How to route plan on the Rand McNally TND tablet with tablet review part 2

what’s up YouTube alright if you saw my previous video about my Rand McNally tablet I just did a quick general walkthrough for this video here I’ve been getting a lot of requests saying to go through and so how to pretty much use just a Ram McNally part of it itself you know how to get directions to go from point A to point B so that’s what this video is going to be about I might even include a little bit of the tablet part itself depending how long the video ends up being be prepared this is probably going to be at least a 15 maybe a 20 minute video but I’m not trying to catch everything that I possibly can to show you how to use the tablet itself so with that being said let me get the tablet and we’ll start day so here we are as you can see it’s on the Android part of the tablet now so I got rid of I stopped using this the stock rang Manali homepage so that way I can use it pretty much as just a regular excuse me turn that radio off no way I can use it as a regular tablet I guess you can say pretty much you know you got your Chrome Facebook YouTube I got my games up here you know your candy crush and all the other stupid addicting games that when you’re sitting doing nothing they they keep you entertained for the most part I got Netflix and all that on here too but I just haven’t put it on the on the home screen so pretty much it’s hard to see what I’m doing some to me hit here okay as you can see I’m already going to a place some will go ahead and just cancel this route out real quick so when you start up your tablet or when you start up your ramen alley you’re going to be on this screen here the truck tools here you can go to timers and and all that kind of stuff you can set up you know there’s my mileages that’s on my truck right now I forgot what I set this one for but uh pretty much I got it you know my my pre-service my Curie or my my my lube service my a service is due in 1,400 miles which those I do myself it ain’t nothing to climb into the truck and and lube up all your points my regular B service or PM is right there at the at the 15,000 mark which when you hit the button you can change it you can reset it whatever let me go back here obviously you can say my my max average miles per get miles per hours 56 like I said before my other video I do not run very fast at all I keep my truck fairly slow you can even keep track of your mileage whatever the trails is I don’t know but you can also keep track of your field I don’t do this because I use the the lets truck app which actually is on the tablet itself that you it comes factory with the tablet so you can sit there and enter in all your you know your your fuel your mileage from when you get fuel and so on more truck info you go through and you can set up you know if you got hazmat what’s your weight is empty what your weight is loaded your height your with how long your trailer is you know if you want to adjust the ETA I increased it obviously because I don’t do the speed limit I drive slower so that way with increase increased ETA you pretty much gives you a closer you know ETA and I can sit there and even increase it more if I want to you can decrease it like you feared if you’re one of those drivers that bit that always has to put your foot to the floor you know you’re you’re obviously not in a company truck you’re not governed anything like that then you can go to the decrease ETA some sorry about this sake and I don’t know why I get some cold or something I don’t know but uh anyways you can decrease it to you know decrease your ETA so obviously set it to where you normally Drive what speeds you’re normally driving stuff like that pretty much regular ETA is is a good ETA for about a 62 mile an hour truck increasing

it I run 5856 you know stuff right around in there my cruise is set at 58 but you know with the uphills and downhills you can’t average 58 so that’s why you know inc the increased ETA is is about a 58 i mean s sorry a 62 mile an hour speed but increased even ETA more is right about a 55 mile an hour average speed I should technically have it on that but I don’t but anyways you can change your number of axles to you know whatever whatever it is that you have I go back you you know you can set up your warnings to where when you’re going through where is it at for curve warnings you know if you got a sharp turn ahead if you got a you know a steep hill you can change your displace sizes you can make it to where turns it off automatically and you know a couple seconds so it doesn’t block up your screen narrow roads driving session that’s for your logs I don’t run my logs on here but you can do as well it’ll change you know you can set your speed limit to where it will display the car the truck or just the truck alone I do it on both so that way if it’s if there’s no if I’m in a state that doesn’t separate the car and the truck speed limits it’ll show just the car if it if you’re in a state that it shows both speed limits like say cars or seventy trucks or 65 it’ll show you the 65 mile an hour speed limit and it will be out like a yellowish or orange color sign which will be on the display I got it to where it alerts me two miles before my tolls a way station for five miles in front of me construction five miles and my speed warning obviously I said you can change it to where it’ll tell you you know I got mine set if I’m going seven miles an hour over the speed limit it’ll give me a warning it’ll say speed warning you know stuff like that if you can change it to where you can when you’re driving in the back roads or even in on the regular highway where the speed limits are changing from 70 to 65 255 whatever the case may be I got it to where it will tell me one mile out that it lets speed limits going to change so that way just in case you don’t happen to see the speed on the side