Bánh Mì Ông Màu | Tập 25 Full: Ông Màu lao đao vì bị giang hồ ăn vạ tống tiền, công an sờ gáy lần 2

Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” MR. MAU’S BANH MI Hey Have some fruits Wow! Thank you Gee! I’ve just cut them Ken’s asleep? At first, he didn’t wanna go to sleep but played with his toy But then he fell asleep quickly as I was lying down with him Gee! How good he is! You should feel lucky about that It’s because he is too tired Ha! – When did you buy this outfit? It’s so beautiful – Give it to me – No way – Come on, give it to me I wanna have a closer look at it – Give it to me – My goodness! How gorgeous! Hey You’re gonna change your style, gal? I didn’t buy it Actually, Quang bought it for me so that I could go with him to meet his partners He said that to be a professional assistant, I gotta dress neatly and gracefully He bought it for you? My goodness! He has really good taste in fashion No wonder why many girls fall for him It’s pretty beautiful Give it to me Take it easy, gal Let me look at it So nice Hey, buddy! It looks gorgeous, right? – Ouch! – You always look beautiful no matter what you’re wearing Nonsense! Give it back to me Take it away Oh my! Take it away Destroy it I’ll give it back to him tomorrow as I don’t want others to get us wrong But why? Are you nuts or something? What if it is what he wants? It is more likely that he’s showing everyone how well he treats you – He loves you for sure – Stop being nonsense It couldn’t be He bought it for the purpose of work Stop overreacting! Hey No other boss would do the same Instead of asking you to change your clothes, he took you shopping You don’t trust me? Tung, am I right? Right You should give it back to him – What’s that? – I think he doesn’t care about you If he does, he should buy a house or a car, but not these clothes Though they suit you at work, you don’t like them at all, right? Let me I’ll buy you some clothes that suit you for every occasion, and more importantly, you like them, too Cut it off! I thought you would be on my side You’re jealous, right? You seem to got me wrong I said Ha is beautiful, not that outfit It is so ugly and out of date That pale blue color is old-fashioned, you know Pink is on-trend It suits for both men and women. Understand? We should stop it here It’s no use talking to you Let’s get straight to the point How is your work? It’s quite hard I have to deal with a lot of documentary And also, there are many rules I must follow and obey The point is that I can’t remember them all Oh my! It sounds terrible Anyway, what are those rules? Rule number one: Boss is always right Quynh! Why you’re sitting here? Anything wrong happened gain? Don’t you remember what happened last night?

What happened? Is it because I don’t fire Linh? You really don’t remember what you said to me last night? What did I say? Apparently, you’re the one who often advises me to forget the past But why you’re always bringing up Han’s death to tear me to pieces, skin to bone? You blame it all on me I Cuong! You told that you love me You told that you cherish me, you trust me But so far, you’ve kept thinking that I’m a murderer You still think that I killed Han I don’t… Honey! Honey I had a met-up with my university friends and drank quite a lot They talked about Han I was blind drunk then and those words just popped out I swear to you I forget about all those old stories You know what makes me scared and obsessed most, right? – Honey! – Would you stop making promises? I lose my trust in you – Honey! – I don’t know who you really are You change very quickly – No, I don’t – Your actions don’t match your words Please trust me this time I’ve told you thousand times She fell off herself. I didn’t kill her Why don’t you believe me? – I didn’t kill her – Calm down! You didn’t kill her You’re not a murderer It was a slip of tongue My apology I won’t let this happen ever again I’m heartbroken seeing you cry like this, you know Don’t cry! I promise I’ll spend more time being with you then we’ll have babies real soon Okay? Calm down! Let’s get inside Well I washed these clothes very carefully You can take them back No need Keep them for yourself Well I can’t take them They are very expensive Expensive? They are at decent price, not expensive Anyway, thank you Though you didn’t send me back home you took me to a hotel You should say thank you to Tung Because he was the one taking you to the hotel Anyway, don’t worry about this much Keeping you safe is my duty and responsibility as your assistant You play a crucial role in running the company Assume that I did try my best to safeguard the most ever-talented boss for the company Everything I did is for the sake of work, Can’t believe that I can give such profound explanation Yeah, that’s it I gotta make everything clear right from the beginning You did very well, Ha You’re trying to turn down my affection for you, right? Of course Well…No I am not Are you sure you are not? I Boss, here is the report of Marketing Department I thought you had time I don’t know you are talking with Ha Please have a look Gimme I’ll check it later Yes Wait Whose clothes are they? Ha! Whose clothes are they? They belong to They’re mine I bought them for my friend Yes I see You bought it for Ngoc, right? Everyone in the company know that Ngoc loves receiving gifts from you What nonsense are you talking? I bought it for the one who I care about most It must be Ngoc, right? Just take it Over here I well I’d better get back to my work I’m leaving, boss What did I say?

