E1 – CROWD CONTROL Series – Crowd Control

learn from me I wasn’t the best because I kept my cane I was the best because the crowd loved me in the crowd and your when your freedom I will win the crowd I will give them something they’ve never seen before we are starting a new series crowd control and for those of you who don’t know me I am Stacy I am pastor Derek’s wife and he is down in Virginia he’s speaking out of church down there so I’m holding down the fort and had the privilege of starting kicking off this new series crowd control revelations on the power of a crowd as you saw in the clip and you also saw on the clip the Hebrews 12:1 is the series text but we have a crowd of witnesses that are cheering us on as a body of believers here on earth and there is as we have seen probably just last week in Baltimore there is a dynamic in the power of a crowd and there that’s powerful it can be used for good and it can be used for bad and you know we see the riots that are used for the bad part but we also see did you see the picture where there were citizens that said they were going to take back their city and they were standing in a line protecting the police did you see that so that’s the power of a crowd for the good we also know for those sports fans the home court advantage you know there’s power in the crowd so but for Christ’s followers there there’s power in a crowd for us and this is what this series is all about is crowd control we we’re going to take a concept from each of the each of these weeks in the series about a concept from Hebrews 12 about this cloud of witnesses crowd in the cloud of witnesses where we can get inspiration instructions so that we can walk and in wisdom of the word not in wisdom of the world so the concept that we’re gonna start off today with is looking at how Jesus drew a crowd there I’m gonna redo several scriptures that are not in your outline but mark 634 if you’ve read any of the Gospels you’re gonna see that everywhere Jesus went there was a crowd following him they loved him Mark 634 says Jesus saw a large crowd and called them to him he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd Luke 8:40 the crowd welcomed him they were all expecting him Luke 937 a large crowd met him Luke 11:20 7 a woman was calling out in the crowd blessed is the woman who gave birth to you they were so they were thankful for Mary for giving birth to him because they loved him Luke 1937 the crowd praised God for all the miracles that he had done so these are just some examples of the people’s perception of Jesus leading up to hit the the Passion Week up to his betrayal and murder plot and as his influence grew we know that it went from this cheering fan club to a very fierce mob who totally turned on him but today we’re gonna focus on not necessarily the persecution of the crowd but we’re going to focus on the season of favor that we believe that the church is in in America right now it’s a small 1/2 a favor that we think America really we as Christians we need to leverage all the influence that we have to draw people into the crowd of believers so that when the different times come they know they’re equipped and they’re ready to handle what’s going to come so it is in order for us to leverage that influence it’s imperative that we look at Jesus life so that we can apply what some of his personality traits to our life so that we can also attract a crowd so like I mentioned prior to Jesus betrayal he was a rock star so before people flogged him people actually flocked to him excuse me and so there are many reasons why that we’re gonna look at today why people were so drawn to him so that we can apply in our life and maintain crowd control in our lives and the life of the church so he Jesus shone his light for everyone Tech in your theory I mean your worship guide there Matthew 5:14 and 3:16 says you are the light of the world

a city on a hill cannot be hidden neither do people light a lamp and put a bowl over it no instead they place it on a lamp stand so that everyone in the house can see and it says it goes on to say in the same way let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven you’re gonna hear me say that often that they may see our good deeds and so that they can praise our Father in heaven so keep that in mind so what kind of light are we putting out there maybe as individuals as the church we’re going to talk about those today and today’s message is entitled emojis of the church now how many of you know what an emoji is okay if I said an emoticon does that help everybody anybody else okay for those who don’t know it’s the little smiley faces or all kinds of faces and little pictures that you can send when you’re texting people okay Oh somebody’s like oh okay I got alright so we we use those all the time in my family we could just send one little face back to each other or like five faces at the same one just like you know so we’re gonna use some emojis today so those of you who don’t know what emojis are you’re about to be well informed alright so first the emojis that we’re gonna talk about is the kinds of light that we might be putting out as a body of believers so are we a dance club light those of the little emojis okay a dance club light might be just flickering on and off flickering without focus in and out in and out that’s not the light we want to be showing are we ahead light shining in people’s eyes okay that might be blinding somebody with the truth like you know people beatin somebody over the head with a Bible saying you’re a sinner well that’s really gonna win them but what so we don’t want to be the the headlights shining in someone’s eyes are we a flashlight in the dark how many of you have ever done that little thing where you turn off the light and you put the flashlight right here and that all it shows is like the it looks creepy like you know these are the kind of people that want to tell everybody about there’s demons and you know the devil is out to get you okay well