Replacing the Driveshaft's on a Renault Clio 1.4 year 2000 Mk2 phase1

hey guys and welcome to flame Wilberforce channel in this video I’m going to show you how you can replace the drive shafts on a renault clio 1.4 on a 2000 play so that’s a W reg I have two of them here I’m going to be replacing both of them the reason being it’s failed on the MOT on the ABS ring which is this and you can’t get it separately so you have to do the whole shaft so we’re going to do it you hi guys the first thing you’re going to need to take off the caps usually danger the monkey especially music star which you can get off with more grips or some long those pies or anything like that luckily for me somebody is replaced these 10 Mille volts so all you need to do is get your ratchet set up getting 10 mil and then you just need to loosen them and then take off the caps once a capsule the next thing you need to do is find yourself a 19 mil socket generally cars come with the breaker by ourselves already but you can use one of these just to make my life a lot easier so first things first I just need to loosen the nut you don’t want to be taking the nuts all the way up guys not at this stage you just want to just be this turn up just set up when you’ve got the car in yet well now that’s loose is Jack the vehicle up got a nice frosty Jack here but always always legs will stand underneath the vehicle because it’s very very dangerous just happened on the jack alright so now I’m going to go ahead there’s a jacking point here Jack this up and get the wheel off and then we’ll go on to the next stage so once you jacked up the vehicle you want to make sure you put an axle stand underneath the car I’ll show you this one in a minute the next thing you need to do is use your 19 mil to take off the nuts it’s a bit tight so let’s choose a ratchet see if they’re really tight when the vehicles in the air you won’t really get what’s why should loosen them fast if you bow to duties by hand it’s just these ones a little bit tight about King this wheel has been off for quite a while long to be honest trivia make sure I keep everything together as well just don’t lose stuff so you’ll find that Renaud’s don’t have lots and will nuts just for the simple fact that they cover that by the caps so they don’t need to have them I’ll just take this last one off and just show you all right so the car is now in the air we laugh comes a nice and easy way so now we’re exposed you should be able to see I’ll just bring this round that I’ve put an axle stand under here so that’s just supported by the chassis leg oops watch the camera Giada there we go at focus so it’s just under hit also I’m going to put another one another axle stand underneath this part here as well and squiggly grab that action and just show you where I’m going to put that there that’s just one little bit of extra support safety first guys you can let the jack down you can keep it under there if you want to pry up to you that one’s under there case that falls but so now we’ll go go on to the next step I didn’t use this I use the socket but

