FFG#716: Bún bò cay Ánh Nguyệt ngon quá trời mà cả đoàn Color Man khóc lóc sụt sùi hết là sao ?

Hello my dear viewers Storm No. 5 is coming near Nearly all of the regions are affected, even Mekong Delta It’s raining heavily I’m standing in Cao Van Lau Street Here is 112, the eatery opposite is at 119 Cao Van Lau Street, Ward 2 Bac Lieu City This morning, I head off very early Please follow me to discover Bac Lieu cuisine When coming here, you cannot fail to try spicy bun bo That is Anh Nguyet spicy bun bo eatery, one of the famous ones here A friend of mine, Huynh Ky, recommended me this eatery He’s a YouTuber in Bac Lieu City Follow me! I almost forget Is my outfit today nice and unusual? I bet this outfit would remind you guys of the old me when I still worked as a news-reader. Oops! Hello there! Oh my! – This is Auntie Nguyet – Uh huh Nice to meet you – Come in and have a seat – Yes Other guys sit over there? Oh, I see This whole place is your eatery? Yes Which spot is bright enough to film? You can sit here Is it bright? Sit here? I’m having a seat here. Thanks What should I order? – Sorry? – Do you want it less spicy? Nah, I want it super spicy – Okay – How can I know it’s super spicy? – There are 2 levels of spiciness: less spicy and super spicy – Yes How does the spiciest serving taste? – A normal serving is less spicy – Yes Yet how can I distinguish them? One contains lots of satay chili paste, one doesn’t – I heard that it’s served with salt, right? – Yes, lime salt Lime salt or chili salt? – I mean lime-chili salt – Got ya Where’s your kitchen? Can I have a look around? – Right there – I’ll go there with you Keep this seat for me I want it super spicy As much spicy as possible – We’d better sit here – Yes Let’s sit here Oops! This is Anh Nguyet spicy bun bo See, guys? Oh wow! I gotta take a picture of it – Color Man! – Yes? They’re all so excited to see you here This man is Huynh Ky Well Huynh Ky is a fan of mine and a YouTuber as well – Sorry? – Hello guys – You look more handsome in real life – Really? – I’m telling the truth – My gosh! It’s so sweet of you to say so Oh my! Look at this pot Fantastic, guys! – I watch your clips very often – Do you? – I keep watching them although I get no gift from you – Oh, is that so? – Color Man likes spicy foods – Is that so? – Does he? – Yup. I like to eat super spicy dishes – He really likes chilies – That’s right – Lean meat, please – Yes I want lean meat and tendon Jeez! These 2 pots are much more fantastic This is for super spicy servings? Less noodles, please Gee! Look at these two ones They help to make the food spicy, right? – It’s the broth – Oh, really? Its color is Oh my! This eatery is very interesting – Try the super spicy serving – Sure. I want the spiciest one As much spicy as possible

Let me try it It’s spicy? I want mine to be spicier than his Gee! It’s so crowded and fun Do you sell it in the mornings only, sis? – Yes, until 9 or 10 – Is that so? Don’t you sell it at night? – If it’s a good day, I’ll close my eatery at around 8 – Is Anh Nguyet your name? How long have you run this eatery? – Where’s your seat? – Right there Is this mine? – The mistress made one for you already – Really? Oh dear! Wow! It looks fantastic! Truly attractive, right, guys? We’ll talk about it later One more serving of chili salt, please I need a spoon Wait! I haven’t tasted it yet Look, guys! My goodness! That’s right Oh, they don’t serve this with bread, but youtiao Do they have fresh chilies? – Excuse me, do you have fresh chilies,? – Sorry, we don’t Let’s use satay chili paste Alright. It’s fine Take a picture of it Fresh chili tastes different, you know Gee! She added more chilies already Here’s the only dipping sauce for this dish Oh my! So delicious A bit hot I’m having it later Surely, our lips will get swollen after having it Add more chilies! Without chili, it ain’t good It’s delicious already – Oh, really? – Yes Well How silly you are! I’ll add some more vegetables There What do you think about our specialty? I’ve just tasted the broth, and it’s heavenly Pretty rich Pretty tasty, guys Hello you guys, Huynh Ky’s fans – Huynh Ky TV, right? – Yes, that’s right Though I haven’t added anything, it’s still so tasty I don’t know where spicy bun bo originally came from Yet it was introduced to Bac Lieu It tastes super tempting My lips go a bit numb after trying it This reminds me of spicy hotpot in Haidilao Gosh, to be honest I find it much more delicious than the dishes in Haidilao What if we turn this into a hotpot eatery and give it a name? Labobali Similar to Haidilao, we’ll call it Labobali It’s short for Lau Bo Bac Lieu (Bac Lieu beef hotpot)

