ENG SUB【忘记你,记得爱情 Forget You Remember Love】EP01 | 芊语救落水王子,难道爱情要来了?

♪ Lost memory of the past ♪ ♪ Can’t change how we loved each other ♪ ♪ My heart only beats for you ♪ ♪ I’ll protect you from all the storms ♪ ♪ Even if there’s no miracle ♪ ♪ I’ll walk through fire to hug you ♪ ♪ Cuz we’re meant to be ♪ ♪ Till love finds us again ♪ = Forget You Remember Love = = Episode 1 = Once upon a time, there were three greedy pirates, the greedy devil, Ye Shengzhe, the stingy queen, Chen Jinzhi, and the untruthful captain, Ye Qianyu They went through all kind of hardships and found the legendary treasure I’m the guardian of the chest I know why you’re here Give me a kiss, and I’ll give the treasures to you Have you seen enough? Are you willing to kiss me? Of course, I am Here I come Who would kiss you, stinky frog? The treasures are ours! You kick me? Now, I’m going to turn you all into frogs! Qianyu, just do as it asks Oh, by the way, in fact, I’m a prince being cursed If you kiss me, I’ll transform to what I used to be And, you can take the treasures away Kiss me Just one kiss It’ll be over soon Monster! Monster! Don’t! It’s a dream Ye Qianyu! Mom You hid 500 yuan in the frog’s pocket? That’s mine Come clean Where else did you hide money? You take it all No more This 500 yuan is all I got You’d better be right If I find more, you’re going to wash the dishes for 2 months Got it Get up and make money Hurry! Hurry! Move! When can I wake up

in the morning naturally and count money until my hands cramp? Wake up Your dad left us nothing but debts Don’t dawdle Rough Water Swim starts at 9 a.m Reward for the champion is 5,000 yuan Chen, just wait for the money OK Ye Shengzhe, did you give me in? Ye Qianyu, next time I ask you for pocket money, you’d better not let me down = Sold Out = Su Liyin, how could you sell the piano to others? = Sold Out = Didn’t you agree to sell it to me? Only if you have the money to buy it I beg you Sell the piano to me, OK? I’ll get the reward of the Rough Water Swim soon The buyer has paid the earnest money If I breach the deal, I’ll refund double the earnest money I will I’ll pay for that, as long as you sell the piano to me If you have the money, I’ll sell it to you of course But you don’t Su Liyin, I’ll give you the money today Keep the piano for me! Promise me! Keep it for me! = Rough Water Swim = Dear friends, villagers, guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Wow! The 53rd Guanmei Fishing Village Rough Water Swim begins now! OK Now, let me read the rules first The rules are very simple, actually The first to the buoy and get the flag back = The 53rd Guanmei Fishing Village Rough Water Swim = gets the 5,000-yuan reward 5,000 yuan! Now, contestants, get ready Why hasn’t Qianyu come? Qianyu – Yes. – You can do it! Dear villagers, let’s start the countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go! Go! Go for it! She’s here! Qianyu! Go for it! Qianyu, get it! Go! She swims so fast! Come on. Go! Go! She’s faster than sharks! Qianyu!

Where is Qianyu? I don’t see Qianyu Qianyu won’t get the championship What a shame! Hey! Hey! Wake up! Hey! What did you do to me? I performed CPR on you Without me, you’d be dead now What’s the smell? What? Is it the Tonghao I ate in the morning? Tonghao? What does that mean? I… I saved you! Shouldn’t you be grateful? Thank you What’s that attitude? I… To save you, I lost the Rough Water Swim and 5,000 yuan And I did CPR on you I lost my first kiss It’s CPR, not a kiss My lips were on your lips What’s the difference? You must compensate for my loss and the reward of the race Are you blackmailing me? I saved your life And you compensate my loss Isn’t that what it is? OK How much do you want? I’ll pay you To save you, I lost 5,000 yuan in the Rough Water Swim 1,000 yuan for salvage and 1,000 for CPR That’s blackmailing Those are market prices I’m not done yet And, 1,000 yuan for my first kiss You should pay me 8,000 yuan in total Your first kiss is only worth 1,000 yuan? I regret that I saved you Give me the money I have no cash WeChat transfer Soaked Then write me an IOU Hold on Don’t try to run away I got strong arms by lifting barrels You don’t stand a match to me I can write you an IOU

But you have to get me some clothes and give me your phone so I can make a call OK My family runs a grocery You can get whatever you want as long as you pay for it = The 53rd Guanmei Fishing Village Rough Water Swim = This is Guanmei Fishing Village’s tourist suits How is this? Quite oceanic, right? 500 yuan for the clothes 8,500 yuan in all As for the phone call, I won’t charge for it Remember to sign your name and your phone number = IOU = 1% interest per day, and 365% interest per year? You’re more ruthless than loan sharks If I didn’t save you, you wouldn’t have the chance to judge me = Debtor: Tonghao = Pay the money by dark = The 53rd Guanmei Fishing Village Rough Water Swim = Out of my way! Li Dawei Mr.… Mr. Shan = SENWELL = The General Manager is here The owner of Guanmei Hotel, Tang Shunming, is also here He insists to meet you Morning, Mr. Shan Morning, Mr. Shan I’ve informed Director Xu The board meeting begins at 10 a.m To Project Development Department So cool! Morning, Mr. Shan Mr. Shan, it’s all prepared Morning, Mr. Shan Morning, Mr. Shan = Fan Yunyi = Manager of Project Development Dept Mr. Shan This is the new manager of Project Development Dept, Fan Yunyi, MBA of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, with two years’ working experience in Heteng Director Liu

