Styled to Rock -1×7- Episode 7 [Full Episode]

shut up and down the worlds of fashion and celebrity are coming together hard at the search for rihanna’s next fashion design superstar continues I could see myself wearing that from her 12 handpick young designers just six remain writing it out to win the ultimate fashion prize to dress Rihanna on stage in front of 65,000 screaming fans they’ve been guided by cutting-edge designer Henry Holland they’ve not really pulled out the back for us this week Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts you really have to think about that now I’m Rihanna’s very own stylist Lisa Cooper you have got to bring the level of excellence up so far they dress some of the biggest names in music it’s two different looks or living the ecstasy and the agony I’m going that is just insane this is high fashion this is high drama the competition will end today for all of them this is styled to rock it’s a scissor sister last time designing for the scissor sisters I’m gonna totally wear that I wear it Ricky’s journey finally ended now they were just six designers left Saturday’s Challenge winner Megan I’ll do some have got we take a swing are typically for my bloody good design on for Tae Challenge winner Xena now that we’ve closer to the final we have to step it up every week rizzle kicks challenge winner Jacqueline everyone’s feeling the pressure mystic it’s only six of us and you want it so badly Steve who’s won three out of six challenges I have what it takes to win I mean it’s a competition you don’t enter if you’re not here to it Ralph winner of last week’s scissor sisters challenge it’s sexy and playful I don’t want to go home so let’s just hope for the best and hide the only designer yet to win her own challenge the pressure is like huge now because everyone can see the end only a bit scared cuz now it’s only six of us something also good last week was the best week ever and this week is like the competition is on like on another week another star client and this week it’s their biggest one yet we’re one week closer now to dressing Rihanna and so we really need to step up another level for this week’s challenge could have got a really exciting guest it’s my best friend Cheryl Cole rocketing to fame with girls aloud hit the world ten years ago shell has since gone on to for two successful solo career shower call to me is like British royalty everybody wants to dress her every designer and be honored to even have her wear their undies had executive producer Rihanna always sets a tough challenge and we Cheryl constantly in the spotlight this one’s the toughest so far there’s definitely a lot of pressure this week gonna be a lot of pressure it’s for a stage performance so really take into consideration that she dances a lot and that is top of the criteria and she wants colors she wants phone she wants sexy edgy glamorous cool she doesn’t mind sharing a bit of flesh as well so take that into account Cheryl is so big and she saw this generation to dress her that is just insane another cool thing is you get to make your own print so happy thank you thank you I’m so excited when I first heard the brief when they said print I was like thank you so much as I’ve been waiting for a print challenging so long it’s huge Cheryl’s guidelines are she has to be able to dance comfortably meow print has to form a large part of the overall design and the designers have to use fun colors such a huge solidity like she’s the nation’s sweetheart so like there’s so much better so much better in just three days she’ll pick her favorite outfit the two worst will be selected by the mentors and those two designers will face elimination these guys want to be designs at the cutting edge of fashion and they’re gonna have to back some really high profile clients and it doesn’t get any bigger than sheriff Cheryl’s not just the high-profile client she’s also many colors best mate this week the pressure really is on I think bragging about you for weeks now she’s really excited to come and do a collaboration with you guys on Friday so just do not let me down the designers have just two hours to come up with a design for their first ever fabric print they’ll then work with a graphic artist to make their vision a reality this place is so for there’s so many different patterns I can really play with so just got a lowes picture of sleep because my theme for sure was delicious you can get as creative as you want when designing prints but the main thing to always keep focused on his do you wanna wear that do you want to put that fabric on your back it could be an amazing concept for a print but once that’s on the body and being worn it needs to feel like something that’s