“LaBoCaBaLi” The broth is heavenly tasty These strands are bigger than the ones I usually eat Excellent! Tuan, what’s wrong with you? Too spicy, boss You’re so impolite, Tuan What’s wrong with them? Film them Don’t do that It will make you feel more spicy Swallow it – Are they your staff? – Right These 2 girls are my secretaries Maybe it’s too much for them To me, this dish is awesome Do you want some more? Yes? Hoang Anh, if we come back here, will you try this dish again? I will, but without this spicy soup Guys, I can bear it No need to add spices Anyway, I’ll add some lime juice in The flavor must be different than the original one Add lime juice in this spicy sauce, too I’ll finish it up. Wait and see Look at him It’s like you’re suffering from something real bad Mr. Son gave up That’s too spicy Mr. Son can’t eat spicy food Poor him He had to eat youtiao instead of Spicy Bun Bo, the signature dish of the eatery – Is he Tuan? – His channel is “Pham Tuan Lai May Bay” He insists on accompanying me everywhere I go So annoying Dip the tendon in salt and chili. Fantastic! Ms. Tuyet! Ms. Tuyet I want to know what ingredients she uses to make the broth this much spicy The beef tendon It seems that this dish is overwhelmingly spicy to my staff I can eat super spicy food Am I qualified enough to become a Bac Lieu citizen? Right? Even Bac Lieu citizens can’t stand this spicy dish Is it a Khmer dish? I’ll ask the owner Hoang Anh is covering her nose She’s covering her nose while eating Hoang Anh, what’s wrong?

Got a nosebleed? Boss, it’s freaking spicy Gee Got a nosebleed after eating Bun Bo? Try to finish it You won’t have chances to eat it again ’cause I won’t let you join me in the next trips What an excellent eatery! Excuse me, Ms. Tuyet What do you used to cook this broth? – Chili seeds? – Fresh chili What? Chili – Just chili? – Yep – Fresh chili? – Right I only use fresh chili to cook the dish Every day? It’s amazing to have a bottle of this spicy sauce in my house It’s not for sale – You don’t sell it – Yep – You use chili to make the broth? – Exactly He asked if this dish was Khmer or Vietnamese cuisine? It’s a Vietnamese dish Is that so? You learned to cook this dish from your dad? It means your dad also sold this dish? He was the founder of this eatery He passed away, then I took over it Oh! So you’re the 2nd generation This eatery is more than 40 years old More than 40 years? Back then, the eatery was so crowded with customers like this I have so many loyal customers Your eatery has more and more customers lately? Thanks to advertisement – You rent this place or it’s your house? – I rent it You’ve been selling here since the beginning? No. In the past, we moved many times because of heavy tax I can’t remember how many times we moved Every time the tax raised, he moved to another place Our eatery has been very popular for a long time What was its name? “Stewed Beef” – Just “Stewed Beef” – Yep When did you name it “Anh Tuyet”? Since the day I moved here. I renamed it “Anh Nguyet” Ah, “Anh Nguyet”. Sorry It’s “Anh Nguyet”, not “Anh Tuyet” Thank you Both my grandfather and my dad were chefs for officers of the old regime My grandfather cooked for French officers My uncle cooked for Tran Thien Khiem – Do you know him? – Yes Tran Thien Khiem and Nguyen Van Thieu Really? Most of my relatives on my dad’s side were chefs Cool! That’s so cool! Maybe I’m the last generation What about your children? Do they want to take over this business? Probably no Oh dear They don’t want to They have their own careers to pursue This eatery must not be lost They’re too young – They don’t know how hard life is – Right Tasty! You came here just to try this dish or to travel? I’m on my way to Ca Mau Your wife didn’t accompany you? Yeah She’s in Hanoi now I was having a great time ’till he mentioned my wife I didn’t feel this dish spicy ’till you asked me about her Just kidding. Never mind Are you finished? Buy some more youtiao to dip in milk coffee A lot of beef The beef tastes extremely good It’s fresh and flavorful Especially the tendon. It’s very moderate You wasted your food Look, Hoang Anh finally finished up her food Good job She said it’s too spicy but she ate it all

