Redbubble Tags Guide (2021+)

hey guys Ryan here thank you for joining me for another video today in this one I’m gonna talk about red bubble tags I asked you guys if you’re interested in this video in the past and there was a pretty overwhelming response that yes you wore because of course if giving proper tags on our listings are gonna help increase sales it makes perfect sense why we’re all interested in figuring out the best way to approach tagging our products on red bubble now I’ve been doing a bunch of research I’ve watched some other videos I’ve been why I’ve been reading the red bubble blog I’ve been trying to figure out as much as I possibly can about tags and how to use them most effectively and what I’m gonna do in this video is share everything I found out so let me go jump on the computer and we’ll get started alright guys I’m excited to dive into this really quickly for the new viewers before we start let me introduce myself on Ryne hook I’ve sold over 1.7 million dollars on Amazon to date if you want to follow the links in the description I’ve got a free 8 day print-on-demand mini course to walk you through setting up the printful Etsy integration delivered via email one lesson per day I’ve got two print-on-demand Facebook community I’d love to have you I also publish income reports on the first or second day of each month you can follow my journey as a print-on-demand seller I do share my red bubble sales and profit last but not least I’ve got a full print-on-demand course I’m constantly expanding it it’s almost 70 lectures it’s basically multiple courses rolled up into one for the price of one if you’re interested there’s a link below you can always shoot me a message if you have questions on very available all right let’s dive into how to add tags now most of you guys know this I’m only going to spend a minute or less on it but go to red bubble open an account if you don’t have one then go to your profile in the top right corner click add new work it’s the big red button now you have a choice do you want to copy an existing work which is how I usually upload because it saves you about 95 percent of the time or if you’ve never uploaded then click upload new work from here you’ll need to upload your design and you’ll notice that there’s also a I don’t know I always think of this as like the search engine or SEO search engine optimization section where we provide a title we provide tags and we provide a description now if you guys stay till the end I’m gonna put my webs of her hat on which was my nine-to-five job before I quit as a result of everything I teach you on this channel it allowed me to quit my comfortable web developer senior web developer job so if you wait till the end I’ll show you what I dug up with all of these in the source code of the page but for now this is how you add tags you would do it right here in this box and what’s interesting is if you look at the tooltip it says tags are how your audience find your work use 15 relevant tags per upload use search terms your audience would look for to find your work including your name make sure to separate tags with commas example Panda comma bear comma black and white alright so as you see there it’s not just single word tags you can also have multi word tags you indicate multiple words by not including a comma between them and by the way I did some research I didn’t just go to the RedBubble blog and read I but I am gonna start with the RedBubble blog because I figure if we’re talking RedBubble tags we should prioritize going to the authority so again I’m gonna share everything I found with you in this video I hope you’re excited alright the first thing I read was the art of tagging on RedBubble which sounds like exactly what we need save your time alright the only thing that was funny about this article is that somehow they knew that I’ve been working biceps in the gym lately because it says well well well look at those biceps and then it says I mean tags so yeah that article is complete waste of time alright the other article 7 ways to effectively use tags in your RedBubble profile this one is a little bit more interesting and provides some some of my favorite advice which is actionable advice whereas the previous one really didn’t so I’m gonna basically read through this just the tips I’ll go quickly obviously the first line says tete tagging is very important in making yourself visible and accessible online all of your artworks on RedBubble should be tagged in the right way so please do check out these tips and tricks below and share in the comments if you’ve already tagged works in your portfolio alright number one there’s only six bear with me there’s only uh six of these I’m gonna read through the important parts adding tags to individual images makes them easier for people to find when searching for artwork they work almost invisibly alongside big search engines to make searches diverse and deep which again I’m going to touch on that if you wait a couple more minutes towards the end of the video to show you how when you add tags to an artwork for example on a drawing of a Brooklyn Street scene then you can add tags that speak to the subject matter of the image so tags like Brooklyn and again this is a Brooklyn Street scene is the image they’re talking about I should have replaced this image with one of Brooklyn I just pulled that from the blog but okay tags like Brooklyn New York City or street scene would be appropriate when someone’s searching on RedBubble and other search engines for these words your artwork will be indexed and visible in search results now just gonna put you know a little bit of my

