How to use Fiverr to make Money On Autopilot

oh and welcome to our video today I’m going to show you how to build a website to resell services that were getting from Fiverr so those you don’t know if either is it’s a website we can buy a service for five dollars pretty simple so they have a lot of options here but for this one let’s do traffic okay so get traffic I’m looking for silver with a good rating we think we can sell for more than five dollars how about this one I’ll Drive daily 600 to 800 USA visitors for one month’s 342 reviews 99 percent positive rating so it’s a good service here and see about this gig daily direct unlimited real unique visitors for 30 days every day for a whole month so this seems like a pretty good service definitely could see someone paying more than $5 for this so let’s use this one first sight okay he has bonus here bonuses here extras so we can add these tourist site as well right so let’s go to our GoDaddy link here so this is where you should end up when you get to click the link in the description so if you wanted more than one site I recommend doing that deluxe because you can put unlimited websites this one one dollar per month you can only get one website on here so you have to buy a new package if you want to do more than one website so it works so now I need to pick a domain name well let’s try our best okay it’s available on so and continue we have our card here 12 months hosting five nine and a month and we’re getting the domain for free because of the special offer so let’s just check okay so new customers needed because we’re gonna fill up all your information here and then we’re going to go down and add our payment info and continue okay now that we have our website we should receive an email which will send us to how to login to cPanel and cPanel is the control panel for your website you can have a lot of options for building a website or for this we’re gonna use WordPress so go down you should be should see something similar to this and not be exactly the same but we have want to find Softaculous apps installer and we’re gonna install WordPress okay so WordPress is very easy to use domain name here HTTP I shouldn’t delete the WP here I can change your site name if you want you can do this later too I’ll create that username keep it admit if you want and our password language can select a theme here to come on but we can go later it’s our install so that’s pretty quick so now we should have our administrative URL here click that login okay Here I am at the dashboard so this is your basic WordPress dashboard first thing we’re gonna do is go to plugins so we’re gonna search for a multi plug-in so don’t a plug-in installer install now this is gonna make it easier to install

all the plugins at once because we have about six that we’re gonna add maybe more and we have to install them all one of the time this will make it a little bit quicker so now that we have installed we activated it so we have our multi plug-in installer page I’m gonna attach a file so you guys can get all the plugins so I have him here in my notepad so I’m just gonna copy this is everything I need this should help you still make make it much quicker much easier to build the site so we got all those pasted in here okay so we sold and activated all of our plugins so the next thing we’re gonna need is a theme so appearance themes so right now I’m gonna strong the theme installed activate I’ll find a theme after that works best and added in the description so you can just download that and use it so we have Ronnie’s team here I think does it site see what it looks like so there’s our homepage right now I’m gonna go to customize got the self site title and tagline so say title should change it to our domain name which was by best traffic at our colors header image that’ll be where we put out a little bit of background is and then static front page so you want a static page for example page Sanna publish exit okay so now let’s go we’re gonna end up page dismissed that move all that and we’re gonna set up our home base so we’re just gonna build a simple one-page website that’s gonna be the fastest and easiest way to do this so the first thing we’ll do is add grow just wanna keep it simple for this I’m just gonna sit so that’s our sales pitch so now we’re gonna add a row six hundred eight hundred USA visitors he has some extras here so we’re gonna add some extras I’m not gonna add all of them I’m just gonna add two so it’s three services that were off now okay so three columns all even back in this page okay so we’re gonna do site origin features container features so we’re gonna add teacher so first feature contain you thought a black okay so the same on Tom this one’s just gonna be that so second increase a graph okay and we can also do me an image here if you want but just keep it simple for now title text 600 as it is Oh yes more length text is going to be close to the price here in $18 add our next one okay so we have our 600 we’re gonna add her second feature we use the same one it doesn’t matter right now change it later I just want to do is quickly show everybody how to do it I mean you can