You’re fired What’s going on? Why? Guanmei Fishing Village is one of our most important projects The preliminary study has to be 100% accurate But in the report you gave me, = Full Report by Development Department = there’s a deviation of 0.01 km2 about the safe waters Mr. Shan, I’ve been working in Senwell for 6 years As for the deviation of 0.01 km2, please give me another chance Because of the deviation of 0.01 km2, do you know what price you might pay? Director Liu, Mr. Shan went on a field study in Guanmei Fishing Village In the safe waters you planned, his yacht ran on a rock which almost got him killed There’s no “more or less” in Senwell, but only 100% accurate None of us is given a second chance for mistakes Director Liu, you can go to the HR Department for the discharge All right Let’s go back to work Welcome to Senwell Thank you, Director Xu Please give me more support and consideration in the future Come in Look, Mr. Shan This is what we know now If you don’t fire someone someday, I’ll feel unfulfilled in the day If you don’t settle issues with Tang Shunming, you’ll be fired tomorrow I want to ask about it Tang Shunming’s payment is late for three months The Demolition Notice has been given to them We have every right to recall Guanmei Hotel’s property There’s no need to ask All right Why is Yunyi here? I want to know why, too She always gives us such surprises Come home for dinner tonight Yes, Mr. Shan The project of Guanmei Fishing Village = The Project of Guanmei Fishing Village = According to accurate survey, the annual return rate of Guanmei Fishing Village Project is 64% We can recoup our investments in 20 months Mr. Shan, you advanced the starting date of the project Is it a little bit risky? We start two weeks earlier Then construction will be completed two weeks earlier Accordingly, the project will make profit two weeks in advance Besides, all departments have made full preparation for it But I think… Demolition compensation and all budgets of the project have been made Except for Senwell’s capital investment, we have GQ Ventures’ investment, which is 2 billion yuan = RMB 8,500 yuan = This is the number Shengzhe, get me the other one The transparent one. Yes Who is this? Hello? Hi! Is this Tonghao? I’m the one who saved your life You owe me 8,500 yuan Can you transfer it to me now? What are you talking about? Wrong number Hello? Hello? What the hell is this? Conmen are so bold nowadays Am I being cheated? How do you do, Mr. Tang? Who are you? I talk to Shan Junhao only My name is Xu Ziqian, Director of Operation Department of Senwell I don’t care Like I said, I talk to Shan Junhao only today Mr. Tang, you can tell me about your request first

I speak on behalf of Mr. Shan We received a Demolition Notice from you concerning Guanmei Hotel I want to ask Shan Junhao face to face that why he can demolish my hotel in advance Because of your loan delinquencies, Mr. Tang Principal and interest together, your debt adds up to 8 million yuan And the payment is late for 3 months As the creditor, we have the right to recall Guanmei Hotel What? You lost the reward and were cheated? Ye Qianyu, are you a fool? You eat two bowls of rice every meal It should make you smarter! The main component of rice is starch Starch doesn’t make people smarter = IOU = Rotten liar! Next time I meet him, I’m gonna chop him up I’m gonna chop you up first! Do you see that? = Debtor: Tonghao = Whose name is like this? Tonghao? He looks like a rich man to me I didn’t know he’s a liar He looks like? Do I look like a rich person? Yes All right Go deliver the goods! Go deliver the goods! Without the reward, you better start making money Go! But you agreed to give me a month to raise money Now it hasn’t been two weeks and you want to demolish my hotel You… You break our agreement! So far, you can only give it up But I can promise you a reasonable amount of compensation Compensation? I don’t give a toss We’ve been running the hotel for decades since my grandpa You ask me to sell it? How am I going to face my ancestors? I’m telling you If you want to demolish it, you have to kill me first You don’t have the say I have to meet Shan Junhao Stop him! Mr. Tang! Mr. Tang! Mr. Tang! What are you doing? Who are you? I’m Tang Shunming, the owner of Guanmei Hotel in Guanmei Fishing Village Don’t come closer Easy! Calm down! Hello, Yunyi? Come over. Tang Shunming is making a scene What? Let’s have a break Zhao Qun, go check it out Yes, Mr. Zhang Hello, Sheng? = Guanmei Hotel = Hello, Qianyu? Bad news! = Guanmei Hotel = Guanmei Hotel is going to be torn down What? We couldn’t find Tang just now So we went in his room = Demolition Notice = Then we found the Demolition Notice Wait, who wants to tear Guanmei Hotel down? Senwell Senwell Group Senwell? OK, I’ll go have a look Wait for my news Where are you going? Mom, Tang is in trouble I’m going to have a look What about the delivery? Hey! Tang Shunming, you butterball! You call Qianyu off again! Don’t do it! Stay back, all of you! Put it down! Stay back! Put it down! Stay back! Down! You can’t pay for my life I’ll cut myself! Stay back! Back up! All of you, back up! Go! Back! Mr. Tang, calm down Let’s talk I have nothing to talk to you Mr. Tang, calm down If I die in Senwell today, the media will know You can’t cover it up Mr. Tang, your death can’t solve the problem Because all Senwell’s decisions conform with the laws If you kill yourself, there’s no way we can solve it I’m in a dead end Which way do I have now? Where there’s a will, there’s a way As long as you’re alive, you can think of something Right You force me into this You have to give me an explanation Mr. Tang Calm down, Mr. Tang What explanation do you expect from Senwell? Mr. Shan Junhao Shan Junhao! It’s me Because of you, I’m about to lose everything You don’t pay your debt and you stir up the trouble

