Governor Thomas Johnson High School 2020 Graduation

[“Pomp and Circumstance” graduation music plays] [Reminiscent guitar music] The Governor Thomas Johnson Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Color Guard

will present the colors this evening followed by the National Anthem,

sung by Arianna Connacher, a third-year student in our Academy for Fine Arts [Military Commands] [Sings] Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming And the rockets’ red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Welcome parents, families, friends, staff, and students to Governor Thomas Johnson High School’s graduation of the class of 2020 Obviously this is not how any of us pictured our graduation when we walked into TJ High School on our first day as freshman about four years ago. The last few months of what should have been one of our best years in high school was taken away from us unexpectedly And since then, the class of 2020 has been dealt a lot of curve balls Even though it isn’t the same, today is still all about celebrating our strength and resilience over these last few years. We’re still celebrating today because every single one of us did the work. We all learned so many lessons and grew as people both inside and outside of the classroom. We have shown so much strength in such an uncertain time and we have waited for the moment to celebrate all of these things and more so. Even though it isn’t as we pictured it would be, I still encourage you to celebrate this moment because this is your moment Give yourself all of the credit in the world for getting yourself to this point Look around and see that you are also surrounded by the people who are worth celebrating in your life. Maybe you’re watching this right now with some of your classmates who have all worked just as hard as you did these last four years Maybe you’re watching this with your family who have never stopped pushing you to be your best. You might be watching this with some of your friends who you’ve either had since freshman year or have made along the way And know that all of the teachers and staff who never let you quit are all watching right now and they are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments Wherever you are right now and whoever you’re with, celebrate together because no one is more deserving of this in this moment than you I am so thankful to be a part of the class of 2020 with all of you, even if our time as high-school students was not exactly as we had pictured it to be, there are no other students that I would have rather faced all of this with Please enjoy the rest of the ceremony the rest of the celebration of us We’ve gone through a lot to get to this point and we deserve every minute of it Thank you for listening and thank you to all of the staff and everyone else who made this virtual graduation ceremony possible Good evening, I’m Dr. Daniel Lippy, the principal of Governor Thomas Johnson High School It is an honor and privilege to welcome you to our 53rd commencement Allow me to introduce several guests this evening; Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools, Dr. Theresa Alban, Executive Director of School Administration and Leadership, Dr. Jamie Aliveto, Instructional Director of High Schools, Ms. Kathleen Schlappal Members of the Frederick County Board of Education; Mr. Brad Young, President Mr. Jay Mason, Vice President Ms. Liz Barrett, Mr. Michael Bunitsky, Ms. Rae Gallagher, Dr. Louis Jarman, Ms. Karen Yoho, and Malachi Macon, student member of the board from TJ High School And Governor Thomas Johnson High School Administrators; Ms. Carolann Britton, Mr. Shawn Carey, Mr. Bill Caulfield, Ms. Kelli Green, Ms. Cindy Johnson and Mr. Michael Chavez Please join me in a warm welcome for all of our guests Considerable preparation is required to bring each class to graduation day, and to plan and conduct each of these ceremonies The entire TJ staff is to be commended for the dedication and preparing these graduates for this day Special thanks go to class advisors, digital program coordinator, and video producer, who have attended to hundreds of details to make all this possible for the graduation events Please join me in recognizing Ms. Linda Weinstein, Ms. Cameo Lawlor, Ms. Megan Smith, and Ms. Kayla Martin To the parents and families and friends who have worked with us too, and done whatever is necessary to bring the graduates to this point, you have done a great job Class, please join me in recognizing your parents, staff, and family Jayden Brittain is a vocal student in his third year in our Academy for the Fine Arts He is a member of the National Honor Society and Tri-M, the music National Honor Society For the past five years, Jayden has been honored to perform in Maryland’s All-state Chorus After graduation, he will attend the University of Maryland to study music education Jayden will be singing, “Over the Rainbow.” [Piano intro] [Sings] Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high there’s a land that I’ve heard once, in a lullaby

Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue And the dream that you dare to dream really do come true Some day I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops that’s where you’ll find me Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why can’t I? [Piano repeats melody] If happy little blue birds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can’t I? Please welcome Dr. Terry Alban, Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools Congratulations Patriots class of 2020 It is an honor to join you, your families, friends, teachers, and staff who have supported you on this journey to your high school graduation I do not think any of us would have predicted the detour you had to take on your educational journey because of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis It has definitely made your journey unique, unprecedented, and a true life-changing experience This crisis changed many things, but we know that our 21st Century world is constantly changing, even when things are “normal.” Your years in school have provided a foundation for learning that will enable you to continue to grow and change You have learned many important lessons as your classmates have shared with me From Trinity Thompson- “The most important lesson I learned in high school is that it’s okay to be nervous about things, but at some point, you have to let go. Your fear is only holding you back from figuring out who you want to be.” From Kelin Argueta- “Especially for me, the most important thing I learned during High School was that no matter the obstacles, barriers, and challenges, if you work hard, you can achieve everything you want For me it was not easy since after 7 years I went back to school, in a different environment. It was a big challenge I came to America without knowing any English, without the support of my parents, and the culture is completely different. It was very hard But thanks to my effort and determination, also the huge support from my brothers, teachers, and my counselor who have always believed in me, I can say that I have completed a step in my life and my new challenge is to graduate from college I am so thankful for everyone who helped me and it was amazing to meet new friends I will never forget this great experience. I have them all in my heart and unfortunately, I couldn’t say goodbye to all of them. But you all have a place in my heart.” From Rachael Adeoye- “The most important lesson I learned in high school is to take risks! You never know the extent of your true ability if you don’t take risks You won’t know what good things may come out of you trying something new and leaving your comfort zone It usually always works out, even if you fail there are great lessons to be learned even from your failures.” From Kwaku Adonteng- “The most important lesson I learned in high school is that I need to be in charge of myself to be successful

I can’t rely on anyone else to motivate me or set my goals for me I personally have to take the time to look at what I want to do with my life and how I want to do it I have to be willing to get rid of my procrastination or passive attitudes. I have to really get work done.” I believe the lessons you learned on your educational journey helped you to cope and adapt during this pandemic crisis It is often said that a crisis reveals a person’s true character I think a crisis also builds our character, as we must rise to meet new challenges That is definitely what happened for many members of the Class of 2020 Here are some of your classmates reflections on the valuable lessons they have learned by living through a crisis From Gabe Brewster- “Throughout this crazy pandemic circumstance, the most important lesson I have learned is the concept of only letting things I can control affect me This idea was put into my brain by the best calculus teacher in the county, the one and only Vince Poska We talked about ideas such as this occasionally throughout Calculus 3 first semester, and I have really been pondering these ideas during this pandemic Although it is sad I cannot have a complete senior year, I know getting upset and being in the dumps about it is pointless I cannot control this virus, but I can control how it affects me.” From Glynne Del Rosario- “Never forget the value of being able to see your friends and loved ones every day Take advantage of every single moment in life, no matter how mediocre or repetitive these moments may be The 6 AM alarms, running into a familiar face in the hallway, incessant bell ringing- the smallest things can be taken away so swiftly as if they were never there Find beauty in the insignificance of your routine.” From Jevaun-Dean Linton- “Important lesson I learned from this pandemic: I learned that we should practice mindfulness. Stay aware of every single thing that you come in counter with Take in all sorts of things that you would take for granted, like the sounds and movements of others, nature, and yourself Not because it may be the last time, but because there is so much time to learn to be aware.” From Wyatt Beane- “I was expecting a vacation, but it wasn’t. And I touch my face more than I thought I did.” And from Deja Drummond- “Living everyday to the fullest is a lesson that is taught all the time, but experiencing the pandemic crisis firsthand allowed me to look at this lesson with a bit more seriousness I never knew that I would not get to experience a large portion of my senior year Instead, I was too focused on the future or what was coming next I learned that it is important to enjoy every single moment and not wish your days away by worrying about the future.” The class of 2020 has grown so much in 13 years, and in the last 3 months You have sacrificed much during this crisis and I hope you will reflect on what you have gained as well Your classmates have said it so eloquently! There is no doubt that your class will be remembered in history Yet, I believe that the members of this class will be remembered not because you graduated during the pandemic of 2020, but because of how you rose from that crisis to become incredible leaders, thinkers, innovators, and compassionate global citizens And so, Patriots Class of 2020, now is your time to create positive change in the world I wish you much success on your journey. And remember… make us FCPS proud of you! And now it is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Jay Mason, member of the Frederick County Board of Education Hello Governor Thomas Johnson High School Class of 2020 On behalf of the Board of Education of Frederick County, I would like to extend our sincerest congratulations on your graduation And, our deepest regrets that you cannot celebrate this moment with your classmates, teachers, and administrators Wherever your path has taken you after today, always be prepared and ready, because you never know when it’ll be your time to shine A few, short years ago, I was lucky enough to play in the 1988 TJ/Frederick High Homecoming football game as a sophomore After a successful JV season, Coach Ben Wright asked me to move up to start at Defensive Back for the Homecoming game

