ENG SUB 【大约是爱 About is Love】EP29——主演:彦希,许晓诺

♪ A scene of you suddenly appeared ♪ ♪ When I close my eyes ♪ ♪ I can see ♪ ♪ A specific time and place ♪ ♪ Sometimes I peek at you ♪ ♪ Hiding behind the wall ♪ ♪ Let me be frank ♪ ♪ I was the one who first noticed you ♪ ♪ My Valentine I love you so ♪ ♪ I want to tell you that I love you more ♪ ♪ A small action makes me happy ♪ ♪ I love you more every day ♪ ♪ How long did it take for us to be here? ♪ ♪ My kiwi is sweet ♪ ♪ Anything is okay as long as you say it ♪ ♪ I love you more every day ♪ ♪ Love you more ♪ ♪ Love you more ♪ ♪ My Valentine I love you so ♪ ♪ I want to tell you that I love you more ♪ ♪ But you were shocked when I knelt down ♪ ♪ You smiled and cried ♪ ♪ How long did we wait for us to be here? ♪ ♪ Will you be my Valentine? ♪ ♪ Anything is okay as long as you say it ♪ ♪ I love you more every day ♪ [About is Love] [Episode 29] -What happened to your leg? -I am fine Are you hurt? How did you hurt your leg so badly? It’s nothing How did you fall down here? My senior needed to talk to me But in the end Wei Qing? No That man wasn’t Wei Qing He covered every inch of his face, but he ran away as soon as I fell My senior would never do that What did he want to talk about? I don’t know Could it be He Wei? Director He always hate Wei Qing Do you know why? She told me Uncle is dead because of him What? What is going on now? I don’t know much about it either I have always wanted to apologize to my senior Uncle brought me back, but I was afraid I was afraid with my senior there, they would chase me out if I make any mistakes Xiao Fei, stop talking You need rest In order to stay, I have done many bad things to make them resent my senior The more they like me, the more my senior became rebellious But I could never be happy Stop talking Wei Qing hates me to the bone He thinks I took his family from him I want to apologize I want to apologize But I am scared that if I tell him, he would chase me out! I want to wait Just another while, then I would return his family to him I would give him his parents back But I never thought Uncle would die I didn’t mean it I didn’t mean it I am sorry. I am so sorry Xiao Fei, open your eyes! Xiao Fei! Xiao Fei! Help! Is anyone there? Help! Xiao Fei, open your eyes! Help! -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! Wei Qing!

Look at this This is our room card -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! Zhou Shi! Xiao Fei! -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! -Zhou Shi! -Zhou Shi! -Shi Shi? -Xiao Fei? -Shi Shi? -Zhou Shi? Zhou Shi? Zhou Shi? -Shi Shi? -Xiao Fei? Zhou Shi? Zhou Shi? What took you so long? Who is Bi Qiu Jing looking for? I heard them calling to Zhou Shi Is your job done? He fell off the slope on his own You didn’t answer my question They could be looking for Zhou Shi What happened to her? She knew about Ning Fei and went after him How did she know about that? You told her? I only told her Ning Fei and Wei Qing went up the hill Then, she went out for them Why did you drag her into this? We agree to pull this plan on Wei Qing alone! It was meant for Wei Qing But Zhou Shi was with him all the time You didn’t know? Zhou Shi has been sleeping in Wei Qing’s room all along -No way! -I didn’t believe it either Which is why I got mad and told her about Ning Fei I must go to her now What is so great about her anyway? All these men are obsessed with her Zhou Shi? -Shi Shi? -Xiao Fei? -Shi Shi? -Bi Qiu Jing? Zhang Shuai? I know where Zhou Shi is -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei? -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei? What? Okay, send me the location now Is there any news on Zhou Shi? Qiu Jing said they know where she is Here is the photo Look This is the place Where did you get it? Zhang Shuai sent it Zhang Shuai? He set this up again -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! Zhou Shi! Wei Qing, over here! -Xiao Fei! -Zhou Shi! Zhou Shi! Xiao Fei is hurt. Help him up -Xiao Fei! -Get up -Let me carry him -I can do it -Are you sure? -I can handle it Too horrible Fei Fei’s strength is only second to mine Let’s go Before Xiao Fei passed out, he kept apologizing to you What did he said? He shouldn’t have taken your parents from you He even mentioned your father’s death What’s wrong? I am fine I get headache whenever I heard my father’s name Let’s not think about it You can ask Xiao Fei once he is awake He must know something I think your illness is related to your father as well I am sorry Xiao Fei? Are you awake? Don’t go, don’t leave me behind I’ll behave well I won’t leave you behind Hang in there, we will be at the hospital soon Xiao Fei, are you all right? I am sorry, I was too clumsy Don’t go, don’t leave me behind Don’t go I am not going anywhere, I am not leaving you behind I will never bully you again once you get well Don’t worry, I won’t leave you behind What happened to Ning Fei? His leg is bleeding so badly Don’t worry, he will be fine Let’s get him to a hospital ♪ It’s from someone alien yet close ♪ ♪ I won’t let you guide me ♪ ♪ How did you pierce the armour I built from sorrow? ♪ You can just leave me here, it’s only a fever It’s not serious

