Ecclesiastes 11:1-10 – Life is Hard, but God is Good

Thank You Darien and team that’s that was fun yeah hey um if you would if you don’t mind opening your Bibles to Ecclesiastes chapter 11 if you need a Bible if you need a pen if you need a paper to write on hold your hand up high we’ll be glad to provide one for you free of charge if you don’t have a Bible keep it take it home with you all right seriously please yeah STIs chapter 11 we got tonight and then next week we’re gonna do Ecclesiastes 12 and then guess what we’re done with the Cleese yeah STIs yeah that’s this kind of an accomplishment you guys if you’ve stuck through every week I admire you but then we’re gonna go to a new book should I tell you what it is okay Joshua yeah it’s gonna be pretty cool that’s pretty cool they’re all pretty cool all right learn the Word of God um hey just a quick commercial Before we jump into the text tonight this Saturday we’re having our church work day and we only do this like once a year and what we do is we try and get a whole bunch of volunteers to come out and we have two campuses now and we have a list of all these projects we try and get done and if we can do them then it doesn’t take money out of our budget right plus it’s really neat opportunity to come together to work with people you meet new people you get to serve god help the church so if you’re interested in that no pressure just an invitation you can sign up over at the information booth after the service or you can sign up online but it’s this Saturday I know we could still use some more volunteers so if hey God’s calling you to do that come on out we’d love to have you all right so question let’s start off with a question what is in your life this is one you’re gonna raise your hand and I’ll call on you okay in your life like what’s the greatest unexpected unanticipated surprise that you ever had think about it for a minute and half darian it was she’s gonna have a baby oh that’s a pretty big one that’s gonna be tough to top that one but hey children are blessing from the Lord so what else unexpected wonderful surprise yes oh when God and you’ve experienced this God answering prayers they’ve been praying for someone salvation yeah that’s beautiful too okay that tops pregnancy I think yes yes I’m sorry Gina so when you’re really lost and struggling praying and feeling that peace that direction that calmness that you get from the Lord yeah that’s sweet ooh nice some good answers yes uh-huh oh okay and that surprised you she’s been praying for her mom kind of hostile to God but she’s been praying in her mom’s gonna come to a Christian concert with her so got a softening her heart and working in her heart beautiful what else I thought of one nobody said mind yet yes oh she’s just are you surprised at that that he’s so wonderful is that what you’re saying oh he didn’t know anybody could be that great Wow I mean ever Sinisa never said that about me honey yeah all right come on unexpected are you no double-dipping yet sorry we’re single dipping first anybody else unanticipated surprise yes the moment that God called him out of his evil life and delivered him from a very wicked life amen anybody else well I was thinking about this with my wife you know what big surprise what wonderful surprise that was unanticipated well my son and daughter-in-law got married when they were 20 young and they were they went a few three months after just a few months after their wedding they were in Hawaii on a trip and they called us up from

Hawaii and guess what they said that was a surprise but a great one probably the best one that’s one of the best ones I’ve ever had so Darren did you have one more you want to share yes just when God answers our prayers sometimes even when we least expect it all right second question this is for you just to think about on your head okay what’s the worst surprise we’re not going to share these but what’s the worst unanticipated thing that’s ever happened to you kind of changes the tone doesn’t it my wife and I we’re talking about this too we both had the same one back in 2008 first day of school my wife’s going back to school we get a phone call from her mom we just talked to her folks the night before on the phone and her mom calls and said build the n’s day I just had a massive heart attack doesn’t look good she gets home we jump in the car we’re driving down there we get another phone call he’s going yeah definitely the worst surprise on our list and I’m sure if you’ve lived long enough and maybe if you’re not even that old you’d have something similar on your list do you ever feel like life’s a little out of control a little unpredictable like sometimes life is hard you ever feel that way man you look around the world today and what’s going on more than ever I’m feeling it feels chaotic and crazy as we read through Ecclesiastes it seems that Solomon felt that way too he’s had kind of a a negative look on like everything’s vanity it’s all striving after wind right and he wrote counseled he wrote these words down to be passed on and you know he wrote down some advice some some human counsel some wisdom Under the Sun right to cope with life’s unpredictability but as we examine Solomon’s wisdom tonight we’re going to discover that as believers in Jesus Christ we can have a perspective we can have a peace that goes beyond this this human wisdom this human understanding and these worldly ways and it can help us to cope with life’s unpredictable happenings and it’s it’s hardness and so our subject tonight is the unpredictability of life when our subject is that we would learn and we would grow in our trust in the sovereign goodness of God that we would trust in the sovereign goodness of God and we’ll talk about that before we jump into the text would you pray with me again let’s just ask the Lord to speak to us tonight Heavenly Father we just