Live Q&A – Highway Driving, Passing A Road Test, or Starting a CDL Career :: Smart Sunday #16

Alright! Let’s see if it starts? Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart Drive Test Welcome back to take two of the live stream. And we’re gonna see whether it’s working here or not momentarily…and will come up on Youtube for me. There is a bit of a delay here but we had some technical challenges. I have got a new computer. Yes, it’s a lovely computer ,but as many of you know changing it over for the OBS and the applications and all of those sorts of things – it doesn’t just move it over and move all your settings over to so it can be a bit of a challenge as well I’m using a new camera and hooking that in and sieving that’s working and obviously that didn’t work before so it says ok so you’ve got video I haven’t got video for whatever reason but excellent you can hear me all right Corey perfect ok so we’re we’re we’re gonna get going here half an hour late and I do apologize for technical delays that I’ve had I go 80 on 50 miles an hour with cop stop me yes the cops will stop you Gladys it’s only a matter of time Gladys before you get stopped alright so for those of you going for a road test those of you looking to get your licence what vehicle are you driving what class of licence are you going for leave a comment down in the comment for those you watching on the replay leave a comment about what licence class you’re going for and what vehicle you are driving as well if you like the channel be sure to hit that subscribe button be sure to hit those thumbs up button all of that helps us out and gets us you know helping lots people because that’s what we’re trying to do is to help people get a licence help people to start a career as a truck or bus driver and all of that is really great and what we’re going to do mister in the Trevin thank you so much for that god bless you as well thank you for the super chat that is really awesome and mr. Anna Trevon if I’m certain past the road test this week so that’s really great congratulations on that I know why my livestream hasn’t started yet because I scheduled it for 6:30 so I’m just getting started here and making sure everything is working this time and suppose the last time I was watching you know you should you you really shouldn’t watch gaming channels about how to setup OBS because they’re not helping but is does the video just for those of you who are watching does the video seem to be a bit clearer than normal I’m hoping that it is because you know I spent I got a new computer I got a new camera I’m hoping that it’s all much better than what it was anyway Peter how can I get my friends to stop distracting me what I am driving with them Peter how many of your friends are in the vehicle with you just answer that question for me and then will will answer that question for you live in 9 minutes I’m not sure what’s going on with my livestream here but anyway it’s working so tonight we’re gonna talk about highway driving I had a couple of comments in the last couple of weeks that people wanted me to talk about highway driving because people who are going for that license or have started just driving and have a new license I have some trepidation around driving on highways because of high speeds and I can understand that it’s it’s it’s easier to drive at slower speeds than it is to drive at higher speeds so know that we’re gonna talk tonight about highway speeds and some of the things that you can do so okay sometimes three or two peter has his friends in the cart now Peter what I might suggest to you is to limit the number of people that you have in the car to one because the more people you’ve got and this is you know studies have shown that this is true that passengers in the particular your friends are going to distract you so what I suggest is maybe you might want to limit it to just one passenger maybe to it the most okay our Tessa it is so clear better resolution that’s awesome because that’s really what I was going for a Tessa you know I just I I like my new computer but there are some transition pains in terms of getting every okay Michael yes I did schedule the live stream for six however we were having some technical difficulties with getting OBS setup so I was trying to get video clear and I think we’ve got that going here so I did get started a bit earlier I just wanted to make sure that everything is working alright and just to remind you as well that I do a live stream of this on Facebook at noon as well so if you don’t get this one you can definitely go to the one at noon Oh mr. Matt Redman I passed my CDL test three months ago now thinking about buying my truck but not sure how will it

be with elog mr i think it’s gonna be fine with elog elog it’s just a different way of doing log books I think it’s going to be fine what kind of truck have you started shopping for trucks yet what kind of truck you’re looking at in those types of things just leave a comment down there for me Farah Farah I’m old enough to remember Farrah Fawcett who you may or may not be named after after making a turn do you have to automatically adjust to the miles per hour for that road if not is it an automatic fail yes Farah you either need to go the speed posted speed limit or you need to do the flow of traffic whichever is less you after you finish your turn you need to get the vehicle back up to the posted speed limit as quickly as possible alright Michael no Michael what is happening with multi multiple passengers and this is why some GDL programs graduated driver’s licensing programs limit the number of passengers that you can have in the vehicle with you many GDL programs will limit the passengers that you can have in a vehicle to immediate family so mom dad grandpa grandma and siblings you can only have those in the vehicle so that’s one of the things that they do because they’ve shown and proved that the more friends you have in the vehicle the more distracting they’re gonna be and that’s the reason for that how do I pass a road test well McGee you are in the right place on the YouTube channel here the smartdrive just YouTube channel definitely go through the playlists at the because there’s a playlist passion road test smart if you go through that that will give you all the information skills and abilities that you need to be successful in passing road tests so definitely have a look at that all right okay mr. de Trevin Cascadia 2013 with automatic for TK 6 TK it’s in Illinois Chicago area okay that’s a good vehicle