The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: The Bad – Cybergun/VFC FNX 45

Hi everyone, Herod here. Hello to all my viewers Sorry for the fact that for next two minuets you will see nothing more than my desktop Cause before I will go to the point of what I prepared for you I have two pastoral ads First thing – after your comments, messages and questions I really got it – you want to se my loadout If you want it, then no problem – the movie will be made, but you need to have some more patience Mainly because of the fact, that I would like to do that movie the right way At the same time I would like to create some mini guide about the equipment Maybe someone will find some answers about some things, like “Is it worth to buy that thing, or that thing?” etc It would be cool if the beginners would find some answers they want to find So I will make that movie, it will come to life, you just give me some more time Second thing – as you probably noticed recently I don’t upload so many videos as usually There are two reasons for that, the first one is I just don’t have time I have a lot of things gong on, mainly at work, so I can’t find time to edit the videos properly Second reason is much more prosaic – the computer I was using for few years just went to the eternal respawn He took some materials I was preparing by the way It happens, but every cloud has a silver linings The video you see right now is made with the new computer, that is dealing much better with film editing, so I hope my work will only go faster and better To make it up for you I thought about that idea, let me make a little entrance When it comes to the airsoft replicas, then my favourite airsoft replicas type are not some fancy sniper rifles or some assault rifles with billions of FPS My favourite category of replicas are green gas pistols Maybe because my first replica was a GG pistol and it made me just want to go deeper into airsoft – that’s the reason why this passion got so big right now I thought it would be cool to look for some pistols available on the market, also in Poland and for that reason I would like to introduce them to you As you can see the title of this movie is “The good, the bad and the ugly”, any connections with Sergio Leone’s spaghetti – western are pretty justified Cause there are three really different GG pistols, made by three different manufacturers, being from different shelfs I also used this title on purpose, cause one of these pistols is really good, the second one is really ugly – hovewer “interesting” would be better And the third one… is maybe not bad, but it really needs some review And we will start with the middle one, which is the bad It will be FNX – 45 from Cybergun The pistol comes in this box, inside of which we will find a standard document, the warning about how not to use a replica The legal informations about the replicas and a clorfull picture instruction on how to use the replica Nothing interesting for anyone who had already something to do with airsoft and know it Now – the magazine like that. Beautiful, lovely, silver unfortunatelly The element, which is… I gotta use some help right now… This is the additional back strap

This is the back strap that was removed by me from the pistol, cause the pistol comes with it attached I put on the second one cause it’s thinner and the pistol feels better in the hand with it. That would be it about this piece And of course our hero – the FNX 45 Tactical Before I take a look on the replica let me say two words about the magazine This is probably the biggest green gas mag I have ever saw or encountered I thought that the KWA USP .45 GBB mags are big but this one is definitely bigger, more massive and heavier than those from KWA It has some consequences, cause there are not a lot pouches, that could hold that magazine Forget FASTMAG’s, if you want to have pouches for this magazine then I see two options There are some polymer pistol custom pouches dedicated to this magazine, but those are available only on request Or you can use something I also use, the modular pistol pouches, made of material, with the lacing cord, which allows them to take shape of the carried magazine It’s a good thing, cause you can use it with variety of replicas and secondly even some domestic manufacturers make pouches like that, so they are easily available in polish shops Two things here you have to notice, first is the gas valve used to load the magazine with green gas Important thing is, that during that action you can’t hear the hissing sound In many replicas when you load the magazine with gas you can hear the hissing sound If you hear it while loading the FNX magazine you are probably doing something wrong or the gas is leaking If you do it correctly you won’t hear it, you will hear the sound of gas flowing to the magazine, but without hissing The second thing, which I quite like. In many pistol magazines you have to pull the BB rider right to the end This is the place where BB fence is wider and enables to load the BB’s into the magazine In the case of FNX magazine it is wider right over here, which is cool cause you can load some BB’s into the magazine even during the game, which I checked You don’t have to pull it to the end, you don’t even have to take the gloves off, which is usually a problem You can just load few BB’s and continue firing, it’s pretty practical solution And that would be all when it comes to the magazine And finally the replica itself. Having a first look at this model will make you realise it is made with a big attention to details I never had the real steel FNX in my hands, which is a pitty thing, But after looking at some photos of this gun, that I found on the net while doing the research I can say one thing – this is one of the best made replicas on the market All that you see right here, the grip pattern, the markings on both sides of the gun, all these things are made really great I do not consider the markings to be something that decides if the replica is usefull But it certainly gives the replica some attractiveness, so it is quite nice thing Fun fact that I discovered recently is that is this thing right there If you look closely, however it would be better if you just take the gun in your hand, cause my light is not that good Is the fact, that the back strap – the second one the same – is a different color than the frame Some users thought that it is simply the producers mistake, but what I learned recently is the fact, That it was done on purpose, cause it is done the same in the real FNX – both the sand and the black color version