The one I care about most?! How could I say so? What a shame! I gotta care about this now I’ve got the breakfast I’m eating it Enjoy your meal and have a nice day at work I’d better start working now Where is your boss? May I help you, Ms.? Your banh mi tastes terrible Had better close your store Ms.! Our boss is not here What’s the matter, Ms.? Can I help you? Check it by yourself I ordered a Pork with Peppercorn Sauce banh mi, but it’s extremely salty Let me try What’s wrong? What’s that? It’s extremely salty How could it be? I don’t know It really is, right? I followed uncle Mau’s recipe How could it be like this? Minh! Minh! The customers are waiting! Minh! Why have you not served this yet? This seems tempting You haven’t salted this? You had already seasoned it? When tasting it, I found it really bland so I seasoned it for you Stop this Now serve this with the other filling I am terribly sorry. I will make it quick Miss, please accept our apology Hope you let it slide We are making the other for you It won’t be long. Please be patient Just a second, miss My apology Well, I don’t want to make a fuss here but this can’t look good in your business You are lucky that nothing too serious happened What if something more terrible happens? Do you think you can deal with it? I know that we were wrong to do so Please wait for us I’d be right back This banh mi is for free Don’t take her money Thank you so much This is your banh mi, miss – Hope you understand – Please give us another chance to serve you What the hell did you do? I had already seasoned it Why did you do that? You go finish this for me! To be honest, I do have a salt tooth When I tasted it, I found its taste fine enough! Guess when it’s cooled down, it tastes saltier I can’t do anything to save this I can’t save you either! Let me tell you this. I am the chef here not you! You want to be a chef? So be it! Uncle Mau will hear about this! Alright, alright. I know it was my fault Please stop yelling at me! Oh come on! Stop Don’t yell at her. We gotta deal with this Tinh Get rid of this filling now! Hey, how about calling uncle Mau? What if he can come up with a solution? Don’t call him. We can totally handle this We only call him when there’s nothing else we can do We were lucky that she is our today’s first customer What if many customers storm here and complain? You won’t get any wages this month, girl Take this as a lesson, girl This should be your first and last mistake I know Hurry up. Get rid of it I’m on it What a disaster! Take a rest and eat something Just leave it there, I’ll have it later I see you do know how to take care of yourself I am also aware that you are super busy, but if you skip this meal, you may get stomachache That could slow down your progress

