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hey everyone hope you had a beautiful day welcome to this live session by intellipaat my name is anirudh and I’ll be walking you through the session on Python we will keep the video very concise and pithy and go about understanding a bit about Python and why you need to learn about it in 2020 guys so without further ado let’s begin by checking out the agenda for this session so let us have a quick introduction to Python and later or check out why we require Python thirdly we will quickly go about the huge job opportunities that Python provides and lastly we’ll be checking out the salary the trends and the firm’s which are always on a roll when it comes to hiring Python developers guys so I am sure we are all very curious about what Python actually is right so let me stress on the definition here python is one of the most powerful programming languages that exists today and it will still be on the top in the next coming decade as well so guys Python is a polyvalent language well what do we mean by polyvalent well this pretty much means that python has its foot deep into more than three big concepts guys so you can use it everywhere in everything and pretty much it has the frameworks and the libraries for the most recent technologies such as artificial intelligence machine learning data science robotics and so much more I think most of all as learners or we should all be concerned you know what we should be concerned with this pretty much at the end of the day the language has to be very big in a friendly and make life simple for learners right so I want you guys to you know give a thought about this so maybe as a fresher out of college and beginning to learn your first set of codes and you are presented with code that might get you to you know scratch your head and not figure out what it means well this is bad right guys not to worry Python has got you covered here totally I remember the days when I began learning Python all those years ago man if I had to do it all again cross me I would do it the same way that I have actually done and it is still so much fun and so much learning even after all of these years and let me stress on this because as a learner who’s into Python you will want to step up your learning one level after another so subtly that you will not even realize that you’re mastering important concepts short and this will eventually help you land a really good job we’re working is fun and the pay is handsome so the next big thing you need to be aware is that python has the biggest community ever for a programming language so learners and collaborators from all across the globe come together to help each other write code and figure stuff out together and in my opinion this is the best part about the language which makes it fun right so with a quick introduction let me ask you a question guys let’s keep the session very interactive all right so I’m gonna ask you guys a question and I’ll give you ten seconds so go ahead and write the answer down in the comment section below so we already know Bureau and Rossum invented the Python language right but do you guys know about the origin of the name well can you take a

guess or can you you know tell me why Python was named as Python or you’re 10 seconds or starts now guys hit the comment section so I’m guessing a couple of you got it right so Python was named after a TV show or which Rossum used to watch back in the day guys and no it has absolutely no relation to the python snake fun fact right so let’s quickly move on to the next part of the session where we will where we check out why I’m sorry about that so we’re wrong we’ll check out why we require Python right so we’re talking about why Python is the King of the Ring here so on your screen right now I have three syntaxes case so I have three sin taxes on the screen one is from c-sharp one is from JavaScript and the other is from Python give it all a read and find out if you can make any sense of the code I am emphasizing on readability here as many of you might have figured out reading the c-sharp code and the JavaScript code will hold you back for a while because you might not know what is going on there so check out the Python code or take a guess do you know what STR stands for simple string operations right so all three syntax is on the screen do the exact same thing of extracting a substring from one entire text entry guys so look at how short and concise the Python code is and guys this is just one line right so I remember back in the day when I was building my own deployment engine using c-sharp oh I had to write about 26,000 lines of code and this took me a couple of months to wrap up and at the end of it I was left baffled about how much you could put down on the keyboard to get some stuff running right but then I decided to move it on to Python and do some coding there and eventually my deployment project was built in Python and man oh man was that fun to do because Python in Python the code was really short I could understand every single line and the indentation part of Python is the best thing that exists for me so I think is where a couple of years ago I decided to move to Python rice to be honest with all of you and I’ve ever been there since and water right it has been so Python is a beginner friendly language which is extremely simple and extremely elegant as well if I had to express it better it is like one of those fancy German cars right so think about BMW think about mercedes-benz and etc so give that a thought and I want to stress on this for the guys so check this out oh you’re all sure that you know when we start learning the practical aspect of coding in the beginning right so we usually go about checking out the infamous HelloWorld program always right or 99% of the time so hypothetically let us say you’re a nascent learner and you have no idea how to code and on the screen I have for you a piece of Java code guys so go ahead and check it out you know take a second and see if you can make sense out of it well if you could that’s really good guess you are exposed to the world of object-oriented programming however if you’re not you will be left apart and not know what is going on with that Java code right do you