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The Legend of Chusen II Episode 1 The righteousness in the world has no bounds. The desire of the mortal world is endless. In thousands of years, the righteous and demonic have never stopped fighting. Qing Yun borrowed the ancient weapon, the Chusen Sword to defeat the demonic sect. And then after 100 years of great changes, the righteous and demonic went to war again. Tian Ying Peak’s Pu Zhi was controlled by the Capturing Blood Pearl. He killed everyone in Grass Temple Village below Qing Yun Mountain. As a result, the orphans Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin Jing Yu entered Qing Yun Sect. To repay the sect’s favor, Zhang Xiao Fan worked hard and grew up. Coincidentally, he obtained the Capturing Blood Pearl and Soul Bringer, two treasures with great evil strength. During the Seven Palace Martial Arts Competition, he beat his fellow disciples, to their shock. After that, he who was full of Qing Yun and Tian Ying magic, he obtained the demon sect’s Heaven Book in the Thousand Bat Ancient Cave. The three sect’s magic combined caused Zhang Xiao Fan’s power to increase greatly. At the same time, it also planted the root of disaster. Flowing secretly in the Heyang River (northern part of the Yellow River), numerous events in the Kongsang Mountain, getting the Pearl at Dinghai, getting his heart broken at Full Moon Well, the fights for the defense of the different Palaces. The Zhang Xiao Fan that went down the mountain to do good, along with Lu Xue Qi, Lin Jing Yu, etc, went through many experiences. Went through several difficult trials and grew up fast. And then, during many skirmishes with the demon sect, Zhang Xiao Fan fell in love with the Ghost King’s daughter, Bi Yao. They went through life and death and fell deeply in love. But no one can change the fact that righteous and evil paths are not the same. This kind of love will never be accepted in this world. Heaven’s law is heartless. It treats every living thing equally like grass. The war between the righteous and demonic began again. Both sides had terrible casualties. Dao Xuan of Qing Yun took out the Chusen Swords and swept all four corners of the battlefield. He forced Zhang Xiao Fan under the sword. To save Zhang Xiao Fan, Bi Yao took the sword for him. Qing Yun’s great war

ended with the forever separation of two lovers. Zhang Xiao Fan went to Kong San Mountain to find the Spiritual Rock that once had brought him back to life. He hoped that he could revive Bi Yao. How long have you been by Bi Yao’s side? Almost two years It’s about the same time you two knew each other When you followed her at Yudu, did she often mention me? She talked about you every day! At the beginning, the ones that poisoned Xiao Huan weren’t us! I know I had good intentions in saving her life Yet what happened? You are a good person – Zhang Xiao Fan! – People from Long Life Sect! Let’s go Teacher, how are your injuries? Ghost King really is too cruel Hurry and tail Zhang Xiao Fan Maybe we can even find the magical stone of Star Gazing Cliff I need that stone to treat my wounds Then how about you? Cang Song will be here soon – Hurry and send men out. The magical stone must be obtained – Yes After this area, it will be the Fox Qishan Mountain already When we enter the area, we must be very careful to guard against any ambushes Be careful Who are you? Come out Long time no see, Jing Yu Where is Zhang Xiao Fan? Hand him over Zhang Xiao Fan already doesn’t have anything to do with your Qing Yun You better just go back Evil woman, what really is your purpose for capturing Zhang Xiao Fan? Say it! Let me say it again. If you two still don’t leave, then don’t blame me for being heartless Didn’t you say last time that you’ll be leaving the demon sect? What did Ghost King do to you that you must still be loyal to him? That is none of your business You only need to tell me if Xiao Fan really is in the Ghost Sect or not Let him come out to see me I can’t tell you anything He isn’t around, is he? He wanted to revive Bi Yao He went to Yudu? If you still want to be alive, then hurry and leave Senior Brother Xiao, why are you here? Brother Li I was tasked by my sect to come here to look for Zhang Xiao Fan What a coincidence. I am also here to look for Zhang Xiao Fan

