HaasCast – Episode 01 with Mark, Frank, and Andrew – Haas Automation CNC Machine Tool Podcast

good morning fellow machinists my name is frank zaragoza and welcome to the first ever haas podcast and uh i’m joined by andrew and mark who i’m lucky enough to work with every day and on this show we’re going to go over your comments and your questions that you send to us on social media mostly on youtube and uh so i’ve asked andrew and i asked mark to kind of go through our youtube videos and pick some comments that jumped out at them and i thought maybe we could unpack those and just have like a live conversation and see kind of where it goes so we got a comment from a guy marcus scheffler and he says on youtube great video there’s one more holder system i’m aware of the trevo system from shunk the holders have three lobed bores and are deformed to a round bore by a special hydraulic press i noticed that there are a ton of comments about this tribose system by shunk what is it about that system that you think people are talking to us about and why specifically i know we couldn’t get to everything in that tool holder video but um did you look into that and what are your thoughts uh it’s popular it’s another it’s another system right but it’s a funny thing in that it doesn’t make full contact all the way around the tool as far as i’m aware so it’s it’s it’s part of the the reason it works so well is because it’s making contact with let’s say three points or whatever around the holder i’ve never used it before in my life not only that so in in in real life right i used to be a machinist now i’m kind of a just talk about machines on tv i play one on tv and that’s just a holder i’ve never used and so uh i i actually definitely want to give them a call okay and have it come in it was it was that guy that i want to have come in and then of course we always get comments about the sk collets so we talk so much about er collets um then we get grief from people commenting hey what about the sk collets right so an er call it you know 16 degree included angle uh some of the sk collets uh not in in europe they call like a cat 40 holder sometimes an uh sk holder so i’m not talking about the the holder i’m talking about the angle on the collet right but so they have these eight degree included collets which just when you think about it come in straight and so lindex has some great videos on that where they where they tighten up the tool and they you know see how much force it takes to rotate them and we might do something like that uh in a video at some point just to show you the actual holding power between the tools but there’s so much that goes into it deciding which is the best holder part of it comes down to the cost maybe it’s the the range like an er call it might have one millimeter of of range where the some of the um you know those sk columns might only have a half millimeter and um so that the shunk the tribose uh a lot of good things out there um that i just don’t know about so that’s what’s nice about the comments is we’re learning a lot about these different holders uh from you guys something that we may not have seen yeah and that makes us on the video team super happy when you know you get this kind of organic conversation where people are like adding more to the conversation and bringing up stuff um so there’s a guy on youtube manny calavera and one of the main reasons i chose this comment was because that is the name of a character in a lucas arts game um grim fandango which is like one of my favorite games so props to you manny calavera that’s a dope username and he says one thing you didn’t mention is the fantastic properties weldons have for dampening or disrupting resonance in the cut because of the slightly offset tool this has similar effects of a variable flute and disrupts any possible buildup of resonance aka chatter so i wanted to ask you mark why didn’t we talk about chatter like in a more specific way is that something that we wanted to kind of avoid because we know that there’s so many variables so that one we’re talking about the tool holder video that was talking about that as far as manny’s comment yeah it’s a funny thing too because we’re talking about getting all the tools perfectly on center with zero run out and how that improves your tool life right and how every tenth of run out will cause you so much to life degradation but what’s odd is that sometimes when things are too perfect they resonate they hum and it’s it’s just it’s just constant balance and so um when you have an animal that’s running off center he’s absolutely right the thing is less likely to find yourself in a sweet spot where it’s going to resonate and so you might not get chatter um but you are trading that off against the increased wear on that on that particular flute that one flute is going to get worn out just way faster than the other flutes in that envelope because it’s off center uh but again yeah if it’s a variable pitch they try and keep things even that way but i know that i used to live in san diego and there’s the san onofre power plant there and they just shut the entire thing down and from the articles that i’ve read over the years is that they have these cooling tubes in them and they were machined to a certain tolerance and everything was fine the thing cooled that was it well an engineer changed one number on a blueprint and he changed the process