desirable and wearable come on fishy fishy bet you fuss oh that story oh come on is for sure a cold gotcha [ __ ] the search for inspirations going swimmingly that is for everyone except hiding but not I’m really stressed actually now this is it like if I if that’s it then if what if I changed my mind I could cry is dissociable enthusiasm has never been a challenge in this competition for Heidi I like i did it’s a tiny temple resolute like a dream achievement I want this so much I don’t mind about that like the Liberty it comes second runs its first and to get my label recognized by people in the interesting be ridiculously amazing amazing about seven weeks in and she’s struggling for focus I don’t feel very confident its weak things that everyone else is won a challenge as well and I haven’t won one yet it feels like I’m the smallest one now not to say it officially I’m up your life a little bit it’s not just searching for inspiration it’s dressing Heidi avenida when it comes to making their prints of reality at a graphic design studio I want to create like a really really organic pattern in every quite goods overload the other five find its straightforward the premium ah easy as pie so wanna make known as a sea creature but in a sexy way I loved all the road works and balls and so I low like concepts anxious it’s delicious thank you that’s a game Heidi struggling how many photos did you tell you give me hundred a PTA how many you’re allowed to use ten toman concept quickly and give me three words that you’re commenting urban street infrastructure kind of like that’s about ten i meant in urban entry it’s a represent learned by the best of london might really gritty london i would like the infrastructure it had like this line here and then just that track you know with the crisscross literally just coming so it’s BAM right in the foreground my lord is your hope you sleep are yes he’s trying to do it no no no no wait just wait and then I like oh gosh I was like do you get it it’s like no designing for such pop royalty everything this week is bespoke and as well as creating a unique print fabric the designers have to cost their own showcase waters what am i doing straight I want feeis model he’s gonna walk like she owns play yeah and is hot good start in the world of fashion I the impact of a whole collection it rest on the models the way you need to see the models when you see them in the casting is much more of a blank canvas they are part of your vision and your allows of shape and mold them what what it is you want okay picking the right model can make or break an outfit and I want to see if these guys know what they’re looking for and whether they can pick the right model that will make their outfits shine sound on one spot but kind of convey some attitude this week’s model selection he was mayhem like it was crazy of his badness you can do it faster like super snappy you saw them like bam bam mammy’s not that his another what his another she had remember like this will conduct this one was get this one it too much that child you put your hair from at your face for me oh they aren’t coat hangers don’t talk to shish and wear the clothes do you want to just do work for us look yeah there’s more fees I never done cutting before I like a proper designer it was really nice I felt like I have the design is soon get the hang of it hi then Ralph is struck by inspiration he does yes experimentals of spontaneous moose yeah show me some moves I just want you to start from you just really quickly okay they’re kind of dance which was really frustrating because obviously if you have a vision if you have a look that you’re going for its kind of essential it may be tricky for Ralph but Jacqueline’s found her perfect model yeah you’re so perfect if anyone wants you say no ok cuz your mind you’re basically mine I just want you so badly I’m can you do like we edgy poses a problem is Heidi wants her to yeah that’s yeah that’s good that’s what I’m love I what I so bad but in soon she will get her she would get her like aids-related wish for that nice character and she’s a banging body and she can dance and we just we created this moves perfect something homes not an option i just wrote one of the hood I haven’t worked it out yet you’re gonna have to work out well [ __ ] me right now that’s not even funny I’m not I’m sorry in their hardest challenge yet the designers are creating stage where for global pop sensation Cheryl Cheryl Cole it’s scaring she’s so huge but it is amazing and this week it’s all about being bespoke the designers have made their own print fabric I’m not in it chosen their own models and they’ll even be showcasing their outputs in specially designed rooms the red carpet really is being rolled out the queen of pop Cheryl everyone’s feeling the pressure it’s a really big client this time to worldwide superstar with Henry Holland nicola roberts and rihanna’s stylist Lisa Cooper on a hand in just two days Cheryl will arrive in person and select the one

