– [Gary] Thank you guys so much Super pumped to be here Quick little six hour flight, this keynote, and take a red-eye home tonight, so hustling Look, I think there’s a lot that I want to cover I see the mics here, so I definitely wanna do some Q&A during this talk as well I’ve been getting some context to the audience makeup And so obviously a very entrepreneurial crowd There’s a lot going on It seems like a good amount of you have some context for me I’m sure some of you don’t But what I really wanna speak about is really just the current state of things The thing that I think will index for anybody in this room whether today’s your first day or you’ve been in it for awhile Whether you’re in a B to B environment, a B to C environment, trying to build your personal brand, trying to sell homes, trying to start an app Whatever it may be, I wanna really kind of go on the things that I see that are happening that will bring the most value and that I think through Q&A we’ll go into the stuff that brings more individual value and I encourage you to be selfish when you get up here and ask your questions I think the place to start with a healthy mix here of young faces and some that are not as young, along with my face that is not as young, is the following, which is for the 20-year-old crowd in here, the early 30-year-old crowd, there’s a lack of context of realizing how special the environment we are in is, because it’s the only one you’ve ever known This is what you’ve grown up with You’ve grown up in this environment You’ve grown up with the internet and there’s a lack of understanding of how ridiculously big this is On the other hand, the people that have been successful for 10, 15, 20, 30 years, there’s an understanding that all this new stuff is different, but there is the cliche fear and curiosity versus the tried and true that is super interesting And so for me, the thing that I wanna really drill home in my opening statements is the following I really need this audience to understand that we are obnoxiously fortunate to be in this position right this minute, because actually this is fun because I know there’s a lot of real estate DNA here I genuinely view what’s happening on the internet right now similar to when some of the great cities, somebody bought up New York for fucking nothing And when I mean nothing I mean dollars Not millions or a hundred, there was a human beings who actually bought, and I don’t even know, this is where I wish I’d done a little bit better in school, but the Louisiana Purchase was a fucking steal (audience laughter) And I actually genuinely think that that’s what’s happening on the internet right now Now I think it’s ten years in The consumer internet that I’m passionate about is really only 20 years old It was really Windows 95 that got normal people to figure out how to get onto the internet It was AOL, right, it’s really only 20 years But the Web 2.0 in to social media internet is really only a decade old And I think everybody here now, whether it’s the presidential election, or Brexit, or the Arab Spring, or something that happened in your family amongst eight people, I think everybody realizes now, unlike a decade ago when I was talking about this, that this is big shit That this is not some little cable TV extension of main TV, this is not some fad that’s gonna be around for a little bit This is the fundamental shift of how human beings interact with each other which is the currency of our lives And so I guess the thing that I’m trying to frame up for a lot of you right now is I don’t think this room, including myself, actually understands how big of an opportunity this is, in whatever you care about You sit in this room as I do today caring about business aspects of your life But this goes far beyond that I mean, we’re in a world now where just ten years ago if you did online dating you were weird and awkward and lived in your mom’s basement and now it’s the only way people do it We need to understand how big this really is because when you start understanding that this is oxygen, that this is oxygen! That this, in it’s current form, and soon contact lenses when everything is virtual reality or AR or AI or wherever it goes, that this is our currency Literally so many of you would struggle to function without your cellphone by your side You would not realize the detox that you would actually go through if you didn’t have your phone You run to the Apple Store, run to the Apple Store, when you lose or break your phone You cry for the four hour delay that you have to wait

(audience laughter) And by the way, many of you are gonna sit as I say this right now, and think it’s sad I don’t, I think it’s evolution I don’t think it’s sad I really don’t I think it’s a thing I think it’s the thing I think people thought a lot of things were sad Like the television and the telephone and the car People thought things were sad always when it wasn’t what they grew up with. Right? There’s people that always think it’s not important until it becomes mainstream I’m 41 and grew up on the East Coast Hip hop wasn’t supposed to be a real thing It is the main currency now This is what always happens with humans and so I tell you all of this because I can get into the details of what do you do on direct message on Instagram, or what does it take with work life balance and work ethic and how do you do Facebook ads and all the cliche shit that I know you’re gonna ask me, (audience laughter) but before, but before we get into that I really want to get every, I feel like the one thing I can do for everybody, if you leave here and realize that this is all just the beginning, that it’s never going back, that it’s way bigger than you think, I mean I have people emailing me every day selling $8 million homes from one Facebook ad This is real We’re here! This is not coming, this is not your 14-year-old daughter, this is now This is happening right now If there’re people in this room that haven’t fully committed to being relevant in the mobile device for their business They’re basically not relevant They’re trading on the history of what got them here You’re trading on the word of mouth of the people that you’ve done business with in the past, but that dwindles everyday And if you have any interest, how many people in this room are actually retiring in the next five years, and I don’t mean you’re gonna fucking crush it and buy an island (audience laughter) I mean you’re just fucking old and you’re finished (audience laughter) How many people, five years? Raise your hands Love it, five Got one, two, great For you, it’s an interesting debate, right? Can you hold on to what got you here for the next five, kinda hold onto it? You’ll be diminishing returns of attention and things of that nature There’ll be other young upstarts that activate against the opportunities, but for five years, even though that’s a long time, I actually think all of the stuff that I believe in the most, you could probably hold on, right? For everybody else, this is binary You’re basically in the same position right now that every person that owned a bunch of taxi medallions and black car services did the day before Uber started For everybody else in this room except for those two lovely people, who by the way both look pretty fucking good, and I’m not so sold on completely done in five, (audience laughter) For everybody else, you’re basically the owner of four very good bookstores in your town the day before Amazon decided to get serious Your entire life, regardless of industry, over the next decade, will be eaten up by technology And either you’re on the eating side, or you’re on the other side And I don’t think most people here wanna get shitted out, right? (audience laughter) – Right? And so for me, for me, this is not fun games This is like really important, because you have to understand, regardless of what you do in this room, regardless, there’s only one thing I’m sure of, we all trade on the same currency, and that is attention Attention is the number one currency in our society Before you tell me how great you are at what you do, or how great your service is, or what you do, or how nice your fucking dressed, ’cause this crew rolls that way (audience laughter) Before you do that, you need my attention to even be able to tell me that And if you don’t have it, you fucking lost And the attention of our society is right here And you may think it’s sad, and you may not like it, but it’s the punch line And the romance of how you want it to be, or how it used to be, is fucking irrelevant This is reality So now, I say to myself, if we all agree that this is it, right? That this it the dominant place for the attention of our consumers, well then you gotta start looking at social media super differently ’cause social media, my friends, takes up 50% of every human being’s time on this