Going into that game, Frederick High needed 1 win to make the playoffs My opportunity took an unexpected turn late in the 3rd quarter when the starting Quarterback broke his hand At that time,we were down by 15 points, and I was asked to step in to finish the game at Quarterback I was the JV Quarterback that season so I was prepared and ready, even though that was not the plan going into the game Long story short, with 7 seconds left to play, the starting Quarterback, who broke his arm, kicked a 47 yard field goal and hit the crossbar. It bounced over the goalposts to win the game 32 – 30 I help lead our team to a come from behind victory It was a great win, a fantastic team effort, and at the time. a big moment in my life And still to this day, always fun to reminisce about the game with my Frederick High friends, for many reasons That big moment in my life could not have happened without my team working together to earn the win Fast forward to April of 2019. I was visiting a middle school and during my conversation with the Principal, we talked about me about having a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and that I was once certified to teach middle school math During our tour of the school, the principal took me to a math class After the teacher finished teaching a math problem, the principal announced of the class he was putting me on the spot and then asked if I would be if I would like to teach a math problem I quickly said yes! The last time I taught a math class was in 2012, but I was ready I was caught off-guard, but I was prepared and ready There were some kinks in my teaching, and overall, it went well and the students were engaged, which was most important It was a small moment and an exciting moment as a FCPS Board member It was one of those never let them see you sweat moments If you have never heard that expression, you can ask your parents about it or Google it My wife recently bought a book of poems called “Storyteller” by Morgan Harper Nichols I went to look through it and I opened it to page 8. So I read the poem which is perfect for this moment It is titled, “For the Year.” “When you start to feel like things should have been better this year, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here They are not accidents, and those moments weren’t in vain You’re not the same. You have grown, and you’re growing You are breathing, you’re living, you are wrapped in endless, boundless, grace And things will get better There is more to you than yesterday.” As a TJ alumnus, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this momentous time of your lives I leave you with this…always be prepared, always be ready to seize your moment, no matter how big or small Thank you! And, best of luck! Our student speaker, Chloe Johnson, is Secretary of the National Honor Society, and has been involved in many activities and organizations that during her time at Governor Thomas Johnson High School She devotes her time to the award-winning TJ marching band and color guard in addition to the Patriot Pals, Interact Club and Latin Club Chloe plans to attend the University of Maryland in College Park this fall, majoring in Linguistics To the class of 2020: You know it’s funny now that I’m thinking about it, we’ve always had an interesting graduation year Whether because of the numeric symmetry or the 20/20 vision gags But now as we’ve gotten to the end, being a graduate of the Class of 2020 is going to take on a whole new way I’m sure it goes without saying that our year has become completely different than what it was supposed to be, so I won’t harp on it Today’s occasion is momentous as much as it is historic I’m here before you today as a proud member of a class that has met the challenges of 12 years of schooling with tenacity and passion And that’s almost an understatement because every day I am more impressed and inspired by the accomplishments of my fellow classmates, whether in the classroom, on the stage, on the field, or anywhere in between So the big question that faces us is… now what? In truth, t’s hard to predict since the world ahead of us hangs in a strange balance for the foreseeable future The reality is that these events that we’re living through now are arguably the most historic and significant our generation has seen The majority of us were born after 9/11 This is our generation’s war, and like those before us who’ve experienced terrible events in formative years, it will inevitably shape our futures and our attitudes in our lives But don’t for a minute let yourself believe that that will hurt us If anything, we will emerge stronger and more resilient than before Because if there’s one thing that our class has to our advantage, it is our ingenuity and the same qualities that got us this far will propel us forward When the snowball of current events really started to roll taking all the certainties of senior year with it, I initially felt sad at the prospect that recognition of our achievements could be reduced to being just the Class of Coronavirus But after reflection, I realized that this isn’t a reduction. It’s an addition