By the way, the black color version, that was out few months after te sand color version, which is available for a year or so, is now also available since the end of August And I think it is the same or very similar price I always knew that I want the sand color version and voila! The pistol is made out of two kind of materials: the frame is made of durable polymer and the slide is made of metal It is pretty light metal, however the parts that are inside the slide do not make it’s operating that light. I’m gonna get back to this As befits the 21st century gun, the replica copies the features of the real steel gun I’m talking about the ambidexterity. Both right- and left-handed shooters can operate this replica without problems Cause all these elements used to operate the gun were doubled We have the magazine release on both sides, we can release it from two sides The fire selector is also on both sides And the slide release. I won’t show you how to release the slide with the left hand, but the left-handed shooters should be satisfied with that feature The only thing that wasn’t doubled is this lever right here, it is used to take the slide off the frame, it’s a kind of blockade In order to use it you have to turn it like that, we take the slide off… with little bit of resistance, cause it blocks itself sometimes And there you go, the slide is off the frame While presenting this model something need to be said about two very specific features of this gun Pistol comes having two things in the standard, not so frequent in the stock pistol replica I’m talking about kind’a custom parts of the gun, which are the slide and the outer barrel The slide have a special construction, so after unscrewing the cover you’ll expose the space to install the Mini Dot sight, which is a small collimator I’ll show you later how to do this basing on what I bought. It is really a nice thing to have, cause it makes the gun look fancy with that part The second thing is the specific threaded outer barrel with the 16mm clockwise thread 16mm indicates, that for many types of the silensers we will have to buy an adapter 16mm – 14mm Cause we have 14mm threads in many silencers It is a cool feature, cause these barrels are also rare in the stock replicas, you have to buy them separately The price varies depending on the producer, model and design Nevertheless you gotta say, that no matter of you want to have a silencer on it or not, the pistol with this feature looks just awesome Going straight to the review, which is to describe the impression the gun did on me while I was using it I need to say something important Of course I’m not gonna tell you what replicas you should buy and use, this is your decision But I honestly wouldn’t recommend to buy this gun to someone with a “small” not to say “kid’s” hands The reason is that FNX is really a big, massive and heavy replica, even of you carry him comfortably on your gear you can feel it’s there This impression is also compounded when shooting this gun, which feels very nice You can have a visible recoil, which may sound funny when you’re talking about the replica But you can really feel it when the slide is going back and returning on it’s position It is really nice, the gun kicks quite hard, which makes the impression of real firing even bigger

Producer says on the box the gun have 424 FPS, which is not entirely truth, cause it is said in the description, that it is only with 0.12 g BB’s We will chrono the gun using the 0.20 g BB’s and a green gas, which the gun is powered with One thing may be important here, I was trying… and it was nothing but trying – to power this gun with the low pressure green gas This is the Action Sport Games green gas, and it didn’t went well, I fired two or three lazy BB’s and the slide just died halfway back I would recommend the stronger green gas, maybe the blue Guarder or maybe what’s recently available and works in my replicas Which is the WE green gas. I’ve tried the green Nuprol, now we will see the red one, Nuprol 3.0, I think it is the right green gas for that replica, cause FNX needs to be powered properly My chrono runs like it’s angry at me. I hope this test shows you the power of FNX The thing I really like about that gun are the mechanical sights, the front sight and the rear sight, that are pretty high in this model They are better, at leat for me, cause it’s easier to aim with those things Of course the aiming skills with the airsoft replica will never be the same like with the real steel However the sights in this model makes running this gun better Thing I need to mention, cause it is pictured well in this gun is the Single Action/Double Action What is that? I refer you to sources better than my head, I will only shortly tell you what is it all about. Generally it’s about how the trigger works Single Action in a real steel gun makes pulling the trigger cause only one – that’s why it’s SINGLE – action, which is dropping the hammer Double Action makes pulling the trigger cause two actions – first is cocking the hammer, the second is dropping the hammer FNX 45 is a Single Action/Double Action pistol. Why? When we load the gun and we rack the slide then pulling the trigger will cause only one action – the hammer will be dropped But when we rack the gun we can also release the hammer with the safety lever, which also works as the release In the Cybergun model the release is only partial, to the middle, which kills the realism a little bit But in the real steel FNX when we release the hammer we can still fire the gun. But the gun works in this moment in the Double Action – the trigger cocks the hammer and drops it The trigger work was copied in the replica. When we pull the trigger to cock and drop the hammer, we feel the clear resistance The finger must run longer path in order to fire the gun In Single Action the path is clearly shorter and the trigger don’t have any resistance

