New Oakley MTB Range + Scott DH Bike Teased | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 55

– Welcome back to another weekly GMBN Tech show As you can see, things look a bit different behind us here I’m gonna explain that in a little while Coming up on the show this week, we check out that brand new Scott Gambler We also look at a chorizo and baguette holder for your bike, from Fidlock, and of course, there’s some really, really cool stuff, and I’m gonna take you down a little rewind memory lane for some cool stuff I found as well And of course, there’s always the amazing content from you guys (swooshing) (whirring) (digital beeping) Now, straight into news, and first up this week, I wanna show you the new Scott Gambler Now, we have seen prototypes being raced throughout the year, and we’re well awhile that some of the riders, including Brendan, they have swapped between the two for various different events, and we’ve also seen different wheel sizes being used And check this out now So, this looks to be a near-production version So, it’s sharing a lot of similar lines with the much shorter travel Genius and Ransom frames So, there’s basically a four bar linkage backend on there, with that classic rocker design, and of course, it’s got the Horst link on the chain stay, and it looks to be a full carbon design Now, I think you’ll find it does look amazing, and the particular one on screen now has that Fox 49 fork on it, which suggests, of course, it is a 29 inch wheel compatible bike Now, the prototype version we did see throughout the year We did see different sized wheels being used on it, and in this riding clip here on Brendan Fairclough’s Instagram page, it does look to me that he’s running 29 inch wheels We know he tried it before, we know he didn’t get on with it before It might have been just the wrong bike for him at the time But certainly, it looks like they’re gonna be running 29s now, and check out this launch video, action-packed, and the bike looks unreal Love that slim top you’ve designed, very similar to the Uno and a lot of other very modern cutting-edge bikes out there Again, a Mondraker also shares that nice, refined, slender top tube, really clean looking bike Very much looking forward to seeing a production version of this one hitting the shelves And next up is news is the new Oakley DRT 5 helmet There’s also a few other cool things in the range, but the helmet really is the thing that stands out to us Now, this has been designed in conjunction with Greg Minnaar, and of course, he’s ridden with many helmets over the years, and as a pro rider, he’s gonna know exactly the sort of tech that you’re gonna need in a helmet Now, this is it on the screen It shares some similarities with some other popular helmets out there, like the POC Tectal, and of course, the Troy Lee A2 Now, the helmet itself uses a BOA FS1 system on the inside, so it’s a full 360 wrap around the head It doesn’t just pinch on the back, it pulls around your entire head Now, this is also a low profile design It’s designed specifically to work really well with eyewear Now, a lot of helmets that have got cradles at the back, it can be a bit of a problem with impinging, depending if you run the eyewear underneath or on top of them Obviously, Oakley, being an eyewear manufacturer, have designed this helmet specifically to work with them And there’s also a really cool cradle for the glasses on the back of the helmet You can clip them on for climbs, or anything, you might be fogging up, for example, or maybe just times you don’t wanna wear them, and easily just pull them off and stick them back on your face Now, the helmet itself comes in a whole bunch of different colors, and it’s got some other really cool features in there The one on the screen now is kind of like a military sort of style one, and this next one now I love This is Greg Minnaar’s favorite one, the gray It just looks simple It’s gonna work with all clothes, whether you’re wearing Lariat stuff or stealthy clothing I particularly like the brown pad in the helmet Now, I did see a prototype of this when it was a year about, but we weren’t actually allowed to shoot the helmet at the time, even though it was right in front of us Now, it’s got like a silicon gel sort of, it’s like a thin that runs across the front of your head, specifically designed to catch that sweat and channel it completely away from your glasses Any chance of getting sweat on the lenses, or the lenses fogging up from overheating, and that is just gonna actually remove that from happening I think it’s a really cool