And now all of a sudden it’s not just a nice to have, or this emerging kind of thing, or kind of cute Now all of a sudden, it’s the Yellow Pages, and the billboards, and the bus stop ad, and the direct mail, and the local commercial, and the TV show, if you’re lucky to be one of those four realtors, and all of it in one place And here’s where it gets crazy, there’s no gatekeepers There’s nobody between you and the person you’re trying to reach on this platform, except the platforms itself Which is why Facebook’s such a big company, got it? And so this is a mindset shift, I recognize that 20 to 80% of this room is not pot-committed to this environment Even the most committed young players, and when I say young, just real quick, young mentality It’s not an age thing, there’s a bunch of 27-year-olds running around like it’s 1942 (audience laughter) And there’s a bunch of 61 year olds that fucking try everything and they’re fucking pot-committed This is a mentality, so 20 to 80% of the people in this room, like, to me, they’re just not pot committed And for me, when I know somethings happening, Google in their early days, which built Wine Library Facebook and Instagram influencers right now, you know, I’m not a poker player, but I do know this, if you have the best hand, it’s a good idea to go all-in And so we have a little window here I’ve been doing my thing for 20 years, not forever, but long enough to know this: I’ve only seen it twice, 2001 to 2003 Google, which oh by the way, Amazon and eBay built their entire businesses on the back of Google Under priced attention Everything still works, somebody raised their hand, got in line, “Gary I do direct mail, and it works” Mazel Tov, Rick (audience laughter) I know that it can still work, I just also know that you can do Facebook ads as direct mail and convert four times more So you spent $10,000 for X, and I can spend $10,000 for four X’s It’s not about what doesn’t work or works anymore, it’s what’s under priced and what’s over priced Television commercials can work, it’s just not fun to spend a million dollars on them today, compared to 1974 when we didn’t have remote controls, and actually fucking watched them (audience laughter) – So, this is what I think about, this is what I trade on, and we all know it’s going only in one direction The number one job dream, of every 13 to 16 year old in America is to be a Youtuber and or an influencer That this literally what they want to be in their lives This is now over That’s it The amount of people that don’t have cable, is staggering The amount of people that will never get to page 106 in a magazine to see your ad, is staggering Your car’s gonna drive anywhere you want to go for you, it’s happening now This isn’t coming Get a new Tesla, shit does all of it Like, this is real And so, what I don’t think people know, and why I brought up the five year question, is: if you think back to 10 years ago, we’re just getting the first iPhone Yeah Guys, 10 years ago, none of this shit existed YouTube and Facebook are babies, and are like for very small niches We don’t have smartphones yet Like, where do you think this is going? So what I’m fearful of, is while you sit and debate, if you should be doing Facebook, or Instagram influencers, or Snapchat, or have a blog, or start a vlog, or do a podcast While you sit and debate this minor leagues shit, which is right now the major leagues, the majors are coming, what are you gonna do about Alexa Skills when people are like, “Alexa, I wanna go to open houses”, and Alexa tells you which open houses you’re going to And if you’re not playing there, where are you? Right? Like where are you? Because what I’m most worried about, is I’m worried about all of your digital DNA If you’re pushing up against this shit, you’re really gonna get ran over in the next decade You’ll never be good at augmented reality if you weren’t good at Facebook (audience laughter) I mean, right? I mean, how are you ever gonna be ready for the next shit if you’re still fighting this and super pumped to spend your money on a fucking bench ad? (audience laughter and applause) So, I guess where my energy is clearly going, since I never know what the fuck I’m gonna talk about, (audience laughter) is I think the stakes are higher than you think And I think that, when you wake up in two years

and see that Ralph Lauren Polo has gone out of business, and when you wake up in two or three years and see that Gamestop is out of business, like when you start seeing it, and you’re seeing it, right? And you can feel it I mean, any of you Have you been to a mall lately? Shit is sad (audience laughter) Right? And what does happen? There’s a lot of youngsters in here, let me go into a 15 year innovation talk What does happen when we have self-driving cars and we actually enjoy our commutes, and all of a sudden, prime real estate is not as prime as it used to be, because all of a sudden, now a 15 minute commute when you can do everything in it, all of a sudden becomes a more interesting thing for humans to do You guys know macro trends, the cities in this country over the last 30 years were dead and they resurged over the last decade because the youth is more interested in living in the cities because the dynamics have changed What happens when people actually figure out it’s not a good idea to own a home? ‘Cause the math is super intriguing, and the game’s changing And so, I really wanna push everybody to understand this is big stakes This isn’t, “How am I gonna build “my personal brand on Instagram, Gary?” I don’t give a fuck, Ralph (audience laugher and applause) This is, do you actually understand the era that you’re living through? This is the Industrial Revolution This is like getting electricity This is big shit And this is big shit not only in your business life, but in the dynamics of who we are All this stuff going on, wherever you are on politics, this is not him or her This is the dynamics of media in our society This is dynamics of all of us having media 24/7 This is what’s happening We’re about to change And so, bringing it back to the micro of business, that means a lot of money is about to be made, and a lot of money’s about to be lost And what I haven’t figured out is how many of you are willing to draw a line in the sand and say that you hate all this technology stuff and aren’t will to put in the 20 hours to read and watch videos to educate yourself out of your raw emotion, when it’s gonna wipe you out And I think that’s awesome I think you deserve to go directly out of business if you’re not willing to put in the work (audience laugher) I do (audience applause) If you’re wrong about what’s about to happen and you weren’t willing to put in the work, you deserve to lose And so that’s what’s gonna happen And so I would say this Please, please understand that this is the beginning We are definitely, definitely going to live, at this point in my opinion, in an augmented reality world Which means what you see happening with Snapchat and Instagram where you have your face and then puppies and fuckin Coachella things and all that stuff, that’s about to go super far You’re all going to wear contact lenses in 20 years where you’re seeing the real world, an augmented world, and a virtual world on an everyday basis, blended Always, and forever That’s what’s coming And so look I’m just as pissed as everybody else (audience laughter) And I’m not looking forward to the robots killing all of us (audience laughter) But they’re gonna win (audience laughter) And so we might as well enjoy our time now (audience laughter) And I’d like you to be on the side of it instead of against it I’m not super special The reason I’m gonna win at the highest levels is I don’t fight reality – [Man] That’s brutal – I’m brutal in my complete lack of romance of how it should be and my complete investment into how it actually is Right? (audience applause) Guys, do you know how pissed I was that social media came along? I had digital media figured out I was winning on email and Google AdWords Like, I’d won Like, it was devastating I was like, “Fuck, this is gonna work.” You know? And by the way, you’re gonna see it You’ll watch 53-year-old me, completely be obsessed with VR, AR, AI, or whatever else is about to be invented, I have no idea that I’m gonna believe your attention will be And you’re all gonna actually see it The first time, nobody knew who I was This time, I’m so associated with this stuff, when you see me in seven years and whatever the Facebook feed of the day is, and the video’s gonna be like, “You’re still doing Facebook, you fucking asshole?” (audience laughter) And you’re gonna be like, “What? Isn’t that what he believes in?”