outfit she likes best this week they have to stay calm stay focused and not let the pressure of designing for such a huge star get to them hi guys yeah forget you all to gather round time to get your model fit they’ve had their very first model casting now Henry wants to know which designers have chosen which model did you all pick a favorite yeah everyone’s happy with the model they picked that’s his except Jacqueline and Heidi Jacqueline jade is my number one he’s cool every look I wanted Jay like on the get-go and we have such a good rapport like I love her and she gets my business so much she actually came back to me and said Jack and I really want to work with you did she yep she said that’s me Jacqueline would say anything to get jade should say anything to do anything to get Jay so then when she said Jay said that she wanted to work with me and then I like she said she wants to work with me as well she did it I don’t think she did I just wanted a so bad as anything you’ve each got 30 seconds to tell me why you should have Jade this week as soon as she came in from the door I’m like I want you badly I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you badly I just want her badly like I’ve really I wanted her I wanted dark skin I wanted brown hair I wanted interesting edgy face she can dance she had it all she has every to tick every box she’s only got a tick every box up she has a red-haired opera yeah but it will still work um I’m gonna flip a coin I think it’s kind of fun Oh what you a coin it Ted Thank You trying about 10 thank you congratulating you obviously i won no surprise there cuz you know I always get what I want its nearing the end of day two yesterday the designers had to create their bespoke prints a star to rock first now the finished fabrics have a ride and Zainab’s got an ID oh it’s so cool I know it’s really nice it’s hot it [ __ ] it’s really go having taken out and a hidden Megan’s fabric zeyneb and Steve’s taking rest upstairs to get to the others this is nice Oh what costume look at her it’s a print that I took photos of some crystals that I made before Steve with his crystals I don’t know when that’s gonna stop and I hope it does I’m really bored of it wow it’s just really bright hurts when I actually I love in Luminos yellow normally but it doesn’t scream Cheryl Cole oh wow Heidi that’s so nice because I was so scared she’s gonna look really [ __ ] but I love to color and I can work you know I can work on it that way you have one package yeah yeah that’s a little that’s not even funny right I’m gonna go through your games find out cuz that’s just not funny I’m not even having that hey I’m not going sorry maybe this peaceful Joe well we might overheat feel fabric booklet nah that’s not [ __ ] funny people seriously that’s not funny I’m not gonna lie at one point I thought there might have been bloodshed the motive in fabric scissors hurtling through the air at my face oh are you happy with it look I’m gonna don’t design now people that was not funny no flute on paper everything this week is just like literally written for Megan it’s print which is her thing it’s charcoal bodycon which is her thing everything has gone her way this week so she was in the bottom two would be pretty pretty unfortunate everyone’s happy with the way their prints have turned out I’ve never done paper for you say yeah I’m like super happy it Cheryl Cole is gonna love it how does she not but don’t three in the bag done everyone that is except Heidi I thought it was gonna be greater rather than brown iya she struggled on the first date to design her print she didn’t get the model she wanted and now Heidi’s fabric has come back of wrong color this is beige beige like all of its beige beige part is really suffering you just can’t pick yourself up dust yourself off and get on with it and win this competition not obviously not wings i’ve got to win but um I can see she’s really struggling this week she’s having a hard time because executing what she wanted getting her vision into reality is it’s been challenging anyone else is super quick and they always know what they’re doing mostly and if they don’t they hide it really well I’m like boom going home is not an option I’ve wait I just don’t want to go home day three in just 24

hours left from their toughest challenge yet I’m so happy with my friend I hope they like it well I mean you’d be a fool not to like here with such a high-profile client there’s no room for error which is why I mentor and Cheryl’s best mate Nicola is keen to see how the outfits are shaping up hello Wow looks crazy thank you having told Cheryl these are six of the best undiscovered designers she wants them to prove her right I don’t want to be able to say the fact that she’s got like knickers all her friends only that you know I feel confident now now I’ve got my friend and I’ve got my fabrics and stuff I do you feel confident they’re designing for cheryl button pressing Nicola is just as important you see this here this panel here yeah it’s gonna be the flesh tone yeah and the signs read about this part I think it’ll be okay just be conscious that we don’t want this to look like a pair of Bridget Jones pants nothin gonna be okay right