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Please subscribe to the channel Gien Noodles Go To not miss the exciting videos Platoon leader Platoon leader Watch out for shot, watch out for shot Give lucky money here Robbery People robbed people This one, really Your mother has a piece here Stealing something here Mother? Yeah Who knows, naturally, the mother came here to call her children OMG I don’t say much Give lucky money here Your lucky money? I can’t There are whole long-term investment plans with the child’s lucky money I can’t give it to you Planning to invest something to tell mom I intend to buy lottery tickets buy a flyer every day until you win it but already won considered as how many times If you get hit by the wind, there will be no winning numbers Come on give the money quickly Ah, listen to me Last night you slept Mom is dreaming, I see a bat Don’t tell me I’m going to take your lucky money Let’s go beat that bat This is not crazy Come on don’t say much, give me money quickly Oh god, take it carefully Stop counting sorry, what give here all here But what are you going to do? Mom to collect the goods, where to go Gather .. what to collect? Come on quickly, don’t ask any more, go gather the goods What to pack? Hey? Then did you pay me back? Mom will you pay me back? Currently the number of corona infections has reached 60,000 and continues to grow Show World Organization WHO has issued global alarming orders about the disease For the health of individuals and relatives Everyone remember to follow the rules properly prevention of corona flu like washing hands and wearing a mask regularly New year first month but turn on the television What .. Corona Diseases, earthquakes, avian flu Oh, honey, is there Miss Nam at home? Have you wait a little bit Mom, who is looking for you Yes, I heard it Hi there Who? Do you have anything to find me? Yes, I am an employee of a factory that exports masks I came here today to deliver the goods to you She signed for the confirmation Do you have the goods? Yes Let me see what, then I sign Factory export page How many masks did you buy, mom? Yes, there is 1 container Huh? 1 container of mask? Yes, 1 container is just arriving I have 19 containers running through from the factory What? Buy masks that 20 containers? Mom bought to build a house? Mom buys the mother to sell But Maybe this time she built those houses I don’t know anything I must know how to grasp the opportunity If we do not sell, they also sell To wait for me, I sign it and I give it to you Already Thank you Bring the goods down soon Yes, please come home What is this? Really, mom? What? Really but nothing else but not real Oh my God Now don’t go buy fruit to worship what are you doing here? Opening today Huh? Opening ceremony selling masks? What more Hey, go over to Mr. Tu’s house and Mr. Bay quickly See if your father has a drink at the beach drag him here to lend a hand Yes 20 containers of mask? What you don’t know, this child really House Five has a mask Ms. Nam sold her quickly, I support her with 10 boxes Oh my goodness this meal rummaging through the city without a box of masks but Mrs. Nam ba has a mask to return to being an angel Slowly everyone has the end In this epidemic era, there are masks 10,000 per box It is true to accumulate virtue to life Sister Thanks on the level for you Oh my god! Yes? I told you how did you stick that? Whoa

Just now, I miss you fully pasted it Maybe it fell somewhere Oh my God For a while, I forgot to paste, but thought to paste It forgot to paste Sorry mom What? 1 million a box? Huh? 1 million? That’s right, 1 million Here Mask that she sells 1 box of 1 million You cut your neck? You kill people too Eating words also both Thien lightning ah it was watching that lady Who? The shop says conscience that loses conscience Hey, little child you go find your mother’s conscience That little one What are you doing? Then go find that mother’s conscience This one Why do you keep smearing your mother so much? What do you think you did? Isn’t that right? Only you understand me Now you know what I’ve been with my mom for decades already I find a piece of conscience, I want to break my neck How do you make it? What? Mr. Nam You should be husband and wife Oh my god, your father and son just have to stop Your cheeks are so fierce Mom That’s right, please give me a little discount but 1 million 1 box is also very expensive He cursed death Hey you There is no hesitation to play There is no discount at all for 1 million 1 box If you buy, then buy it Oh madam, it’s right Come on, please help me Rice water in the house Oh god, the business is too unethical Dog bought but who bought Quickly quarantine die Go go go fast So scared, now what? Buy it now Star? Do you want to buy a mask now? or want meaningless cemetery Yes, yes Hurry up, miss Change your own people, dear Ms. Nam What? Come on the neighborhood You also love it Pork era Increasing selling price is also difficult I sympathize to give you 1 kg Please change me a box of masks for you Meat? Yes Take away mom Delicious meat It’s also delicious, okay I have meat, I sell shrimp paste a box of shrimp fish sauce for 1 box of masks Ms. Nam There is meat with shrimp paste I have vermicelli, 3kg of vermicelli 1 box of masks It’s delicious I sell tofu and fried spring rolls that