Commencement 2017

ladies and gentlemen leading our procession and escorted by our student marshal carrying the university mace please join me in welcoming the 2016 recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for distinguished service dr. Debra Harmon-Hines ladies and gentlemen the University of Massachusetts Medical School classes of 2017 let’s first welcome the graduates of the Graduate School of Nursing you Oh Oh you and the graduates of the graduate school of biomedical sciences Oh you the graduates of the School of Medicine you led by the students elected faculty marshals doctors Timothy Gibson and

Jessica Pagano Tharin please welcome the Faculty of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and finally please welcome our university trustees today’s honorary degree recipients distinguished guests and the leadership of our campus you Oh

please join me in welcoming our Chancellor dr. Michael F Collins who will open the main ceremony Chancellor Collins greetings I hereby declare the 44th annual commencement exercises of the University of Massachusetts Medical School officially open if I could ask the audience to please rise and remain standing for the singing of our national anthem oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight or the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming night that our flag was still there o say does maybe seated I’m pleased to be the first to officially salute UMass Medical School’s classes of 2017 congratulations to you on this your special day on behalf of all of us at our University let me welcome members of our graduates families and their friends who join us for the ceremony today we know that you share great pride as we celebrate the many accomplishments of our graduates graduates in the classes of 2017 are known for their outstanding academic achievements as well as their extraordinary commitment to reaching beyond the borders of the campus to work with and to help others we applaud you as you take your rightful place in our city our Commonwealth our nation and our world as graduates of Massachusetts great public Medical School you’ve been able to achieve this important personal and professional milestone thanks in large part to the support of your family and friends today’s celebration is for them as well I’d like to ask our classes now to please rise and join me in thanking your families and friends with a hearty round of applause

it’s important to recognize those who cannot be with us today because they’ve been called to duty as members of the United States Armed Forces serving our country around the world it is their selfless service to our nation and their commitment to preserve our freedom that enables us to be here today our thoughts and prayers are with them with the members of their families we’re so pleased to have several members of the University’s Board of Trustees with us today including our Norman Peters our student trustee Phillip Feinberg and dr Cary Oosterhouse who’ll I invite dr Oosterhouse who’ll a member of the board of trustees and an alumna of our medical school to the lectern to bring greetings from the Board of Trustees dr. Roscoe sue Chancellor Colin Dean phlox members of the faculty honorees and distinguished guests friends family and of course the members of the class of 2017 on behalf of the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees I welcome you all to today’s celebration and bring you greetings from the Board which is the governing body of the five campus UMass system in many ways our boards efforts throughout the year are focused on this day as we believe in the transformative power of public higher education we believe in the University of Massachusetts and we believe in you and in what you’re going to do to make your communities the Commonwealth and the world a better place you have worked hard to get to today you have committed yourself to an important goal and have achieved it many have done this while working meeting family responsibilities offering support to friends and performing community service today we commend the determination and discipline involved in this endeavor we acknowledge the sacrifices that you have made to get here and the crucial support you received from family and friends to arrive at this proud moment and we applaud your accomplishment you leave with a world-class medical education and we have every confidence that it has prepared you well for your career the Board of Trustees knows that many of you will travel the world and be great ambassadors for UMass Medical and for Massachusetts for those of you who practice right here at home our Commonwealth will be richer as a result and will benefit benefit many times over from the investment it has made in you in this in this great University congratulations and best wishes in everything that you do thank you very much trustee Oosterhouse who for representing our board at today’s ceremony and for your tremendous leadership on behalf of our five campus system we’re fortunate to have the leader of the university system UMass president Marty Mian with us along with dr. marcella Williams senior vice president for academic and student affairs and international relations for our University I invite president Mian now to bring greetings on behalf of our University System president Mian thank you Thank You Chancellor Collins Dean flawed trustees Feinberg authorHouse huland Peters senior vice president Williams members of our outstanding world-class faculty honorees family friends and most importantly to you the members of the class of 2017 I am honored to be here with you today to congratulate you on your incredible achievement some people who have been admitted to this world-class institution is no small accomplishment and now that you have mastered its demanding course of study you have truly distinguished yourselves on behalf of the entire five campus University of Massachusetts system and our community of 75,000 students and half a million alumni I congratulate you on a job well done but as you know no one achieves anything special in life without help so we thank you spouses parents friends and loved ones who provided the support financial emotional spiritual or all of the above that allowed you to complete this journey we also thank our incredibly

competent world-class UMass Medical School faculty who have molded and mented you they deserve a round of applause with all of that support in possessing the necessary talent and work ethic to succeed you graduate today for one of the best medical schools in the country the number one medical school for primary care education in all of New England and among the top 10% in the nation top 30 and research awards from NIH and praise throughout the world for the high quality of that research in addition to developing compassionate physicians UMass Medical School is helping to address some of the Commonwealth’s greatest challenges such as the opioid academic epidemic in operating at the bleeding edge of medical science and areas like genome editing the UMass Medical School is a crown jewel of the University of Massachusetts and indeed of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts itself and you its graduates are its glimmer as a fellow UMass graduate I look forward with a great sense of pride and admiration and appreciation I know that you are going to help heal our Commonwealth in our world I wish you every success in your journey as it continues on from here congratulations on this incredible achievement this year our local legislative delegation has continued to serve Worcester and the central part of their Commonwealth with concerted effort we’ve been bolstered by and supported with the confidence of our elected officials as they continue to advocate on our behalf I’d like to welcome as their representative a wonderful advocate for our medical school and the City of Worcester State Senator majority leader Harriet Chandler who was with us earlier today senator Chandler we thank you for all you do in furtherance of this great Medical School I’d like to recognize dr Eric Dixon president and CEO of UMass Memorial healthcare and mr. Patrick Muldoon president of the UMass Memorial Medical Center who represent our health healthcare system partner today thank you both for your support and collaboration and most importantly for your leadership it’s a special privilege each commencement day to have the opportunity to offer a few final thoughts to our graduates and the community of family and friends that is gathered to support them our faculty and students continue to demonstrate their keen intellect compassion and innovation skills as they receive numerous accolades for their scholarly contributions could I ask the members of our faculty or present here today to rise and be recognized could it be that the moment for you to graduate is before us today is the day it seems as if it was just a moment ago that you arrived and full of idealism and enthusiasm ready to learn to innovate and care how remarkable it is that today full of anticipation and excitement you take the next steps along your journey embarking from Wooster on careers about which you have hoped and dreamed for years trust me for each of us for whom it’s been a privilege to participate in your education it seems it was just yesterday that we to set off on our own cause we know with a certainty gained through the wisdom that accompanies experience that marvelous journeys await you your careers shall be replete with purpose and possibility many of us though none of you were teens when this Health Sciences University was conceived and constructed we are a proven solid investment a state government success story look at what we become at our next generation Medical School in an open curious and friendly