because that’s a freight liner right 2013 I’ve always been partial to freight liners they’re a good work truck is there any reason that you’re going with it automatic just leave a comment there okay so tonight we’re gonna talk about automatic transmissions I’m sorry cut stuck on automatic transmissions on highway driving we’re going to work with new drivers and give them some skills and strategies for working on for driving on highways because I’ve had some comments from smart drivers that they’ve had some difficulty transitioning to the highway because the highway tends to be they’re going at higher speeds they have trouble merging out onto the highway and those types of things so we’re gonna give you some tips tix tips and techniques and strategies to transition out to driving on the roadway okay so mister smile first car ever brand mileage mister smile I tend to be very much a Toyota Honda person so that tends to me my recommendation in terms of brands but I will admit that I am very biased when it comes to toilet or Honda other smart drivers may have some suggestions too about brands of vehicles one of the recommendations that I do give to new drivers in terms of purchasing their first vehicle when you find a vehicle that you want to buy take it to an independent mechanic and independent automotive technician and get them to do a inspection on it for you it cost you about $100 and they will give you a neutral opinion about the vehicle whether it needs brakes how worn the brakes are whether the brakes errs like 60% whether it needs new tires they’ll be able to look at the exhaust and the undercarriage and all types of things that you just simply can’t get into so for about a hundred dollars take it to an independent automotive technician and get an inspection done and that’s what the things that I really recommend if you’re buying a secondhand vehicle okay you neso is it good to turn right after you stop at a red light during your road test or is it better wait till the light is green you know so you can turn right on a red light during a road test and there is a video here on the channel about turning right on red lights but what I suggest to you is if you’re not comfortable or it’s just really busy and you’re you just don’t feel comfortable with that you can wait until the green light they cannot I can’t say that definitively but some examiner’s may dock you but for the most part you can’t be docked for waiting for the green light to turn right okay okay and that was the same thing Andy’s question had the same thing hi Samantha how are you awesome that you’re here after we had some technical challenges of getting the live feed up after my new computer my new camera and we’re trying to get things working here so that’s awesome that’s awesome yes GLaDOS that is yes you have to stop first absolutely you can’t just go around in the corner for sure you have to stop you have to check and make sure it’s clear to go and then proceed around the corner so first thing we’re gonna look at here I’ve been

trying to catch up here what is going on of course nothing’s working now anyway so I can’t get it to work but we’ll get it to work here okay pull that down there get that up there all right one of the things that I have been able to do this week is I’ve been able to get the people who have passed the road test on to the youtubes on to the smart drive test website and I’ve done that this week and I’m trying to catch up on that I’m trying to be more on top of that because unfortunately I’ve let it go for a couple of weeks so yes and sorry I’m just fiddling around with the website here there we go okay excellent and our spammer is back now I just like to make a comment about that because I’ve had a couple of smart drivers send me emails and I do really appreciate people making comments and trying to help improve stuff and whatnot and the person who is spamming the channel Here I am talking to you at this point I don’t know if you think that maybe I’m not there are a particular group of people that I’m not helping I refuse to use the word they are word or the S word because I’m neither of those and generally the channel is about empowering people to pass a road test so I do you know if you do have an issue you do have a problem please send me an email and I’ll help you out and one of the other things that maybe is a possibility of why I’m getting spammed on my channel here and on my feet on my live feed is that you think that I’m not answering all the comments so what I’ve done is I’ve implemented a policy here on the smart drive test channel when I answer comments and now using your full user name I’m not going to use part of it because I think I know who you are and I’m trying to be friendly and those types of things and so if anybody gets comments I’m just using all of the username now just so that I’m trying to answer everybody in the other just one other point about that which is gone now and I Paul about that it’ll come back to me okay you know so you were very welcome William Vincent I’m a Class A can you do more videos concerning seeing the in traffic I emerging video as clear just buffs a little bit yeah okay thanks William I appreciate that yes and William I’m certainly going to get more videos up on CDL that is certainly my thrust before probably after Christmas in the beginning of the new years I’m gonna start doing more videos on CDL so that’s what we’re gonna do okay Riley how are you you are most welcome Riley and thank you for your compliment I really appreciate that Farrah yes they can okay if you did it repeatedly they can failure for that and its welfare at the other point that I’ll make is that you cannot cross over a solid white line and most bicycle lanes are separated from the main lane of traffic by a solid white line so know that okay Umar how’s it going welcome back I appreciate that okay so I’ve got a presentation for you here I’m gonna kick over to the presentation I’m gonna give the presentation and we’ll get going on that here I’m still having a few technical challenges and I do appreciate your patience in helping me get through the growing pains of a new computer don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my new computer but getting everything transitioned over here is a bit of a challenge okay Raquel awesome thank you so much for Kel I’m really glad that the resolution is much better okay so here we go on the transition so tonight we’re talking about highway driving and my name’s Rick August for those of you who don’t know me those of you who are new to the live feed I do have a PhD I’ve been a driving instructor since 1997 most of my driving instruction career has been with CDL vehicles mostly trucks and buses but however I have done a lot of work with new drivers working with cars as you can tell by the number of videos on the YouTube channel as well I’ve been a driver rehabilitation specialist who worked with people who have debilitating crashes I had you know stroke or those types of things and we’re trying to return to driving and did that for a while as well so I have a fair bit of an extensive driver

