World-Renowned Doctor Addresses Climate Engineering Dangers

Doctor Dietrich Klinghardt MD PHD is founder of the Klinghardt Institute USA, the American Academy of Neuro therapy, medical director of the Institute of Neurobiology and lead clinician at the Sophia Health Institute located in Woodenville, Washington He’s also founder and chairman of the Institute for Neurobiology, Germany and Switzerland Klinghardt institute USA provides teachings to the English speaking world on biological interventions and autonomic response testing assessment techniques This is a, this was a long bio and I needed to, I needed to cover that in its entirety The extent of what you do, the extent of what you give to the natural healing, the medical aspect that are mainstream medicine does not address doctor is critically important given especially that what we face now in the toxic sea that we are swimming in. It’s all important to address all of these issues It’s not being done by others. For those new listeners, this is Dane Wigington It’s in this interview, I have the honor and pleasure of exploring the knowledge and global concerns of world renowned Doctor Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr Klinghardt Again, as I stated, we’re living in a toxic planet Our exposure to elements is almost endless at this point from all directions So many forms of contamination Would you agree that of all these forms of contamination, aluminum has become one of the most dangerous and ubiquitous in the environment? Would that be a true statement in your eyes? Yeah, absolutely Dane So there is actually three things that we isolated that, that are at the core of chronic illness or at the core of people not being well anymore And really the core of the mass extinction of species that we’re facing, especially the insects And with that, the songbirds and with that goes really life as we’ve known it And that is really, it’s aluminum glyphosate and the electromagnetic radiation, there’s the three things If he could reduce those or um, completely, uh, abolish them, um, the planet would recover and we would recover And of those three items, each of which is highly toxic in and of itself, we have an interaction between all of those elements, don’t we? We have a synergistic toxicity, if you will. Can you elaborate on that? Well, it’s not only that, but uh, um, that is six compounds that aluminum makes with glyphosate and that makes it a super toxin So for example, if you have aluminum in your lung, like all of us have, and there is some of glyphosate circulating through the blood stream, which it does in all Americans, at least. Um, the glyphosate binds chemically creates a chemical reaction with the aluminum and works as a carrier to carry aluminum across the blood brain barrier and deep into the central nervous system where of course we find it as physicians, you know, when we are, uh, we are facing a crisis of neurological diseases I just like to give you some statistics on that. So the, uh, the world population and the Western countries as expected, that half of us, half of us will die you either with or off Alzheimer’s disease or related brain, uh, destruction, half of us that are listening to this will die with or off a degenerative neurological illness, Thats current statistic too, I’ll let you continue, but that’s a current statistic, doctor Klinghardt, that’s, that number is constantly increasing still correct. Oh and, and we’re in an exponential curve with that That means in five years will be two thirds and in less than 10 years, it’s expected by 2028 that will be all of us And so we have the similar curve with autism Something interesting happened there So the rates of autism doubled every five years and the US, and the forces behind our government got concerned about that, should be disclosed that to people or not And so what happened is that we simply really find what autism is and took a lot of people, at least half the children off the spectrum and renamed the illnesses You know, there’s no pervasive developmental disorder and there is about 20 new names that

were invented So suddenly it looks like the curve of new cases of autism is decreasing, but it’s not decreasing because there’s less. Um, it’s decreasing because we renamed it simply the condition And so when you Google it, you don’t find the scary and crazies, you know, stuff in the center One of the main mentors that I have from MIT, she calculates that between 2028 So this is on the nine years from now and 2032, uh, all boys born. Will be on the autistic spectrum, all of them, not just some of them, but all of them That means it’s going to be spelling the end of civilization. I mean, I’m actually not scared of a world run by women I think it may a better world, but it’s the end of the males that’s the end of us men and which has kind of, you know, for us older guys, not a bad thought ok if all the young guys are dysfunctional There’s going to be more reliance on us All the guys, which is a comforting thought as you’re approaching aging as I do But, uh, in terms of the, the species over all, of course that applies also to sheep and to horses and to dogs and to cats It applies to everything alive And I think people don’t really understand the gravity of the statistics In the case of boys, I believe the statistics, one in 1000 1975 now, according to the most recent research, I think we’re one in 25 and as you stated, Dr Stephanie Senaff has made clear the statistics would you just sited, but the percentage of increase that’s since 1975, some 40000% increase. I mean, that’s a staggering statistic And so few people understand that. And on the, on the bigger picture horizon, and as we outlined at the beginning of, of this exchange, the ubiquitous nature of aluminum in the environment now coming down through the air column, it’s taken in through our olfactory nerve into our bloodstream And, and this a Wants to the origin something we try to convey that not only is climate engineering being used as weather warfare, not only is it just destroying the ozone layer, disrupting the hydro-logical cycle, it is contaminating virtually the entire biosphere, everything in the web of life. And if we look at other statistics, Dr Klinghardt, that we’re, we’ve lost 60% of earth’s wildlife populations in the last 40 years on the current trajectory of loss, as you correctly stated, it’s affecting everything, killing everything We’re, we’re looking statistically at zero hour for no wildlife left on planet earth in 2026 So there are so many converging cataclysms are they’re not And as you correctly stated, so many related to these three elements which you outlined Yes. Um, I mean we physicians are aware that we are like as a society, we are like a freight train heading for a broken bridge that, the assist a few years away from us And I think people’s known, understand the exponential increase of toxicity in the environment Um, and I don’t want to go into the too much, but I would like to highlight one thing that people do understand from spraying the skies with aluminum and other, you know, some radioactive metals. Actually glyphosate we found in the spray, um, the effect on the animals on the earth, including us is very predictable But what has been overlooked is that much of the spraying has been going on over the oceans and all of the, all of the world’s body of water are now covered with a thin layer of micro-plastic spiked with aluminum and other metals And what that has done, it has decreased the sunlight entering the ocean by 40% And what people don’t know is that the oxygen of our planet does not really come from the rain forest in Brazil It comes from the algae in the ocean and the algae in the ocean makes oxygen if it gets enough light, it needs the energy of the sun to convert Um, the, the gasses that are in the water, uh, to oxygen to create oxygen And so we have now 40% less oxygen creation in the ocean And there’s a lot of other downsides to it

