Food For Good #675: Mê cá lóc đến mức sáng tạo ra cả chục món ăn như chị chủ này quả là hiếm có !

These tweezers are amazing, removing bones and skin without tearing it apart Wonderful You need to know how or the fish will fall apart They don’t know where the bones lie It falls apart easily At first, I did it with hands and got lots of stabs I tried some other tweezers but they didn’t work well I happened to find a man selling these in the market It worked wonderfully How old are they? 8-9 years. They’ve just been soldered, hence are not as pretty as before They were a lot more beautiful Other fish eateries will use these bones for the broth They are still delicious and juicy Even more than the flesh These are That’s why they call you queen Oh my Mr. Yan Can Cook visited my eatery to film – Really? – Yes Several years ago – What’s your name? – I’m Thuy Ms. Thuy – the Snakehead queen – Where to? – Here it is – Oh, this? – Yes The name is Snakehead fish rice noodle soup Dong Quan 720 Truong Sa street, Ward 14, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City Let’s get in! So busy We sit outside or inside? – Maybe inside – Ok, less noise My dear viewers, we’re looking for something to eat again We’re working hard Every morning, we try to bring you a new eatery Here we are at the Truong Sa quay area At 720 – Which ward? – Ward 14, District 3 720, Ward 14, District 3 On the quay Broken rice, noodle soup,… many breakfast dishes But today we’re gonna have snakehead fish noodle soup Because of her She’s Uyen Phuong Can you guess what’s her job? Not my secretary. That’s Khanh Ha’s job She’s a sales assistant who usually goes with me to sell fish sauce A fan of mine, with the love for fish sauce She applies to my company to sell fish sauce Anyone wants to join her team? My fish sauce sales team Let’s go inside! Good morning, sir My husband’s a big fan Actually, we’re both fans My goodness – You come to support my Banh Canh (rice noodle soup) – Yes, I am Phuong brought me here She said you were supporting my fish sauce This is the least I can do Gosh, I can’t believe you are here right now Such a surprise Please have a seat Don’t mind me What are there on the menu? Oh, the fish head We have fish head, herbal snakehead, – Herbal snakehead? – Yes It’s delicious. Same as our Snakehead Banh Canh Herbal snakehead – Sounds interesting – You can try both Interesting indeed Alright, a Snakehead Banh Canh please – An regular one – Ok – If you want to try the herbal – One of that too – Herbal snakehead for breakfast sounds good – Coming right up Good morning I saw you and I had to turn back with my wife My mother in law is a big fan So I cannot miss this opportunity Hello Please take a photo with me To show my mother in law Nice photo – Thank you – Don’t mention it – You have to support his fish sauce – Already bought it – Oh? – I’m using his and it’s good So adorable

He took a photo to show his mother in law His wife must really love him – Which pot is for – This is the blanching pot Ah, blanching pot. How about – that big pot next to it. So this is – The regular Snakehead Banh Canh Delicious The fish will make the the broth even juicier. I love this Yes, here we had Mr. Yan Can Cook come and film our dishes – Really? – Yes Several years ago How long have you been doing this? 9 long and winding years It’s really tough Let me! Here you are Sit down I know you eat lots of chilies I had hoped you would have come here Could you get me some of that broth, it’s yummy – Back then, – Not to much noodle, please I can’t believe you’re here Back then when I watched your videos, – Which playlist? – I saw you liked to eat chilies So if you had come here, you would have been very happy Appealing, right? More scallion, please – Sure – The scallion I’m adding some more for you Wow, amazing A little more scallion, please This is yours? Yes, it is Exactly how I want it – Our red chili is delicious – Delicious red chili Are you her mom? Oh wow I thought you were sisters How long have you been doing this? It’s been 9 years – 9 years? – Yes I have been selling here since the quay was built This street is not business-friendly One bowl of – herbal snakehead – I’m working on it You should finish your current bowl first Whose bowl is that? One more bowl We made this chilly sauce and this sauce. Both delicious – Ha, this is yours – Yes, sir You should try that Got it – The green sauce? – No, the red one from Bird’s eye chili? Ah, the red sauce – This is home-made? – Yes, both are home-made Could I have a small bowl? Let’s try this Let’s pour it in a small bowl Looks marvelous. Can’t wait to taste it Trying it now Not yet Not yet? – I’ll leave that later then – Yes, it’s getting cold otherwise Delectable This chilly sauce is just spicy enough That’s for me. It would be too strong for others That’s why the owner said she knew I would be happy to eat her chilly Exceptional This is to dip the fish? Ok, this is for the fish Now, the broth The broth pot looks like a rice cooker, interesting Mr. Yan Can Cook visited this eatery

