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Episode 9 Sorry, you’re busy and I still came to bother I came to deliver the contract I planned on giving it to Lan Deputy General Manager but I ran into your assistant and he brought me here I already accepted this case Discuss it with me in the future Accepted it? Why? What do you think? Come Come, sit down Since we’ve confirmed that we will work together, I will trouble you then No problem. I’ll make sure that you are satisfied What do you need we will work with you I may need some of your information like the company introduction, organizational structure or analysis of your staff no problem. I’ll ask Angus to help you okay. Thank you Do you mind taking me to see it? I’m afraid that will be a bit difficult Our history is very vast if you want to know more about it, the best way is to start from the top Right? These are the earliest records of Hao Sheng Because it’s not been digitized, it’s not convenient for you to take from here okay. no problem I will look into it I have a small request I don’t know if it’s too much to ask you can say it If you could, can you help me in passing, sort out the archives? it would really be a big help The information is Hao Sheng’s most confidential documents, most valuable assets Only the most trusted people no problem. leave it to me okay then thank you. good luck General Manager That information is very old Before when we were doing the presentation we didn’t require this much Then, why did you I hope that they could do a different presentation Is that right Let everyone know no one is allowed to bother her okay mom!

I already said I prepared everything already yet you still buy so much stuff look there so much there’s only 3 people how are we going to carry it all over to our in laws No one complains of too many gifts That’s right Shi Yun, you can accompany us over there I already know and yesterday you said you’re visiting close friends So you’re visiting the in laws? You really want to hide it from Shi De and go see Yang Yi Ru’s family? What else can we do It’s not like you don’t know Shi De’s personality We can’t let those two be like that lingering in the middle you go too one more person will make us stronger Since your mouth is so strong Aunt! I’m saying you’re good with words I can drive you all there but don’t make me persuade them I really don’t want to wade through this muddy water what What’s this about not wanting to wade through this muddy water? This is your little brother’s happiness! grandma love is between two people Shi De is really engrossed in it That doesn’t necessarily mean that Yang Yi Ru is also engrossed You can’t force them Perhaps they really aren’t compatible Shi De being sad right now might only be temporary The next woman will be better What do you mean better This love is like a green island in a middle of a desert If you miss one, who knows if you’ll ever find another And if you get lost and can’t find water, you’ll thirst to death. What to do? Then you can only blame yourself for getting lost Hey you’re Aunt! Love in this age is being able to handle it and let go of it Think about it If you come across a person you don’t love who clings to you, it’s even scarier You’re saying,, Shh.. I’m going to change my clothes, wait a minute Why don’t you think of yourself being able to handle and let go too well that you don’t even have one suitor Yi Ping you are her aunt That’s just the truth Wait till the time when she herself becomes lovesick, let’s see if she can just simply let go mom. let’s go change our cloths We’re here! Is it here? this is it You three ladies are new students? come in. we are starting class come Aren’t we here to match make? Why? Why? mom We are entering the enemy’s turf to understand the environment Let’s get to know this place Only by knowing ourselves and also the enemy, can we then always win We are here to match make, not to fight mom look Our in law is at work Further, there’s so many people it’s not easy to say anything Chicken! When you are about to cook this chicken, to preserve the texture, to make it tasty and keep it tender, then while marinating it, you have to give it a good massage just like this Watch carefully A strong pair of hands a focused sight After blanching these sugar snap peas, you must at once sieve them out and dunk it in ice water Right! It’s really beautiful If you think that this dish doesn’t have enough color we can add red and yellow capsicums We can add carrots as well Let it be more colorful Men are like this It’s not enough to have just one wife They will want a third, fourth or fifth mistresses A gentle smile I remember telling you before you have to be focused while cooking that way you can make good dishes You can cook good food when you are focused. Teacher preserves his love there’s only his late wife in his heart Don’t talk nonsense That’s right Teacher’s wife passed away for more than 20 years He has been focused in bringing up his two daughters He has never been tempted by any women Okay. Let’s start with the class then Okay Do it this way.Okay, I know