But the other effect that immediately tangible is that it prevents the, this is basically be covered all the bodies of water on the planet with a layer with a plastic bag basically That means the oceans can no longer evaporate water And we have some measurements that are from insiders of some institutes in Germany, we have measurements that show that the entire atmosphere of the planet in the last 20 years we have reduced the water content by 40% And that means we are creating droughts everywhere And of course the US military is in charge of the program So the last country that will experience the effects of it will be a the US and England because they’re under, you know, they’re the ones that create the advantage for themselves, make, you know, make me reasonably, moist here But we have dried out Europe The rest of Europe, like Sardinia didn’t have that, have to simple places I’m aware of Sardinia didn’t have any rain for five years. Now. Uh, Turkey doesn’t have any rain Iran doesn’t have any rain I mean the complaint to the World Health Organization that the US led program is drying out these countries That is the basically does It’s called desertification We’d be creating out of the beautiful blue planet we creating a desert That is something I agree with every single point you made, if I could fill in a few of those blanks are all or add a little bit to those blanks. I mean certainly in complete agreement with everything you stated, going back to the, and you’re right, many people don’t know single greatest source of oxygen production on the planet You’re exactly correct with the blocking of the sunlight plankton feed in the upper layers of the water column, they need to photosynthesize and now an additional factor that’s killing plankton When this layer of Sun blocking material, whether it’s aerosols in the air or on the street, sea surface when that is not present because climate engineering being the single greatest source or factor with ozon destruction Now we have not only extraordinarily high UVB hitting the surface of the planet, we have UVC hitting the surface of the planet, which penetrates deeply into the water column So the plankton are either not getting direct sunlight, so, so they can photosynthesize or if they get to too much of a dose, if you will have a clear sky Now with, with the ozone damage that’s being done, that kills the plankton also. So from multiple directions, again, so many roads, the back to climate engineering and on the evaporation aspect, that’s one of the myopic views of the climate engineers and those on the inside, which we’ve had, uh, several dialogues with insiders from ???? labs and so forth One of the primary objectives is to reduce atmospheric relative humidity because Green Water vapor is a greenhouse gas But again, like the pharmaceutical industrial approach, the very myopic and destructive view, everything they do is prohibiting the planet’s own natural cloud making mechanisms in lieu of this toxic, destructive, uh, process that is destroying the web of life from top to bottom So certainly in complete agreement with everything you stated in with those additional aspects there are to, to be considered Yeah. Well let’s talk about some of the medical aspects of, so the, you know, the main ingredient of course of the, of the Geo Engineering, is the aluminum We’ve seen the slight decrease in our testing of aluminum in some cases, but an increase in sulfur So it looks perhaps a change of mix, but in other areas we actually see an increase in aerosol operations So it would depend on, as you correctly stated earlier which region you’re in Yeah, yeah. But let me, let’s talk about the aluminum and I like to share with how I got here. So, um, I was, so my practice is in Seattle and some are very aware of the skies here What is going on And you’ve been really without you knowing it have been my mentor in this for the last many years, uh, by studying the material on your website So I was sensitized to this issue, but we had the time in the south of England where my children grow up where you couldn’t see a blue sky for like two years in a row. So it’s about six, seven years ago And in the moment there were’nt any blue, immediately it was the spray. This is around, uh, the Gatwick Airport and south of England where all the organic farmers grow their food And so basically what happened there is that the incredible rainfall they’ve created flooded all these farms that were known in Europe as well All the organic food came from and the farmers basically couldn’t raise a crop

that they could sell and they all had to sell out their land back to the big, Agro chemical companies that turned the organic farms immediately into a conventional farms. So there was something, we observed this before And so I went skiing with my kids in the black forest That’s an area where I used to work as a doc, as a young doctor and the new conditions were very well And we were skiing and we saw the planes, uh, you know, with blue sky planes came covered the sky with the, with nice Geoengineering and material And because of the inversion of the weather, the, uh, sky, basically, the gray sky kind of descended on us And my stepdaughter started getting an asthma attack and I started really getting affected in my breathing we collected the snow and that contained an astronomical amount of aluminum that we had tested later And so I went straight to the east of Germany to a little town called Cham It’s on the Czech border Uh, and there is a, the leading German toxicologist, Dr. Richard Straub, who invented the who tweaked an instrument called Apheresis It’s a blood washing procedure We can basically, you can filter out of the blood, all the toxic material that’s currently in it. You know, we’ve got about a little bit more than a gallon of blood And so, um, I had my, my blood washed there immediately after this event and had, uh, had my blood tested for, uh, toxins and what we found and inside my blood had 120 times more aluminum in it than any other toxin And so since then we’ve sent over 200 people there And the average is that aluminum is 94 times more prevalent than any other toxin in our blood And yet when we test the blood in the American labs, they’ll all come back negative or with very low levels of aluminum, which, uh, initially I did not understand, but people need