I began looking ahead and I move from hopelessly wishing that things hadn’t gone this way to wanting to skip to the good part that’s coming after the storm. I hope that you will do the same Throughout our formative years that our generation has observed, this turbulent world with unique acuity, bravery, and maturity So to my fellow graduates, keep that spirit of optimism and hope with you The world we live in will continue to change dramatically, and it will need our creativity, our resourcefulness, and our dedication to our goals, whatever yours may be We will be instrumental to its future because we are the graduating class of a year that has thrown us every curve ball and has established its place in history, as will we We we are living and growing up in interesting times, and it has been hard and heartbreaking, but I will leave you with the words of the Roman author Virgil “Perhaps one day, it will be pleasant to remember even these things.” In the midst of a crisis, we as a class have found ways to come together celebrate and show the world what we bring to the table As you move forward into your lives, stay strong, remember what you’ve already accomplished, and know that when the world recovers, and it will, we will be the ones to build it back up our way We are the Class of 2020 and we did it! Thank you and congratulations As an eternal optimist, I have found the past few months the most challenging in my life I know I’m not alone as we have seen our entire way of life completely changed by a virus we cannot see, feel or touch Our 5 senses are woefully inadequate to protect us from Covid-19 I find myself videotaping a graduation address meant to be given in front of thousands of people coming together to celebrate one of the most significant events in the lives of our 2020 graduates I always look to find a way to inject humor into troubling situations to lighten the mood even if only for a few moments The pandemic has made this even more challenging as the reality has been very hard for all of us I could talk about the ways our life has changed I could rail about the health restrictions implemented to save our lives or commiserate with everyone about what the virus has cost each one of us However, in the darkest hours, we must find ways to get back to the light, the comfort of our friends and family, and live for the next day In this spirit, I’m going to share a short story with you The story is going to start a little strange and probably make you wonder why in the world I would choose to talk about this at graduation I hope, if my storytelling skills are strong enough, that you will see the connections before I finish the story Captured prisoners in Africa rarely find their way the United States This story is about one of those inmates that did indeed make it to our shores in the spring of 2005 After lengthy negotiations with prison officials in Kansas, two very specific prisoners were brought to the United States to help us learn about them and how they could contribute to our way of life The two inmates made the journey to Kansas and found themselves awaiting processing when a significant storm struck the city Heavy winds, driving rain, and rising river waters forced much of the city to be shut down to shelter in place while the storm wreaked havoc Downed power lines, poor driving conditions, and weather-related closures kept the next shift of guards from arriving at the prison The guards on duty were required to work a double shift in monitoring the inmates and taking care of various maintenance tasks caused by the weather The two prisoners found themselves locked in holding cells without any supervision as those guards were lending themselves to…they were meeting other responsibilities The storms destroyed part of the cells holding them They managed to not get injured when the structure buckled They managed to find themselves an escape route Despite not knowing anything about where they were in Kansas, both prisoners took off Even though they were transported together, they did not know each other As a result, they started traveling together but quickly soon separated One continued traveling north to Michigan via Wisconsin, and the other turned South and traveled towards Texas Search parties were immediately dispatched to bring the two wayward prisoners home Neither of them were considered threats to the community, but both were a concerned that without shelter and/or knowledge of the area, their lives may be in danger The two prisoners escaped without a trace The path of fugitive #347 went through parts of Wisconsin and potentially Michigan that had not started the spring thaw Authorities believed #347 was probably lost in the wilderness Fugitive #492 has been spotted numerous times in the last 15 years, most recently in Texas last May He has eluded all attempts at capture Given the changes that he has made in his life and the lack of any violent history, authorities determined that they could no longer waste their resources on trying to apprehend him One advantage of the video presentation is that I can use pictures

Here’s a last known picture of fugitive #492, just in case you were traveling and happened to run into him Fugitive #492 is an escaped flamingo from Tanzania He has been seen in Wisconsin, Louisiana, and Texas A few quick notes about flamingos, because this is a learning speech as well as a graduation address They live in tropical marshlands along the coast, lakes, and river beds They’re extremely social creatures. They seek out families and companions They’re extremely adaptable. They’ve adapted to water that’s turned toxic in environments that have become inhospitable due to climate change In the 15 years since his escape, fugitive #492 has flourished in his new home He’s found a companion in a South American flamingo and is traveling with a group that moves up and down the marshlands between Louisiana and Texas Texas wildlife authorities have taken over trying to monitor his whereabouts to learn how he’s managed to adapt and flourish in an environment that was only marginally similar to what he knew in Tanzania I first told this story to set the stage for new challenges that faced education at the start of the school year We were heading into full-time use of Schoology, moving towards more technology in instruction, and helping support students who’d suffered some kind of physical or emotional trauma in their life I had no idea the changes and events that would halt our society over the early months of 2020 The world of fugitive #492 was completely lost when he was captured and brought to a Kansas zoo He was set free into the world that looked nothing like what he was used to The harsh environment limited his movement when he started his journey north And after adjusting to this limitation, he found a path that’s led him to not only survive, but thrive in a new environment The pandemic has forced the Class of 2020 to face some of these same challenges The schedule that’s dominated your life since you were 5 years old abruptly ended Teachers, bells, and school rules no longer guided your life for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week The comfort of knowing what happened during the day 5 days a week was gone for each one of you The friends that you’ve seen almost everyday for many years were suddenly physically cut off Now, they’re all going in different directions in their lives after graduation Staying connected will be challenging as new experiences become more important for everybody All of those challenges would have existed after graduation The pandemic forced them to occur 3 months early in a way that kept many of us from getting the closure that we would have received going through the end of the year There are 3 life lessons to be learned from fugitive #492- learn, adapt and thrive Learn is the first lesson Every new experience provides the opportunity to learn about how your world will work College, workplaces, and the military will have a different set of rules for learning, working, and social experiences Make the most of these opportunities even if they might not end successfully Fugitive #492 flew north until he realized it was too cold He turned and went in a different direction based on what he learned and experienced Adapt Without any doubt, the pandemic has shown all of us we may need to adapt to change in circumstances This important skill is part of who each and every one of you is as a person No other class in Patriot Nation finished their year under such restriction The most important lesson I hope you learned is that you have the power in your life to make lemonade out of lemons The pandemic has forced us to learn new ways to celebrate our accomplishments Do the current restrictions mean that your accomplishments are not important or impressive? Do you find a way to make these unique circumstances turn into a positive celebration that may set the tone for how things can be done in this new and different world we are living in? Thrive The third lesson is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 If you take everything you learn from your experiences and you adapt them in ways that work for you, then you will thrive You will be able to adjust no matter what is thrown in your direction You will be unstoppable and adapting will always move you towards success The 4th bonus lesson is that you, not society, defines who you are Logic and common sense would have said that an African bird would not have survived for 15 years in an environment so foreign to anything it had ever experienced Fugitive #492 never knew this logic and common sense He simply did fugitive #492 You need to do you. Be the best person you can be Stay true to yourself and your beliefs Don’t listen to the naysayers of those who want to hold you back Thrive in everything that you do Thank your family for their support. Few people ever accomplish anything without the support of their friends and family Thank you for everything you have done for Governor Thomas Johnson High School And I leave you with one thought to think about as you embark on your next stage in life- “It is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.”