This is how it’s like when it’s stir fried I’ve finally found you! My prefect man. Albee give this to the general manager okay Notify everyone not to work overtime today Are you sure, we are not allowed to work overtime that means everyone must go home on time Do you need to add a couple of words in front? Angus Immediately announce it can I get everybody’s attention Angus I want you to use the company e-mail to notify Why? What I want is, the company’s employees to leave work on time Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki okay bye bye bye bye thank you teacher Please be on time on the day after tomorrow okay bye bye thank you come again Did you have any problems with my class? I just want to ask your skills, how do we learn that? We are because of Yi Ru and She De’s wedding incidence I think between us Is there some sort of misunderstanding? because what I hear from my daughter This marriage does not seem to be legally binding there isn’t But, if these two young people didn’t mutually like each other Then, why did they get married? It’s not like a playing house This is because Oh. look Our family’s Shi De not only looks good character is also good Look at his photograph you see This is our family’s Shi De very cute he is very cute when he was little also He received many prizes in college Look at how thick his commendations are Take a look He’s very awesome. Furthermore, he’s now a manager He performs very well Yi Ping That’s right really good Teacher Yang There are already very few men these days who are devoted to love Yes That’s right Our Shi De is indeed devoted to love He will be able to support Yi Ru very well Yes, Our whole family We will all support Yi Ru too Even though, right now we don’t really know her very well After meeting you I can tell that she is a very good girl Thank you It can’t get better than this Thank you I really didn’t think this Mister Lan would Don’t be so formal Just call him Shi De From now on, we are all one family That’s right. In future, you can call me Yi Ping Okay I was saying, I really didn’t think Mr Lan Shi De is so serious about it But This matter will still have to depend on my daughter What kind of decision she makes I don’t have any objections But All of this will depend on fate We shouldn’t be too forceful Of course, Of course I’m just worried

If Yi Ru is not happy with Shi De, Then I I don’t know how to That doesn’t matter There are other ways To become in laws Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Recap… Teacher Yang What are we going to learn next? I have Chinese and Western cuisine classes Regarding of which classes, I want to take them That’s right Her sacrifice is too much, too much! Take the class Just take the class Thank you That’s great. He has no objections That’s great We only need to wait for Yi Ru’s consent and the Lan family can have a wedding banquet Yes I want to have one too What do you want to have? Wedding So, my other half is actually here He’s cooking a good meal and waiting for me to go home to have dinner Quickly leave She’s beyond salvation What we should be most anxious now Is how to talk to Yi Ru That’s right. We must have a proper talk with her But, mum we shouldn’t rush it if it’s too rushed then she would feel like she is being forced into the marriage Then that’s not too good That’s right We should carefully think about it then That’s right. Let’s think it over carefully How should we tell her Get off work now Are you sure? It’s already 6 pm Leave on the dot It’s already 6 pm Quick. Leave on the dot Pack up why is there a black out? My God!!! computer. What do I do My information isn’t saved Oh no! are you okay what is it nothing’s wrong sorry Just now, there seems to be a blackout it’s no problems. Its just everything that I type is all gone You didn’t save it? nope I never thought that the company would have a black out so It will be hard on you then type everything over

yup Then, continue on Go back to work Okay. It’s hard on you too as you’re still working It’s okay Heaven today I’m so tired My fingers are getting stiff from typing What are you doing?Are you practicing martial arts? I’m not Today, I’m tired, tired to death what happened? It can’t be that Sun Qi Ming threw the tedious job to you again? No Today I asked for it myself wait a second You are dressed so beautifully tonight You are going out? I’m going for a midnight movie It’s so late, who are you going with? alone? me, how is it possible for me to be alone? a guy? of course I already have a date with Jeff He wants to treat me to the movies Don’t alway be with Sun Qi Ming and learn all those useless things you no no me and him are different He thinks he’s a knight who actively invests time and energy in, sacrifices and is devoted towards every woman I’m a queen I only accept special devotion Compared with a certain man’s invested time and energy, my level is much higher than his Yang Yi Qing I just talked about you and you are now phone call coming okay okay I’ll get going now he’s waiting for me don’t wait for me to come home be careful I know come back early okay you are back dad, care about your daughter It’s so late, yet she is going out, it’s dangerous It’s useless for me to tell her if you don’t bother about it what you say is right Okay I will find a day to have a good talk with her So much gifts That Bai auntie who’s secretly admiring you She sent you gifts again? What? The Lan family sent this today to propose a marriage propose marriage ? This is Lan Shi De’s personal information I have looked at all of it He’s very refined He’s a good young man dad what exactly happened You should tell me clearly Lan family said that Lan Shi De really likes you Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Recap… about what happened His mood right now is not very stable and he’s not the same at work really? that’s what their family said What do you think of him? At Boracay island, I already knew that he is a good man It’s just that the relationship between us did not have the basis of love I didn’t think there were real feelings just like having a dream did not have the basis of love I didn’t think there were real feelings just like having a dream I didn’t really think that they would actually say he, would feel towards me well what do you think about him? I don’t know either…Don’t ask me it doesn’t matter this matter do not rush take it slow The most important thing is you’re happy and be blessed whatever you decide I will support you Hungry? I’ll make some supper for you. Thanks father