so it’s yeah I think it sounds okay okay how are you talking about 95 sit tight Wow I don’t feel very confident this week ago I feel like it’s me not that are you happy with your print oh there’s another one is that why but it was gonna be grey up like this like the print out like rare and it’s like like a mucky color I really like it i think that the colors are cool I think that the orange on their skin tone with her hair with the black is really strong and I think it’ll be really like complementary yeah I do since Ralph is a menswear designer nickel is paying particular attention to one aspects of his design what’s gonna happen with the bra situation here um that is the last thing that I’m gonna work out great because my prints here I think it’s good to just pay attention to that so the shorts and a jacket your men to wear designer yes okay women have boobs and when they’re dancing yeah they need to be supported footage and she’s not gonna be able to wear a bra with this top because the back cuts right into the middle of the shoulder you really have to think about that now don’t think about that later cuz that is a big factor for a woman yeah cuz i was going for the race about dito have you gone and bought a racerback bra not yet that’s why is do you think yeah in a phone call to Henry Nicola voices her concerns Ralph yeah right to tell him that women do have boobs yeah okay yeah like the sort of right reality side of a woman’s body does not come into ralphs imagination I told which is worrying even with design doubts Nicola knows tomorrow’s showcase be like no other so to help the designers relax before the big day she’s cooked up a surprise oh I’m gonna take everyone for dinner and there’s only one thing the designers want to talk about a shower excited yeah she is I’ve been textin of the whole sort of way through town there about everybody she’s really excited i’ve said that everyone’s really good so she turns up I hate any of these this is not stage waiting to me get oh I don’t like the seakings at all it can agree Chi in her search for fashions next design super staff we Alice handpick designers have had just three days to make a stage outfit for pop icon shown shower call is like British royalty and I think every designer would be honored to have have her wear their piece even with mentors Henry Holland nicola roberts and rihanna’s status Lisa Cooper helping it’s been the designers toughest test yet Cheryl is so big and she sewed this generation to dress her that is just insane now it’s showcase day okay guys get your models ready make me proud and don’t mess this up and it’s a weak like no other the designers have created their own free can pick their models and to really sell their outfit they’ll showcase them in their own customized rooms oh Lisa and Henry are doing the round with some last-minute advice you should lose the glasses let me see what happens when you oh yeah you can’t hide them I think everyone is feeling the pressure really is only six of us and you want it so badly Cheryl’s arrival is imminent I think if there’s any little tweaks you need to make you better hurry I already hope Charlotte would relate to my design I really was thinking about her quite carefully she’ll be scrutinizing every aspect of every out to choose her favorite I see what it’ll say with our bad friends i’m justin with the headphones and the earrings it’s all a bit too much I feel like I’ve got a good design and I’ve got a good concept the designers of the two worst outfits will face the mentors and one of them will be going home oh yeah well you better get that face I’m worried that my prints might not be clearly not it might be too sports luxe too cool because I’m a print designer it’s always gonna bottom to it going it would be made i’ll be going home because that’s what my forte is it any way you can do a bit of tightening up on that crochet bit in the

back well after the sixth round its designs in the competition and this week they’ve had to design their own print choose our models and also decide how they’re gonna showcase their outfit to their biggest client yet does not get much more pressure than their the rooms are set the models are dressed and now there’s nothing more the designers can do Cheryl has arrived you look I’m excited she’s gonna be good everybody’s really excited all the designers are super excited do you think I’ve got something together I think you’ve got to meet to work okay I’m actually nervous for you to say it because i got like before like with the other art it’s like you know there’s no relationship so it’s like well if they like it then they don’t like whatever because it’s Jerry flag okay so let’s go meet the face design okay no pressure three days ago shells brief at her outfit was to be able to dance comfortably in it critter has to form a large part of the design and fun colors have to be used with Nicola guiding her best mate around it’s a nap first in the spotlight with her sweet inspired