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Hey guys, hope you guys are having a wonderful time out there, so again Intellipaat brings you another video and this time it is about sales force SO, what is it? Why to go with Sales force and how to use it? We shall be knowing all of this as we proceed So in this “Salesforce for beginners” video, let’s talk about the topics, we shall be covering Let us start it with a brief information of the world before CRM And then what is CRM? what is the need of CRM? And will move to today’s topic that is salesforce CRM then will dig deeper into Salesforce CRM by knowing the services it offers, then the products of salesforce and its architecture Then will move to the practical portion that is hands on to get a clear understating of the working mechanism of the software And finally, career growth it offers So, let’s get started Lets us first visualize the world before CRM!! So initially, maintaining data meant, you have a person inserting data or information of your customers manually in a file and pilling up those files in a locker Ultimately, information which can be of great use, lied wasted Time evolved and desktops and laptops came to existence to store the data may be in excel sheets or word documents This still was a tedious job and manual error could never be eliminated Now let us move and think storing of data from an organization’s prospective which might have 1000 of customers/users and hence a humongous data which needs to be addressed and analysed for a better customer satisfaction and increase the revenue So what do you do now, how would you maintain this amount of data with accuracy? So you need a system where all the data can be stored effectively, can be differentiated and accessed by every concerning department and people So that all of them stay on the same page with equal information And to address all these issues, CRM was introduced CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is everything that you would need to keep track of your customer’s activity and hold the information related to your customer for example: name, address, previous interactions, job, likes etc That is to say, the entire biodata of your customer is available at one place called CRM This is a general overview of CRM, let us now understand how is it beneficial for the organization or the business to grow There are several benefits of using a crm to upgrade your business A few of these are: Relationship Management: Since you have got all the information of your customer at one place, and hence dealing with a customer becomes very easy, and gives you a better insight to understand the issues of the customer and deal with it effectively Hence helping in developing a much-needed bond between consumer and the provider 2) Increased Productivity: Since you have got all the details and information about the customer at one place, and hence you don’t waste your time and energy in gathering the data from different sources or departments Which makes you more productive 3) Increased Profitability: When you have a satisfied customer, they work as your service or product’s brand ambassadors and nothing is better than a word of mouth publicity They would not only be loyal to the provider but also would get other people on board to use your product or service Hence, adding to your revenues 4) Upselling and Cross Selling: Now, since you know your customer better, you know their needs and hence you can offer different products based on their requirement 5) Automation of Task: CRM automates many small tasks which otherwise might have urged manual intervention like generating a report, sending an email, filling up forms etc So CRM takes care of many of such tasks, creating a room for the employee to focus on innovation or a better customer support And finally, we have got Better Analysis: To run a successful business, many aspects

play a vital role and good and efficient analysis of data is one of those CRM makes analysis of data easier with every data stored at one place, keeping your statistics at correct path so that you have a better insight of humungous customer information and hence the probability of doing the miscalculation drops drastically down these were a few benefits of incorporating CRM in your business Now, finally we shall be delving upon the topic of the day; that is Salesforce So what is it? Salesforce can broadly be termed as a cloud based CRM which incorporates all the feature of traditional CRMs. It was introduced in 1990. and today is being rated as world’s best CRM If you are not thinking customers, you are not thinking this cardinal rule applies to every business, big or small! So, customers are the sole reason why any business exists But in today’s digitally-driven world your customers are getting more and more tough to acquire and even tougher to retain So every business would wish there was some kind of a magic wand that they can wave and hope their customers would be happy! Well, there is something close and that is called Salesforce! Welcome to Salesforce, the world’s favourite Customer Relationship Management tool! But it is not just a CRM: it has gone much beyond the word CRM Now how does it surpass other CRMs and what all it does is covered in the slides to come: Now let’s talk about the services salesforce offers It has got three types of services: 1) SAAS: stands for Software as a service that means you directly get the software to use It is built in and you can directly start using it 2) PAAS: Platform as a service, that means it offers you the platform, the framework in which you can build your own apps, websites at a speed which on-premise solution can�t provide 3) IAAS: Infra as a service, this is not widely used service Salesforce.com has got n number of products Here, we shall be discussing some of the mostly used products So let’s start with the mostly used product which is called Marketing Cloud: So in order to get the product sold, marketing plays an essential role for getting the leads generated and maintaining a record of potential leads You can send emails, messages, push messages, run a campaign and do lot more with marketing cloud and keep track of all of that Then we have got another important aspect of salesforce and this is called Sales Cloud: sales might seem very easy to an onlooker but it takes sweat and blood of the salesman to convert a lead into customer or user of a product And Sales Cloud takes this