so he made these giant cooling tubes much cheaper but they were actually to a much finer tolerance as well right so instead of being held to a to a you know 50 micron tolerance they’re now now held to a 10 micron tolerance so not only is it cheaper but it was a tighter tolerance and they put all these cooling tubes in everything was perfect and then within months right they started leaking you know coolant where it shouldn’t be because these things were so perfect that they had a bunch of tuning forks they were all perfectly matched and they vibrated and they were so long they started rubbing it so the reason that the entire nuclear power plant got shut down was because the tonsils were so tight that everything was so perfect that they resonated just the flow of the water and it’s shut down you know now they’re trying to figure out who’s going to pay the millions of dollars to to you know tear this place down that sounds like the beginning to a tip of the day video right there the resonance itself is is you know an issue but so normally you don’t get into that problem though with the welding shanks because you’re not going to be running weld ins at at 15 000 rpms at that point you’re going to be shaking the machine to pieces so the problems go away you’ve got tools that are great at low rpm and they’re fine and then you got tools that that are great at high rpms and again the comment on the on the youtube video and we could find it somebody was saying that’s great you showed us the balancer but that’s a 40 000 balancer and i have no idea right how much it costs but it might be but again he’s right normally we’re buying stuff off the shelf we’re putting a tool in it tightening it and calling it done so we’re buying tools that are rated for 20k or you know some that are rated for you know 7 000 rpms like some of the weldings yeah there’s a there’s a real sorry there’s almost like a your mileage may vary kind of component to almost all these videos i’m remembering another comment where a guy was talking about how he never machines a flat into any of the uh i saw that comment and the guy’s wrong by the way there’s two things going on there if you’re if you’ve got no flat on your end mill holder and you’re holding and you’ve got a carbide end mill nice hard end all right you know and you’re holding that in a welding holder and you’re cranking on that if you have an eighth inch end mill it’s fine because it’s got so much so little load you put up you put a 5 8 end mill with no flat on it and a weld and shank and if it’s not spinning on you you are going way too slow right right working hard you’re not working hard enough because you you should be making that thing cry well you should be pulling it out you should be pulling it out yeah if you’re if you’re yeah if you’ve got no flat in a welding and your tools not pulling out you’re doing something wrong right you’re not pushing it hard enough so do you think if you if you do have an end mill and you and it is off center and a welding shank tool and you have worked that one flute hard enough to wear it down did you eventually just end up using the other flutes as the first one wears down to match the diameter of the other ones yes and no possibly you know solid carbide a lot of the problem is especially if you’re running on harder material is you’ve got coatings that are only a couple tenths right then and so what you’ve done is you just you just wore through the three tents worth of coating on that one edge and once that thing’s going it’s like it’s like a ceramic tile on the space shuttle yeah you know you’ve lost the the heat resistant ceramic tile on the space shuttle the coating on that one flute and if you’re running on hard material what’s it’s going to blow you’re you’re going to lose that flute it’s going to explode not not just gall but yeah or maybe it’s very quickly gone from galling to yeah well if you’re running aluminum stuff like that sometimes just a little bit of worn out endless okay because it actually stops chatter if it’s too short sometimes sharp it sometimes bounces a little bit right we used to grab pennies you know a long time ago and score the edge of the end mill trying to trying to wear it out a little bit so it wasn’t so bouncy and sticky and chattery and we don’t do that anymore the the grinds on the end mills are much better so now you just pull them out of the box and run them but you know on aluminum you don’t care but um and some of the other metals you get your loads go up so high and just bad things happen quickly we should mention that there’s a pretty cool chatter video that um that the video team mark put together uh released a year and a half ago or so a couple years ago maybe now we should put a link up to that because that’s got some great information in it as well um so andrew do you have any comments you want to share with us someone jumped out at you yeah there’s some some interesting stuff here we we had we did this this video about the auto parts loader we have done a couple of actually and one of them uh had luke one of our accountants yeah setting the machine up and essentially was just set up to show how easy it is to set the machine up and there were some a couple of a number of comments that talked about how people were worried that that the portsmouth was going to replace operators and stuff like that um i’ve got a couple here vlad rubika said so why spend four years in trade school and 35 years on machine shop floor to be to be replaced anytime by boses from the accounting department question mark thank you for the snarky comment vlad you get a shirt