praise you for who you are thank you Lord Jesus for all you’ve done for us on the cross Holy Spirit we invite you now to work in this place in our hearts and our minds illuminate your word to us help us to understand it help us to believe it and help us to apply it to our lives tonight we know you will speak to us please help us to hear and to listen and to respond in faith reveal more of yourself to us tonight Lord we want to know you more we need to know you more and let all this be done to your glory Lord amen amen so again every time I get up and we talk about this I want to make sure we understand Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived except for the Lord Jesus right and yet unfortunately through his life he drifted away from the Lord and he got into a lot of bad stuff we know all about his wives and idolatry and all this stuff right and then he decided to go on this experimental journey to try and figure out what life was really all about and how to really experience true satisfaction and that’s what he’s been recording here well we have to remember that everything he’s writing down is from the perspective of under the Sun right which means from a worldly perspective from a human perspective not from a divine holy spirit-inspired scriptural perspective so everything he writes we have to sift through that filter of understanding right so that’s the context of what he’s writing about so let’s look at the first point we’re in Ecclesiastes chapter 11 the first section tonight I want us to look at is all about life is unpredictable but God is in control let’s look at verses 1 to

6 to start with cast your bread upon the waters for you will find it after many days give us serving to 7 and also to 8 but you do not know what evil will be on the earth if the clouds are full of rain they empty themselves upon the earth and if a tree falls to the south it to the north in the place where the tree falls there it shall lie he who observes the wind will not sow and he who regards the clouds will not reap verse 5 as you do not know what is the way of the wind or how the body with child so you do not know the works of God who makes everything in the morning so your seed and in the evening do not withhold your hand for you do not know which will prosper either this or that or whether both alike will be good let’s just stop right there again the first thing we see in this section is that life is unpredictable but God is in control and the first part of that we look at we see that we don’t know what’s going to happen that phrase you do not know occurs four times in those verses we just read you do not know you do not know you do not know so let’s look at the first verse cast your bread upon the waters have you ever heard that phrase before I have but it’s interesting as I research it nobody knows exactly what it means I’ll give you a couple of common popular definitions cast your bread upon the waters some people think it meant like investing in a shipping venture sending your ships out to sea and that you’re gonna have to send them out and wait a long time and patiently wait for them to come back with the return the idea is that it’s wise to work for a return that won’t be immediately experienced that’s one definition some commentators think that cast your bread upon the waters means always be ready to do good and do as much as you can wherever you can because someday you’ll be rewarded for it some of this sounds like kind of popular wisdom of today doesn’t it and either case the idea is pretty much the same do things now for the possibility of being rewarded for them later nothing’s for sure but do things now so maybe later on something good will happen to you but you don’t know for sure and then in verse 2 we see another expression here give a serving to seven and also to eight if you do not know what evil will be on the earth keep it serving to seven and also to eight again nobody’s exactly 100% sure what he meant by this someday if he’s in heaven I believe he is we’ll get to ask him could mean use all of your opportunities in life’s carefully because you don’t know what calamities might come and it’s wise to have contingency plans makes sense others think again it has to do with generosity be generous to others while you’re able to do so because there may come a time when you need them to be generous back to you sounds like sound advice but why why do all of this the underlying premise of all of this is that because you do not know what evil will be on the earth we don’t know what bad things will happen but I asked you earlier what was the worst surprise in your life I’ll bet you you didn’t know that was gonna happen that’s just the reality of this world it’s unpredictable we don’t know what bad things will happen and so Solomon’s advice is cover all your bases do whatever you can to try and avoid or minimize those things happening it’s kind of like life is a roulette wheel you know you spin it but before you spin it put as much money on as many numbers as you can chance to have a better chance of winning and then verse 3 isn’t this interesting if clouds are full of rain they emptied themselves upon the earth and if a tree falls to the south or to the north and the place where the tree falls there at shall I it’s like okay wow that’s interesting he wrote it for a reason some things are inevitable and as I was talking to my brother Ron right before the service some things can’t change clouds bring rain wherever a dead tree falls that’s where it’s gonna stay it ain’t gonna go anywhere else right some things are just inevitable in life and some things will never change or can’t be changed once they happen and he goes on in verse four he says he who observes the wind will not sow and he who regards the clouds will not weep reap in other words if you wait in life until everything is just lined up perfectly you’re in control of all the variables in the details if you’re going to wait till that point you’re never gonna do anything so what Solomon says in other words someone summed it up and said the one