that’s not what we want to do either or are we a lighthouse now there was no emoji for a lighthouse so that’s what you do you make them up a light and the house white house all right so these are the kind of people that we want to be we want to be the lighthouse kind of Christians because it calls people to safety people from all over can see it calls him to safety and then we could point him to God just like that verse said let them see our good works our good deeds so that then we can point them and praise the Father in heaven so Jesus was a light to the world and he drew people to himself he did not polarize or criticize the disconnected or the downtrodden or really the difficult people he drew them to himself but sometimes we’re called to draw people to us as well but sometimes I think we’re completely unaware of how we come across now how many of you have ever seen some people that are totally unaware of their surroundings okay a few of you that means probably you are one of those people no but I think two of the places that I have seen this the most where people are completely unaware of their surroundings is the grocery store and the airport and I have examples so like at the grocery store when I’m at the grocery store I’m usually on a mission and I am like I don’t like just you know oh but a lot of people apparently do have plenty of time to go and shop I’m like in and out get my stuff you know so but you’re coming around the corner and somebody’s looking at all the tuna and they’re just standing there with their little basket and you know there’s three diamonds and there’s Bumblebee and Starkist and goodness there’s solid white and chunk light and salt and there’s oil and water and they’re standing there just forever and you’re getting like two feet from them and all of a sudden they choose their one they step right out in the middle to put it in their basket and you bump into them because they were unaware that you were coming they then they look at you like you’re the one that’s one aware I was like sorry get out of my way I don’t do that because I am a lighthouse but the other time is like in the airports have you ever seen when they’re like standing in the middle of the aisle like all these people playing five planes of just D playing and all these people crowds and throngs are going through and somebody’s just standing there looking in the middle and then they start to walk off they go like this and like everybody just tramples over them and they look like they’re irritated with somebody else but I have a funny story that just recently I was flying and we were flying on JetBlue which is like awesome because each seat has this own little TV screen right in front of you and so I’m sitting in the middle Dericks sitting over here and you like sit on the aisle because you know so he can spread out and there was this lady this small little lady sitting next to the window and so on the well I’m sitting just in the middle watching my TV and you know like that has on the armrest it has the little controls so you have like channel controls and and then brightness level on that stuff so this lady apparently she thought I

was gonna try to you know cheat off her journal that she was right now because she was like hovering over like this didn’t want me to say anything so but apparently she realized that I was not really interested in her journal and so she started relaxing a little bit so she said she was sitting back and all of a sudden I’m just reminded my own business Derek sleeping minding my own business watching my little TV and I’ll descend the channels just start changing just like continually like 15 times and I’m going I look over at Derek’s channel and his you know he’s sleeping it’s just nothing and then I look over at hers and hers is just still on that you know more leg room that little original screen and mine are still just changing I’m awesome I’m like what in the world and I look down and her elbow is on my controls totally changing my channels and so I was laughing and I wanted to like elbow my husband I go look at this this is hysterical she’s completely unaware so um so then if that wasn’t enough I was gonna see how long it was gonna go and all of a sudden I see it you know the word brightness comes on a screen all those little dashes where it is so it goes brightness mmm nothing my screen went blank she turned off my screen turned off my TV totally unaware so then I’m laughing a little bit even harder and I’m I didn’t say anything to her I was just gonna wait until her elbow moves I was like put my little brightness back on turn my TV back on but she was unaware it’s sometimes I think that’s how we are as Christians were unaware of maybe things that we say of our actions of sometimes even our face when somebody says something to us like oh I mean you know but we need to not be unaware we need to be aware of our surroundings as the body of Christ so John 3:17 says he did not send his son into the world to condemn the world because the church has done plenty of that have we not as and and today I’m preaching to the choir I know because our church is awesome at this kind of stuff but I do there’s always we’re good at something we can always get better so but our church is not condemning at all we that’s one of the things that people say about our churches that were so friendly so again I know that this is the choir um excuse me but so we are supposed to as the body of Christ shine our lights for everyone to see for the world to see so what are the you know we need to be able to shine our light so that they can see the personality of Jesus Christ because we represent him so I’m gonna show you some emojis today that we might maybe communicate as a church like if the church was sending out text what emojis would they use so let’s look at some of the mogees we might be very happy and like wink face and oh we love you with the hearts and our eyes we’re so happy that you’re here we’re angels here of course we’re gonna pray