add your own twists so 600-800 was the basic we’re gonna add one more for this one 700 more daily so that’s 1300 visitors per day and what I’m gonna do is copy this one tastes 18,000 we’ve got 39 thousand visitors per month more link types so let’s make this one so I have one more feature click on that the same title text another 1400 plus 600 that’s 2,000 per day okay paste that in two thousand times so yeah that’s 60,000 four months we’ll make this one six dollars okay okay update alright let’s see how it looks do you page soon we printed here so here our by traffic now so here’s our prices okay it’s very basic very busy basically out you can add some stuff to spice it up okay now that we have our page set up we need to add a payment so they’re getting more uni’s PayPal so I need to log in to your PayPal account and we’re gonna go to the top and click on Tools I’ve already logged in and gone here so I got tools and PayPal buttons okay so whatever my safe buttons I’ve already created a few first similar websites so I’m gonna go to create and better okay she’s but the type shopping cart by now subscriptions we want subscriptions because we’re gonna do a monthly service which means that they will buy once and they’ll be charged the following month we need to make sure they’ll see that it’s a recurring service one night when they go to the cart so call this one item name six hundred eighteen thousand visitors ok subscription ID we don’t need that USD currency and drop-down menu so now we have building him out each cycle price this one at 18 one month’s billing cycle never stopped I’m trial period so you should you might need a merchant account for this I’ve already created a merchant account it’s fairly easy anybody can do it you don’t need anything extra just need to apply and it’ll be all setup great okay so this will create a button here that we can add in but instead of do than that we’re going to just click the email tab and this will give us a link so we’re gonna copy this okay copy when we go back to our page that we have and edit the features so 600 visitors per day create the button for that so we’re

opening that up have it all set up the bar more link text we’re gonna add we’re gonna paste right into the URL okay so you’re gonna do it for all three you’re gonna do the same thing for all three just go back and repeat that process two more times so we updated our page and view page okay so now you’ll see if you hover over this it it’ll take us right to PayPal so there’s my name there log in to complete your checkout so we have our description 18,000 visitors per month 18 USD each month $18 okay so now though you just need to check out and pay so we’re gonna go edit page one more time it didn’t and link feature title tomorrow URL link icon to more you out okay so this is gonna make a whole thing clickable okay so I’m just gonna make this pop out a little better background Chloe we’re gonna change it to a black background color black there’s no border color that seems the border color to white and we’ll see how this looks after all color to gray so you can play around this however you want see how it works we’re gonna have padding to just because the default padding is really it doesn’t look very nice so padding is just the the space on the outside and you’ll see what I mean here in a second so you’ll see we have our background black our font code has changed now we have our links these are clickable here and so the padding and I mean I said that thirty before you would have an outline like right here where that Mouse is and that wouldn’t look very clean cuz it’s this that means the icon is barely inside so order them to make a nice padding and you can also do an image here that’s that if you’d rather do that I’m gonna add some more info do these add an image add media upload file and this is a large image so I want to make sure that I have it set here in size link to none so we don’t want them to be able to click on the link okay so inserted that now I want to click on the image I have these options here and I’m gonna align a picture to the right update okay there’s an image pretty simple simple basic looking page so no dashboard it’s going to create a page so I’ll add new first of all see is this website it’s called generate privacy policy calm so select our country text individual writing agreed terms submit okay so I’ll send it to your email albeit paste right into here okay and publish so now we have our page as a few other pages we can add but we’re not gonna do that right now you can do it about Us page that type of stuff okay so we need to just fix the menu which is right here

the top menus and right now we just have our pages that have been added no title I’ll just call this home menu so customize now navigation menu menu save and publish I might not appear here this doesn’t always work exactly as it should all right so anytime some orders from you so you receive $18 to your PayPal account and you’ll see the buyers email we’re gonna email the buyer and we’re gonna ask for their website address so once they send that to us go to fiber we’re going to find our buyer we can save this bookmark this you can add it to your favorites and we’re going to order now so it’s gonna take us to PayPal so we’re gonna pay for this 550 will make $12.50 on this because we sold ours for $18 and then we’ll be taken back to fiber and we’re gonna send the website address to the seller and they’re gonna do all the work for us so that is how you set up a simple service website for sewing traffic I hope you enjoyed the video please like subscribe comment all that stuff and thanks for watching