Wow The store is indoors and quite small Only 5 tables 2 more outside. About 6 tables But very clean Have you had this before? – This is my first time – Oh? – Yes – Thought you tried it when selling fish sauce – I didn’t. Just the chicken hot pot – Ah the chicken hot pot – They have hot pot here? – No, it’s nearby. The address is 718 – It’s also hers – Which hot pot? Chicken stew with sweet basil hot pot – Chicken stew with sweet basil hot pot? – Yes – Good? – Yes The meat is so tender that it melts, wonderful How’s the sweet basil? It looks like the regular but… I don’t know And it’s sweet Let me introduce one again, this is Uyen Phuong Full name: Uyen Phuong Thach My fish sauce sales team are all pretty girls like her Any guys want to join? My team is understaffed – Especially male staff – True that But I’d be happier to recruit female employees This is rice noodle They absorbed the broth and is very flavorful Have this for breakfast, it helps fix wine hangovers Last night, I greeted some guests and had too much beer Consuming this now and I feel These are chilly sauces, red and green, both hand-made Let’s try the green sauce You can mix them together Then dip the fish in Yes, mix them up. You can take more sauce Pour the red into the green – I can pour these two. More economical – Yes, you can. It’s delicious My gosh I was about to mix them but I was worried – I made so they can be mixed – that they wouldn’t go well together So they don’t go against each other? The chilly here is really good Green chilies Here it is My husband’s a big fan He likes you a lot Oops, I forgot to take pictures. Too bad of me Please let me take photo of a new bowl of another customer – Do you need it to be reheated? – No, this is enough This is pretty They cover it right away – Never knew Snakehead fish can be used in herbal stew – Yes, it’s their specialty Mr. Yan didn’t have the chance to try the herbal snakehead Because at that time, there was someone coming here to The people coming here to ask for the permission to film my dishes They said I shouldn’t show Mr. Yan the herbal snakehead “Save it for next time he visits”, they said Well, Suddenly I want to try this