From Gandalf in “An Unexpected Journey.” Congratulations Class of 2020! We have two awards to present this evening. This is the 22nd year of this annual tradition The Golden Patriot Award is given to one student and one staff member selected by the graduating class and staff Individuals selected for this award consistently demonstrate a commitment to the 6 Pillars of Character Counts: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship We carry on the TJ tradition of last year’s staff Golden Patriot member addressing the graduates Although we are not able to have a traditional awards ceremony, Mr. Adam Weinstein, Golden Patriot 2019, will share his thoughts with you Hello Patriots. For sure this is one of the toughest speeches I’ve ever had to write How do I start? What can I even say, considering the circumstances? So I thought about what I know: these are tough times Each of us has experienced sacrifice In these last few months, each of us has experienced a major shift which will undoubtedly have an effect on how we live the rest of our lives Similarly when I was graduating high school, my friends and I thought we might be drafted into a war just gearing up, halfway across the world A war where we still have people fighting almost 2 decades later Those were scary times Times where we were constantly trying to judge whether that plane flying overhead was “too low,” never knowing where the next attack might occur, or when This became our NEW normal and has been your whole life-experience What you are sacrificing and experiencing now will shift your “normal.” Remember though: you are not defined by your experiences Rather, you are defined by your response to those things you experienced So, ask yourself: what is your response? How will you define yourself based on your experiences? From the hate and bigotry of my terror laden experiences, I have tried to spread peace, love, and commonality Perhaps from your experiences, you will choose to spread knowledge, well-being, and equity I want to share with you a quote from President Theodore Roosevelt, a famous quote, one I think fitting of our current times: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and dirt, sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” So I ask, are you the “man in the arena” or are you the “person who points out how others stumble?” These are tough times, but tough times make for tough people, and tough people create the most beautiful times I have the special privilege now to introduce the staff member selected as Golden Patriot by the class of 2020 This year’s staff member… this year’s staff member Golden Patriot is a longtime member of Patriot Nation Some teachers at TJ remember this person as a student here a number of years ago The Golden Patriot excelled in all aspects of high school life As a teacher here for a number of years, this person is described by one senior as, “the perfect balance between a teacher, a mentor, and a friend.” If you walk near this person’s classroom during Patriot hour, you will invariably find that it is packed with students who are there because they find that it is a welcoming, friendly, fun atmosphere More than that, as one teacher says about this teacher, “they are available to students like few others.” This person’s room and heart are always open to students in need Many students describe a teacher who is willing to help tutor students even if this person has never had them in class This teacher is constantly thinking of new ways to reconnect or connect with students It is my pleasure and honor to introduce the 2020 Golden Patriot faculty recipient,