for you and we’ll just kiss you kissing you we are loving the people here okay so those are some of the mogees the faces of jesus that we might see but the big idea today is that the church is the face of Jesus you can write that and your notes the church is the face of Jesus and a lot of times we hear plenty of messages about being the hands and feet of Jesus and that’s important going and doing and doing something for people but today we’re gonna talk about the face and that is the personality or the being of Jesus and to be the face we need to have his personality or to reflect his reflected personality his look appearance his countenance his values his love and then we will have that same success that Jesus did and drawing a crowd to him we want to draw the crown 2nd Corinthians 3 verses 17 and 18 it says now this now the Lord is a spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there’s freedom there’s not bondage and baggage and all of us have had that veil removed so that we can be mirrors that brightly reflect glory of the Lord the glory is the weight of who God is it’s his personality and as the Spirit of the Lord works within us we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more so it says as it as it works as he works within us we become more and more like him it doesn’t mean the longer you’re a Christian the more you are separated from the sinners and you know y’all are just sinners and I’m I’ve been more and more around him know it says the more we were around him the more we were supposed to reflect him as long as this at work within us so we’re called to take on his likeness and keep changing until we become more and more like him so how do we become more like him or how should the church look more like him well today we’re gonna talk about five personalities but before we do that or five not five personalities but five personalities of Jesus I want to connect with you how Jesus is the church and the church is Jesus so an acts 8 verses one through three this is talking about Saul before he had his Damascus experience and I’m where he’s persecuting Christians and it says and Saul was there giving approval to his death on that day a great persecution broke out against the church at Jerusalem and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and America and Samaria godly men buried

Stephen and mourned deeply for him but Saul began to destroy the church going from house to house he dragged off men and women and put them in prison he was the biblical times Isis I mean that’s what’s happening now and Saul was that kind of person go on to x9 verses 1 through 5 it says meanwhile Saul was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples he went to the high priest and asked him for letters to the synagogues in Damascus this is the part where I’m gonna just read fast so um so that if he found any there who belonged to the way whether men or women he might take them as prisoners to Jerusalem as he neared Damascus on his journey suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him okay Jesus was tired of his persecution so he decided to shine this big bright light that he was not being a lighthouse he was gonna shake him and he did he felt Saul fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him Saul Saul why do you persecute me now he had not persecuted Jesus in the flesh because he was not on the earth at that point he said who are you lord Saul asked I am Jesus the one you are persecuting so he had been persecuting Christians and bringing them out and trying to put them in prison and kill them and you know Jesus said no enough that’s me you’re persecuting me so Jesus is so closely associated with the church that he takes it very personal so if Jesus is the church and the church is Jesus then we are supposed to be reflecting and showing his personality and representing him as ambassadors for him so we need to take action so we’re gonna look at five personalities of Jesus and I’m gonna help you with emojis because it’s emojis of the church so number one he the one first personality trait of Jesus was that he was incredibly authentic and real Philippians 2:6 says he didn’t consider it quality with God something to be grasped but he lowered himself and became like one of us so Jesus was not he didn’t have all this pomp and circumstance he wasn’t you know King James and speaking I mean he might have spoken to King James because that’s what they spoken but he wasn’t speaking King James today you know he there was no majest majestic robe or you know stately crown or he didn’t wear a kimono but that was closest thing to a robe um he didn’t have special bodyguards you know he was just real some of some examples to verses that show what authentic authentic looks like is Matthew 23 verses 2 & 3 it says the teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses seat so you must obey them and do everything they tell you but do not do what they do for they do not practice what they preach they’re not authentic they’re fake that’s what the Pharisees were doing they were trying to make themselves look so much greater when you know look at the next verse Philippians 2:3 it says do not do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but in humility consider others better than yourselves we’re supposed to consider others better than ourselves and sometimes that’s so difficult for people to do I know just living as a pastor’s wife and pastors family and we have a lot of pastors pastoral friends with you know big mega churches churches down the south and you know they’re their congregation puts them up on this big pedestal and I am so thankful I have bragged on our church because I mean y’all honor your pastors but you don’t have everybody you don’t have them up on us this big pedestal because we should never no one should ever be on a pedestal except for Jesus we I’m normal just like you I’m a sinner just like you my kids that’s why we tell stories of the stupid things that our kids have done or the