instruction career and so that’s basically me I just get over here to the presentation and then I can page down all right so one of the things that I did on the YouTube channel is I put a new playlist up yesterday this is her final days road test preparation so for smart drivers who were coming up to there a few days before the road tests this playlist is something that you should just review there’s some information that maybe some fundamentals that you should go back to then I would suggest as well you know tips that you should take into consideration and as well the what you need to bring to road-test day so you need to bring your glasses you need to bring your license your your learner’s license you need to bring money and anything else that you might need whether you need to drink water it’ll also tell you the pre-trip inspection of those types of things that you need to do prior to going into the road test now the other point that I’ll make about this in terms of leading up to road tests day is book a mock road test if you’re not taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor book a road test seven to ten days before your driving exam that way a driving instructor will give you feedback about the parts of your driving abilities that may need some need some more work before you go in for your driving exam and saying that book your mock Road test about a month out because a lot of these driving schools are busy and you’re gonna need to book it about a month out so you can have it seven to ten days before your road test so look for that playlist over on the YouTube channel as well alright so today we’re talking about highway driving and for many of us who are a little bit older maybe and you know all of the smart drivers as well I would pause it road trips we all have memorable road trips that we took with our parents we were kids we went to Disneyland we went to the Swiss Alps we went to other ooh in Australia we drove somewhere with her family and we went on these great trips with our family and so highway driving is one of the great adventures of North America of Europe it’s all kinds of places that it’s really great to drive these places so how do we get out on the highway and how do we start driving and feeling comfortable after we get our license and there’s different ways of doing that because obviously some of us who just got our license we feel intimidated driving at high speeds because the speeds on some of these highways is in excess of 60 miles an hour 100 kilometers an hour and some of them it can be 120 kilometers an hour 75 miles an hour even 80 miles an hour so it can be really really fast on some of these highways and you have to implement different strategies and techniques to be able to successfully drive on a highway so know that and that faster speeds following distance becomes paramount you have to manage your following distance because your reaction time is going to be less because you’re driving at a higher speed so for example when you’re driving at 50 kilometres an hour you’re traveling at approximately 18 meters per second if you move that up to 100 kilometers an hour or 60 miles an hour you’re now traveling at 27 meters per second you’re approximately every second every two seconds you’re covering a football field at 100 kilometers an hour 62 miles an hour so that’s a lot so you have to manage speed so under ideal conditions out on the highway you want to follow at two to three seconds and here I put the video up here before you on following distance you also want to look farther down the road you want to try and interpret you will not try to you want to interpret traffic patterns along the highway and freeway and interstate where you’re driving and you need to get the big picture and need to figure out what’s going on the other side of the road as well because if there’s a crash on the other side of the roadway the traffic in front of you is going to slow down because most people are rubber necking so know that as well okay shoulder checking it is paramount that you shoulder check and continue to do this after you get your driver’s license hold your course so hold the steering wheel that’s what I mean hold the steering wheel it’s a sharp quick movement of your head because if you linger too long and looking and shoulder checking out the vehicle is going to deviate out of your lane so a quick snap of the head before you shoulder check or before you move your head and then just quick snap it ahead and have a look all right now that adjusting the mirrors now there is the SAE this standard automotive engineers method of adjusting the mirrors so that you can be out on the highway with them and I don’t I’m not on board with that method of checking the mirrors because it leads you to false pretense that you can see all the way around your vehicle without turning your head and without looking and I don’t I’m not on board with that so just adjust your mirrors as you normally would make sure that you continue to shoulder check and if you do have physical abilities or physical challenges you can’t move your hips you can’t move your head or whatnot then go and get some convex mirrors and as well just on that note next week I should have the smart drive test I Amazon affiliate store up so you can go over to my store the smart drive test store on