You have become more convincing Let me take it Have a seat there You can have it with me No, I am good Then just sit down Can I ask you something? Yes. Go ahead You always have many irons in the fire Are you a workaholic and be indifferent to everything? How could you ask that question? If I were indifferent, why would I take care of Ken? It could be simply just duty It never is Every second in my life does matter I am the only son in my family So I am aware that I must take great responsibility of everything When I was a child, I knew that I had to be independent I have nothing on my mind but responsibility Even though you do, you gotta have some time for yourself You can’t just focus on your job day and night Besides being a busy bee, you need to hang out, have a coffee with your friends, or watch movies When I have reached where I can’t be taken down, I may have time for those Now I want the best for my beloved ones I see that you always work really late Guess you rarely have dinner with your family? Eating out is way more time-saving It doesn’t take much time I need to think of how to make money every second I don’t want to waste my time thinking what to cook, what to eat, or where the salt is, where the sugar is You are just being lazy! In this company, I guarantee that I am a hard-working person! If I were in the second place, no one would dare to take the first I gotta admit that you are a talented boss In the previous meeting, every word you said showed that you are a knowledgeable man Of course I am You don’t have to state that But if you want to, I allow that Wait. Why am I flattering him? That even happens more frequently! Hey It is late now. How about Ken? Nga is taking care of him now Good Your job here is done You can go home now No, I should give you a hand How could I leave when my boss is still working? Are you sure? Alright I am working on several documents For example, documents in English, Japanese and French Those are not translated yet Could you translate these into Vietnamese then edit them? What? French and Japanese? But I It is not over There are a dozen emails I haven’t reviewed yet Well I think that I should leave Since you told me to come home and take care of Ken And of course I must not do against your will So yeah Well, I should get going now Thanks for the meal That is my duty. You don’t need to say thanks I rarely say thanks to anyone Once I do, you’d better take it and feel proud of it Alright, I take that Do you need me to clean this up? No Excuse me Ouch! It hurts! Oh my God! My stomach hurts! Hey, bro! Oh God! What happened? Are you OK? You caught a cold or something? Bro! You are still asking? My bro suffering from this is because of your banh mi! Excuse me. Is this a mistake? My store serves the best food. This couldn’t happen I heard Pork with Peppercorn Sauce tastes really good so I bought 5 loaves for my family and the result is here! Explain this! Do something! Please calm down! I think this is a mistake or something

A mistake? – What mistake? – Calm down, please! Relax! Please! We can figure it out Then explain this! What is wrong with him? Speak! Well I Yeah? Now what? How will you solve this? Please, keep calm What will you do? Do this for me, please. Calm down I will figure this out Boy! Are you the boss here? No, I am not. My boss is not here Don’t fool me I need to meet him! You think you can get away with this? Call him or not? Is this a mistake? My store never lets this happen Our ingredients are always checked carefully There can’t be any food poisoning cases I need you to prove that he ate our banh mi Right? You need proof? Come here! Now! Hurry up! Yeah? You need proof? Well I This is it. Watch it! It’s torturing me! Hold on, bro. Hang in there. The doctor is here! Save him, please After checking him, I concluded that he’s got food poisoning but I haven’t found out why Please, save my brother What did you eat? Here! He ate this. He has finished only a half So it could be because of banh mi The doctor said it’s food poisoning Is this good enough? You don’t trust us? – Don’t trust us? – Please, relax! This is a mistake Calm down. I think it’s just a mistake I…I I ask you once again Will you call your boss? Please. He is very busy You won’t call him? Hey! Stop! What are you doing? Don’t be scared! If you go too far, I will call the police Yeah, we will call the police What? We go too far? Call the police? You know what “too far” is? Too far! Easy, guys Easy I’ll call Mr. Mau right now Quick, bastard! Uncle, we’re in trouble Can you come here now? Okay Okay, uncle I’ve just called him. Please calm down Hey girl! – Say it again – Hey You’ll call the cops? Mr. Mau will be here right away – Shut the f**k up or I’ll punch you in the face – Mr. Mau will be here shortly Doctor, I’m sure Mr. Mau’s banh mi has caused food poisoning It hurts – Doctor, please help him – Help me – Bro, don’t give up – OMG. It hurts This is just an accident None of us expected it to happen Anyway, whether it was our fault or not, I’ll take responsibility for it So, what do you want me to do? It’s very good of you to say so Karma will come to those who do immoral things Here is my opinion Hospital fees, medical bills, and mental suffering compensation I don’t think it’s a big deal to the owner of a construction company, right? Hey man Don’t be too much It’s not about money Since the very first day we opened this store, quality is our top priority The ingredients are carefully checked To make it fair, we must report this case to the police Kid, I’m talking to your boss Who the hell you are to interfere? Shut up or you’ll be done Mr. Mau, In case you refuse to compensate, that’s fine Journalists will get the news then they’ll come to find you real soon What will happen next? You know it very clearly, right? Think about it – Hey! – Phat I agree to pay But I want to meet the victim to apologize directly Here He’s right here The other victims are still in the hospital However, I don’t think you should visit them They will definitely become furious seeing you there Solve it Just give us the money, then the clip will disappear Otherwise, I guess you know what will happen to you You said we would negotiate, didn’t you? So, what is the clip for? You guys are too much Girl, the clip is proof that can protect us In case you double-cross us, what can we do without proof? Mr. Mau, prestige is the key to every business Don’t let us wait too long or else, we can’t ensure anything Guys, let’s go Bro, I’m in pain So painful

