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Episode 7 Sis, you came back Shi De No! Come with me When are you going to bring my grand daughter-in-law home soon? It wasn’t her? or, you didn’t find her I’ve already found her it’s true shes been found Then, why didn’t you bring her back? yeah The daughter-in-law should meet her mom-in-law you should bring her here so we can meet her But the timing should be when you’re ready for it Tomorrow morning! Or noon? Or we can meet for dinner later? Okay I will talk to her about when we should meet we should leave now I’ll go start the car In 5 minutes we will leave the house Shi De mum Shi De Since Shi De doesn’t want to talk about this, You shouldn’t ask him It’s not like you don’t know what his personality is like You won’t get any answers even if you ask further Enough Yang Yi Qing Who permitted you to buy so much snacks home? I didn’t buy them It’s him Hi I cooked supper with dad Let’s eat it together later on Move over Enough already I know you are still angry Today, I really did go talk about the contract Don’t be angry Dad, my alarm clock is broken tomorrow morning tell me to wake up, ok Okay Yi Ru Do you want to try some of Qi Ming’s supper? I don’t want any I want to sleep…Good night You see dad she’s pretending that I’m air I made supper! I told you it wouldn’t work. I told you to save your face and you didn’t want to do it You deserve it By the way, Brother Qi Ming Have a look at what you need Anything you need, write it down I’ll burn it for you Am I your brother or not? I’ve got no bro I only have sis Qi Ming Dad She’s only fuming mad these few days you must not appear in her sight If she doesn’t see you, her anger may subside faster Really? Believe my word Go back a little early and rest Okay

I’m going home Bye!Bye Dad Whats wrong? I have never seen you with your emotions so down Are you still blaming Qi Ming for not being concerned about Uncle Kang? Frankly, it’s not like this He’s also very regretful and worried He is not a bad person You should know I know That’s why I’m not angry with him I am angry with my self He’s a bit weaker than others, so I’m just taking my anger out on him Then what exactly has happened? For the company, I decided to lie to a kind, considerate, and good man Who is it? He’s someone I met at Chang Nan Island. He knew that my life only had 6 months left to live so he decided to help fulfill my dream He proposed to me and gave me so many precious memories Also, a beautiful marriage ceremony You! You’re married? No!No, Dad It was just a ceremony. It was not authenticated by the law Not authenticated by the law? It’s true Dad, I’m still single You have no son in law single It’s just once I found out my illness was fake, I became really angry! I didn’t say anything, and immediately rushed back to Taiwan I wanted to say that in this lifetime I wouldn’t be running into him again I didn’t think that the company suing Sun Qi Ming belongs to him then can’t you just tell him the truth Of course, I can today, I had a chance to But Once I thought about the company’s lawsuit, I just So you continued to lie I know I shouldn’t use him and lie because of his sympathy towards me But Once I think about Uncle Kang and the others, I just don’t have the heart to do it Dad, am I really despicable and awful like this? You are being too harsh on yourself It’s just that right now you haven’t told him the truth temporarily Once this situation passes, you will find a time and properly explain it to him I’m hearing you talk about this person I think He must be a good person, His character is not bad at all So I believe he will definitely forgive you Don’t think too much Rest well Good night Dad, Goodnight Why am I lying to him? If my cancer was real, then everything would be good! Sorry, god I was saying nonsense things earlier I still want to live healthily I I just don’t want to lie to people Shi De

