Glock 41 Gen 4 IDPA CDP Division Review and Parts List

what up YouTube get her South here and talk a little bit about my CDP gear setup I think you know sort of the series that we’re doing about the about IDPA shooting I think y’all are aware that I shoot at EPA and specifically that I’m shooting in the CDP division currently at sharpshooter hopefully gonna get a bump to expert pretty soon but I wanted to take a minute here to discuss my choices for shooting the Glock 41 in the CDP division I think most people and I think IDPA in general created the division to be shot with 1911 and I wanted to go into some of my reasons as to why I went with the clock 41 so I think the best way to start this off is to take a look at 1911’s to begin with so what you arrive right here I think you’ve seen it in other videos that I’ve done but you have a series 70 repo mark r-47 Colt this started as a government model and it is slowly being transformed into more of a tactical model it already has a beaver tail added and ambidextrous safety and the Bomar sides added still to be done is to replace the front sight to replace the mainspring housing and to add an additional and to add a mag well and that sort of goes to the entire reasons why that’s that’s the reason why I haven’t chosen this particular firearm to shoot in CDP one this has a phenomenal trigger I believe it’s around two pounds to three pounds two and a half pounds somewhere in there probably one of the best triggers that you can use for shooting 1911 single action only our famous and that’s why people continue to use the 1911 platform in my opinion is simply for that trigger right there but the problem comes in at least for me is that I’m trying to hit this target when I’m doing reloads when I’m doing reloads not EPA I need something bigger to hit than this target now it’s that’s not the gun that’s that’s that’s a tire only a failing on my part when you’re shooting as you go dry you’re sitting there in your under time and you want to be able to find find that mag well immediately you don’t want to hit any edges you want to come inside ways and although it’s a half inch hole pretty much you know that’s still very very narrow to hit that can be overcome with a mag well attachment and it is actually a planned upgrade for me to add the one of those one-piece Smith Alexander mag well attachment attachments probably to keep it more of a classical look I’m not sure I want to go with the full competition you know magwell down here yet but it’s a possibility and that that’s how people get around that issue with 1911 the other option that is out there for me and I think you guys have probably tired of hearing about this for

me is the is to adopt a double stack 1911 they are out there this one is particular is a pair of P 14 45 so it’s 45 still I can shoot in CDP it’s got a nice big bag well and I don’t I don’t have near as much trouble hitting this as I do the single stack obviously it could be beveled a little bit here I just haven’t done that it’s all ready to get all the upgrades that you would really want you know IDP gun and I’m actually at the extended slide release and extended guide rod but this thing it’s got good sights it’s got a decent trigger and it’s got a nice big mag well so that is certainly nice and people chew these in CBP this one in particular so you’re not running into the weight limit however you will find trouble finding a mag well that will fit this without going outside the box so any aftermarket mag wells that you can find to hit this is going to you gotta be careful when it comes to the box so keep it in mind probably what you’re gonna really want to do on this one is just bevel the mag well and I might eventually get if I’ve solved that problem if I have a 1911 platform with a good trigger and a nice big mag well why am i still shooting the Glock 41 well now that comes to even a more personal reason to shoot the Glock 41 and it has everything to do with grip angle I’m not sure being seen here 1911 you know I often maybe look up that Anil it has a particular angle and then the Glock has a slightly more forward King and what was happening for me because I had been shooting as I had gotten used to that Glock angle so when I’m doing coming in doing point shooting I was hitting high with my 1911 Zorro or actually it’d be I guess low I was coming in now it when I’d point I would dip my sights and it’s simply because I’m used to the Glock angle at this point so that’s why I went with Glock Glock just so happened to come out with a long slide competition version sorta within the year or two that I wanted to shoot CDP so that’s why I’m shooting clock cuz I can shoot this same thing at the same grip angle and it actually balances really well it’s lighter I don’t have to worry about making weight eventually like find one I would get a mag well that will fit in the box for this thing you know I have more than enough ounces to go before I get anywhere near the limit in the CDP so it’s going to go into a little bit of what I’ve done to this particular model first things you’ll notice is I almost immediately got rid of the stock Glock sights as we all know those suck I mean okay they don’t I find them perfectly serviceable but there are better options out there and in particular I have gotten used to the competition black rear and fiber optic front and more specifically I’ve gotten used to a red fiber optic front so these are zebb sites they’re just I believe they fit on all Glocks of a particular size except for 17 L and some got 24s I believe they all there so you just pop these suckers on and you’re good to go and I had the zip sites on my 34 that I was using and so I used the same set so now even when I just want to shoot say edit and reload and you 45 that week or whatever I can bring my 34 and besides the recoil and a little bit of size difference you’re not dealing with a big difference between the 41 and the 31.4 they should look and feel pretty much the same so upgraded the sights that’s pretty much number one number two a lot of people like to put the extended slide releases on these Glocks I’ll tell you I had them I bought one and put it on and shot three or four matches with them and I either had this