environment smart minds great science and genuine collegiality set us apart we’re number one in New England for primary care and in the top 10% in our nation acknowledgments that demonstrate prestige and fidelity to our founding mission total annual research awards have climbed to 280 million dollars and for the first time we have joined the top 30 institutions in the nation for NIH funding we now rank 29 with almost one hundred and fifty million dollars in NIH grants a recognition that heralds the intellect and commitment of our faculty who have made such impressive gains in an era of intense competition and continue to strive to solve what was once considered unsolvable our colleagues at mass biologics throughout its 100-year history have created more than 100 million doses of medicines that have been administered around the globe and continue the development for biologics for diseases like rabies and pertussis to treat those greatest in need commonwealth medicine has saved billions of dollars for massachusetts all the while serving the social service and health care needs of those who are less fortunate among us this year the shadow of our medical school footprint across our state has become enlarged as we have initiated clinical affiliations with Cape Cod health care and Hyannis and Baystate Health and Springfield the home of our new regional campus that will admit its first students this fall with great pride we now welcome the VA to our campus so that veterans from central Massachusetts can have greater access to health care we recognize the privilege it is to care for our veterans as they’ve given so much so that we may be free furthermore our alumni whom you shall join in a short few moments practice in more than 170 communities in our Commonwealth and make contributions to the more than 250 communities in which they reside they play a most important role in fulfilling the health care and civic needs of our fellow citizens now with that knowledge in tow now you embark upon a pathway of promise that is lighted with optimism encouragement confidence and hope each of you has brought your goodness and kind to our midst our knowledge of your acumen preceded you but it was your miles traveled that most attracted us to you you represent the global talent pool which enriches our campus no wall no wall could diminish that attraction nor deter aspiring students trainees and faculty from being welcomed to our singular academic community and rest assured that the boundaries of this institution shall be safe for those who come here to learn to innovate to train and to care you were brought diversity of all kinds to our midst we’re a greater community for the richness of your experience and thought we’re emboldened by the courage of your convictions by no means are we satisfied that we’re diverse enough or that we have addressed adequately the health care disparities and income inequality that continue to exist while our work continues please know that you have been a force for good and for progress for equality and inclusion you have brought us gifts that we shall forever treasure as your pathway leads you from us today be assured that you’re not alone on that journey along the way remember that the assimilation of your minds and your

hearts make you so special as you continue on your journey of lifelong learning know that those who shall be your colleagues and mentors care with you and about you take a moment each day to hold the hands of those whose care is entrusted to you do not be afraid to hold the hand of a colleague when you or they are in need be assured that the hands of those who come before you in our professions are available to embrace you and when all medical nursing and scientific expertise has been applied please know that there may come the time when simple acts of kindness and touch shall be the tincture that matters most each of you is about to be accorded the privilege of a lifetime the privilege to care for those most in need or to discover the cure that will change the course of the history of their disease be mindful that all are not as fortunate as are we maintain a preferential option for the poor the vulnerable and the voiceless in our midst and you shall be fulfilled there is no limit to what you can do with each and every action as you seek the elimination of disease will promote the health of global populations you shall make progress on many fronts every day each day wake up thinking today could be the day today is your day remember always that we will watch with great anticipation as you embark upon your pathway of promise and that we shall always take pride in calling you our own it has been a wonderful privilege to serve as your Chancellor over this past decade congratulations our university bestows honorary degrees upon select individuals whose accomplishments clearly represent the values that this institution holds dear today we present honorary degrees to Victor riffles dr. Patricia K Donahoe and dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice University President Martin Mian will confer the honors Chancellor Collins I have the honor to present to you for the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa Victor Griffiths a humble and honorable humanitarian a gentleman and gifted guardian whose career and reputation are rooted in safeguarding the highest ideals of human health and a loyal and lauded leader of your family families legacy and global business Victor Griffin’s the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s welcomes you on this our 44th commencement day the founding of the company that bears your family’s name stands out as a bright beacon in your home nation Spain a century ago your ancestors particularly your beloved father rose to meet a critical need establishing blood banks that implemented forward thinking techniques credited with saving lives seeing an opportunity indeed an imperative to improve they developed the concept of plasmapheresis proving it safety and effectiveness and then publish those findings so that the entire world might benefit to this day these essentials of modern medicine they are great resemblance to the models first envisioned by your predecessors under your decades of leadership grifoll z’ has grown from modest roots and today has blossomed into a truly global corporation with a presence in 30

nations your close partnerships in America have made you the single largest Spanish investor in the United States with more than 160 blood and plasma donation centers situated across our nation a defining value of grifoll is generosity through your foundations you stand at the ready to assist individuals and nations during times of greatest need your highest ideals were called upon in 2014 when the world struggled with the Ebola virus outbreak in western Africa that threatened to spread globally without delay and compelled to offer help you appealed to the Spanish American and Liberian governments as a collaborator with our institutions efforts you demonstrated vital persistence to see Griffin’s commitment realized at this very moment scientists and physicians in Monrovia work within the walls of two mobile donation laboratory testing units which were designed constructed shipped and donated by grifoll x’ as part of the international public health response not satisfied to only offer tools your colleagues remain on duty teaching the people of Liberia about transfusion medicine so that they can carry the knowledge that might extinguish future outbreaks and next year brittles will hand the keys for these mobile units to the people and leaders of Liberia free of charge providing a grateful nation with the means to chart its own path toward a healthier future those with whom you work most closely credit you with giving them the freedom to dream and the ability to reach Heights that were once beyond the dreams of generations before you that all may know the greatest respect we have for your legacy of innovation and generosity and as a proud partner with you in improving global health and well-being the University of Massachusetts Medical School confers upon you the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa Victor cripples by the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts I confer upon you the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa in accordance with the usual custom you entitled to all the rights privileges which pertain to this degree here and elsewhere in token we rob we award you this diploma and invest you with the hood of a Doctor of Humane Letters congratulations Chancellor Collins I have the honor to present to you for the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa dr. Patricia K Donahoe pioneering pediatric surgeon accomplished in a claim clinician scientist who has earned the very highest admiration in her field and talented and trailblazing woman who has served as an exemplary for countless countless others Patricia K Donahoe the University of Massachusetts Medical School welcomes you on this our 44th commencement day Pat the renowned that you enjoy today as a result of more than five decades of tireless contributions to science and medicine is extraordinary you are chief America of pediatric surgery and direct the pediatric surgical research laboratories at the Massachusetts General Hospital you serve on the faculty at Harvard and our member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and