No, I believe in trading attention in the day that we actually live in I believe making my actions allow me to sell what I wanna sell And when I say sell, I mean selling a home, a pair of sneakers, or raising awareness for Crohn’s disease because my brother, AJ, has it Or raising money for the PTA or whatever may be Selling or bringing awareness to whatever matters to me, and as we all know, what matters to you today was different than five years ago, and in five years, it’s gonna be different again And that’s just the way it is And so I implore you, and I see a line starting to gather, so if you wanna start gathering in line, ’cause I don’t think I’ll get to all of them, it’s a good time to start moving I implore you to understand, yes, I believe in social media B, I think that’s a slang term for the current state of the internet You know people call YouTube and LinkedIn social media sites, they are not As a matter of fact, there’s only one social media site left It’s called Twitter All the other ones are just content push There’s no back-and-forth really in a lot of places anymore So that’s just the word Don’t get hung up on it Everything you see that’s happening with me is ’cause I’m trading attention I believe in sound, I think every person here needs to wrap their head around the following statement, which is this: You are a media company first, and then whatever else you do for a living You have to start understanding that you’re a media company Now, that may mean, and for a lot of you, it means that that’s you, you For others, it doesn’t have to be you, right? The Huffington Post wasn’t Ariana Huffington and every post, like, you could be the platform But you better realize you’re in the media business Because the cost of being in the media business is now zero in distribution opportunity, in production, it’s so low It’s so low DRock and I did an episode of DailyVee, our vlog, that came out today, my latest vlog, right now, on YouTube was all filmed on this You know? So I don’t wanna hear your bullshit excuses that you don’t have a fucking camera, or the lighting Everybody’s in the fucking excuse business Every one of you’s running through your head right now of why you’re not in the media business or why you’re not doing this, and it’s all bullshit It’s because you have decided not to It’s binary This is simple Either you’re in it, or your not ‘Cause once you make the mental decision that you’re in it, maybe you invest in a nice camera instead of another fucking suit (audience laughter) (audience applause) I think it’s on How are you? Do you guys have to turn this on? Let’s see what happens – [Rich] There we go – There we go, awesome – [Rich] Hey Gary, I’m Rich from Austin Number one, I’m a retired attack helicopter pilot for the Marines and I brought a patch for you For you and DRock, can I bring you this to you? (audience applause) – Thank you Thanks for your service, brother Thank you Thanks so much – [Rich] I’ll tell you the story about this one day – Okay – [Rich] Alright, so real quick, I know there’s a line So I work full-time I don’t have time to do what I want to do yet My plan is this Another pilot and I want to get together, we want to go around to successful veterans in all types of industries that we know and interview them for free Alright, I don’t need your fucking money I don’t need anything I want to show veterans who are gonna transition, ’cause it’s incredibly difficult And there’s another problem, there’s also a group of veterans that think they’re entitled to shit, alright? – Yep, that’s right – [Rich] And we need to dispel both those rumors – I think that’s right – So, what I wanna do is go interview and just paint the picture, like hey, here’s what you can be The only thing that’s not allowing me to execute and I’m overanalyzing, Danny, for sure, is that I want them to be authentic – Take the risk Everybody’s scared to waste time when time is your number one asset that you have So go interview Charles, and then three fourths of the way you’re like, fuck, this guy’s so full of shit and don’t show it (audience laughter) (audience applause) That’s right – [Rich] So what I mean is, I guess part of the vulgarity is authenticity is what attracted me to you I was like holy shit I’ve never seen a guy like this And I don’t want them to hide behind whatever logo they work for or whatever – Yeah – [Rich] And them not to see the real picture I want them to know, hey there’s still that guy or gal in uniform there, right there – Yeah – [Rich] You know what I mean? So I’m not sure– – How about financially? Can you do it now? Because there’s, I have a really good idea That’s why I’m asking – [Rich] I collect retirement, so that’s good And then my full-time job is great I would have limited time but my partner and I wanna go probably three or four interviews a month Just fly out to wherever and then do what we gotta do – Great. So I mean, A, your ability to get a sponsor for this is very high Like most businesses can’t get a sponsor on spec,

but because of the subject matter, literally if you just called emailed the top 1000 corporations in America, you’d probably make so much sponsorship money you’d be like fuck Anyway, (audience laughter) I think, I mean I don’t think that’s valid, what you said – [Rich] Okay – Just go do the interview Do your best Like, maybe get an extra sponsor to hire somebody to vet people so they can really vet But like that’s not scary Because, then you just don’t have to show it You don’t suck the fly somewhere and it didn’t work out, but you can hire an intern or a $38,000 a year employee who could do ridiculous research on anybody to get you to third and a half base and then you watch something for ten minutes and make a gut decision – [Rich] Thank you so much – You’re welcome (audience applause) How are you? – [Man] So you did a video on sales versus marketing – Yes – [Man] About a month ago – Yes – [Man] So my question to you, and you alluded to it earlier when you said what happens if people said they don’t wanna buy a house anymore I’m in direct sales I’ve been in direct sales for seven years and I know a lot of people in this room are My question is where in the future, say five to ten years in the future from now, where are you pushing your chips? Are you pushing it into sales and sales, or are you pushing it into marketing? The reason I’m asking is with Amazon and your boy Jeff Bezos and Tesla, they don’t do tons and tons of, they don’t spend tons and tons of money on marketing or on advertising I don’t think. I don’t know – They do – [Man] They do? ‘Kay So, my question I guess is– – They both work – [Man] They both work? – They both work They’re the two foundations of how shit gets done You either retarget people, affiliate, all the tactical shit that sells something or, what is much more interesting, which is people don’t even realize why they bought the shit they’re wearing right now, because they were marketed to Marketing and branding is just grown-up sales – [Man] So in the future, when people are able to buy anything they want to and just go through an experience on their phone – Yes – [Man] Right? Does that cut out the direct sales portion of it? – Of course it could – [Man] Okay so, where are you putting your money in five to ten years for the car industry, the home industry – Right, I mean I think, look, I think what