problem where I was the last round and it kept it down because I was pushing on it or one time I actually had where I bumped it up and I went to not slide yeah I would just only just slide lock before we were I was done with that magazine and I believe those both malfunctions can be directly attributed to me swapping out that slide reason so I would suggest unless you need it unless you have shorter thumbs and I wear medium glove unless you have really short thumbs and you’re having trouble hitting it at all I had zero problems coming in with the reload and hitting it and I can if you just get the edge that’s all you really need to be able to drop that slide and continue shooting didn’t last one of the last upgrades I’ve made to this is DK custom trigger I have another video that goes into more detail about that it has a pre and / travel adjustment and it’s a really nice I’m sitting on the wall already right there and I can do that for CDP because they allow custom triggers and because I’m going to be competing with triggers that are like this I need every advantage I can so I go in ahead and got the decade that said I’ve been shooting the DK trigger now for two or three local matches and my accuracy is not where I want it to be and I believe it to be directly related to me swapping out this trigger right now so one of the possibilities is that this original trigger assembly will get reinstalled prior to the state match so I did want to talk about this before just you know I’ve covered the DK trigger in detail in that other video so I just want to go into a little bit of what I had done to just the stock trigger obviously I don’t know if you can see that that is a Zev Zev I think v4 they call him connect here so I had that installed it had been polished I had polished up my trigger bar I polished all the connecting surfaces including you know if you want to know what I’m talking about just Google up the 25 cent trigger job here and you’ll know what you know you need to do to a brand new clock to get a to get rid of a lot of the grittiness so I had swapped out the connector and swapped out all the springs of the Zev spring kit which includes this trigger trigger return spring ibly right there so that in addition to the plunger spring and the striker spring is what constitutes a reserve spring competition kit so this might go in this might go back into my clock for you one I’m gonna try the DK trigger a couple more weeks but it might be a failed experiment for me I know with the Zev spring trigger connector everything’s feels like I’ve been shooting on it for over a year it’s a hard transition for me to make apparently so I think I don’t know whether it’s me just not using my sights and I need to slow it down and shoot better or if it is the trigger that’s throwing me off right now I have a feeling it’s just me so I’m not gonna I’m gonna stick with the DK for a little for a little bit more time being I pair that up with the comp tech paddle holster that I had for my 34 it is the same holster that I was using again I particularly like this holster because it is a paddle holster it has its conveniences where you can just slip it on and off but one of the nice things about shooting in clock 41 is that they can use the same holsters as the 34 and 35 I had to take the retention screws all the way out but it does fit 34 is a little loose in there I would imagine the way this is designed these holsters are designed that 34 is

supposed to fit in there if you crank them down and then the 35 which is the 40 Cal fits when you loosen them up so I’m thinking any holsters that will fit 35 will fit the 40 so that is something to keep in mind I’m using this compact holster they’re still very happy with the holster portion of it I would just wish to replace it with the belt holster clip and then one of the things that did pose a problem for me when I switched to the 41 is I was currently using the I was using these blackhawk mag holsters and these are fit for double stack magazines and 9 and 40 well I’m not shooting 1940 so what that means Oh what that means is that this thing little tension in here is not set up to take these 45 max they’re just too thick so I have this one which is the one that I wear on my back right back small the back it’s my starting mag that’s why it’s got a paster there and a pacer there so I know to load it up with 9 and not 8 so this one goes on the back now and just go yeah so this is the one that I keep on the small on my back for starting mag and then I had to buy this blade tech double mag pouch to fit the wider 45 a double stack Max and I have been really happy with this thing I did have to take the retention screws out quite a bit but now I’ve got them nice and loose but they’re not coming out being there they got a little wiggle to them but those things aren’t coming out until I pull and when I pull up they’re ready to go so this I believe has really helped my reloads almost because it’s in the same place riding on my belt every week so I reach I’m grabbing he’s grabbing this one regret this one that I’m not having any trouble finding the first Mac and I some of them are so close together to where you can accidentally knock out the second mag when you’re drawing the first I haven’t had that to be a problem for me I think it might be for pistols that have more of a lip on the end of the man they might catch but least four o’clock I haven’t run into it so using this you have your RTP a set up I mean you’re good to go you have three magazines and you’re all set and the Glock 41 has performed flawlessly prior to me dick every slide release but it’s never not fired and I attribute any misses solely to me so what do I have in this just summarize real quick black [ __ ] single mag holster 45 this one is 9 millimeter and 40 blade-tech double mag pounds for 45 comtac paddle holster for 34 and 35 Glock 41 June 4 which is the only generation with Zev competition Springs in it along with the DK custom trigger I’ll just hear this guy DK custom trigger with the pre travel over travel adjustment and yeah I’m ready to shoot today I’m gonna shoot the Alabama State match CDP hope to get my match bump at that point but that is why I’m not shooting 1911 for CDP even though I have some fantastic options to do so so give this a like share subscribe I’ll try to make some more videos a my go into more detail with some of these other guns I’ve got but I appreciate you watching and thanks a lot