who waits for certainty waits forever and again we see in verse five and you do not know what is the way of the wind or how the body works of God who makes everything you do not know there’s no way that we can know which way the wind is coming from and where it’s going Jesus said the same thing about the Holy Spirit if we did all those firefighters up north right now would have a better time fighting those fires if they knew which way the winds were going to be blowing but they don’t and just like we can see a baby developing a mom’s womb you know with ultrasound all we can actually see it now but we don’t understand how it happens or why it’s happening we just see it occurring it’s a miracle it’s already begun how exciting in the same way Solomon’s saying we don’t know what God is gonna do we said we have a lot of information in his word and we know how the story ends but in the middle sometimes we can’t understand his ways we don’t know what he’s going to do God’s Word says his ways are much much higher and different than our ways and same with his thoughts there’s no way we can know what he’s up to what he’s gonna do next why he does what he does sometimes it’s unpredictable we don’t know and so in verse 6 he continues he says so in the morning saw your seed and then the evening do not withhold your hand for you do not know which will prosper either this or that or whether both alike will be good he’s saying so listen be diligent work hard day and night don’t be a slacker cuz you never know what might pay off for you do you hear that that maybe in all of this the mystery the chance the hoping the unpredictability of all of it we don’t know what good things are gonna happen either Solomon saying we don’t know what’s gonna happen that’s bad we don’t fully understand what God’s gonna do we don’t know what bad things are gonna happen and you know at face value you read this and you go you know that’s some pretty good advice for life and it is from a human perspective and there’s lots of people in the world living by this kind of a mindset and with these beliefs diversify your investments be generous you know the good that you do is going to come back to you work hard and it’ll pay off for you don’t those sound good so according to Solomon life’s unpredictable we can’t know what’s gonna happen and so we should do all we can to try and have the best chance for things to go well for us but is that how God designed life to be is that the reality for those of us who’ve put our faith in Christ that was a rhetorical question the answer’s no no let me tell you what’s more here’s what God has according to God’s Word we know life is not random life is not predictable life is not out of control God has a plan God has a plan for you for me for us for the church for the world for eternity and we see you jump back to verse 5 here just for a second the second half of verse 5 we start to see a little hint of faith from Solomon just a glimmer of spiritual wisdom as he starts to recognize God he says you do not know the works of God who makes everything the works of God who makes everything there’s some deep spiritual truths in that phrase number 1 we recognize that God is at work God is at work in this world jesus said he was at work because his father was always at work in the world God is at work today some folks believe God created the world they just kind of stepped away and leaves it alone and is not involved anymore that is not what the Word of God says God is actively working in our world and it says here in this phrase – that the God who makes everything yes Solomon you got it right God created everything everything in the universe in the heavens and on earth and under the earth and you and me God created it all John 1:3 all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made so God is at work in this world he created everything and if that’s true that means that he has control over it the special word is sovereign sovereign means absolute utter total Authority power and control God is

sovereign over his creation psalm 115 3 says but our God is in heaven and he does whatever he pleases God’s in control and we also read in his word that he has a plan for us Isaiah 14:24 God said surely as I have thought so what shall come to pass and as I have purposed so it shall stand in other words God is working out a plan that he started at the beginning in before beginning of creation it since eternity he’s had a plan a divine perfect holy plan which he is executing in our time it’s gonna culminate in his will finally being done he’s doing it and so as believers as those of us who’ve put our faith in Jesus Christ and believe this is the Word of God we don’t make decisions in life we don’t react to circumstances in life based on what’s happening to us at the moment or assuming it’s chance or luck or just odds or trying to figure it out in our own worldly wisdom we live our lives by faith faith in Him not in ourselves or anybody else no matter what happens to us how unpredictable it may be we understand we believe we cling to the hope that God is in control he’s got a plan I don’t understand it sometimes I don’t like it sometimes sometimes I might even argue with him to change it a little bit but it’s true for me and for you we walk by faith not by sight Paul wrote in second Corinthians 5:7 and so we have to trust that God is in control let’s do our first discussion question tonight could we our second one actually huh how can understanding and knowing and believing that God is in control impacts how we react to circumstances and how we make decisions and how we view life how can understanding that God is in control impact how we live what