to know. There is, uh, hundreds of different compounds of aluminum and the lab work can be tweaked to either find it or to not find it. And the, um, inside reports that we’ve gotten is that the American labs, I’ve got the letter from big brother and they’ll not want to see any more details that there should not increase the sensitivity of aluminum testing that would be bad for their future business Um, I’m just paraphrasing here The content And so we do not have a single lab in the US that can detect nanonized aluminum And the different aluminium compounds that we’re dealing with The glyphosate bond with aluminum or the fluoride bond for the aluminum Um, and so we getting, uh, throughout the country getting false negative testing back I had also my own blood tested in England There is a company that can look at contamination of your mitochondria and we found high levels of aluminum in my mitochondria And then since then again be tested well over a hundred people And you found that aluminum is the main contaminant of our Mitochondria and that makes me sick Going to medical conferences when people talk about mitochondrial illness, which is everything that has to do with aging as mitochondrial illness, anything with cancer is mitochondrial anything but neuro degenerative illness is about the Mitochondria And the prevalent toxin in the Mitochondria is aluminum There is a company over and not disclosed the name because it’s a small outfit in England. They’ll be depending on, uh, to make this diagnosis and I’m not going to give the name away because the moment I would, I would never be able to get my patients tested again Because of the waiting lists would be years. It’s now several months, you know, but we finding in modern, in our chronically ill patients, which is really everybody now we found astronomical amount of nanonized aluminium inside the mitochondria completely jamming the machinery that creates our energy and I think that, I mean it’s a crime against humanity, but when you think about it, that’d be half the same. Of course that’s happening to our dogs are parrots, our cats and our song birds and our insects, which are all dying from the combination we have We have to probably talk about the, the electromagnetic environment I mean one thing people should know,

I think I can keep that short is that the what makes us sensitive to Wifi into the electromagnetic radiation in general is the metals in our body And we never used to have aluminum in our mitochondria The aluminum in our Mitochondria makes the inside of the Mitochondria resonant with WiFi and they started heating up and it starts destroying the mitochondrial DNA, at a very, very rapid rate And so it’s really the synergy of the metals dispersed in our body and the WiFi, uh, making our body a resonant antenna with the WiFi environment And of course, you know, me going now from 3 or 4G to 5G with ever increasing amplitude of energy that’s delivered into our systems and it really spells the end of higher evolution on the planet and not in a future generations to come that people that are still dreaming. No, you’re talking about the next six or eight years, which is kind of, you know, let me, let me say it sort of in a little bit sarcastic way. It’s great for my business, you know, but it’s really, really bad. You know, who wants to have a good business in a dead planet? Everything you have just stated, Doctor Klinghardt is the core, the absolute core of what should be, must be our common priority to, to bring these issues to light the global saturation of this highly toxic metal and the bombardment of the entire planet with these radio frequency signals and all other challenges All other threats that we face are secondary to these very existential threats And in regard to the US and the censorship of data here, so completely correct, we know labs are giving false reports We have our own testing done at, at several major universities We have already proven that labs are radically underreporting the heavy metal content and precipitation For example, we’ve recently conducted our own high altitude atmospheric testing with filters that are designed to capture the smaller particles and the entire air quality system here Also, doctor Klinghardt is designed not to show these particulates You can’t find what you’re not looking for. So everything you stated, I’m in complete agreement with And the final, your final, scenario of this combination of saturating the entire web of life with these highly bio-available bio-accumulative heavy metals And then exposing that entire web of life, these radio frequency signals that is in fact a very near term death sentence for nearly the entire move of life That’s a correct statement in your, in your view Yes, absolutely. A Dana want to also point out to the general public Um, there is aluminum and aluminum, you know, so the, the, the way our enemies, the people that are involved in the destruction of our beautiful planet get away with it is because the crust of the earth consists of aluminum silicate And so their argument is always, we’ve always had aluminum in the system and our body knows how to deal with it Well, there’s a difference between creating nanonized nano-particles of aluminum which do not exist in nature, which is a highly aggressive material that is seeking to chemically react with other things. And the unfortunate thing that to most reactive things, aluminum, nanonized aluminum as reactive with one, glyphosate I mentioned that before And the other one is fluoride and the US is the only fluoridated country in the world. Than most other countries have not gone with this insanity You know, the fluoridation of the drinking water has been long shown to actually increase the amount of tooth decay and creates a protein damaged in the system, uh, osteoporosis and shooting increases cancer rates. That’s, that is all published But that fluoride reacts with the aluminum to create aluminum-fluoride was a highly, highly toxic compound and that is shown to ever increase in our pineal gland and I’ll like to say something about that, you know, the pineal gland, I’m not going to give you the full lecture, where it’s pretty clear that the pineal gland is what connects us to the higher worlds, whether you believe in it or not