it doesn’t have any sense to me um and another another tuko breaking bad nice then his response was don’t tell me you spent four years in trade school learn how to load parts this will allow you to use your skills you’ve learned at school more efficiently while the machine loads parts for you works better not harder um that’s i think gonna usually be our approach to this question is the whole the whole reason you have a cnc machine tool to begin with is to do things in an automated fashion and to go faster than you can when you’re manually loading a manual machine setting the machine up and programming the machine and setting up the tooling and specifying specifying what tools you’re using and making more efficient programs those are all things that you’ll continue to do despite having an apl or a robot loading your machine so um you know you guys spend lots more time in a machine shop than somebody like me behind the camera guy as a kind of like a cnc newbie what is the prevalence of of apl’s and robotics what would you say percentage-wise what time is it now so we’re at 954 yes and there’ll be a certain percentage of the market that’s using automation and by 9 55 that number will have changed there has been a just seismic shift in the number of people you can see it on instagram everyone’s like uh you know um ultra savers you know jd ellen and those guys they’re always showing you know kevin they’re they’re you are a robot that’s loading the lightsabers into the chuck of the machine yeah they didn’t have that five years ago and and a year ago they just had one robot and today they probably have two or three and shops are doing this all over the place and so if your job can be replaced by a robot it’s not the job you want to be doing right what you want the job that you want is is programming that robot you want to be the guy you know measuring the parts or inspecting or programming because you’re going to make five bucks an hour more than just the guy who loads of parts so there’s no loss there right i’m not worried about automation replacing all of our jobs because just like every other new technology out there uh it’s just gonna make available for us you know the the fun jobs the things that we want to do yeah and i’ve i’ve mentioned this before but like one of my favorite little stories was this guy milton friedman he was a nobel winning you know economist yeah yeah and so back in the you know whatever 60s or 70s he writes in some of his books that he was somewhere in asia which means whenever somebody says somewhere in asia it’s probably an airplane story right it’s not didn’t really happen but anyhow he writes about this and everyone quotes his story that he was going through a construction site and for a works program somewhere in asia and everyone was uh digging a long trench with shovels and uh he was looking at this and he’s thinking hey you know this is the 60s or whatever why do you have you know a thousand guys here digging this you know long site with with shovels why aren’t you using bulldozers and the formula replied and said well it’s a it’s a works program the whole reason this job site exists is to create jobs and so milton looks at the guy and says well then why don’t you give them spoons right if you want to just create jobs we can make work for ourselves but you’re not going to make any money at it and no one wants to dig a canal or whatever or a job site with spoons right right we want to drive tractors extractors are cool yeah there’s a lot of fun things we can do you’re not going to stop the prod the the the process here and the progress right you know whatever 20 years ago 10 years ago 30 years ago the longer you go back automation was was more difficult in those days and it took a it took a larger volume of parks to make it worthwhile you had to be you’re setting up a very dedicated process in every case to make automation a reality and now you can very soon very soon now you’re probably gonna be able to get uh a robot in front of your machine for not that much money that you can set up very simply from one of our controllers or even one of our competitors controllers and you can you can be automating your process like that and the more the more the easier it is the more people are going to do it it’s like any other kind of technology so it’s going to be commonplace very soon i think there is a like a plug-and-play component to the software and we’ve made it really easy with templates and all that stuff but there is still a little bit of a learning curve to get that up and running absolutely and if you can get good at that process that’s also going to be a skill that’s kind of in demand yeah i think using the robots using both from the software side and from the you know you still have to make jaws for it you have to you have to make any kind of special fixturing um you have to make sure it stays in alignment there’s lots of different things that need to be that are still required it doesn’t work it’s hard but it’s fun it’s fun hard and you get good at that and you make more money this is from daniel brown surely the time it takes to set this all up you could have been halfway through the job already um so i guess i i wanted to wanted to

tee that up for you just just to ask you what you learned when you’re going through the setup of the apl um what do you think about you know the templates and how easy it was to use frankly when i was when i went down to start playing around with it i i didn’t have high hopes for it being as easy as it turned out to be yeah it’s still involved there’s a lot of there’s a lot of things you need to set because you realize that you’re you’re telling the machine you’re you’re defining a lot of positions for it you’re telling it where to pick up the part where to move above the machine to be aligned in the door because that can change of course as your part as your part size changes um how you know how far to come down in the machine where to rotate inside the machine those are all things that vary as your parts varies so you have to control them therefore you have to set them it takes it takes some time to do that um what’s cool about it is that once you’ve set up a program for a particular part the next time you go to program a part that’s got a similar geometry um much of that of the the numbers that define where you’re traveling in space are already insane you can take that change right one thing changing the future you’re not starting from scratch you’re not starting from scratch so it makes it the second part is considerably faster than the first one plus you’ve you know the first the first one’s