stupid things that we’ve done because we’re like I don’t want anybody thinking that my kids will be perfect cuz they’re not and neither are yours my kids are just normal like you know we’re we’re no better than you we might have more responsibility but we’re no better so that’s the kind of stuff that that’s another thing that was a trait that people love about our church is that we’re just real like we are willing to say you know we’re real and we make mistakes and we do stupid things too so we need to as a church continue to be that authentic authentic we need to be we need okay we need to be real that’s what we need to be all right number two Jesus was incredibly relevant so when we read the Bible now we don’t look at it necessarily as totally relevant to us because he talked about like seeds and sprouts and you can see the little emojis up here and leaves and trees and she Ram goats whatever but if he was living today he would be talking about movies and sports and money and family and sex because that’s what’s relevant to today so we need to take that into consideration and be relevant excuse me Luke 15 one through three says or one or two says now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to

hear him but the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered this man welcomes sinners and eats with them if sinners which is me and you FYI if sinners wanted to be the sink wanted to be with the single most holy and the perfect man that to walk the earth then he had to be relevant with them he had there was something about him that they wanted to be around so we need to take that into consideration as well 1st Corinthians 9 22 says whatever a person is like I try to find common ground with him so that he will let me tell him about Christ and let Christ save him so if it passes Dirk has this phrase about what he’s gonna speak on it and it needs to pass the who-cares test or the test of you know how is this gonna help me on Monday through Saturday so that’s why he speaks on real felt needs things that are relevant to us today and how many of you were here for the under the influence series or any of it okay that was a series but he was a little nervous to speak about it at first because we have an as a church we have an evangelistic call on our church we want to draw people in that don’t know Christ and that we call the pre believers we want to draw those people in so it’s a little you know we again we don’t want to be the the blinding truth where people are like this like you know the first time they come in and we’re talking about demons however it’s that’s what the Hollywood is showing that’s what the devil wants Hollywood the devil wants to be the first one to introduce people to demons and how big bad scary demons in his little minions you know I don’t mean the little yellow cute minions the mito we those not not those but I tell you I will tell you this those the devil’s minions have about as much power as those cute little yellow minions they have none because in the power of Jesus Christ they they tremble at the name of Jesus they have no power in the name of Jesus so we don’t have to be afraid of his big bad scary demons but that’s what the devil wants to tell the world he wants to get them scared of demons and minions not the little ones because they’re cute but he’s trying to you know influence the world himself but we as a body of believers need to take that and say no we’re gonna influence them first so it’s just it’s like with them when our kids went into public school we wanted to be the first ones to influence them on sex because they were gonna hear about it at school for sure and then we’re gonna hear a warped view and the world’s view and so when when you are sending your kids to into an environment where you don’t want them to learn something that you don’t want them to learn then you have to be proactive and tell them first and that’s it’s a really important important message there is – we have to talk about things that are relevant so if Jesus was relevant we need to be relevant so the next slides I’m going to show you are some texts some funny text from parents who tried to be relevant and some of them epically failed but some of them were very funny so I’ll move out this way so here’s the this that you can see the little emoji at the top it says that the child says oh geez chocolate kiss with eyes watching over you lol it’s a poop with eyes mom oh I thought it was a chocolate kiss lol haha definitely a poop mama bear I’m so sorry you know so that’s a little poop it’s a little muji son you’re in big trouble why because you’re texting me in your school while you’re in school are you serious you texted me first I have done that I actually texted Mallory one time and she got her phone taken away she’s like I was my mom texted me and showed her the check I was like my dad um mom where are you leaving Walmart halfway home why sweetie you brought me to Walmart with you Oh oh darn be there in a bit hmmm I think there’s something wrong with my phone I don’t think my texts are going through yeah they’re getting through well how can you be sure okay here’s here’s some little phrases that the parents trying to be relevant what does idk ly and ttyl mean I don’t know love you talk to you later okay I’ll ask your sister that’s what they mean I don’t know love you okay um okay here’s another epic fail your great-aunt just passed away lol why is that funny it’s not funny David what do you mean mom lol means laughing out loud oh my goodness I sent that to everyone I thought it meant lots of love I have to call everyone back so here’s mom this is something I would pull don’t forget to unload the dishwasher did you finish your homework we have to go to your grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dad and I talked we were going to buy you a car next month you are oh my gosh thank you no we’re not I just wanted to make sure you’re getting my text that was cruel here’s mom I’m learning how to hashtag that’s great mom hashtag conversation was son she didn’t even use