Uncle, why do you let them go so easily? We’re the victims All they want is money You know, on the way to clear our name, the brand will be affected as a consequence We’d better let this accident go to focus on our business Damn it! – Uncle – What? Please allow me to say one thing Go ahead I guess your wife is the instigator Your wife once harmed you Do you still remember it? I don’t think she did this Clean up and close the store now Let me solve it Yes, boss Dad, I feel worried about it We’d better solve it as soon as possible Once the news shows up on the media, the shareholders will lose trust in you As you are the chairman of Minh Quang Company, that accident will damage the prestige of our company But, backing down from them means you’re giving them a chance to defeat you Dad, you must report it to the police Don’t worry I’ll have a solution for it I forgave everything happened in the past This time, I hope my family didn’t stab me in the back Why are you looking at me that way? Are you doubting me? I said I didn’t do that After decades of marriage, you still don’t understand me? I haven’t said anything You don’t have to say it directly The way you’re looking at me tells it I’ve got nothing to say to you Mom Oh my Mom Honey Be honest to me You did that, right? What are you saying, darling? What’s the reason for me to do such a stupid thing? To expose me? You hid the keys, so dad couldn’t come inside the store to make banh mi. That order was canceled You spoiled the pâté You did them all I’m doubting you with this case Right. About the accident in the past, mom ordered me to do that But it wasn’t me this time Don’t be so unreasonable If it wasn’t you, then who? Mom and dad already made up, so why did mom have to do that again? If I did it, I did it for what? What benefit did it bring to me? Everyone in this family sees me as a criminal You doubt me? Report to the police Do that Quynh, I’m your husband, why I did it my dad-in-law? Mom once ordered me to do the wrong thing But I’m not involved in this case Maybe he didn’t do that Alright. Don’t mind it Minh Don’t you see I’m sleeping? Wake up Don’t you see everyone is in anxiety? Help them to find a solution Why sleep? Last night, I was too anxious to sleep What a reasoner! Why don’t you help them? You prepared food for that order You’d better find a solution instead of scolding me Could you please stop talking about my mistake again and again? What animal brings back food from its stomach to its mouth and chews it again? – A cow – Exactly! Uncle, Tinh’s implied that I’m a cow She’s right, lad Why were you sleeping there? It’s the face of the store Now I understand why we can’t sell well How annoying you are! Uncle, bad news What’s that? They broke the promise They uploaded the clip and wrote articles smearing our store Show me It’s a photo of Mr. Mau Let me see “The owner of this store is so immoral.” “They bartered with people’s health for benefits.” Dang! They said as if they knew the story very well Uncle, the clip has got around 2000 comments I’m gonna fight back Are you nuts? We’d better make no move

If you really want to solve it, you must find a proper solution Fighting back is a terrible idea Wait I’ve found out something wrong On that day, when I realized that the Pork with Peppercorn Sauce was too salty, I told Tinh to put it away I remember that no one bought 5 loaves That’s right I checked the orders No one made an order like that I believe this is a vicious slander on the store’s good name Tinh, bring me the bills Let it go You guys should yield It’s hard to build good name for our store I’m afraid that customers will lose the trust in us Sir, we’re from Food Safety As I know, food at your store caused food poisoning According to the record, your store has a history of it “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” is aired at 19:55 from Monday to Thursday on HTV7, starting from 5th October, 2020 Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi”