Arsenal military academy episode 22[ENG SUB]

Arsenal Military Academy Episode 22 Excuse me, which room is Xie Liangchen in? Over there Thank you Don’t mention it Come in! Ms. Yu How did you get such a wound? Must be a time of bad luck Ms. Yu, you’re so busy, but you still came to see me Sorry for the trouble What’s to be sorry for? Luckily, you made it back, it was more of a scare than you being hurt In the future, you have to be careful I know I’ve granted a leave to Xiaojun These two days, let her take care of you Thank you, Ms. Yu Why are you so formal with me? Lie down You need to rest well It’s not necessary Be good Fine Thank you, Ms. Yu Isn’t that much better? All right, seeing you’re safe, I’m at ease I’m leaving now Ms. Yu, see you later See you This time the patient is recovering well, but he needs to increase nourishment. You must not let him exert himself. I understand, Doctor. We still need to keep him under observation for a while longer. All right. Junshan! How can you still smile? I managed to come back alive Should I not smile? Does it hurt? Not too bad Stubborn! What exactly happened? Weren’t you delivering medicines? Why were you chased by killers? In truth, I don’t know, either I guess what they were after was not us at all, it was only something that they had put on Xie Liangchen What they were chasing was probably that item Then where is that item now? Where is it now? I’m worried that people will come again to harm you

Liangchen has it When Instructor Lü gets here, we’ll give it up That’s best “A common man is without crime, but is guilty of hiding a gem.”
[Figuratively, treasures can cause disasters; Commentary of Zuo] Now, preserving your life takes precedence Preserving my life takes precedence Are you hungry? It’s time for lunch I’ll go buy you some food Yes, I am a little hungry Then wait for me I’ll be right back All right The door wasn’t closed, so I didn’t knock Do you need help? All right Thank you Here Thank you How’s your wound? I got shot in the thigh It’ll be fine in a few days You got shot? Will it leave a scar? It probably will What a pity! I’m a big man Let it scar I’m not one of you girls Student Xie, you look so pretty, you’re more or less like a girl If you really will be scarred, it would be too much of a pity! Luckily, it’s on your leg You came to see Junshan? How’s his wound? The same as you, he puts it lightly and brushes it off But he doesn’t know how much others worry about him You men you’re just like that Will you have more water? No more Thank you Are you all right? I’m fine. I’m fine Leave it, leave it. I’ll call the nurse Nurse! Nurse! Hello, may I help you? Please, bring me another quilt All right Were you scalded? I’m fine Is your leg fine? It’s fine Where’s the towel? Dry your hands Under the bed. I can get it myself Please Thank you It’s fine. You’re welcome Thank you. Let me do it All right I’m sorry. It’s my fault I’m so clumsy It’s fine There, it’s all changed, isn’t it? Then I’ll go now I still need to go buy lunch for Junshan Go ahead then Do you need me to get you some? No, thanks Xiaojun already went home to get lunch for me All right then Take good care of your wound I’ll go now Goodbye Goodbye I just saw Jin Xianrong outside What was she doing here? She was a little concerned “A weasel pays a visit to a hen.”
[ Figuratively, beware of suspicious folks; may be ill-intentioned ] What goodies did you make? Smells so good! Great! This is it Inform Mr. James, this afternoon at 2 p.m., at Jinhua Hotel Yes I ate it all up Are you full? I’m stuffed Here, wipe your mouth I’ll go wash the bowls Easy Shen Junshan?

What brings you here? I came to check on you Is your wound better? Much better Oh, right, did you… inform your family? No My parents aren’t here Coming and going is such a hassle Anyway, I’m all right Why make them worry? Then who’s taking care of you these few days? My friend, Tan Xiaojun You’ve met her She is your girlfriend? She’s just a good friend of mine Don’t you have a younger sister in school in Shunyuan? Why didn’t she come? She She doesn’t know, yet I didn’t tell her She’s a scaredy cat Fine Then I’m going back You should rest All right Thank you Gu Yanzhen? Why are you back? Did I come at the wrong time? I’m going back Have some rest Yes Right, rest well, don’t talk too much Step aside Why are you two adults standing at the door? I’ll go out for a moment Where are you going? My stomach hurts! I’m going to the restroom! Come on in Did you just get back? Weren’t you getting married in Nanjing? I escaped from the wedding to come here Would you not be having problems
after your escape from the wedding? I read the papers, it seems the girl’s family is powerful Are you worried about me? If you don’t want to tell me, forget it It’s fine Good Your wound Are you all right? I’m fine I’m starving Do you have anything to eat? You came to see a patient all empty-handed and even ask me for food? Seriously? I was on the train for a long time, as soon as I got back, I heard you were in the hospital, and I rushed straight here without a break I had no time to eat Don’t move about now I’ll go check Be careful Don’t worry Liangchen, don’t worry

They shouldn’t be after us I’m here Don’t worry Here Young Master Gu, it’s chaotic outside Where are you going? Young Master Gu? What happened outside? Workers of the Dadong Foreign Company
are causing a ruckus outside The Military Police arrested a lot of people It’s fine. Don’t worry Then… I’ll go back to my room now Do you have a knife in your bag? Give it to me, I’ll peel an apple for you Did you see Gu Yanzhen’s face earlier? He was so livid, he looked like a demon I guess he must have fallen for you What do you think? I’m talking to you Can’t find it? No The yellow bag The yellow bag? The one I told you about Those Japanese were after us because of that Isn’t it inside? Where did it go? Is it on the floor? No Under the bed? No Search again This room is just this small, you can see it all in one look Maybe you didn’t put it in your bag? Or could it be with Shen Junshan? Impossible I just saw it a moment ago Thank you Go have some rest You must be tired after a rushed train ride I will Are you tired of living? Are you seeking death? Are you blind? Are you tired of living, then? – Are you seeking death?
– Are you picking a fight with me? Can you afford it? Are you seeking death? Speak! Are you tired of living? We’re done for It’s really lost Can’t be! Based on what you said, you never left this room That item couldn’t have sprouted legs and run Think again Beside me, who else was here? Ms. Yu, Gu Yanzhen, Shen Junshan, and also Miss Xianrong Ms. Yu It can’t be Ms. Yu Gu Yanzhen and Shen Junshan can’t be, either Then there’s only Miss Xianrong What on earth is in that bag? In short, it’s very important The rest of the items are in Warehouse 18 Send your men there to pick them up It’s always a pleasure to do business with you, Proprietor Huo On the contrary, I’m considering whether I should continue collaborating with you or not Proprietor Huo, what prompts such words? Your Highness, your aims are too high I’m afraid I may inadvertently abet ill-doing Proprietor Huo, do you think I’m an ill-doer? I’m afraid you may be Tian Dan,
the general who revived Qi State.
[ Famous general during Warring States Period ] If you don’t have

a sincere intention to cooperate, stop wasting my time now Mr. James, what do you mean by this? This is fake Mr. James Miss, were we set up? Was it those cadets from the Arsenal Military Academy? It was probably the gang on the train What should we do now? Just let it go? Of course not No matter who they are, they are all just carrying out orders By now, that batch of items must already be in Prince Rong’s hands Miss, you mean The third day of next month will be Her Ladyship’s birthday Help me prepare a great gift I want to go pay my respects in person You lost Drink Fine, I’ll drink I’m not scared Drink I quit What? As soon as you lose, you quit? No fun Are you jealous? Jealous of whom? Stop pretending Xie Liangchen and Shen Junshan went missing together for so long and they also came back together You just came out from the hospital, right? It’s all right, Gu Yanzhen Just think we’re both fools Here, we’re fellows in misfortune A toast Who are you saying is a fool? Me I’m a fool Why do I feel you are referring to me? No I was talking about myself Actually, the matter is not as you think What about it then? Never mind What are you doing? Why did you say half of it and stop there? You have too much of a big mouth What are you saying? Who has a big mouth? Gu Yanzhen? Sit back Miss Qu! Stop right there! Stop now! You… Stop right there! Blood! Murder! What did you do? I I… didn’t touch-up my makeup I… can’t be in photos Sir, are you all right, sir? Doctor!