Oh, I want to eat some beef noodles I’ll see if we have any Don’t they say, first bring gifts then prepare soldiers? Mother, we went there to discuss marriage talk, not to go for war We shall have a good talk with them, if it does not work we should use our tears to move them First, cry. Second, make a scene. Third, threaten to kill ourselves Even in dramas, no one wants to see this anymore Don’t you have any fresh ideas? Yi Ping’s head is full of the in law She can’t be used What did I teach you? Knock, if you want to come in Yes, How did grandma teach you what is in your hand Grandmother, here is some dessert to eat Grandma don’t forget you’re going to the hospital tomorrow for an examination Tomorrow? I remember are you guys hiding something from me? no did you guys look for Yang Yi Ru? No We went to look for her father Her father? Yang Yi Ru’s father We just thought because you were having a headache about her So we thought whether we could help you in this matter So Yes Father in law is a very reasonable person he didn’t oppose of your relationship with Yang Yi Ru All we have to do now, is to not let Yang Yi Ru become angry with you Wait! You misunderstood The situation is not like that Me and Yang Yi Ru have no relationship I even against her, have I have no feelings for her That how can that be? you don’t have any feelings for her? Then why did you have a fake marriage with her? It was because she said she had cancer So, I wanted to help her fulfill her wish That Yang Yi Ru, has cancer? That is also fake She was using me to withdraw the lawsuit against her boss Then that means it is a scam that Grandma, I’m sorry, I let you down How about this? Why don’t you arrange for another matchmaking date? this time I will promise you Okay? What is the use of matchmaking? It’s not as if with a matchmake, it would mean an immediate granddaughter-in-law? If you don’t agree If you don’t agree to marry can I force you to get married I want to rest…Leave! Grandma Then, tomorrow’s health checkup you still would need to go I don’t want to go mom marriage is marriage the checkup is a checkup Two different things yes grandma I already took leave, so that I could accompany you Not in the mood Not going So, not going Not going, Mum grandma don’t be like that its okay Come You shouldn’t be too worried Grandma’s temper is like that All you need to do tomorrow, is to accompany her obediently all day Then she will be fine mom I’m sorry sorry I didn’t clarify everything and caused you to be busy How can you say that? As long as it’s for your happiness your Grandma and I won’t be wasting any effort okay okay It’s late now, hurry and get some rest You have to keep up your energy Just accompany your Grandmother well tomorrow okay You have to rest early too Is Yang Yi Ru really that calculating of a girl? grandma