the internet does and technology does is it squeezes the middle man out because the Internet is the middle man And so, yeah I mean I think I’m putting my money on whoever’s making shit because they’re going to be able to at a much higher level do the sales and marketing themselves and not be at the mercy of the middle However, that market will always exist ’cause guess what? A lot of people are good at sales and marketing Right? So there’s, I wouldn’t worry, you’re a young dude, I wouldn’t worry, your sales skills translates forever 100% – [Man] I just started the business since when– – But I would say that make sure you don’t become too transactional because that’s when you become your most vulnerable – [Man] Got it Cool, thanks – Yeah (audience applause) – [Danny] Gary Vee! What’s up? – Life is good, my man – [Danny] Hey Gary, what’s going on? Danny Gold selling Silicon Valley That’s my DRock right here, Dusty So I have a YouTube channel right now, Facebook channel Really right now I’m doing a lot of just daily vlogs, right, and so you talk about reverse engineering and bringing value, disproportionate value to those that you’re trying to market to, as opposed to what you expect in return – Yep – [Danny] Right now, my business is doing really well My real estate business, right? But I’m looking at this vlog thing as more of a long term, personal brand, celebrity type of endeavor, right? So then, I understand how to bring value to my community per se, but then how as a daily vlogger do I actually bring value to people that I don’t even know? – Right. Or that are not in real estate, right? – [Danny] Or that are not in real estate or have no interest in real estate – I think you’ve only got one move to really be successful which is to not pander to the camera and to live your true life and see if people give a fuck (audience applause) That’s the way to answer, right? Because either they are or they aren’t But the thing that you need to trade on is your truth because that’s the thing that’s scalable because it’s always there You know how fun it is for me to always just always have to be me? It’s super exhausting to try to not be yourself and it doesn’t scale and people taste it So the reason reality TV worked was it was a little further than acting But it’s still full of shit which is why vlogging’s better than reality TV And so, and I think the thing, people that you see pop are really in their zone They’re not trying to become a celebrity per se,

they want what celebrity brings which is, celebrity is the number one arbitrage in our society Like it is the number one arbitrage in our society it’s leverage At scale But I think when people try to pander to it, it comes off So my biggest advice for you man is to just live your actual life I think the biggest problem for the modern, young male entrepreneur, vlogger personality is they’re fronting to a lifestyle that isn’t always true to the reality of what they’re living and then it just gets convoluted, right? – [Danny] Right – You know like, people are already starting to get called out for like making pretend they’re taking private flights but they’re not (audience laughter) So I would give you a really good piece of advice from somebody who I think really knows what he’s talking about, just live it Just live your fucking life Like that’s, you’ll do much better (audience applause) – [Danny] Sweet, thank you – Take care Dusty (audience laughter) – [Man 2] Holy shit, this is a dream, first I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and just express my deepest gratitude for all the content you put out and just since I started listening to you a couple months ago just how big of an impact you’ve made not only in my business but my life, I think everyone here can attest to that and I just want to give you a huge round of applause for that (audience applause) One thing that I’ve really been paying attention to you with lately is about “Don’t listen to what “I say, watch what I do.” – Yeah – [Man 2] And so for me, in business what I’m trying to do right now is just really scale and build a great culture, and build a great team – [Gary] Awesome – [Man 2] So I want to know, what do I need to do to earn the opportunity to fly out to VaynerMedia for the day and just be a fly on the wall and shadow you, because I just want to learn and I just want it so bad And I’m willing to do whatever it takes – Done – [Man 2] Fuck (audience applause and cheers) Thank you, thank you – [Mike] How’s it going Gary? – Right, you don’t get if you don’t ask (audience laughter) – [Mike] My name’s Mike, that was pretty freaking awesome what you just did for that guy You probably gonna change his life So I’m a real estate agent with Interal, I just want to know what’s– (audience cheering) – [Gary] Probably my favorite thing about the real estate industry is the team dynamics, right? (audience laughter) – [Mike] So what’s the future for real estate agent, you think we’re gonna be taken out? – I don’t think so – [Mike] You don’t think so? – Humans are not going anywhere until the robots kill us (audience laughter) So I think, so here’s how I think about it I think there’s a tidal wave of technology coming, I framed that up right? But I don’t think it wipes out humans, I think it wipes out humans that decide not to get their surfboard and jump on it So I think what’s gonna happen to real estate agents is, first of all, the real estate industry is fascinating, because it reminds me you know the tech industry, the startup tech world now reminds me a lot of real estate now that I’ve been in it, because the real estate industry has cycles when it’s so good that losers win (audience laughter) (audience applause) It’s true, it’s just true And so, but it’s not just the real estate industry, Wall Street has that, the tech industry has it, but it is extreme in real estate because the crashes are extreme – [Mike] Right – Right? So I think I would tell you far more scary to me than what’s happening with technology in real estate, is people’s blind belief that it’s always going to be good and they over leverage themselves I’m just so fascinated by, and when I say over leverage, there’s people who buy up stuff and you’re overleveraged and you have debt, and then there’s just people that are just selling and making commissions, but they’re over leveraging themselves in the way they’re treating their lifestyle Like they think it’s a good idea to buy shit and not save money as if the market will always be good and then when the market’s not good then it’s not good (audience laughter) So I think real estate is fine, I don’t think there’s any major stuff happening other than I think that the people in this room that use the new technologies to build their firm or personal brand within it are going to disproportionately outshine people And the people I’m most worried about are the people that have very good reputations in their market, because that’s always been consistent for the last 100 years, that you can trade on your reputation and word of mouth, and I think they don’t realize that the word of mouth is about shift to only the digital environment, and so like literally there’s not even going to be an opportunity for people to like give you the word of mouth cause they’re going to be endorsing people with a share on Facebook instead of giving your name out at a barbecue, and it’s gonna happen faster than people think, so that’s my fear