the hashtag she wrote it out please don’t text me for the next hour I’m going to be on the treadmill I wasn’t planning on texting you what did I just say don’t text me so those are people who were trying to be relevant but it was also enjoyable do we not have fun laughing at that a little bit okay well that’s my next point is that Jesus was incredibly enjoyable we want to have fun in church Church should be the funnest place on the planet better than Disney World I know that’s a stretch but hey it should be the case but imagine if more churches were so fun wouldn’t more people want to come yes of course they would people loved to be around Jesus children especially mark 10:16 says he and he took the children in his arms put his hands on them and bless them children love people who are enjoyable they you know one of my biggest rewards as a principal is when I’m sitting downstairs and guest central and you know families come in and there look I see one of my students and they’re holding their parents hand you know and they see me and they let go their mom’s hand they run over me with their arms wide open grab me around the legs to me that is like such a great reward because kids can pick up on a fake they can tell if you really like him they can tell if you’re really enjoyable and they don’t really like being around people that are not enjoyable children loved to be around Jesus so he had to be enjoyable um do we have emojis for the enjoyable yes Jesus was like the life of the party that’s the laughing out loud laughing crying kind of emoji he was he was like awesome people loved to celebrate him he was the life of the party um children’s love children love to be around him sinners skeptics I mean like all kinds of prostitutes tax collectors they all love to be around him the people that didn’t like to be around him or the fake people the religious people the Pharisees the inauthentic people they didn’t want to be around him but everybody else followed him he couldn’t get rid of him he had to like leave the crowds and he’d go to another crowd and then he’d try to leave that crowd to go be with Jesus and another crowd to follow him so people were always following him do people follow you do they see what’s you know are you enjoyable do you see do you think you represent him well and I think Christians and the church should be the most enjoyable people on the earth we have the joy of the Lord but Nehemiah 8:10 I’m skipping ahead to the last verse there but Nehemiah 8:10 says for the joy of the Lord is your strength we have a joy inside of us that we need to be able to share with other people this is one of my favorite life verses it please yes T’s 8:15 and it says so I recommend having fun because there’s nothing better in this world than to eat drink and enjoy life eat drink and be merry hello that’s awesome I love to eat that way they will fit they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work that God gives them under the Sun so it this was a wise Leon Solomon wrote is this Ecclesiastes it says so I recommend having fun be enjoyable lighten up laughter is good for your soul was good for your you know it’s like medicine to your soul so Jesus was the kind of person that if you were going on a trip and you had to just you wanted to take somebody really fun Jesus would be the kind of person you’d want to take and I think sometimes we think that Jesus maybe talked at people but if people wanted to be around him so much he had to actually listen so Jesus was real he was relevant he was enjoyable and number four he was incredibly accepting so in this point I want to tell you that if there’s any religious people in here I might slightly step on your toes a little bit and I’m not apologizing for it because if you’re a religious person then well we love you and we accept you too but Jesus and Jesus is it was pure holiness he loved everyone so we have some emojis he loved everyone he would wink and kiss and everybody just loved him you know and he loved everyone and he loved everyone of all colors of all nationalities these are the new emojis that came out with all different colors of brown and yellow and black and if there was purple polka dotted or speckled he loved them too he loved all people and his holiness did not drive people away but it drew people to him and again we’re supposed to be like that so he he didn’t condemn sinners I mean he didn’t even condemn sinners who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar you know I mean he loved them and he accepted them for who they were he then that after he accepted them first then he said go and sin no more he didn’t say you’re a sinner come to church no that’s not gonna get people to church he had you know we he had such a personality that was so loving and

accepting of others that when he was around them they just they flocked to him they’d wanted to be around him and and he didn’t like I said he didn’t condemn people but I think the church has gotten so blurred lines where we think that we’re supposed to be the condemned errs of the world we are not called to be the Holy Spirit we’re not called to be the judge and jury for people we are called to accept we’re called to love John 16:8 says the Holy Spirit’s job is to convict the world of its sin of God’s righteousness and of the coming judgement it does not say Stacy fry or connect me to church is the Holy Spirit Junior we are to love and accept and our job is to be the face of Jesus not the Holy Spirit mark 2 verse 15 and 17 3:17 says while Jesus was having dinner at Levi’s house many tax collectors and sinners were eating with him and his disciples for there are many who followed him when the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with sinners and tax collectors they asked his disciples why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners and that day tax collectors were like you know does scum of the earth on hearing this jesus said to