really have to type out all of those stuff to just print hello world on the screen well this is exactly my point here check out the next line one straight line which prints it out with Python and guess what I have the output on the second line – it doesn’t get any more simpler than this to be honest guys I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to you know demotivate you guys into thinking that Java is less useful and python is more absolutely not what I’m trying to tell you here is that you know Python just makes everything easier for us well Java has its own gnaw you know set of advantages and back in the day here’s a fun fact Java was the number one programming language until Python came by well we’ll be talking about trends or in the upcoming slides so next up let us talk about the comfort of coding guys I’ve written code on my laptop my book and hell I’ve written code on my playstation as well by the way do we have any gamers in the house haha anyway so coming back to this

a Python is a very user friendly or language when it comes to the operating system dependency case so you can write your code in Windows you can write it in Linux you can write it in Mac OS and majority of the other operating systems as well and you can write it in operating systems which run on all form most Linux – the number here you know cannot be capped and it is really that big cool right see because at the end of the day we all have our preferences and some of us might love Windows and or not prefer Mac OS and others might be hardcore Apple fans and they do not prefer Microsoft’s products or any vanilla-flavored Linux for that matter and you know all this has to be taken into account to make sure that you as a programmer and as a learner must feel at home when you’re going about learning and mastering the language so next up let us check out how programmers and non-programmers compare when we talk about Python and as a general-purpose programming language guys first let us talk about the programmer part of it at the end of the day we as hardcore programmers prefer to understand the language and/or you know put it to full use at the earliest and we need to make this because at the end of the day it has to make our work simpler and we need to stay on top of our game most of the time and eventually this will push us on a track of efficiency and guys this efficiency you know it’s sort of addictive so I see myself pushing or you know always to attain really good efficiency numbers in terms of my efforts time and a lot of other components as well and next not all of us here are learners who just work on our own right think about that so most of the learners and programmers are hired by a forum where you are asked to work develop and improve a certain product alongside a team right so you’ll be working side by side you know with other peers and developers guys so it makes it very important that you need to find out how you can stay efficient but at the same time you know how you can be a team player as well right with pythons amazing readability you can always figure out what the code does and you know your peers can figure it out easier to in my opinion this adds to the overall productivity in the team and among the coders as well and guys now let us talk about the non programming part of the argument so the first and the foremost thing that they require is a structured process of learning the concept guys and you know most of all it has to be easy to understand you know easy to grasp and work on it later because non programmers or in my experience prefer a language which is easy to figure out and they want to play a guessing game with the syntax you know even though they might not fully know what the syntax does they prefer loads and loads of visualization and user interface requirements which I can understand because I was there as a beginner all those years ago and only with first hand coding experience we become masters of the language right so we pushing this much about Python right so it has to have some sort of a competition in the field every BMW needs a Mercedes and every swiggy 40% coupon must be countered by a 50% off from Zomato alright give that a thought and similarly for Python our biggest competitor is the language of R it is similar to Python and it has its own advantages guys however I’ll not be diving into R because it is not in the scope of this particular tutorial but hey at this point of time I want to tell you guys that we have in-depth tutorials in R and lots of other interesting videos on our YouTube channel so make sure you stop by our videos page and check out the content our subject matter experts put out for you on a daily basis case so eventually coming back to our as I said it is one of the biggest competitors to Python competitors or don’t think of it in the monetary value or anything because at the end of the day both Python and our are open source and they’re free but then our is almost as efficient as Python as well and it has its own set of use cases too but primarily the one important takeaway for you guys from this line is that our is mainly used to

design prototypes guys so it might be you know some quick dirty code of an idea that you thought of or a small unstructured project or that you want to implement as well and r is mainly dependent on the feed flow model where you keep pushing out prototypes and codes all day long hey but then but but but oh here’s a big bug but then can you do most of the stuff on our that you can do on Python well mostly yes but here is where python steps up its game guys I can confidently tell you that based on my expertise and certain trends and statistics Python is the language which is preferred when you want to go about starting and finishing a project this is basically what we call as end-to-end development where we be handling every single thing in Python itself think of the thousands and thousands of libraries that Python offers to all of us as learners right so if you do know any of the libraries wich Python offers head to the comment section and or leave us a message there guys so anyway coming back to the slide oh do you have to do any front-end development sure use Python do you need the data to support and go along with that front-end