200320 Baekhyun Instagram Live 1 & 2 [ENG]

Hello! Good morning! Are you guys spending time healthily? I just wake up now since I slept late last night That… now You should stay healthy Recently I can’t sleep well [Yawn] I’m not sick I just can’t sleep well It’s just sleep Look at my puffy face since I woke up Look at this how swelling It’s bloated Everyone what are you doing? Where are you? [!?] 10 people? you are just living? This? [His chick] [Yawn] [Yawn] I(You) should wear masks, and wash my(your) hands well [Singing]

[CM] Your charger is still plugged That’s true! [Ddu du] It’s bloated now My nose is really puffy! Since I just wake up! [Yawn] [Yawn] Why my lips are this red? [Since you are pretty!] [Yawn] I’m really bloated Ahh that’s right I changed my hair color! My hair is black now guys! Aye I wasn’t going to tell you guys! Our resting days are a lot recently! but these days If I wanna tell you guys about my schedule First, I’m exercising Oooh! why it got this red suddenly? My eyes are swollen now so I’m in a really bloating state so ahh.. and these days I’m exercising and and my cheek is really bloated.. kkk and first, my hair is black again aah… exercising and I’m taking vocal lessons umm I’m recording sth [What.. what? a solo?] and I had a personal shoot! what else ahhh The reason I dyed my hair black what else what else ahh ahh

What did I shoot? I don’t know when [CM] You know what it is, so tell us about it:) I don’t know if I can talk about it or not however I don’t know if I can spoil anything hahaha [CUTE] [smooch] Can I say? Umm Ah I did my hair neatly Aww [chuckle] Awww hmmm What else? aw [Scratch] oh [Chuckle] [Aegyo] How do I take care of my skin well? [Good Question] [Giggle] (He’s in a good mood) Is my skin care good? My skin care? My skin You need to apply the right skin lotion [Giggle] You need to apply stuff like skin lotion [CM] You sound sick! (I wanna die for his accent) I’m not sick at all, don’t worry guys! I told you! The first hint is I dyed my hair black, but I didn’t cut it but I did it neatly the second hint is I’m taking care of my skin [cough] Noooo~ It’s not for drama or ballad, I ran out of moisturize cream no it’s not it, it’s just emm That’s what I did recently, I will let you know Suho hyung is releasing an album soon I met hyung in the recording studio however, Suho hyung I was curious for a long time to hear him singing I asked him to let me to listen to his songs but he just told me to listen to it after it released That’s what suho hyung told me

To wait so what else Suho hyung worked really har for preparing this album So he didn’t spoil me anything beforehand I’m as same as you guys now [Suho CM] It’s 2p.m. why it’s so dark there? Here is my room now [CUTE] It’s my room so but I like dark places so I’m in my room Wow(Hoel) junmyeon! It’s light here too! (You see the light behind the curtains) [Singing] Anyways today the thing I should do today at 5 p.m. I have recording at 5 and aah I will exercise and I will take vocal lessons today recently I spend my days in a same way everyday Our foreign fans are asking why I’m still lying at this time however, in Korea right now many people are awake completely right now It’s just me lying down I’m [scratch] It’s the true pattern (!?) It happened like that It’s large(!?) I’m exercising… really hard these days It’s not that easy That’s really While exercising I feel like I try hard to justify myself That’s right! While exercising since I exercite for two days I can rest one day since I worked out yesterday I can rest today right? Up until I exercise I can eat this It was like that for me too hmm what else? I wanted to sing in front of you guys quickly and talk with you too So even thought was just after waking up in the morning It’s really not that long since I woke up I really missed our EXOLs so I started a live with this puffy face and what’s wrong with my lips? What’s that? That Beluga? When I saw it on twitter I realized how similar we are with white beluga [Yawn] (I’m gonna lose my jaw if he keeps yawning=))