places but will it be two shells taste colors up gorgeous what’s around the neck like a little drapey hood I actually really love a hood to perform in it’s got that urban feel I think maybe you could have done with a little bit more underneath there just suit like for your room reassurance but I love the idea they really liked it they were not picking up all these different details and shower then flush like maybe one down and Cheryl’s impressed but Heidi’s nicks and having struggled all week will Nicola be proud to show her outfit non-id this is Cheryl nice to meet you oh I wanted to kind of encapsulate London when you think of London you think of the people and the clothes and I wanted to encapsulate like the structure and the steel and the like the all right oh my gosh sorry ok I wanted to make the travel like with the abstracts are really striking through that whole look is like about the trouser and it’s kind of sexy Lexi so when you’re dancing you showed like curve and you should feel confident in you feel confident doing whatever you want to in it you like it I do i do I think it’s really cool and I like that it says lane between you like a obvious funny I sorta did you think I mean a get way from doin it made the cut out liat on all that sig fig for this law yes lash trouser so she’s done her homework except she’s doing [ __ ] exactly and she’s trying to move it forward it’s very creative you’re so used to seeing her all the time on TV and stuff he’s so used to seeing how she there like right there it’s like well and I got me I look around and I shouldn’t do it cuz she’s our client and it’s ways to impress and work for that high it was she’s so like pretty and amazing any design doubts Nicola had our fading fast as Cheryl appears to be impressed Jacqueline’s aquarium inspired look is next nice to meet you too wanted to make you as a sea creature so where we see all the tropical fish took pictures of them and then like sort of like zoom in to like different parts of the body of the fish Wow and then do you like to wear hoods in something and but if not we can have the option of like opening it I will like the print in the Prince amazing how do you feel about that cutting low to there were you thinking that Blake for sexiness yeah did you take it off yeah okay thank you very much thank you the body suit of get and it is me the jacket I don’t you know I don’t like the seakings at now you can look really cheap not with the print of the jumpsuit it just didn’t match at all what can you see slough wearing it we’ll think about it yeah we’ll think showers just look like a Barbie doll I hope she’s considering my design it’ll be nice you know she picks my pretty Cheryl’s not convinced by Jacqueline’s Jackie but next in line is fabric print expert Megan so Nicholas hopeful that her outfit will dazzle hi Megan nice to meet you the print is lovely I like the colors the green the Pink’s really nice I personally wouldn’t draw attention to me yes no no I wouldn’t want it to shine onstage oh okay where does that go is this pinned to the waistband or does that go underneath grow underneath my goodness me that’s gonna review into I’ll just want you to be a bit risky with stuff and just thought that you can be escaped but you’ve got to get the proportions artist body right otherwise it’s not gonna flatter yeah it’s a massive misfire for Megan a nickel is not happy they’re good cuz I everything good yesterday Nicola was concerned about wraps approach to this womenswear channel well his t-shirt and short combination have the right impact do you think this is sexy I think its sexy definitely wait which part of it sexy you’re a penis of it the high-waisted like obviously a woman’s waist is so amazing but we can’t see always obviously when we were dancing around like as you do on stage the colors and the silhouettes will work because I am muscular and I’m quite short actually I like to create the illusion that i’m taller okay so i would always go for a shoulder short and probably tight fit

and just it’s a bit more flattering for me she okay this is not stage waiting to me okay if you were to silhouette me right now so if i’m coming out in an entrance and i’m just in silhouette yeah I could I could be a boy or I don’t you know it’s not it’s not very flattering yeah what’s he usually good I mean I think he’s typically a menswear designer right so he doesn’t understand the woman’s longhand bomb at all I felt like it didn’t research Rihanna caught walking to something like that she’s gonna die don’t get hammers in a scab feeling after a promising stop the showcase has taken a downturn steve is the love designer to be seen what was he calling safe I’m like being inside a crystal a kaleidoscope really i mean like like just all the amazing hangers basically make these crystals and work with him all the time okay i’m just a little bit worried about the shorts yeah and i don’t know it’s just a little bit frustrating for me because I was really trying