But it does connect us to the whole world of the psychic realm And by, uh, fluoridating the drinking water be basically destroyed the pineal gland, that calcifies and now it doesn’t just calcified aluminum fies, it becomes full of aluminum salts, calcium salts and disconnects us from everything higher And I’ve observed, I got here in 1982 and they’ve got your, because I loved America I grew up in Berlin, in the American sector, and I remember in the fifties the American soldiers there looked stronger, bigger, healthier than any of the Germans in their age did And now you’re observing the exact opposite. I observed in the last, you know, since I was born in 1950 I observed a degeneration of the American race self inflicted by fluoridating, the drinking water and then adding in the aluminum. And the glyphosate, glyphosate joined in the late sixties. And aluminum, as you know, probably joined in the late nineties, uh, when the spraying really started taking off in the last 15 years It’s been insane And it is an absolute destruction off the American human being And it’s a self inflicted suicide of a whole nation that I’m observing And being German, you know, I general in public, I cannot say too much because I have a German accent and I’m naturally distrusted by certain subsection of the American population, which I don’t blame them for. But, uh, I’m looking for where’s the American voices in this where you know, other than you and there’s a handful of others. Nobody dares to say anything Physicians are all afraid to lose their license, uh, which has happened rampantly in this country So there has been a different way of silencing people. Um, you’ll probably, I mean you’re aware of Chris actually, you know, he’s a main aluminum researcher in the world He did this beautiful study on the brains of people with the diagnosis of autism that died and found astronomical amounts of aluminum in their brains Um, and unfortunately he did a speciation of aluminium and found out that it was mostly the aluminum, not only, but mostly the aluminum related from the vaccines And of course that pretty much near ended his career. You know, he is under huge attack Everybody stopped the funding to him and people need to know that what you and I are discussing here has been people have been installed, that they should level of fear. Um, the, you know, there’s another side of this that’s even more sinisters, uh, their microbes that are sprayed on us in the, in the Geo engineering mix, you know, we found on that point that I want to go into that I want to clarify several things you just said regarding the propensity of so many Americans in academia to protect their paychecks and pensions without stopping to consider or contemplate that that revenue will mean nothing in short order When we live on a dead planet with completely dysfunctional health in the human race as a whole and we are on the fast track for what is termed Venus Syndrome on this planet and that is not a metaphor And then we have in regards to the the censorship that goes on here when we have members of the aluminum industry sitting on the board of the Alzheimer’s foundation, how clear a contradiction is that? And and yet we have no acknowledgement of that kind of scenario, which is rapid in this country It’s across the board So we have a population that accepts the official narrative, doesn’t question, doesn’t want to rock the boat as you stated And all the while the ship is going down and we’re all on it. So again, in regard to actually and I believe you actually said, you can correct me on this, but without the aluminum in the equation, that there would be no Alzheimer’s or dementia in a normal human life span without Alzheimer’s in the equations. That’s correct, isn’t it? Absolutely, and taking that together with the numbers I gave you in the beginning of our interview, it’s basically aluminum could be isolated as the single factor that is right now creating the mass extinction on the planet, including our own If I could clarify on that point, because I wholeheartedly agree with you as well, this is why is focused so primarily on, we must mathematically consider the single greatest assault on humanity and the

entire web of life greatest and most immediate threat we face sort of nuclear cataclysms because of what you just stated, this complete contamination of the biosphere, which is highly toxic, bioavailable bioaccumulative metal It’s geoengineering is the single greatest cause of factor with the burning down of the forest. The second greatest source of oxygen on the planet, the killing of the plankton, destroying of the ozone layer, disruption of the hydrological cycle from every imaginable direction Climate engineering is the single most disruptive and destructive factor related to the human race, the single most destructive programs ever launched Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, I could, you know, let’s go to the medical side of that, you know, so by, by us including very early on when I see a new patient with Alzheimer’s disease or people with brain fog, and most of you watching this right now, if you, if you’re honest to yourself, some of you are too damaged to have self awareness, but most of you still have enough brain power left for some self awareness You know that your memory isn’t as good as it used to be. Well, think aluminum. Most of you who, uh, who are honest enough know that your joy of living that excitement of, you know, waking up in the morning and seeing the sun out there and smelling the trees Most of you have still some self awareness left You know that your joy of living has been numbed down, that is not the same as it used to be. Well, think aluminum, uh, most of you with chronic illness who listen to this, whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease or children with behavioral problems, children with hyperactivity, children with attention deficit or simply your marital problems. You know, where your emotional responses aren’t appropriate anymore think aluminum in your brain. You know, and so we’ve, uh, from, uh, you know, we have very practical become the saying, okay, well these people are coming to us And so for me, the eliminating or reducing the aluminum burden has become a huge issue You know, I helped the company in England called KI science K.I Science, uh, to develop, uh, internal ways of removing aluminum from the, there’s several, um, herbal compounds mostly based on the research from Chris actually is mostly silica containing herbs that there’s problems with silica, silica binds with aluminum, like it does in the crust of the earth And aluminum silicate is a nontoxic compound to us and the body is able to remove that And so one of the main items is to bring a high amount of silica into the system. And we do that with different ways. But uh, using ground up glass like the Germans do is not working or the Russians have a Silica Gel called Androgel Um, unfortunately that doesn’t get absorbed So unfortunately you have to do that with natural compounds with herbs that contain a lot of aluminum They have hundreds of uh, nanonized aluminium compounds in their plants And so by using those plants, um, we, we are able to enter the central nervous system to neutralize aluminum and get it out That’s one part And then the other part that they’re using for reducing aluminum is biophysics and be looked at many, many different ways Your infrared light therapy, intravenous laser therapy, and the simpler thing that we found is what’s called the ionic foot bath It’s a contraption that doesn’t make any sense to anybody who understands anything about physics, but it’s basically a patient has their feet in salt water and you put a coil in there that runs a pretty high amperage current through the coil and just a neighborhood of the coil in the water creates a phenomenon that turns on the kidneys and the liver to eliminate aluminum So we get the 600 to 900% increase in aluminum excretion after a single foot bath. And that’s that, uh, excretion that increased excretion last for several days And so we are basically, that’s our way of most important part of detoxing aluminum Yes, you can use sauna therapy and other things in addition, but without silica you can’t detox aluminum and without the foot bath

