforce software is not there what happens you need to sit with the visual force and updates and we develop the software

if Salesforce is not there what happens you need to go to visual Fortson effects language I deliver the new pontil so when you learn visual Fortson effects language what happens existing sales force off trade I can customize a new screens I can create a new screens with visual folks with the visual force in effects language I can develop a new module also like how the force people develop sales force outcome the same I can develop my own murder like it’s our model which is not yet released by but they are releasing a new model practice like now we are in serum model of the two it’s our one affair that delivering the new model which is common to any industry people in industry marketing manufacturing hospitality pharma company incidence any industry people can access my sales for software it’s not specific sierra means is necessary man for every industry people if any company want to set up an IT infrastructure means first you should go for CRM why means how you are getting a customer and he has to analyze how much investment is doing marketing what profit are getting from sales and how you are putting service to that that is important further the development part when you go for sales force development I can work with the Salesforce software I can deliver the new models also so they will pimp at when that only will none that that mean and their admin part both and it’s not very difficult the software to learn the development part now not locked any expect that in Ian’s back we need to remember all that’s the programming concepts are that’s but not a care of now you start using the application directly and no need to remember any methods class names are that we have the tools so when you go for Salesforce let’s go for it Salesforce I can create an IDs and this in a tile worsen IDs anyone create this IDs no I put a dot before start come this add a login where I can create this in IDs the trial arsenide it is one anyone can create this unlimited days trial version but with limited memory they’re given for us as limited memory so that’s the first time login go for sign of our free first name email so to this email alert look at the nygean password that’s FDC all jobs at to this mail lady and get the password abroad the company creating ID so this end user name anyone can access this ad from any system anyone can access this by box 12 24 6 7 f so what our programs you are i am writing here that’s anyone connects of this side right this so we need to go to click ta log in and create society idea has been created so to which melody its resort to Gmail so go to that cement in this so we desert Auto right into the side

dammit you can go to developer yes of these all jobs and this idea is SF Desalle jobs at the police my box 1224 you know all our IDs and password is the same Salesforce login confirmation now it is my box to Alton 4:6 sound F at click on this the past my box front of the 401 total for my god to this login page in this incites foot software we’re in luck all the leads it’s a campaigning lead such a marketing area a home’s contents opportunity sir Alda the sales the service area that he says solutions this all comes on service level eight so we need to customize this standard screens how in the account screen what fields are there how to customize that new screens that’s an admin level to develop a new changes requirement that all comes in there Delap in fact but when you want to develop in part penetrate the programs so when you log out again so log in my box to one password is what six seven so f my box one to two is the password so anyone can exit this ID and password if you access this ID and password from in your system for the first time it allows the verification code for the first time unit has the verification in we’re patient coding again to have these are jobs no to developer forts developer dot new login box once log in to any ID I won’t write the program’s to write the programs let’s our editor is there voter ID and there is a developer console so vote already and click on developer console wherever we write the programs my box 12 2400 society6 sound never cancel this is an editor very we can write the programs it’s closer to to write any programs I want a good smile programs for example Auto debug window open X button on Miss window openings good anonymous window I want to develop something this time showing but will say from basics of intelafone integer I equal to 1 I less than 10 I plus bless and system dot diva and

display I want to display a values from 1 to 10 this click so I went where debug window anonymous window select for I value select this open lock file I am displaying a lock for debug log file where I am displaying 1 2 3 valise and click X foot it opens the log file click the debug only and get in so value debug window 1 2 3 4 this it’s very easy rating the program so go to debug window open expert anonymous window like this I wanted to write I wanted to the values and select query ID name from account account is a table thing that’s anacondas out standard table I’ll show that’s all this time swing out write the programs I want is the table write this in this account table you are writing the values so while right in there quit it’s an select ID name phone from icon and then display the values I want to display the values let this take for which type of upset account here : LS and print system dirty work hey it’s plain so I’ll select ID name phone from our own table so from accountable I am getting the list of Records the account is about a standard table with SM ID name phone number 3 true all that occurred some stored in a structure so I I’ll give all the description what is the stacked sets what others now take a variable of County a structure from the list and display well and see this far look select this part X would highlight it so these three lines I want to export click it vote highlighted method missing select and select select this values it’s got highlighted according to that account account structure its fidelity and use LEDs name on this comma is missing okay next word we need the stuff regards regards from which table from accountable so this this edited various existing I have not installed this editor this any developer for start come is an editor where it’s in AP one pay P one is a specific server in that under our ID I am writing the programs all these whatever write the core this alda so what time when does it suited the code that’s all it specifies in select the debug on ctrl e ctrl e or you can go for deeper and unmask window when you select this I