this is a thirty millimeter that fits on there you want to undo that you’d probably need to pry something in here if you’re going to do this where you can do it with the wheel on which is obviously a little bit easier the second thing you’re going to need to undo are going to be these ones up here the sizes are 18 on this side and 19 on this side which is going to just hold the socket on there and undo of a spanner then we’re going to be taking these ones out and then in a moment you can see right back here with a drive shaft actually bolts into the gearbox itself there’s three 13 mil sockets there that gonna need to undo so what I’m going to do is go ahead and undo those and then we’re going to come back to it once I’ve taken it all out and then I’ll show you the next step that you need to do to get the drive shaft out okay how about this track coil end is removed I’m had to cut it off because the end was so corroded that it was just literally beyond repair so I’m gonna have to put a new track with end on so well they probably do have a new track one in anyway this one looks pretty damn rusty I have now taken off the nuts at the back remember to put a drip tray underneath to catch all the gearbox oil guys because you don’t want that on the floor that’s done if you can see there let’s actually just come away if it focus as they get so now I’m going to just pull this whole shaft forward and then I’m going to just take out the gearbox now that the drive shaft is was poking through I’ve had to use a hammer to bang it here if you can see through there and once you get it through a little way it’s probably better to use let’s say like an old socket get it in there just tap it through the drive shaft comes out I don’t know if you can see this as well as I want you to so now this is just literally sitting on the pivot this is the Shockers in the way there is a little cable thing going through here this piece of just remove that move the shock I mean we are replacing them so it doesn’t really matter tilt it to the side we should how to get this drive shaft out with a little bit of damage laughter literally fallen out so which is good let’s see what we’ve got that so on this if you can see its got like a spline end this piece this metal piece you’re going to need to put on your new one because it doesn’t come with one so if you can see we need to put this metal piece onto there are them go and just fit that and then I’ll show you how right so on the old driveshaft we need this metal bracket so what we’re going to have to do there’s a little o-ring in here that we need to remove so just literally put a screw driver a flathead screwdriver in to the o-ring and prize that out there you go make sure that lose it so that’s now out of there this is now loose because it’s not being held in by anything which means I can now take it off so what I need to do is just literally fold in itself and then this bracket here needs to go into the new shaft now that the driveshaft is removed you should be able to see if I can get you in here that is a a gap where it came out obviously the driveshaft needs to be located back in there again got make sure that you line it up and that it clips into place well why we’re here I would take the opportunity to clean up any of the excess and are there any of the excess fluid that’s leaked out because obviously you don’t want that stopping it sealing up well so give it a good cleanup as you can see I’ve cleaned up all the excess gearbox all that’s leaked out so now it’s really really clean ready for the new drive shaft make sure you get the right sizes though let me just quickly show you on this drive shaft here case you guys have forgotten this piece goes this way around you have to remember that that’s the way around it goes the driveshaft will sit flush in here this has to be flat against this all the way around so this needs to be flush up that all the way around I’m now going to put it in I’m going to hope that you can see me putting it in I don’t think you can know where to see me there but are you going to get the idea what that happen let me just show you what did

sigh I put the driveshaft in there I’ve just lined it up it’s not it’s going properly as yet and it’s now sitting in here ready to go in don’t put this bit in yet get this bit right first and then we’ll go on to the next bit okay so I’ve now managed to put in the driveshaft you just have to line it up nicely and then let’s get good you just have to line up nicely and then just start off the 13 mil sockets around the edges once you’ve done that I’ll show you what I did next after that was completed I just lined this piece up and then pushed it in so now it’s all the way through and it’s ready for the nut so the next thing you want to do is just start the nut this side put that on and then I’m going to get this piece and then put it back into there you saw how easy that came off I’m just going to go do that I’ll show you how I’m going to do that and then after that we just need to do up there 30 mils at the back again so let’s do that now insert this ABS clip again push that back into play okay I’m Sharla then you just need to line this back up shop my sneezy if the bolts come out a certain way just make sure we put back in the way they came it probably doesn’t matter but I always like to do things how they were wood so they go through that start that off if these were hard to get off I would recommend just soaking them in wd-40 something like that just so that you makes your life easier when you come back to put them in so now that’s done what I’m going to do is I’m going to do these up fully and then I’m going to do up the 13 meals and then I’m going to do up the nuts so I’m going to go off and do those okay guys now everything is all tightened up the shockers back into place the not that I’ve used is the old one the only reason I’ve come back to the old ones because it had a washer on it and I just will feel safer having that on there the last thing I’ve got left to do is put in the track cord end in on the steering rack ater I’ve got a video on how to do that and replace one of those if that’s what you want to know this one the end was really shot to pieces so I couldn’t get it off it was just seized even though I’d put loads of loads of wd-40 and it would not come out the back piece now is done so the 13 meals are now in place there’s free of those at the back there of the drive shaft I will show you that in a moment I’ve also taken it under tray off which is down here it’s only held on by four 10mil bolts so that’s pretty easy to do just undo those in importance and tray out then you’ll be able to gain access to be able to fill up later the fluid that it takes is 75 80 it’s a Citroen runaround Peugeot product I will show you that at the end when I’m filling it up okay guys now that the passenger side is done we need to do exactly the same on the driver side so I’m going to go ahead and do that just so you can see how it’s done I’ve already loosen the bolts and everything so I’m going to go ahead and do it this track wad end came off pretty easy I’m still going to change the steering track rod end just for the simple fact that it looks really really bad I’ll get in there and show you what it looks like in a moment I’m just going to go ahead and take these off remember you want to take out these make sure you keep them somewhere you can clean them