are very delicious Well guys I sell masks But I sell noodles with fish sauce and anise Come on please Annoyed This meat Go get the money and buy it again There is no exchange at all Go get the money to buy it Selling too expensive, no one buy mom What is this? Teacher, you are a poor student I don’t have enough money … to buy a box Can you sell me some cheap ones? I am very grateful to you When I have enough money, I will come back and buy a box What meaning is here I help you Then what can it be for my life? Come on please Teacher, my daughter is in a crowded dormitory But I don’t have any masks wherever I buy them but this epidemic spreads very quickly Hey hey Whether it is contagious or not is the home of some people but she did not infect this lady’s house but she was afraid I told you guys Let’s go for one Where people go to trade properly Let’s go somewhere else You, I begged you It’s fine if you can sell them some cheap ones The student that she I say it all the time, but why is it so weird Sister, I begged you too Don’t begging me My mother is right If you don’t have enough money try to make enough money and come back buy a mask here Such a handsome young man Naturally, this would like to be sold by people short of selling for cheap Who would Teacher, it’s fine to sell some children I can’t say it, but why are you so weird Go for it What is this This 1 million box, have money to buy? Oh my God What can fifty buy? Those two, mother I know I want to ask to play like that, okay? In the past, I bought 2 boxes of that Can I get 2 for you now? What is this? She quickly bought 2 pieces and 48 I sold them to anyone I bow to you guys I trade, but I also suffer very hard So can you get me one? Just one I can’t wear it anymore

My child is still young If it gets sick, I will die Stop it We bowed to the ladies for that I do business here, not charity Whoever buys, buy not buy it Sister, I beg you Tell her about it Dead alive or not is it because of some people But it wasn’t because of me, I don’t care I sell 1 box for 1 million Buy, buy if not buy That’s right, teacher Her brother is so small that the resistance is weak but she led it around the street like that it is even more susceptible to disease Come on, take it home Come on, let’s go for it Oh god, where does the business meet? Since morning Ms. Nam What is this? Sell ​​me mask box Where’s the money? Yes That must be it God still regretted it Here Remember to use and hear not to hear that illness Take it away Two hundred and forty million Two hundred fifty milion Oh my God There is no day that is as happy as today Selling for a few days which is equal to a year and a month’s salary Miss Well … I miss you you performed very well today Remember to promote Miss … I don’t take money Damn it? Please give me a box of mask Get the mask That 1 million but only, hey Thank you teacher, i go home Did you hire a public actor? Yes I just thought it was the mother of the moment I don’t think mom still has tricks Who? New tricks have rice for you to eat, funny Whose? Where to get the mask? Going to sell the black market? Is not Not at all I brought it over to Mr. Dung’s house Dung who? Well … Mr. Dung, you Damn me Have a boyfriend? Why don’t you know? Then now hold these mask boxes go over to the people’s house You can only have a boyfriend Oh my god it has a better chance than his mother Okay, baby Take the in-law here for the mother Please go That wait Dressed like that through the groom’s house But like that This is fine, mother Here Now you are a rich kid must know how to dress up What is dressing like a rich kid? Let me take care of it Oh my goodness, my goodness Rich kid Rich kid, sister I admire you so much You are so beautiful Can I take a selfie with you? That’s right, guys Please admire this luxury This side is already a rich kid There is even more rich kid over here This style No viruses can get in Honey Let me take the picture with you Oh my god like that, how can I breathe Why can’t she breathe her? Not just breathing but you can even speak Close the lid and then turn on reheat mode again There is no virus to invade Hate not Too disgusting Take pictures, kids, take pictures, take pictures Take .. take a picture of you Honey, take pictures of you, take pictures of you Honey, let me follow you Take a photo of you Pink How are you lately? Strong Hey, stop please For a family happiness, for a piece of rice For protecting a beauty monument like me Please keep this epidemic season away from me How are you these days? These days I am fine, but I still have scabies? Heaven, so beautiful that it is disgusting Oh my gosh, she is so jealous The beginning I intend to remove for her But I’m afraid she is afraid she will be angry and stop playing with me Out of scabies for a long time, dear But just now, I didn’t know anyone Who has a fierce predestined relationship? God doesn’t remember me, ma’am