Massachusetts General Hospital Center for genomic medicine you’re a member of the Broad Institute and are an endowed professor at Harvard Medical School your acclaim stretches far beyond the borders of our common law indeed you have been elected to no fewer than three of our nation’s most prestigious academies the National Academy of Medicine the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences the formative years of your remarkable career included many firsts among them you were the first woman to become professor of surgery at Harvard when you graduated from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons you were one of six women in a class of 120 at that time advisors told you that becoming a surgeon was out of reach perhaps even unwise however you knew better you recognize that you have been given the hands you have been given the gift of a surgeon’s hands along with the caring heart of a pediatrician so against those advisers Council or perhaps because of it you became a pediatric surgeon how fortunate a decision that has proven to be for the field of pediatric surgery and for generations of patients and their families the research team you lead has advanced our worlds understandings of birth defects endocrinology and oncology in particular it has elucidated what may be a new treatment for ovarian cancer through hundreds of publications and now with 12 patents for your work you have shown our protein participates in the development of the male fetus may serve as an anti-cancer agent against certain ovarian cervical and endometrial cancer tumors recent studies are revealing the same protein may function as a permanent contraceptive or may protect the ovaries of young women who must undergo chemotherapy over the years you’ve had the privilege to care for many children as their physician you have held their hands and warm their hearts all the while reassuring their parents in your warm embrace that all may know of the greatest respect we have for your groundbreaking career and contributions and for the lessons each can learn from the example of your commitment to patients and the human condition the University of Massachusetts Medical School confers upon you the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa congratulate Patricia K Donohue by the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts I confer upon you the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa in accordance with the usual custom you are entitled to all the rights and privileges which pertain to this degree here and elsewhere in token we rob we award you this diploma and invest you with a hood of a doctorate science congratulations fat Chancellor Collins I have the honor to present to you for the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa dr. Valerie Montgomery rice physician researcher mentor leader an ardent advocate for women’s health care dr. Valerie Montgomery rice the University of Massachusetts Medical School welcomes you on this our 44th commencement day as a young girl facing a serious health disorder you demonstrated through fortitude and foresight that a personal affliction can in turn become a launching pad for public action when

your struggle with osteomyelitis a serious bone infection made traveling to school difficult you found yourself on a handicap accessible bus among other children with mental or physical disabilities the special relationship you forged with your fellow passengers and the role you willingly accepted to help them advance academically revealed in you an intrinsic commitment to education mentorship and above all leadership it was then that you first showed the talent temperament and tenacity required to elevate the health and well-being of all when you enrolled in Harvard Medical School’s summer program for aspiring medical students you realize quickly that you had found your particular calling and professional passion serving others especially women as a physician since then your dedication to the practice of medicine to preventive care to health care research and to mentorship has been a hallmark of a most celebrated career that has earned you acclaim and accolades the world over your unyielding devotion to eliminating disparities in women’s healthcare has proven to be your enduring legacy to the field of medicine indeed you have charted a path that has enabled you to impact not only your patients but whole populations as the founder and first director of the Center for Women’s Health Research you oversaw one of this Nate first research centers dedicated to studying diseases that disproportionately affect women of color now as the first african-american to lead a free-standing medical school Morehouse School of Medicine you are an influential voice in academic medicine and an inspiration inspiration Alresford you lead by example and your example is as large as the heart that guides you as one who has had to overcome adversity and prejudice to contribute to a healthier better understanding compassionate and more equitable world you have given a new generation of medical professionals a special gift a recognition that it is a responsibility and a privilege to provide all patients and all populations with equally exceptional care that all may know of our great admiration for your inspired leadership steadfast commitment to education and relentless advocacy for women’s health care and health equality the University of Massachusetts Medical School confers upon you the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa congratulations Valarie Montgomery rice by the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts I confer upon you the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa in accordance with the usual custom you were entitled to all of the rights and privileges which pertain to this degree here and elsewhere in token whereof we award you this diploma and invest you with the hood of a doctorate science congratulations we’re so pleased that dr. Montgomery ricers today is our principal commencement speaker it’s my privilege now to welcome her to the lectern dr Valerie Montgomery rice it is a pleasure and an honor for me to be with all of you today I want to thank Chancellor Collins with its leadership of this fine institution and for our budding friendship I also want to congratulate my fellow honorees today with the Gravas and dr. Patricia Donohue thank you for your many contributions to

healthcare it is really an honor to stand alongside each of you and be recognized today thank you to my family and friends who are attending also I also must recognize the faculty administrators and staff you continue to pour into these graduates and share with them both the marvels of medicine and the responsibilities of serving our communities to the family and friends this day is as much as yours as the graduates you two have sacrificed much in the support of their dreams so congratulations to you and finally to this brilliant promising graduation class of 2017 the moment has finally come today you will walk across this platform receive your diplomas and or your hood and join those of us who are privileged to practice medicine and continue the art of discovery and caring I choose the word privilege because it is truly a privilege to serve others through the healing arts and the quest for knowledge through discovery you will bear witness to the most intimate moments in a person’s life the birth of a child or for some the hard journey to conception the transitioning of a loved one the crowning of the first tooth the discovery of the tumor the negative test results the first steps after a tragic event each of these moments will alter you in ways that you cannot even imagine you are the ones through the art of discovery will make precision medicine real what was once only hypothesized in the test tube or through the cell line now connects the dots and leads to the life-saving drug that not only extends but enhances the quality of life you through your personal touch will hold the hand of a patient or listen intensely to their fears as you prepare them for the next step and care they some whose names you may forget but whose stories you will always remember will become a part of you sometimes challenging you and other times invigorating you to new heights but always reminding you why you answered this call to become a health care and biomedical scientist professional for some of you it was sort of birth when you were born and it was nourished throughout the years with hard work dedication is sacrifice for others you experience an life-altering moment that may or may not have seemed positive at that time but you began to know that you could make a difference in this space or perhaps you entered another profession and what some time realized that your true passion was in service to others or the pursuit of discovery whatever the path you took to reach this moment each of you felt something deep inside and you chose again to answer this call you spent many years studying as you went along the path and you recognize that it took imaginations conviction and grit to remain steadfast in the pursuit of a dream you mask class of 2017 you have a ride but now what not so long ago well actually that’s not true for this week I celebrated my 30th reunion from an amazing medical school I said where you sit today a graduate of this great school called Harvard Medical School excited to begin my residency program in life as a doctor what I could not possibly have conceived in though were

the many ways that I could contribute to the world of Medicine which I actually think of as a world of health science and equity I knew I wanted to continue my research and infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology I knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my patients I knew I wanted to be a well respected physician scientist not do accolades or notoriety but because the impact I hope to make and the lies I hope to touch the class of 2017 may I be honest with you for a moment at the root these were actually shallow desires and hopes and although my attentions were honorable and pure early on I began to realize that they weren’t going to contribute to health care in a way that would address the challenges plaguing individuals families and communities throughout our country and the globe yes I made a difference in the lives of the personal couple as I work with my team to advance the science or hormone therapy and the treatment of an ovulation or perform what we thought then more miracle surgeries removing 36 fibroids from the uterus and watching the birth of the child two years later yes they were in our importance to that individual but is it enough is it enough to make a difference in the life of one individual you are graduating into a profession at a truly unique time in our nation’s history we are grappling with our fundamental values as American while we navigate this strong political divide on how we event health care to the millions of people living in this country we’re at a critical juncture one that represents both opportunities and challenges for health care soon it will determine whether we move toward a more equitable accessible patient-centered health system or whether we reverse course back to a system of increase in and unconscionable health disparities as health care providers and scientists that we do not play close attention to the health care policy debates and advocate for policies that will positively benefit our patients the remarkable gains we have fought so hard to attain over center and a half could be wiped out moving us backwards in terms of health care coverage access delivery and equitable equity the American healthcare act unfortunately does not move us in the right direction towards equity this act to name a few rescinds the prevention and public health fund it bars funding for Planned Parenthood for at least one year and Medicaid will face eight hundred and thirty four billion dollars in cuts and when one begins to really assess the act by the numbers we see that twenty three million more people are estimated to be without insurance by 2026 making it a total of 51 million people under the age of 65 years old without insurance by 2026 compared to an estimated 28 million under the affordable care act average premium prices would increase by 20 percent in 2018 and the National Institutes of Health budget will be slashed by 22 percent decreasing it from thirty four point six billion to twenty six point nine billion and oh yes the deficit would be reduced by one hundred and nineteen billion dollars by 2026 but that’s because the American Health Care Act is in effect a six hundred and sixty two billion tax cut remember as expressed by Hubert Humphrey 238 vice-president of the United States under President lyndon b johnson the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of their life the children those who are in the twilight of their life the elderly and those who are in the