Yes, you may go now I can stay here Stop pushing yourself Go back and get some rest And you too, Ming Cheng You may go now I can stay here with her I am fine Brother Ming Cheng, when did your become so intimate with her? Since today Right, you want to know who Bai actually is That’s him What? Brother Ming Cheng, so you are the online friend she talks about? Yes They are more than just online friends now He proposed to her What? Senior, you said yes? No, hold on! Who proposed? You proposed to her? You put on the ring! You said yes? My goodness! You are getting married! Stop blushing, I need to take a photo of this -Stop it -No way I know your darkest secrets Brother Ming Cheng, you need to take good care of her from now on Otherwise, you know what I am capable of Don’t worry In terms of wits and strength, I can never best her I am glad you know that Xiao Fei? Xiao Fei, what happened to you? How did this happen? Aunty It’s okay. He took the medicine and fell asleep I am glad he is fine What is wrong with you? How did he fell off the slope? Aunty, it’s all my fault I asked him to take a walk with me up the hill But the path was too slippery and he fell It’s all my fault Forget it How could you be so sloppy? Mother I need to talk to you It’s about my father I won’t let you leave unless you tell me We will speak about this outside What is your question? How exactly did my father die? Why would you ask? Because I may not remember the details, but I feel I am somehow connected You don’t remember at all? You are lucky to have lost the memories I wish I could just forget it But the more I try to forget, the more it haunts me As soon as I close my eyes, I see your father right in front of me, covered in blood I see that scene too I see it in my dream I don’t remember what happened back then, but every time I fall asleep, I see my father lying dead on the ground It’s been ten years, it still haunts me So, you suffer just as much as I do Do you know why I keep my distance from you for all these years? That is because I hate you I hate you for taking him from me You took him from me before he even passed away The truth is, before he died, he was suffering from cancer -Cancer? -He refused to get treatment He told me there were some matters to deal with in America But I knew it all along it was because of you,

he wouldn’t come back to me You had always thought your father was too strict to you, that he loved Xiao Fei more than you But in the last moment of his life, he chose you Despite my begging, you hold a much bigger place in his heart That’s how it happened He was gone He never came back I hate myself so much for it I should have insisted and made him stay with me Or perhaps I should have gone to America with him However, I hate you even more If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t have died in a foreign land But to my surprise, he let you inherit the whole Yun Ma Group In the end, he still wouldn’t trust me with the company Not only did you take him from me, but also took the company How is it possible for me not to hate you? I went against you at every corner, I want to prove him wrong I should be his only choice I was the most important person to him This is ridiculous You are both my family He is my husband, and you are my son But ultimately, I made you my enemies In the end, I lost my husband, and my son left me Mother Your hand This happened since your father passed away? All these years, I thought money was all you ever care about, that you led a voluptuous life But sadly, all along you suffered just I do We both suffered If you wish the know the truth about your father’s death, you need to find it yourself I didn’t have the courage to dig up those memories again After all I have done to you over the years I hope you understand You are awake!

