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Vietnamese Girdle-cake is so flexible It can be used to cook variety of dishes Hello everybody, welcome back to Dinology i am Dino and today i’m back at my kitchen As you can see, i have new haircut and i’m so glad that finally i could get a new haircut after social-distancing Honestly, it’s been over a month since i haven’t had a haircut, my hair was terrible. But now i feel fresh and confident to comeback And welcome back everybody at my kitchen with my greatest confidence ever Today, i will show you guys a video about Vietnamese Girdle-cake Few days ago i watched a Korean food channel and i am so glad that Vietnamese Girdle-cake was featured by some Korean cookers They fried this Girdle-cake really crispy like snack and then they dip it into Korean chilli powder and i think that was a great idea In Vietnam, we have also fried the Girdle-cake and eat with Tay Ninh Shrimp salt, right? That was so tasty We used to make a lot of salt but today i will base on that concept because i love fried Girdle-cake so i will make three different kinds of side-dishes with Girdle-cake So let’s cook with me! Three kinds of side-dishes today include First of all is Vietnamese butter as well as Mayonnaise As you know Mayonnaise is made from egg york. After that, it is blended with a lot of oil in the ratio of 9:10 That’s a lot. And it is popular at almost Vietnamese Banh mi stores, especially in Saigon And this dish is not as difficult to cook as you think i will show you guys later. The second side-dish is Mexican style As you know the Mexican corn-cake is usually dipped with Guacamole sauce Although it sounds totally unfamiliar to us but actually these ingredients are easy to buy in Vietnam, so don’t worry i will show you details. And finally is Mixed Girdle-cake We usually slice Mixed Girdle-cake to eat, right? Remember when i first came to Saigon, i often wondered why people eat something like plastic But now i really addicted to Mixed Girdle-cake So today i will try to make Fried Girdle-cake and eat it with all of those ingredients And there is a special change that you guys will know later. But now let’s start with the first sauce Firstly, we need 3 eggs i often use free-range egg But we should not use free-range egg for this sauce because it will be very costly So industial egg is a greater choice because it is bigger Let’s get the egg york There are many different tips to get the egg york however, i often do this way without any equipments oh it’s broken hopefully i still get it but we will mixed the egg york so as long as we get the white it’s still fine even if the york broke Try to get all the white Finally after getting 3 york, i got 1 still intact, but it’s not a problem Guys, i forgot to make oil first, you know why? Let me show you I will use 220 ml of cooking oil because today i want to make gallic oil for gallic butter. Smell good You can call it Mayonnaise or butter I think Mayonnaise is more correctly However, at some Banh Mi stores in Vietnam they often call it butter. So i will call it Vietnamese butter or Mayonnaise From now then you should understand these are the same Japanese or foreign Mayonnaise which we often eat It has a pretty white color That is different. You have to buy if you want i’ve never been successfull at making as white as Japanese/foreign Mayonnaise at home When the oil gets hotter i add a big gallic to have strong scent i fried this galic until it become yellow Remember to stir it regularly so the garlic isn’t burnt here i can smell the garlic scent is pretty good right now but we will wait until the garlic is drained At that time, the essential oil in garlic have been flowed out a lot So we have large amount of garlic oil Smell so good. I just fry the garlic until it get a little bit yellow like this Because when you lift up the pan, it still be heated the garlic will continue to get yellow don’t let it get too yellow because when you take it out, it may be burned And burned-food is not good for health I filter out the garlic oil So now, i will let the oil cooler then we will start the next stage see you guys in 10 minutes later And now, the oil is cool i return with the york and according to my recipe, this is garlic oil we will add half a spoon of mustard i love mustard, it smells good it’s better to add half a spoon of coffee salt for more intense flavor

of course, sugar is necessary here i will apply a spoon of sugar no just half a spoon, i don’t want to eat so sweet today Vinegar is helpful to make the sour taste in Mayonnaise a little softer This is optional if you guys don’t want to eat sour. But for me, i will add a spoon of vinegar, after that i will blend this and you are able to do it by hands but it takes more time Don’t worry, it’s easier than Dalgona coffee For me? I have electric mixer to use now turn on the electric mixer You need to use the mixer at a slow to high speed to let it dissolve gradually At first I thought butter (Mayonnaise) is usually produced from cow’s milk from egg But when i cooked, i was surprised It turns out that 90% of the ingredients are essential oil, cooking oil Omg actually we are eating a lot of fat but Fat food is always delicious right? now we will increase turn to the maximum speed this bowl has anti-slip function so it’s very convenient I can use