two cents here you have to understand each platform we sell print on demand on has different developers writing different algorithms on certain platforms the title carries more weight than the tags I’m pretty sure that’s true for most platforms because the title is typically shorter and you have the ability to add a lot more tags so think of tags usually as I I think secondary for instance like on Amazon your title is weighted heavier all right learn where they are seeing tags exist pretty covertly flying under the radar like sly little elves that help in searches you can see tags on artworks on red bubble by clicking on the description of any artwork and the tags are listed under the description there’s actually also a visible section called tags I’m pretty sure I don’t know if they call it tags but it’s visible on all the two products red red bubble automatically links your artwork up in the relevant searches that include the same tagged words it’s also super smart and includes your artwork in searches for phrases that include the same word for it for example if you tag will work with London Bridge it will also appear when the word London is searched for granted does that mean that if you tag a work with London Bridge and someone searches for London that you’re indexed and shown on page one because if you’re not on page one does it really matter most people aren’t going to page two or beyond that so I’m thinking that the normal rules of you want to get as exact of a match you know we call it like a string match you want to get is it close to an exact string match as possible so if it’s London Bridge that they search for and your title is London Bridge then you are in good shape to potentially be at least ranked on page one now someone with other sales history on those keywords London Bridge may outrank you but you know over time hopefully you can overtake them that’s why it pays to be early all right three be consistent like most things on the world wide web consistency is key tag all of your work in a thoughtful way tag according to relevant content and do not use it as branding or advertising tools it will fail hard as it’s not what tagging is really intended for look at the artwork and tag about the subject matter found within the image see they’re saying this but here’s the thing I so I worked I know I keep deviating I’m sorry let me get ten seconds of your time so I worked as a web developer for eight years and I promise you web developers who write the algorithms are not writing this article someone in a different department for this company is writing this article so while this stuff sounds good I can pretty much guarantee you this isn’t exactly like what they’re saying is not exactly how it’s gonna work behind the hood because you can’t really what they just said in part two well not part two I guess but part one about how they function and then saying that you can’t game the system I’m gonna show you some examples in a couple slides too and I think you can game the system just a little bit all right don’t use too many on RedBubble you can add up to 50 tags to any artwork try and aim for at least three to five tags with ten being a good chunky amount so clearly there’s disconnect between the people who wrote the tooltip that said 15 and whoever wrote this article that said 10 again I did some digging I’m gonna share some results and we’ll see what what number of tags were on the sum I when I was doing my digging I was looking at like the big major successful listings because I figure that’s a great place to start we all want to be there so we’ll look at them for an example for the love of all that is holy do not tag spam try and keep to around ten or less on each artwork ask someone who doesn’t know your images inside and out for some keywords or phrases that come to mind to get a good sense of what people notice about your work this can help you select key tag words to use and when in doubt less is absolutely more in the world of tagging interesting again I hope that on a technical level that is true but you know just saying we’re gonna preview in the very near future some of the most successful listings on RedBubble and how many tags they have five do not tag spam all right tag spamming is adding irrelevant search words to your tags that have nothing to do with the term users have searched for you can imagine it’s quite frustrating when you’re looking for artwork with specific themes and instead see irrelevant images you’ve probably seen okay are they saying anything useful here I don’t think they’re okay avoid tag spam we got it let’s just skip don’t fear them tags are very important to get new eyeballs on your artwork to add tags go into the Edit screen of an existing work or add tags when uploading a new work so that’s one thing I didn’t point out earlier you can go back in time and you can edit existing listings with new tags you can remove tags etc that one article that I told you to skip maybe the only relevant thing that they said in there was that you can I mean they actually suggested they said it was valuable to constantly update tags you know in a tech my mind I’m just like as a web developer I can’t imagine that actually adding value but they said it does so I you know they would know right they would know more than I would you’ve and again you also if you’re gonna do that make sure that it’s worth your remember your time is money make sure that you’re gonna actually like make some money from going back and editing tags on a red bubble listing because that time could have been spent generating new designs and creating new listings on other places so I’m just saying always think that way all right after you’ve input a handful of relevant subject tag subjective tags you can select your media there’s no