shadows of their life the sick the needy and the handicapped and beyond that beyond the legislation and policy we will still see and have a challenge of a Neumann physician shortage as our populations continue to grow and people are living longer it isn’t to this unique mix of challenge and opportunity that you are called so I ask the question how will you contribute and what will be unique about your contribution I am glad to say that I’ve learned a lot during my time as a practicing physician I had the opportunity to engage people from all walks of life and to see into the heart of humanity my site was made clear though you all because along the way I discovered I needed to ask one simple question doing each and every patient encounter based on who is sitting in front of me what’s possible now how did this question help me to see the heart of humanity and to understand that every individual count people speak about social determinants of health and many of us recognize that we cannot access our way out of disparities into equity unfortunately too many of our communities lack proper access to healthy food options safe places to work live and play these and a host of other factors add to the inequities we see in health care now don’t get me wrong yes given everyone access to health care is the right moral and just start but it’s not the end we all know that if you give everyone access to insurance and not consider those other factors that impact their health like poverty education transportation racism sexism any ISM then they will never reach their level health take for example this great state where you all have been fortunate to train and grow as healthcare and scientific professionals Massachusetts is a great example of making hard just decisions about access the average uninsured rate in Massachusetts is approximately three point four percent however when you look at who resides in that bucket it is primarily people below the poverty line and with household incomes less than seventy five thousand so even though the state took the first step by ensuring access what we continue to see that even in this state are the manifestations of social determinants of health considered you will after health care reform in this state based on multiple reports we still have not seen a significant change in hospital admission rates as compared with states that did not undergo healthcare reform a significant decline in admission rates for ambulatory care sensitive conditions in counties in Massachusetts with the highest baseline uninsured rate compared with those with the lowest baseline uninsurance rate and lastly we have failed to find evidence of a significant area or pre-existing racial and ethnic disparities again this tells us the power of other factors such as employment and education and impact in health so we must do more than provide access to begin to improve the health of this nation and move us towards health equity we must remember when that patient is sitting in front of you as a provider they’ve already overcome the first barrier access they’re there with you it is part of your responsibility though to ensure that engagement includes more than health delivery it must also include care delivery now the biomedical scientists may be sitting in the audience and asking is she speaking to me do I have a role I am reminded of a reading by dr. Carrie banks mullahs who received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction this process which was Carrie Mullins conceptualized in 1983 it’s held as one of the monumental scientific

techniques of the 20th century and he was quoted as saying my mother often mailed me articles from Reader’s Digest about advances in DNA chemistry and no matter how I tried to explain to her she never grasped the concept that I could have been writing those articles that something I had invented made most of those DNA discoveries possible so graduates I say to you sometimes your work is so profound that you are the only one who recognizes that it is so profound it takes time for others to catch on even our mothers but we’re dependent on you and your resolve to continue the path of illumination of hope for those diseases that plague us now and the further prevention of those diseases that will not stand a chance because of you the discoveries you make the innovative solutions made possible through your work will make the difference in what’s possible for each and every person living in this world and your colleagues charged with delivering the care will really serve as your connection to the patient when the question is asked based on who sitting in front of me what’s possible your discovery will add to the possibilities for that patient remember the question and think on what it forces you to do think of the times when you went to someone for advice or care and they just focused on you they had to put themselves with all in the background and not on them they had to ask questions about you and your family your living environment your financial circumstances and dependent upon the need or the question you were asking or the guidance you were seeking they may have even gotten more personal and asked about your safety or your mental state based on who is sitting in front of me what’s possible when you assist that person based on the uniqueness of their circumstances you are already contributing as a healthcare providers finds its public health professional or individual folks our individuals require us to do so do not take those lightly we do not get to choose who we care for we shouldn’t be faced with a moral dilemma of whose life matters and whose does not our discoveries shouldn’t be based on how much we can sell the drug for and our desire to ensure that preventive care measures are disseminated to all shouldn’t be determined by someone else’s definition of all all actually means all where you stay graduate when you ask that simple question based on who’s sitting in front of me what’s possible you’re already experiencing and assisting them with their ability to achieve health equity because you’re giving them what they need when they need it in the amount they need to reach their optimal level of health your experiences will allow you to see what light that path it was through experiences that I found what lights me up and what my unique contribution to this healthcare landscape would be I found mine and educated and trained in the generation and the future generation of healthcare professionals I realized that the greatest contribution I could make to improving the lives of well beings and communities was to ensure that we recruited educated and trained people who would be dedicated to meeting the challenges in health care head-on innovating against them and working within a community to advance health equity I knew that it would take players from all walks of life to play in this arena called healthcare each of us from the patient to the doctor to the researcher to the nurse to the hospital clerk to the lab technician to the landscaper to the principal investigator contribute daily to both the challenges and solutions that shape healthcare in