gonna take you a little while to get through and then from there i think it i don’t know if you’d say exponentially but it definitely is much quicker the second and subsequent times i could see that yeah if you’re just running even 10 parts and once you’ve learned that system you’re running every day i after a couple weeks even for 10 parts i would rather just go jog it click beep and hit the button and go then sit there and load them all yeah it gets better and better i’m not sure where that number is but maybe it’s 50 parts maybe it’s 10 parts maybe it’s well maybe it’s 100 parts guys the bar feeder guys they might say well i’m just going to you know when i pull it out and set my stock run the button pull it out set my stock on the button no after no time at all they learn the g105 software programs and they just run the bar they just run the bar feeder on every single job it’s a couple numbers one little change it’s got the same thing what’s going to happen is that with the apl and i’m excited for the mills because it’s gonna be the same way right you’re gonna have this robot or whatever apl and we have some other things come in robots as well that you know load the thing in the vise i see a time and it’s not that far off i mean i’m talking like six months from now a year from now where people are gonna be loading first up you know the the the wide-open jobs first operation parts and advice in their mills in the same way that people do with bar bar feeders and that’s going to become the more common way to run things it’s just too easy not to it’s going to become so easy yeah is it one of these things that once you use it you really don’t want to go back to the old way right when you have to run a lot oh yes which that’s i’ve heard that i’ve heard that exact sentence you know a thousand times and it’s always from the probe guys right yes like and then a month later don’t take away my approval this is easier actually yeah it’s just easy i don’t care about it from the operator’s perspective i don’t care that it’s faster easier saves money like it it just it made my life easier yeah you know my day was better because i had that whatever probe in the thing yeah same thing yeah probes tsc i always i always preach that because it made my life easier as a machinist my days were not as bad when i knew that my drills would not explode because i had tsc that that you’re that’s having an idea anything that’s going to make you make your tool live longer is is you loading reloading that tool and re-probing it and resetting everything that many fewer times yeah i’m gonna draw crazy but sort of semi-related parallel too we’ve been doing videos at haas for quite a while and there was one time where we were anti-teleprompter and uh then we were just like you know what let’s try it and we kind of grumbled about it and we set it up and you know every actor every on talent guy is different but um it’s a it’s a piece of technology that you look at you’re like this is going to get in the way in my process it’s kind of like a monkey wrench in the process i don’t really think this is going to help my workflow and then once you do it you’re like oh my god it is the same thing you got to learn it’s a different it’s a different technique and in some respects you’d you’d think it would be absolutely the simplest thing in the world because now you’re just reading instead of having to memorize it you guys are really good at uh delivering dialogue and making it seem natural and that’s a huge talent that’s a skill see mark mark is great at the right way i either have to memorize it forever or look at the teleprompter so the apl is the teleprompter for the machine

is that what we’ve got okay you got it that’s right we’re going to cut that out for sure uh mark what do you got what do you got for us so when when you mentioned doing this right we’re going to sit down and talk hey talk about some comments in my mind just went in some very very odd directions um originally i because we just did the video on tool holders i thought about the eagles comment you know eagles are the most overrated there’s a little blip in the video and we can we can show you guys that but over the years we’ve just had some uh some fantastic comments um i’ve got them right here in front of me let’s see here uh pokeyoaks video i love well of course i’ve got here you recognize this one daniel daniel machado brazil how do you how do you talk about comments and not mention daniel machado you should send him a box of shirts but for for years and years he’s commented on just about every video to the point where if we don’t see his comment what do we see yeah there is but really people are afraid for his safety send some send somebody to help this guy out check out with daniel yeah send someone to his house something’s gone wrong yeah man we should just say thank you to daniel machado thank you dan yeah it’s wonderful thank you youtube channel fan we’ve got uh other ones here let’s see here the tapping video we just did uh you and i did it was a great video we had a lot of fun doing it um and one of the favorite comments on that video that i just i just love um i i like but at the same time i feel badly because some some operator lost his job because of this video yeah and it’s a little sad and so this was uh let’s see here uh desi quintero uh he wrote a couple months ago he wrote awful video my boss fired me on the spot when he saw me playing with a snow plow and artificial snow all over his shop thanks a lot haas sorry about that yeah sorry about this we had a snowplow in the beginning it was showing which way the chips are going to move but we make videos like that that we spend a lot of time on um and on the other end of spectrum when i sorted my list of the videos that we’ve done uh together tapping video is the top right most views and then you know 80 something videos way down at