system, and of course, you know how much you sweat when you ride, it drips down your face? By channeling it completely away down the sides, it’s gonna dry out quicker and not get in your eyes So I think that’s a really, really cool feature And next up from Oakley, as you can also see in some of the footage there of Greg Minnaar riding, are the prism lenses Now, the lens technology isn’t that new, but they have got some revisions on it So the whole point of this is it’s designed to bring out the shadows, and it kind of over-saturates greens and browns So when you’re in the woods and you’re riding, and stuff like roots and that, your depth perception might be struggling in different light conditions It’s designed to really accentuate that stuff, and it’s a really fantastic way of doing it It works really, really well Now, they’ve also got this low light version, specifically designed for people who ride in dim woods, dark conditions, even winter conditions It’s really designed to accentuate that, and it really does help So check these lenses out on the screen now It’s a very, very cool technology They’re kinda similar, in fact, to the technology that POC use in theirs

So you’ve got the clarity lenses, and it’s a similar principle to pick up on the greens and browns, the shadows, all that sort of stuff that could be quite confusing when you’re diving into the woods, and you’ve got dappled light I think this is wicked that just instead of dark lenses or clear lenses, there are some proper technical options available for mountain bikers Ever heard of Unparallel? Nope, I haven’t either, until, in fact, Neil pointed them out to me So, they’re a climbing shoe manufacturer, and you guessed it, they make mountain biking specific shoes They’re making them for flat pedals and they’re making them for clipless pedals, and there’s got some really, really cool shoes in their range Now, they all benefit from a dual rubber compound sole Depending on the model, there are different durometers of rubber available, but the concept is you have soft rubber on the area that contacts the pedals, and then the rest of the shoe, the areas that are gonna wear out, have a harder compound rubber Now, the ones on the screen now are the West Ridge So this is a flat pedal shoe, and I think, of all the flat pedal shoes, this one looks the most interesting to me Now, it’s got lace flaps on there, it’s got a strap at the top It looks fantastic for overall protection, keeping your laces out of the way, and I presume, probably pretty good in bad weather as well Now, the sole on it is the dual compound It’s got 75 to 80 durometer on the toes and the heel, and the patch that contacts with the pedal itself, that is a softer 58 to 63, so it’s quite a cool concept, really quite into that And then, there’s the Up Link Now, this one really appeals to me as a clipless fan So, this one has 45 and 50, and 75 and 80 in the durometers there, so slightly softer around the pedal, which I think is quite interesting, ’cause I would’ve assumed that you’d have a softer durometer on a flat pedal shoe, but not the case for these ones And it has a really good cleat channel on there, so easy access to the pedal for engaging and disengaging Kinda looks a bit like a skate shoe, which I’m a bit of a fan of It doesn’t look quite as clunky and clumpy as some of the other ones available on the market, and it’s also got that lace saver strap, which I guess you can crank up nice and tight too, if you really wanna get some power of them I think it’s a really cool looking range There’s quite a lot in there Check them out Now, this one’s especially useful if you’re of the taller variety So, Fox are releasing the transfer post now in a 175 mil drop That is huge So that’s a seven inch drop So there’s also in a range, in case you’re a bit more vertically challenged The four inch, so 100 mil drop, five inch, 125 mil, six inch, 150, and then of course, that 175, seven inch drop It’s available in the Factory, which is the Kashima coated, and the Performance, which is the black coated option, so different price points there It’s available in 30.9 and 31.6, and there’s three different remotes available for it So, the remote, you can either use the Race Face Performance Products left side one by remote You can also use two Fox different options in there, one for two and three by, and one for one by, and that is the one by one on the screen right now I think that’s the neatest looking one they’ve done to date It’s also got a low lever force on this now So, one of the problems that a lot of cable operated droppers are, you