Amazon and get those convex mirrors and stick them onto your wing mirrors and that will help you out in terms of driving and being able to see excuse me into some of the blind spots and whatnot around your vehicle alright bridges tunnels and overpasses for those of us in the northern hemisphere we’re coming into winter time and keep in mind that bridges and overpasses freeze first and last week I talked about where you can find ice when the temperature dips to zero 36 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees not 40-0 degrees Celsius sorry so bridges and overpasses know that it’s going to be dark know that if it’s cold it’s gonna be icy under the overpass don’t get distracted by the scenery when you’re out on the highway because a lot of these bridges are going over rivers and other scenic areas and those types of things is not going to be kind of ugly like it is right there in that urban landscape with the big concrete overpass so try not to get distracted by the scenery and as well know that overpasses on freeways and highways are often going to be where the on ramps and off ramps are going to be so pay particular attention when you’re at these areas because this is where other traffic is going to be merging out onto the roadway and you and going to need to slow down to allow them to merge out onto the highway or freeway or your knee going to need to change lanes and as well if you’re going into tunnels and they’re usually usually lots of warning that you’re coming into a tunnel make sure you take your sunglasses off before you head into the tunnel all right passing when you’re out on highways and roadways you’re gonna have to pass because there’s obviously other traffic that’s not going to be going as fast as you oftentimes it’s bigger larger vehicles trucks and buses and RV units and those types of things usually it’s not ground because usually ground is going to beat the band and you’re not going to be able to pass them so when to pass make sure that you have lots and lots of room to pass another vehicle when you’re out on the highways or freeways if you have to go into the opposing lane of traffic and if you can wait lots of these two-lane roads will now have passing lanes so wait for the passing lane you’ll see in this video here I’m passing and overtaking that the truck passed into the opposing lane of traffic and five minutes down the road there was a passing lane where the truck wouldn’t have had to go out and risk being in the opposing lane of traffic and know that an even in a passenger vehicle you’re going to be out there for twenty or thirty seconds and that opposing lane of traffic so you need a lot of distance to pass successfully on a two-lane road and so it might even just be a fact that you could wait five minutes for a passing lane to come up and then you don’t have to do that all right all right and predicting Road user behavior and I talked about this with bridges and overpasses when you’re driving on a freeway there’s going to be a bridge or overpass and that’s where traffic is going to be coming on to the highway or freeway and they’re going to be get off on the highway or freeway you also have to predict other road users behavior people who are speeding you’re gonna have to stay in the right lane and other traffic that’s going to slow you’re gonna have to be able to get around them and if you’re on highways and those types of things you’re gonna have to watch for slow-moving vehicles tractors and particularly in urban or rural areas and those types of places so have a look for all of those different kinds of traffic as well and see this video on traffic predictions on freeways which talks about big trucks and them coming out the highway in afternoon move over in those types of things and then last not last but one of the other factors that I want would like you to do and like you to consider is if you’re driving out on the roadway figure out how to use cruise control it’s going to be like me learning with my new computer and going through some of the technical challenges at the beginning it’s going to be a little bit weird using cruise control however cruise control is going to eliminate and reduce distracted driving and it’s going to reduce fatigue because you don’t have to monitor your speed and what I recommend for new drivers who are out on the highway say that the speed limit is 60 miles an hour or 100 kilometers an hour the traffic flow is going to be 65 or 68 miles an hour or 110 kilometers an hour simply set the cruise control a few miles less or a few kilometers less an hour than what the traffic flow is in that way you’re just going to be able to stay in the right lane and you’re not in all the other tropics just gonna pass you now no one a long road trip it’s not about driving faster that’s gonna get you there faster and it’s not going to be driving a higher speed that’s gonna get you there faster what’s gonna get you there faster maintaining a higher average speed over the course of the day so the more you can stay on cruise control the faster you’re gonna get there and as well when you’re passing on cruise control on a multi-lane Road as you can see here in the image don’t take it off cruise control just leave it on cruise control go past the car and change lanes back and the other lane of traffic on a multi-lane Road you’re not in that big of a hurry so you don’t have to take it off cruising speed up and as well the other benefit of cruise control is you’re going to improve your fuel economy and but if you’re taking it off and on cruise all the time then you’re

just going to negate that so learn how to use cruise control and let me tell you it’s gonna make you drive a lot more relaxing if you’re driving out on the highway with cruise control all right so good luck on your road test and I’ll take answers questions any questions about highway driving any questions that anybody has about getting a license or CDL license and yeah we’ll talk about all of that and we’re back just switch back over here alright okay Carlos what if there is no passing lanes on a highway Carlos there’s almost always passing lanes on a highway now and one of the reasons they put passing lanes up is because they learn 20 or 30 years ago the passing was one of the most dangerous maneuvers that drivers could execute and unfortunately because of that they began to try to correct that with passing lanes and a lot of two-lane roads will now have passing lanes if they don’t have passing lanes then you’re just gonna have to wait for an opening and I’ll tell you a couple of years ago when I went back driving truck long haul I was a bit rusty and I was coming down number 6 from Edmonton back through to Kamloops and I got the big truck down coming down a two-lane highway and I was coming down the hill and I got up beside this other big truck so there’s two rigs coming down the hill and I’m trying to get past this other truck and I was like neck-and-neck with this truck and a car come around the curve and up the hill and the car and I was like okay am I gonna keep going and force this guy off the road or am I gonna get on the brakes and try and haul in