I am sorry You are awake -How long did I sleep? -Very long Do you feel uncomfortable? My leg hurts Of course it hurts You had dozen of stitches The doctor said it’s not serious, you’ll be better in a few days Where is Zhou Shi? You are hurt and you only care about her Thank you -Why? -For carrying me How would you know? I am sorry Xiao Fei? Are you awake? Don’t go Don’t leave me behind, I’ll behave Your back felt so cosy Of course it is, you were just lying on me Poor me, you are so heavy! Do you how that when I was carrying you Who would have ever thought? Xiao Fei and Fei Fei are now a couple They were always fighting with each other, So, all those fightings were out of affection One is quiet and the other is outgoing They are a perfect match Ming Cheng and Qiu Jing are getting married Xiao Fei and Fei Fei are in love They got love from this vacation, but I got sick instead You can have love too I am right here for you You said I’ll have the time to consider I am not urging you I’ll get the car here Zhou Shi? Why are you here? I am here to apologize You should apologize to Ning Fei instead I will apologize to him I was being foolish I never thought he would fall so hard that day Xiao Fei forgave you You should be grateful for how kind he is You should feel sorry for hurting a kind person I know I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness But I only did it to make you leave Wei Qing I don’t want you to be with him -Why? -He is carrying infectious disease I bet you heard it from Zhang Lan Yu That is Wei Qing’s fault He shouldn’t have lied to her He is indeed sick, but it’s not infectious So what illness does he get? I have no right to tell you You are still staying by his side even after knowing his condition? Yes Why? What is so great about him? Well, I am not sure either But I can’t just leave him simply because he is sick That too cliche for a reason Fine, that’s all I have to say. Goodbye Wait! -What do you want? -You need to stay away from him He will only lie to you What are you trying to say? What do you want? Wei Qing, do you remember this woman? She does look familiar What about her? Her name is Zhou Xin Yao She is my first love You took her away from me, and you left her heartlessly Because of you, she tried to take her own life Don’t listen to his lies. Let’s go See? He can’t explain the details The guilt is written on his face

What? Do you believe him? Of course not I am just being curious Don’t be so nosy You asked the same question last time I thought it was a waste of time But since Zhou Shi is curious about the story, I will explain it to you Zhou Xin Yao has nothing to do with me Nonsense We once met on an event held by Yun Ma She came to me after the event ended She gave me a room card, but I turned her down Then she told me she has a brother studying fine arts who was sick She needed money for him so she resorted to that lowly trick by the way The photo she showed me was the same as the one you have here You seem to be the brother she mentioned Nonsense! I gave her some money to make her leave But then she came to me again She said her boyfriend broke up with her because of me She would take her own life if I don’t agree to be her new boyfriend -You are lying -It wasn’t easy to get rid of her That is not who she is You lied to her and broke her heart! I gave you the explanation you want It’s up to you to believe it or not Let’s go Right If you still won’t believe me, you may ask Zhang Lan Yu yourself They are the same bunch They should know every detail of the story This is the only way to find out how my father died Are you sure about this? This is the only way Wei Qing The reason your brain chose to seal that part of your memory is because that memory once brought you great pain Are you sure you want to resume it? I can do this Fine Right now, I need you focus on this metal ball Synchronize your eye movement with the metal ball Do you even know why I sent you to America? I sent you here to study, not to waste your life away! You regret it now? I thought you sent me here to get rid of me -Go home if you regret it -Stop right there! I am not done with you Take off your earphone Take it off! I am tired, good night Stop right there! Stop listening! What now? Are you done with your rage? You insolent child! That kid is too senseless Father!