It’s the people that have tried and true reputations in their market and have seen generations before them trade on that, and they got caught because they’re in this moment and six years from now there’s gonna be seven upstarts not one, that is going to take the market from them – [Mike] Appreciate it Gary, really quickly, what’s your favorite Logic 301 song? (Gary laughs) He’s my favorite artist, that’s why – Bobby Tarantino? I think you know what’s interesting, before I…I’m thinking about the new album that he just dropped, let me go a different route with you You know what I really like about him? Is why he won And what I’m trying to get across here Bobby, and Russ, and Kyle and all these characters are winning, and they’re gonna be the biggest hip hop artists in the world on everything I’ve been talking about for the last 20 minutes Got it? That’s the game (audience applause) – [Man 3] Wow, what’s up Gary? – What’s up, man? – [Man 3] So I’m 23 years old, entrepreneur, I believe it’s in my DNA and you’ve really made me question that, so the reason why I wanted to ask you this question been kinda holding out, every one of us in this room has to battle mental strength – Sure – [Man 3] Like when shit hits the fan your bank accounts are negative, it’s your third failure, right like what do you do? So we hold on to the optimism right? And that comes from mental strength – 100% Especially when your optimism is blind and doesn’t have practicality wired into it – [Man 3] So my question for you is, if you are an entrepreneur and it’s in your DNA and you listen to your intuition and that’s what gives you your optimism, how do you, how do you create the difference between mental strength as the source or intuition as the source? – You have to make sure that your intuition is speaking not your delusion Right? That’s the key and by the way they’re kissing cousins (audience laughter) – [Man 3] Yeah – [Gary] So here’s what I would say, I would say that in my delusion I’m an athlete, right? Like I want to be, I’ve got competitive spirit, I’m a good team captain type, there’s a lot of things there, but going onto the playing field I’m going to consistently lose at the highest levels and can’t make a living doing it So here’s what I would say I don’t want you, at 23? First of all, at 23 you’re golden, right? You’re golden because you could literally do nothing right for the next seven years and still be young as fuck (audience laughter) The only piece of advice I’m gonna give you is do not collect debt And so if you have already, and you have credit card debt or what have you, do you or don’t you? – [Man 3] I mean, minimal (audience laughter) AR is above debt, so it balances out – Get rid of that Go work at fucking 7-Eleven, I don’t give a fuck Get rid of that Get rid of that, never buy another thing in your life and live with nine dudes, and do your entrepreneurial thing for the next decade – [Man 3] Cool, thanks Gary (audience applause) – [Man 4] How you doin’ Gary? – Really good – [Man 4] Excited to see you man, I watch your videos all the time – Thank you – [Man 4] I have a brand called Next to Get, Next to Get’s all about taking action You can’t be Next to Get unless you take action So I know you love the Jets – I do – [Man 4] So I got you a shirt that says, “Next to Get the New York Jets.” – I love it, and I’ll wear it Give it to me (audience applause) – One more question though – Go ahead Go up there, make sure they hear you Thank you my man – [Man 4] So I know you say when you get the Jets that’s gonna be the worst day of your life But it actually should be one of the best, because then you gotta figure out how to get them in– – Win The Super Bowl – [Man 4] The Super Bowl, exactly – I agree. Look, I think that the reason I say that is A, there’s a little truth to it, I think for me, no question one of the reasons I think that I’ll be successful, it’s really funny that you asked this question prior to the advice that I just gave For me, it sounds exciting, to be 23, have no money, live in a basement for seven years, and try to do your thing I genuinely like that, because I love the game Right? I love the game, and so to me that’s what a true-bred entrepreneur is Which is, it has zero to do with the stuff, it has to do with the game And so, this game that I made up for myself somewhere around fourth grade to buy them has been the narrative and the background for me the whole time, and so there’s a little bit of that going away But at the same token, the reason I talk about it is, I don’t want people to get confused I want them to realize that if you fall in love with the journey, that is the ultimate gift in our lives

Because that’s happiness, right? We’re spending so much time at work When you actually get practical and look at the data, the amount of time that you will all spend in your careers as a percentage to your overall time on earth is extraordinarily high So it’s super important to make that something about more than dollars, if you’re unhappy If you’re neutral and the money’s there, awesome I’m just scared of people that complain, that’s all I would tell you that 98% of my advice is for people that complain Why in the world would I have advice for you if you’re good? Like, you’re good – [Man 4] One more thing I have to ask is, I would love to be able to meet with you and maybe you could become a mentor or a business partner I know you can help me grow – There’s no shot – [Man 4] I gotta ask Gotta ask – [Gary] Gotta ask I just don’t have that bandwidth Like that dude that got lucky and got the first thing, and was gonna come to visit Vayner, I’ll see him for 4.8 seconds – [Man 4] That’s aight – And it might turn into 19 minutes, or it might turn into four hours, but I never want to bullshit somebody One thing I don’t have is time Time is everything It’s why the mobile device is so important It’s saving you time Time is– – [Man 4] Check me out at Next to Get. Check me out – I will (audience applause) – [Man 5] Yo, Gary How are you feeling today? – Phenomenal – [Man 5] That’s great to hear It’s awesome just talking to you I’ve been following your content for the last year or so, and you taught me what hustle really was I thought I was working, I’ve owned my business for the last four years, I’m 20 years old now So I started speaking on teen suicide prevention when I was 16, – Love it After some experience I went through, and right now I’m really growing my media, and I’m really focusing on being a media company, so I started podcasting, and the question I have is with daily vlogging – [Gary] Yes – This might also, DRock might jump in, but I’m logistically thinking of daily vlogging and what’s the process of your daily vlog getting up on YouTube? Do you post it the day after you film it? Is it the next week? – We’ve done a bunch of stuff I think the first couple of weeks, it took us like three days, then we went through a long period of doing it the next day, and now we’re on a two day delay, even though we have more people DRock went through a hard-core year of filming the whole thing and then having to edit it and get it out there the next day I think you can do anything You can’t cripple yourself My buddy Casey stopped vlogging, so the next day I was like, “I’m gonna vlog everyday to pick up “the thing,” but then