them it’s not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick I have not come to call the righteous but sinners Jesus loved everyone sinners he would love you he would love me he would love anybody else that had the big bad sins so let me just say this man is the only one that puts degrees on sin God does God sees one sin as a thousand sins it weighs the same to him God sees you know a little white lie it’s a lie that’s a sin as opposed to a murderer I mean the Bible says and I can’t real where it is but it says if you even hate your brother you’re as you’re like a murderer so hating someone murdering someone it’s all the same sin and we think you know in in this day when there’s so much talk about you know homosexuals and transgenders or whatever you know just watching them on the news there was some kind of gay rally or whatever and of course they get a clip of this man who was saying we don’t have the same father and somebody was saying yes we do we were all created the same he was like no we don’t have the same father I thought are you winning that person are you winning that Herta he was trying to be the Holy Spirit convict them of their sin tell them they’re sinners let me just say I would like to beat them over the head with a Bible to that man and say you’re just as much of a sinner do you not get that you’re judgmentalism is just as much of a sin as somebody who’s walking in sin and it doesn’t mean that we’re going to accept people and just let them live their life know after we’re supposed to bring them in here and then let the Holy Spirit do his job to convict them of their sin so if we have homosexuals and transgenders and wires and gossipers and judgmental people and religious people thank god that means that we’re doing something right as a church we want those people in here it just means that they are broken that they are disconnected that they are that they’ve had a rough life how are they ever gonna know Jesus if we don’t shine our light let them see our good deeds so that then we can point them to Jesus they’ll never get in here and I tell you Jesus did this so awesome we need to be more like him in every way we need to embrace per imperfection we always say that we are the perfect perfect Church for imperfect people so if you if you’re perfect here you might need to leave cuz you’re gonna ruin our imperfect Church here we have a great thing going here in this imperfect church because that’s the way it should look nobody is perfect in this world everybody is full of sin you’re full of sin you’re not righteous newsflash neither am i it’s like none of us are but wait so why would we just because man puts degrees on sin why would we look at somebody else and say oh I can’t accept them if Bruce Jenner walked into this church we would accept him we would help him we would try to minister to him we want to try to help him get healed of the broken places in his life but we would accept him there are so many people that are broken out there and if Jesus would accept them then so should the church amen and it’s something that people you know like that’s why we have the hassle-free guarantee here at church is that people want to know that they belong somewhere before they’ll ever believe so we accept all kinds of people we accept you know all kinds of colors I love the total colors in our church it’s awesome I grew up in Alabama it was like black or white how boring is that I mean I like black and light brown and dark brown and cream colored and you know there’s all kinds

of it’s awesome so I love our church I think we have the best church on the planet I really do I mean again we have a lot of pastor friends they have huge churches whatever we go down there and it’s awesome and I literally Darren eyes look at you like oh I want to get back to our church I love our church we are so grateful for this church so Romans 15 7 says accept one another then just as Christ as Christ accepted you in order to bring praise to God it says accept him to bring praise to God we are praising God when we accept a broken person when we accept them and love them for who they are we don’t have to love their sin because God doesn’t love ours he doesn’t love my sin one time my father-in-law when I was when we were younger and they were just coming getting no and he goes you are the skinniest glutton I’ve ever met I was like you just called me a skinny sinner and I had to work on that that’s my little sin my one and only sin just kidding Yeah Yeah right she knows me well so but we are accepting of all kinds of sinners it doesn’t matter what yours is it doesn’t matter what mine is we’re all sinners and we all need to be working around out of course and that’s what we’re here for in church is to work on getting better and reflecting more and more like Jesus so um I want to tell you story Dylan who was here when Josh Monti spoke last summer I believe it was you might not remember but you might remember a story okay couple people but he just he just shared his testimony last week at arc and he was telling that he was the 19 year old kid he had been abused he had been he was just broken he was miserable he was ready to just check out he visited a couple churches and you know he came and sat down and some some man came right up to him he thought oh I’ll introduce myself and he stuck out his hand and the man said you’re in my seat get up okay so that was his first experience that’s not really reflecting Jesus so then he went to another church as well and and got the same kind of condemnation and judgment and he didn’t look totally you know he’s not necessarily what you would look at trying to think that he was once he he wanted to be accepted okay so he kind of stood out in the crowd and so he said one last-ditch effort somebody had told him about this church that was meeting in a high school and so he went to the church and he saw this lady coming to him and he thought I’m just gonna give one last shot he was a totally expecting judgment condemnation