you already know that you should probably prepare to start slowing down pretty much you got your motor carriers Road info here never really gone to that so let’s see what that is say were say I’m actually in Tennessee right now so we’ll go to Tennessee and see what it says where did I go right there okay emergency phone numbers yada yada yada state police oversight okay so it’s just all your stuff that you need if your own over weights or oversize or anything like that I guess this emergency stuff I thought it might show something else but I guess not um quick planner I’ve never really used that I’m not going to try to go in there and try to X you know use it you do have a calculator that you can use on here the miles and kilometer converters too so you know I guess if you’re I believe Canada’s using kilometers I’m not sure never been up there would love to go but never been up there but um so you can convert that over you got a notepad for just you know quick notes that you can type up you know directions or whatever you also got a calendar um let’s see here so then we’ll go back here move this so it’s not going to keep falling off my steering wheel here go to preferences and that’s where you know you can change your your I think I said this in the other in the other video but uh you can change your different map colors your vehicle type you can go from you know a car truck or bus that’d be that team driving for if you’re running your logs on it your brightness that’s self-explanatory let’s see here trying to remember exactly where it’s at maybe it’s under maybe it’s under mat for what I’m thinking probably is lit anyways for for your route you know once again you got your ETA stuff you can select your fastest route me stop looking at my camera here fastest route shortest route you know if you want to prefer the freeways avoid the freeways avoid small roads you know etc you can avoid tour roads avoid your u-turns avoid the ferries you know cross border you know country borders avoid dirt roads and stuff like that fast recalculation is on because there are times that you miss your turn and then you’re like oh crap where to we’re good now well with this new tablet it

actually updates your route really fast I mean a lot faster than my 720 did now for the map you know as your zooms you can go city scale what is it I’m not gonna try to repeat it off the top of my head okay City Street or Auto scale or off pretty much right now I have it on the city scale because I had it on auto scale and I mean that thing called zoom way out there sometimes if you’re if you’re on us on a highway for a long period of time like I was down in southern Georgia actually Florida going up 75 all the way to Atlanta to our yard and pretty much all I saw on the map was about a line like this and I can see everything else I mean on the city at least that way it’s doing it a little bit more I can see other roads if something’s you know if maybe it doesn’t calculate a faster route maybe I might see another route that might be faster or another way that I want to go you know you gotta gotta got it you can always be there um points of interest icons you can set them up I haven’t set anything up yet except for Walmart’s you can set up your car icons me go back to the truck they got some actually pretty cool icons here you got you you know your regular semi judyann’s media versions you can change your color of your icon of course you got the arrow the bus a car a chopper off-road truck or Jeep whatever it is a racing snail my kids like that one they thought they reminded of them turbo or turbo I mean a pretty good movie actually it’s kind of funny space shuttles and then the trucks of course I left mine on the truck my other one had like a like like a dinosaur or something like that that I had on it for a while just to change it up make it different um you can change the route colors you know to blue red green whatever you want to you know whatever color you want to change you got your selector here for it pretty much okay let’s go back into it now so if you got a place you’re going you hit choose destination if you got something saved you can go to your address book if it’s the same place that you’ve been to recently you know you hit your history new location obviously it’s a new place you can plan multi stop trips points of interests are just like your your your truck stops in your Walmart’s and stuff like that I can go here and get your cat scales your weigh stations the dealerships all that kind of stuff if you hit quick stops here and that’s when you can find your you know it’s a lot quicker to and it separates everything so that way you have either your Walmart your ta your petros you know all that kind of stuff which comes in handy for like when I want to when I’m trying to sleep at night or when I’m trying to find a part parking spot at night I would find you know points of interest and then I hit my route which obviously I don’t have a route set up yet so I can go my route and it will pop up and I’ll hit the it will pop up with this screen here I can hit travel centers if I want to see what truck stops are up ahead of me on my route same thing with way stations the Catskills the dealerships you know and then you hit quick stops boom I hit Walmart and that shows me all the Walmart’s that’s along my route without having to go out of route by you know a distance so you know it’s usually something that’s either right off the freeway or roughly you know mile or two off the off the highway hasn’t really routed me too far from that but uh look at the address book will show you something here let’s see hit your new location your Main Street let’s say we want to go to actually Harris let’s go ahead and load up my the place I’m delivery to I’m going to go into Walmart me grab my bill source I can get the actual address here for me okay so we’re going to go to actually it’s already right there in London Kentucky and then you enter your street name in obviously before that you would type in another city so let’s do it this way we’ll go ahead and go London type it in obviously you can see it’s starting to fill it in there you go right there’s London Kentucky so you hit that the street name is Russell and I’ll pull up all your list if it’s if there’s you know if you’re almost to the close ending of the of the word it’ll automatically pull it out so we’re going to the Memorial Highway now just as 3701 and then hit enter now sometimes it’ll tell you that the house number is not correct so that’s the case actually we’ll try to demonstrate let’s go nine nine nine nine nine hit enter