You see, Mr. Yan was not as lucky as I am Hopefully, in his next trip, Mr. Yan can go with me to this eatery As you know, Mr. Yan is a chef Hence, he looks for new dishes to cook His introduction of an eatery would be very different than mine He comes, researches, explores, everything in one video Sometimes it can’t be enough Now, we have the snakehead blood, even more delicious than the cow’s – Oh wow – That dish is my husband’s special. He’s preparing it for you guys This is the footage of Mr. Yan Can Cook at my eatery He cut the dough with me – That’s him working with me – Really? That’s him – The screen is not clear – He was really young then About 4 years ago 4 years? He looked so young Cutting dough Actually, Mr. Yan Mr. Martin Yan is the one inspiring me to make food review videos Being a producer, I produced, dubbed, and translated all the series of Mr. Martin Yan Taste of Vietnam with Martin Yan You can watch it on YouTube Taste of Vietnam with Martin Yan, 26 episodes, beautifully produced That’s a work of mine The broth’s amazing – I have to prepare a great amount from the early morning – But why does the fish have this taste of How can I put this? Not like Like it’s seasoned The fish? Yes, it’s been seasoned – That’s why – I seasoned them when boiling to enhance the flavor That explains why it tastes great alone Yeah. Now, I’ll give you a delectable piece of fish skin – Fish skin? – Yes, it’s delicious That’s my favorite Whenever eating Snakehead Banh Canh, don’t forget this, the bitter herb Have to have it Eat some bitter herb I can’t Try it It’s bitter Should try Won’t eat it? Try! – Is it bitter? – Try this skin please, it’s good – Have it with our dipping sauce. Really good – My goodness Many guests ask me for this “A dish of fish skin”, “a dish of fish bones”, like that Many, many people love them What if you run out of fish skin? Normally, I won’t sell the skin as it easily breaks and turns dry It’s best to serve immediately after being cooked It’s chewy when cooling down Got it Here’s the fish skin Oh my I’ve had Snakehead noodle soup so many times, but this is the first time I have such a big piece of fish skin Snakehead skin does not look like one of other fish’s We’re all familiar with the skin of catfish species, or tuna or mackerel skin They’re alike, but the snakehead skin is special What does it look like, you know? Like snake skin Fat, a bit chewy, a bit crunchy It’s different Put it here so it harmonizes

Here is the snakehead blood soup – Wow – Normally, only early guests can buy this at 15,000 dong per bowl It’s 15,000 dong for a bowl like this Drink a little, sir. Truly marvelous A lot of fish is needed for this much blood soup So many unique dishes here What’s this? Snakehead blood soup You may know this too well, I often have blood soup with egg and lots of scallion with Pho This is Snakehead blood soup It’s much better with some eggs No need First time trying Snakehead blood soup It lacks something Fish sauce Here it is Could we have a small bowl? Just add a little You’re late The owner is so nice She loves me enough to support my fish sauce That’s so kind of her. This is 10°N fish sauce That 10°N looks like I’ll put it here This will enhance the flavor Mix it up It’s white This happens when you put fish blood into boiled water Normally, blood is red, but now it turns white like this It’s cooked, just like cow blood soup It’s nutritious Hot, it’s hot Yummy Well, for breakfast, a small bowl of fish blood soup is enough More than enough Put this aside, please Let me finish this before trying herbal chicken Oops, not chicken, herbal fish Herbal Snakehead stew The address is 720 Truong Sa street, Ward 14, District 3 The name is Dong Quan What’s the story behind “Dong Quan”? Because I use snakehead from rivers (Dong), hence the name Each place has its name And there’s a story behind every name “Dong Quan” means river (Dong) snakehead Try that Yes? Let me finish this first Can you finish it? – That’s a big bowl – Yes, a lot of Banh Canh Snakehead Banh Canh, big bowl: 42,000 dong; small bowl: 32,000 dong – A very big bowl – Banh Canh with fish head is 55,000 dong Really high quality Our fish “blood” soup is juice from the flesh, not actual blood Really? Oh no, I misunderstood Now you know That’s why it’s white and not red