need to add a tag for the media type you’ve chosen as the one or two media types will also work with it with search results remember high quality and relevant tags are important so I think that means like don’t put the word t-shirt you know don’t put the word shower-curtain backpack you know they have so many products that your designs can be sold on RedBubble don’t put product types in your tags just put the generic tags alright I ran some tests let’s see the results you guys excited I searched for unicorn t-shirts now the t-shirts part you can see that their algorithm just put that in a I don’t even know what to call it in the search bar but you can undo that and just see all products that are ranked on the keyword unicorn but now we’re seeing unicorn t-shirts specifically and I went across the top five here that you see behind me and did a little digging alright we’ll start with this one notice the very first unicorn shirt says in the title the first two keywords are central intelligence interesting and so I went to Google Image Search which I believe is the next one and I typed in central intelligence always be you and if you guys haven’t seen this with the rock and Kevin Hart it was absolutely hilarious like it was a movie about nothing but love movies about nothing this woman was actually really funny at me and it was good um now granted when I watched this movie I didn’t think to sell this t-shirt maybe I was I don’t remember when the movie came out but maybe I wasn’t doing print on demand back then I don’t know but that being said whoever was sharp enough to create this design that the rock wore in this movie as you can see here they’re doing quite well selling this design on RedBubble and one thing worth noting is that they were ranked as the number one result on unicorn t-shirt even though they are drawing sales from people searching central intelligence unicorn t-shirt as well as unicorn t-shirt as well as central intelligence t-shirt just saying they’re getting indexed on multiple very valuable sets of keywords this is the dream you’ll also notice that they threw in Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in their tags and red bubble has not removed the listing does that mean it won’t be removed one day of course not it can still be removed when you put like celebrity names in the tags you’re opening yourself up to that risk because the way it works is people who represent those celebrities and their brand they just do a search Dwayne Johnson on red bubble and they can just literally every single thing that shows up as a result if he’s not selling anything that’s the rock by the way if he’s not selling anything on red bubble they can just report every single listening and they’ll all get taken down so just saying it’s possible that they own the rights to sell this shirt and even though if you actually asked a lawyer it’s like are they infringing probably not it’s just a unicorn t-shirt that says always be you I didn’t go looking at the trademark database I’m just saying there’s a lot of ambiguity there all right also if you’re wondering like between the two valuable search terms Central Intelligence shirt and unicorn unicorn shirt I did a Google Trends analysis and as you can see unicorn shirt outranks Central Intelligence shirt by about a million to one like it’s not even close so this the value of this shirt is really being derived from being ranked on unicorn shirt not Central Intelligence but who knows when this shirt was initially uploaded maybe you got that initial spike if they uploaded it around the time that Central Intelligence the movie was trending maybe that got them there nice big head start alright also my buddies at Murch Titans that’s the upload automation tool that I use every single day they have a free red bubble tag generator now somebody messaged me and said it’s not free no no it is free trust me it’s free like the link is in the description or just use bit dot Li slash red bubble tags but it’s completely free you provide seed keywords and it gives you the most common shared tags amongst the top listings on red bubble so as you can see here I did some digging did I miss the circle there always be a no always be a you see I’ve tried to always point backwards here so always be a is referring to the unicorn tag so always be a unicorn tag so it did pop up there and it only turned one though so that’s not necessarily a tag that you should be including in your unicorn t-shirt that’s why it’s ranked pretty low as you can see there whereas like unicorn rainbow funny unicorns cute magical magic fantasy animal etc those are all near the top because they’re more commonly shared amongst the most successful listings so you know I could do a separate video talking about the the free tag generator but yeah it’s link in the description it is free I promise all right the second listing real quick I’m not gonna go too in depth on all these so it’s a unicorn riding a dinosaur and one thing oh yeah I want to go back here sorry real quick real quick go back to the tags that first shirt had 10 tags that’s right on the sweet spot from the article we just