do you think yeah bill it can give us peace for sure yes how else yes run confidence not in ourselves but in him right yes love it yes Tyrion we can have hope peace confidence hope yes we have hope yes Scott oh can give us patience I’m still working on that one myself but that’s a deep one man yes Gregg motivates us to be obedient and when the God’s got it in control I love that yes do you know comfort yeah think about that you guys when something really really unexpectedly terrible happens if you really truly believe and put your faith that God’s in control what kind of comfort can you get from that somehow he’s got a reason yeah Richard the end can no longer justify the means I could take 10 minutes try and dissect that but imma let that sit in your minds and trust the Holy Spirit is gonna reveal to you I think that’s not really good yes so you can trust him more yes yes sir you don’t have to what’s your name Isaac what a great name man Isaac says you don’t have to lose joy that’s a great point too John did was that yours John Oh trust sorry John don’t you hate that when you got your hand raised and then the person like right before you says your idea Paul one more Paula have you been watching me lately we tend to react to our circumstances and sometimes do stupid things or crazy things that actually could make things worse because we feel like we have to be in control because we don’t trust the guys in control so let me ask you personally this thinking question just for yourself does life feel out of control to you right now I’m sure for some of you tonight you’re going don’t you even know and some of you is like not too bad right now been there in the past whatever are you struggling to try and make sense of some of the things that are happening in your life or maybe in this world right now are you living in fear of what might happen or what might not happen listen if you are here tonight you’ve put your faith in Jesus

Christ you can trust and have confidence that your heavenly Father is in control he’s got a plan you don’t have to freak out you don’t have to worry you don’t have to try and figure it all out you don’t have to take charge to try and make something happen he is in control the one who created this world the one who created you he loves you he knows what’s going on in your life and he’s in control he’s got a plan isn’t that comforting and we know this a lot of times we know this up here but forget it down here or we knew it yesterday I forgot it today hopefully remember tomorrow life is unpredictable nobody can argue that but God is in control can you remember that there’s two things I want you to remember tonight that’s the first one life is unpredictable but God is okay thank you second point let’s look at the next section of verses the second point here is life is hard but before it’s too bad it wasn’t original but I was like this just fits perfectly life is hard but God is good look at verse 7 with me truly the light is sweet and it is pleasant for the eye to behold the Sun but if a man lives many years and rejoices in them all yet let him remember the days of darkness for they will be many and all that is coming is vanity verse 9 rejoice o young man in your youth and let your heart share you in the days of your youth walk in the ways of your heart and in the sight of your eyes but know that for all these God will bring you into judgments therefore remove sorrow from your heart and put away evil from your flesh for childhood and youth are vanity we’ve heard that word a lot haven’t we let’s break this down life is hard but God is good in the first part we see here what Solomon’s communicating is that suffering is inevitable suffering is inevitable verse 7 light is sweet but remember the days of darkness for they will be many that’s nice isn’t it he says yeah there are happy things in life things to enjoy but they’re gonna be hard times bad times painful times confusing times times of suffering and disappointment and discouragement and Solomon says there gonna be lots of days like this just out of curiosity I envy you now pretty much we’ve all had them right it’s just a part of life it is inevitable he’s right I was thinking for Deanna and myself about some of our dark days obviously the one the one that one year 2008 I won’t go into all of it but we thought my dad was gonna pass on cuz he was fighting cancer suddenly BAM her dad Pam three months to the day later than my dad passed on that was a pretty bad year some dark days 2007 went through a period of unemployment I know some of you can relate to this those are some pretty dark days and we’ve had some health issues in the past or we all have them I know we could share stories probably for a long time about our dark days we’ve had some wonderful days of light right now we’re kind of in a season of light but we’ve had enough dark days that we realize what we might as well enjoy this now because we know more dark days are coming have you reached that point in your life where you know not to ruin the good days but we know the dark days are coming Solomon’s right it’s sobering life is hard not all the time not every day but life is hard can deny that you know we shouldn’t be surprised at this the Lord Jesus himself John 16:33 in this world you will have tribulation tribulations of fancy word for problems hard times we shouldn’t be surprised at it and I love it verse a at the end you know Solomon just in case we forgotten what he’s been saying for the last ten chapters it’s all vanity striving after wind waste of time futile thank you Solomon I almost forgot I started to dig out of the pit of depression but you put me right back in it yet in spite of maybe even in the midst of the dark days the second thing we see is that God provides blessings God provides blessings jump with me back