behind this guy and just as that thought went through my head the car pulled off the side of the road well I just kept going at that point but it was an error that I made because I was rusty and I didn’t realize that you know in a big truck when you’re trying to pass on a two-lane road you can be out in the passing lane for a couple of minutes so yeah it’s a long long time out there okay you know so the hardest part I have on driving on the highway is getting off the acceleration lane on the highway without running out of space before the acceleration lane ends so what you want to do you neso as soon as you get on that acceleration lane you want to get on the on the brakes hard on the brakes because as long as you’re off the highway and you’re on the deceleration lane then you can just get on the brakes and bring it to a stop really quickly so just like rude like lift it up and slow it down as hard as you can all right okay the other thing you don’t have up here there we go get that back and there we go okay okay who else is a question here Samantha hey Sam how’s it going are you still here Michael claustrophobic in the backseat when it was my family they’re trying to play a video game and somebody it stops in the freeway all at once yeah yeah okay yeah it’s pretty tough to ride in a car especially if you’re not looking up okay mark yes it is really live it is really live we got all the we got it working out so King Monty my friend Rohan drives drunk is that legal King Monty that is not legal in any sense of the imagination and if he gets caught the penalties are severe okay mr McGavin I am now driving an automatic but pass on Mack Eaton ten-speed I need to leave one hand for cigarettes and coffee re automatic transmission it is you did or you didn’t get a comment Michael hey Sam how’s it going house is it snowing in the Bronx yet Sam Carlos okay Riley being cramped in New York City sometimes there comes a time when there’s a sharp turn how did new drivers negotiate turning sharply on a highway okay Riley one of the things you want to look at is you want to look at the video on driving on curvy roads and how to do that and one of the things there’s a couple of techniques first of all you need to slow down so you get more traction on the curves the next thing you want to do is if it’s not possible to straighten the curve out the other thing you want to do is you want to stay to the outside the top side of the curve because what that will allow you to do is you’re going through more distance on the curve as opposed to sticking the inside line and you’re not going to have much it’s going to be harder on the car to get the car around there so stay to the outside that’s another thing you want to do so first reduce your speed stay to the top side of the curve and then if you can do what they do in NASCAR racing when they go topside inside outside and that cuts

like that straight into the corner out and that’s what you want to do and that will give you more control in the corner so that’s how you take sharp curves when you’re driving in the car on the highway okay somebody else had a question here okay thanks for that a shimmer if we were on the German Autobahn how fast would you drive if I was on the Autobahn man if I was on the Autobahn I’d be going fast yeah even though I’m a driving instructor there’s one thing that I like I like speed it doesn’t matter what kind of speed it is whether it’s on a bicycle whether it’s in a car on skis yeah I yeah I go okay Latvia how to brake smoothly okay so Latvia one of the things you want to do to learn how to brake smoothly is you want to start braking earlier and that way by braking earlier you’re not gonna have to brake as hard so just know that that’s one of the things is you want to start earlier so that way you have more time to work in that and you have more time to be able to brake smoothly Rohan why do you think winter tires are scam do you just let me know that I’m curious okay Edgar give me some tips on maintaining speed there is a video here Edgar on controlling speed on the YouTube channel and Cory may find that for you here have a look for that no snow in New York and Sam said that they’re having some nice days there what is Sam what is it what is a nice day in terms of I guess it’s almost winter time not quite the 21st of December for those of us in the northern hemisphere Luud if you how far from the stop sign intersection should you start braking say at around 20 25 miles an hour probably Luud depending on traffic situation just as a rough estimate probably a block back maybe half to a block I might even say a block the earlier you start braking the more control you’re gonna have because you have time to work then right and you can slow the vehicle down and then sort of creep up right it’s it’s studies have shown that vehicles that are moving forward are less likely to get rear-ended as opposed to vehicles that are completely stopped so if you just kind of creep up to the light until it changes then you’re probably going to be alright so that’s that’s an approximate it really depends on the the traffic situation as I said and the what is instant fail anything that’s a dangerous action disobeying regulatory signs speeding for any length of time you do have a short you do have a short period of time that you can be over the speed limit but you need to adjust it very quickly so those are some of the automatic fails anything that’s a dangerous action that jeopardizes the safety of other road users or jeopardizes the safety of yourself is going to be an automatic fail late 40s and some 50s in the temperatures yeah that’s fairly nice it’s a little bit colder here it’s probably around thirty six here most days ok new blitz what you want to do is you want to look at the video both the drivers license test for winter driving and how to pass your road test both of those videos go through the details of what to expect on a road test in more detail than what I can give you here but essentially you’re going to show up you’re gonna go and check-in you’re gonna pay the fee the examiner is gonna go out and depending on where you are are you in the state’s new blitz because if you’re in the states it’s only about eight to ten minutes for the drive you’re gonna do parallel parking or one other slow speed maneuver in that short period of time and one of them is guaranteed is reversed all parking you’re gonna back into a parking space either at this test center or somewhere else so know that that’s all part of it okay all right and yes mr. new Trevin that is great and thank you again for the five dollars that is awesome super chat a super chat is always available and that is an excellent point and that’s a point that I need to reiterate that mister me mister the Trevon made about passing semi trucks on highways do not linger beside semi trucks get up and get past them because there’s another video that I’m gonna do here and I want to thank Cory for sending this to me about things falling off the back of trucks not so much vans which is like a cube trailer on the back of a truck but flat deck trucks you know unfortunately things fall off the back of these things more than we would like to know so yeah