up if you need to okay then undo your nut your steering rack give it a little tap from the hammer then this should come out of here again do you remember take off the brake or the ABS line then the driveshaft move freely allowing you to get to the driveshaft then you’re gonna have to tap the driveshaft through come out nice and easy I’ll try and get part of this ABS rings show you why I’m actually doing this driveshaft because they’re mutilated have a look at this this is the ABS ring it’s meant to be on the car and it’s not it’s broken which is this piece which is meant to be on there so MIT failure so if you ever have those going before you go with one Amity remember it’s not going to pass with that it’s going to tap that through just need to get an extension which I’ll go graph your gloves get too messy just remember to keep changing and why always do I don’t like them to be make everything really doubt if I can help it and always wear them because the oil and the stuff that you using isn’t very good let me just show you the oil so this is what I’ve got transmission oil 75 W AE you can get it from any part store that’s the part number there if you want to get genuine stuff which I tend to like to get I’ll just show you the track Gordon so these are the track buttons here coming this this is the part number that I use on this one you can see that there are lists everything that I’ve used on there I’ll show you how to do these and then you’ll see what I mean about the end and why they produce let me just tap this through a little bit more this drive shaft out right see we get out it’s nice merged in every its shots have ever been done I’m not cutting this video because I want you to see how difficult they are to get the good thing is you don’t have to take it off the pivot to do it and now so number so and I’m hoping because I don’t actually know the driveshaft will slide out the gearbox okay right I’ll just explain what the end is like once is help so oh yeah looks like you get a little there so I guess you take this off and have to figure out how you get this off just looks like it’s a little seal there and then I guess that will just fit over the top of there to help locate it it looks pretty much the same like I say remember to check the sizes against each other make sure they look the same let’s go down have a look so that looks the same there that’s pretty much the same thing that goes through a bit movement in there so that’s what your basis is probably stretched out anyways

probably so I’m just going to clean up guys let me just take you in there to show you what the shops like so you can have a look for yourself we take this off here we go excuse the hand all right so it kind of goes over that spindle there so it just sits over the top it looks nice and easy it’s got a gearbox he’ll don’t moving into a place of a pretty good condition this is all okay down here everything’s good I like to say the track came off let me just explain this so the top of this here on the steering rack is going to have like a little star which you hold so you can undo the nut so that doesn’t keep spinning but they’re shot to pieces completely shot to pieces as you can tell and what the mentor look like is the one in this packaging here so if I take this nut off you’ll see I’m going to have a little star below that but the one that I’ve got is completely corroded away so I mean this will this can do with some new steering rack ends I’m going to go get the drive shaft ready and then we’ll come back to this in a moment guys so now I’ve changed over this end onto here it’s literally quite simple all you need to do isn’t me trying to show you is just get a screwdriver underneath these and then the whole thing slides off and it just slides back over the top of the shaft and then just tap down a little bit so now I’m going to attempt to put it back in so you can watch me and see how hard it is to put the new one in without having to take all the axle off here we go okay that slid open quite easily so that’s good let’s try and get it back in the shaft see how easy that is we’re going to be in the way that’s gone in really easy lovely jubbly so you know what to do guys put this back together so the shock fast let’s break in okay so now that all the bolts are done up I’ve done this one back up the shockers back in you saw how easy it was to do it guys it was really not that hard the drive shaft right back there is now in place I’ll take you underneath see we can show you so there you go it’s nice and flush on that really well the next thing I’m doing I’m just going to show you a little trick so you put some more grips on the steering rack just to hold it in place and then lube it up real good as you can see I’ve already done a couple of turns on it I’m going to be counting them haven’t done one full turn yet now it’s off the only good thing about this is that if you can see there’s a locator nut to where it goes yeah I did one turn on it and then this came loose so I’m going to leave it there at that point so that I know that the new one goes up to that nut so that’s going to help that’s going to be a good guide so I mean like I do recommend that you do track in but you can just use that nut as to how far you need to actually go so let’s take this off now and then I’m going to go grab the new one these are handed to make sure they’re