sure you can use Python to manage your entire back-end as well do you want to beautify it again yes do you want to do really amazing visualization with Python yes do you want to develop games and design user experience modules yes yes and yes python has you covered everywhere so how cool is this gasps and you know you might be wondering at this point of time so okay Anirudh I want to learn Python and master it end-to-end but what will I gain out of it what are the monetary benefits fear not my fellow learners this is exactly what we’ll be looking at next so we’ll be checking out you know the sort of job opportunities you’re exposed to when you want to learn Python and work on the same as well so let us say you guys are avid web developers and you want to learn Python web development and more certainly you might be wondering about the complexity of going about doing this right well Python welcomes us with big arms in this segment guys it provides us with so much packages for us to use and learn about web development firstly we have something called django guys django is a free and open source web application framework which is basically written in Python so what is a framework a framework is nothing more than a collection of for you know modules or that make development easier at the end of the day so they’re grouped together or they allow you to create applications or even websites from an existing source case so this helps you avoid doing it from scratch again and again well this is how you know websites even the simple ones which are designed by just one single person can still include all of the advanced functionalities like you know authentication support management and admin panels you can have all you know common boxes you can have contact forms file upload support and so much more in other words if you were creating a website you know from scratch you would need to develop these components by yourself right by using a framework instead these components are already built so all you need to do is configure them properly to match your site and next we have flask guys so Flowers is a web development framework again this means that you know flask provides you with all of the tools the libraries the technologies that will allow you to build a web application this web application can be you know it can be some sort of a webpage you can have a blog you can have a wiki page or you can go as big as a web based calendar application or a commercial web site as well flask is part of the categories of the micro framework guys also what a micro frameworks if you do guys know about it then you know what to do at the comment section for the people who are not exposed to micro frameworks guys micro frameworks are normally it is just another framework with little to no dependencies with any of our external libraries well you might be wondering that this might have pros and cons right

well yeah so pros would be that the framework is really light there is very little dependency to update and watch for security bugs and all of these and cons is that sometimes you have to you know do more work by all by yourself or increase yourself or you know with the list of dependencies by you know adding plugins one after the other so this rounds a flask and third of your pile on skies so the pylons web framework is basically designed for building web applications and sites in the easiest and the most concise manner possible they can you know range from something small as our single Python module to a sub stanchion Lord you don’t directly layout for larger and more complex web applications as well pylons are pretty much come with project templates that you can now help you know to bootstrap or pretty much a new or web application project or you can start from scratch and set things up exactly as desired guys there are movement frameworks than what’s shown if we keep pushing on it and one area of Python guys will end up in a huge ocean worth of information my goal here is not to overwhelm you with all of these concepts but rather to tell you about how you can stretch your wings and code and Python based on your requirements and work methodologies guys sounds good right and here’s another thought for you guys so a django developer owns about 8 lakhs per annum even as a fresher completely out of college so as an experienced developer however the median salary is around 20 to 40 lakhs per annum and that’s a big number right so give that a thought and next I am sure this was coming right you were expecting this artificial intelligence and my god water boon this is to the entire world you know I remember the days where I was reading that artificial intelligence will one day revolutionize the world well guys look around we are already living in a world where AI has been so subtly integrated that you’ll find it tough now that the artificial intelligence being standing out everything from the simple hey Google hey Sri you know or to probably though suggesting you lovely ads on the latest phone on the you know top ecommerce sites which we have all the wait’ll guiding Rockets out of the atmosphere into deep space guys so the opportunities are are endless also coming to Kaos guys Karass is a high-level neural network P I which is you know again return in Python and it is capable of running on top of tensorflow Theano or C and D K well C NT is pretty much Microsoft saw you know cognitive toolkit and or tensorflow is the Google’s brainchild as well so coming back to Kaos it was developed with the focus on enabling you know a fast fast experimentation so being able to go from just an idea or to result with the least possible delay is the key to doing really good research work right so you’ll be using Kaos if you need a deep learning library that pretty much you know allows you or easy and fast prototyping as well so but how can we do this oh well through user friendliness you know good modularity you’ll have extensibility and so much more or you’ll be using chaos if you you know chaos pretty much supports both convolution neural networks and recurrent neural networks as well and hey you can combine these two too so that’s another big added advantage and it runs seemed seamlessly on your CPUs and your GPUs as well so it is absolutely fine if you do not understand the terminologies that I have just mentioned you can always go about mastering the language and earning a certificate and Python and be one among thousands of learners in Intelli path guys so make sure you check out our Python certification training page for more information or hey make sure to stay till the end where I’ll be walking you through our course and helping you on your way to become a master in Python anyway so coming back now let’s talk about tensorflow guys so tensorflow is the most famous deep learning library in the world and it is it is a part of google right so Google all of Google’s products use machine learning in pretty much every product they own to you know