Mr. Brandon Cunningham The student Golden Patriot Award winner receives a $500 scholarship sponsored by the Student Government Association We have honored the following nominees with red, white, and blue cords Deja Drummond, Emily Jacob, Rachel Anderson, Kwaku Adonteng, Gabe Brewster, Janeel Black, Zoe Poppert, Jenna Maradei, Isabella Martinez, Olivia Roark, Jenna Dawson This year’s student recipient is described by his peers and teachers as an exemplar of a true patriot, who has displayed school spirit and excelled as a leader This person… the nominee has contributed to the community as a hard worker in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the workplace This person has not missed a beat even with personal hardships As far as friendships go, this person is not only loyal to friends but more importantly, someone who can be a friend to anyone This is someone who will help you with something that you don’t understand in class without judging you for it This is someone who would stick up for you in a conversation even if they didn’t know you that well, even if you weren’t there to hear it This is a kind person who cares about everyone, no matter what the situation entails The Golden Patriot approaches it with an optimistic attitude and a helping hand Both students and teachers describe our Golden Patriot as one of those students who leads by example and who always does the right thing even when no one is looking or when nothing is expected in return One student says the most important thing about this nominee is that he would never even think of himself as a Golden Patriot, because he is selfless and doesn’t think of himself at all above others Our 2020 Golden Patriot is an impressive leader, citizen, and role model, consistently committed to the highest academic, athletic, and personal standards The class of 2020 has selected Mr. Gabe Brewster as this year’s Golden Patriot Congratulations, Gabe Graduates, it is a privilege for us to certify that you have met the requirements of the Maryland State High School diploma [Pomp and Circumstance begins playing] Peter James Abell Elijah Juliusblu Abrams Zachary Edward Acker Precious Diamond Adams Oreoluwa Rachael Adeoye Kwaku Poku Adonteng Grace Alao Abake Silvia Gabriela Aleman Jessenia Elizabeth Alfaro Valeria Lizzette Alicea Lopez Victor Manuel Alonso Hernandez Franklin Enrique Alvarado Zelaya Keren Melisa Alvarenga Kathie Jasmine Alvarez Estefany Guadalupe Amaya Kevin Yofed Amaya Suazo Giovani Manuel Anderson Rachel Elizabeth Anderson Emily Rocio Antezana Judy Ann Arellano Juana De Jesus Arevalo Ruiz Kelin Yolanda Argueta Argueta Luke Andrew Atienza Audrey Baudraz Badjouen Dzouabet Rebecca Noelle Baird Brandon Michael Balducci Madison Marie Bantz Meghan Lauren Barr

Pastora Beatriz Barrera Reyes Wyatt Odell Beane Alma Jaycel Benitez Tamyla Facundim Bento Janeel Kimberly Black Robert Michael Bolhoff Jr Miguel Angel Bonilla Franco Chance Maurice Booth Alissa Lynn Bosley Emmanuella Boue Jazmin Anne Bowen Christian Blake Bowers Iyanna Brashae Bowie Shane David Bowie Samira James Maxine Arie Bowins Erich Michael Brakefield Gabriel William Brewster Jayden Parker Brittain Donald Wayne Brown Asya Charmaine Barbara Brunn Jaedyn Brianna Bugg Anna-Claire Smith Burdette Alayna Briana Burgamy William Tembo Burnett Jason Alberto Cabrera Brandon Steven Calderoli Serkan Mevlut Caliskan Laykin Alexis Capel Karlos Alfredo Carpio Trujillo Olmar Castillo Lopez Yoselyn Stephany Castillo Rubi Kayden Dominik Charles Michael Rong Hui Chiang Le Na Choung William Robert Collis II Arianna Kathleen Joy Connacher Hailey Nicole Conway Allan Paul Cook Kennady Grace Culican Delaney Rose Curtis Naudia Symone Curtis Isaiah Armani Daniels Dede Gertrude Ida Hermina Dartey Tianlly Paola Davila Quintana Karianah Denyse Davis Leilani Ashleigh Davis Jenna Kristina Dawson Trent William Day Fredy Otoniel de la Cruz Barrientos Alexander Ian Degal

Glynne Christine Del Rosario Oscar Isaac Delgado Lorna Jewel Dennis Marley Grace Dennis Manuel Alejandro Diaz Escobar Jackeline Maria Diaz Rodriguez Alisha Amaya Dillard Drjagbou Luc Emmanuel Djoke Lauren Joelle Dorsey Deja Alexis Drummond Alexander Wiley Dunheimer Hailey Mae Dunkin James Eugene Dupree Madesyn Alexis Earwood Joshua David Eckenrode Raymond Andres Encarnacion Isabella Marie Ennis Andres Jovany Enriquez Diana Janira Escobar Esthefany Lisbeth Escobar Elias Amy Denisse Espinoza Montero Sebastian Espinoza-Wong Estefany Guadalupe Estrada Anthony Darnell Evans David Daniel Failacci Julienne Rose Feiertag Kenberlin Ferman Fuentes Madison Anne Fernandez Erin Noel Fitzgerald Taylor Cynthia Fleagle Bryleigh Neleh Foreman Matthew Christian Fowkes Victoria Graciela Fox Raekwon Allan Frazier Maria Magdalena Fuentes Gonzalez Leslie Aracely Funes Elisa Carolina Galeas Velasquez Troy Patrick Gambill Jason Hunberto Garcia Javier Enrique Garcia Pena Larry Lamont Gennes, Jr Kayla Jordan Giles Sean Christopher Giles Grace Catherine Gillard Matthew Bender Giller Yasim Diarry Givens Rhylley Mauricio Gochez Aleen Josseline Godoy Rosales Elijah Dante Goines Gabriel Emillano Gonzales Jr