Ok, in this moment one might say, that FNX is the best replica on earth, very solid, with nice markings and no flaws Well it isn’t. There is a reason why FNX 45 is THE BAD in my series. The more time you spend with the gun, the more you shoot it, the more problems you notice I will discuss the flaws of the gun, cause it is necessary. I will start with the least important ones, like the one you see right now This line right here runs through the whole frame of the gun, it is the only thing telling it is a replica It is the only thing that’s left from molding process. It is a cosmetic thing, it doesn’t bother me or anything I have to admit though, that the gun lost few points of realism Thing, that can be a con in this gun – however it probably have any meaning only for me – is the fact, that the magazine is released pretty heavily It does not fall freely always, sometimes it is blocked, a little but still It is hard to tell it, it’s easier to feel it with the gun. You can feel this, like… right now for example It can be a pain, cause sometimes you just have to pull the magazine with your hand. It is irritating when you have to reload the mag fast Another thing is quite unusual for the replicas in general. Well… I would like to put it another way, but I can’t The gun stinks. Yes, you’re correct, I said STINKS. It is true and I know it’s not the lonely opinion I have no freakin idea what was used to grease the gun, but just as I took it from the box I felt this irritating smell of some sort of grease or something My gun does not smell like that anymore, cause I dissassembled it, cleaned ot and changed the stock grease, which isn’t that good by the way I grease the gun with something I’m using for quite a while – Abbey Gun Grease. I recommend it, I use it not only for replicas It is actually nothing serious, but I know people mentioned it, cause I’ve been reading the forums and I visited some pages and I know people think it’s unusual We took the slide off, so let;’s see the things that are the inside problems, what’s hiding here I don’t know if it’s a standard idea, but in this gun the outer barrel and the inner barrel with the hop up chamber sticks together with this little spring This spring right here does not come with the gun, I found it at home The spring that comes with the gun is here. As you can see it’s stretched already, which wasn’t hard, you just pull it little stronger and it is stretched and useless I do not know if it could not have been done better, rest asured, that if you stretch the spring it all start wobbling and will not work properly. The gun will start to jam I also noticed, after some time, so I don’t know if it was here before or if it just happened was the front sight The front sight have some problems, cause the setup here is not so good. Front sight used to wobble Now it is not, cause it was tightened. Previously it was fixed with this pin right here, a tiny lttle pin with a thread