to make you say that because I knew that this wasn’t gonna work if I had the print the other way it was joining my too much attention I did you know what the print is stunning and I like that you’ve obviously talking all to said I’ll a cropped jackets yeah yeah exactly but she’s right okay I mean I know we had the chest but once I cut the fabric there was nothing cuz we only got two meters I use and I just couldn’t I me when you’re trying to try it’s easier but then you were kind of like it’ll be okay it’ll be okay so the night to do it in a leotard fabric yeah exactly no but you know like I do a lot of yeah d please and stir I mean we don’t draw too much attention to your crush I’m really sorry on the topic of conversation when Chris me you’d like sorry it’s not so much disappointment for Nicola and Cheryl more shocked I just feel really frustrated because I told him that the UM the fabric fabric wasn’t gonna we’re kinda and bare flesh tone as well but you can you could see you buddy crotch as well that’s awful getting awful there’s no way that anybody any of us will let you go onto the stage with that so yeah all you need is one thing tabrina like that so I think I think about did ruin it for them you need one thing and that’s that was this Cheryl’s seen all six designers it’s now time for her verdict on which outfit she likes best first of all I just want to say thank you so much to all of you for putting the time in the effort in really get how much goes into those of you days and I appreciate all your hard work some of you really got me some units at lunch but am I have got a favorite somebody I think captured a stage costume the most and then I can save yourself performing in and I’ve chosen a winner and may winner is Haiti it’s an amazing feeling to know that she’s chosen my outfit else five other people it was it’s incredible and it just makes all the hard work worthwhile getting the patent down and get any ideas out and all that stress it just makes everything worthwhile I got very best congratulations to hide a well done the rest of you I’m afraid we are a little disappointed this week and we feel like we’ve had a bad week and that is why what we’re gonna do when using a little bit different this time and we’d like to see all five of the non winners in the office you see me there was bad points for every one of you the proportions we’re just all wrong don’t know how that wasn’t screaming it to be presented with that kind of outfit is ridiculous it’s just so range after the toughest showcase so far Cheryl has picked a winner hey Dee it’s been a hard week for her but Heidi’s beats in everyone and is now one step closer to the final and dressing Rhiannon she’s so like perfect and beautiful it was so nice seeing her respond to my outfit that I’ve made for her and it’s an amazing feeling to know that she’s chosen my outfit for the other designers things are not looking so good rihanna is choosing the ultimate winner in just a matter of wheat and it appears the standard is just not high enough so the remaining five designers all face elimination for Ralph Megan Jacqueline Zainab and Steve this is their last chance to convince their mentors but they deserve to stay in the competition one of them will be going home one of staff just was saying how disappointed we are early this week I think there was a lack of originality and the designs i think there was just a lack of research knowledge in some cases that was just so off the mark I don’t really know what what was going on can’t quite believe it like I could probably say from each of you there was really bad points for every one of you like Megan I’ll start with you we like to print on your trousers but the top for

you to fit a talk to a gale and not be able to stand back and see clearly that the proportions were just all wrong I don’t know how that wasn’t screaming at you and it looked like a barra a mankini costume we didn’t actually ask to look why went on below the charges cuz it was quite scary just to even think why was going on down there it’s just soon wink cheering I’m Ralph she was presented with a baggy t-shirt that didn’t show up a figure at all and shorts that she even said herself that she would look like she’s wearing a boy’s outfit now for somebody who is one of the sexiest girls the industry to be presented with that kind of outfit is ridiculous I completely agree from your comments that with a few tweaks I mean I can bang it out too late unfortunately it’s kind of coulda woulda shoulda really Steve the crotch the crotch there’s no way on God’s ass that anybody would allow regardless of whether it was Cheryl a woman to walk out in front of thousands of people for everybody’s eyes to focus solely on that because it was that transmit was that clear I just didn’t see when you status how much finished it would be and that worries me at this stage in the competition that really worries me you guys are going to be competing for my client and we have got to bring