Dolphin? Beluga? I guess I look like a beluga So I look like that right now since I’m bloated [Imitating beluga] Look at this [Imitating beluga] What is “kaengalji”? What is it? (It’s a cute informal way to say our puppy which is pronounced urikangaji and they say ulkaenganji) Kaeng…? (It’s a cute informal way to say our puppy which is pronounced urikangaji and they say ulkaenganji) (It’s a cute informal way to say our puppy which is pronounced urikangaji and they say ulkaenganji) [No offence korean dudes are weird sometimes] Kaengalji? what’s keangalji? What does keangalji do? Aha! (Grandpa finally realized!) So why they call it keangalji? Why does it called keangalji? (People were bored, they made a word, get over it Baek) Aaah! Just because of the pose? (When the dog rolls the say that, so kinda for it’s statue) So that’s why! If the doge pose like that it means it’s in a good mood! kaengalji a puppy who rolls yee, L, L, X (he just blabbers=)) what’s cm?) If you talk to a puppy late it will be kaengalji! (EXOL naver dictionary) If you wanna talk cutely it will be kaengalji Like English pronunciation [ddu du do do] [sth?] suddenly turns to be like that (sth) has started? [Ooo] [Oo Ooo Oo] but… really [scratch] We… Until the day we met none of you can’t be sick, okay? So I ‘m originally some one who stays home (Jibdor: a man who stays home) But you have no choice but to stay healthy even if you guys are not someone who always stays home (Jibson: a woman who stays home) Be careful! Make sure to wear your masks and eat well! Do you have mask? You really need to stay healthy! For real! For real! [Inhale… Exhale] [CM] It’s 41 days that you didn’t go out? how can you do that? Even I’m not that good That’s right, people who work need to attend their company Guys don’t get hurt!

[Sing] [CM] Suddenly I got motivated to take an internet class! Internet class motivation? what? sparkling eyes/ dazzling [Sing] [CM] The blanket is pretty! The blanket? [Giggle] [Acting Cute] [Ooo Oo Ooo] [Sing] [Ooo Oo Ooo] [Sing] [Yawn] Are you gonna end the live now poppa? Why? Are you annoyed? [Well I can’t feel my fingers… Is that being bothered?] Is it annoying? [CM] How many pillows does baekhyunee have on his bed? I’m just curious! Me? What are those, back pillows? I have 2 of them I originally have 1 pillow My bed is king size! (WOW) But If I put only one pillow there it will be too wide a little bit a little umm so I don’t feel secure that’s how I feel so I have two regular pillows! 4 in total! 4 pillows yeol [CM] Is Baekyunee’s room in a clean state?

Yeas it’s really clean and neat, actually I cleaned it yesterday! [CM] Do you light stuff like scented candles in your room? I use a Diffuser [Baobab All Seasons], not a candle Isn’t it like going back and forth to sleep? Since my bed is wide, I go back and forth to sleep so [Cm] Why is it red higher than your eye brows? Oh is that so? here? Does it look like thick? No? (What are you doing?=)) I’ll continue doing this until it’s get like this outside Oh… I I I haven’t seen “Crash landing on you” I’m watching “When Camellia blooms” right now “When Camellia blooms><" Heh Ah my role is now mid-line, and if it's not support...(!?) I changed it with mid-line (He's talking about the series story I think, and he found Joeng Ryol interesting) Background...(!?) Mok Geunho Really! [CM] It was really windy yesterday, didn't you go out? I just stayed home Except the time I went for exercising, I only stayed home I don't mobile(!?) [CM] What do you watch the most in Netflix? I watch flash in Netflix right now! Flash... I watch flash! Feu.. La...Sheu<.> I’m watching flash

What fabric softener do you usually use? I use Downy softener Downy… Expert… Indoor… dry? Is that it? It’s light blue What is “Dalgona coffee”? “Dalgona Coffee? (It’s a new trend in Korea, I guess sehun had it in his new show with Bohyun) A coffee which is whipped 4000 times? What is this? made by egg? 400 times or 4000 times? which one? whipped suger or coffee mix? you shouldn’t do that! I can’t do that! Really? 4000 times? Do it for me please Since people just stay home, I came to see you [CM] Have you seen how that scented candle got sold out? Yea I saw it. Thanks to you guys I got into trouble to buy one Thank you guys, hehe I want to flip the camera again, but honestly my bloated face is really ugly! (:|) I want to show you my beautiful face, what am I supposed to do? (Flip the camera:|) I will flip it for a little>< So My second eye lid is really bloated today, look at this! It's really bloated Ahh.. My eyelid is really bloated Why...? what is this? X.X Like this [CM] Can you tell us what defuser you use? Defuser? [singing]

[aau] Defuser [singing] (Are you hungry hyunie?) Did you see? Let me show my defuser? This is it! [Baobab collection baobab defuser] However, this this is that I’m not sure what scent it is, [singing] Au [singing] [singing] [singing] [wow… wow… wow] I don’t use cellphone case [humming] [singing] [humming] What color is my cell phone right now ahh 11… pro Max… is that right? Is the biggest one max? That.. that… that is green I don’t know the design he he he [Seems like he get in the store and said I want the biggest and the most expensive one, the name? Idk] [!?] [singing] [yawn] Using phone cases makes me uncomfortable so I don’t use them If you stick that crystal layer (LCD protector) is that for touch? It’s feeling is kinda different so I don’t use screen protector either, I don’t drop my phone really! well that no, I don’t drop my phone really well but well yeah it’s like this suho hyung bought that flip Z.. Z… samsung Z flip? He bought that that… that.. that Isn’t that cute? Oppa have you seen this internet online classes?