exactly the same you to take this off this is just to protect the cover but as you can see here one of them the end is just completely corroded and gone and the other one has got to stop it in it and the star P is what we need so now I’m going to go and screw this one on slide this all the way up to the map for words that once it gets up to the nut I’ll make sure that nut doesn’t turn so that that nut did one full turn so I just need to there we go need to do some nut and I again yeah so turn that nut one turn spin the spin they go so that’s one full turn there I’m going to do is just put it into place so that goes you can see where that’s going yep so this just moves so you just want to move it into place line it up push it through there you go and now I just got to get my stalks piece on there means that my new nut off because it comes with a new nut which is really handy put the nut in there okay so I’ve got a 17 on here this is a ratchet spanner I’m just going to have turned it on tight just to do up there there’s a stalks piece here which fits in the top and then what you want to do it’s just I’m going to do this cack-handed leaks I want you guys to be able to actually see just do this up this one in the set that holds it in place and then obviously 17 does up so that’s I’m just going to go all the way with this you can have to watch me that’s what was completely messed up on that one which is obviously a very good thing at all okay where’s that you sure it is nice and solid is this is steering there we go lovely right and that’s that so guys once you’re happy with everything that you’ve done so that’s doing the 3:30 meals in the back that holds outside on once you’ve done up the 18 and a 19 meal bolts which hold on the shock then and you’re happy that they’re tight enough then carry on go on to this one this one’s a 13 meal will make sure that that’s done up really really tight I’m going like I said and fitness sizes on there for you so that you know once you finish that the next thing we’re going to do is because we’ve done both sides of this little gear box so let me just move you over here this air box is going to be in the way for where I want you to see so I’m just going to quickly remove it all it is you’re probably gonna have a proper one on here but it just comes up at the back box here just to remove this whole section just leave with a flathead screwdriver to undo that I’ve already on left in the whole thing so lift out it should be the same on the other one but it will just want to look like this it will just have like a box now that gives me access see down here where I need to get that locating like what I’m going to do is take your underneath the car and then look up which is to show you where the lug is where you need to fill it up the annoying thing is is that you can’t get a bottle in there like this bottle here will not go in there for you to pull up is impossible so what you’re going to need to do is use one of these and then put it down and into it and then fill it up what you want to do is it takes three and a half liters but

there’s probably still some in the bottom so you’re going to have to obviously allow for that but you want to fill it up into it starts coming out of the bong and then do the bung bait back up again and then you know that’s the right amount that you’ve got in I’m really not sure how well you’re going to see this but I’m hoping when I get underneath the car you’re going to see well enough what I’m actually doing down there where the bung is do I so the fun is right under here but if you see a blue glow about to spin it take it out just coming from let me get the idea I’m going to obviously take you underneath a clock chamber as well and this is bung here I’ve taken out this is what it looks like I don’t know if you see me take it out but I’ll look back to check if you did I take you under there I can say to show you the next thing we do need to do is fill it up a bit this somewhere safe right we’re now underneath the car this is obviously the gearbox here so you want to follow this round is like a power steering pipe there and if you can just see you wonder if I can zoom in where the lug came out is roundabout there so the lug comes out there which is flat on the gearbox shouldn’t if you can see it this way round which once you know the local yeah that goes there it’s quite hard to get to that’s on the front of the gearbox right I’m really not really sure how easy it’s going to be to fill this up on my own without somebody helping me hold it but sometimes you don’t have people to help you so you have to do things by yourself let me see if I can get that in and do it myself I’d recommend undoing the bottle first so you just got to grab a bottle and lift up see what’s the easiest way to get this an easy way for chai mostly lovely soba stays that now we’re ready to go start pour and just keep an eye on it make sure it doesn’t go and check slightly that’s good so I’m going to continue to put just I’ll do a little bit our taxes how much oh it’s dripping down instead should take two Lee is easy the mountain a messy job but has taken all of that so that’s a whole two-liter bottles I’m gonna like I said I think things about three three and a half he does going to change my gloves because I don’t like doing the real machine oily Lita let’s see if it does then we keep taking it I will just put