this country so graduates I’m challenging you to be more than just a player and to identify your unique contribution I know that each of you have been uniquely prepared to do so UMass like Morehouse School of Medicine is dedicated to advancing primary care to serving the underserved and to partnering with the community to improve opportunities and outcomes and with that mission and your values and their values you are destined to make significant contributions you need only to dig deep and ask yourself daily what can you do to make a difference as medical students as nursing students as researchers you understand that it always starts with the question when I ask myself that question every day how can I diversify the physician and scientific workforce what can I do to strengthen that pipeline from elementary school to medical school so that we can achieve health equity I understand the value of diversity but diversity is not just defined by your gender or your race or your ethnicity what is important about diversity is the unique experiences that you have had and will have the perspectives that you have or will develop those perspectives and experiences will add to the richness of the solution it is important that you tell your story and also be your story don’t shy away from your experiences or your challenges your joys and the many wonderful complicated things that shape who you are we are all complicated beautiful works of art our stories are meant to be shared I never thought that my little story would mean any one to anything to anyone other than me and during my inauguration my marketing and communication team worked with the Atlanta journal-constitution our major newspaper in Atlanta to do a profile that story was done almost three years ago to this day and even now women of all ages still write me or send me Facebook messages sharing how much my story inspired them now I can’t say I’m always comfortable telling my story but I am always still amazed that people even interested and what I have come to realize and understand is the need but stories such as mine a girl from a small rural working-class single-parent household first time college graduate who goes on to study at Georgia Tech Harvard Medical School Emory University and rises to the position of president and Dean of a medical school you too have a story it is a good one it is a good one embrace it and please tell it in each of our stories there are dark moments those to shape who you are they would have given you the resilience and the grit needed to be successful in medical school build upon that resilience and grit and understand that grit coupled with motivation is unstoppable the role from here may not be smooth wherever your path will lead you you will be challenged even at this level in my career I have to hold fast sometimes to the pursuit of my dream of health equity and I have to reach deep for that resilience motivation and grit as you become an alumnus of this great Medical School you join an inspirational body of health care professionals remember UMass chose you you and all that it actually means to be you so I leave you with the one last charge find joy and fill it allow it to wash over you one of my favorite books is The Alchemist written by a Brazilian author it tells of a shepherd boy named Santiago who travels his homeland in Spain to the Egyptian desert desert in search of a treasure built in the pyramid he meets many along the way on this quest and I want to share with you around a profound parable that keeps me grounded and this parable is about the secret of happiness this young hero seeks out a wise man to explain to him the secret of happiness the wise man

explains that he does not have time to explain the secret of happiness and suggests instead that a young hero look around the palace and return in two hours but before the young hero leaves the wise man asks the young man to do something as you wander around carry this spoon with you without allowing the all to steal the young hero descends the stairways of the palace all the while being careful not to spill any of the oil he returns to the wise men and the wise men asked the young hero did you see the Persian type of trees that are hanging in my dining room did you see the garden that it took the master garden or 10 years to create did you notice the beautiful parchments in the library the boy was embarrassed and confessed that he had observed nothing his concern had been not to steal the oil that the wise men had entrusted to him and the wise man said then go back and observe the marvels of my world you cannot trust a man and you do not know his house relieve the boy picked up the spoon and returned to the exploration of the powers this time observing all of the works of art that was on the seal and that was on the walls it’s all the gardens he saw the mountains all around him the beauty of the flowers and the case with which everything had been selected upon returning to the wise man he detailed everything with excitement and the wise man said where are the drops of oil i entrusted to you looking down at the spoon he held he saw that the oil was gone where there was only one piece of advice I can give you said the widest wisest of wine and wise men the secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never forget the drops of all on the spoon so imagine my soon-to-be colleague that as you engage in front of you and think based on who’s sitting in front of me what’s possible that you look at them with no limitations and you are amazed at how they share their story and the resilience that it has taken them to overcome the challenges that they may endure every day and as you hear the details of their life you begin to understand how to extend your medical knowledge to assist them and realize in their optimal level of health and yes indeed health equity and as you partner with them you develop unique solutions for their circumstances your graduation is indicative of the fact that you are determined intelligent and skilled individuals with dreams and aspirations I assure you that along your journey much will be entrusted to you the well-being of others the strength and vitality of your community the hope for a better tomorrow the future generations to come after you personally you have been entrusted with the care for a love of your spouse your children and others that are cherished as love models remember to see all of the marvels of the world and never forget the drops of oil on the spoon thank you for allowing me to share my drops of all and to the class of 2017 well done and as I look at each of you and ask the question based on who’s sitting in front of me what’s possible the resounding answer is health equity and I know you’re going to help us achieve it be the health care and biomedical professionals that the nation needs congratulations and thank you dr. Montgomery rice thank you so much for that most important message we’ve come now to a very important part of our ceremony the conferral of degrees and certificates of Advanced Study to graduates from University of Massachusetts Medical School it’s my pleasure now to invite dr. Joan Vitello Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing selected dr. Patel thank you dr. Colin good afternoon it is my distinct privilege to introduce to you the 2017

class speaker for the Graduate School of Nursing her name is Michele Griswold she will be receiving her PhD in nursing today along with her five of the colleagues and just one notable achievement of Michele’s that I wanted to share with you as she is president of the International lactation consultant Association and when you read about her and hear about her dissertation today it’ll come as no surprise that she did it in regards to breastfeeding so what I would like to introduce and welcome to the podium Michele Griswold to give her 2017 class speaker address thank you Chancellor Collins the deans of the three schools distinguished guests faculty my fellow graduates and our loved ones I’m deeply honored to speak on behalf of the Graduate School of Nursing today I’ve recently become engrossed in a book entitled on looking a Walker’s guide to the art of observation by Alexandra Horowitz a cognitive scientist and writer in this book the author describes life – the metaphor of a new york city block the premise is that she invites eleven experts in diverse field a found engineer a geologist and animal scientist to take a walk with her through her neighborhood and she asks them to describe what they see through their lens one thing that I found remarkable besides learning that wild pigs apparently and how that she thought Arizona was how willing she was to be open to that which was not seen to that which was outside of her experience although she takes this walk every day with her companions she finds in her own words worlds within worlds within world in these layers of collective observations describe the full expression of what is real or true to her about her neighborhood and she’s transformed likewise in every situation we find ourselves with nurses physicians scientists we too can find the full expression of our collective experience as human beings if we pay attention if we are willing to see through another lens I have experienced this through the years as a nurse and now as a researcher as a nurse in being present with hundreds of patients and births and in depth on looking I have seen that the two are not so different in each there may be joy pain fear sorrow hope anticipation love although some of these insights came to me as a ha moments like the author I have learned the importance of deliberately paying attention when we pay attention without expectation or assumptions about what we may find we understand fully that our own experiences cannot be separated from our patients experiences or even from the world in which we find ourselves as a researcher a white woman interested in how discrimination harms health on looking I find myself privileged a participant in a system of oppression a person who has benefited perhaps at the expense of another self knowledge requires a willingness to deliberately pay attention and then to be open to the full expression of being human even if sometimes what we see may cause discomfort because acknowledging discomfort just as it is might move some of us to challenge a system that unjustly disadvantages many in our care as the poet David white writes on self knowledge it is a fiercely attentive form of humility and thankfulness someone paying extreme attention to themselves to others to life I’m not really in the habit of offering

unsolicited advice except to my son okay probably to my husband too but if I were asked I would say to my fellow graduates today let yourself be transformed as you move forward have the courage to allow yourself time and space to absorb the full expression of humaneness that you will bear witness to the joy pain fear sorrow hope anticipation and love all of it it is the acceptance of the full expression of our own humanist that will allow space for those in our care to experience their own we have a lot of work to do to make the world a better place for all take care of yourselves so you can take care of the world and don’t forget to take care of each other – congratulations Kancil Collins it is truly my honor to present all of the candidates who have satisfied the requirements for the Masters of Science the Doctor of Nursing Practice in the PhD in nursing well the candidates please rise by the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts I confer upon each of you the degree recommended by the Faculty of the Graduate School of Nursing in accordance with usual custom you as individuals are entitled to all the rights and privileges which pertain to these degrees here and elsewhere congratulations okay now is the time will dr. chant will doctors Janet Fraiser hail and Michelle boob Nia and all of the faculty were placing hoods on the candidates come forward to the awarding of the master’s degree master’s degrees are awarded to Lynne Arthur Jessica Marie Ashman Tracy Beckman Heather L Beckner Rachel Meyer Benson Anthony bueno Ashley Burke Lisa safari bailiff Camrys Costello Katherine romaine Crawford Katherine Elizabeth DiFiore Hilary Murray Doolin Susan Clara

