KLR 650 shifter ratchet spring replacement

well I’m riding the KL our home the other day I shifted in ii went to shift into third and there’s no third and it’s like you see basically won’t shift in any gear i played around with it once and got it in the first and i came about halfway home and first and finally got it back up into second rode into second first i wanted a fish shift fork it broken or bent but what i’ve read on the internet most likely it’s the spring to the shifting paul which I’m kind of glad about that because i don’t have to split the case all i have to do is take the clutch cover off so that’s what i’m gonna do i’m gonna start taking that clutch cover off well first thing I might do since a while I’m gonna drain the oil out of it I have pulled the plant cover off I just laying it on its side not draining you all but since it’s due for an all traction anyway go ahead and ring I’ve got the we’ll drained out of it now so next thing I map take off is that aluminum crash crash pan off Oh see now I need to remove this brake lever so I’m gonna take this little master cylinder cut off to I just need to clear that right there I’m just going to move it back a little bit a little spring it should break light need to drain the water out of the

system I’m gonna put some antifreeze in it so I don’t really care about trying to save this antifreeze you can see that’s not coming out very well but if you go over here to the other side to loosen the radiator cap should come out a little quicker then come off this water pump I’m not gonna take that off I’m just gonna tuck that a bear out of the way cuz all I need to do is get that side camera you need to take the Impella off carefully persuade that off there we go there’s water pump don’t remember if I do or no going to just in case not sure if these are different sizes or not so I’m not gonna take a chance I’m gonna set them where they’re coming out okay filter off I’m not sure if I need

most of them are pretty close to the same length hit one look at most of them are the same length except with one so that wasn’t really that necessary the letter B sakes I’m sorry loosen the clutch I did last time but I didn’t really think it was necessary well not doesn’t seem wanna come on so it may be necessary and here is my spring and it is damaged that is a good thing that’s a side cover off and you can see I have a recluse clutch on there but here is the spring you can see this here is the spring obviously not springing any more needs to hold this Paul up and it was not so that’s a good thing so no what I need to do I need to get a new spring you know put this back together after I get into spring stop it’s about a week later and I got the parts in so I think first thing I’m gonna do is make sure it functions okay now I’ll see if I can shift

she hit the water pump remember I marked all these bolts but actually was really only one long one that thing right here but these all back in order but like I said I really think there were only it was only one that was a different size but girl filter back in and they will filter cover and check the torque by hand

make sure they’re all pork looks good I have to just that after the ended runnin with the recluse it’s really hard to say you see where it needs to be ech the water pump impeller Matthew you see there’s one longer bolt here and it’s power here so break back on and I indexed it so shouldn’t be that hard to put back on little spring that turns on me right fly

don’t put together so basically I think that’s about everything I got back home with the exception of the first bin and then I got a foot oil water back in it and notice I forgot to put the drain plug in the water pump so I’ll have to see if I can get to without dropping this pin back down not off drop this hand that let us finish tightening up the trash pan I don’t know if you’ve seen that or not because the battery went dead so basically all I have now to do is to put oil and antifreeze back in it beeping you’re here and when I put it on the santur stand I rolled it back and it’s blocking the eye for the garage door you notice I changed the location from when I took it apart I took it apart out in the other garage but I needed to drive them all away the other day so I had to move it out of the way so I moved it into the Southern Cross well just took it out for a short ride everything appears to be shifting just like it should so looks like it was successful the old beast lives another day about it a little smoke that’s from the oil that I spilled not a big deal you