Doctor, how is he? The patient is still unconscious The wound needed four stitches At the moment, it appears there’s no major problem It’s all right, it’s all right. Don’t worry Is his life in any danger? It should not be Then, when will he wake up? As for that probably tomorrow morning at the earliest Thank you, Doctor I’m sorry We wish to take care of all medical bills Who cares for your filthy money? If anything happens to my husband, I won’t leave you two alone! The doctor said he’s all right, didn’t he? Does it mean he says it’s all right, then it’s all right? My husband’s injury is on his head What if he suffers brain damage? Or becomes mentally deranged? Or paralysed? Who will support our whole family? Who will take the responsibility? Why are you yelling? Are you done? The doctor said he’s all right Why are you cursing your husband? – You–
– Hey! This is a hospital! If you want to quarrel, go outside I’m telling you, this matter is not over! Seriously! What a shrew! Don’t you feel bad talking about others
when you are no better yourself? She was clearly in the wrong! Were you right to hit him? He took photos of me! Aren’t you a star? So what if he took photos of you? Should stars be photographed whenever anyone wants to? Do they not need my permission? Look at my dark circles! I haven’t slept well in days How droopy they are! My skin looks bad, too, and I haven’t had a change of clothes Nor did I wash my hair What should I do if the photos are leaked out? This face is my meal ticket, got it? So you hit him Aren’t you afraid he’ll sue you? I’d rather be sued than to have my photos leaked out I really don’t know what you girls have in your mind What would you understand? Gu Yanzhen! I have something to tell you I have something to ask you, too I’ll go first then Today… I was a little angry, but I’m all right now It’s in the past I’m not angry anymore But from now on, keep your distance from him I’m not always so easily appeased What… What are you saying? I’m done. It’s your turn now After you left today, I realized I lost something I wanted to ask you about it What do you mean? You suspect me of stealing from you? No! I just wanted to ask if you saw it It was a yellow bag It’s something that Shen Junshan and I snatched away from the Japanese It’s very important I didn’t see it Why are you still here? I am waiting for you I knew Xie Liangchen would kick you out sooner or later You had a fight? The situation you’re in now, I can tell in one look You are a case of one-sided enthusiastic, unrequited love One-sided crush Are you done? Not yet Do you need me to teach you a trick? Do you? Say it Look at you now, okay You cling to him every day like a pug He went back to Beijing and you went back to Beijing, too He was in danger, and you escaped from your wedding and came back to protect him How spineless! If it were me, I wouldn’t like you this way, either There’s no challenge in it If you put it like that, it does make some sense Doesn’t it? Then what should I do? I’ll ignore him, too? You can’t ignore him! Only with competition will there be progress What you have to do now is to find a girlfriend and make a show of affection in front of him every day to get him jealous Then he’ll get nervous Easier said than done If you can’t find a girlfriend in a moment, no problem I can help you You? Forget it What? Gu Yanzhen! I

I’m serious! Really, think about it – I’m a superstar…
– No No If Jin Xianrong comes to visit Shen Junshan again, keep an eye on her for me The people who came into this room are only you guys Ruling out the others, she’s the only one left Besides, I’ve always felt that this woman doesn’t seem right Will you really not consider what I said? I won’t. Go home How unappreciative Mother! Sorry for troubling you tonight I shall take my leave I failed to discipline her I apologize for causing you trouble When you return, do apologize to Deputy Minister Gu for me Mr. Qu, you’re too formal All right I’ll definitely pay a formal visit some day Wretched girl! You do miss home! Have you eaten? I have Who was that man? How dare you even ask about it! You brought shame to our whole Qu family This matter is not all of Manting’s fault If it’s not her fault, is it mine then? A young lady from a great family ran to someone else’s engagement
ceremony to steal away the man This is an offence to public decency, don’t you know it? Am I a young lady from a great family? Father, you are right I’m just a showgirl – You…
– How dare you still retort! Enough Don’t ruin your health Come on Apologize to your father That Butler Zhu’s words were not agreeable, either It sounded like this matter had nothing to do with their Young Master Gu Don’t you know your own daughter? When you say she’s stubborn, it’s fine When you say she went to steal away
someone else’s fiance on purpose, I wouldn’t believe it even if you made me How did I raise such a daughter? I don’t have a father who can’t separate right from wrong, either What are you saying? You just came back, where are you going now? Shen Junshan You’re here Miss Xianrong is here, too I just arrived How’s your health? Much better I think I should be ready for discharge tomorrow Why such a rush? You should stay and rest a few days more It’s a mere scratch wound Staying here all day is of no use, either I really envy you I want to be discharged, too, but the doctor won’t let me Student Xie, you were wounded in your leg You should recuperate well To run back and forth won’t be good for your injury I’m sitting in a wheelchair It’s all right Lying down all day, I’m almost bored to death I’ll do it Your hand is injured, it’s inconvenient I’ll do it It doesn’t matter It’s all right I’ll do it myself Junshan, do you want a banana? I don’t Student Xie, do you want one? All right Thank you Miss Xianrong, why are your hands so calloused? Have you ever practiced Kung Fu? How could I have practiced any Kung Fu? As a child, I did chores, that’s how I got it Really? As I see it, it looks a bit like callus from sword practice You’re wrong Probably After all, people use guns now Very few will use swords In our Academy, we only have one class of swordfight a month I heard you’ve just arrived in China, Miss Xianrong