Merlin Linda and fasci Melanie and Faust Alicia m11 Richard William Gallagher Sonali Ashok Gandhi Zelena mage Oranje Sarah Glaser Diana Gursky Stephanie Bravo gyasi Christina marry Habib Timothy Hilton Emily see how ursin Christina Lynn Jansen’s Sarina Kimball Catherine s snap Rebecca Krieger Natalia prison house key Alan Kwan Chantal the mountain Kaylee Lavin sarin II lift Michelle Margolis Kimberly Lynn Marsh Emily Rose Martin Nicholas Mary Hannah Mitchell Elizabeth Kalin Morgan Anya Moorhead Connie Amanda jean-marie Naomi K Pappas Lauren filbrick Jamey Noel read Anna

Rhonda rose Christina M Roland Stephanie Salvi Christian be Sakura Rebecca Silva Kaylee’s Louise Sousa Johanna son Estella Tribeca Brianna Karen Wyse Lauren’s answer with well the horrors please come forward for the awarding of the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Philosophy degrees the Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees are awarded to dr. Stephanie M Coleman brochu dr. Mary Margaret Fortunato Habib dr. Kathleen Marie Kasper Doctor of Philosophy degrees in nursing are awarded to dr. Helen M flirty informal caregivers experienced during acute exacerbation of COPD in older adults dr. a quasi you mind do us lived experience of caregivers of relatives with alcohol and opiate dependence dr. Stephanie Alicia Griggs the relationship between hope core self-evaluations emotional well-being sexual risk-taking substance use and academic performance in freshman University students dr. Michelle Kennedy Griswold experiences of racism and breastfeeding initiation and duration among first-time mothers of the black women’s health study dr. Nancy C O’Rourke political epic efficacy and participation of nurse practitioners dr. Susan O’Hara Sullivan macro cognition in the healthcare built environment mhm CBE a focused ethnographic study of neighborhoods in a pediatric intensive care unit

we’ll all the graduates of the Graduate School of Nursing please rise and be recognized it is my pleasure now to invite dr Anthony Carruthers Dean of the Graduate School of biomedical sciences to the lectern Dean Carruthers Thank You Chancellor it is my pleasure to introduce the 2017 Graduate School of biomedical sciences class speaker he was selected by the gray-head the peers of his graduating class he served as the compass student trustee to the University Board of Trustees and he did his doctoral research in the laboratory of dr. Brian Lewis working on the role of micro rna’s in pancreatic cancer so please join me in recognizing dr. Brian Joseph Quattro Cinque good afternoon it is my honor today to speak on behalf of the graduates of the Graduate School of biomedical sciences the challenges methods and rewards of Graduate School are not obvious to the casual observer as graduate students we’re not reading books and attending classes we’re working full-time in the lab and we’re actually not allowed to graduate until we’ve made a substantive contribution to our field the work of a graduate student is experimentation and it is in the nature of experiments to fail even when they don’t every scrap of hopeful theta must be viewed with skepticism as an outlier or as a mistake until it is repeated flawlessly over and over again even more dispiriting reproducible data may be misleading because of errors in our methods or flaws in our interpretation sometimes we realize our mistakes in a quiet moment of reflection and sometimes publicly during the presentation of our work ultimately graduate school is a rite of passage with no predetermined and date it is a period of our lives for all the challenges both professional and personal and it permanently changes us both as scientists and as individuals but why does graduate training have to be this difficult graduate school is tough on us because it is meant to teach us resolve our undergraduate training already provides us with much of the knowledge and creativity needed to stand at the edge of our understanding and propose the next step however the test of amateur scientist is not our ability to generate a hypothesis and test it but to stoical II watch as our cleverest ideas evaporates in the face of contradictory evidence graduate school is the way it is precisely because struggle and failure in a training environment are the intended outcomes graduating today means that we have demonstrated the extreme patience and the fortitude to carry on despite repeated setbacks our trained ability to critically analyse new information and to change our own thinking in response to faced in response to strong evidence is the foundation of wisdom and it is the most important accomplishment that we celebrate here today you’ll notice I didn’t mention defending the thesis or publishing papers although the thesis defense and our published works have profound personal meaning to us as students the true accomplishment of graduate school the true accomplishments are intangible and

exists permanently within us yes we are problem solvers but our time in graduate school has also forced us into accomplished communicators educators managers and advocates I emphasize these aspects of our training because in the coming years a portion of us a significant portion of us will not be academic experimentalist like our mentors here today the simple truth is that we can all do that job because there aren’t enough available positions or funds so it is important on this day as we celebrate our scientific achievements to recognize that the attainment of a PhD or masters is not a narrowing but an expansion of opportunity the mind of a scientist is a tremendously valuable commodity in every profession regardless of whether it’s written in the Job Description this world needs people like us who can evaluate evidence and help the greater community make good decisions and it needs us to do more than just lab work in fact I hope that at least some of us consider a role in government my friends the past years have been a protracted exercise in humility but today you should feel only pride regardless of what the future holds for each of us the work that we have done here and the changes we have wrought in ourselves are beautiful powerful and permanent let yourself be invigorated by the uncertainties of life because you now own the ability to adore and overcome keep your curiosity keen pursue your passions and please use your powers of scientific thought for the greater good fellow graduates and scientists of the class of 2017 congratulations you’ve earned this Chancellor Collins I have be honored to present the candidates who have satisfied the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in biomedical sciences degree well the candidates please rise by the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts I confer upon each of you the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in biomedical sciences as recommended by the Faculty of the Graduate School of biomedical sciences in accordance with the usual custom you as individuals are entitled to all the rights and privileges which pertain to this degree here and elsewhere congratulations will doctors Mary Ellen Lane Michelle pugna and the hooters please come forward for the awarding of the doctoral philosophy in biomedical sciences degree doctor of philosophy and biomedical sciences degrees are awarded to dr Daniel James Amonte evaluating acceptability feasibility and efficacy of a diabetes care support program facilitated by cellular enabled glucose meters dr. dr. Navin L Banerjee temporal organization of behavioral states through local neuromodulation and C elegans dr. Stephen Matthew carpenter memory memory cd8 positive T cell function during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection dr. sorav roy chowdhury developing an ad no associated viral vector toolbox for CNS gene therapy dr. jennifer lynn cotton requirement and requirement and