read ten tags alright number two 27 tags they also included some very generic tags and what sucks is like we don’t really know if those tags those search terms are generating sales or not with Amazon you can actually gauge it better with RedBubble I don’t know of a way I don’t know that they make any data points public where we can really gauge so you’ll see they included words like well funny which is very generic but they put ones like women’s boys girls kids teen youth tops and you know for what it’s worth member how we talked about going back and adding additional keywords well if you’re ranked number two on unicorn t-shirt on RedBubble that is a listing where it might actually be valuable to go back in time and add really generic keywords like boys girls teen youth because who knows maybe you get indexed on page one when someone searches for girls t-shirt boys t-shirt your unicorn riding a t-rex shows up if you can rank on page one on those search terms you are making Bank you’re making a killing so that’s why if you are gonna go back and add tags in my mind it would make sense to do so in this case all right third listing dabbing unicorn we’ve seen this on so many yeah the dabbing unicorn Miche or sub-niches is everywhere oh oh here we go 37 tags so that is more than 2x the 15 tags that the tooltip says and more than 3x close to 4x what the article that we read said that we should do suggested we should do so you can see here these guys they might have even been using the the merch Titan’s tag generator because it looks like they just grabbed the whole top row of keywords and copy pasted them in here you’ll notice like the fifth key word that they added is sunglasses even though there’s no sunglasses on that design does that mean it’s not generating sales on the keyword sunglasses well on RedBubble unless unless you know hit me up in the comments man if you if you guys found a way to figure that out let me know other than just searching sunglasses t-shirt and seeing if this pops up but that would be very hard to find yeah because if it’s not on page one you’re gonna to keep clicking right all right and then this was the next listing they had 32 tags I don’t remember if this is the fourth or the fifth yeah this does this was the fourth search result on unicorn t-shirt search terms and it looks like by the way it looks like most of these designs if you haven’t noticed they’re not just generating sales on unicorn shirt they’re also like a sub niche of unicorns you know you’ve got the unicorn riding a t-rex you’ve got the always be a unicorn from a movie you’ve got the dabbing unicorn which by the way I wouldn’t recommend going after the movie stuff at least at least not on Amazon merch on red bubble where they’re a little bit more relaxed I mean I’m just saying you could probably get away with it without losing your account whereas like Amazon merch very strict stay away all right this one it looks like the unicorn are some keywords driving conversions here I don’t know that I’m not familiar with that book or that movie but 32 tags right so again a little mental note there 32 tags and they’re still doing extremely well and then the last one number 5 oh I just realized this is the same ok number 1 and number 5 I don’t know why I didn’t catch this when I was putting this together they’re both the always bu central intelligence design although this one doesn’t have central intelligence on their tags they only have 10 tags and they’re still in the top 5 under unicorn shirts so clearly that is a popular design even without the central intelligence movie driving sales or driving recognition all right I’m gonna nerd out for like the next minute to two minutes this is where I did my web developer research I crawled the source code and I went into a separate niche I went into the realm of like programming niches and it’s not meant to impress you but I ended up looking at programming shirts and then thinking to myself oh yeah I should check the source code and see how this is translating so is there any value based on the tags you add that we can see in the source code because when you think of RedBubble listings getting indexed on other search engines like Google how is Google determining what this listing is about you know like if if I have a unicorn t-shirt and I’m selling it on RedBubble but Google is sending traffic to my RedBubble listing well how did Google know well there’s a couple ways I’m not gonna give you a full lesson because I know this isn’t my I do teach web development at a local university so I’m not gonna give you the full class here but as far as tags go which is what we’re talking about in this video they dump it in the source code twice the first one is the meta keywords tag which by the way has been deprecated for a very long time meaning it’s useless so this right here that I’m showing you that was a long winded way of saying it is not it’s worthless now you can google it and say the meta keywords tag what does it do literally the result on google says it was really designed in 1995 for archaic old search engines and some could argue that the rise of google was actually based because of older search engines relying too much on the keywords tag because people could just spam the keywords meta tag and get their website

