Top 10 Stelena Moments | [Stefan + Elena]

Hey try to come in comments actually this way especially after we left things so my kid something else I got home tonight planning on doing I always do my diary like I have been since my mom gave me one when I was ten it’s writing everything out everything I’m feeling it all goes and his little books and I hide on the second shelf he had this really hideous Rama crumby but then I realized that I’d just be writing things that I should probably be telling you know would you write I would write dear diary today I’ve announced myself it’s okay to give up don’t take risks stick with the status quo no drama now is just not the time but my reasons aren’t reasons they’re excuses all I’m doing is hiding from the truth and the truth is that I’m staring Safin I’m scared that if I let myself be happy for even one moment that the worse is gonna come crashing down in it I don’t know freakin sir Martha Dualla No what I regret I met a girl who talked it was epic and the Sun came up reality set in well this is reality right here ah you all right it’s like the starting line of a race right so you just push off with every ounce of strength that you have yeah I was a cheerleader I sucked a track just concentrate okay I can’t all I can think about is your hands on my body oh okay no no hidden I didn’t say take them off it feels good yeah what does it feel like I feels like you’re touching every nerve on my body breathing is heightened taste smell sorry Dutch you it’s focus right hand around flirt with your eyes left hand around this is ridiculous both hands you’re only saying that because you’re not of doing sorry only one of us was a rattling dance is invented ouch

oh no no no no there’s no touching during this part it’s about the simple intimacy of the new touch very nice amber thank you mrs. Lockwood if you ask me the mere touch is overrated you seem to be in a good mood that bad thing would you prefer me to be a brooding and tortured hey I’m not complaining oh no attention it fell cousins don’t have a shot maybe he’s not gonna show I mean we did all this dancing for nothing Oh [ __ ] I’m really sorry fellas it’s my choice I decided to be here I officially signed up for it so I don’t want to hear you apologizing anymore show me how it’s done the fifties uh no come on one move now you remember that because it’s never gonna happen again you we waited there’s nothing climb Mount Everest nobody likes a bragger Stefan yeah hey you can say hey what thing you’ve been wanting to say but been afraid of how it’ll make me feel nothing I can say stuff and that’s not gonna change anything might make you feel better look I know this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about it drinking vampire blood to survive I mean I know I’ve thought about it a hundred times there were all those with clouds did you think about it then of course I did it if it were my choice I’d want to be with you forever I can never know because I knew if it was an option you were he selfish for me to ask didn’t stop Damon he shouldn’t have done what he did he did it because he loves you but he did this to me Stefan which means he doesn’t really know what love is to be honest I don’t know if I do I’m 17 years old how am I supposed to know any of this yet I know that I love you Stefan I know that my future our lives together those are things I was supposed to deal with as they came along he was supposed to grow up decide if I want to have cans and sort of family grow old I was supposed to have a lifetime of this choices and now it’s all gone please I don’t want to be vampires I never wanted to be one okay you had every right you asked me what I wanted my future to be I wanted to be a writer my mom sort of pushed me into that direction from the time I was able to read she supported me encouraged me popping my first journal and then she died and I can’t see myself being a writer anymore that was something that we shared I know that you think that you brought all of this bad stuff into my life but my life already had it I was buried in it this is different it doesn’t make it any less painful I know that it’s hard to understand

doing this for you No you don’t get to make that decision for me if you walk away it’s for you because I know what I want Stefan I love you cheers a still dress or fragile ha don’t yes you can don’t mind me so I find it inside just since I do Oh you not a stranger no I am yours yes sir I’m gazing creepy it’s romantic Hey is bad of us if Katherine finds out Oh okay I love it let’s go no just me I’m late I’m decorating at the Lockwood charity thing what do you know so am i okay it’s really a good idea to paint their house today he’s not going to kill you I want to be there today to keep an eye on him okay but then we can’t touch or talk and no lingering stares no none of that what do you think will happen if Katherine finds out that we’re fake fighting it’s okay a little bit every day to make you stronger right they’re getting it through this

love you you can handle this later you know I’d rather get it over with now for some January comes clean out a large sum realize history teacher was a Vampire Slayer Elena hey glam please I can’t Stefan okay I can’t think about the fact that Jeremy and I don’t have anyone to take care of us anymore or although I’ve lost another friend I just can’t can’t think about any of it I want you to come with me I’m not done said we were in this gym the night Klaus compelled me to turn my feelings off he thought I’d hit rock bottom in the twenties but after I bit you I never wanted to feel anything again but someone kept telling me that it was okay to feel what you want matter how much it hurt that our emotions go and make as humans good no work man to never lose hope will give you a horrible advice this is really sturdy well anyone my me you like wishing for rain yes please trust old friends never counting on regrets face of God do not last it off New England s flame I was aborted well hello seven sothen if this is you you’ll be okay I Love You Stefan hold onto that never you Helen’s dad Stephanie was able to resist compulsion I don’t know how but he did it maybe it’s probably yeah maybe sis mind-control right yeah maybe it’s just sick some focus couple decades of training no big deal Stefan you’re gonna control this and that buzzer goes off just straight from me you don’t get it our kids stop Elena I’m a ripper a ripper doesn’t stop I listen to the words that come out of your mouth and all I hear is the sound of your heart pumping blood through your body and when that clock ticks down I’m going to have to feed on you you want to know what’s worth I’m not gonna be able to stop I don’t believe that you can fight it you just have to want it bad enough because I love you yeah that’s right Stefan because you love me you’ll fight because after everything that we’ve been through you only that no you’re right you’re right I owe you everything Ric is through all this you are the one

thing that’s kept me from giving up from turning it all off but I can’t help what I am Elena more blood that I get the more I want and if I get so much as new yours you are dead I’m here after 1 o’clock I know what he said but if you stay it won’t matter don’t lean up for these please please Elena there’s so much but there is another way Stefan it’s for you to fight I love you all right don’t give up go you gotta stop now this is fascinating I’ve never seen this before the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl why don’t you turn it off no come on your humanity is telling you all the gelt must be exhausting turn it off no you’re strong what you’re not that strong turn it off would you do affection I think a toast is in order don’t you wrapper perhaps you’d like a drink from the doppelganger snack you