function of Hippo pathway signaling in the mammalian gastrointestinal tract dr. Susan the devaron the effects of interleukin 10 on skeletal muscle insulin resistance and myogenesis dr Melissa Guilford Derner sex drugs and rodent reward not done yet annex an exploration of the sex specific roles of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in ethanol reward dr. Laura Maurice DeVoe characterizing characterizing the disorder in Christopher Pollan and its contribution to post transcriptional gene regulation dr. Michelle Lynn Dubuque The Exorcist subunits x6 interacts with assembled X acidic snare complex dr. Caroline Mary Duffy structural mechanisms of the sliding clamp and the sliding clamp loader insights into disease and functions dr. Alicia Marie Grundmann a transcriptional pathway for recombinant adeno associated virus human gene therapy from target identification and animal modeling of the disease to non-human primates and human studies dr young chief on behavioral and functional analysis of a calcium channel apathy and center of Dittus elegans doctor cui Fang home roles of the mother centriole appendage protein selection in micro to microtubule organization during cell migration and cell division dr. Li Zhang systematic experimental determination of functional constraints on protein and adaptive potential of mutations dr hakham a leaf camber regulation of the drosophila initiator caspases run through ubiquitination dr. a brew hi Mac understanding the sequence specificity and RNA target recognition properties of the OSI maturation factor oma one in center of Dittus elegance dr. Jung Lee mechanisms of synaptic development and premature aging in Drosophila dr. Kwan rule in viral viral protease is as drug targets and the mechanism of drug resistance dr. Xiao cien Lu impact of the intra-articular injection use on patient reported outcomes among patients with knee osteoarthritis dr. Timothy David Matheson calf 1 P 150 and PI 67 regulate nuclear structure throughout the human cell cycle dr. min moon ma’am the role of energy metabolism in thermogenic gene program dr. Samantha gray palace plague and the defeat of mammalian innate immunity systemic genetic analysis of Yersinia pestis virulence factors dr. Emily Sara Christine Ritter’s house identification of essential metabolic and genetic adaptations in the quiescent state and micro bacterium tuberculosis dr. Aslam tional Joe char a role for TN MD and Oedipus site differentiation and

adipose tissue function dr. Joseph Crispin Yahweh micro fate microphages our regulators of whole body metabolism doc doctor me to says functions of Argonaut protein and self versus non-self recognition and the C elegans germline dr. Sally Elizabeth Trabuco the Smurfs to yy1 seem ik axis in the germinal center reaction and diffuse large b-cell lymphoma dr Jessica League whether be exploiting DNA repair any our stress response pathways to induce apoptosis in glioblastoma multiforme dr. CJ wu novel mechanisms regulating dopamine transporter endo foot and acidic trafficking AK one controlled endocytosis and ret rumor mediated recycling dr. king khao suan a synthetic genetic system to investigate brain connectivity and genetically manipulate interacting cells dr. Sarah Lynn Lewandowski histone deacetylase three coordinates heart development through stage specific roles in cardiac progenitor cells dr. Leon MA targeting drug resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia dr. Victoria Elizabeth Padano identification of novel pathways that promote annoy kiss through genome-wide screens dr. Jennifer joy spin out and hose mechanisms regulating early music dermal differentiation of human embryonic stem cells we’ll all the graduates of the graduate school of biomedical sciences please rise and be recognized Dean Anthony Carruthers would you please join me at the podium nice hat Dean Carruthers today this grateful University wish is to celebrate the leadership you brought to our Graduate School of biomedical sciences over nearly the last two decades our Graduate School has been transformed during your tenure as our Dean as it is now your intention to return to science and more leisurely endeavors please accept our gratitude for the many contributions that you have made to our University the innovation and discovery that you have sparked amongst our faculty and students and for the kindness and consideration that has always embraced your actions towards all

you have led please accept this Chancellor’s medal as a sign of our appreciation and in recognition that you have been a most valued and respected colleague congratulations and indeed thank you it is my pleasure now to invite the Dean of the School of Medicine Terence our flot MD to the lectern Dean Klaus it is now my distinct privilege to introduce the winner of the 2017 letter and Tao humanism in medicine award also selected by her colleagues at the School of Medicine class speaker Jessica rose long we’ve come this far by say after finishing the Health Science preparatory program here at UMass I want to visit my maternal grandfather Lawrence s berry in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania our time together was pretty run-of-the-mill the only difference was that I was waiting for my golden ticket to this medical school we all remember waiting for our email of acceptance it’s nerve-racking finally the congratulations you’ve been accepted email came and of course I became a babbling brook of tears running into the arms of my grandfather to share the great news to think about what it took for us to be here today all the people that believed in us the mere fact that we even believed in ourselves with faith or confidence we persevered I hope that none of us lose this passion my high school model was non Sibi said Alice which means not for self but for others I hope that we remember that service happens in the soup kitchens and the community just like it happens in the hospital every day so when you’re feeling down and burns out remember the joy that you felt doing the simple things and lean back into that space and as we’ve all heard intern year is hard and there will be times and we are pulled in every direction but remember multi taxing is truly a farce you can only do one thing well at a time so don’t forget what the Hermit taught the King now is the most important time because we have the power the most important person is the one that you’re with because it may be the last person you ever interact with and the most important affair is to do them good because that’s why we are all here today we will walk across the stage and get hooded we are living out a legacy my legacy started with a dream seven years ago my paternal grandfather Ralph Butch long passed away from colon cancer before his passing he told my grandmother of 54 years of marriage that he had wanted to become a doctor however he did not learn to read until he was nine years old and felt that he was incapable of becoming a doctor when he was asked by my grandmother what kind of doctor he wanted to become he said a lady doctor now I’m becoming ob/gyn his dream deferred is no longer a Raisin in the Sun each and every one of us is living as a living testament to the greatest hopes and dreams of our ancestors our families that are here with us today for many we are carrying on a tradition within the medical profession whereas people like me are being fearless trailblazers either way this day is a sweet

culmination of time well spent and will set us on a course for continued excellence I hope that as we start working will face each day like my friend Trinette we wake up earlier than we need to so that we can arrive earlier than we have to so that we can prepare to face each day I hope that we smile at and greet our patients our colleagues and anyone walking the halls bringing joy to that person’s day having it pour back into our tanks making us full I hope that they think we’re the best at what we do and use this as an example and if not because we will certainly won’t be the best or anything near to it at first at least I hope that we keep working harder to be better than ever because our patients are counting on it class of 2017 it’s been real from being the designated talker in class switching t-shirts with Nick Luna got one of our first parties together to all the talent shows and the sporting events and of course to making a patient smile with Tyler Mohegan when we spoke Swahili to her to tell her our names you all have made an impression on me and I’m sure that we will each carry our precious memories in our hearts of these times together as we move forward hold fast to your sense of self don’t lose it in the name of fitting in not now not ever you’ve come too far by faith thank you Chancellor Collins I now have the honor to present to you the candidates who have satisfied the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine will the candidates for the degree Doctor of Medicine please rise by the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts I confer upon each of you the degree of Doctor of Medicine as recommended by the Faculty of the School of Medicine in accordance with usual custom you as individuals are entitled to all the rights and privileges which pertain to this degree here and elsewhere congratulations well well doctors Carruthers Knight and plug near please come forward and the md/phd mentors rise and move in order to meet your graduate today we have the honor of awarding degrees to nine graduates who have completed the requirements for the combined MD ph.d degree well the candidates please come forward dr thomas edward a key regulation of metabolism by hepatic hot spots once again with dr. Brian Joseph Quatro cheese subtle controllers micro rna’s dr pancreatic tumor genesis and progression dr. natasha hana dul June frailty and outcomes in liver transplantation dr. Joshua Chang flipping biological switches solving for optimal control