Francisco Javier Gonzalez Angel Jefferson David Gonzalez Fallas Esmeralda Lizeth Gonzalez Ramirez Rosa Gonzalez Venegas Sharon Abigail Gonzalez Zumbado Nelly Mabel Gramajo Aidan William Green Samuel Odum Gyimah Kyle Russell Hahn Nzinga Nevaeh Hall Thomas Kennedy Hallowell Grace Katherine Harding Olivia Sue Hatcher Terence Carmay Hawkins Jr Khalil Jamir Heath Ali Amr Hegazi Del Kyle Hellman Joshua Andrew Hendi Fidel Isaac Henriquez Arieonna Kearra Henry Seth Andrew Henry Heber Esau Hernandez Gabriela Stephany Hernandez Gonzalez Katherine Stephanie Hernandez Granados Willian Alfredo Hernandez Rivera Nayeli Alejandra Hernandez Vanegas Katherine Jane Herndon Gabriella Yasmine Herrera Jaden Lee Higgins Zoie Sabreah Higgs Rachel Anne Hillman Alexa Renee Holbert My’Eshai Verlean Holland Connor Gerald Hosier Fashal Hossain Cheyenne Leigh Hunt Taylor Janae Huskey Josephine Abigail Jack Alexander Evan Jackson Dashaun Jackson Kinaijah Tajay Jackson Lauryn Ellyse Jackson Emily Elizabeth Jacob Nitya Mihir Jani Nicholas Anthony Jimenez Chloe Lilah Johnson Ja’leesa Georgia Johnson Kelton Edward Johnson Nalani Kai Johnson Jessica Alana Juarez

Madeline Hannah Karchmer Morgan Sakae Kattes Emma Brooks Kelley Elena Marie-Rumalda Kemp Danny Kim Kaiden Dakota Kinna Alexander Michael Klein Ian Michael Kline Elaina Grace Kluttz Robert Mason Kojac Ange Shannon Henriette Kone Lydia Kuyeteh Charles Atticus Hersemann Leibman Eloy Manuel Leon Yepez Annalise Clare Lewis David Thang Cung Lian Shanya Mon’a Lingham Cassandra Meredith Linton Jevaun-Dean Clinton Linton Grace Marie Little Gezhi Liu Stephen Antonio Lombardi Jissela Yamileth Lopez Kevin Ernesto Lopez Melvin Jesus Lopez Ramirez Hermine Tracy Maah John Larry MacKenzie III Angelo Davonte Maddox Aishat Sanusi Maigari Mohammad Sanusi Maigari Jenna Elisa Maradei Jonathan Alexis Maradiaga Viera Hannah Rayne Marten Andres Ernesto Marticorena Arias Isabella Myrka Martinez Gabreila Elena Martinez Vasquez Kaya Rayne Daisy Mason Imani Muringe Mathenge Sadaya Antoinette Mattison Trevor Andrew McAlpine Finnegan Gabriel Spencer McCourtney Drew Thaddeus McGrath Ke-Shawn Jamali Meadows Nikera Nyjae Means Brandon Enrique Mejia Lemus Willian Alexander Mejia Reyes Kevin Ernesto Mejia Trinidad Michael Martin Anthony Melendez Jr Gabriela Camille Mells Christopher Robert Mender

Nelsy Gudiel Mendez Lopez Kortni Noelle Mercer Abby Christine Meredith Rachel Ann Meredith Cailie Damaris Merlos Alayjha Chantel Louise Miller Cole Marshall Miller Gloria Andrea Milstein Manuel Milstein Wilber De Jesus Molinero Cornelio Lenzy Asoh Mondo Denis Ariel Montano Canas Azariah Karema Moore Malic Keiwontoya Demetreous Moore Maria Del Cielo Moreno Jeremiah-Michael Devante’ Morris Keylen Marquise Morrison Tamara Sanaa Moses Kelvin Geovany Munoz Samuel Alexander Munoz Cyerra Re Myers Noah Samuel Nail Matthew Thomas Nalley Alvaro Negrete Carla Negrete Brianna Annisha Sarah Nelson Jarrod Alexander Nembhard-Morris Christopher Michael Nestor Ray Jacob Nicholson Sarah Michelle Noble Quinten Thyer Norberg David Joseph Norris Christopher Tochukwu Nwachukwu Phoenix Devlyn O’Keefe Deborah Ife-Oluwa Obadofin Ethel Judith Ochoa Ruiz Jenny Ayrianna Ojiaku Grace Deborah Ojo Britney Samantha Oliva Tricha Heredia Olofio Michael Okyere Darko Opoku Madison Marie Oranczak Katherine Orellana Andrade Kelly Orellana Andrade Jacob Daniel Orland Nathaniel Owusu-Gyekey Dakari Sirron Pace Pablo Ricardo Paez-Martinez Jr Erick Neftali Palacios Argueta Emily Michelle Palmer