Yeah I saw its article I should do that I really won’t drop my phone! [Well kai drops his phone even instead of you!] also it’s like that I really don’t use my phone while walking, I put it in my pocket so I don’t drop it I just hold it in my hands guyssss! [Don’t make him angry=))] Suho hyung is reallllly wealthy! [CM] I missed Chinese fans! Can you say it in Chinese poppa? [Speaking Chinese] [Speaking Chinese] [CM] Suddenly Chinese? Well, they asked me to say it! suddenly! Oppa, since you phone is big don’t you feel uncomfortable while it’s in your pocket? aah! When I put it in my pocket… that’s right! When I put it in my front pocket it’s uncomfortable… while sitting the cellphone hurts my thighs a little [CM] Oppa what your favorite Manu theses days? It’s ssalguksu now! Ssalguksu (Knife cut noodles) Ssalguksu is really the best! The Love “Ssalguksu” [slurp] [CM] Don’t you wanna participate in Suho’s Painting challenge? You guys already know my painting abilities! yeah! just It looks interesting! [CM] Baekhyunie what kind of game Nintendo Switch is? Chanyeollie plays Nintendo a lot these days! What’s that? Something like attack on titans? (I have no idea about games:D) Ah that’s right I should take that MBTI test! MBTI test! that well.. if I do that [humming] I crave ssalguksoo suddenly, salguksoo [CM] What’ your iPad case? I use that one with a keyboard That’s right, Jongin plays lego these days

Even in the Europe, what’s that Is that right? He bought and only did lego I don’t know really! [CM] Why didn’t you pick up Chanyeol’s call while his SuperCup live? That time… That time I was doing sth so I couldn’t pick up I called hime later after his live broadcast ended [CM] Do you use your iPad when you watch Netflix? Ahhh… I use my phone when I’m in my room! The iPad… I use it when I travel to foreign countries Since I spent a lot of time at home, I bought a TV I ordered a TV! <.> It will arrive in early June… Idk Ahh… How much should I wait? ~.~ [CM] Didn’t you have a TV so far? No… there is one in the living room, bit this is for my room (How rich… Hae) TV Yeah I watch Netflix in TV I still have the robot candle, it’s in the living room I I enjoy eating and this time I bought a TV(!?) I bought a 77 inch TV I will put it in my room! [HeHe He] Are you not a homebody, really? I’m really gonna stay home dedicatedly In my room? Guys you really startled me [Giggle] yes I will put the 77inch TV in my room But it will arrive on early June I want it quickly… really quick… I wanna watch it I want it to be only in my room soon! [CM] Perhaps is your room 100m2? Guys my room is small but the TV will take half of a wall probably! Have you seen Itaewon class? Ah guys I really have this habit that I won’t watch what all people watch! (Me too><) What? I don't know why am I like that, but I was this way since past I won't do what all people do! That's why Baekhyun please recommend an interesting book! "The Giving Tree" It's really touching " The Giving Tree" Well that Iteawon class is really interesting...? (Unpopular Opinion: It was Boring) When my friends stay in my house The first thing they do is using Netflix I watch that Actually I want to put a bean(beam) projector in my room honestly there are many stuff that I want to put in my room since I like my stuff neat, do you know about this thin TV that sticks to the wall? It's really thine... even thiner than iPhone and it's 77inches

(I hope this TV company appreciate his efforts for promoting) My computer screen is 24 inches! since the 24 inch monitor is the best and doesn’t hurt eyes! [CM] Baekhyun did you buy Netflix with your friends? no..no… I buy it for myself (Guys please… how could you question his money=))) [CM] What aerobic exercises do you do since you can’t run? I really run well… Honestly… [Frustrated laugh… Oh my I can’t believe! HUH [Frustrated laugh] Who said that? Honestly! I can’t believe! [CM] Since you are a homebody, don’t you like traveling? Yeah I don’t like traveling at all! [CM] Can you send me 10 kgs of Gongwondo’s potatoe? [Gong won island is the land of potato and corn] My parents’ hometown is Gongwon island, so I can eat it anytime I want! Yeah [HeHeHe] [CM] (The fan asked if he played a game The Final Earth since it’s interesting, idk the name really) I tried it in a hurry I’m waiting for the 2nd [CM] But you seemed really interested about traveling in 2nd EXO Ladder! That… It wasn’t some where I must go, just I just went there to play and have fun and I rested! So in these kinds of situations, since I don’t travel a lot, I don’t know what to do while I’m traveling [CM] Oppa I saw your signature in Potato Stew place! [Giggle] (he mispronounced signature) Potato stew place signature! [CM] Was the thing you uploaded delicious? It was really delicious! The Gaksu [Korean Spicy Cold Noodles] we had eaten with my gym trainer hyun was really delicious I ate too much that my stomach exploded like I couldn’t feel my stomach it was exploded! [CM] Do you hate alcohol more or strong americano? I hate stron americano more! [Why?ㅠㅠ] Recently I can drink alcohol a little better why are you saying I only have a minute and 35 secs? I should stop doing it since it’s getting long? [Yes Pleaseㅠㅠ] Guys! [Let’s stopㅠㅠ] What is this 1 minute that has left? Ah… Is it already an hour? [Part 1 – END] [Part 2 – Begins] I couldn’t even say goodbye so I couldn’t leave Hiii Hello! [CM] Alcohol tolerance?