I don’t want an examination! grandma This is all for your own good If your body’s healthy, then you’ll be clear headed enough to arrange a matchmake for me To find a granddaughter- in- law? Isn’t it? You still dare to say this? Madame long time no see Madame, how are you? Professor Ge, how are you? How are you, how are you? Mr. Lan long time no see you still have not bring your girlfriend for a check up She’s not my girlfriend then Yi Ru is don’t say anything come Mr. Lan I don’t care what happen between you and Ms.Yang as a doctor I believe you should bring her over to do a checkup as soon as possible Doesn’t she have a serious illness? Actually, the matter is not what you think What is the matter? that Ms. Yang is That’s a misunderstanding May I ask That miss, what is her name That’s Chai Ru She is my intern She just came back from the States Good personality, smart, and attentive but you are Yi Ru’s friend I think it’s good that it’s a misunderstanding I am sure you don’t want her to really have cancer So you ought to be happy right? More to the point, if it’s not for this how would you have the opportunity to tour the women’s bathroom? You shouldn’t have scared our patients, right? does she have a boyfriend? If she did I would have heard something about it Subtitles brought to you by the Team Love, Now @ Viki Excuse me Angus I want to ask when the general manager is coming general manager It’s not certain But, if you have an urgent matter I can help you contact him no it’s okay I just have something that I want to return to him I can wait till he comes back Yi Ru Sister Yi Ping Deputy Manager you are looking for Shi De yea it’s good that you put in more of an effort Where is the general manger Reporting, Deputy General Manager the manager has brought Madame for an medical check up Oh right Go back to your work Sister Yi Ping. I’m going back to work then work what work? aren’t you here to look for Shi De Aren’t these the company’s old archives? Why are they all here? These are the files I borrowed from the General Manager Then what are you doing right now? I’m digitizing the files Digitizing the files? Because General Manager said these are the company’s important files He requires someone to help So I was thinking as I look at the information, at the same time I can help him input into the computer That’s why I promised him But these documents are Lan Shi De, that little brat. He’s using this method. Xiao Zhen. Come What’s wrong? You want coffee, right? How would you like it today? One sugar, One milk

Two sugar, Two milk No sugar, No milk Who told you to pour coffee? Go Help input all that information Deputy General Manager There’s a lot There’s only one Deputy Manager and that’s me I told you to do it so do it Don’t talk so much nonsense Deputy Manager, The General Manager already instructed Manager Yang to do it If you let Siao Xen interfere, it wouldn’t be that good who says its not good? Is my position superior or the general manager’s? of course its the general manager’s Is the aunt bigger ( higher position) or him? Of course the aunt is bigger ( authority ) Then, that’s right but general manager said With me around, What are you afraid of? Just get busy with your business. Go do it quickly Yi Ping, it’s not a problem I type really fast, it would be its no problem Yi Ru I have something to say to you, come come don’t worry come Thanks, Sister Yi Ping no no Call me Aunt Ping Aunt Ping? good right, your dad must have told you about our family going to your house right when I went home my dad told me I will return that file to you Why are you returning it to me, silly girl? We are already family It doesn’t matter who has it Talking about this, that day when I went to your home, I saw your dad having a class I then discovered that his culinary skill is so great Especially when he was pan-flipping, there is only one word which can express it Too handsome! Will you mind if your father remarries? my dad No if he is interested in someone and meets someone who really loves him, I will definitely support him Especially since he has suffered over the years taking care of us sisters has been hard He should think about himself then what does your dad like? my dad he likes to cook what else does he like besides cooking Playing chess Playing chess? I don’t know how to play it what else? For example, what kind of exercises does he likes? Doing taichi Taichi? That’s too difficult. How am I going to learn that? What kind of food does he like? and what kind of movies does he like? Sister Yi Ping why are you asking so many questions about my dad today? I wanted to get to know the in laws better This way it’ll be smoother when we interact in the future What in laws? I will go and return the file to you I already told you to keep it Listen to me Get to understand each other better, it will help your relationship If you mind, you can treat it like a magazine and read it casually Okay, I won’t insist on it then But I’m going back to work first no need Xiao Zhen is here She is an ace in typing It’s 180 words a minute Just leave it to her I can’t thats my work I don’t feel right if I delegate it to someone else This child she is still so shy Our Shi De is so stubborn Hence, I must quickly think of a way to patch them back Yi Ru will be happy this way And she will support me being with her father I’m back Mom Are you ready to eat? Come. Let me pour a glass of water for you Okay She has been helping her the whole morning? Okay. Let her help What I passed to you, I want it by this afternoon Okay I will go to the company later Bye Shi De It’s rare for you to be at home in the afternoon Have lunch first before you go back to the company He’s not free Grandma. I only have 20 minutes You don’t I will pack lunch for Shi De to take it with him No need He is very busy at work Isn’t that so?