it’ll pop up but this one is saying the valid entry you know it’s an invalid entry so then you would hit closed you can delete the numbers that you put in and just hit list and then it will tell you a list of you know your address obviously we’re going to 3701 so then you can scroll down and see what’s close to your actual address and what do you know that right there is thirty seven or one you know so and then you find the closest thing and go and then just obviously at that point you get the closest address then you got to use your head a lot more once you get real close to the place so actually you know find it so you can hit begin route or you can hit compare routes and I’ll then tell you that you can it’ll show two routes based on your on your preferences or show two routes based on you know one toll road one none toll road so then you hit you know basic it’ll ask you if you’re loaded or empty you can alternate you can click always load it if you want I don’t because sometimes when I’m empty it’ll put me on the lighter weight back roads and stuff like that obviously so we’re gonna hit loaded I’m in grandma I’m not 80,000 pounds right now I’m he’ll I’m nowhere near it I could have just hit empty you know so it’ll tell you pretty much your different ways of going up here where it says no toll obviously because both of the routes is claiming there’s no tolls now if there is a toll one thing I do like about this I don’t know if the if the new 7:30 or the new 530 has that option or not but what I did find out is that if you have a toll road like when I was going from Pennsylvania over to Indianapolis it showed me you know ninety six dollars and some change here for tolls and like six dollars and some change over here kind of avoiding most that tolls so if you hit that and then it will just calculate your your route obviously you want to pick the shortest route or whatever but uh with that being said then you know you got this set up this is when you’re actually driving down the road whatever you can always hit your menu button you know like I said choose destination points of interest my route and then you know travel centers or weigh stations if you want to see if there’s you know weigh station in your route you know if you got a heavier load you and you’re kind of leery about scaling it or whatever and you don’t want to scale it I mean obviously if if you’re that Larry about it you should probably scale it anyways because you never know when they got a pop-up scale somewhere but um then you just got go back they have a shortcut setting for it as well and that’s what I forgot to mention to you as well say if you’re in choose destination right we’re just gonna look up the previous place that we just looked up you know the the Walmart over there in London Kentucky you can hit this button right here to save it to your address book and then we’ll go ahead and do that it will ask you if you want to save it as that you just hit no or yes you want to save it as that you can hit clear here and then enter you know whatever you want to enter I’m not going to go ahead and save it but you know you can do that I only save our terminal addresses and in my thing or my house and stuff like that but uh just to get a quick reference up in anyways but uh then you hit go back to map you can change your settings here you know you can go to route settings if you want to you know if you wanted if you save you go into a state and you go oh crap I forgot to turn off the scale you know to allow tolls or whatever hit that change it and as soon as you go back to the map it’s going to recalculate your route just in case you know anything happens to change while you’re driving down the road save you know how it shows here that it’s a 55 mile an hour speed limit save this not you can press that and you can enter obviously I guess that’s truck speed limit zero miles from zero miles per hours incorrect near that time it should be five miles an hour or whatever I mean obviously I’m not to change it because Rand McNally might get mad at that one but uh you know if you’re on a highway and it shows the wrong you know speed you can touch that and then when you read when you get into a Wi-Fi area again you can stand it’ll it’ll send an email to Rand McNally telling ma you know the speed limit shows 55 but yet it should actually be you know 65 or 70 or 45 or whatever and it will go off of the speed that you’re actually traveling so obviously when you hit that button you want to be doing the speed limit so that way it’ll it’ll tell you this one here pretty much tells you okay that’s not what I thought oh that’s just what exits you got and what’s available at those exits I’ve never really used that so I wasn’t sure if you want to if you’re not sure about how you’re you don’t remember how it zoomed in I mean you can always zoom your map out and go from there let’s say you want a little bit more detailed you can press this the three lines there and it will tell you exactly

which way you’re turning and when you’re turning on what roads for your whole trip doesn’t seem like it’s moving maybe it’s trying to catch up with me here for a second but uh you know it’ll move for that other than that doo-doo-doo-doo you can change your your settings here so heads up north a 3d view I like mine on 3d view that way it moves you know the map moves with me and it’s always showing me the direction I need to go your menu over here this takes it away or puts it back for all your settings here you can hit this the miles per hour that you’re showing and then it pulls up this this thing it will give you your average speed your max speed that you’ve done and so on it also if I can remember correctly let me think about this for a second if I touch here maybe not but there’s it shows a graph I don’t remember exactly how to do at least that was on the 720 I don’t know if this one doesn’t or not but obviously if I was you know it tells you when the sunrise is sunset is I’ll you know all that tells you you’re your local time your yard time which is obviously what you set up the ETA to your to your delivery shows your elevation here okay that’s what it is and it shows your current leg of the trip here obviously you know from before you know it’ll tell you you know I’ve already done half way through my trip so it’ll it’ll fill up you know halfway and so on that 4409 that’s how many miles I’ve put on the on the truck since I actually bought this navigation that’s how many miles it’s tracked you can add your fuel you can change your you know your settings to whatever trip you want and then lets it go back but I think that pretty much covers you can press your time there oh that’s right let’s do this real quick if you have a multi start like say okay you got got your setting here let’s go choose destination points of interest my route Travel Centers say we want to go to the Flying J right there in Kentucky exit to but you don’t want to have to worry about remembering you just want it to remind you pretty much that your you know your clutch stops coming up you can hit ad ad as via ad to start obviously we’re still loaded it’ll check the route it’ll tell you hey guys like I said it loads pretty quick so you know that’s real-time now it shows we’re 84 miles from that look or from that flying J so pretty much we can go here except for Poland you can hit you know you can change it to where it’ll display you know your remaining time yard time your elevation you know you can change that to whatever you want what we’re going to say remaining time and you can do the leg or the total trip obviously the leg is what it was showing and that was 84 miles so we can go total trip and boom now it’s so and you know that’s 242 miles counting our stop at the Flying J and then to our final destination or you can change it to that was my yard time actually I hit the wrong button looking at my screen I’ll just go to the lake so that way you know it shows that now say if you decide oh now I’m not going to stop at that at that truck stop or that way station or whatever you know whatever you you put in there is that temporary stop you go to settings here and just skip the next stop and then obviously hit loaded new recalculate you real quick now I just noticed something you can temporary avoid you know if there’s an accident or something you want a temporary of what you can go to there you can even permanently avoid a road that you’re on if you don’t say you’re driving down the road you know you’re following this navigation and it puts you on just a small road that that you don’t feel safe about or you know you just don’t care for that road you can permanently avoid it and that way you’ll never have to worry about it routing you on that same exact road again but with that being said you know there’s the that’s pretty much all I can tell you about this this is your Wi-Fi connection you can get your whether in your field prices once you connect to Wi-Fi and then it shows you your current time right there or yard time whatever I think it’s the current time I don’t have my clock on me right now but uh pretty much that said there you hit the thing people were asking me about the dashcam um me look the stuck dashcam here this is a stock dashcam will go ahead and angle it up this way hopefully you’ll be able to see it

pretty good it will show you the only thing I don’t like about it is as you’re moving maybe they’ve done some upgrades to it so it’s helped it doesn’t make it as pixelated but you know you move it too quick it’ll start getting kind of blurry on you it’s just the camera itself isn’t a high-res cam but uh it does the job you know now if you can use this camera and record in the background while you have your GPS up I do not know I’ve never never really used it so I always back out of that one what I use is this one right here if I can focus in on it okay there doesn’t that’s the art of its the auto guard Pro I use this on my Android phone a long time ago loved it and then I bought an actual dash camera because I got tired of having my phone on the dash and constantly on the constantly on the charger yes I didn’t hit the button right hey Gus so as it loads up which as you can see in the reflection I’m on my Galaxy Note 3 it’ll pull it up you know same view all that you know it’ll it’ll go through but with the pro version you can download the free version of this to try it out if you want even on your Android phone I don’t know about Apple but I know on Android you can download it and check it out the free version is there it just will not allow you to download in the background I have a Twitter automatically starts recording as soon as I load load the app up but you can go through here you can change your settings on it – you know I made all kinds of stuff you can change your sensor settings your shock sensors you know if you wanted to record what uh as soon as you load it how long you want it to record if you want to archive some stuff actually let’s see let’s go back I know I I saved one so let’s go video scroll through