to verse 7 truly the light is sweet and it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the Sun light is good imagine living in this world with no light first think about blind people this is what they have to deal with you know we were just a couple weeks ago we were up in Alaska on vacation beautiful place up there but a lot of the days it was overcast kind of rainy a little bit it was still beautiful but a few moments and more than that a couple for a couple of times during a couple of days the Sun broke through oh my gosh what’s it not more beautiful when the Sun just I’m not making this up my wife was with me the Sun came out it was just made everything so beautiful light is good I’m not making this up after the service you can meet with my wife in the foyer and she’ll tell you okay who doesn’t like to see a sunrise or if you don’t like to get up early who doesn’t like to see the sunset some of you can do both you know it is good it is beautiful it’s a blessing light is a gift from God he created it Genesis chapter 1 right it’s a good gift from a good God if he gives to us and James says in James 1:17 that every single good thing in this life is a gift from our Father in heaven every good thing do you sometimes forget that every good thing that’s why we can thank him all the time for the littlest things it’s all from him so God reveals his goodness to us through his blessings that’s just one example light and all that comes from that let’s brainstorm just for a second what are some of the good things with which God has blessed you tell me a good thing that God has blessed you with your children yeah for sure huh I’m glad you feel that way too yes oh just what I was saying yeah how about that he saved your soul that’s a good one too what other good things has God bless you with yes Josie grandchildren and great-grandchildren Wow I don’t know what that’s like I suppose a grandchildren are cool great-grandchildren must be really great yes hero the gift of evangelism I wonder who has that to be able to go out and tell other people the good news about Jesus yes yes sir yeah a family both your natural-born family your church family we’re family here yes yes health boy my wife always says she doesn’t realize how badly she felt until she starts getting better and makes her appreciate when you’re healthy you know yes anybody else want to share a blessing a good thing that God has blessed you with I know there’s more come on yes a job yeah again you don’t really appreciate those sometimes tell you without one yes yes Sofia just the ability to feel feelings to have compassion for other people yeah it’s a wonderful gift anybody else want to share our gift yes over here there’s the church plant I planted her tonight just to be here with her family here tonight hearing the Word of God and worshiping the Lord yes thank you Ryan oh there we go yes what a good man he’s a newlywed fairly how long you guys been married Oh is that still a newlywed okay you’re still a newlywed good for you the point is if we take the time and I hope that you had something at least one thing that you could think about in your life that is just a sweet good blessing from God just a reminder that God is a good god he’s a good god he blesses the children with good things and maybe you’re even in the middle of a dark time right now this is the the paradox even in the midst of a terribly dark time there are still some good things if nothing else there’s still sunrises and sunsets and I’ll bet there’s more than that if you if you take the time to look at them that’s just the mercy of God we continue Solomon recognizes another of God’s blessings and verses 9 and 10 youth youth says they’re gonna rejoice Oh young man in your youth you know enjoy life y-yeah you’re young carpe diem right I love this description here let your heart cheer you in the days of

your youth walk in the ways of your heart and in the sight of your eyes you know do you remember what it’s like to be young of course some of you say I’m still young okay do you remember what it’s like to be younger like a kid is what I’m talking about I grew up in Minnesota and I still have to just these warm fuzzy memories especially during the summer when there’s no school you know there’s just like you don’t have any worries no cares freedom every day can do what you want and I remember a couple of years I just lived on the golf course because we lived right by a golf course I could just golf every day all day long from sunset to sundown I remember lying on the hills and just looking up you know the breeze clouds clouds floating by you remember those feelings every night we’d play kick-the-can till it got dark and mom and dad called us in just that freedom that that the excitement of youth you know no worries every day you’re enjoying these new experiences and having new feelings and and learning new things and some would say and enjoy that season why you got it it’s good it’s a blessing from God it’s how he created it but he says but just remember this is the third point God will judge God will judge for all these God will bring you into judgments did you know that we’re all going to be accountable for the lives that we’ve lived whether you’re young or old rich or poor a believer or not we’re all gonna stand before the Lord in judgment now if your believer let me just reassure you your sins have been cleansed and covered and forgiven in Christ so you won’t be judged on your sins but as believers we’ve still going to be judged but how we’ve used the talents the resources the time the treasures in this life for his kingdom for the purpose of rewards Paul wrote for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ and Solomon gets it says just remember and all your good times you’re having especially when you’re young but all your life you’re gonna be accountable for a judgement is coming because God is good good not only in giving us good blessings