And of course we use it also as a handbath You cannot get substantial amount of aluminum out But that combination has been dramatic You know, there’s some unpublished research in autism, you know the easy sort of scale of autism called the ATEC score That means parents self rate the severity of the autism of that child And uh, so friends who I did the study with a foot bath to eliminate, to bring the aluminum down and within four months they got a 60% reduction in the ATEC score That is unparalleled There’s no medical treatment and autism that gets you 60% improvement in four months simply with the stupid foot bath, you know, and so, but we were the ones that actually did the expensive part of the research to show what is actually happening with the footbath So it’s not what’s in the water where feet are in It’s what your kidneys are excrating later on. Uh, and we looked at that we spend tens of thousands of dollars to see that the main increase in toxin excretion is aluminum And that’s been going on because we did the original data was almost 20 years ago. Uh, there was already the case then, you know, so the cause to see if this is one of the cases doctors just want to clarify to people on everything You’re stating that these metals are easily absorbed and very difficult to get rid of. Correct. That, I mean, this is where people don’t really, uh, completely equate that when we’re breathing this in with every breath we take, when we cannot escape that exposure and when this bioavailable metal is building up and as the, the metals go in But again, they don’t come out These specific methods of trying to kilate those metals out are imperative to keep this bioaccumulation from reaching a level where debilitates us. Correct Yeah. And then to, to say something about aluminum Aluminum is one of the two methods, iron and aluminum that exist in the three plus state that each plus means lacking an electron And so aluminum salts are the most electron deficient metal and with that highly, highly reactive to the proteins inside our cells, which are loaded with electrons. And so, uh, aluminum makes very very strong bonds with the, with the proteins in our cell, which means a protein that has incorporated aluminum, becomes a dysfunctional protein that no longer works We have about 200,000 working proteins in the body That’s what creates your testosterone That’s what creates your insulin. Yeah This is all made by intracellular proteins and those get contaminated with the aluminum and become highly dysfunctional and so but the Ok, why don’t we have enough electrons to compensate that before it gets in the cell does deliver electrons to the aluminum, neutralize it and it can come out well that brings the wifi exposure back in You know the, the summation of the electromagnetic pollution that we’re under depletes our body of electrons That is just simple physics, you know and so I’m not going to go in the details of that but anybody who understand physics and the net effects of the non ionizing radiation depletes us of electrons And so if you put aluminum in a electron depleted environment, it becomes highly, highly damaging And so the other part of our treatment of course is to deliver electrons and that stupid foot bath as one of the ways of doing that. The other one is a thing, you know, where people sleep on a conducted pad with a wire run outside the house, into the earth, the earth, the crust of the earth, the superficial layer of the earth is full of free electrons Now that is shrinking with the bombardment of the electrosmog, but it’s still there You know that the, the surface of the earth as relatively speaking, charged negatively It’s full rich of an abundance of electrons And by us sleeping on a conductive pad, you’re drawing in electrons at night to fill out these deficits and that makes us less reactive to the aluminum. These are just a couple of, from our work, you know, this is, I’m giving you like 40 years of clinical experience here at just in a nutshell that it didn’t come easy You know, by looking at both the physics and the bio chemistry of aluminum and some of the other compounds. Every, of course,

I know that there’s also titanium involved with the chemtrails, what’s the lesson on that? There’s glyphosate in the spray, because one of the main producers of the spray was a company that had a patent on glyphosate no longer it’s out of patent now for a number of years And so, uh, there’s a richness of other things in there, but aluminum is a predominant compound that is sold to other countries with the idea that we need to deflect the sunlight and everything will be fine You’ll be calling the earth and things would be great And that’s how no more than 42 countries I’m aware of 42 countries, but there’s probably more countries right now that are participating in this insanity It certainly, it isn’t sanity in regard to the stated purpose of climate engineering And backing up to something you stated earlier, and I apologize I cut you off in the biological aspect. So if we, if we look at the state purpose of solar radiation management to deflect some of the suns incoming thermal energy, all that accomplishes, in addition to being toxic, destroying the ozone layer, just jumping the hydro-logical cycle, short term, highly toxic cool-downs can be achieved But at the cost of a worsened overall planetary warming, just like the pharmaceutical industrial cure for the human body that claims to treat a certain symptom while making the overall health of the body far worse, not better. So when we look at the biological aspect of this, and I’ll, I’ll give this back to you When we know that certain biological elements are being used for a process called Ice nucleation, you have chemical and biological elements being used for artificial ice nucleation. That’s to seed the cloud moisture. And this is why again, as you correctly stated also earlier, the countries with the largest military US, UK are diverting moisture onto certain portions, in many cases, the most populated portions of their country to further fuel the division and confusion as to the true state of climate collapse, the eastern half of the US lower 48 for example, over the last five years plus has been the most anomalously less warm place on the entire planet And for those living in those locations who seem confused as the true state of the climate, they’re not looking past their own doorstep The eastern half of the US lower 48 is is one 200th of the earth’s surface area That’s hardly a snapshot of the entire world But this moisture continues to be pumped into those areas now causing massive flooding, crop loss and so forth But as I give this back to you, the, the chemical and biological ice nuclea elements and E.coli, by the way, is ice nucleating element that has been found at altitude 33,000 plus feet No explanation as to how it got there unless it was sprayed out of an aircraft