Grandma, Morning Regarding the matter with granddaughter in law, will you bring it up today? Give it some more time Why do we have to wait a while? Because Yi Ping, my…my waist hurts Come and give me a massage Grandma, I’ll help you No, no, no need Men’s hands are too big Your aunt helping is enough Your still eating Go to my room I’ll go take a look If they need my help in any way You should sit down and have breakfast first I’ll go take a look sis I’m sorry You Don’t be angry at me anymore, ok?I’m not angry I’m not angry I’m not angry Of course, I hope that you would be happy It’s just that I’m an author on relationships I’m also a public figure Everyone is watching me My pressure is great I’m not intentionally giving you a hard time It’s not that I’m unhappy seeing you being so happy Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki I know it’s because of me you are having a hard time The truth is it’s not that hard on me As long as you promise me that you won’t make public the wedding then it’s fine Ok, I promise you Really? You can really not make it public? Really Your promised me You can’t go back on your word I won’t ok I won’t let you hide it for too long I will make plans to find my perfect half You can then expose your marriage earlier Don’t you love poached eggs? I will let you have this Wait a minute Give everything to me Okay, I will give you everything We are even now This Where does the problem lie? Why isn’t Shi De willing to bring my grand daughter-in-law home? Mom This is really hard to guess They can’t be having a fight I have been thinking about this the whole day and still can’t figure it out Why can’t you figure it out? It’s the trend of the youngsters in this era to marry and divorce easily What marry and divorce easily? It’s called a lightning marriage And subsequently, a lightning divorce! This situation with Shi De and Yi Ru completely meets the current trend They’re reaching this generation’s climax So, last night, the lightnings kept flashing, was indicating this premonition? Divorce? That’s not right It wasn’t easy for me to get a grand daughter-in-law Mum First, Don’t be anxious I think Shi De doesn’t want a divorce Furthermore, he said that he’ll show us his wife later Later? This He’s saying later Later is such a long time Yeah He should at the very least bring her here so we can meet her and check her out

You want to check her out? Very simple Leave it up to me I’ll let you be the first ones to witness it Sorry I took up some of your time It’s okay I know Here At the last presentation, I know why you disguised yourself and looked like that You saw me in the company, but didn’t want to acknowledge me You clearly knew I was the manager of Hao Sheng and had a lawsuit against your company Yet, you didn’t personally look for me immediately.It is because You didn’t want to rely on relations to solve this issue Right? In regards to assistant Wang and those working for him, what is the progress for the lawsuit? Our company’s legal department Our company’s legal department has already created a lawsuit to all those involved Withdraw the lawsuit against Xun Qi Ming Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Tell the legal department to prioritize this first Go and settle it now Okay Shi De. You are looking for me? Yi Ru? Why have you come here? I know it now You have finally thought it over and decided to be with Shi De Deputy General Manager I have already made the selection from the three agencies who presented and that is Feng Hua’s media Wasn’t Feng Hua already eliminated? General Manager Regarding this account, I can’t Regarding the contract with Feng Hua, you are solely responsible for it I won’t take part OK, I understand Don’t worry about my work I’m very grateful to you for withdrawing the lawsuit but regarding this case, we really can’t There is nothing that can’t be possible Didn’t you just hear the General Manager say that I’m solely responsible for this account now? It has nothing to do with that person But Okay, Okay Once our General Manager has decided, we can’t just randomly change it Then let’s take a picture and celebrate here, here Look this way Smile You look better than the photo Finally, succeeded I’m going back to work. Bye bye General Manager. Regarding this account Take time off from your company this afternoon I’m taking you to a place You… why are you taking me to the hospital? I have already made the arrangements for you Professor Fu. How are you?

How are you? That’s right. We haven’t seen each other for a few years You have already grown so much taller and better looking Don’t say that Professor Fu This is the patient whom I talked to you about Yi Ru Professor Ge is a specialist in tumors I especially invited him to help me to cure your illness Don’t be afraid I have chosen one of my top students Cai Rong Professor Hello. My name is Ke Cai Rong You are Miss Yang Yi Ru, right? Yes In future, I will be your main consulting doctor Can I can address you as Yi Ru? I will leave her to you then Okay Thank you Yi Ru. To better and quickly understand your condition, I have already arranged a variety of imaging tests All of these tests examine not only your abdomen It includes your liver’s ultrasound as well as your abdomen’s CAT scan, blood work and MRI These tests aid in treating liver cancer and are all very valuable It can also help with replacing any deficiencies found in your blood work up So many tests? Don’t worry all of the tests today are not intrusive The problem isn’t whether they’re intrusive or not The truth is I already have my own consulting doctor Hence, the tests that you were just referring to, I’ve already done them I know that It’s okay I will go and look for your consulting doctor first Then we will focus on your illness and try to understand it more I will request for your records to be sent over. That will do too Which hospital did you had your medical check up? Who is your consulting doctor? The consulting doctor My consulting doctor is very popular He has gone overseas for a meeting Hence, we don’t need to do the tests today Besides, my consulting doctor is not here too Yi Ru You have cancer and not a cold You must make good use of this time Some medical tests are necessary I said that I’ve already taken these tests And, today I need to get home early My dads not at home So I must go home to make food for my sister It’s not good to let her go hungry Since it’s like this, Yi Ru, we just have to do the MRI today? Is that ok? Miss Chen Please take Miss Yang Yi Ru to change her clothes We’re going to do the MRI soon Miss Yang Yi Ru. Please come with me Come on, let’s go Don’t be afraid It will be fine Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Why is she so against the checkup? Half of the patients are unable to immediately accept their illness That’s why they develop resistance It’s okay I will help Yi Ru with her psychological training and let her take some clinical counseling classes It would be better if you could be with her Thank you I can’t have this checkup If I have this checkup, I’m finished Yi Ru Don’t worry It will be over soon, okay? Ok, turn around come on go come here Don’t be afraid Wait

Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Wait What’s wrong? I need to go to the toilet The checkup I need to go to the toilet What should I do? If anything I can’t hide in here forever but I can’t do the MRI scan too What should I do? I must not do the scan Once I do the scan, Then I’ll be found out that in fact I’m fine Whether I live or die doing it, I must still hang in there until my lawsuit case comes to an end Doctor Ke I will go check Yi Ru’s condition Check her condition? But, she is in the women’s toilet What should I do? To keep hiding here isn’t possible Rescuer I must find a rescuer I got it! Ms, What do you want to do? Sorry, Did I scare you? Ms, I just want to borrow your phone I have an urgent matter that I need to call my family about But, I’ve lost my phone Can I borrow your phone to make a call? Please, Can you help me on this? I won’t use it for long and I won’t waste too much of your money NT$10. I will only use NT$10 of the time After you have finished going to the toilet,I’ll return it to you Please, help me Hurry Thank you You are such a nice person You will have good karma Yi Ru Yang Yi Ru Hello, It’s me Yi Ru No, I didn’t change my phone This is someone else’s phone But that’s not the point I’m at the hospital Hurry and come save me

Sun Qi Ming It’s your fault that I’m at the hospital If it wasn’t because of Hao Sheng’s lawsuit case against you, Would I need to lie to people I don’t care where you are right now No matter what you do You must come within 10 minutes take me away from here Starting from now He should make it, right Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Have you finished talking? I’ve finished, thank you Your very pretty Why are you standing over there? Ru! What a coincidence bumping into you here Let me tell you. I know that you’re not feeling well now but something major happened to our company You must come with me now Our company is on fire Yes, yes I’ll be leaving What are you being nervous about? Haven’t I just helped you out of trouble? Hey, didn’t you say you would make it in 10 minutes? I was in Dan Shui* just now. [*A town in New Taipei City.] In half an hour, me being able to get here I think besides Schumacher*, it’d just be me. [*Michael Schumacher, the German F1 racing driver] Forget it Anyway, I’ve succeeded in escaping today I’ll not quibble with you then Your not even sick, so why did you go to the hospital? Why are you caring so much? Didn’t you say the company is on fire Then, you should hurry and start the car I know that you are sliming me now I couldn’t think of any other reason at such an urgent time like this Such bothersome matters, why didn’t you look for Yi Qing? Why must you find me instead? Yi Qing needs to go to work Please Who on earth is more idle than a boss like you? Hurry up and start the car In a moment, if they come here, what should we do then? Don’t worry To catch up with me, apart from Schumacher, there is no one else Seatbelt Aiyoh Hello, Courier for Lan Shi Yun Give it to me I’m Lan Shi Yun Lan Shi Yun? Then, please help me sign here Thank you Your package Thank you Bye Bye Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki

I’m back Do you want a fresh coffee? No sugar, more milk It’s still you who knows me best Thanks Did she sign in person? But your taste is really lacking That woman looks like a very high maintenance and expensive vase What great disparity? All the men that you have dated, don’t they each have their own styles? Don’t compare me against you Our levels are different In my fish farm, the fish there Has there own purpose for being there Unlike you, One look to your liking and you want to take her home for a wife You are not respectful Here, your coffee Try and see how’s the taste Thank you Gao Zi Yuan I’ve fallen in love with your coffee Will you be willing to make me coffee forever? You want forever Treat me as your one and only Why not come to my fish farm? The more, the merrier Don’t you know that he’s a fighting fish? A fighting fish at your fish farm, it’ll eat all the fishes and leave only one behind Who can take it? You even want this kind of fish? Hello, Jonny What are you doing? Do you want to go shopping with me later? OK Do you remember that road junction? ok Did you see the sign hanging on her neck On it it’s written, welcome Aren’t you going to jump in now? You want me to jump in there? Only if she retracts and stops rearing fishes Your thinking too much You are taking action now? Are you sure you want to do this? What can’t I? I know I didn’t stop you But I want to remind you Don’t play with fire too much Play with fire? The one playing with fire is her, not me I’m going to do my run Eyes are round and big Nose is sharp No matter how I look at my grand daughter-in-law, The more I look the more familiar she looks Mum, When I listen to you say that I also think I have seen her before somewhere She really looks a bit familiar Are you trying to scare people, you Why do you put on a mask again, flashing past for no purpose? Grandma This is not just any face mask This is a very expensive beauty face mask You guys don’t have to mind me, I’ve gotten over Shi De’s marriage There really is no problem Of course He is my most loved little brother why would I stand in the way of his happiness Really You didn’t have any ulterior motives? You didn’t ask for any unreasonable requests? Of course not! I wouldn’t believe How could you not have given him any conditions? I didn’t! Our daughter definitely isn’t that type of person Come here Since, you don’t mind you help me figure out Shi De and our grand daughter-in-law, Where exactly does the problem lie? Yes This afternoon he even took leave to go on a date and I heard the response from Yang Yi Ru was just like A cup of ice cold water What is the reason for this? Women make decisions because of impulse

and regret after rationalizing I know What you mean is when they were overseas, they were full of passion But when they got back the fire died Is it like this? Hence, that’s why my grand daughter-in-law wants a divorce? Granny. Honestly, that may not be it A woman’s mind can easily change Yeah It’s just like when each day I go out to buy coffee But, I always seem to buy mocha when I get back Shi Yun So is there any hope or not? Quickly tell us how to salvage it then How to salvage it? I know how to salvage it You know how to We can first go pay our visit to the in-laws and foster the relationship between the two families Yi Ru will feel secure this way That’s a good idea But don’t be to anxious and risk Yi Ru’s change of heart Yeah Indeed, we can’t be too rude and impetuous it’d be just like drawing water with a wicker basket, it’d all be in vain Rest assured Leave this matter in my hands At this urgent time if we don’t have a special method how can we make Yi Ru willing To give up on the idea of divorce ok At your last presentation, why did you disguise yourself like that? You saw me in the company Yet didn’t want to me to see you Even though you clearly knew I was the General Manager, even with the legal issues at the very first moment you didn’t come see me It’s because You didn’t want to rely on relations to solve this issue My god Is the company business doing that bad lately? You could even buy such an old woman’s hat and bring it home? It’s not of your concern I heard Qi Ming saved himself You already forgave him Hao Shen also dropped the lawsuit Yes Why are you always like this then? This matter is a little complicated. You are a kid, you won’t understand Is it that complicated? It’s only because you had a motive to reach, you only told the truth a bit late You care so much Unless Unless, What? You like him How is that possible You shouldn’t talk nonsense I’m not talking nonsense Don’t I know you? If your heart wasn’t moved even a little bit, If you didn’t like him, how could you have slept with him? How did you know about this? Did Sun Qi Ming tell you? He really has a big mouth It was you who guessed right I didn’t betray him No matter what It’s a fact that you slept with him You shouldn’t hide Just admit it that you like him This kind of situation You don’t understand This kind of feeling shouldn’t be like it shouldn’t be that my heart was moved To speak strictly, It should be touched Yes, It’s touched You can call it whatever you like it’s still a one night It was only for a night Anyway, anyways, It’s not like you need to like to him forever You being so uneasy like this it’s clearly due to having love’s symptoms I haven’t You are! No! You so have I really haven’t, your shouldn’t talk about it anymore You have You don’t even believe me Then I’ll use my phone To make an appointment with him to tell him properly I’m going to text him now

Text then This is Yang Yi Ru Tomorrow afternoon, Do you have time? I want to treat you