I’ve never asked where you came from England Where in England? Liverpool A city of arts No wonder you have such distinguished manners Thank you Miss Xianrong, do you also have relatives here? I do Really? We’ve known each other for a while, I still don’t know where your home is When I get a chance, I should pay a formal visit Not even Junshan has been to my house He’s never even asked about it Student Xie, today you asked me so many questions, should I narcissistically assume that you have a fancy for me? Miss Xianrong, you must be joking For sure, I am joking But I also have to warn you It would be useless to fancy me because my heart is already taken You two have a chat I’ll go back now Are you all right by yourself? I’m fine Xiaojun is here Student Xie, take care You two you look like cocks in a fight Really? I rather feel that Student Xie and I hit it off quite well How did it go? Did you ask her? How could I ask? If she didn’t take it, asking directly would be too impolite If she did take it, she wouldn’t admit it anyway So there’s nothing we can do? I still think something is odd about her Why? Instinct Instinct is too unreliable. Isn’t it? You think about it, I’ll go home for a bit Don’t come this afternoon I can just ask the nurse to buy me lunch You’ve been absent from school for days Even if I go to the school, there aren’t any classes Now at the school, they’re making speeches every day When Gu Yanzhen comes, tell him to be careful His father is the representative negotiator Among us students, he has a name If the negotiation fails, it will be awful for him Got it I’m going now Bye Miss Xianrong! Xie Liangchen? Student Xie, what are you doing here? I came out for some air Alone? My friend went home Are you leaving? Miss Xianrong, can I bother you to do me a favor? My water has cooled Could you bring me a pot of hot water? All right Miss Xianrong, your skills are really good I can’t say I have good skills Just a little quick, that’s all Miss Xianrong, why are your hands so calloused? Have you practiced any Kung Fu? How could I have practiced any Kung Fu? As a child, I did chores, that’s how I got it. As I see it, it looks a bit like callus from sword practice. You’re wrong. Ms. Yu… It can’t be Ms. Yu. Gu Yanzhen and Shen Junshan can’t be, either. Then there’s only Miss Xianrong. Hold it tight Don’t drop it again Thank you I’ll leave now then Goodbye Why didn’t you tell me they started filming? What have you been doing lately? When they started filming you were in Nanjing I couldn’t reach you I’ve been back for quite a long time,

you should have told me Miss Manting, actually… it’s not just this movie All your performances, now, except for Palimo, they were all cut off What are you saying? Chief Duan cancelled your contract Your father signed Miss Manting, you know my situation My whole family depends on me as the breadwinner Chief Duan wants me to follow Miss Pingting Xiao Yang is with her already I know, leaving you at a time like this is so disloyal You’ve always been so good to me But my mother’s health I have no choice I’m sorry Subtitles and Timing brought to you by
The All Guns Blazing Team @ Viki
Ending OST 2 – Poison (毒药) by Wang Yizhe (王一哲)Loving you is destined to be a mistake,
in what way might it possibly end?
♫ ♫ I love you to a point of no return, walking into a fog ♫ ♫ Everything becomes too cloudy and confusing ♫ ♫ Unable to restrain myself, I keep on chasing ♫ ♫ We try to avoid each other, but there is
no returning to how things were initially
♫ ♫ Reality has too many constraints,
perhaps we should breakup
♫ ♫ Between you and me, we are unable
to break free from these constraints
♫ ♫ Love is the most beautiful poison ♫ ♫ It comes into contact when you are completely unguarded ♫ ♫ First, you will taste its sweetness,
and next, you will feel the pain
♫ ♫ You have never understood my heart,
nevertheless, it is all silently coming to an end
♫ ♫ Perhaps it is destined to be a tragic play ♫ ♫ I can only blame myself for being too invested,
unconsciously, I begin to lose my way
♫ ♫ I do not care if I fall deeper and deeper ♫ ♫ You have never understood my heart,
nevertheless, it is all silently coming to an end
♫ ♫ Perhaps it is destined to be a tragic play ♫ ♫ I can only blame myself for being too invested,
unconsciously, I begin to lose my way
♫ ♫ I do not care if I fall deeper and deeper ♫ ♫ Take this poison of love