with the climate engineering dispersions But these elements to two points, I wanted to throw toward you and you can fill in this blank Are these elements not killing soil microbes just like an antibiotic would, if you will, and thus reducing biological activity in the soils, thus crop production and so forth And these particles in the atmosphere are platforms for fungal proliferation also, are they not? Because we’re seeing immense damage in the ecosystem from fungal proliferation So again, yet one more aspect in which climate engineering is literally unraveling the web of life I think you have a wonderful way of summarizing the truth of this So let’s talk about the of the earth So we know that the human species, what is actually driving the higher evolution of the human species is that we are the only animal, the only mammal that has living microbes in our brain They’re called Alphaproteobacteria and there’s others as well We actually have a living microbiome in our brain that is driving our intelligence and our forward thinking or creativity And then microbiome comes from the earth around where we live. Uh, the same bacteria that you would find in your garden and on the vegetables you’re eating And the, the soil has been the most destructive entity on the planet So we know that the, the soil contains tens of thousands different species of microbes, bacteria, fungi, Helminth, viruses that are absolutely essential for the synergy, for the soil to produce actually food that actually nurtures us And through the use of glyphosate in the last 70 years, um, the micro biome has largely been destroyed, at least in the agricultural sector, creating food that is no longer having the,

the nurturing and protective effect that it should have on us And by spraying, uh, nanonized aluminum particles on that funny thing has happened that you probably even don’t know, but one of the, the biggest observations in autism is that the kids are highly sensitive to oxalates. Now, what has happened, and this is easy to Google, there’s still, the Google is still hasn’t silenced that website. Um, the, the plants deal with aluminum So you know, plants also trying to survive this insanity And so the way plants deal with it is that there upregulating the production of oxalates because oxalates bond with aluminum to make aluminum oxalate, which makes the aluminum less bio active in the plans and doesn’t destroy the plants. And so all the green vegetables that we eat now that your mom told you you should eat to be healthy, are too many of us highly, highly toxic because of the high oxalate content that never happened before And by the way I’d like to say something here. Um, people have observed that the nature is so beautiful right now that the trees are greener, the salad is greener than it ever was. Yeah Because there is less light available So the way plants adapt to less light is by creating more chlorophyll and that makes the leaves more green than there were before The green of forests we’ve observed now that so many of the politicians pointed out to me, well there is no problem. Look at the nature, how beautiful that looks right now Yeah It’s a desperate last attempt by nature to survive us And so of course, you know, I mean the good thing is you know that nature will survive us and it just puts us back a couple of hundred thousand years, but you’re on the plan that will survivor So I’m not, I love this planet and I know I trust that the planet will be there when we are gone, but we will be gone if you don’t stop it and then it’s in your hands and my hands I certainly agree with your statement of immediacy with what we face And this is a point that at we really try to drive home that this threat is not, as you correctly stated earlier, it’s not often the horizon somewhere decades away It’s here now and that if without an immediate complete course correction for our species, we will not be here much longer mathematically speaking, perhaps less than a decade And that is very difficult for people to understand the exponential nature of what we face It’s a very nonlinear equation and now, even though we had headlines we published nearly 10 years ago, on that or terrestrial insect populations were collapsing. We tried to alert, for example, beekeepers that glyphosate, certainly a huge problem radio frequencies is huge problem but toxic heavy metals starting with aluminum, even more widespread problem And now we have peer reviewed study to prove the bees are dying from massive heavy metal aluminum exposure They’re dying of symptoms that resemble Alzheimer’s and dementia in human being We’re 80 to 90% depleted on terrestrial insects, aquatic insect populations, similar and those headlines, Dr Klinghardt come and go Even though they publish New York Times, LA times insect apocalypse a day or two or three later, we’re back to the political theater of mass distraction and all the while the house is burning down around us Quite literally Let me give people that are listening to this and an education in exponential What that actually means that the damage is exponentially increasing everyday If you take a postcard and put 50 postcards on top of each other, you get a certain thickness If you take a postcard and folded once as a certain thickness, if he fold that again, it has a certain thickness that’s now four times as much and if you keep folding it, if you could do that 50 times, how high would that be? Well, it would be the distance from Earth to moon and back That’s exponential Yeah That is exponentially or 50 postcards stacked on top of each other That’s in the thinking of everybody Okay. There will be slowly and increased, but no, it’s going to be an exponential increase of the damage that we’re watching A postcard folded 50 times would be the thickness equivalent to the distance from Earth to moon and back

That’s exponential and that is why every year the the damage that we have is more than doubling It’s doubling every few months And so that’s why you and I know just from mathematics there’s from simple common sense looking at the environmental data that we have, there’d be half on the a few years to change things That’s an exceptional example you give and I think that paints a very picture because most people don’t understand the true nature of, of how exponential equations magnify And on that note, for those who feel helpless, Doctor Klinghardt, I’m sure you encounter these people as well, there’s a feel that there is nothing they can do to affect the equation And if we plug in that that exponential factor again to what people can do to help, I think that paints a clear picture that we are not helpless in that factor that we or equation that we try to point out to people that if they shared credible data on what’s unfolding in the world with two people on the first day of a 30 day month and those two people to each the second day and so on and only 30 days, that’s five plus million people with that simple equation in 30 days And I challenge people to do the math It’s like the postcard equation which you gave And I think that that exponential factor makes clear that we are not helpless and those in