want but clear value limit I can you get the limit limit five but 10 only 10 records I want select this value I’m displaying the list of tender cards so if you don’t select the debug only allocate the memory how much memory has been allocated when the queries an exported what values has been executed select ID name for how the statement has been yet suited and in doubts here this all blocks files will let solve this log files and write this all this programs so here I not saying this is a window we write the source code I want the piece of code no we use this editor on developer we has the ad you write the programming in developer console I can write in URL and read some URL or convert some setup program and explain all that and we have this ID it’s an ad that editor is there that’s we need to configure eclipse it’s an you configure the Eclipse with four start they rewrite the program’s first we will see all the programs through developer console then we’ll go for our editor force editor that’s an offline program without internet I won’t write the programs at the time of deployment only we require the programs so that we also see we can write the comment like this aster start / export this so first we will see how to write the variables what is a Farlow what types of loops are there what is a variable that all will see the basics and then we’ll go for this so the first topic is the variable what is variable what is a variable to take fullscreen talk and defend the variable in a programming language what is available how can defend available how can define variable name of the location yes good name of the location is nothing but variable so we defining a value we’re giving a value but that value is storing in some memory location which location in a tram it stores in a ram the ram it’s doing what all right the program starts putting in the RAM so variable is nothing but reference to memory is nothing with variable so again some name to a memory location and we have the variable segments when

you give integer a equal to this comment this lines are not exported slash slash means their common lines and multiple lines with slash star star slash are called multi lengths an integer AAA means it’s an integer variable and if I Q a equal to 123 and every Q string is equal to Salesforce then what did this mean when I say in digit a equal to 1 2 3 how many bytes are allocated for this trait allocates a 4 bytes of memory a and it stores 4 bytes of memory some 2,000 location 2 2003 and it allocates how much memory 4 beds and assigns a value 1 to 3 the value here it’s 123 is called the value then this is memory another memory so what you call a how you can say now a is and what it’s containing here 1 2 3 is what value integer variable it’s a value integer so what type of value its storing an integer value further to called integer variable what is an S what you called is an S yes it’s occupies how many bytes now you are given s equal Salesforce and s is called Salesforce means it’s towards the two bytes of memory 3000 location two three thousand one in which it contains what the address of memory location wait the Salesforce is existing so sales words may exist somewhere at location click on find it to three thousand five zero nine the location and stores the value with Salesforce that valid contains three thousand five hundred that’s no s is what now s is what we called is is and it’s not a value it’s not a value no these don’t find it is what the starting address where values existed it’s in starting address weight the sales what’s existing so what that s isn’t a reference reference string variable and what it can’t in this theta minus what it’s a value or address it’s an address so it’s in a reference that so can call as a reference memory location and it’s called the memory locus for words and this may be how much memory to pets when they give integer I equal to one to three string s equals Salesforce we need to know what type of variable and what it is yes is in a value so it’s storing a value s is storing word an address S is containing the address where the sales force is story so sales force is turning at click on finder to three go find ten bytes of memory in the ten bed the starting address is storing in we’re in the yes for that only s is in a reference variable and a is an integer available now I want to bring this values then how will do system that debug enter equal to plus a same system dart debug so this all that this editor editor is providing everything to you no need to remember all the method names for type of parameters were passing all that it specifies to you T is equal to + + yes now I want X with this program takes about this program the earlier whatever your tail that you comment this then click the next foot select this