improve the search engine to improve translation what is image captioning to give you a recommendation lots to think about right so to give you a very concrete example no you know Google users can experience faster and a more refined searching adaptability with artificial intelligence so if the user types a keyword or in the search bar Google pretty much provides uh you know ideas and suggestion and so what Google is trying to your to do is they want to you know use machine learning and deep learning to take advantage of their massive data sets to give users the best experience so who uses tensorflow guys three different groups of people make use of for machine learning to be honest the first thing that comes on top of my head as researchers guys and secondly data scientists obviously and third programmers guys so they can all use the same tool set to collaborate with each other and improve their efficiency and guys think about it Google just not have any data they have the world’s most massive computer so tensorflow was pretty much built to scale guys tensorflow is a library which was developed by this team called as the Google brain team to accelerate machine learning and deep learning neural network research so it was built on multiple CPUs and not just built to run or no multiple GPUs as well and even on mobile operating system it has several wrappers in you know several languages such as Python Java or even C++ too and we have OpenCV guys OpenCV or so guys do you know what OpenCV stands for head to the comment section if you do so let me spoil it for you guys so OpenCV pretty much stands for open source computer vision library you guys it isn’t it is an open source or computer vision and machine learning software library as the name suggests and it was built to provide a common infrastructure for you know computer vision applications and at the end of the day to accelerate the use of machine perception in commercial products as well and guys I can go on and on about AI but we have to move on to check further technologies as well right so next up I have for you is big data so big data is you know it is data at the end of the day but with the huge size right a big data is a term which is used to describe a collection of data that is again huge in size and all yet it keeps growing exponentially with time in short such data is so large and so complex that none of the traditional data management tools and languages are able to store it or process it efficiently here’s a fun fact you know from our friends at Facebook so do you guys have any idea about the amount of data they go through to just say it your curiosity let me just hit you with a couple of numbers so there are 2.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook and this number just keeps going up so at the end you know in one year they pretty much have 250 billion photos which are uploaded to their servers so what does this equate to around ah you know 350 million photos per day yes I said 350 million per day so ok numbers the users all this adds up so how much of it is it you know in terms of data so guys Facebook generated you know pretty much four petabytes of data per day four petabytes so if you do not know how much a petabyte is ten lakh gigabytes so one petabyte is ten lakh gigabytes case ten like yes think about that and contemplate about it and now you know coming to Hadoop it is a very easy to you know it is pretty much very easy to score a good job which requires Hadoop or spark for that matter as well there are really highly paid jobs which just requires you to have good work methodologies and you have to be efficient in handling and analyzing data guys so what is Hadoop so Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework or that manages data processing and storage for all the big data applications which are you know run on a clustered system it is at the center of a growing ecosystem of Big

Data technologies that are primarily used to support you know the things that are you know that coming on top of my head right now are wrong it wants analytics initiatives predictive analysis data mining machine learning applications and so much more nuf coming to spark it is a lightning fast cluster or computing technology guess it is pretty much you know designed for fast computation it is based on again Hadoop’s MapReduce and it extends the MapReduce model to efficiently use it for more types of computation which includes you know interactive query stream processing SQL libraries and so much more however guys the main feature of SPARC is that it’s in-memory cluster computing is its thing it is what it’s known for and that increases the processing speed of an application and takes it to new heights guys so SPARC is again you know designed to cover a wide range of for you know workloads such as batch applications what else I trait of algorithms interactive queries with SQL as I mentioned and streaming as well apart from supporting all these workloads or in any you know respective environment or system it reduces the management burden of maintaining separate tools as well right so imagine the number of tools you’ll require to handle a petabyte of data man that’s that’s totally overwhelming and now quickly come into dusk guess does provide so you know advanced parallelism for analytics and it enables you know high performance to scale for all the tools that you love and again you know you can make use of it so dusk is again open source and freely available it is developed in coordination with other community projects such as numpy