both hands too and let’s pour the oil slowly If you guys pour the oil too quickly so our butter or mayonnaise will get lumpy when doing this many people will be a bit impatient want to pour it all once time However, if you pour it all at once, it will ruin our work if you don’t pour slowly like me you just have to pour 1 spoon every 15 seconds The color starts to get brighter Do you think it’s beautiful? does it look like butter at Banh mi stores? see, i pour slowly and carefully until now, it took 5 minutes to blend this and the butter will thicken more and more We just blend it for a little bit more Done! Look at this. It has became much solid that is enough. Now I will taste it Delicious! The garlic smells good i think it will be match my Girdle-cake So we have finished the first one. The second one is Guacamole who loves eating Mexican food will definitely not feel strange anymore First, we have to choose 1 ripe avocado To recognize a ripe avocado is very simple, squeeze it by hand like this and I’m going to cut this ripe avocado. Here you will cut in this direction see so gentle And then I’ll take the avocado with a spoon. I really like dishes that have avocado You know why? Because there’s no need to peel This avocado is pretty ripe. And I also have a secret Every time an avocado is ripe, put it in the freezer immediately when needed, just take it out to eat But a ripe avocado that we base on the day of eating, it will be flattened and if you wait until the day to eat, you may forget it I forgot to eat a lot of avocados because I couldn’t timing And now, we continue with the half left I scared to eat avocado when i was a kid But when I grew up, I realized that there was a lot of protein in avocados OK i love protein so i started to eat avocado And here, I’ve got this avocado, I’ll pickle it later Next, I will cut 2 small tomatoes Cutting up tomatoes into tiny cubes. Remember to remove its stalk Cut the sideway of the tomato so it is easy to remove its stalk. It’s also hard to cutting up tomato into tiny cubes because tomato is soft and my knife is blunt I realized that today I don’t like to eat a lot of tomatoes i will cook some soups later After that I will use about half an onion This time I learned from experience. i have a cutting tip You know what, I’ve been less talking from the beginning, because Sometimes I get comments saying that I talk too much So this time I talk less, do you think that is better? If you want me to talk less, please comment below Or you like me to talk like this alright now I have half an onion here Tomato and Onion are cut into tiny cubes Next, I will use 2 purple onions, 1 large garlic bulb, cilantro and Tuperware grinder I don’t know why, I’ve said so many times, this is the tupperware mill. I will leave the logo here If you want to search on shopee, there’s always place to buy this But every time you talk about this, you guys still ask and this is probably the hottest product on my channel

This will be the last time I talk about this product, this is Tuperware, please search for this name now i’ll put cilantro, garlic and onion into the grinder and here it is it’s time to mixed all of these ingredients Now I will mash the avocado basically, you can use a fork or spoon to mash I use this. This is a potato mill. It helps us to mash soft food easily You should not mash it too much, that’s not good. Just mash it briefly after mashing it, i add onion and tomato then i add the mixed of garlic, onion, cilantro which have been already mashed Next, add more salt according to your taste. I add 1/3 of spoon then add some pepper Today i cook a lot, hopefully everyone will eat it all remember to grind the pepper as small as possible so our food will not be spicy because today’s dishes are salty If you feel the taste of food is too heavy for you, add 1 spoon of sugar I add lime instead of sugar you can use lemon for a milder and more aromatic taste but today i use lime then we mix all together You see, the flesh of the avocado is still light I’ve been using this recipe for many years But if you want to change the recipe, for example, more tomatoes or less avocados then that’s okay Guacamole often has this green mixture Done, now we start to cook the third dish It’s time to make plum-mixed girdle-cake. I used to cook this on Ngòn Ngon Today i do it again The mixed girdle-cake is very close to us we have quail egg, jerky beef, jerky cuttle, roasted peanut, Vietnamese cilantro and sauce this sauce is made from soy sauce, sugar and a dash of water for a lighter flavor. That’s all In order to avoid the video being too long, I will cut the plum, see you later We will use SAFOCO’s rice paper rolls This girdle-cake is thick and easy to bulge This girdle-cake is very popular in Vietnam and abroad. I see that foreign cookers also use this brand girdle-cake which eat with butter and guacamole should be cut like this firstly I’ll cut it in half. You can double it, but it is easily broken Cutting it would be better. I cut it into a fan shape like this The hardest thing is to cut it in half cut it into 8 parts The reason I chose this shape is that when the girdle-cake puffed up, I can use it to scoop the Guacamole and cream with mixed girdle-cake, I leave the whole paper to fry then pour it over here. Now let’s fry This dish wastes a lot of oil because we have to deep-fry however, this dish is quite clean, no carb and is not meat either So maybe we will use cooking oil one more time and you guys need to wait until the oil getting hot, then we fry The cooking oil is hot it’s show time see You have to take it out right away it will be more solid outside now i continue to fry, let see let’s take it out quickly the girdle-cake looks so great it’s becoming a special snack i think fried girdle cake is crunchy and easier to eat than raw girdle cake. Raw girdle cake is very chewy let’s eat Frying girdle cake is so fast because it’s thin And this one Interesting! i love this feeling now i’m going to fry more small girdle cakes alright i cut it into 1/4 of a piece