and so he held out his hand to this lady and she pushed his hand out of the way and she grabbed him and hugged him and accepted him and that day changed his life from then on out he was ready to kill himself that afternoon he was ready to just check out of life because he was miserable and the lady accepted him and showed him other people and accepted they accepted him and you know and it changed his life and he’s now a pastor of a growing church and he’s doing awesome because someone accepted him that’s how our church is we accept people I had a friend recently who was telling telling me about a friend that she invited on Easter and she said she goes Stacie she’s gonna stand out in the crowd she’s had a hard life and it shows and I said that’s great and she goes no but she’s really gonna stand out in the crowd I was like how long will you bring her on that’s awesome our church are so good at this our church accepts people and loves and hugs with people and we were a huggie Church we have people in our small group I won’t mention any names Bob but we have people in our small group they were like the first time I came in I was like why are all these people hugging me oh my gosh and now his father really he’s like hey how are you how are you know he’s hugging and loving on people too because people want to feel loved we’re just loving and huggy so um so Jesus was real he was relevant he was enjoyable he was accepting and the last one is he was totally amazing totally amazing we have he wasn’t just this you know pep talk got his pep talk guy he wasn’t just cool calm and collected we think you know he’s probably just always like this and these thousand these my father sent me and I mean yeah he was he did say that but he had to be really enjoyable he was amazing he did miracles we have some emojis that so like he was amazing like wow oh my gosh you know explosions going off around him but the things that we’re going on around him were miracles he performed miracles that were so awesome and some of them were very a little bit unorthodox some of them were extraordinary but people still thought he was amazing they’ll still wanted to be around him like here an example of in John 9 verses 1 through 41 is the full story but this is the guy who was blind and in a crowd Jesus walks over and he’s wanting to heal the guy and he spits in the dirt makes the mud pies and wipes them on the guy’s eyes ok yeah thank you so true can you come to second

service for me right cue a same part okay you know is right I mean it was gross but then that guy went off that Jesus said go and wash it off so he goes to wash it off and he was healed and then of course because it was a Sabbath day the Pharisees the religious people were all mad because they started talking to this blind guy or formally blind guy and they were like well Jesus says he claims he’s the son of God and he does this and he’s and they’re trying to accuse him and trying to get this blind guy to like say oh yeah why I don’t I don’t want to see anymore yeah cuz he’s a bad guy no the blind guy what does the blind guy say he goes listen all I know is that I was blind and now I can see he is saying I don’t really care that he spit in dirt and made mud pies and stuck him on my eyes I can see that’s all I want so let me tell you a story about a couple here in the church Rick and Terry Lopez they’re right here and they’re awesome I did tell them I was gonna tell him tell about their little story not everything but when they came to this church they were a broken couple their marriage was failing they had a past they had history they had some issues that they had to work out they were they wanted to be accepted they want to be loved they needed some love okay so they came and they started they allowed God to work in their lives they allowed God to work in their marriage they were students of marriage they got marriage counseling they did marriage small groups and they’re in our marriage small groups this semester and we’re like y’all couldn’t leave this group you’re awesome I mean they’re changed people but they didn’t go around beating people over the head with hey you need to get in church because you’re a sinner no they just let God’s amazingness if that’s if you can allow me that word his amazingness shine through their lives and their testimony so they would just talk to people they would just tell people you know yeah we’ve been going to church and it’s really helping her marriage or I don’t know what they would say but just you know I mean Terry is just so sweet you could just talk to her for days and Rick is awesome he just he’s very cool calm collected we have Rick isms in our in our small group because he says all these funny things but what happened was that their friends started seeing the amazing testimony in their lives they started changing from the inside out and people started going oh my gosh all I know is that I want what they have and sure enough Glenn and Linda came to church with him Kevin and Angelica which you saw their marriage testimony came to church because of Rick and Terry’s amazing testimony they didn’t have to beat somebody over the head they just showed what God was doing in their lives and from those two couples that came to church with them they invited other people and then they came and then those people invited other people and then another couple came and just from Rick and Terry’s Testament there’s like 10 couples here just because God’s amazing work in their lives so thank you for shining that light for being that light house because that’s what God does he uses people and you may be thinking gosh I think he can use me that way I’m I’m I was the captain of the football team I’m the head cheerleader and I’m a successful businessman and I’m successful businesswoman you know yes God can still use you but let me just tell you he specializes and using ordinary people that is why I am standing here today let me just tell you some verses here I’m gonna I’m gonna skip