Rainer Grimm – Functional Programming with C++11 – Meeting C++ 2012

so why are you talking about function totally you know you know tablets in C++ you know 10 the Pentagon and then you an original nothing’s because the air is to have an idea of function programming thoughts ideas and then when you get an idea power can be basically should work as compassionate that was the starting point you need to see you lately about the function of contact holiday so what I will talk about is about programming interfaces I you know because class is not a function include 1.84 come in a function skype then I study why function for my sin cara then what is constable correct that point is little difficult to get so i’ll give you you practice case of functional programming so for current system and cell phone in white my pointer finger and now i say what’s missing you normally see when i’m missing what’s to the C&C discuss here and give enough footage comes in esco which is a wrench punctual english in hiding which support a lot of functional features and performance is disgusted let’s talk so you can program in a functional style seaport america s by s you notice it from yesterday so punctual caroline is extremely elastic especially by emphasizes what you can do is to discuss is also negative this is automatic target action also learned in Esther now engineering single curve you have something I lots of functions of course for the well dr. partitions which can capture the violent don’t there are possibilities and what’s great for lung functions they are like data these are first-class functions going so you can Oleta okay i’ll send to data enter extremely convenient then we have something like answers functional changes I shoulder some yesterday by the US dollar for the one today since similar to Turing intestine and not thoroughly spoiled towing it was the man who gives a is quite texting calling for going to I don’t travel and funded punches for advice you enjoyed this of reading and going str abilities polluting also to empower for language using of the functions in order then that’s something I player Warner punishments that these comparisons which can accept functions in general functions sin of higher-order functions then you have something similar that’s the reason for writing a film like this manipulation business which is extinct on closing for Hunter languages you can do it if you hide it in Arabic ten decks I am perfect if you like then you know you have charged or offenders who we talked last ten pictures out of the country the fighter oh my goodness the flavor in it but you know you have something act agonizing away from standards don’t want was awaiting final english like a sea of a civilization lifespan of a thing that means suicide what point you want to get pointer side connection yet that’s lazy val addition to it as late as possible maybe has been through it and you know the discussion about phone sex concepts maybe for its transitory tentative till you see the first 22 spine up right side iya of one sex comes from esco intestine is quite it’s quite a classic investigating engine having something like types of 24 minutes so why huntsville incredible of course you can use the st on a project if you can review I think that looks quite all right down the whole expression and what I will do is act together all numbers beginning effective in ending effective into a science is of the form of naturalism for thinking about constable

running 10 the second overly you have an idea to recognize to tackle it because it’s a functional fathoms below I don’t experience function remote each other or this is a function that a function bees will be our origin from Iron Curtain sure that’s 20 roofies tradition and not fun she will be related provider and the one time you will get better value the hairy type of five is 150 why final programming I think it’s a technical college stuff because you begin to think of the reason our side effects once a good ones at that point see once the compass did what we should what you should change so it kind of yeah he’ll run from a program in a better way and north of course more concise look at Gotham highlighted the race tasteful there are 23 points I think you can get a mention the Knoxville then what is functional coming so this mission is extremely simple control non-functional growing is becoming mathematical functions since the definition that’s all touch a mathematical functions of functional take each type of general setting right up and give the same calculation for our teammates that means referential transparency single bit about they are a lot of consequences I thought functions are not allowed there citrate one sentence the function innovation-driven finished I de Versailles invest in a motor function 10 times the same argument the ability to it was less you have to respond then from t license allowed through a range from stress because the first are independent of the other environment so in general remuneration or we shall perform on this research chemical opportunity and that’s 30 points I think about function coming so for wrongful oh when we just provide our dependencies and not been suppressed by citizens of instructions because it happened lesson from simplicity of the instructions will actually detect it so but to get if your pathology on what faction program yet I look at 66 characteristics or thanks to programming and I are you show your number 600 concern exists 64 assists the first half punched by all functions us eat adult third class versus just start functions are functions that the hit like data as especially for you can compete with a fine into violence you can positive happens after function scripture control and contractions we have sense to see dustox 90 the scene when a function pointer received as dust yeah I’m no expert at work function and now we have lambda functions the things taste like data here look at my example I use is over I like a simple especially using some music was class communities Vienna I did sit 10 wet maybe 10 years ago this tender steroidal language to me we have played at first actuator matter you see the heat central question cell value is a function better you see how are u is a function record 32 Thomas inner jolly and happy ok then I have regĂ­strate different function of X this is a he lacks any operation so lambda function this look infected with this heterogeneous I do it for us I do it- time stands tuition and then here in obliged if it was 110 of just will eventually function object that sucks the traffic light and that guy I want to move mrs. arguments and I think to work with these mirrors that is right result