responsibility off the shoulders of a sales rep to a good extent It gives you all the data, information, latest status of the lead that might be very useful for a sales representative This is one of the most important product available in salesforce.com Service cloud: Now you have got your customers, users on board using marketing and sales cloud facilities Salesforce doesn’t stop there It also provides facility of serving your customer in the best way possible to convert them into potential and permanent customers Analytics Cloud: Salesforce.com has also got analytical cloud which enables a user of salesforce to create pictorial representation of the data available This pictorial representation is called dashboard and this enables organization to have a thorough analysis by looking at the trends and more AppExchange: Another amazing feature it comes with is AppExchange cloud This is an eco-system of built-in apps that can be used across the salesforce environment That is to say, all the salesforce users can use these apps You can have your app developed and placed in Appexchange as well And finally, community cloud: There is a vast community of salesforce across the world,

and hence whenever you have any questions related to salesforce you can simply post in the community cloud and someone should address your query with a relevant answer These are a few most important products of salesforce Let us now see some of the platforms it provides to its users 1) Lightning Framework: it is a framework which had got an eco-system of in-built components and you can simply drag and drop these components to build or create an app without writing a single line of coding That is to say now almost everyone can become a developer, an app creator 2) And now we have got Salesforce1 app: this is nothing but the version of salesforce specially designed to use on your mobiles anytime, anywhere So now running a business is as easy as using a smartphone 3) Heroku: It helps you write applications in different open languages, deploy them and manage them 4) And finally, we have got Force.com: this is a platform as a service which can be used to develop apps and websites effectively and efficiently I am sure, you must have got the idea of why Salesforce is just not a cloud based CRM but goes too far than that Now let’s move on to salesforce architecture: So salesforce has got multi-tenant architecture which means different people using the same space and hence you pay less since it works on sharing system But this feature might pop up a question on your mind, related to security of your data in shared space SO let me tell you that it has got meta data structure of security means different level of securities and you can always make your data private or give selective permission So it is basically in your hand to make your data public or private Now since you know what is salesforce, let me give you an example of how does salesforce make your life easier lets us take an example that you have to build an application but without salesforce.com What all would you be requiring: First of all: an idea, then hardware set up, different software to be installed and ensuring their securities and then finally you can build your app Now let’s see: what all is needed to build an app using salesforce.com you have to have an idea and then just get salesforce.com and you have got your app created Truly a user-friendly software Isn’t it? Now I’m sure you must be very excited to know how salesforce actually works, so let me show you that so first will see how would you create an a/c in salesforce and its implementation Salesforce implementation: So lets start our hands on with salesforce implementation Here we shall be seeing how do we create an a/c in salesforce for free Now, when we need to work on sf, and if you have a sf a/c, means if you are working with an organization, then you probably already have got a sf a/c which is well and good If in case, you do not have it, so, sf gives you a lifetime free a/c for your practise, a lifetime free developer a/c it has got almost all the features just that number of licences are less in it Now to register for a lifetime free a/c in sf, you need to visit developer.salesforce.com or developer.force.com Or lets go to salesforce.com directly sorry it has opened org .so org is basically non profit part of salesforce The salesforce foundation, where they give 10 licence free of cost to no profit organizations So here are the products I talked about . let’s go to sales cloud, sales cloud is the most widely used product in sf, it is the oldest one as welI click on lean more.so here you can learn everything like pricing and all..now another thing is sf sales license based on the user so the enterprise edition they say it most popularso it’s basically 125 dollar.,,,,,if you buy in bulk this is customizable..you can talk to you’re

a/c manager, they do give discounts on this as well.ok so this is sales cloud, mostly used product If I go to getting started here,,,,ok so here in this you can have all information regarding sf, how to do this, how do you find a partner, these are sf app exchange�..again something I talked about Let’s go to pricing once again.if I click here trail for free.so you can also sign up here but this would be a 30 days trial for you, and this would basically give you the production environment But what will we be doing is, instead of this we shall be singing for a developer a/c so it is very easy Just click on sign up here and you need to fill up a small form, the only requirement is that you ii have to provide the user name in the format of an email..so you can simply fill the form up here and the user name should be in the format of an email may be abc@xyg.com but in the form of an email So we need to sign up here once done,, you will be receiving an email and you ll be asked to verify your a/c and need to change password at the first moment rather assign a password to your sf a/c So once you sign up, you ll be sent an email and then u can go to login.salesforce.com..so whenever you have to work on salesforce , you can simply visit login.salesforce.com so these were a few simple step to create your developer a/c in salesforce for free After this lets move on to see who do we create an app in salesforce Creating an App: Whenever you start working on a project, so creating an app might be your first step.An application is nothing but a collection of tabs or objects