literally in my vlog yesterday, I was like, “You know the summer’s “coming, I feel like I need a little more time “with my family and don’t want to be “thinking about producing content, “so maybe I won’t.” I think it’s about reverse-engineering what you can get done And for me, only two years ago, three years ago, there was three people on my team making content It took me four years to build up VaynerMedia to have one person work with me on my content Prior to that, it was just me, and now I’m at 15 I mean you build You build and you do different things, and so, I think the process is as fast as you fucking can – [Man 5] Okay, so do you think a daily vlog is valuable enough over something like sales? ‘Cause I do a lot of sales to high schools, colleges, conferences – [Gary] This is the classic branding versus sales, right? – [Man 5] Right – I think you need to sell at the most minimum to make you whole for whatever you need to pay your bills. Right? And then invest as much as you can in building your brand – [Man 5] So media comes after sales, you would recommend? – [Gary] You gotta pay your fucking bills, bro – [Man 5] Exactly (audience laughter) Well right now I’m living at home – Well then you’re fucking smart (audience laughter) So, to me now it just becomes a question of how much money you want My big recommendation is, listen, I only give advice that I took myself I’m a big fan of that I took over my family liquor store business and I grew if from a three, at this window that I’m talking about, from a three to a $45 million business in my early 20’s. Right? I’m 27 years old I built a $45 million business, and I was paying myself $37,000 a year But, I wasn’t the typical dude that needed money as a leverage to get girls – [Man 5] Exactly, and I don’t need a lot of money right now, so I’m wondering whether to build myself up as a speaker, without really worrying about the sales aspect of it? – Of course – [Man 5] Alright, and as you say that I think, “That’s what GaryVee would say.” I hear your voice in my head sometimes, and I think GaryVee would say that (audience laughter) Sometimes I dream about you answering my, actually I had a question earlier, last night I dreamed about you answering my question So, your content is so effective

– Now, off of that little story, watch what I’m doing, not what I’m saying – [Man 5] Yes, yes – Got it? – [Man 5] Got it Thank you so much (audience applause) – How much time left? 20? Good, 20 – [Woman] Hi GaryVee First I want to say thank you, everything, all of your podcasts, all of your videos on YouTube are kind of my real education College was just the paperwork I am a marketing manager for a non-profit organization, which is a unique position that I’m very fortunate to have Now part of my job, and it’s a new job, is I’m building up our presence on social media I have three different target audiences I have the women we serve, the volunteers, and donors – Yep – [Woman] My question to you is does it make sense to use one platform, or each platform– – But one account? – [Woman] Right, one account to target all three? – Yes – [Woman] Okay, instead of focusing on one platform per group? – Yes, because the way we consume content in social is not binary The content finds who it needs to find It’s not email 1996, where people open up 90% of their email – [Woman] Got It – It’s just one feed We don’t even know who the fuck it’s coming from – You’re looking at the content, not the little logo that’s delivering it Got it? – [Woman] Yes, thank you – You’re welcome (audience applause) – [John] Hi Gary, my name is John, first of all, it’s a dream come true, six months ago, I wrote it down I’m gonna meet Gary Vaynerchuk and here I am right now – Good shit bro – [John] It’s awesome and then I met Danny Morel Wanna thank Danny real quick for having that vision and clarity for making it happen (audience applause) I went into real estate so, what’s up guys? (audience cheers) It’s actually my first week in real estate and I’m super excited, I’m door knocking My question is– – What were you doing last week? – [John] What’s that? – What were you doing last week? – [John] I was calling and door knocking and hustling – Love it – [John] And I’m doing Facebook Live, I’m doing videos, all the stuff But my question is, when your parents is saying when you bring the clients or talk about the clients that, oh you don’t know what you’re talking about, oh you have to make sure all this stuff is correct, oh what if it you embarrass yourself, what would you say to that? – Well I would say your parents are probably right a lot more than you realize – [John] Right – If I was in real estate for the first week– – [John] Right (audience laughter) – what I would probably do, so like I’m now actually super interested in watching one of your Facebook Lives because (audience laughter) because what I’m curious about is are you faking it ’til you make it or are you documenting the journey of a young man trying to learn the industry? My intuition is number one (audience laughter) What I would do, if I was in week one, how many, what team were you on again? Let me see all the people that wooed again (audience cheers) Me, if I was standing there, I would straddle up real close to all those wooing people and spend one year shutting the fuck up and listening (audience applause and laughter) ‘Cause then you’ll learn You’ll taste, then you’ll know what to say You’re not gonna lose your charisma and showmanship You’re a baby, you just don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about yet (audience laughter) – [John] I have a follow up question, should I keep doing Instagram stories, just documenting and– – Dude I think it’s far more interesting, it was the advice I gave the other young man, tell your truth You may lose a lot of people, who are like, I’m not going with this dude on his third week (audience laughter) But if you’re actually running a marathon, in six years, you could have everybody who’s buying their first house (audience applause) – [John] Thanks Gary, appreciate it – I think you know, now I’m gonna pander to the crowd, how many people over 40? Right so the thing that I think is super interesting for me, for everybody that just raised your hands, nothing’s changed Technology is not gonna allow bad things to all of a sudden populate Right, like, tried and true is tried and true All that technology is doing is exposing things You guys haven’t changed because of all this technology You’ve just been exposed – [Man 6] Hey Gary, thank you so much for being here and Danny I’m really excited I saw a video that you’re doing the other day about success and that somebody who’s entrepreneur and makes $150,000 that’s a lot higher form of success