the recommended amount in which is three and a half liters I will do it that’s about it really that’s all it should take okay free and obvious I took the whole freedom of these no we need to do is for that bum back on which should be nice and easy just a this then drip any over whiskey which I’m happy about so don’t like having gearbox fluid over you if you’ve had over you before you’ll know that is that’s good and then the bag so we can put that it’s going to do that and then we’re pretty much ready to go I’ll show you what I used to undo it with so it’s fun out there trusty carry a bag and then drop that into there my one haven’t be able clean up after this alright that’s done up I’ll show you what I use to undo it it’s all that I use to undo it didn’t take much there’s just one of these you just have to get on there and then just like give it a slight twist that gets it loose and it’s going to use that to twist it back up again and go onto and quickly do that now that we’re done we are set go like that taking a few more turn which is good you won’t not be able to be as tight as it can be without overdoing it you want to do up to tight guys hope you can hear me down here that mustn’t rush and it feels good okay yes lovely part once you’ve done that just replace your engine tray we’ve got a pop the wheels back on and we’re done other than the air-filled I wish we quickly do now it’s a nice and simple job your line say yours probably won’t look like this because this one’s just got a different induction air filter on it but you don’t have to have it came with the car when we got it so that’s what’s on it but tied up in a minute all you need to

do next is get the wheels on so let’s take you back down and let’s do that here we go plus we need its jack trusty object it will break your balls we’ll cover and obviously the wheel like some gloves on you want to wear gloves all the time I mean my hands a little bit dirty but they’re good if you’re going out on Saturday night the last thing you want to do is have oil and grease all over your hands doesn’t look attractive light it this one can come out tighten the jack up here keep this down under once it’s happened here don’t get rid of the stand you want to keep standing under there pitfalls it’s going to fall on the stand and not on you which is obviously what you want excuse the background noise sign whale on up I usually hold it would let me start one off go start off wheel bolts also have talks ends as well I will put those down in the comments so that you know what we’ve done what we’ve used and this is now going to pass this MIT let’s go all that down I hope you enjoyed watching this video guys and the hope over helped you out and give you a good tutorial if you do like it I hope you subscribe so I’m going to have a lot more videos coming up I’ve also got ones on my Scirocco that I’m going to be doing soon what loads of things coming for that upgrade the brakes Brembo ones bring my calipers things like that so you want to make sure that these are done up as well as they are before you drop it back down because you don’t want to drop it down wobbly because it won’t is sitting against stand properly that one’s quite tight we flush up against you can just care what splash up against just check in here to make sure I swap it flush up against the the bit that sitting on so that it’s nice and good you just last when you want to do is have wheel wobble twist your end and put it back for an enmity I’m going to show you I also want to do it here so and take the stand out now when you drop it down even rougher back down on the

wheel drop it down nice and easy and say that but sometimes these are unpredictable there we go alright this alone it’s going to be a bit high still raise the other side the last thing you want to do last thing you want to do a lot going to do it now but once a girl what the talk sends us up put the knot back on here and do this up why the wheels on because the whole weight of the carbon at that you give the nice could turn on it don’t over tighten it but that’s done once that’s tightened up you just need to put this on obviously remember it’s a 10 mil don’t put this on until you’ve done up the nuts properly again you want to put the right torque settings on these four bolts get them done up nice and well use a torque wrench or a breaker bar which clicks when you got it on the right talked and that’s it guys that’s how you change the drive shaft on a renault clio 1.4 so thanks for watching and remember please subscribe thanks again