My alcohol tolerance is more that one bottle when it comes to soju My face becomes really reeeed As soon as… As soon as we started you are asking about my alcohol tolerance? I can drink more than a bottle, but I can’t drink more than one and half a bottle so one bottle and half? I’m not lying, I’m serious What is Suljji? Suljji? [Suljji comes from combination of sul(alcohol) jjijiri(heavy drinker) but it means sb who can’t tolerate drinking] Suhljji? What is Suljji? When I drink too sth really fascinating happens to me, this is a real TMI A real TMI I get really red too, but do you know where gets red the most? really My butt keeps getting hot I don’t know why, is that bus I’m drunk? I can’t eat drinking snaks You’re really fascinated by my butt getting hot! That’s right when your face gets red… you can’t drink! no… while drinking… it’s not like that! It happens bcs I sit, then I keep sitting [CM] Baekhyunie is the first idol who talks about his butt with fans I’m sorry… I did wrong No… no… it’s not like that when people sit still suddenly becoming hot in that area is possible! it became such a talk Sole becomes hot too, sole too (while standing) [Under part of foot] It’s a development that won’t come in imaginations I just told you bus you wanted to know a real TMI you guys seem startled! you can’t feel the thing that your butt is getting warmer? then if your but is on a heater or stove you can’t feel it until you get burnt? I can’t believe you! You are making me look like a weird person, really! Honestly! Huh… I can’t believe you! why my butt would be on sth like

[ blabbers] Are you asking why your butt should be on sth like a heater? Do you mean why should your butt be on such a thing? [I think comment has sth weird in it] That’s right! Well That It keeps getting hot, EH? (Why so cute) Back of my neck becomes hot like that Am I right? there are situations that some parts of people’s bodies Eh? Honestly! You guys are unbelievable! Gosh! Huf! [Buddum Buddum] [Yawn] You’re not generation of heaters? [Honestly he used such an old word=))] Is there any of them in the schools? That you usually see under the windows, that is a heater, you can sit on it to get hot! (We did that to:) I’m younger than him=)) Heater, Heater! Is there any heater? Do they have boilers in schools these days? What is it today? What do they use in schools? beside? is there a heater? Heater? Ah That one in the ceiling? Ah that one! I know about that too. I know too Ah… ceiling heater AH… Ya Ah That Ah that’s called radiator Is it because I called it heater? hmm? I said its name wrong! In the past air conditioner was in the ceiling not the heater! When it was really hot in the past, I used to sit there! Wow, wow! boilers these days are really great! really! this… really! Wow! Can you use the remote control? We couldn’t use remote control those days! [HaHaHa] You guys don’t look down at me! Okay? Back then we had fans on the ceiling! And the nurse’s office always was the best, you know about it? You know about it, right? nurse’s office, nurse’s office was the warmest in the winter! hehehe, like that! it was really warm, did you know?