power are not gods And if we focus on what we can do instead of concentrating on what we can’t do if we arm ourselves with credible data and we share that accordingly Because as you know, I’m sure from all your work to share credible data is much more effective at waking others than to go into a long alarming rant People need to see data that’s a better key to the door. So we, we encourage that at visual data as well We have NASA satellite images and so forth that may clear that this intervention with earths life support systems is in fact occurring. It’s not a proposal We have the, and you must feel this as well, doctor Klinghardt, the betrayal of academia that are so concerned, the majority of which, I’m sorry to say, so concerned about supporting their paychecks and pensions, that they are prone to towing the official narrative and marginalizing anybody like yourself that’s doing cutting edge research that might be bad for their business And this is the society we live in So all the while we have any society and academia that’s towing the official narrative, supporting the official policies, while again the house burns down around us And you’ve experienced that certainly in your work. Correct Let me tell you a little bit about politics. Just a few words. You know, as somebody being brought up in Germany, it comes with a commitment to speak up because the generation before me didn’t speak up and it was time to speak up And so I’ve been very verbal, I’m very aware of the risk Several of my colleagues in America have lost their life through very, uh, suspicious circumstances, let’s put it that way. And so, um, I’m, I’m very aware of the background that we are working against People also need to know, for example, any of the fantastic studies that have come out in the last few years pointing towards the insanity of the, the vaccine production That the vaccines that are given to the children right now are highly toxic, unnecessarily toxic. Um, in fact, there was Italian examination of the vaccines, the Hexa vaccine where they looked at the ingredients A lab looked at the ingredient and found all this toxic stuff in their retro viruses at glyphosate in the vaccines But the interesting thing was out of the six actual antigens that were supposed to be in there, there were only three in their so of the actually, the vaccine effect was completely absent for three of the illnesses that we’re supposed to be extracted, but the toxins, we’re all there Which points towards that there is an intent worked into the vaccines Currently there is clean vaccines that’d been out for a long time Japan had those, that were visited by a representative of the US government and Merck and the next day the vaccines were gone They adopted the American vaccine program So people that also need to know, for example, if you want to Google the research on the vaccines, you will not find any of these studies that have been cleaned up Google has cleaned up everything, any research that points towards what we’re talking about here has disappeared from Google and Facebook and all the other social media of completely being cleaned up There’s definitely a concerted effort in the background going on that keeps people from having the information that they can act upon

And then the other thing people need to know that all the political parties and the support groups for Alzheimer like you mentioned before, have all been invaded by the same, interest groups that want to conceal this inflammation And last thing I want to say there is currently no political party that represents what we’re talking about The Green party has been greatly corrupted all over the world by the same institutions that are sitting behind what we’re talking about. The Obama administration was an absolutely disaster because, a lot of their funding came from one Santo And we know that for sure Trump, we’re not sure about, who he is representing probably mostly himself. Uh, but there has been a lessening of prosecution of physicians So there’s been some positive signs under the current administration, no matter how chaotic it may appear to the general public So we don’t know where that’s going, but we do not have political representation for anybody being interested in saving this planet. And that is something I cannot understand. You know, there is, you know, in the media, the media, television, the news media, are completely cooperating with the forces that destroy this plant You cannot get any voices of us into the major media without, the other side immediately raising their like hydro, like they’re ugly arm and ridiculing us, opposing us Not with research but just with opinion, with expert opinions which are bought, you know, but the science is clearly on our side You know, we’re nearing we’re like a freight train heading for a broken bridge, at full speed I fully agree. And on the, on the censorship aspect, yes, we’ve experienced as well We’re the largest website in the world on the subject of geoengineering with 33 million plus visitors And six months ago we went from the top of the page of a search of the Geo engineering term on a Google search engine to being completely deleted from 20 pages on the subject overnight deleted So we’ve experienced the same in regard to what people can do to help bring this to light Again, I’m very grateful after so many years of being aware of your work and and regarding and reviewing your work to connect and I want to keep that line of communication open would be happy to, we will supply your institute with any of our materials that may help you and we will certainly try to help share your data as you continue with your work and as we bring this particular exchange to a closed want to encourage people to again remember that they are not helpless if they simply stick to the building block data and help to share that data In credible form that’s most effective at waking others up Encourage people to understand that these issues that you and I have discussed today are not going to go away by themselves. It’s up to us We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for We need an army of the awakened And many people ask me this, doctor Klinghardt, why is it so important to reach a critical mass of awareness? Because we cannot fight the level of power fighting without an army of the awakened And once we awaken that army, as we have experienced that we have now individuals whose expertise and help we needed to wage this effort of awareness. We needed their assistance attorneys, scientists, and we have those people joining our groups now because they know they’re going down in the same ship that their paychecks, their pensions won’t matter As we raise this level of awareness to the point where military families understand what their military family members participating in, their own demise, in fact, and we have a chance of stopping these programs from the inside out If those participating understand they’re killing themselves along with the rest of the planet So we’re back to a critical mass of awareness were back sharing credible data from a credible source would certainly I my deepest, most sincere regard to you, your work and all you have contributed to the greater good. Doctor Klinghardt It’s a pleasure and an honor Thanks Dan And thank you for taking leadership in the most pressing issue of our time And, um, hope you stay unharmed, and a life long enough, but you know my it appears to the people that really is that learn to simply look at the sky, see what’s going on. Look at your own health Um, there is ways of testing you for aluminum,