that’s a good point bye mr. Matt Retton mr. Nutt revin there about getting past big trucks just get past and and carry on with your life and carry on Sam I’m working on my French might keep both my kids speak French I probably you know I speak a little more than most people but no I don’t really speak French Edgar how long how old was there I got my license when I got my I was 17 when I got my license man I couldn’t wait I was yeah I was I wanted to get my license so I was 17 when I got my first license and that would have been my car license then I got my motorcycle license then I got my straight truck license and I got my truck tractor trailer license and then in 1997 I got a driving instructors license Matthew thank you so much your videos helped me pass my road test I took my road test on the 28th of October and I passed first try I want to know what are some tips I need to know on the roadways Matthew there’s a video here 10 tips for remaining crash free one of the things that I always encourage new drivers to hang on to after they get their license is continued a shoulder check continue to look forward stay in the right lane Drive the flow of traffic because it’s it’s safer to drive the floor I think than it is to drive the speed limit because you’re driving this the speed limit you’re gonna be having cars passing you all the time and you’re being unpredictable in those types things but hang on to shoulder checking hang on to observation because that’s really gonna keep you safe while you’re you have your license after you start learning how to drive in those types of things and if you’re in comfort uncomfortable in any situation after you get your license and you are driving on the highways you’re driving in a situation or scenario that you’re not quite comfortable with what I suggest is is getting a friend or somebody who’s got some experience and is a veteran driver and get them to go out with you and just maybe help you out a little bit and give you some tips and strategies that may help you out but definitely observation and communication those two things are really key to remaining crash free after you get your license okay Jay FSA how much leeway does the examiner have in terms of tests count and parameters you know jfa you know I’m gonna say this okay so they say that all driving examiner’s and driving and authorities and I think Sam would agree with me on this will say that the test is objective and the test is not objective if you are unable to demonstrate that you can have do care and control of the vehicle you are not gonna pass a road test and examiner’s will find a way to fail you because you are not good but if you have most things together and say that you backed in in parallel park and you bump the curb and then you pull forward and adjust that demonstrates do you have awareness about the vehicle in space in place they’re not gonna they’re not gonna fail you for that so if they feel that you’re unsafe they’re gonna fail you if you’re you’ve got all the fundamentals in place and they feel that you’re gonna be okay then they’re gonna pass you so know that for the passes purposes of road tests they have a fair X driving examiner’s have a lot of discretion in terms of who they pass and her they don’t pass okay Rohan Rohan why would anyone get insurance when it was Ricky is high who was joining me in taking the bus to school yes Rohan you’re talking to the choir here because I’m a driving instructor I’ve been a driving instructor for a long time and I don’t get any discounts for that on my insurance my insurance is crazy expensive okay who else we got here what happened oh I hope I’m still there I’m coming back my livestream just popped out on me I’m getting used to my new Mouse okay everybody’s still here perfect Ivan you are most welcome merci beaucoup doing a-okay Walter you have a question yes you found out I was live-streaming yes I am live-streaming is there anything should and should not do when using high beams to communicate by flashing them yes one of the things I suggest you Walter are you talking about flashing semi-trucks to tell them to come back in because if you do don’t use your high beams turn your lights off and on because what happens is is that you blur the the drivers in the semi truck is looking to come back in and you flash the high beams in the thing and you’re like they get that of right in the eyes okay so know that but other than that high beams Walter the other thing I suggest is try and get them off as quickly as possible if there’s oncoming traffic from the other direction that’s gonna help you out okay yes and Sam totally agrees with me what I said I

believe he’s responding my comment about driving examiner’s and having discretion about who they feel is a good driver and should pass a road test and who shouldn’t pass a road test so it’s about the fundamentals of driving do you have the fundamental components in place those four fundamental components that I always talk about in terms of being able to pass a road test speed management space management observation and communication those four fundamentals of passing road tests are those in place and if those are in place then you’re gonna pass a road test if you have some minor problems then they’re gonna overlook that and they’re gonna pass – but if you’ve got problems and they show that you just don’t have it in place they’re gonna find a way to failure so know that and it’s the other thing that I’m gonna say about that is I was talking to one of the driving examiners down here and he was saying to me one day that the feedback that they give you the two or three things that they tell you this is the reason that you failed a road test those two or three things they’re kind of sugarcoating it in terms of what they’re giving you in terms of feedback they’re telling you that you can’t drive they didn’t