Look carefully See? Not yet God, why can’t you focus at all? Do it again Concentrated yet? There Oh my God Do that as quick hand quick eye so Stop opening it, who’s that? This girl is so disgusting Then remember? I’m Tam Oh god at that time I was so dumb I lure that idiot he can marry me Since the day I took it, I have not had the opportunity to meet you Mind … I remember Sorry These days it is so beautiful that it does not appear God … this girl is delicate and frightening Oh God, I covered my mask, I also know I’m beautiful Thanks to my two eyes, I know I’m beautiful, right? Thanks to that you can see that beautiful And now take off the mask and look at you like before Got married, then you have any children lately? I don’t have one But I have one you don’t have, Hong What’s up? Streak Have you got a husband recently? Back then you were in a mine mold everyone in the neighborhood is rumored to be all over it, dear lady Not married, friend So How’s your husband lately, has he died? He did not dare to die, he was very shy He waited for you to die before he died This girl the mouth is so smart to speak it is so scary But I guess you are immortal Why is so immortal? All people died but we were not dead It’s not possible anywhere Then her grandparents have a streak that beat the beauty You don’t have beauty that you don’t have neither can beat any so you can’t die So fun I’ve been talking for a long time I’m glad to have blood in my throat like that I’m also happy, so happy Come on, everyone go home and work But I talked for a while I took two fingers I press deep into the corner of your eyes, Hong I think it’s a good idea for anyone to go home Instead of talking I took off your braces again Wait for you to remove it, I will strangle you, Hong Come on bye Bye Hong My sisters are still close Dear God, I want to die I don’t hate you now Right I feel so scared You crazy Poor uncle Yeah .. just give me this mask box You just bring it back to use when will you be over Then you come here, we will give you to continue God, thank you very much Yes I filmed, okay? Touching it? OK OK Oh my gosh, watching acting outside is crying It’s so good at acting Uncle, uncle The other side has more people, let’s go over there You go with me, uncle Go Through this stage, remember to act better Remember to act a little harder, uncle So it’s just creating features? There is a day in my brain I hope I haven’t taken your picture yet Give me the money I got sida Give me the money, I stung you to death at that hour Hurry up Should you help him? But that accidentally stung me I got deadly sida? Why? Are you sida? I have corona Corona? See who died immediately Corona Sit down and play Hi there Yes, goodbye Epidemic times like this Daughter and daughter alone walking on the street It is very dangerous Yes It’s okay, miss Yesterday the press reported This virus is increasingly dangerous Do not know How many people are infected? Kien Giang 25 An Giang 32 Long An 45 Ho Chi Minh City 71 Huh? What is this? Yesterday, the media reported 14 cases of infection today is 71 Child, which page did you look at? I take a look at the site The number detected but today is wrong again Oh my god and the devil You make her out of your soul By the way, what happened to my house now? Ah Actually, I came here today Well .. is to want to tell your mother something

Yes, I came here to ask for your permission For you married to Mr. Dung as a husband Married to Dung as a husband? When did you two know each other? Oh .. child I never used to know, mom Not familiar yet But married? You … what do you have? but asked to marry my child Nothing to hide you and uncle My house is now a barn of masks the biggest land in Saigon If you agree to marry Dung to me Each month I will provide for your family a box of masks What do you think and my son is worth a box of masks Please dream Two boxes Close the price if you do not agree Then you go home Wait She co Disagree Hey who are you How dare I win my brother Dung, that mask? The other karma Do you know who you are talking to Do you want to be your whole family? Do not have a mask to wear? What? No real masks? oh yeah Oh my God I’m so scared Must be scared I wear a poison mask Sorry you My house is a whole basket of poison masks The biggest one in Saigon Miss If you agree to marry Dung to me each month I will provide for her poison mask combo with antibacterial spray again Spray off some bacteria like this one Miss She chose Poison resistant mask Yeahhhh! You bring your masks Get out of my husband’s house right away Suddenly met a small child selling a poison mask That is unlucky I finished talking Persecution people, robbery robbery Did I tell you? Why don’t you go to work properly? but go to do this? If there is any other choice, I have already made it, give it here Here Money bags do not snatch Go take off my mask for that What money is this again? Health comes first People with money like her die Err .. my mask Does anyone not take care of my mask my mask Masks, guys now Pooh take, mask mask That is my mask My own that quickly return here Get off of me Release Please take it and use it People are new to you Come on You keep it and wear it The times are very difficult now, she You keep it and use it Now she spent no more meaning Her child Her child Is Corona? Her fortune is only it but it was sick, she did not need to live anymore It would be better if you and your mother meet the other world I’m sorry, lady Also in children But Your baby is new I’m not at fault at all You understand but it’s okay I wear this mask Go back to your parents It’s dangerous on the street now health is important Family is also important Please cherish all while you can Come on, let’s go home The situation of gathering goods pushes the current mask price