Hence, it’s white when cooked We don’t use the actual blood as its smell is really strong – Oh my – This needs to go through quite several steps – No worries, sir – This is amazing Everyday I learn something new I thought that – When you said “blood soup” I thought it was real blood like – The cow’s? No, it’s not This is like the juice from the flesh Only available if you cook lots of fish – So it’s white from the start? – Yes – White from the start – This is new That’s why I said this dish could only be found here Ah, so that’s fish “blood” – The real blood would be too stinky – Yes, it is My Banh Canh won’t leave any stinky smell in your breath I make sure the fish are clean Great Mr. Yan finished a whole big bowl when he was here Would you like some homemade herbal tea? Bring some iced tea – Yea, iced tea is good – Our skunk tree juice is delicious with a touch of ginger Iced tea for me Try the skunk tree juice, it’s really good – Alright, please – Get him one – Do you girls want some too? – skunk tree juice with basil seeds Marvelous combination This is homemade It can cure Spondylosis – Just drink some everyday – Oh really? It’s a medicine I did research on things that are good for health Only prepare safe and healthy food Like our herbal tea – Same with the skunk tree juice – Such an amazing home eatery It’s like mother and daughter no server Is there any servers here, Ms? You guys do it all I want to do it myself – There are two, but – It’s better to do it yourselves? – I am too meticulous and demanding – Who is more demanding, you or your mom? I’m the chef so I’m more demanding But to the guests, I’m always welcoming I want to make them laugh Your husband must be dreaming of you everyday He’s your most loyal guest I just opened the chicken hot pot eatery next door A lot of regular guests here have already tried it They all like it Our special dishes are chicken grilled in clay pot and herbal duck stew. I’ll invite you and your crew some day Oh my Some day I will Well I’m not professionally trained but I eat something and find ways to make it Then I try until I can cook it perfectly – I thought your mom taught you to cook – She doesn’t know how Interesting Daughter cooks and mom serves. My, my! This is new Normally it’s moms who pass recipes to their daughter Here the daughter is in charge Adversity is the mother of wisdom, you know The whole head Irresistible Can you see the intestine? – Gosh – I cleaned it well No, I mean everyone loves the intestines Try it, I bet ours is the best The problem is I don’t usually eat it Let me show you how delicious it is And you don’t need to fight Just order the whole head and you’ll have it Many people get into a fight just to eat this intestine Unnecessary Come to 720 Truong Sa, Ward 14, District 3 Order a Banh Canh ah no, it’s herbal Snakehead head stew. Voila You can enjoy it by yourself Enough kidding. In fact, the head and intestines are for the most senior individual on the table It’s not for – Some guests will leave if there’s no head left – Is that so? – Funny – They love the heads – They insist but it’s not available – Do they need to order beforehand? It can’t be helped – The head is popular – Right How many heads do you sell a day?

– 40-50 – What, 40-50 fish heads a day? They run out soon Are you open all day or just in the morning? From 6AM to about 8PM. But we close early if the food runs out – Are you also in charge of the chicken store? – Yes We’re only open until 8 PM How many children do you have? My daughter is a sophomore – The son will be in 10th grade this year – Good for you Is this house yours? It’s all rental I’ve been renting for tens of years – Renting is quite troublesome – My husband was an electric mechanic for telecommunication company But then he had some hassles When I first opened this place, I could only sell 4 snakeheads a day Day after day, I learned and improved – My food got better then – Such an inspirational story. 4 snakeheads at first Before the pandemic, I sold 10 times more Now, it’s about a half of that – So it was 40-50 fishes a day? – Yes And the average weight is…? – 1,2 kg – So 50-60 kg of fish a day The business slows down a bit due to the pandemic It affects everyone Wonder why people don’t eat out more after it’s been controlled Strange Yummy I must say that Vietnamese cuisine is truly diverse I can make Snakehead Pho, Quang noodle, – Wow – rice noodle Snakehead rice noodle is common But Snakehead Pho is unique For those dishes, I can make medium rare snakehead Tastes great You should be titled “The snakehead queen” – What’s your name? – Thuy it is Ms. Thuy – the snakehead queen My nickname for her – Now I have a nickname – The snakehead queen She can use snakehead fish for many different dishes Some are really strange Like the snakehead “blood” soup Or the herbal snakehead stew And then the snakehead Pho The preparation is peculiar Today, what touches me the most is Ms. Thuy, our snakehead queen, helps sell Color Man fish sauce to the customers She serves it here and distributes for me How nice she is! I’m happy to inform my beloved viewers and fans that there is one more spot to buy Color Man fish sauce Hopefully, in a near future, there will be a selling point for my fish sauce every 500 meters Because there is an eatery every 500 meters Let’s hope for that day Come here and try! Dong Quan eatery of Ms. Thuy, the snakehead queen Such a great nickname You can have a signboard with that nickname in front Great idea It can say “Ms. snakehead – a nickname by Color Man” No, set up a fan page – Yes, that too – The snakehead queen fan page Or it can be “the queen snakehead” We’re changing the name of her eatery I’m serious Develop this into a franchise. Oh my I’m full. Can’t finish this – And there’s the skunk tree juice – Yes, I made a bit too much