It won’t open! What is it that won’t open? The door won’t open Be patient Try to find another exit around the place Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! I saw it I saw it! -Calm down -I saw it! What did you see there? Take it slowly I saw my father’s body The body is right outside my room But the door wouldn’t open I jumped out of the window But when I arrived, he was already dead But But if I hadn’t got myself drunk, maybe we wouldn’t have that fight The door wouldn’t have been locked Maybe I could have saved him Maybe he could still be alive! My mother is right He is dead because of me She has every right to hate me According to Dr. Chen, that memory was chosen to delete by Wei Qing because of his PTSD Maybe the cause of his allergy is his guilt for his father Such a poor thing Perhaps it’s better for him to stay inside the room, but he was right there That must be hard for him to accept it Yes. For years, he always thought he indirectly caused the death of his father He has always been upset about it Dr. Chen said in order to cure him, he needs to let go of the past Don’t you think something strange? Wei Qing said he locked the door But when he unlocked it, the door wouldn’t open Could it be that the lock was broken? No, there is only one answer Someone blocked the door on the outside You mean someone blocked the door to keep him inside? Sister Zhou Shi I need to talk to Wei Qing What brings you to my house? What is it? Do you know why your father went to America for you? My mother told me He knew he was seriously ill So he wanted to see me one last time I know. Deep down inside your heart, you think I took your family away from you But I know one thing for sure I only borrowed them from you They were right there for you all the time Now that Xiao Fei said it, I remember something Among the belongings of your late father,

there was this drawing you drew as a kid He must really miss the good old days Senior Uncle loved you a lot He praised you more than once in front of me He was strict to you for your own good I think he didn’t blame you for not saving him when he died He would be glad that you were safe He never would have wanted you to blame yourself for his death Do you remember what you said? The door wouldn’t open We think someone blocked the door from the outside to keep you inside the room Maybe your father did it There are files at the police station You should seek the truth Senior I have done some terrible things when we were kids I am sorry Thank you This is the letter he left me back then My dearest son If you are reading this letter, it means I have passed away You don’t want to take over the Yun Ma Group, I am aware of it I forced you to focus on drawing for years, I demanded all sorts of results from you, my actions have brought you great pain Especially after Xiao Fei arrived in our family, I expected even more from you Sometimes, I was even unreasonable I hope you can understand Please forgive my selfishness I only wanted to shape you into a great artist You possess great talent, yet you fail to see it for now I am so worried for you But then I realized, you love the art, but you never liked drawing Rather than forcing you to do something you don’t like, and make both of us upset, I might as well let you pursue your own interest At least by doing so, you won’t hate me as much But alas, the realization came too late for me You would rather be alone in America than staying here with your parents I know, you are truly hurt It was my fault I hope that after you read this, your resentment for me could fade away Now, let’s talk about Yun Ma Group Yun Ma is the fruition of your mother and I But honestly, we manage it badly Your mother and I are no expert in running a company But we managed to survive because of the support from our friends But without me, your mother can never handle the company all by herself But you are different You secretly worked with a few gallery behind my back You sold the painting for your friends You even got a little famous I know all about it

You have the mind of a businessman, which I lack You will make Yun Ma great someday If you can’t be an outstanding artist, please be a successful businessman Hold on to Yun Ma for me Of course, I am aware it’s not fair to make this request, but even if you turn me down, your decision will be respected I only wanted you to have a good life But if you agree to take over, please look after the company and your mother for me You have my gratitude Lastly, do not feel sad for my death I am not afraid of death I am afraid of losing you I want to give you one last hug Then, I shall gladly accept my fate and leave I hope that when you read this letter, I got the chance to give you a hug Right, don’t let your mother read this letter, Otherwise, she would be upset From: The father that loved you but couldn’t tell you Wei Heng In the end, I never gave him a hug Maybe this is his greatest regret I miss him so much I miss him so much I miss him so much ♪ My fringe isn’t listening to me well ♪ ♪ It isn’t like me ♪ ♪ It’s like you instead ♪ ♪ The hot weather is annoying ♪ ♪ My mood is like the rain ♪ ♪ It may be cloudy or sunny like you ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ Was “you” as stated by her ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ I was the only serious one ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ If you didn’t tell me firmly… ♪ ♪ to trust you ♪ ♪ My fringe isn’t listening to me well ♪ ♪ It isn’t like me ♪ ♪ It’s like you instead ♪ ♪ The hot weather is annoying ♪ ♪ My mood is like the rain ♪ ♪ It may be cloudy or sunny like you ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ Was “you” as stated by her ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ I was the only serious one ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ If you didn’t tell me firmly… ♪ ♪ to trust you ♪