is making the situation worse than ever The disease is increasingly spreading People do not have enough masks to protect themselves Crime situation is becoming more than ever Mask that she sells 1 box of 1 million You cut your neck? You kill people too She begged her that she It’s fine if you can sell them some cheap ones You, the student that you Dead alive or not It’s by you guys but it is not because of me Then line up to be tidied Then what to buy? Sister Nam, neighbor with me please give me a little more Hey, I tell you guys My neighborhood just sells for 1 million 1 box Do not have a contract anymore buy, buy if not buy then only Get out of here Mr. Nam, Mr. Nam Do you know what news? What news? Little boy He has been drinking with me for a long time, he What is it? Just breathe slowly and say It is infected with corona Hospital quarantined It’s infected with … ro … na .. already? What? Mr. Nam is Mr. Nam Oh my god what did I say you? I told you not to go to a crowded place Don’t hang out and drink Why? Huh? Well .. the meal I crave I have a drink it’s okay Oh my gosh, do you see it sick now? It spreads through him She was really funny It is sick But am I sick Oh my God Oh my God What’s wrong with you? Are you okay? Retribution Mr. Nam Retribution Do you hear? Retribution God punishes it What are you doing, man Are you okay? There Now he has a bunch of money Then go to the grave and use it The disease is here No one can save Unscrupulous business that God punishes it Grandpa is you Why are you so sick when you are sick? three Doctor comes, doctor Put away the quarantine Grandpa, Grandpa three Free mask, everyone take it What is this? Are you crazy? My mask is my money Until this time, mom has not seen her eyes out again? Do you know because people always have money Ham potential as mother New society turned out like this People do not have masks to use epidemic diseases go on spreading Now my father is sick, can you see that? If the neighbor is also sick Then the mother is sick and the child gets sick? Mom, please wake up That’s right, her nephew is right Sister, you are right Take it Yes, I thank you Everyone take it and use it I apologize to everyone I don’t know where your father is What is he? After that epidemic season There must be a lot of people in there Hope you will be safe He’s gone alone Don’t know if he’s sad Who? three Whoa When did you come back? Just arrived I heard what her children said like I just went to worship the King of Hell and came back Because he took so long This place where the roast pig is famous is So the epidemic is over People go there to buy food too much I’m just scared that he can’t be with anyone She saw that my daughter was worried about her father I brought it in and moved out Oh, move on, baby Hey, man Just now, he was not infected with that disease Besides, I said Science is very advanced now Find the medicine so everyone is not sick But you have to listen to me tomorrow, tomorrow There is no gathering and drinking anymore Then i remember it I’m disgusting, Grandma From now on, I listen to her I promise you I’m not going anywhere Will I stay at home with her forever? Good at mouth is good Is Miss Hong at home? Yeah .. yes Hong, no one is looking for me, Hong Yes Wha .. miss Yeah .. long time no see

How’s your child? Her baby is fine too Also ask me to lend money Seeing the doctor said it was not dangerous for her to catch a cold Now she brings to pay for my child Come on, miss At that time I only saw people in distress just help me Don’t worry You take it Her child is healthy again, I am very happy I ask for permission from my family There you see Is my daughter good? Always helping the poor It’s like those three Finally, the corona century disease has passed people all over the world have peace However, the corona epidemic has just passed loneliness comes back and forth Hope everyone to be very careful and prevent this disease I know how to get rich What are you thinking about now, mom? This mother Mom kidding Corona fashion, sister? In this day, this suit sells at a top price How much is the total design cost of this suit? This suit buys 300,000 a box of masks 300,000? What movie are you doing, Mrs. Thao? Going to film Beauty That beautiful person? She plays the role of a mummy It’s hot and wrapped in a soft look Not hot at all Pink sister, why do you talk to Thao who is so far away from Pink Who knows it, ask it Why are you talking so far? Disease protection Do you understand? Protect beauty monument Protect beauty monument This mask is not ready to be filmed Because you all sat up so After these masks are turned, I will take them home Because you all sat up, right, right? What is this scene, Pink sister? This is a scene of giants giving out masks for free for others but I don’t know if it’s really good because it’s now seen online There are so many people who give out masks for free I don’t know how many people are real Because it was difficult to find people buying and then getting where to distribute it right This is the picture of Pink sister before being shocked Money does not take away masks Act is must have mind Please subscribe to the channel Gien Noodles Go To not miss the exciting videos Please subscribe to the channel Gien Noodles Go To not miss the exciting videos