the bottom we’ve got these videos that have no views whatsoever right relatively speaking relatively speaking right and so i’ve got you know we all have those videos but i’ll see these comments on some of these like the one we just did on tokyo pokey oaks poke means mistake proofing we’re using the probe to to make sure the thing’s loaded right especially if you’ve got an apl or who knows you want to verify before it runs you can poke yoke in your program and have the probe make sure everything’s cool before it before it runs but we got comments in that video saying lifesaver we were literally trying to find a way to poke yoke some of our jobs thank you thank you this was engineered to detail on that video and there’s just a ton of those videos on the macro hacks video in the in process probing video comment after comment this is the video we were waiting for thank you in those videos on the macros and that type of stuff and the probing like no views comparatively 1.25 million 16 000 yeah right so it’s like why do we spend the time and effort to make a video that’s going to be on macros that’s going to show you some weird code to probe but i love it because those are my people yep it’s a guy stuck behind a machine and he’s got to find a way to do this and it’s he can’t find an example and so i’m just thrilled that that you know mr haas that bob murray that you know scott all these guys allow us to make make yeah we’re not just making the heavy hitter it’s not it’s it’s not a it’s not a crowd pleaser it’s like a super super lucky blast to be able to work for an organization that has this like pay it forward attitude about education in general yeah and youtube in general can be kind of a vitriolic kind of trollish place when it comes to certain kinds of videos we are super lucky and we recognize that there’s an amazing uncommon ratio from the likes to dislikes and i mean nothing could make us happier than that yeah that’s that’s amazing you can’t focus on the topics that aren’t that aren’t going to get amazing views because they’re important to machines out there and particularly who get into advanced topics the the stuff that you usually want to deal the most with you’re often not talking to a huge audience right potentially the audience of course is very it’s everyone uses those almost anyone that’s that does any kind of work on wood or metal or anything but i’m excited about using pound 30 26 that’s the tool in the spindle that’s awesome yeah if you see find a video that answers a question that you have in your mind at that point it’s like a little miracle you’re like what is this weird stream of consciousness i had this problem and then boop there’s a notification where a

video came up exactly answering this problem i had like that’s amazing that’s what everyone’s looking for on youtube yeah that’s why it’s probably my favorite thing to watch now because whatever i’m doing whether i’m you know changing a part of my car or i’m installing gutters in my house someone is doing it and it’s going to tell me how they think it’s best done look at the variety of videos and pick the one you think is best yeah i remember i was looking for how to rebuild the uh the the fork seals on the on my yamaha dirt bike and the instructions weren’t very clear in the manual that i had and so i was searching on youtube first for someone taking one of these things apart and i found this guy in this in his beat up looking shop but he was doing the work on his on his on his table top there in his vice and i was just ha i searched through the video for you know 30 minutes finding that one spot where he took that particular seal out and i watched how he did it and it was like that was the finished part this is the crucial part the missing link and with cnc machining uh a lot of people look and i say oh you will figure it out but when you’re writing the code for a cnc machine you cannot have a missing link you can’t be 95 correct if you’re missing the 5 the machine won’t run or or worse and so we we’ve we’ve really we’ve sat down right over the last couple years and whether it’s you know john nelson or marcus or me or you or brian somebody’s making a video on each one of those links the things that could cause you pain and grief and keep you from from getting those parts made and so we’re making all those and we have a list of a couple more videos that we know we’re missing a couple hundred or a couple couple thousand maybe uh in fact so you were talking about the comments so right now we should just say that if you write a comment on this video with a suggestion this is not a suggestion of you know what color should i paint my car but what the thing do you really need to know on the on the haas machines that only hoss could tell you maybe whether it’s on uh you know the lay of live tooling or cutter compensation or g one two or three we don’t know you tell us and we’ll see how that gets bumped up because and that really does affect um maybe what video comes next cutter compensation yeah do you guys feel like there was a point it’s almost like we’ve crossed into this other phase of education and training with with social media kind of leading the charge where there used to be this idea like i don’t want to share my secrets with other people i want to kind of keep stuff to myself because that makes me i don’t know it gives me an advantage over another guy in a shop or something and the social media revolution in youtube has really like blown the lid off of that like we we’ve discovered maybe through this technology that when we lift each other up and we help each other it makes us better i felt that tinge when we first started making the videos um you know when i’m first when i was answering phones right answer phones like all the rest of the apps guys uh and and so all the other apps guys trained me and told me what i needed to know for haas i was