pandas sky caitlyn and so much more it is used to scale numpy workflows enable multi-dimensional data analysis in a lot of applications think about earth science think about satellite imagery think about genomics think about biomedical applications machine learning algorithms again and so much more so next you know let us dive into the world of data science move data science right the highest-paying programming job revolves around data science so what is up with data science guys again head to the comment section and let me know what you think about data science so data science you know is a detailed study of the flow of information which comes from a colossal amount of data which is present in an organization’s repository it involves obtaining meaningful insights from raw and unstructured data which is obviously then processed you know using analytical methods programming methods and business skills as well so numpy is you know a general-purpose array processing package in Python it provides a very high performance multi-dimensional array object and tools which are raw used for working with these areas it is fundamental to know that it is used for raw scientific computing mainly of any users with Python it contains various features you know and the most important one which I can think of is probably as I have mentioned you know the powerful N dimensional array object that it gives us second it has so many sophisticated functions which make our life so simple at the end of it and guys it has tools for integrating everything here you can integrate C C++ and even Fortran code as well boom think about that and you don’t know it is very useful for algebra as well you can do Fourier transforms random number capabilities and whatnot besides it’s obvious scientific use number can also be used as an efficient multi-dimensional container of generic data as well and now guys coming to mat plot level also Manta lot lip is again another Python 2d plotting library which you know produces publication quality figures this is important in a variety of you know hardcopy formats and interactive environments across various platforms as well so matplotlib can be used in python scripts python shells and jupiter notebooks as well it can be used on web server applications and you know pretty much any good graphical user

interface toolkit as well so matplotlib is the brainchild of this person called john hunter who along with you know many of its contributors has an immeasurable amount of time and effort into producing a piece of software which is utilized by thousands and thousands of scientists worldwide and you know coming to pandas yes pandas is an open-source Python library again as everything else which is used to provide extremely high performance easy to use the inner structures data analytics tools through Python programming language again so Python with pandas is used in a wide range of fields including academic purposes commercial domains so what a commercial domains well you know think finance think economics think statistics analytics and so much more and again Seabourn is another Python data visualization library that I wanted to mention because at the end of the day Seabourn is pretty much based on matplotlib it provides a high level or you know interface for drawing attractive and informaiton statistical graphics but let us not dive into the details of the modules and other concepts yo guys so basically as I have said all that we are trying to convey is that with these modules alongside Python you can be on your way to mastering the language and putting it to full use when you or you know interview or for Python or go for a Python data science job as well okay on that note in case you’re preparing for any interviews make sure you check out our blog section on the website we have numerous blogs on interview questions and we always have had positive feedback about them guys so I’m sure you guys can make use of the questions and you know crack those interviews so go for it and check it out and now the most interesting thing yet moving on to the median salary guys do you see that number on the screen right now look at how big and beautiful all those digits look like right now imagine about 6 lakhs of salary a month yes a month and this you’re getting paid because you’re implementing a language that you love and you use case you should really be a part of you know Python communities you guys should stop by our entirely but community sometime or you know you can ask up all of your questions you can talk to other learners and you know collaborate with them about new projects and ideas as well and hey you never know when you will hit big right so we are talking you’re you know we’re looking at Python to be the top of the cream or so in the world of programming now we need to put in some effort into finding out if this is actually the case so let me quickly open up the website indeed.com oh and look for jobs which require Python right so here we are at indeed.com website and whoa so take a look at all of these jobs posted here guys specifically I want you guys to observe the panel on the left side here right so check this out look at the amount of jobs posted here Mamma Mia this is like Christmas for a developer like me you know I always love to check out the latest trends to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world around us and you know sometimes I find myself on websites such as Gartner dot-com as well to find out what’s trending again at the end of the day for the same purpose anyway my point here is to tell you that there are n number of jobs case and number of jobs you can try out the Indian job posting sites as well to get better clarity on Indian pricing about him if you’re good at what you do people are ready to hire you and pay you really well irrespective of the origin of your country and again now let me just scroll down a little here check out check out the amount of internships you have you have around 2000 and Township opportunities as well and this keeps upgrading every single day guys so you get paid really well as an intern – and you know there are good chances that you will be converted as a full-time employee and you know you can expect top pay as well make sense right come on money is surely a motivating factor but learning along the and enjoying that learning guys this is clearly you know a win-win for all of us out here so you have about 13,000 jobs 1 3 13 as you can see on the screen which is providing a salary estimate of 130,000 dollars think think about the numbers case again n number of jobs as you know I’ve already been stressing for a while anyway just coming back to my