value click and it’s good and these are a a equal to 123 this is also this uncomment this one slash star and star slash this so piece of code will not Xcode 4 it up when takes me out written now click and X good once an expert you manage that’s slowing and see how much memory is allocated where is 3 by it’s 1 phi2 at what time Salesforce is occupying 10 bytes of memory a 1 tonne degree how many 4 bytes of memory is allocated a is of paying forward bytes a wartime 656 38 30 milliseconds what has done heap allocated heap allocation means in the ram the ram memory cell value is allocated then for string well conversion holes but whatever it may be but i want only the outputs then click a debug only a one transfer so I am excluding this programs wave in the developer force how we are then you created ID go to develop at fort come and user ID developer console port ID dollar per consume anyone can access this ID and these programs you are not storing in particular that storing temporarily now here I’ll write next how to write save the programs you know to debug window close its all this away do you need to go debug window open eggs good anonymous window then we are writing this that’s a full screen like that’s our and large screens but our code we are written just right integer a 1 2 3 string a Salesforce system birthday book a equal to place a that’s a concatenation a equal to in single quotation means as it is whatever you write it displays called a equaled in single quotation and place a means it displays the a value and s value is what when you say s s is what which type of variable it’s an efference variable there’s a reference variable means it connects to where s and displays the s value this is what’s a reference at that particular address 3500 location it connects to the yes delegating the value and displaying the Salesforce then click an expert let’s connect to s value while connecting this value and it is playing the memory how much memory has been allocated all that and click and debug only let’s debug only getting the value so this values are storing temporarily we are not storing these programs to store the programs you need to go to file menu new visual force effects class like this we need that will come rated just we are discussing the oops concepts to discuss both concepts and when to debug open its root anonymous window where I am writing the programs all these programs are existing whatever discuss the programs we have our drink sales for dry developer fourth start go to our gmail ad and our idea that our idea only all our programs are existing here we’ll go for dry and this drive on it contains all our programs and so go to the try so all our recording class I’ll upload this recording session to our Salesforce recording right so try in the sales for dry let’s our development development nodes so programming basics and oops concepts it contains all this programs so whatever discuss all these programs are existing in developer force regard the programming basics program basics so

you can go through all these programs so I think all are accessing that’s programming basics my box so if anyone don’t have any access just drop the mail to my mail lady my box 1224 so I will go that’s all access to you tonight is my box to all 24 at so today what we’ll discuss that sales force is its what software and where do we customize this software there’s a lot been but I am developing the new pages which is not existing I need to develop my own new screen then go for visual Fortson effects language that’s a way of is a presentation effects as a business logic you know all these ideas are connecting through the browser only so for all this we require the oops concepts to create this all looped concepts go for developer for start so developer so you go for a developer and create this dot for star come and this all our technical library contains all tutorials everything it contains this and go for D log and whatever ID is there that you access six seven D or E whatever ID you can access go to dull but for static here we access our application done so any doubts here Brenda the Sun a song so meet with your neelima Manisha Sunita and it does no I can discuss just today what will domains you create an ID and password in Salesforce access the dollar for star come just write two lines of code in disarray in stringers and print the virus how it contains then you get in access how you need to do the programs I’ll unmute anyone want to discuss and discuss any doubts so sharp six o clock I will start and I given the link access to you so since i given the mail I think so you can access this ID anyone can access this ID so directly connects at this ID just go to meeting link is daily six o clock or any time can connect this side I have forward this link to you can directly access this link just Oprah I won’t forward its directly can click this link and six o’clock eyelets of this one earlier I used to forward the link no no need to followed this link the same link is used for one month after one month again it changes for one month you can use the same ID for developer certification also let’s in vfn affects only everything is visual we are friend a person the certification is development means via phonetics that’s easy your one link the only one Lee so daily are waiting for the link no earlier and no need to wait now this link you can access at any time if you want to communicate just click on this link at any time can communicate for example at any time after class or at any time you want to discuss with me just click this link I will come to that lady you can connect that’s okay with the details to connect the Google Drive for documents yes neelima I’ll forward this dive access to you yeah so tomorrow

we’ll connect this and I will pause this recording session to you