one, two, three, four, five it’s getting yellow immediately but it’s still fine It’s interesting I think that’s enough for today And mixed girdle-cake looks like this i have mixed a little before now i’m going to fry it it looks like princess’s hair Now i’m going to finish mixed girdle-cake here. Firstly i put some quail eggs on the top I will put something heavy first After that is jerky cuttle and beef Then i put some chopped and fried girdle-cake peanut Vietnamese cilantro Hanoi plum And you know what i’m curious that why Southside people call Bell fruit as Plum and Plum as Hanoi Plum although these are different And it’s hard for me to distingush at the first time but i get used to it I slice at the side of the plum then put it in. Next here, chilli satay cashew oil just a little Finally, it’s kumquat juice I like a little sour I always like to squeeze a lot of kumquat juice when I eat mixed girdle-cake Actually, fried girdle-cake is popular in Saigon and the best place to eat … i don’t remember the name who have ever tried please comment down below because i heard that place has very delicious fried girdle cake but i haven’t had a chance to try yet so you guys who have already tried it please tell me your opinion so i’ll try it later finally i pour some sauce just a little wow it’s delicious wait a minute, let me refine my dishes Okay done This is mixed girdle- cake with plum this is Mayonnaise and Guacamole let’s eat two simple things first. Firstly is Mayonnaise This is my creative idea and i’m proud of it it’s crunchy looking good, right? let’s try with Mayonnaise Mayonnaise smells so good with garlic crunchy, fat, delicious. I’ll probably gain weight This is the dish that I combined after eating Saigon bread and fried girdle-cake You should try very tasty I’m very proud of this it’s having Mayonnaise, yellow mustard with slightly sour taste from vinegar This dish definitely conquer every foodaholic i can’t stop eating okay i’m done with Mayonnaise now let’s try Guacamole Sounds like Mexico I use girdle-cake to scoop sauce See. The avocado blended with a little onion and tomato Because avocado is so fatty, combined with the sour taste of tomatoes, the pungent flavor of onion will balance the taste of lime, salt and pepper it’s healthy i think people who are on diet can consider this dish because avocado is suitable for diet it contains a lot of fiber and there is no sugar however you can add some sugar But you will lose our healthy concept Delicious, let me rate this dish 8/10 but with Mayonnaise i think it’s 10/10 one more piece before i switch to the last one

I don’t have much Girdle-cake but i love this sauce done This is the most fancy dish looks like restaurant girdle-cake i’ll use a spoon to eat break these fried girdle-cake let’s have a scoop maybe I’m a bit biased but i prefer fried girdle-cake it’s better to combine with Plum these plums are sour it is more watery than the mango. I have eaten mango all the time Plums have only one season a year i think you should try so good plum combine with jerky cuttle and beef, vietnamese cilantro it’s crunchy this girdle-cake is suitable for who love mixed girdle-cake but don’t like the chewy one Some people addict to girdle-cake but they don’t like chewy girdle-cake just fry it. I’m sure that mixed girdle-cake will become national snack So today i have tried 3 kinds of snack that i cooked in the afternoon Girdle cake with Mayonnaise Guacamole sauce and mixed and fried girlde-cake with plum i’m very satisfied with these dishes this one get 8/10, so does this one But this mayonnaise get 10/10 i love it let’s have one more today we have cooked 3 kinds of snack together what is your favorite one? please comment below to let me know and if you cook 1 of these 3 or all of these please post a picture on your Instagram story and tag me this time i decide to give away for who have the most beautiful cook and next week i’ll announce the reward as well as whoever won in the upcoming video So please make it beutiful, more over than my cook and don’t forget to tag me Goodbye and see you later Bye oh i forgot please subcribe my channel because that is a big motivation for me to make videos Goodbye i have an invention that is grinding fried garlic then i mixed it with mayonnaise it’s smells better let’s have a scoop with fried garlic See you in the next videos i have second invention second P/S firstly i put a little Guacamole on girdle cake then i put a little more garlic mayonnaise when i combine these sauces it’s very delicious by different way, you should try at first i did 3 dishes but then i invent more dishes Goodbye guys, for real