but he is good in the sense of being holy perfect righteous sinless fair just God is good like that and because he is good he can’t allow sin rebellion rejection to go unpunished because of his goodness he can’t deny his own nature and that is why he sent His Son Jesus to the cross right I mean we know this we’ve all done enough bad things we’re all sinners before a holy perfect God and there’s nothing that we can or could ever do to fix that situation and that’s why God did something so unbelievably sacrificing and painful he sent Jesus his son to this world as a human being and Jesus lived the perfect life that we could never live right perfectly and yet he’s still willingly by his own choice out of love for you and me went to the cross and gave His life poured out his blood for you and me to pay that penalty so that we didn’t have to and just as he said he was buried and he rose from the dead proving who he was and what he said was all true and basically it’s available to all of us every one of us here in the world who ever lived in all of history whoever chooses to put their faith in Christ is saved and his sacrifice is counted for you that is the goodness of God he’s good and because his goodness he has to judge sin but also because of his goodness he paid the price for those who wouldn’t be willing to say to receive it how good is that there’s no more good than that and so it’s amazing I think God reveals his goodness through his blessings and through his judgment but the bottom line is God is good god is good and in the end I just love the end of verse 10 what

is he what’s the last word of verse 10 in your Bible thank you just in case you haven’t forgotten what’s Alan’s perspective is on all of it this is is still always a time remember he’s looking at it from a human worldly perspective so life is hard it is and maybe it’s not right now but it will be again but God is good he’s really really really good all the time even in the midst of hard times there are always signs of his goodness evidence of his goodness you know I told you probably the hardest thing that we’ve had to deal with was was my father-in-law Bill’s death it was just so unexpected I talked with him the night before on the phone actually I didn’t talk to him DeeAnn talked to him on the phone I was too tired to go to the phone you think I’ve had head trips about that I don’t like talking on the phone tell him I said hi see him soon and the next day BAM and we’ve wrestled with that you know okay it’s not expected we know God is good what good could come out of that we were just talking about this we don’t know maybe maybe it spared him a lot of suffering you know my dad went through cancer and so he suffered for like three years and my mom had to take care of him maybe that spared my in-laws death but we can’t know for sure there’s a lot in this life that we don’t know or understand right but there is a lot that we do we know a lot what do we learn from tonight one God is in control – God is good right you guys gonna remember that tonight those are the two things I want you to remember I want you to go home and go to sleep thinking about these in the morning what was that message about oh yeah God’s in control and God is good two things we know for sure guys in control and God’s good in spite of all the stuff we don’t know so the way to cope listen the way to cope with the unpredictability and the hard times of this life is to understand and trust in the sovereign goodness of our Heavenly Father that is how you’re gonna get through you’re not gonna understand but you know two things okay God’s in control of all this madness and I know he’s good when life throws it surprises at at us whether it’s good ones or bad ones we need to remember life is hard but God is good god is good do you trust him right now tonight right in this moment do you trust God okay tomorrow or next week or next month or next year when something unexpected happens at one of those terrible surprises are you still going to trust God then I hope so part of the battle is deciding upfront before we get to those times this is how I’m going to respond if you have to make that decision right in the midst of the tough times oh it’s a lot harder so we’re gonna decide here and now tonight we know two things God’s in control god is good no matter what this life brings I’m going to cling to those things and that’s I’m gonna make it through that’s what’s gonna carry me through to Eternity and someday when we get to heaven remember those feelings I was describing about being a kid carefree no more problems it’s gonna be like that multiply two zillion times lasting forever doesn’t that sound good I can’t wait and that would be just as excited as Harold because he’s got a taste of it already but until then my brothers and sisters we have to cling to what we know God’s in control and God’s good amen let’s pray thank you God for your word tonight lord I pray through your spirit you would just let these truths sink down deep into our hearts and our minds and our souls that we know you are God and you are in control of this madness of this life in this world it’s all moving according to your plan to your ultimate destination and goal and we know beyond

a shadow of a doubt because of what you did for us on the cross that you were a good God who loves us help us to remember these things and believe them Lord not only for ourselves but let us carry this message to others in our lives about who you are and what you’ve done for us and how great it is what we have to look forward to in the future our hope our comfort our peace our strength our joy our purpose for living just praise you and we thank you for your word tonight Lord and I look forward to meeting Solomon in heaven one day and sin saying dude it wasn’t all vanity man it was all Jesus that’s what it’s all about it’s his name we pray amen