fail you just because it was a willy-nilly reason and and the other point that I’ll make about this in terms of what we’re just talking about driving examined I used to do driving evaluations as part of doing driving real a bit rehabilitation when I worked at the hospital with a an occupational therapist her and I made good decisions together and we could tell whether people could be retrained or couldn’t be retrained so it’s it’s very much it’s very subjective but it’s based on seeing a lot of different drivers and what drivers are able to do well and what drivers aren’t able to do well one of the things that we’ve got going on here in British Columbia’s is that the retraining and retesting that drivers have to take they’re now going to allow them to take it in their own vehicle because a lot of the feedback and criticism that they got was that these drivers who were taking these exams had to take it in a different vehicle they had to take it in the test vehicle it was either the driving school or the organisation that was doing the testing and they were saying all if it was my own vehicle I wouldn’t have made those things in the response we used to get that same thing Lissa’s people would say oh you know I was in my own vehicle I wouldn’t do that we used to save them well how would being in your own vehicle prevent you from running a red light because this is sort of the thing that we were dealing with with drivers okay so know that all right so this is one of the things that’s that’s coming in and that’s kind of a long-winded explanation about driving instructors and driving examiner’s and people who are doing evaluations and those types of things okay we want you to be safe we want you to have your skill level a certain level to be safe on the roadway because if we don’t do our job unfortunately it’s gonna make you dangerous on the roadway and you could be at a high risk of having a collision okay all right and yes okay Walter I’m talking about anyone cars pedestrians even during the day times thanks for your help I Walter in the daytime I wouldn’t recommend that you have your high beams on I do recommend that you have your lights on because it helps you to be seen and makes you safer and studies have been done in terms of vehicles pulling out from side streets in front of you they’re less likely to pull out in front of you and give you a greater distance to pull out if you have your lights on and that’s one of the reasons why they mandated in a lot of countries here in Canada and other countries in the world I think it’s Sweden as well all cars there have to have daylight running lights so I suggest that you just have your daylight running lights on or you have your low beams on but don’t don’t run your high beams during the day or any time at night that there’s lots of other traffic around okay did I mention burnin no I don’t think I mentioned burnin okay let’s see hand-crafted how can I be sure I passed the first time I go well practice practice practice and more practice that’s how you can do it and as well handcrafted make sure that before you go down for your road test as I just as I mentioned earlier in the stream you may not have been here at that point seven to ten days before you go for your road test book a mock road test but with a driving instructor and get a mock road test go for sixty minutes or ninety minutes and get them to give you feedback on your driving and your abilities because driving instructors teach new drivers how to pass a road test every day they know the specific skills that need to be in place and can tell you and give you feedback about the skills or abilities that you

might have to strengthen in order to pass a road test so that’s what I suggest and the other point that I make about that is booked that road 10 or book that mock road test with a driving school a month in advance because driving schools are busy and they may not be able to do it if you just wait until seven to ten days before you road test so book it early okay Andy what was the easiest driver’s test for you what was the easiest driver’s test I don’t think any of the driver’s tests were easy for me even Andy even when I moved to Australia and I had to take my driver’s license again even that wasn’t easy because I was on the other side of the road and that was a bit challenging even though I could drive a big truck it was still a bit challenging what was the easiest probably no I you know I don’t think there are any easy ones they’re all tough it’s the you know even after all the experience I mean even now if I took a driver’s your test I’d still find it tough so yeah they’re tough Ivan thank you so much for your lessons they are very helpful I’m now confident and ready for my road test in Washington DC next week that’s awesome Ivan I’m really happy to hear that you’re gonna do great okay yes I’m in Vernon yeah I think you guys are having a discussion right now okay okay yes I’m fooling with my mouse here it’s not working out for me okay Peter how can I pass the test using an SUV especially with parallel parking Peter what kind of SUV are do you have is it a big SUV or is it like a mid-sized SUV like my little Honda cr-v is it something like that you know so what do you think about the new key system for cars I think it’s called Smart Keys do you think they’re safer you know so are you talking about the key fobs where they don’t go in they just you just carry the fog around and have it in the car cuz I don’t I’m not crazy about them oh I always just leave it in the car because there’s really no place to put it I don’t find them convenient at all John my dad was driving my mom trunk when I was 13 he killed her in my babies oh that’s a terrible story John that’s that’s pretty easy oh my god that’s just an awful story I’m really serving my condolences yeah don’t drink and drive okay Rohan Rick I passed my g2 today what car should I get BMW or Mercedes mmm it doesn’t matter Rohan and either you’re gonna look cool you’re gonna look cool but you know my I would sort of lean towards the BMW a little bit but you know that’s just me however the Mercedes in roadhouse with patrick swayze a lot of you may not remember that was some years ago that was a very nice car busy bee I passed my road test mock road tests are crucial my instructor took me on a test route for almost two months so I knew the exam my heart still got nervous but passed congratulations busy bee that is really awesome that you passed okay Walter I’m in u.s. in New York State and I did my road test last