do have to struggle with getting that lever cranked in, especially if there’s a bit of friction on your system Now, the way the Fox is designed is it’s got a low breakaway force, so it should feel a lot nicer, even when your cables get gunked up I think that’s really cool And finally, in the news this week, of course is that brand new Canyon Strive Enduro bike, with the Shapeshifter mounted to Now, we flew out to Germany to have a look at it, and looked at it against the older model bike So there’s two videos, one by Neil over on GMBN That is the old versus the new And there’s a video on GMBN Tech, if you haven’t already seen it, by myself, just checking out some details in the factory, and all the cool details of the bike Pretty cool bike there (whirring and beeping) All right, now it’s time for Bike Cave, which is of course our section of the show where we get to see where you store your bikes, where you tinkle your bikes, where you clean your bikes, all of that stuff So, no matter where you store your bikes and look after them, take some photos of them and send them in to us The uploader link is right there at the bottom of the screen Now, this week, I want to tell you a little bit about our kind of bike cave, because it’s a little bit different to the normal place So, previously, we had a set upstairs near our workshop There’s two workshops at GMBN Tower So there’s one which is a set for filming in, and then there’s our dedicated workshop, which is for fixing bikes, and to be honest, it’s somewhere that I like hanging out, so we moved the set down here So, I spent a bit of today doing a bit of cutting, some sawing, some drilling Check it out And also, on top of that, we’ve got a few additional entries So, this one is from David in Plainfield Hi, Doddy, this is my bike/pain cave Now, the Strive is my main whip, wicked, so that’s like last year’s model Very cool, the 27.5 inch wheels there The Chinese Carbon 26 there is my son’s, along with the Sette Recon HT Sunday is my younger son’s and hatchling’s progress, and next here is my bike from way back I’ve got a 1994 Stumpy Compf, nice, that I use on the turbo trainer, and as a gravel bike

The Stumpy was abandoned by a friend, and the TV was a hand me down from the in-laws, and the trainer was an acquired secondhand purchase All in, I have less than $300 invested in my Zwift setup That is awesome Zwift is pretty expensive as well, so if you can get it set up like that Loving the way you’ve just got the bikes hanging around in the background there, and obviously, the Canyon taking pride of the floor space there You’ve got a bit of a weight setup there, weight bench, nice You’ve got a huge old TV in there So that’s a pretty good hand me down, having a TV that big in there, with your Zwift set up That’s mega Yeah, and you got your Turbo Trainer set up with our old Stumpy, nice, and a running machine too Got the whole pain den sorted out Looking good, nice one Thanks for that And next up is from Roy in USA I know it’s also my pro shop, but this is also my bike cave A 2017 Sprinter van is converted to a 100 square foot shop, complete with repair stand, ultrasonic parts cleaner (whistles) That is still something I have not purchased I must get a parts cleaner They are cool as anything LED lighting, compressor, every tool you could ever need, and enough space to get the job done right So, let’s check it out Oh, wow, that’s all there Aw, man, that is beautiful Loving the workspace there That back port looks awesome, and the stainless steel workbench Aw, man Part pro stand, but way to the side of the van All the spare parts By the looks of it, it looks like a shop one, there’s a shelf in it, pro shop Dude, that looks amazing Ultrasonic cleaner as well, that is rad Well, awesome Thanks for that, Roy, and thanks everyone for sending in your bike caves Absolutely love them Keep them coming, and don’t forget, you can send us video entries as well We love video entries, and that also means we’re happy to share those on our own social media, so you might get a few followers from that, so be sure to send them in via the link as before on the screen, and tell us all about yourselves and all the cool stuff you’ve got going on in your bike cave (whirring and beeping) Okay, now it’s time for Rewind Yup, that’s our retro section of the show If you have anything retro, it could be old photos, it could be a bike, could be a jersey, whatever it is, take some photos, take some video of it, tell us about it, and use our uploader link right there at the bottom of the screen Send it in, and we’ll put it on the