the level of excellence up especially for someone like Brianna was very clear about what she likes and what she doesn’t like it she’ll tell you to your face think what we’d really like to hear is what it is that makes you have you know have to be here next week um this is the first time and the last time I’m gonna be in this room because I’ve done well on every challenge like everyone is like my designs I’ve 12 like solo challenges and been part of both bike winning teams I know I’m good I deserve to be in the final I really do I came to the competition to win every week I deliver something new something that you never seen before I always tried to like you know push myself I didn’t think that I can do it but I can’t do it you know what I’m gonna make amazing outfit next time and I will I really appreciate this and I know I can do this like I really know that you could send me to meet Rihanna and I wouldn’t embarrass you I listen and design something that she would be so kind of like I really really really know I can do this I’m so angry that I’m in this room you know I’m a good designer I know that I’m a good designer you know what I can do I think I’ve outside the box I can engineer fabrics I’ve used sequins flowers silks and imma menswear designer I don’t do those things I know a menswear designer but you have to be able to sign an outfit for Rihanna who’s very much a woman yeah definitely and that is the challenge and I won’t bang it out like you said today love you didn’t do that today today doesn’t exist in my book sorry exists in Isles I’m afraid having been in the bottom two last week Megan knows she has a tough job convincing the mentals she should stay I think I should be in either Ralph in all fairness um sorry Ralph but he’s obvious blatantly obvious that he’s a menswear designer in his women’s wear and bodies in considered I tried my best to consider for day I want to come to be honest no you’re womenswear designer and they’ve all slated you for your fit so inexperienced that was a big [ __ ] up that’s it we lose my woman’s fate doesn’t it that means they’re over learning curve line honestly you should know your [ __ ] Henry Nicola and Lisa have heard enough the designers wait outside while the mentors decide who to send home the standard was like week one for some of them terrible I had to walk into ralphs room she just wanted turn around and walk back out again then Megan’s room I’m not gonna stop there then I had to walk into Steve’s room and was directly driven to camel toe and you would never want to see a woman on stage in front of thousands of people in that situation it couldn’t happen no I don’t know what happened what’s been a bit embarrassing for you that I think yeah it’s just like the worst possible ending to the week with a mental decision made the designers returned for the verdict all right hmm for me Megan I think what’s been hard to sort of calibrate is the fit and you’ve been struggling through that and it’s something that if you are to stay it needs to be fixed and changed hundred percent Steve every week we give you a new challenge give you a new brief the way that I can sort of relate to that is a new collection a new season and if I did muted neutral tones every season for every collection and crystal embellishments every collection every season I won’t have a business you have to think of something new you have to challenge us as well as challenging yourself we have to not be able to predict what’s coming out you have to

bring some edge well I think that one thing that keeps coming up all the time is this menswear issue and I’m it’s you know it’s not okay and just just to think that the finale for the show is to dress one of the biggest women in the world it just it raises a lot of concern because of the notes that we’ve now talked about unfortunately laughs we’re going to send you home sorry okay well thank you so much we’ve really enjoyed having you thank you thank you I am think the right person when this week I lit the graph deserve to go I don’t think it’s very lucky to be here I think she’s kind of dodged a few bullets I love for after pieces but peek at she can’t do in his way you know I have to say that we will came down hard this week is because we know you can do better it’s not that we want to knock you down tell you [ __ ] is that what we want to tell you to fix it next time on style to rock don’t taking into my home town for Kim the designers go global to create for one of the biggest stars on the planet with me it’s all about being comfortable keep the focus on the performance who’s going to win the challenge and get one step closer to fashions biggest key dressing Rihanna tomorrow night at eight he’ll be furiously taking notes as gizzi erskine presents more amateurs desperate to go from cooks to market then monday night at nine three girls get whittled down to one as we finally crown one lucky girl Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model on Sky Living HD