year it took five minutes and guess it’s consisted of nothing more than a three-point turn in parallel parking on top of stop signs it was easy for me yeah that’s that sounds like a pretty straightforward test toyota honda highlander yes it’s pretty big Peter what I suggest is just practice practice practice practice and what I also suggest Peter is to go and get some of those thirty-six inch tall one meter tall pylons rent some illusion get three or four of them from the local rental shop for about $10 for the day and go to a parking lot and practice with those okay Sam I had a student today that has a test this Thursday I was steering for her a lot I told her she’s not ready and she agreed you think she still wants to take the test Oh Sam we have our challenges don’t we your steering yes what is it the best time to schedule for road tests mark one of the times to schedule for road tests is the time when the isn’t rush hour so if you have you live in a town where they have rush hour then I would suggest that you not take it during rush hour so if you can take it at a time of day that it’s not quite rush hour and the other thing that I would suggest to you is to make sure that you practice during the time of day you’re gonna be taking your driving tests the gamer guy road tests are crazy busy to book in Ontario where are you in Ontario gamer guy are you in Toronto or one of the bigger urban centres because yeah if you’re in one of the big urban centres it’s gonna be a bit tough for you uh she wants the license already yes she’s not ready but she wants to license she’s not ready to do the work but she wants the license yeah we we come up against that don’t we see him irresistible frog is that okay to merge onto a highway with a 60 kilometre speed

if there were no cars I failed my test because of that absolutely not irresistible frog I’m sorry but you have to get the vehicle up to speed and most if not all acceleration lanes will allow you to get the vehicle up to the posted speed limit thats why you failed because you merge that onto a highway when it was not safe if you had missed interpreter you’re not seeing the other vehicles on the roadway you could have caused a crash so that’s why cuz that is considered a dangerous action so sorry to hear about your unsuccessful attempts Carlos can you ever spamming please say who they are yeah I don’t think it’s gonna happen Carlos hey we’re talking about digital vandalism okay Michael during rush hour the test would take longer it could yeah even in Hamilton is a months wait yeah that’s not unlikely gamer Gaia that it would take you a month in Hamilton that’s a fairly busy urban centre and I suspect the other thing about that gamer guy is a lot of people from Toronto who can’t get road tests in Toronto are booking road tests in Hamilton to try and shorten the amount of time that they have to wait so ya know Michael 60 kilometers an hour is forty miles an hour it’s not 60 miles an hour it’s 0.6 to 1 7 so whatever the miles per hour is just times advice of 0.62 and you’ll get a whatever the kilometres is busy be I did my test at 10:40 a.m. when my brain was sharp I suggest to do it at the time of day that you are not tired when of course traffic is that it’s yes that is excellent busy because some of us are morning people and some of us are night owls and if you’re a night owl then I would suggest that you take your road test later in the day if you’re a morning person like myself or other people then I would suggest taking the road test when you’re going to be the most sharp don’t take it when you’re tired okay try and take it when you’re fresh and ready to go and the other thing is make sure you just get a good night’s sleep make sure you eat breakfast you’re not jittery if you got some other illness or medication you have to take make sure you take your medication and all those types of things so everything’s on par and you’re ready to take your road test and whatnot you know so do you have to use the parking brake every time you park during your road test yes you do you know so every time you park the vehicle make sure that you put the vehicle into a forward gear if you’re driving a manual transmission if you’re driving an automatic put it in Park and apply the parking brake because they’re gonna think that you’re gonna leave the vehicle and it needs to be secure and you should get in the habit of using the parking brake anyway regardless of whether you’re driving an automatic or manual transmission it’s a really good habit to get into because it’s hard on your transmission you just put it into park and have it lay on the transmission it’s just a nice backup if you have that parking brake on and there’s actually a video here on the channel have a look at that on parking brakes and that too will tell you the reasons why I give you more detail about that okay yes it is Sam that’s a great answer okay all right yes Michael I think Japan is in the metric system so everything is in km/h okay I think we’re getting near the end here and I’m just gonna wrap up and I want to thank everybody for all the questions all the contribution to keeping smartdrive just going here and your patience with I had my technical challenges with getting the new computer in the OBS working and whatnot so yeah I appreciate that and just answer any questions that anybody has okay I failed because of the parallel park when I got it successfully I backed up into the column yeah okay sorry here that gamer guy yeah one of the other things gamer guy that I would suggest you is when you’re backing up make sure you’re looking out the back window okay yeah okay there you go there we go all right so we’re gonna wrap up here again if you watching on the replay and hit that thumbs up button if you liked the channel make sure you subscribe we’ve got big lofty goals this year we’re gonna get everything going here Thank You Samantha thank you you’re irresistible frog I’m having trouble saying irresistible and thank you everybody else for showing up and as

well like I said I’m getting the successful smart drivers up on the website I’m going to keep on top of that so I congratulations everybody this past the road test in the last week in the last month or so good luck to all of the people taking a road test this week and we look forward to chatting and talking to you on the comments there in the youtube channel and over on Facebook and remember good luck on your road test and remember pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer have a good night bye now