– I can introduce the flavor to the audience so no problem – Try the intestines as it’s delectable I prepared it with great care The more you chew, the better the flavor is I want to but I have never had fish intestines before Not used to it, are you? Many people didn’t used to the intestines but then they tried and loved it I sliced it open and cleaned carefully – Never had it before – Chew slowly with a bit of the dipping sauce Let’s try! Chew slowly and you’ll love it You see, since the day I started making YouTube videos, I could eat anything If I can do the zipline, how don’t I dare to eat the fish intestines? Not a coward – I’ll eat a half – Please eat it all. Just chew and taste it I cleaned it well It’s crunchy so the more you chew, the better it tastes – I cleaned everything – Crunchy it is Then a bit of richness and bitterness They harmonize to create a gamut of flavors But I’m still avoiding to think of it as intestines because I’m scared I imagine I’m eating something else Interesting – Delicious, right? – You made me do this First time eating fish intestines My crew’s gonna be sad when I take the intestines from them in the future I don’t know about other places, but here it’s clean and safe I clean each of them myself It’s important as we can’t know what the fish ate I cleaned them through many steps so that it is tasty and not stinky Of course it is safe to consume – Do you deep fry the bones? – Yes I take them out like this and then deep-fry They’re delicious – Is that tweezers? – Yes – It’s big – One of its kind Is it bronze? You can’t find another one like this Did you make it? 10 years ago, an old man sold this and asked me to buy them all I was in doubt then So I said I would take 2 to try. He said he’d quit afterwards Now I regret it This is the last one Oh wow It may look simple but no one can make it Difficult to make indeed Such a great tool, can use to remove skin too – Right? – Yes It does not tear the skin apart Amazing It requires some skills not to tear the fish flesh apart If you don’t know where the bones lie This is the boneless fish It’s for the the elderly and babies who needs to eat the flesh without bones There are Y-shape bones Many people want to eat the fish seeing me doing this Lots of bones here Have to know where the bones are – Wonderful. Knowledge comes with experience, right? – Yes

Couldn’t be this skillful at first I used bare hands at first and got cut a lot I thought tweezers might help but regular ones didn’t help much Found that man in the market Then it worked How old are they? 8, 9 years. They were broken but I have them soldered It was prettier before This spot has the most bones This spot right here Let me show you! Can’t keep the flesh intact Wow, that’s a lot of bones Yes We need to get rid of many things from the snakehead, like skin and bones Quite a waste True, lots of unused parts Other eateries use these parts to cook the broth Still produces a tasty broth Even better than the flesh These removed parts They keep them all Truly the queen My goodness First time witness this activity – Mr. Yan is really something if he could find you – His assistant helped They waited me from the afternoon till 7 PM as I was very busy They asked to film me cooking but I refused to reveal my process I was about to decline then They said they would only film what was allowed I didn’t believe them They guaranteed Mr. Yan would come We set a meeting 9AM the next day But everyone was here at 7 The whole crew About 20 people Very crowded I didn’t finish my preparation then We filmed until noon Too many people so only few guests could come in They saw the crowd and left He ate the whole bowl The assistant didn’t allow the herbal dish to be filmed “Save it for his next visit” he said So it was left out To end this video, I think the story from Ms. Thuy, the snakehead queen, is really worthy of that title. Why? Her passion for snakehead recipes Using the river snakehead fish, she has made various dishes with her creativity Truly a snakehead queen Please come and try for yourself 720 Truong Sa, Ward 14, District 3 Dong Quan eatery Come soon or she may change the name and make it hard to find The snakehead queen Alright