[hahaha] Health room? (Or sick people room) Health room? we called it nurse’s office! Not that? These days kids won’t stuck their hands in the wooden floor while wiping it! It happened when I was a student! That crack sound (while walking on wooden surface) That I’m not old days person (old fashion) They are my memories! Why are you looking down at me? Answer! (He sounds like a frustrated hamster!) It wasn’t written like nurse’s office, but everyone called it nurse’s office Like ” I will go to the nurse’s office for a while teacher.” That’s right. Once a week we had “FunSat” [They play together on Saturdays] Once a week. Was it once a week or once a month? our “FunSat” Do you all rest on Saturdays these days? You rest on Saturdays? Are cafeteria chairs automatic/electronic? (Why? why do you even believe?:) Wow! Unbelievable! You can’t imagine how fun was FunSats Is the cafeteria food still the most delicious in the Wednesday? That time Wednesday was the most delicious among all day Wednesday [He says SuDaNal = Suyeongil +Da + Meogneun + Nal which means Wednesday that we eat all the food] Are classes door automatic too? What is this? So then So you can’t block the door and check the students who are late I did that all the time The students who are late can’t enter that way Was that a lie? that’s right it seems like a lie Ah that’s right these days students live really comfortably It wasn’t this easy for us Even the class room doors, they didn’t turn well so I should have pushed with all of my strength! Wow! [CM] Black boards are water based black board these days! Sure we had water based black boards, I can’t believe you guys! If cafeteria chairs were automatic, It would be really fascinating! (Why? why do people even need that?) Oh? You have to wear different shoes for inside? We just go in to our school with our shoes! I wore slippers! (100% lie) What’s touch board? Smart board? (Baekhyun a real granny) WOW! Do you know the Pikachu Tonkatsu that was sold in front of the school? I ate that a lot! I have nothing to say! (Pikachu Tonkatsu 피카츄 돈까스 is a famous street food which is a crunchy cutlet shaped like Pikachu.) I ate a lot! How much is rice cake now? It was 300/500 tons at our time

I have nothing to say! Have you seen coding dresses? […] [CM] Do you have daily life clothes? Yes we had Daily clothes were really expensive so rice cakes are 10000 won now? wow! (Inflation rate oh my=)) Public execution? This person is not appearing Please eat a lot of lactobacillus! (I even didn’t study biology this hard in my language!) It’s a bacteria that helps with digestion) [CM] Were central stairs only used by teachers? central stairs? I think only teachers used it! That was sth like that Oh my! Kids who were born in Growl Era are attending elementary school now! Cute They are… aye… they kidowls (Kid + growl) You can’t do public execution? I’m really startled/shocked by you guys! [CM] Have used teacher’s rest room bus you haven’t noticed? Of course! It’s a definite definitely! It’s a definite definitely! (In a cute way) [CM] What was you best at it? I [Say all the lessons that’s sexy!] I It was sport/physical education Do you know “CY World”? Obviously, I know Cy world Do you back ground music of CY world? They show it on sugarman too that that freestyle [Singing] [The song is in the link above, It’s the free style song he mentioned and is singing] There was another back ground music, “Cute cute… You are cute when you smile” [Link is above, you can listen to the song] Sth like this I was really good! I did really great in physical edu! Eh? (Right? I don’t use Kakao story!

Who said I wasn’t a modent (model student) I was a modent for sure! What a joke! I can’t believe you! (Is there a word that koreans didn’t make a combination of?) and also that CY World bgm, in the past there was sth like this while doing karaoke you could record… record the song you sang… and use it as your bgm, in the past! You know what it is? So I sang my bgm in CY world myself Ah I know “Forest of Dreams” [Singing the melody] (Song is in the link above) [Oh my he’s rapping kkkk] [Still rapping] It was it! [back to rapping] Wow! I remember all of the lyrics! what is this! I remember the lyrics! I had played Maple Story [Singing the song of it] [Still singing!] This is our school’s bell tune! [Dding ding] [Do Do] ah.. it was this! [Ding di di Ding] It was like this How much did 50 meters running take for you? I was the one who finished it in 8 seconds! Really! I was faster than you think! [He came first in idol champ btw] Oppa, If you rap, you’ll be in a trouble! (I guess she means if he was a rapper) Why? Why on earth you said this? Why? I did it really well actually! (Omg he talks like a 7 year old=)) I’m good at rapping, if I rap properly! Eh? (Alright) I tried rapping in the past! I tried it with Drunken Tiger Sonbae songs a lot I do a good job in rap Beakhyuna, the best grade for boys in 50 meters running was 7.1 seconds! [Hehehe] Ya ya ya! Do you know about Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME? Black Mansion! what happend? [Singing Outsider – Loner] (Link above) (Rapper Byun is on fire) [Singing Outsider – Loner] What was it? [Back to rapping] [Singing Outsider Loner] It happened bus I didn’t know the lyrics, Eh? I can do a good job! [Rapper Byun rises again] Call your grandfather! [ha ha ha] Oppa, was your old phone number started with 019 instead of 010?

Nooo~.~ It wasn’t like that^.^ I’m really good ate rap, only if I know the lyrics! I told you I can do a good job! Seriously! Oh gosh! I think it started with 018 No… No it didn’t… no It was 010, my mom’s was 018 and my dad was 011 (Real TMI:|)