a machinist for years but that’s different than than knowing the settings and parameters and stuff and so there’s a there’s this little thing like if i write this down and show this information to the world i’m less valuable and and i tell you even though i felt that i started writing everything down and i started writing down notes and i started saying look if i’m the only person in the room that knows this or that wrote it down everyone knows it but you know i’ll send it out to everyone so they can just send out this sheet and and so i didn’t lose my job right do you know what i’m saying yeah i i it’s if you’re helping other people if you’re helping get better you’ve got a job it is evident on youtube that now now people are kind of almost getting self-worth via training other people instead of holding on to this you know this closely guarded secrets so that they are there better in you know whatever industry or whatever walk of life they’re working in yeah and as a video guy i always go back to this you know it takes a little team of people to put these together um there’s a whole lot of behind the scenes stuff that goes on um these two guys especially can speak to the writing process and just the amount of research that goes into every video andrew has this thick file folder for the really in-depth ones where he’s got you know he needs to know the subject inside it out it’s that old i think it’s an einstein quote right if you can’t describe it simply you don’t understand it so that’s really one of the biggest challenges for us um in unpacking some of these complex things yeah well i we’ve certainly talked about this a thousand times but we’ve come to realize that i think almost always you can you can never be simple enough right we will we’ll keep trying to

simplify things and making them make them understandable to as wide a group of people as we as possible and sometimes we’ve we thought this is too simplistic and people are gonna are just gonna think we’re idiots that’s hard breaking it down so to such a basic level um and that hasn’t been the reaction at all oh man we had a conversation yesterday uh you know um brian and andrew and i we were talking about this other video that we’re it’s probably gonna be released before this one is um and it’s just about these simple nine lines of code that you can do to write a program and we were talking about like oh it’s too simple it’s whatever i’m like no but the reason it excites me is because you take these few lines of code here and these few lines of codes here you can do everything this is it’s not just that this is this it’s like we didn’t start with the simple codes and just make a video on the simple codes we painstakingly over hours and hours you paint just yeah decided look with just these codes you can do just about everything so start here first yeah but it didn’t the list didn’t just populate itself we didn’t just choose the easy codes and put them on there we chose you to pick the first nine codes in the manual yeah it takes hours and hours i could we could explain anything because we’ve been doing it for a while we could explain anything in an hour start the camera we can explain it yeah you know and we that that would take an hour to write if we want to do it in half an hour that takes you know you know four hours to write if you want to get that thing down to five minutes oh you’ve got you know tens of hours in there hundreds of hours who knows depending on the topic the shorter the video gets the more time it takes to to concentrate that description or that explanation that seems really simple and you’re like oh that’s the best way to describe to describe that when it seems obvious or it seems like you almost already knew it that’s usually when you realize oh that’s probably a pretty good definition for okay and you know because because you shot it yeah so the snowplow video we wanted to show the chips going one way or the other and we talked about it and stuff like that um but what we don’t see in the video is that i had ordered five different types of cheese cutters cheese slicers off amazon and elsewhere uh for that video what is what does cheese slicers have to do with which direction the chips go well i thought that if i took a knife and i held it up against a block of cheese and i went like this with the knife that the cheese would go this way or this way it turns out that it doesn’t work that way yeah the cheese is too soft and it’s going to keep going the way it wants so it didn’t relate to cheese does not like medicine she does not like milk but it didn’t slice it wouldn’t move the way we wanted it so i had cheese and we’re gonna make a little cooking show that at the end of the day we’re like it’s a bad analogy it doesn’t make sense what does make sense when we went with the snow in the snow cutting room floor man see youtube community what mark and his family ate two months just to get this video for you guys i hope you enjoy it on everything yep thanks everybody for watching this haas podcast um hopefully we’ll do some more keep on commenting keep on giving us your questions we love reading that stuff and we read almost every single one of them or somebody on our team does and i do also want to give a shout out to the rest of our video team super hardworking talented professional video video editors john sal rick and tyler these guys are really getting after it and making great stuff so keep on commenting and uh we’re going to keep on making great videos if you want to reach out to us if you have questions or comments drop them down there in the comments section or we can send an email to tod haascnc.com that’ll get straight to mark that’s the tip of the day email address and um a special thanks to the community thank you to the subscribers and keep on watching we’ll keep on making videos oh yeah like subscribe comment yep thanks thanks guys