for titanium, for glyphosate as ways of mitigating the stress is caused by these chemicals in your system, by a dedicated group of physicians. But also know, you will not find us on the Internet Uh, you will not find the studies that we rely on, on the Internet The science is there That’s on our side. Uh, but unfortunately right now Google, Facebook, uh, the New York Times, the, uh, television talents are cooperating with the same forces that are causing the destruction And the scientists that have credible signs on this are being silenced, uh, at least through withdrawing the funding Like it happened with Chris actually And if there’s anybody listening to this who has got access to sponsors, sponsor Dane Wigington sponsor Chris Exley Sponsor the few people that have been you know. Uh, I know you need some money to do the atmospheric research, you know, to, to collect the data from the air And thinks, you know, eventually I do trust in human ingenuity and the human spirit, um, that a few evil people cannot destroy the planet right now They can because we haven’t learned yet. Uh, the access that evil has to the minds of people and they haven’t learned yet how to really, um, with the possibilities that Internet has given to us is as the new technology called deep fake. So anybody could take our interview now and turn it have us say things that we’ve never said and create the image out there that we’re the most evil people on the planet and that we’re actually destroying it So people have to learn how to deal with all the X’s now of false information that’s out there And people have to learn to look through that and see where the truth is coming from. And, um, the last thing I want to say is look at your own health and you know what’s going on And if you love your children, join us in fighting what we need to fight as a just fight, It’s a right fight It’s a right cause at that we’re representing here and um, I’ve been a medical doctor for 45 years I’m really not talking even from, from a place of having read all the signs and stuff I’m coming from a place of clinical experience with people and I know that planet is dying right now because of the wifi environment, because of the spraying of the skies that has been now not only used but has been abused as a tool for warfare, as a tool for subduing other countries as a tool of making America and England the dominant countries in the workers are the only ones that have water and that have green fields And we, we have to stand up against us and we don’t have time. And so, um, and all with your website informing people My website is Klinghardtinstitute I’m teaching people how to do the detox, what they need to stay healthy, to stay well So, and so many others that have joined us from so many other places where, but do learn to discern what is fake and what is real Dr Klinghardt ,you are, I think in arguably the, at the forefront of holistic healing, holistic research How can in your part, in this equation that we face is, is so critically important If we can’t stay healthy, if we can’t stay cognitively functional while we’re waging this battle against these forces that you correctly speak of, we we won’t get far without retaining our, again, our mental capabilities How can listeners best access your research, support your work, support, your institution? Can you tell us the best way that they can continue to ensure that you are able to press forward with your work? Yes, I’m the training both practitioners and lay people, um, through my workshops, uh, worldwide. It’s Klinghardtinstitute, uh, in the German speaking countries. It’s called is my website there and we do have a small, uh, training, um, outfit here, Klinghardt Academy. Um, and you know,

patients we see at the Sophia Health Institute. Very productive and very effective in diagnosing people and putting people on the right protocol But Klinghardt institute we’re trying to give them all away for free were laypeople can learn what’s relevant, what they have to do to survive this time and also how to become effective practitioners Because I know, I’m very aware that there is no time now to wait for physicians to medical doctors to be trained and to become aware and the labs to actually develop a relevant lab testing, which still in the US doesn’t exist It exists in other countries And so we cannot wait for us medical doctors to become educated So it has to go to the general public And I’m trying to do that with Klinghardt Institute, to give away everything I know how to detox, what products to use, and how to survive and also how to treat your dog to your cat, your parrot Um, it’s equally important And then of course, we’re not gonna go anywhere unless you become politically active and start a party, start a true being party that is resistant against the invasion of the specialty interests, in all we need political activity on every level And I don’t know, you know, I can tell you one thing Let me say it’s the last thing I was always hoping because the US is largely a Christian country Um, I was hoping through the Christian churches that there would be some love for the planet visible there and there it would be that there would partner up with us. But here’s my experience of was a pastor of one of the mega churches here in Seattle, you know, when he gave us a sermon, 6,000 people, I asked him and listened like could you give me access to your 6,000 people? I just maybe need 10 minutes to give a little lecture on the environment and on the status quo and what to do, to protect your people He looked at me and he smiled and said, Dietrich, I would lose all my sponsors and it would all be gone overnight And so if that’s the position of the Christian Church, um, I’d rather, you know, become an atheist or deny anything I know about my Christian upbringing, then, be part of a church that cannot speak up for the environment, for the planet, for the life of everything that’s here And so it’s just might appear really among the Christians and the Jews And the Muslim said, listen to this, our planet is in danger, never mind humanity, but everything that’s alive, that credit life on the planet is in danger right now, and please become active That’s the absolute bottom line Doctor Klinghardt, thank you so much for summarizing that in such profound form. Again, it’s a great honor to connect and dialogue with you I want to keep that line of communication open and exchange information, and as we march forward in this battle into what can only be described as a gathering storm. This that’s here now. So again, until next time, thank you very much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us today Thank you, Dane. Thanks for what you’re doing. Thank you!