Now whenever you work on salesforce, this is the left hand side column where we work Be it salesforce admin or salesforce developer We find links to all our customization and new application creation here And if you can’t find anything then there is very good quick find or quick search here, there is a global search here which searches throughout the salesforce in the database as well and this search is to search for these items Now, to create an app, like we have got apps here call center, marketing App launcher, communities so these are all app names So what we will do is, will go to create and click on app Here customize means change into any standard object or any standard functionality which is already present in salesforce But to create something on our own, we need to go under create, so I ll click on create app now to create an app I ll click on quick start, these all are the apps Some of them came with salesforce itself, some of them I created, and some of them might have got created when I had installed any application from salesforce app exchange Now here is the name we need to provide just like sales marketing, I showed you guys there So lets us name our app as Warehouse Now as I told you, an app is a collection of objects So what it does is, it asks you to provide atleast one object to the app SO that the new app does not remain blank So it would ask you name of the first object SO lets say, we name it as Merchandise although we can also create this custom object by going under create object but doing like this will help us create one object by default with blank fields apart from some other objects Click on create So the plural is for the tab actually Ok, I ll click onto go to my app,,,,so sales changes to warehouse ..see sales changes to warehouse If you want you can take a tour, I ll select no thanks. so this is our first object tab merchandises, click on new, so you will find only one field with merchandise name this is a mandatory standard field which gets created let’s go to setup under create let’s go to objects, and now search for merchandise, so this is the object

which it automatically created for us So, these four standard fields got created automatically, created by, last modified by merchandise name and owner Merchandise name, the app name is name So, this is the mandatory field which it is asking for So, when you click on new, so you can put in the name and save So, creating an app is very simple, you have created one app, you are now on your app, here you see warehouse The first object merchandise has also been created So, object in salesforce is basically like data tables So, data tables would have fields, fields will become the columns and the data we fill in those fields become rows So, like we have a/c app, if you go to sales app, account driven objects, contacts these are all objects containing separate information and if we link them to database terminology they are basically data tables Merchandise is nothing a custom app that we created And these accounts and contact these objects created by the company salesforce which we can customise them and use accordingly So see, how easy it was to create an app in salesforce, Now lets us how to create tabs under this app Merchandise Objects: Now we have created our first merchandise object,,, now as I told you earlier that bject is nothing but a table , now table would have rows and coloums But from business point of view every object should have some characteristics which we need to record So, here we have created a warehouse application, it would have inventory items, their price, their description all those things SO we need to create those fields on our own since it is a custom objects Now how do we do that, since we have created a custom object, so we need to go to create, go to object, there will search for merchandise object, It is here( pause) now this merchandise object have only four field which has been created automatically And we need to go ahead and create our own custom field which can be done from here This is the API name of the field And since these are the standard field , they don’t have double score c before them But whenever we create a field, a custom field, when ever a user, a salesforce developer, or admin creates a field it is called accustom field And it has double underscore c before it in the API name, An API name is a name which we refer to in our code For example: if you want to right a trigger so in that trigger we need to refer to merchandise object , so than we shall not be using this name, we shall be using the API name. Now let’s go ahead and click on new Once we click on new the first step is to select the datatype of the field What type of field we are creating lets say we want to list the price of every item And price is currency we know the field should be of currency type So we can select currency from here If you need to record date, you can have date, and master detail lookup is for creating relationship between two objects If you want to store phone num so you can use phone field Or you can have a text field and have your own custom validation to verify phone number Everything is possible in sf It is said that whatever is not in sf does not even exist, Sf has become so huge now So will click on currency and click next Now here will give the field label so it is a price so you can name it anything list price or price whatever you want This field name is price so it will automatically give double under score c after this name once the field has been created Now, in SF , these numeric fields have got maximum limit of 18 digits, so if you want to have two decimal places then you need to reduce this to 16 16:2, 15:3 whatever you want, but the maximum length has to be 18 Here you can give some description for the user, or help text for somebody who is new, who is filling up the field,..see price is self explanatory but there could be other fields which can have arbitrary names and whenever someone tries to enter any data into that he might not be aware of what type of data would go into the field So you can provide some help text in that case, lets say u can write this is the