slide sure so we’ve checked out you know we need to check out the people that are hiring right so coming to the opportunity is in the sub Indian subcontinent and you know worldwide as well here are the dream companies that many of us want to be a part of I am sure right so think about it and you know hey guess what I can guarantee you that all of these mentioned forms make use of Python one way or another guys this might seem like a small thing when you know you just say it out but give it a very strong thought one language and we have firms worth brilliance here billions and most of them are worth billions each right so one language to unite them all so I hope you you know got that movie reference so coming back to it guys do you remember shopping for that new pair of shoes or mobile or something and you know you’re gonna see the same ad when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed or your Facebook newsletters as well again peyten getting recommendations based on job searches that you’ve done on LinkedIn previously Python language processor on Evernote the working of you know the Android system core the top trending tweets on Twitter which is you know always erupting on something or the other right to Skype Adobe Apple Walmart Labs come on guys these are the firms you should be looking at in case you want to stretch your legs and go about working and enjoying the language you know among all of the perks that you get and hey coming to car companies as well guys this is the entire industry or you know this entire industry pretty much walls around the customer if there is a trend which is started by one company or a person you can see other forms jumping on it and performing in-depth analysis about the same right think about a couple of situations and in the car industry I am sure you can find many especially in the Indian market my mind the industry here is on a roll all the damn time so there’s lots of things you can do and Python lots of money to make and best of all is to stay or you know trending for a really long time that’s a real good bragging right and you know it sounds cool to me what about you so I’m sure it sounds cool to you as well right so let’s begin to wrap up our a short session here guys I’m sure you guys have this question in your mind right now so you know after being an investor for a while you’re the lesson that I have learnt the best investment or you can do is on your education guys because at the end of the day that pays the best interest there is so how strong is this code you know I absolutely love it and guys as I’ve mentioned or to go further and dive into the languages and learn more about them make sure you visit our blog pages and our YouTube channel because you’re we have subject matter experts who work round the clock to get you the best content Darris and you know our goal you’re a simple guys to get you trained up and ready for all of the situations in all of the big fortune 500 companies right so let’s say you just want to learn the language or you know to say it your curiosity or raw you want to work on it to probably compare it with another concept you have learnt or hey let’s say you’re already a subject matter expert in a domain and you just want to stretch your limits into other arenas and you know play around there as well so at the end of the day what I’m trying to tell you is make sure you know you subscribe to our channel stay in touch with the channel always and the block pages daily as well because all those are upgraded on a daily basis and this we’ll get you updated and ready for the industry and guys if you want to master the language and have a tight grip on it unlike anything else if you want to perform in-depth operations and low on the language like no other hey let me help you with that as well you’re right so let me quickly open up our raw in telepaths or certification page and guys this is one of the most or or you know most of special certification programming’s that we have your own Intel apart we have so many but then at the end of the day we have Python learners in huge numbers as I’ve already said right so Python is cool and we want to make it cooler for you guys so guys this is an industry-leading certification program and we are here to offer you both instructor-led and self-paced courses for you guys so you can prefer whatever you want based on

your learning most of all your timing constraints as well but then here it is always nice to have an instructor led live session so you can clear up your errors then in there with the instructor right and you know what your job assistance is well then guess what lifetime access along with all of the upgrades which come along with it so nice right so you know we’ll be covering a lot of Python in detail sure we’ll be starting right with the basics of oops numpy Skype I matplotlib pandas sky kids scraping and even touch Python for a patch a spark as well and you know at the end of the course you will have an industry level project that you can do and you can prove your mettle here guys so this certification is pretty much you know recognized in over 80 big MN C’s like Ericsson Cisco or cognizant Sony music mom saint-gobain Standard Chartered TCS Genpact hexa where come on so much more and here we have subject matter experts you know who are software architects and they are pretty much our advisors for the course as well so guys if you need any help with any of these courses you know make sure you know you get in touch with our support team we are here for you 24/7 and 365 days of the year zero you know we’re always happy to help fellow learners as well so guys I hope this session has helped you by giving you a direction about Python and the industry as well we’ll talk again really soon and in the meantime go ahead and master the language and hey guys have a lovely weekend ahead thank you