indexed on completely random things because the a I wasn’t good enough to know like what was working what wasn’t so that’s why Google was able to throw a bunch of different methods take us out of that that stage of the internet history additionally they dumped so this is a really bad screenshot you see up in the middle there but essentially they take the same tags that I have right here behind me and they put them in a separate meta tag called the sail through dot tags now I was not familiar with sail through apparently after some research this is a marketing automation company so if you’ve watched my channel you know I reference red bubble a lot and how they they rank really well organically on Google but they also do great like remarketing retargeting ads automatically we don’t have to like give them a credit card and set up our own ads they do it for us so I am thinking that when they drop all of our tags from our listing and somebody clicks our listing that person like either on their cookies or on the red bubble profile those tags are now associated as interests with that potential customers red bubble profile especially if they purchase right then those tags should especially be associated with that now customers red bubble profile so this marketing automation is is just that it’s automating marketing for red bubble ad spend all right I’m assuming ad spend I mean I don’t know if it’s not ad spend then maybe it’s just again red bubble profile related so that when you log in to red bubble on your home screen you have better suggestions all right additionally this is outside the realm of tags but relating back to Google how does Google know to put my red bubble listing at the top of search results on unicorn t-shirt or the six stages of debugging going with the program or niche well the title that that person that created the listing added is six stages of debugging so that becomes the page title on that listing when you go to the red bubble listing when you see it in Google search results that’s the biggest blue text associated with a link that we’re used to seeing in search results so the big blue text is equal to the title that we provide a description which is the second most important meta tag that’s in the source code that’s literally they just take the description that we provide and looks like they actually will append actually no they don’t wow that’s interesting I don’t know actually so this one it looks like what they did is they took the title well the first they put a prefix they put the word by then they put the title of the listing and then they appended the artist name Nikolay Todorov and then they say as a and then they put all the various product types that you can buy that design on so acrylic block dress bath mat canvas print etc so instead of using the description that he provided unless he didn’t provide one I didn’t actually looked at clothes I should have sorry about that but it looks like they’re keyword stuffing the description pretty well all right last but not least if you ever do social sharing of a link you’ll notice that they scrape the page and they try to generate a picture of what that page is a preview for people in their Facebook newsfeed or on their Twitter feed to see what that is before they actually click the link well you can also communicate those values in the source code of a page and it’s very similar to what I just shared here they’re doing that with the Facebook Open Graph meta tags as well so you can control how it’s going to look in the Facebook preview by the keywords title tags that you I don’t know about tags actually that didn’t make its way in but keywords and sorry I keep saying keywords title and description that will control it and then one of their mock-up images will make its way alright and last but not least the similar design section that I noticed on this programming t-shirt I went and I clicked about half of them because I wanted to know how are they generating this list of similar designs and every single design that I saw here that I went to their tags and basically crept you know spied on their tags all of them shared at least one tag so I’m pretty sure that’s how they are generating these similar designs you are eligible I mean this isn’t set in stone I’m not a RedBubble engineer but based on what I saw you are eligible to show up on similar designs as long as you share a single keyword under the all product tags anyways guys thank you so much for watching this video if it was helpful all I ask is let the YouTube algorithm know hit that like button and if you’re not subscribed to my channel and you like the video a just hit the subscribe button it takes two seconds I’m gonna be dropping a lot more valuable content I’d love to have you here anyways guys thank you for watching I’ll see you next time passive income school is open enroll now and riots Metacom thank you