show So I was having a little clear out of my own bike cave and I found a whole bag full of old race jerseys They don’t belong to me Check some of these out So this first jersey, I last wore this, I reckon, in 1993, something like that So, this is when I was a young un and I used to go around all the races getting everyone’s autograph So on here, I can see some pretty good contenders I can see Joe Murray on here I can see Rob Warner I can see Sally Hibberd In fact, the Sally Hibberd autograph, she used to race for Team MBUK, and I had my photo taken when she was signing this T-shirt, and my first appearance in Mountain Biking UK magazine was also Steve Peat’s first appearance in Mountain Biking UK magazine That’s when he was racing for BATS, so it’s Baton All Terrain Squad, I think they were called Yeah, there’s a few more top winners Hans Rey down there, the first time I met him Sean Roberts, Paul Hansen, Adrian Himmis, Simon Kipling, David Baker, Nick Craig, good friend of mine now, actually, Jess Avery as well Jess Avery, awesome But, that’s not even the cool stuff So, this one here, this dirty old jersey in size XXXL, this one belongs to Rob Warner, and this was his National Champs jersey from I think about 98, still with his mud on it, and unfortunately, still with his funk, but it’s pretty cool to have I think we might get this one framed if we can get a big enough frame, and have this one up on the set What do you reckon? Good enough for the set? Hmm, we shall see And, another one This one here belongs to Danny Hart, and this is for when Danny Hart won World Champs Super cool jersey, I think you’ll find Just the fact it’s a Danny Hart jersey Love Danny Hart This one is my pride and joy there This one belonged to none other than Steve Peat If I can find the right way up So, that’s the front of the jersey This is the back This jersey was in fact cut off him when he crashed and broke his shoulder I think this was at Grouse Mountain, possibly There you go So, was number one This hurt a lot How cool is that? Definitely need to get this one framed I’ve had this one for many years Wow, mess of a jersey, that one And then we’ve got a Brian Lopes special here, from when Brian used to race for team Mongoose Of course, unlike all the other riders, he used to wear motocross style jerseys Lopes’s quite muscly, he likes to wear Lycra on his mountain bike There you go Brian Lopes, and I think this is the exact jersey he was wearing when he was riding at Bike 99 up at Birmingham NEC, and they had a set of dirt jumps there, and I think his bike had broken, so he borrowed a random bike from a stand, I think it was a muddy Fox, and he did the biggest ghost ride I’ve ever seen, wearing this jersey

So basically, he sent the bike off the first jump, and it hung up on a set of railings And the last one is from Steve Geall So, Steve Geall, a.k.a. Geally, the 1989 BMX World Freestyle Champion, might be 88, I forget there The most textbook style on a mountain bike ever, or in fact, on any bike He does the best tabletops on earth, in fact, bar none Absolutely amazing rider He used to be teammates with Martyn Ashton In fact, they were teammates on the team Animal, sponsored by Mountain Biking UK, as you can see there He used to run Mongoose Bikes, and I think Martyn used to use his own Ashton bikes, but pretty cool jersey there Good to have some of this rewind stuff tucked away You’ll be amazed what some of the pro riders would actually give you if you approach them at the right time So, I’m really keen to see if anyone else out there is lucky enough to have some jerseys or some artifacts that belong to any of the riders If you have, take some pics, send it in (whirring and beeping) All right, now it’s time for Top Mods So, this is all about the modifications that you make to your bike, all that stuff that makes your bike better than your makes, basically Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter You could be setting up your front tire tubes, you could’ve changed your chain on there, or it could be an entirely new frame Whatever it is, we love seeing it So, you know the drill Tell us about it, take some photos, and send them in using our uploader service at the bottom of the screen So this is from Soleil in Kelowna, BC The reach for the bearings on my pedals is higher than the small pin, so in the wet, it becomes very slippery, so I put grip tape on the ridge, and the added grip is phenomenal Do you know what, that is a wicked idea Four rides in the rain and snow, and it’s holding really well It’s a great mod for flat pedaled riders wanting