it’s simple in it I can do it also for something like x but oh I suggest to our function i can adjust occurs the same i copy solanke function lactate on in pageant the table is especially interesting or useful down the fuzzy sets the desperate can also use functions of random chicks right we’ll do it is wonderful because your children single assume just ask function in all of you guys they are a normal pump s maybe not so fun access resources which are the most we most important a lot of functions net finish at this point I all touched some hasn’t stopped now it has to put the great myself and iono functions are functions army which can accept other function element or a condo this is the high order functions from the contact complete lastly guys here left entire function to each element of risk think about this like two days of elements of the sales page entire function element of this person who move unless foremost is joining of course so one fighters and then concentrated forge it gives a little person already a success success if you apply a barrio brewery that means the first case you need some learning your connection so just value of the list then you type to another immigration maybe last population 0 x 1 is 10 the next step take a second so just 1 2 3 next step tweet us point so your diet and you fold it and include on one are you so you can also click I don’t want each programming language I hope it will listen that must support programming a function Phi house of the bosses spread function here just immense of the fish one sweet these three functions in helston let freedom give consortium there’s not this week on tell what the frick dog is available if you testing because it’s so cold then I might who knows I’ve in other words because it’s low in the next week sounds within you and I you competition for I do don’t I mr. Constantino and i will say later that movie is much better than Python you have to focus it earlier statement you see that vision abuse since the same title and in signals last you have transformed absolutely each other performing functions in level possible Shiva’s cosmic forces and then another envelope in case your next letter schedules met experiments you make the string concatenation in this even from a guest then the juice and that’s the reason for the little pig pig flavor which is very low so you can this is unseen important now i show you a few years hours and only if all stops I always shoot in Hester this thickening and one editing it’s nice to say in your pride aside in C++ but I use electro and hostility i’m using is three consisting of love for you to show you ever wanna see what i will use the next slice so no man as a relationship before sister Esther rotation and s implies a five ship to each tenant over this element wrote a note this tall I apply any should be mapped to a time pay on electron right over the suspect we will contest to use a pretty sim crystal then I applied a 298 so I want to know the length in short a high school electronic magical is it would I find this person if you like sit down sit down since the

same code in sahaja yoga thanks again to a ten-dollar recite objective in the palace yamaha english and here i’m kind of any punishment and that’s only to reside in a language-independent way that’s holy since a lot of two also a length of suburbs from the talk big confirming a functional style was missing work for Swiss Poconos so they talk next further comprise of Senator to achieve a novelist and the juices I guess implant has to a nudist only I think until the nicest person to fill jump here i’m interested only in 20 which asks more of them it’s morphin screen wont tickets in case here that’s a little bit difficult week i have of this will give you the first element of those three so things may be programming and then we’ll get key p of p women think in calculator and i’m asking for is a copper so i won’t they want to have the works which are which first let’s just puttin was the opportunity that’s my friend this is harshil sense finally let’s see touchdown I think let me extremely convenient in some disgusting and down look at it 129 involves 12 and 9 half spoon fulfillment of finding an outlet glass Kyra on the truth to the most powerful all of this free but with the focus so much i do mr function for help in what is the drunk take the successive iterates racing I’ll explain the second examination guess from the solution point it will go yeah so much when it come to a boil their clock or it was not important calculate each drug wuts ur own simple so starting point is an industry reacted with a soggy one because I want to scream fun hunting hello look here starting point pen empty string X plus for this poem and running and here you know what is this question also what’s foster home ready sex one of them you have to know like that hot so that you see i can write how to take amusing of course little bit I see three or four give employees the next effect size good next kick Tokiko function concerning our fuel pump this is calm down we’re all custom a few functions are taxes it’s always produce the sample size in even the same high level never have side effects no I just ate that’s the key point of your conscience yo so few functions are isolated so program is mr. principal because you’re not so first of only isolated let’s go take it was in something except so we can we see poisoning recycle self-invested it was protesting here too maybe you have to build state so as a test for me so and if that’s also a great opportunity for communication ranger station precise form of punishment innovation is English suppose to know LSU honest business and recital and you can learn one to two functions or comment among difference in order to reform is the only a simple idea of personal relations are you know was then hello clinking this is pure funk shift and some big company as well if you I’m going not hastily think you know that means you know computer or your program has cooking and that is how some things about and for doing that he has to introduce a concept of bonus and i will give you an idea and it won’t have to be in order to encapsulate the interior intestine they cost less obscure language and you have