dr. Caitlin Elizabeth Fogerty death is not the end a role for extracellular our OS in driving apoptosis induce proliferation in Drosophila melanogaster dr. Gillian Jean Griffith contraceptive utilization and downstream theta maternal outcomes for women with substance use disorder dr. Anoosh Medivation endothelial driven inflammation in metabolic disease dr Gregory Michael Orlowski ketosis but that seems in particle induced inflammatory cell death dr. Kazmir ROM Oh June kinases in hematopoiesis and vascular development and function well dr. Sonia cumin tea please come forward for the awarding of the Doctor of Medicine degrees for several years now medical education here has taken place in small communities comprised of students from all four years of medical school these communities are called houses and were named after Wooster neighborhoods to remind us of our schools connection with the community students in these houses are mentored by faculty who closely follow their academic progress and professional development our graduates today will be hooded by a class chosen faculty representatives and their mentors as listed in your program will dr. Frank Domino and the Hooters please come forward for the awarding of the Doctor of Medicine degrees School of Medicine graduates please come forward as directed by the student marshal doctor of medicine degrees are awarded to Blackstone House dr. Zachary Cristo Demma dr. Jennifer Ellen Fishbein dr Joshua Harris Richmond dr. Christian M Rose dr. Valerie joy Valon

dr. Leah the coast doctor Sarraj a falling dr. Tacy Hamilton dr. jennifer marie kane dr jacob matthew Koshi dr. Caroline Jane Royer dr. Katherine Michelle tang dr. Justin Aida dr. Jeffrey Martin Brady dr. Emily how dr. Gregory Edward Keith dr. Daniel Patrick Lindstrom dr. Nicholas a loon aghh dr. hazel Lynne Moretti dr. Noreen shioma up whare dr. Rachel Patel dr. goo you do dr. omar hodza Pathak dr. Casey Megan Hebert dr. cheetah Michelle Pirani doctor say gen John OH

dr. Justin David has visa dr. Julia Erin Siegel dr. Rayna Lin treat dr. Amrit by Jenna Vinod burn coat house dr. Rebecca Catherine Engel dr. Samuel Goldman dr. Sidney Beth’s greenberg dr. Natalia curiosities dr. Chevy Aishwarya no chore dr. Elizabeth dolly UN dr. Caroline Bancroft dr. Gregory Harkins Foose dr. Ellis keeper boxer dr. Matthew Ross spring dr. Jasmine Anil Gupta Donny dr. Wei chuffy Co dr. Theodore Wong moon Chi dr. Bowen Q dr. Vanessa Ethel Rooney dr Elizabeth and Rosen dr. Caroline Angela

yang Kelly house dr. Elizabeth burrata dr Dina Rochelle Gorelick dr. yevgenia Harrington dr. Jeffrey see Laura nard dr. Naomi Elka malum dr. Jonathan H on Miller dr. Diana Cain all dr. star Wang dr. Rebecca Jean from dr Michael Patrick Flynn dr. Sarah Kaufman boko dr. mark and Rufus onion dr. Rachel LeBlanc dr. Patrick Lockhart McGuire dr. Solange Bayard dr. Geneva and de Gregorio dr. Angela el Lander home dr Christopher Patrick Libby dr. Bailey Gil McGinnis dr. James ferret nightingale to second dr. Jeremy David Vincent dr. modo Paola fiallo dr. David McCarthy

dr. Sara Elizabeth McGowan dr. Abdeen shahe Nagi dr. Kathleen Elizabeth stinger dr. Molly amery store dr. Taylor Robert Young Quinsigamond house dr. Mary Patricia Cavanaugh dr. max Devin hazel time dr. Jessica Rose long dr. Martha Ellen Lucci dr. Tyler James McKee Egon dr. Haley McNulty Neumann dr. Michael George new JM dr. Aqib Farokh Chaudhary dr. Benjamin Colby Crawford dr. Kristina Anastasia Kenickie dr. Kristen Richard dr. Elyse Wheelock dr. Andrew James Wilbur dr. Lauren Elizabeth whoo dr. cecelia Magdalena Aman dr. John Andrew Bostrom dr. don’t see leo dr. teondra Murray Lucia dr. Courtney Marie temple

dr. Eric James will Sterman jr. dr Cassandra and descent dr. Andrew Dowd dr. Robert Andrew Martin dr. edge Rihanna Maria Paula Zahn Oh dr Micaela Sarah Tracy cat nook house dr. Molly and cook dr Michelle Lynn Gillespie dr. Lev Gore Finkel dr. Michael Joseph Madelaine E jr. dr. Evan Elizabeth Pagano dr. john c su e jr dr. David Matthew Valley ocean dr. Arielle and filiberty dr. nicole j’ cooley sees dr. sara margulies Rosenbaum dr. Daniel Lawrence warden dr. Joseph Russell young dr. Patrick Jose Alvarado dr. Hannah Abigail Horner dr. Vishwanath Ramaswamy dr. kate je Stanton dr. teddy the guy

dr. Alexander Paul Boardman dr. Jorge Eduardo Fink a dr. Amy Colette Cobb jack dr. thanh – no dr. min fun we’ll all the graduates of the School of Medicine please rise and be recognized now line by I’ll invite the graduates of the School of Medicine to rise again and I’ll also invite all the physicians in the audience to also stand with them and join the School of Medicine graduates in reciting the oath of Maimonides which may be found on page 19 of your programs page 19 by eternal Providence has appointed me to watch over the life and health of my fellow human beings may the love for my art actuate me at all times may neither avarice normas earliness nor thirst for glory or for great reputation engage my mind for the enemies of truth and philanthropy could easily deceive me and make me forgetful of my lofty aim of doing good to my patients may I never see in the patients anything but a fellow-creature of pain grant me strength time an opportunity always to correct what I have acquired always to extend its domain foreknowledge is immense and the spirit of man can extend infinitely to enrich itself daily with new requirements today we can discover our errors of yesterday and tomorrow we may obtain a new light on what we think ourselves assure of today I have been appointed to watch over the life and death of my fellow human beings here am I ready for my vocation and now I turn unto my calling congratulations I’d like to thank our commencement vocalist Kendra van der Valk and Kristen Krueger as well as our organist and faculty member Julian Assange professor of physiology if I could ask all of our guests to please remain in their seats until the platform party and graduates have left the tent and now I hereby declare the 44th annual commencement exercises of the University of Massachusetts Medical School closed

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