here I know I saved one of them let’s see where it’s at okay as you can see here hopefully there’s a little star on that one that’s one that I archived just because I forgot what it was let’s see let’s try – let’s go to show video now when you’re showing the video as you can see right here it’s playing of how you know me driving if I had my tablet hook or if I had the ramming now he hooked up to a Wi-Fi at the time it would show over here it would show a map which you can where’s it at you can you can share it you know save it and look see if it’ll do it I guess not but right there shows you how fast I was driving I forgot why I saved this one but uh oh yeah watch our closest anchor is to this car let’s see if I turn this so you can get a better view at it we’re driving on ice and look how close he is to that car even after I passed him and passed them both he was still riding that cars but never did he go around him he was fully low or he was loaded he you know the tanker was placard you know that’s just beyond stupid I mean that’s that’s you know that’s definitely something you don’t want to be doing because of that cars lost control hit the brakes slightly that tanker is going to rear-end them real bad and who knows Lauzon has you know hauling hazmat got some fines buddy but here’s your you know your your uh your less truck out and this video is getting a little long I had to reset my tablet I restarted back to stock settings because I had a problem with the with the app that I downloaded so I we log into this but uh anyways you know that’s your your ramming alley settings will do another walkthrough of the tablet if you want but basically it’s pretty much an Android tablet an Android phone however you want to say it you know you can put your live wallpapers on there obviously I like the flames that it looks cool gives it something to here’s something to look at but you can press and hold move stuff around you know wherever you want to wherever you want to move it I went the smart way I got my my AVG Antivirus on here so when I’m downloading apps that you know I don’t get a virus or anything but uh like you said before it’s just quick and simple you know boom and it’s set up but uh what that be said I don’t want to turn this camera around the dog probably won’t even see my face but uh anyways we pull this back down here give you guys something to look at give me some flames to stare at for a second but uh if you liked this video give it a thumbs up

share it with your buddies you know put your questions comments concerns in the comment box below or you can always email me at trucker QA uh at trucker QA at and you know ask your questions there give me your ideas if you got an idea for a video you want something you know other than a question you want me to show you something obviously if I have it you know in my possession or is something that I can buy real quick that I think I might use myself then you know hey I’ll make a video on that as soon as I buy it also before I forget a lot of people have asked me is this tablet really worth spending the five hundred bucks on it compared to the four hundred bucks just the regular you know seven thirty is in my opinion yes because if you think about it you got your Rand McNally tablet or your ramming out a GPS right here that’s four hundred bucks for the seven-inch this is an 8 inch so right there for now for the hundred dollar difference you’re getting a three hundred dollar Android tablet plus $100 dash camera so I mean right there’s a evenings alone so I mean you can take it I mean the battery life on this thing is crazy I mean it I’ve had it unhooked and played around you know playing games on it sitting here at the steering wheel and the battery the battery on it is is damn good you know it lasts for for quite a while so I mean before I forget you know mention that I thought I would mention that in the video but I yes is is it worth it is it worth spending the extra hundred to one hundred twenty dollars depending on where you buy it I would say definitely especially if you want the idea of you know tablet versus just regular old GPS so I mean that way you got a three in one combination there you got your dash camera you got your your navigation and you got your tablet anything you do on an Android tablet you can do on here watch videos I did get it to play the sound uh for those of you that watch my other video I just had to get this app here let me find it real quick where to go I know I downloaded it I know did you do where did it go maybe doesn’t pop up but let’s see here we’ll do it this way we’ll do it the easy way uh my file SD car what do I have on here let me angle this down so you don’t see it okay I don’t have even have a damn video on here too so watch but anyways when I when I load up the video it would ask me you know which program I want to use I use VLC for beta and/or VLC player the Android beta it’ll play anything and everything and give it sounding all that but uh with that being said this video is now 30 minutes long it can take me a long time to upload this so hopefully it doesn’t take me two days like the last one did but uh with that being said like I said before like share comment email me you know your ideas questions whatever definitely you know subscribe and share this with your friends if you want if you want me to make a video going through you know the actual tablet part shoot me a message or an email or even in the comment box below tell me what you would you know specific things that you would want to see in that video because I mean it’s an Android tablets that’s it’s pretty much just like using your own phone but have you got you know if you got a certain question about you know something in there feel free hit me up and we’ll make another video but with that being said be safe out there like always like subscribe and share be safe see ya