the verses you can look as you can see those verses that have the miracles of signs and wonders following Jesus but I wanted to tell you acts 4:13 if we can I don’t know if it’s in the oh it it should be in there so this is when Peter and John were going around they were doing miracles and they were preaching to crowds and like this that day 5,000 people got saved in this one day and so the Pharisees were again they were they were they didn’t know what to do with them they wanted to stop them they wanted to you know Nix them and they made an interesting comment in acts 413 it says when they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled ordinary men so the Greek word for Orden he is idiotape do you hear a root word idiot okay which means ignoramus unlearned ordinary person unschooled or an idiot okay so they were unschooled ordinary idiots men and it says the Pharisees were astonished and amazed they took note that these men had been with Jesus one moment in the presence of Jesus and you can be changed for a lifetime one moment in his presence can change you forever first Corinthians 1:27 is my life verse as well and it says but God chose the

foolish things of the world to shame the wise I like the version that says God chose the simple things of the world to shame the wise he chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong I used to always say to Derek I’m just so simple I don’t have all these big major thoughts I’m just simple and then I found this person I was like haha he’s gonna use me to change the world you know um but God specializes in using ordinary people simple people I’m not calling anybody foolish in here I like to stay this simple but God can use you he can use each one of us and each one of us has a sphere of influence that we can be able to shine our light so that we can accept people and love them and be real and relevant to them and enjoyable so that they can come to know Jesus they will never come to know Jesus if we are not these things and that is what we’re called to do so I want you to you can put your notes away and you can stand up you know you may be thinking I want God to use me I want to be amazing I want to have a better emoji that I’m showing out to everyone to my friends and my co-workers my family I want to be a better face of Jesus and the best way you can do that first of all the only way that you can do that is be a part of Jesus family and I want to give you up an opportunity right now in just a minute to be able to come into the family of Jesus Christ because that’s the most important thing that will start changing your life forever one moment in his presence can change you forever it can change your lifetime it can it can get you on a new direction of where you’re going so with every head bowed and eyes are all your eyes closed please I want to give you an opportunity to say I want to be in the family of Jesus Christ I want to I want to have Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior amount of my life so that I can be amazing and show other people how awesome God is in my life if that is you I want you to just raise your hand and and look up at me and tell me that you want to be part of the family of Jesus Christ I see you thank you that’s awesome I see you several ladies there I see in the back that’s awesome thank you lord I see you that’s so great I see right there thank you that is it’s the most important decision you will ever make this will change your life forever one moment in his presence will change you forever your life is now set on a different course when you pray that’s prayer if a church if you will just pray this with me and with our new brothers and sisters in Christ dear lord I thank you that you died on the cross for me I thank you that you loved me and accepted me in the middle of my sin I confess you Lord as my Savior my king my brother I ask you father to anoint my life to let amazing things happen in me so I can reflect your glory in Jesus name I want to pray for a second group of people I want to pray for our church as a whole that if you want to be a better face and emoji so to speak of Jesus Christ and you want to do a better job of maybe even reaching out to more people or having a holy boldness I want to pray for a double portion anointing on our church because we already have an anointing seriously on our church of being this these kinds of people of representing Jesus Christ well but I want a double portion that is art we’re living in the end days we don’t have a lot of time to get more people in the kingdom of Christ so if you want to do a better job or have more boldness of just being a better ace to the Church of Jesus Christ I want you to raise your hand and I’m gonna pray for all of us this all over the room that’s so awesome lord I just thank you Lord you see the hearts and the hands that are raised to you father we want to we just ask for a double portion anointing we want one moment in this church as soon as people walk in the doors of our church that their lives will be changed forever that they would feel your love as soon as they walk in the door they would feel your acceptance father we asked for an anointing in Jesus name that we would be an evangelistic church that we bring people in to know you that our lives would reflect your glory and your personality in your face and your love father I ask that your presence would be on each one of these people you would give them a holy boldness to be able to go to their friends and their family and their work and not beat them over the head with it but show how amazing you are what emoji emoji emoji you are Lord Jesus I thank you Father for your anointing in our church and I ask that you would just continue to multiply it in Jesus name I thank you Father for our church we have the best church on the planet and I’m so thankful that you gave us each person in here and I ask that you have blessed them as they’re going out today in Jesus name and everybody said amen let’s give God glory