Zhang Xiao Fan might have gone to Yudu already Yudu? You used to scold grandfather for accepting promissory notes from people Aren’t you also the same now? It’s also not easy for citizens to live. If you are so capable, then you do this I won’t. Just hurry up Or just wait for spring to distribute the rations I said before that this city mayor thing is really not for humans Qing Yun has already ended in such a disastrous state yet I still I have to be here and think about how the citizens must prepare for the coming of spring, distributing seeds and planting them I rushed back here yet I’m being treated coldly by you Can you at least say a few good words and praise me? – Xiao Huan! – Wild Dog? Xiao Huan! I finally see you again! I am not close with you! Get lost! Wild Dog! You even have the nerve to come here to Yudu? Talk! What were an accomplice like you doing when the demon sect attacked our Qing Yun Sect? I… didn’t do anything at all! I really didn’t do anything at all! I only was carrying my magic weapon and just standing at the back for show Really Zhang Xiao Fan came here with me He asked me to come over here and look for you guys so don’t use force Xiao… where is Xiao Fan? Before he was at Ghost King Sect. Now, he’s here at your manor Never thought that Lin Jing Yu was also here They are currently talking in your front yard How many people did they send? Are you the only one here? Senior Sister Lu is already on her way here Senior Brother Xiao and I first went to Fox Qishan Mountain to find you Jin Ping’er only spoke vaguely I think that the only place that you will go to is Yudu Did you came here to Yudu because you plan to go to Kongsang Mountain’s Star Gazing Cliff – to revive Bi Yao? – Yes Our fate is set by the Heaven. We can’t change it Xiao Fan The deceased is already gone We’ve been through a lot together How come you still can’t think about it openly? You’re wrong It is exactly because I went through all this that’s why I don’t want the same thing to happen again No matter what, I must wake Bi Yao up What if you fail? Will you also not go back to Qing Yun again? Of course That day when Qing Long took you and Bi Yao away, I already felt then that you can never go back to Qing Yun again Even though the person that the Chusen sword pierced through is Bi Yao, Zhang Xiao Fan also died then Once I revive Bi Yao, I will take her away from here From then on, we won’t belong to any sects You have entered into your heart’s demon What is a demon? Everything that you are protecting now will also one day abandon you Bu Zhi, Cang Song, Dao Xuan, even the whole righteous sects! Zhang Xiao Fan Since we were little, we were best friends like we were real brothers Do you remember that we said before that we will live as Qing Yun’s disciples and die as Qing Yun’s ghosts? That is because you have never been abandoned by your sect! My teacher betrayed Qing Yun He personally destroyed my cultivation I know it better than you! You will not be able to defeat me

Because your heart is also wavering Even if my heart is wavering, I still will not let you fall into the evil path Make your move Brother Xiao Fan! What are you doing? Fighting against each other? This is Yudu Zhang Xiao Fan, you still haven’t joined the evil sect Even if you already did, you are still not allowed to cause trouble here Why aren’t you sleeping yet this late at night? Grandpa… I can’t foretell Brother Xiao Fan’s future I also don’t know in what way can I help him Child Thing of the past have already been set. You can’t change it About the unknown future, even if you open your Heaven Eye, but think about what kind of fate that Zhang Xiao Fan has A chaotic demonic life is the hardest to predict You are still young and have no cultivation yet; of course you can’t foretell it A chaotic demonic fate that even the devil can’t touch, shouldn’t it be a very strong type of fate! Brother Xiao Fan is so kind Always protecting us and helping so many people Why must the Heaven treat him this way? Before, after seeing Six Tail and Sister Three Tail insisting on not separating and abandoning each other and dying together, I really never thought that Brother Xiao Fan and Sister Bi Yao would be more unfortunate than them! What did they really do wrong that they must endure a pain that is way greater than just dying? Grandpa Grandpa, don’t you always say that fate is set by the Heavens while fortune depends on one’s doings Do you have any methods that can help them? – I – Was it to use the forbidden technique that was used to save Sister Jing Ping’er or my Heaven Eye Skills? Anything is fine No matter how many life years I must spend for it, I am all willing You stupid child Have you forgotten the consequence of you using your Heaven Eye Skills last time at the Black Stone Cave? Don’t you still understand? Preying upon Heaven’s will and changing destiny will make you suffer the Heavens’ wrath The consequence of that will be way worse than what is happening now – Then… what should I do? – Okay Listen to me Although I don’t have your talent in fortune telling, but I still have already lived this long and have seen so many people Although that Zhang Xiao Fan has a very difficult life and has been having nonstop tribulations, I keep feeling that his fortune is extraordinary Maybe he can rely on his very firm will and kind nature to resolve this disaster. And also, Ghost King has already promised him that he surely will have a way to save Bi Yao And also, with the help of Zeng Shu Shu and the others, all of these will surely turn for the better Take this.

What is this? From now on, remember to give it back to me when I want it. Looking how your face is white like paper, like it would be better to be just dead, how long have you not slept for? Bi Yao is still waiting for me. I don’t have much time Xiao Fan, don’t be too stubborn If the Ghost King didn’t attack Qing Yun that day, Bi Yao This wouldn’t have happened to Bi Yao