Frankly, I’m not in that much of a hurry, Grandma You are, very much so You have a lot of work at the company Didn’t you already talk about it on the phone? I’m going to the company afterwards Isn’t that so? That’s right. Go now Mom Okay Listen to grandma Go to work now but you must remember to eat Be good Okay. Go now Work waits for no man Okay, I’m going back to the company Be good Go to work now Be good. Okay Go to work. Listen to Grandma Be good Mom What’s the urgency? It doesn’t take much time for him to eat You don’t understand I have something urgent to tell you I can’t hold it any longer Didn’t you go for a check up today? I saw a girl Look Take a look Look Look at their expressions when they are together They are so natural Look. Just look at that Who is this girl? She is He Cai Rong She’s Professor Ge’s star student What’s most important is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend I even got her phone number and birthdate Let match them together afterwards And see if she’s compatible with Shi De or not? Mom Isn’t it too fast? Fast? How is it fast? It’s not as fast as Shi De changing my grand daughter in law Mom Shi De already said that it was a scam Furthermore, we don’t know what mood he’s in You are going to introduce him to that girl so fast? I’m only just helping him I’m helping him shift his focus This way, he will be able to forget about that scam Shi Yun already said The best cure for love sickness is to start a new relationship Did she say that? According to what I say, this year is the peach blossom year for Shi De Otherwise how could there be a glimmer of hope for him at his darkest hour? After Yang Yi Ru, along comes He Cai Rong This year, I will definitely have a grand daughter-in-law I hope so So, let’s have lunch quickly After lunch, let’s check their horoscopes Okay Okay. Let’s eat I can finally stop worrying Eat more Ok ok I’ve gotten tired of the food there Hello General Manager come here You! Why did you leave her at the company, do you know how to chase girls? what? Are you still pretending? Deputy General Manager Lan, we’re at work I know No personal matters at work But You acting that way… isn’t it for personal matters? Aunt okay general manager I know you wish to maintain your image of being impartial However, don’t you think that your technique is a bit too indirect? You leave her here to type up all that old information and didn’t even prepare her a lunch How can a man be so petty? If someone didn’t know, they’d think you’re making it difficult for her Shi De! If you like her, then say it proudly Bullying the girl you like even elementary school kids don’t play this game anymore Aunt I don’t like her You’re a grown man, no need to be shy Lan Deputy General Manager This is the workplace don’t discuss personal matters It is lunch break now I am your aunt Listen to your aunt Take care of her more, alright? Believe me walking in a straight line is sure to be a lot faster than through twists and turns Aunt… Let’s go! Go! Go for it! I’m sorry!

I didn’t do it on purpose! Don’t worry about it, I got it No need, thank you I’ll change clothes later Your information, I finished helping you type it Is that right? I copied some information to use at my workplace after that, can I find a time to interview you? Because I want to better understand Hao Sheng’s products Let’s do it now Preview Didn’t you go to Hao Sheng? What surveys have you come here to conduct? Hit by a vehicle and you didn’t even know it. What are you doing? It’s because she’s interviewing me You are Hao Sheng’s General Manager, Lan Shi De Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Temporary Boyfriend (zàn shí de nán péng yǒu 暂时的男朋友) Singer: Yen-J (yán jué 严爵) ♪In this round, happiness didn’t stop for too♫ ♪In the next round, you still can start over♫ ♪You won’t, won’t necessarily choose me♫ ♪But I’ll be even more persistent than you♫ ♪If you’ve still not given up on your ex-boyfriend♫ ♪I’ll wait while you keep hanging on to him♫ ♪I’m willing to be your rebound♫ ♪To be your temporary boyfriend♫ ♪So long as you need me to be with you♫ ♪I’m not afraid of what others may think or say of me♫ ♪I’m willing to be your rebound♫ ♪To be your temporary boyfriend♫ ♪I won’t let you be lonely even for one moment♫ ♪I want to fill your present, not ruling out♫ ♪your future.♫ ♪I’m willing to be your rebound♫ ♪To be your temporary boyfriend♫ ♪You don’t need to be lonely any more♫ ♪I want to fill your present, even more so till♫ ♪the end.♫