to keep your grout is also not uncommon for us to actually sign yourself up it is just subsystem set in fact you were the one you have to follow this structure some kind of complication has been taken if you find and most of the concentration of computations and salsa exists a lot of different phone apps to actually cyst specific types of engraver 70 150 say something for later maybe of course if you ask at this funeral a formal dining sometimes to get something some some you get nothing your tolerance is maybe turn signal yo man this will have you know the list a list contain consists of 0 0 1 0 5 7 15 intro for homeowners we have taken us mistake place you have something I nice since interim or asking for the title says it shipped across each handle motor function for timing we look at the different of a size that we know the connecting link up today’s and commercial st 0 subtype an extra mega me when I shouldn’t actually they are so tell us what about one of the Cross recording another key concept in function programming a little explain the stuff tonight what’s essential about functional filling is if you have to programming your complexion on things like following while promising except in to make this happen we have to have something like state like my ardent when she can change facts and Murphy such as the possible duralabel intestine so you have fully I talk so much like any other by habits so that about me tomizawa Yahoo’s so what you have to do is is that was looting you want I returning late I’m so you can understand in a different way so in case you were combined exhaustion it with this phone for setting this is some powerful title game comes language a short the next item up cap you sit here Nestor minutes to it and see what r us since our next time for e-commerce solution you see here I’m defined if it won’t function of course of the terminus course zero is one finger to be night and the factorial of n is n type control nice and nice i keeps us in studio yeah died fighting the controller function because even today there’s no my office associate custom and here i do it to society in second time i saw company since our function which will be erroneous compatible this case here send some general okay animal unit check or five equal to five times set of five minus one and then people twice if you write to you either the second condition type of so i guess one and now you see what will happen is 2010 05 will be 5 times 4 will be five I was fine so you see this would happen some item so Commission is more precaution in this confession we have to for something left to say sit together very low and you know what will happen in case you a story where is this destination and you know it I go beyond so this puts I see is a characteristic function programming it meets confirmed analyst before purchase anomalous profuse one is for value over my lips is all about ists I showed it two examples in hextech if you are here just come in highly civilized efficiency using Bionic templates so of processing ms this one as you spray form of the function

language you do some action for the hatch that means definite of list and you regularly to subside fiction for the day of the rest of it’s the rest of this oh good because mrs. had fully destroyed our acronyms village elders i want twenty-five function which will hydrate to me some openness awesome so sound with an empty list of 470 and just an openness consistent at least one argument since 15.1 arguments that kind of action is just fun and the summer stores this oil and here i apply it once more and you suspect for my mac i want from like a function f collect method on the little food containers of course Ventus because what should I doing it or the list consisting of one alcohol is playing an argument n 28 once more indirect object if the girl is essence is always something like water boy this column is only a site for denoting thank you for a ship and now isn’t it and then I met at exit I have died if won’t be much clicks tongue clicks on 13 and I will come for her if you don’t like it then you have to write that stuff since the plane using what happened context you say you’re using a long-term chemical peel chemicals I’m use your market is this my part except however was in since the case if I had so in condition 70 biotic tempted into my okay my house empty by yahoo section 48 so and since or a closer to a shield system current element since the rest hey Jimmy pesto or function languages then get over you by taking the filament and editor opportunities pretty sneaky and then you will get 15 12 years ago I fight who implement the map function also from Titanic you can think and i’m going to show you and again visible from a Michael Dyer is a conclusion uzbekistan successfully stopped what’s wrong what’s the difference between this processing and lighting and ventilation content enjoyed this is in type in x 4mm x a parabolic investor f samsonite first / you see the stars promising like best fish here i can find a function which should really attacked me driving spoons ready i will i will gather a sign of three times for sonic forces i do it al has zeroed assume n times 1 is random and n times n is frontline of adding heist n minus 1 plus a set the load and here you see what can happen if I am like this calculation from your hope in factory point is so specific sofia the first and the Channel coast French hang on personally like this is a starter settled here I tjo submissiveness and for international then again idea the thousand fetish crystallization from input equal to one and yeah do it for so so have to do it a different way so I what cause of bricks and how language our next is invested their something available like they see already that means the values will only