Senwell will not be threatened by you I’m gonna cut now I’ll kill myself here Senwell will hit tomorrow’s headline The media will focus their attention on the development of Guanmei Fishing Village By then, Senwell will be condemned And you will not take a pebble from Guanmei Fishing Village, let alone my hotel May I help you? I’m here to look for someone I’m sorry Senwell doesn’t do interviews now Is Tang Shunming from Guanmei Hotel here? I’m here for him He’s my uncle Tang Shunming? Tang Shunming, you think you’ll draw public attention by suicide? Let me tell you. You won’t Even your suicide is on news, it just gives people something to talk about for now Soon, it’ll be forgotten Then I’ll let you suffer in conscience and leave a moral stain on Senwell’s reputation with my blood OK Mr. Shan If you want to die, then go ahead You… You’ll regret it I’ll cut my throat now But I want to tell you that that’s not your carotid If you cut the wrong position, you can’t die What’s worse, it may block your airway, which causes more pain If you don’t cut deep enough, you’ll become a vegetable due to emergent loss of oxygen in your brain That’s more painful than death However, if you cut the right position, your blood will spray to two meters high and you’ll become a mummy in five minutes due to massive blood loss Don’t try to scare me I have to say Mr. Tang, I do admire you But, please allow me to point out the carotid for you Don’t come over Stay where you are You can watch my finger and follow my instruction Move two centimeters to the left until you feel the pulse of your carotid There it is Mr. Shan, watch out! Let me go! Get off me! It’s a stupid thing to threaten others with your own life = Beverage Bar = Mr. Tang Are you alright? Don’t give yourself too much pressure In fact, according to our Credit Agreement, if you can raise enough money in a month and pay the debt, you’re given preferential right to buy Guanmei Hotel’s shares A month? It won’t help He’s in Tang! Tang! Tang, are you alright? Yes I’m fine, Qianyu Why do you do that? Guanmei Hotel means nothing to you But to Tang, it’s everything Different stances. No explanation I just want to say sorry I… All right, Qianyu It really has nothing to do with Director Xu OK, Tang Let’s go home OK Hi!

We do not buy at this door We don’t need anything, either Toilet on the outside to the right Our toilet is open to customers only No, I’m… We don’t need extra hands, either The old house is going to be demolished We’re about to lose our jobs I want to say that I need a room A room? You want a room? Nice to meet you Welcome! Can you tell me what kind of room do you prefer? Let me help But you said that it’s gonna be demolished Yes You’d better go to the downtown… It’s not demolished yet Do you want a business suite, standard room, or VIP suite? Can I take a look of the room first? Of course I’ll show you the way. Come along This way please Please Sir, come in In Guanmei Fishing Village, our hotel is… Every book and every object here have their special meaning and story Sir, on the upstairs is your bedroom By the way, the most noted feature of our hotel is that you can see the ocean in the day and watch stars at night Too dusty Excuse us It’s a sea view room. Wind is strong Gosh! What’s up? I want some excise I like excise Sports We love sports I love sports, too So, sir, how do you like the room? Great, this is it Here Check me in I’ll get it done now He’s been to so many countries Goodness! I never expected that before we make a move, Shan Junhao came a cropper But it’s great Saved us the trouble That’s the consequence of his rash decision He urged to advance Guanmei Fishing Village project and got Tang Shuming here Each of Shan Junhao’s mistakes will become our trump card ♪ Distance between us ♪ ♪ Seems short yet long ♪ ♪ Heartfelt words are exchanged in diaries ♪ ♪ There are no secrets between us ♪ ♪ Didn’t get to say I love you so much ♪ ♪ You broke into my lonely heart ♪ ♪ And lit the fire called love ♪ ♪ You drove out all my loneliness ♪ ♪ So that I can slowly adjust myself ♪ ♪ You painted my life ♪ ♪ With flowers ♪ ♪ You raised me up ♪ ♪ From that moment on ♪ ♪ You’ve been singing for me ♪