Her lips are not swollen yet. She’s still fine Ha seems to enjoy this dish The broth tastes really rich Since the broth has chili extract This reminds me of Pho’s poached egg Alright Move this aside Take this bowl – There’s iced tea next to you – I’ll leave my lips burning red I wiped my lips but they’re still red In a moment, below my lips, it’s gonna turn red It’s gonna be great if we can eat this with bread I like bread – Spicy, isn’t it? – Yeah – It’s super spicy – Yeah, super spicy Wait for me a little bit, granny – Can anyone buy her lottery for me, please? – I did Alright It must be this spicy Thank Huynh Ky for showing me this place All my life I’ve been always searching for hot spicy food I’m really frightened by how you can handle spicy food You shouldn’t be How can you resist this appetizing dish? – You’re sweating buckets – Nah I’m not It’s cold outside You guys know nothing about enjoying food This is a quintessence of Vietnam’s food This makes my belly warm I can feel its warmness I can feel it running from my throat to my lungs. I can feel it running in my body It’s like drinking alcohol I gotta eat this up – Tasty, isn’t it? – It really is – Are you this eatery’s regular? – Yep, for years For around 30-40 years Wow! Since you’re young? Oh wow! Iced coffee after the meal is gonna be great I’m in the sixties now You’re in the sixties? Wow! You don’t look your age Thanks to this spicy Bun bo, I guess This place’s Bun bo is your elixir of youth? Oh lords!

It tastes heavenly Are you gonna continuing making Sing Your Dream? Yes. I’ll make it next year – It’s been delayed for a while – Yeah it’s because of the pandemic I’ve been waiting for it I’ve finished it! Dipping some bread to this would be great I’d prefer bread Since there’s too much oil in youtiao Still luscious though! The foreigners are gonna love this Bun bo! I bet Malaysians and Indonesians would probably love this a lot I don’t know how people could invent this heavenly dish! Pham Tuan’s looking at me as if I’m an alien I was truly frightened That’s thrilling! This one is the real highlight! Yup, it’s super spicy It’s also boiling The broth is hot! This place is at 119 Oops it’s so spicy that I forgot the address What’s the address? Cao Van Lau street It’s at 119 Cao Van Lau st., ward 2, Bac Lieu city Anh Tuyet’s spicy Bun bo eatery I guarantee that their Bun bo is delectable and super spicy I’m totally fine with their spicy food and I like it Thank you so much Dear viewers! I hope that in the future I can explore more about Bac Lieu and show you how it’s gonna be Hello Bac Lieu folks! Now I gotta get ready for my trip to Ca Mau I’m about to film my Street Cry series there It’s at 18:00 Saturday That means tomorrow. Today’s Friday already Stay tuned, guys I will be near a high school in Ca Mau I will help granny To Thi Y She has a lovely tofu cart in Ca Mau Thanks for watching!