than some who’s 9 to 5 not doing what they want – If they’re happy – [Man 6] Yeah if they’re happy – It’s not about being a job or an entrepreneur, my trading desk is unhappiness My point there was, if you’re making 150,000 a year at being a lawyer and you’re not pumped or you could be making 98,000 a year selling slime on Instagram, but it’s your dream ’cause you love making slime with your eight year old I think it’s a worthwhile debate I’m just blown away by people that are literally willing to binaurally be dramatically less happy for an extra $8,000 So they can go on a fucking cruise bro (audience laughter) – [Man 6] So my question was, based on that delineation there how should people be thinking about their success? You also talk about natural born entrepreneurs like as much as you would wanna be LeBron that takes a certain amount of natural talent So what can you speak about success and the role that patience plays in that? – So instead of that, what are you asking me? What’s your situation? – [Man 6] My situation is I’m new, I’m listening to everything that you’re saying days sometimes don’t go well so I’m like okay, I’m gonna turn on GaryVee see what he has to say, try to get some golden nuggets and I wanna know a big thing that you talk about is patience And that role that that plays when you’re young and you’re starting and so I wanted to kinda hear what you say so I can kinda like put that in – Who are playing this game for is super interesting for me So one of the tough things that a lot of young people in this room have, is they’ve got chips on their shoulder Because they wanna prove their mom wrong Because they wanna prove that their older sister isn’t the only star in the family You know, where I’m going with this is, very simply, almost everybody in this room, is living their lives to the judge and jury of somebody outside of themselves And that fuckin blows And so where I’m going with you is there’s a lot of questions I’d like to ask but the first one is, for what and for who? The reason I win, you know, there’s a scene it’s really funny ’cause I was born in Russia in the former Soviet Union, there’s a scene in Rocky IV where Drago loses at the end but he takes the mic and he’s like fuck you, he talks in Russian, I understood it He was basically saying fuck you Russia that wanted me to beat this America, I was fighting for myself I was in this ring for myself The reason I’m winning young man, it’s cause I’m in this ring for myself I don’t give a fuck what anybody says about me, nobody (audience cheers and applause) Now, that, that, that is a bless that has nothing to do with me That has to do with my DNA, compounded by extremely strong parenting and environment, right So I don’t say that as I’m cool, I’m telling you my truth And I’m trying to get as many people as close to that as possible because, I don’t have the answers for you, but what I can tell you is if you do it for yourself, if you’re judging yourself, shit gets real easy Mine’s at zero bad days because I’m in that binary place of knowing my intent and doing what I do, and then the only thing that can drag me down is outside forces around the health of my family and friends and luckily for me, the far majority of those days aren’t gonna be the critical days where I lose some of them, right? That’s it, man, like what are you trying to do? Is it about the money, is it about proving something to somebody? Because if you’re trying to prove it to yourself, you have your whole life to do that You have your whole life to do that Guys, life Now as a lot of you know I love football, let’s call it 80 years, it’s getting better, even closer to 90 Just break them down in four quarters Like do you really, this is why I hate flashy 25 year old young entrepreneurs, do you really want to be up 21-nothing in the second quarter and lose 37-28? (audience laughter) Because you’re sure acting like it So that’s what I’m intrigued by, bro – [Man 6] So what am I, are you asking me the question? (audience laughter) I’m confused, man – I’m asking you to figure out who Yeah, go ahead – Last question, I do a video every day, 30 seconds or less, with people and their favorite quotes Can I do one with you before we leave? – Yep – [Man 6] Alright, thank you (audience applause) – [Woman 2] Can I give you my card? – Sure Hi, thank you so much, nice to meet you DIdn’t realize I was coming to Right Hook Con (audience laughter and applause) Go ahead – [Woman 2] So I’m not a real estate agent I own my own clothing company, my company turned five yesterday, so – Congrats – [Woman 2] Thank you We’re a wholesale company and my target audience actually is women over 40

– Okay – [Woman 3] Yeah! – [Woman 2] And we do – Yeah! I’m a female over 40, motherfuckers! (audience laughter) – [Woman 2] So we’re wholesale and we sell to a bunch of different stores We are very successful in wholesale – [Gary] Are you doing direct consumer yet? – [Woman 2] We have a very small part of our business, only about 5% of our business that’s sold dot-com – [Gary] Are you trying to grow that? – [Woman 2] Yes, our challeng is our demographic, buying online I know Snapchat and Instagram and Facebook, the younger generation, they buy online, that’s not the problem– – You know you’re out of your mind, right? Like, completely – [Woman 2] Well, we’ve done surveys, we’ve asked our customers– – Fuck your surveys (audience laughter) – [Woman 2] I’m trying to figure out what the best platform is for my age range – Facebook – [Woman 2] And converting that to a Facebook store – No, drive them to your dot-com Do you know how much fashion is sold to 40 to 60 year old women in e-commerce in this country? – [Woman 2] A lot. (laughs) – Okay, because you just told me your demo is not doing that, do you know what I mean? You might not know how to do that – [Woman 2] That’s my challenge, I don’t know how– – No shit (audience laughter) – [Woman 2] On the wholesale side, yes, we know that part, but on the retail end of it it’s just trying to figure out what best avenues to– – You need to invest your money into bringing somebody who has a dot-com, direct to consumer, fashion female background, and let her or him be your director of e-com, direct to consumer and go do your thing You’re making it convenient to your strengths and weaknesses, which is the quickest way to go out of business I think you know that, I can tell, so I don’t know your business, but I would make a little less money and immediately hire somebody who can flat out and call references, go hire somebody who’s sold to that lovely lady on the internet, you know, and hire them and then when you hire them, don’t go, okay, great, I got Ricky or Sally and go do your thing You get real fucking close and you siphon that information out because it’s your fucking company and you don’t want that to grow to 38% of your business and then Rick’s got all the fucking leverage – [Woman 2] Right (audience applause) – [Man 7] Last question, guys, last question – Sorry everybody in line – [Man 7] Sorry – He’s a real dick (audience laughter) – [Dallas] Hey, my name’s Dallas, sir Thank you for the motivation I look up to you because I’m also an immigrant and you give me a good example that success can actually be reached no matter where you come from, so thank you – Dude, immigrants have the advantage (audience cheer and applause) They really do, and by the way, American born people dominate, but the advantage is we know the alternative My kids are fucking going to be losers (audience laughter) Like, you know, it’s just hard when you got it and don’t work for it, so I’m glad that’s the case, but I want you to realize how good of an advantage you actually have – [Dallas] Yeah, my youngest brothers actually tell me that all the time They say, well, you just work harder because you’re an immigrant and you have the immigrant mentality – And you should look them dead in the face and say, that’s right, motherfucker (audience laughter and applause) – [Dallas] I’m actually