be avoided this sarah said it so you can define power structure for infinite task given to us or you can go to see data structures which is great and then find it and advanced i am not going to get the first five of them are you can find an inducement which were produced here all three prime numbers of people tell your prescription and say hi in Beverly fish impressive on brutal little task wasn’t at all good we don’t care why is it they see this woman is project investor LOL i wallowed calculates moments or sisters consisting of four arguments and you see one American cinema should click in our languages which will ever like 10 feet are just the opposite to lazy that Wiz oh no because 1-0 orbital language said good morning it was happening Alexis don’t know about 1/0 extra ridicul that we’re going nestle there are simply no taquita languages like signal to us Jonathan and the most other ones they are exceptional solar cell use sizeof operator which is a solution see cosmetics are not can accept y aqui teneis and then that one would actually provide images set builder but normally infiltrated because it was not English animals infected Norton to go to function f with armored ABC and you see what we have elated so we are my ass who sighs fissile input costs remote here to define a recursive function you can see only the petal Hanuman is that your any condition this will give me nervous su sitio the game was inevitable know it was ice a successful 10 equal 10 and Edwards the success of 10 across 1-1 was causes economic if i send it was totally erotic Russian and American is my costume beginning but II the annotation is convulsing TAS TAS infinito I fine sorry i only talk first five times since each data stream that works languages which will emanate that in place that will turn invent one will stop their own and now have a look I think that looks a little bit crazy but okay widget networks investor the point is five she composition and I the mirror here a function of that less each argument to the power 2 theta all what arguments out of twists and doing it as long as they pass through all of them thousand and he dare invest a new function by the monetary system for instance you know programming has to dislike the lingo the Texas that’s just going in this language I’d exemplary fashion and here you see here are naturally example for internet dollar scream this is the galaxy beginning with small hint whenever I do we give your wall run experiments and now it is i ever saw us numbers this promises Nogales feel that cross here span condition that is also possible antidepressant you are going right if you are interested sex life like using effects of the moment what’s hanging good night you know for sure enough of it to be honest in Sita’s process the specification of shock lazy evaluation available which is four short-circuit evaluation and his emotional expression

and he’ll have to develop what one is to actually give you because this boolean expression is true for the astroturf environment reversed and now my gosh slice what’s missing if she just got an impossible I wasn’t upset insulin is it was possible here in hiding we have for this comprehension which combines afara extremely elegant very eloquent subscrive sign of syntactic sugar which combined left in three directions or before seemed to really make this possible I’m ready to subordinate but will spence a living this conversion this is of course a trifle tested this convention whatever do I want to go over success or to place and what happened to manifest in that accident the belt Ellen should answer portion 11 in a second image the events of so I get the Buddhist 1443 that means justice from a direction i get a luminous applying s nexus for what an image of system right and creating interest in words such as feel powerful 16 community now I can also has a connotation and then we sin theta because that is attractive yes a kiss me here and it’s waiting on the continent from work smell it all in less than one in ten I only touched it in that one that are divisible by 10 and what I should net connection to is enzymes me so I could see what 046 and see if it quick what we have invested function composition what’s this what’s also great and on because the current program laggy because this stitch together because place you’re working lists one time I will harvest the next Carol acceptance products a local I will do know he still simple I wanted to talk business in a different order as I said normal sort of first resort if you asked any openings one two three four women I wrote each is different but I said I great inject and was actually sort come on the shooters and that function for it responsible and this function combo system it also not Holly and now my naughty something we got it wait so long to fix a corner so is ok here are you I happen said I hear a sense is full of Titus what they want to tell this film is high that’s my that I quantity here could begin a jet village waited for my wife and i will read the left side so it goes here’s me upon thousands if your highness stockton i’ll compare next we’re awesome give me your custom this is description of our keys are moving i will comply and that the road and can compel like Michael it because and this kite i think is great okay disperse this a few things you want attention unless you can wait we did how did you watch it only identify with my hands I will solve some I hands and our roster and I would like us all then I have a five-run adversely an important looks nice forgive me or worse so after this oxidation catalyst of loss and I can

give it right is it collided I was you know what here too much ghost so set one a lot of studies tail that’s not what was it about on clothes you can tell me who that students with the reformation illness object and overall some operators to recommend composition and stuff like them or use that you sent us organization to make somebody’s comprehending or something of that oh i do i get you one question but i don’t get any uh yes every you come across the FC is rightly so and see I know if I think that gives you we overrode operate your own Christian vessel makes me question for one 4’x6 guy punch of life is right right it’s the answer to your i think i have to tell you know what you have to do stop it and different objects and what I can I should be my very weakly to a variable name is called meta moment it’s a meta programming library which gives you another programming library which case you do sometimes for opponents don’t you should what complexity 564 so if you press on to go back to the factorial example that is my record length expectorant performance frankie doesnt you for that there is Error out of here goes to be for the modern chicas collar function yeah i see the stock if you take so much no no another odd way possible account you will run the inch will grow very fast yeah I all I don’t know cuz i know its own what happened in an item which light has to have something like poetry and to enforce it functions which slowly on the 4,000 inhabitants are people dressing one person