even more grip Next up is how I mounted my cage mount pump to my down tube with zip ties, ’cause my bike has no cage mounts I tell you what, ten out of ten for that mod on your pedals ‘Cause literally, you’ve barely changed it up I bet that has made a world of difference And also, great solution if you’ve managed to get a pair of pedals and they’re not quite grip enough for your likes, just to improve them I think that’s really, really cool I guess you can get color coded grip tape too, if you wanted to Liking the bottle cage bulge as well That’s pretty good I tell you what you might wanna try I see you’ve stuffed, it looks like a bit of rubber from an inner tube under the mount If you get yourself some of that Scotch 3M 2228 tape, you can put a little smidge of that tape on there, just underneath the mount, as you put it on, it will never rattle around, it will never move It’s good stuff It is quite expensive, but it is really worthwhile I think every mountain biker should have a roll of that stashed away in their workshop Really useful stuff But, really like what you’ve done The bike looks really, really cool Oh, and we have got one more, in fact I didn’t even realize we had this one This one’s from Brayden This is mega So, this is a 2019 Stumpjumper Comp Carbon So he says, “Almost finished with my build, “and I’m super stoked on it “I had to set up in my home studio “to get some shots.” This is insane Look at that build on this thing The purple disc brakes on that Completely color coded the whole way through Man, I think you’ve done amazing on this So, you’ve added Hope Tech brakes and rotors, Factory Fox basic fork, carbon royal wheels, Roval, what I guess you mean, Roval wheels with DC Swiss hubs, carbon Race Face bars, 4XX1 grip set, Race Face stem, Wolf Tooth dropper lever, that’s a real nice hopper, but actually, they’re nice Still to come is the Fox transfer dropper, okay, so even better, and the DPX2 rear shock Having a ton of fun riding the bike, and can’t wait to dial in anymore I tell you what, the picture looks amazing Love what you’ve done there Really appreciate the effort in taking a good picture I like taking photos myself, so thank you so much for that, Brayden, and thanks everyone, for sending in some really cool top mods Keep them coming (whirring and beeping) And now, it’s time for tech of the week Now, this week, I wanna talk about Fidlock a bit So, you might remember, from EUROBIKE, I got one of these little devices So, this is a Fidlock bottle, which uses a magnetic bung system that sits on your bike, and you’re gonna simply lock on a bottle onto the cage design there So it’s really, really cool Have a look at this one on the screen now So this is the imaginatively named BOA TWIST Uni Connector Essentially, it’s the same concept as this You have the mounting plate that goes onto the frame of your bike, then you have the cradle that’s got the magnetic attachment, but instead of having a bottle, you’ve got BOA straps, and you can attach pretty much anything you want to it, as long as it’s under 80 millimeters So, in my eyes, that’s for trail sized snacks, maybe a baguette and some chorizo It could be a can of beer, it could be a bottle of gin, could be a bottle of wine, if you’re Steve Jones It could be a pump and a tube, something useful I love this idea It’s a really, really cool demonstration of the Fidlock system Guys, keep making this cool stuff I think what Fidlock is doing is awesome Also, did you see the Fidlock, making some stuff directly with YT bikes now? It comes on that new JEFFSY So they’ve got the same design as this,

in fact, but with their own unique bottle size, especially for the JEFFSY Very cool There we go, there’s another weekly GMBN Tech show in the bag If you guys have got any great ideas for new content we could include on the weekly show as a regular part of it, I’d love to know what you think I have some ideas about chucking some products against each other, or some bikes against each other, or maybe even seeing what’s cool or not at the moment, but if you’ve got ideas, I’d love to know, so let us know in those comments below In the meantime, we’ve got a couple of great videos for you Click down here if you wanna learn all about that new kinda stuff, all the tech stuff that goes with that If you want something a bit more light hearted, that’s gonna make you, well, it made me laugh filming it, click over here for some classic workshop mistakes As always, give us a huge thumbs up if you love what we’re doing here at GMBN Tech, and please, don’t forget to subscribe and share our content