Bánh mì 2,000,000 đồng vs 15,000 đồng| 100USD Banh Mi vs 0.5 USD Banh Mi

Hello everyone! My name is Chim My name is Hanh Phuc Welcome to Ki Dieu TV This is a first video in which we will review the food It’s a familiar dish with Vietnamese people – Banh Mi Our first video will review Banh Mi in three restaurants with three different prices that helps you to compare the quality of these restaurant easily from affordable restaurants to high-class restaurants Banh Mi is really popular in Vietnam There are at least 2 to 3 stores which sell Banh Mi on the roads Today, we will go to the Banh Mi restaurant which sells roasted pork bread This restaurant does not seem to have any competitors Let’s go Go Go We are at the first restaurant This is A. Binh restaurant which has been with me for a long time Since I was 5 until now, I frequently have eaten Banh Mi in this store When I was a student in Hung Vuong high school which is nearby I used to skip classes to play games Before playing video games, I usually walked to this restaurant and bought Banh Mi This food provided energy for me to join in the tense game matches This is Binh’s daughter who is really adorable. So I put her on my video Let’s go Hello Missus! When was your restaurant established ? the store was established about 20 years There are many restaurants which sell roasted pork bread in this neighbourhood So, what is your secret to building your store to grow as it is now? My own store produces bread, pork is roasted directly at the store that makes Banh Mi become more delicious and more hygienic In general, customers who like the taste of Banh mi in my store will come back and buy this meal Well, I want to ask something about your customers What is the daily number of customers to your store ? On weekdays, I usually sell about 500 loaves of bread and on holidays there will be more Especially on the 10th of every month, the store sells lots of roast pork This is a Banh Mi bought from A. Bình store It’s appearance is quite good for its price To me, It’s good It doesn’t seem to have any burn marks and It’s very neat Yup ! And its outer shell is quite crunchy Its aroma is very fragrant with the typical aroma of fish sauce and roast pork Now, let’s eat After taking the first bite, my feeling about this bread is that it’s really crunchy Then, the taste of the fish sauce is the next part that I can feel After that, I experience the combination of roast pork and vegetables like cucumber, onion and cilantro It’s really delicious. You know? Pork prices are rising. So, buying this quality loaf of bread is quite rare Pork price reached 90,000 a kilo