Jaedyn Ashanti Parker Nadia Laraen Parker Riana Elena Paugh Taion Kevin Paugh Ethan James Paulus Hallie Michelle Paulus Meghan Sarah Paulus Kyle Marlon Pearson Katherine Carla Pelaez Daniel Pena Lucia Estefany Pena Rivera Andy Steven Perez Itzel Perez Erick Jobani Perez Chilel Jamel Anthony Peterson Jr Blake Eric Phelps Cassandra Brooke Philips Veronica Diana Pineda Megan Isabella Pineda-Bates Joseph James Pinto Keiry Sarai Pleitez Hernandez Lisbeth Abigail Pleitez Hernandez Michael Andrew Popa Zoe Danielle Poppert Christopher Markus Putman Alicia Samantha Quezada Kampbell Verdi Quill Bryan Eduardo Ramirez Hailey Autumn Reed Josephine Faith Renn Megan Leigh Revesz Odalis Patricia Reyes Arevalo Osvaldo Vladimir Reyes Martinez Molly Eleanor Rhoades Joseph Robert Richman Rebecca Anne Riedesel Sarah Catherine Rippeon John Francis Ritchey Olivia Margaret Roark Joshua Nathan Roberson Sydney Roberson Amy Elizabeth Robertson Rebecca Kathryn Robertson Hailey James Rockwell Main Antonio Rodriguez Katheryn Estefany Rodriguez Tobias Andrew Timothy Paul Roediger Eryc Quajon Rogers Bolden Caden Michael Rosenberg Kiyah Lynn Rosenbluth

Blake Allen Routzahn Ramsey Russell Roys Tyler Wayne Runkles Cassidy Nicole Runner Daniel Alejandro Salinas Keisy Andrea Salinas Martinez Niarra Ceinah Sampson Rutha Hay Mar San Gerald Michael Sare Gage Joseph Schiavoni Theresa Damaris Secke Rishita Raagavi Sharan Christopher David Shores Mason Gene William Sichelstiel Megan Nicole Simms Allen Jarell Simpson Jae’Vion Monea Sims Kathryn Faith Sloan Rodrigo Alejandro Slone Ariahja Renae Smallwood Carli Rita Smith Curtis Mason Smith Jaydon Thyse-Van Damm Smith Kyaira LaTaiya Snowden Alyna Solano Quiros Zuhayer Solayman Karina Hannover Sones Torin Christian Sones Isabelle Solana Spaans Cole Edward Stevens Langston Ellis Stewart Tarrell Anthony Storey Angel Nevaeh Stouter-Workman Victor Alexander Suarez Jr Collin Joel Sullivan Sydney Paige Sullivan Daniel Roland Summerstay Robert Trent Sutphin Aaron Demetrius Swaizer Edward David Taji Sareen Tatarian Stella Tessarollo Briana Lyn Thomas Nyzhae Nicole Thomas Olivia Grace Thomas Aryana Nicole Thompson Trinity Aaliyah Thompson Bernadette Iris Tieho Noumbissi Charles Leroy Tilton Sabrina Ovell Toney

Jose Luis Torres Rodriquez Jose Ivan Trejo Tepas Justine Angel Trybus Kayla Tyanna Turner Brandon Anibal Uceda Llerena Angela Maria Valenzuela Cordero Helen Sugey Vallecillo Pena Nathan Alexander VanVactor Nicholas Vasilev Emerson Danilo Vasquez Jaxeline Betsavi Vega Diaz Rocio Lisbeth Velasquez Aguilar Julio Cesar Velasquez Perez Karla Issela Vides Moran Mallory Ruth von Garrel Shirley Anne Vu Jason Phillip Waguespack Lucy Camilla Katherine Walker William Charles Walz Grace Leah Warthen Rachel Grace Westmoreland William Harold Westmoreland Toriyoni LeQuelle Whitfield Adrian Lester Williams Chloe Saskia Williams Dione Kemi Williams Priscilla Janae’ Wilson-Gay Jack Henry Wolfes Aerykxz D’Angelo Woods Joshua Alexander Wulff Logan Diane Yamaguchi Darryl Neequaye Yartey Isola Imani Young Katelin Fenway Ziedelis [Pomp and Circumstance, Graduation music ends] Good evening Patriots. Danny Cleveland here And for those of you that have seen the last 3, 4, 5 graduations, you know that this is a time when I usually get up here on the stage and make a fool of myself Rant and rave a little bit for you guys, but you know, with the way things are nowadays, with the virus, and everybody’s shut in and shutdown, I mean, heck, even the mascot had to be quarantined so, I don’t know I just don’t think it feels right to do what we normally do. I’m trying to show a little… I don’t know You know what man? Forget that. Gimme a second [Drumline music plays] If any class deserves this, it’s yours. Here it goes! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages! It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce to you, for the very first time, the Governor Thomas Johnson High School Class of 2020! [Cheering] [Drumline music plays, cheering continues]

[Music ends]