recording it, so they’ll hear it for sure – And then also tell them that you’re also working smarter now what, dick? (audience laughter) – [Dallas] It’s all right here – I hate that fucking argument Gary, yeah, it’s cool, you hustle, but I work smart Me too dick face, now what? (audience laughter) – [Dallas] Yeah, I do both So here’s my situation I recently started a business on my own – Good for you – [Dallas] Thank you And so it’s being going pretty well It’s a retail business, it’s a brick and mortar business, and I know that you actually talk about how brick and mortars are possibly going out of business soon – If their economics are too tied into unrealistic leases and they don’t have alternatives – Right, so, remember how I said, everything in media can work, it’s what’s underpriced and overpriced Retail is not gonna die, people It’s just retailers are not gonna pay $87 a square foot when the way we buy now, it should be 61, got it? – [Dallas] Got it – And, instead of spending their money on fixtures, they may allocate 25% of their space for you to drink coffee, or for a band to be there, they’re gonna have to change, this is all about change So, that’s what’s on my mind, keep going – [Dallas] So, my thing is, I have an opportunity now because the business is doing well, to expand into a second location, which is also a brick and mortar, but my dilemma– – Let me give you – a good piece of advice – [Dallas] Yeah – Whatever projections you have, or whatever your business is currently doing, just siphon out 20% of it, just make pretend you lost 20% of it, and if the math works, then go for it

– [Dallas] Okay – Got it? – [Dallas] Got it – Just anticipate the decline – [Dallas] The 20% decline, is that over– – That’s my intuition that the microeconomic climates of what retail is doing, will affect you You may not even ever feel that, you may feel 50% of it, but you can’t be blunt, well what do you sell? – [Dallas] I sell fitness supplements – Yeah, fuck, man (audience laughter) People buy that shit at scale on the internet, so don’t get fucking crazy, keep that in mind – [Dallas] Yeah, so I sell this stuff online as well, so my question was, whether I should take the second brick-and-mortar store and continue doing business online, or if I should just take that full lump of money that I would invest into a brick-and-mortar store, which got me here in the first place, and just take it all and invest it in my e-commerce – What gets you somewhere is irrelevant to where you’re going (audience applause) – Got it? – [Dallas] Perfect – So, I think you know the answer, we don’t need to pay homage to that fucking store that got you there – [Dallas] Gotcha, okay And then this other question too, is kind of interesting– – [Man 7] No, no, no, no, no, that’s it It’s not fair to – I told you– – everybody else – he was a dick! (audience laughter) – [Dallas] Alright, well, thank you – Thank you – [Man 7] You know what, gold digger, ’cause I like that, one more, go – [Dallas] Thank you Is it alright if I get a picture? – That’s it With you, Gary? You helped me realize that I needed to quit my job selling cars so I can actually go into business for myself, so I’d like to thank you for that, and I’d really like – Come a picture with you – This way, she can – escort you up – You can come up and you can ask, go ahead Oh, you’re taking a picture, got it (audience applause) Nice to meet you, man, good luck – [Woman 3] Hi, hi Gary, oh my gosh I came down here from Northern California just to say thank you for all the content you put out, because I found you when I was at a really tumultuous part of my life, and my life just, being fully accountable, and just not going for perfect just getting it done and just making micro-adjustments has just quantifiably made my life so much better, and I just wanted to say thank you – You’re welcome (audience applause) – [Woman 3] Can I take a selfie, too? – I like your skirt – Oh, thank you (inaudible) (audience laughter) Thank you so much – Awesome – Awesome, give Gary a round of applause, everybody! (audience applause and cheers) – Thank you so much – So, hold on, I gotta tell you guys a little story, you know, it was kind of awesome because last night, I highly respect this guy, and I’m gonna tell you why, because I had this illusion that, I know he says he works hard, but I didn’t really understand how hard he works, so I’m thinking if I’m gonna do an event, I’m gonna fly in the night before, relax, hang out for a little bit, wake up the next day, maybe I’ll do a little workout, you know what I’m saying? – Yep – And maybe do some work in the room, and then when it’s time for me to speak, then, I come up and speak, you know, that’s normal, right? Well, last night, I noticed on his Instagram story, I’m like, fuck, he’s not on an airplane yet! (audience laughter) And then this morning, I’m stressing, I was like, the money went through, right, (Gary laughter) ’cause it was a lot of money, right? And I’m stressing, I’m watching DRock, and I’m watching Gary, and I’m watching both of them and they’re still not on their way to the airport, right? And then it was literally like 10 o’clock A.M., and I finally see you guys on your way to the airport I get offstage and the dudes are literally walking in from taking maybe a three minute shower, we sit down on our podcast and you know, afterwards, we’re just kind of shooting the shit, and the podcast is done, which went fantastic, by the way, and I go, so what’s up, what are you guys doing after? But, I’m ready to invite him to my house, to come barbecue, hang out, have a party, relax, he goes, “Oh, I’m gonna hop on a plane. I got a red-eye.” Like, the guy literally woke up this morning, got on a plane, flew here, talked for a little bit, is gonna get on a plane, and go back, like, that’s legit, people (audience applause) That’s legit, so give him a round of applause for that – Thank you Take a red-eye, land in New York, drive an hour in New York early morning traffic, take a quick shower, and then go do a 11-hour day, and then hop on a flight and fly to Ghana – Oh (audience whistles) I’m…Pencils of Promise, I’m part of a non-profit called Pencils of Promise, so I’m gonna go build some schools, check on what we’re doing, (audience cheers and applause) – Yeah – Thank you – Hold on, hold on Secondly, I have to say something I wanna take a moment to say thank you to all of you guys,

because I know GaryVee represents something different to each and every one of you guys, but for me personally, what it represents, is a sign of my intense commitment to go all-in, (audience cheers) to go all-in, right? And when I say that, (audience applause) it’s to go all-in in all of you, and all-in in our journey together, and all-in in the growth that we’re about to have, so I’m gonna commit right now, he’s gonna come back, I’m gonna, on Monday, call the agency, and I’m gonna book him again for next year – DRock, raise the price! – Yeah? No, no, no (audience laughter) So, I’m gonna do that now, (Gary laughs) ’cause I know the price is going up, alright? Yeah? – Arbitrage! And then lastly, if everybody gets a damn picture, I want a picture, – That’s a good point so let’s do a huge selfie, everybody Sound good, everybody? (audience cheers) – [Gary] Awesome, awesome – Give it up for GaryVee! (audience cheers and applause) (light electronic music)