list of price of every item..ok , now if you want to make this field mandatory universally from the user point of you, so you can check this box but as of now I ll leave it blank making a field mandatory from page layout is different..lets go to merchandise and click on new now here is a field which is mandatory from the page layout,,,what does that mean???it means when the user is trying to fill in the data than the field is mandatory for the user but if we are inserting some record through API, through coding or through some external tool, in that case filling the field is not mandatory, since it has been mandatory from the page layout SO page layout is only for the user if someone is manually inserting the data But if you want the field to be mandatory even if the data is being inserted through API, coding , through third party s/w, then you need to make it mandatory from here SO it will become universal mandatory We also have got validation rule to make a field mandatory but that validation rule can be tweaked There could be if else condition specified in that when should it be mandatory and when should it be not For Example: we have got two fields, we want to make second field mandatory only when upper field is filled in that case u can use validation rule We can check if this field is equals to true than make this field mandatory so in this case validation rules applies Right now will leave it blank and click on next so here are the profile settings We will have a separate section of roles and profiles so here by default will mark it visible for all This is all the profile that we have got in SF and every user is assigned a profile And accord to the profile assigned , settings of the profile gets applied to the user Let’s say I have this partner app subscription user, and if I uncheck it from here, and if this profile has been assigned to some user, that user, if he comes to merchandise object, he will not be able to see this field bcoz we have made it non visible or we can make it read only that means this field is visible to the user but he cant do any editing Lets keep it default, visible for all Now do you want to add this field to page layout or not, this is the page layout for merchandise object so do you want to have this field on the page layout or not i hope till now it is all cleared to you guys I ll leave it checked merchandised layout, yes we want this field to be visible on the page layout Click save.if you want to create more fields, click save and new I ll click on save and new Lets create two more fields So we have created price field, now we may also want number of items, the inventor, stock we have for that we would select number field, click next So whenever you start on a project you have the document which has already been created by your business analyst or functional person So u ll have the list of which all fields need to be created and what tabs do they want, u just need to work accod So lets say I name it: total inventory In Inventory we don’t need decimal, we can not have 2.5 item , we would have 1,2,3 etc item so will leave it as it If you want, you can give some help text Again, we have , if you want to keep it unique, you don’t required any duplicate values, right now lets keep it default Click on next again save and new And lets say we also want to give a description about our product If you want to have some features about the product Like if you have to store cloth may be a shirt, so we can have some description that this is a cotton shirt, the fabric of the shirt, the colour etc. so we can have a description for every item SO you can have text, text area, text area long and all the only difference is in

the number of character they can store Text area can store upto 255 char Text Area long can store 131072 character, text area rich can be used to store some images, links etc So will use text area, and let say I name it description, if you want , you can give some help text, click next , next and finally save I think three fields are enough Now I need to refresf mu merchandise tab, u see I have the fields, u see the question mark because of the help description we provided Whenever we provide help text for a field , it shows the question mark along with the field It is always a good practise to have some description Now you can manually start giving in the data for the fields Name, price, how many items, and some description of the item SO this is the way of how you give charecterstics to your object to create custom fields And if you go to mechandise objects, see all these fields have double underscore c in front of them because these are custom fields and this is the API name of the field which is always used in the field so this is how we create an app and then tabs under that app in salesforce SO now if you think that you can make your career in this field you are on a right track Now, let us talk about Now, let us talk about career growth it has for you, and trust me it won’t disappoint you 1) Cloud is the new workforce in the software market And Salesforce is one of the best Cloud CRM software available and hence most organizations are shifting to Salesforce CRM 2) Salesforce was ranked first in “Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2018 – wikipedia 3) It has got immense opportunities in terms of Salesforce developers 4) According to Salesforce.com, 2 out of the 10 best jobs are salesforce specific 5) And 3.3M jobs will be created in the ecosystem by 2022, if the report of IDC is to be believed To me, it sounds quite promising in terms of your career growth Isn’t it? And finally, let us know the salary you would be earning for being a salesforce developer According to Salesforce.com, you can garner up to $125K per year A great start, certainly So a brief summary of all that we covered today we learnt what is crm, its need , then saleforce crm, its servies, products and arctitecture And we did practical for creating an a/c in salesforce, creating an app and finaaly creating objects for that app And then the career it offers you And to get a 360 degree knowledge about Salesforce , you can come to Intellipaat which offers you courses designed by best industry experts and witness your career grow For any enquiry contact Intellipaat anytime, thanks for giving us your time have a great day and career ahead Thank you for watching the video Like and share it Comment below and will respond to them as soon as possible Also, do subscribe to intellipaat channel so that u can keep your self-updated with the latest technologies You can also go through other related videos in our playlist And for more information visit our website Keep learning, keep improving Thanks for giving us your time have a great day and career ahead