As you can see I used a little screw with a sawed off head, so it won’t scratch the outer barrel Again – not that serious problem, but it gives you an impression of a sloppy production Going further – all these flaws are basically nothing, you can get used to it or change it But there is one thing that made meso angry I hit the ceiling. To show it to you, you have to see the shooting test I shot many shield with the FNX and I’m showing you the best two If you see the holes from the BB’s you can tell they are all over the target It is a proof that it’s hard to concentrate fire on one spot The reason is simple – pistol does not spin the BB’s It is honest to say, that at he distance over 15 m you can just forget any aiming I know that gas operated replica will never be as accurate as the real gun, but it’s irritating, that you can’t hit the target from over that distance To show you this properly – this is FNX outer barrel. I used the 0.25 g BB’s, which works great with all my guns The hop up rubber was adjusted to the maximum and it didn’t work anyway Pistol does not work. At the distance of 30 m any hit was probably a gift from fate It is realy annoying, cause you can see the BB’s falling on the ground after 15 – 20 meters Some people might say “C’mon Herod, you’re too picky, those things can be fixed. There is plenty of accesories on the market, you’ll find something. Just buy some better hop up rubber and it will be ok” And they’re right. There you go – the JBU rubber, 75 Degree. Not onstalled yet as you can see. but it will be and I hope it will work Additionally – Raven 6.01 inner precision barrel, quite diskliked when it comes to the primary guns. If you’re interrested why, search it in forums Because of the price and quality it works quite ok in the pistols But it’s not about that. It’s not about whether we can fix it or not. Listen, I can picture an airsoft fan, who saw this replica Who fell in love with it. And who said to himself, that he need to have it no matter what And then he was collecting money for long time, he denied himself the luxuries or – god forbid – alcohol! Then he bought this rplica to have fun with it and then… he saw the gun is not working You know, I am able to fix the problems with the gun, but it is bitter, that this replica costs Well… this is the famous problem, it blocks itself sometimes I know that in Asia the gun costs about 220 US Dollars. In Poland it’s over 700 PLN While reviewing that kind of gun you’re talking about the stock replica. It’s not about what can we do with it, it’s about what was given to us by the producers Still can’t put the slide on Here you go, the magic of montage It is something really bitter to me, that the replica that costs that money is not able to do it’s job on the battlefield

It is clear to me, that if we want some quality, we need to pay a certain price for it In other hand it works both ways – if you’re buying something that is suppose to be high – end, you have right to expect the certain quality I’ve expected more from FNX. I don’t feel cheated, I don’t think the pistol is a lost cause, but I’m really disappointed with it I don’t know if only mine pistol is that bad, maybe the rest of the world have a good FNX I feel disappointed, cause I experienced, that airsoft society is impressed with this model The reviews I’ve seen are very optimistic, I am not that uncritical For me the replica is suppose to shoot, hit the enemy and give us a joy of having it If I have to sum it all up, then I must say that this pistol is just underdone It could ahave been done better, with parts that does not wobble, without any failed setups and with the hop up rubber, that spins the BB’s Cause in this shape this pistol really deserves to be THE BAD My critical comments about that gun are justified as far as we know that one does not stop with the gun itself If you’re buying a gun like FNX just to use it the way it’s out of the box, then it’s like you’re buying a Ferrari just to go shoping to buy some bread rolls Both these things are not made to do that. The destiny of FNX is to have all the tactical accesories we can put on it I don’t have one of those. I’ve decided not to purchase any suppressor, like the one very often seen with FNX, which is the Osprey suppressor Ace 1 Arms make a replica of that Suppressor, it is very specific, cause it’s more squared than round in the cross – section It’s pretty big, masive and also pretty expensive, so I resigned from buying it I have a few comments on what can we put on the gun. Firstly – not every flashlght will fit the FNX rail I have a copy of the X300 flashlight for a long time and when you put it on FNX you see it wobbles a lot Getting a right flashlight might be a problem, especially if it’s a copy and does not come with the same mounting system as the original To avoid that I’ve decided to purchase the original Streamlight, which is very good flashlight and I’m happy with it and which really fit FNX All you do is this, then you spin the screw and that’s it When it comes to the collimatorI’ve mentioned before, you must know there are also some problems with it I strongly recommend not to loose those two screws, and when you do so, then fix yourself some other with the same length The problem is, that when you use the longer screws, they will get through the loading muzzle chamber, which they are mounted on And if they do so, they will block the loading muzzle during the shooting. The muzzle will pop out and will block the whole slide If someone owns the WE 1911 then he knows exactly what I’m talking about About installation – it is not enough that you have the FNX, the mini dot optics, you will also need the mount for that optics that goes right here The collimators generally don’t have any particular producers as far as I know, most of them are just “Made in China” Probably most of them are marked this way, so they are physically the same. And one thing here is important – the screw spacing

It’s important cause we can’t put the opics directly on the frame, which is also the loading muzzle chamber To do this properly we will need a proper mount. This in one of the good mounts. It’s FNX mount from Azimuth, the company that does such airsoft parts I wouldn’t want to push it too hard, so I won’t scratch the paint and it happened before Ok, it’s on. You have to push it in, screw it on and the you can mount the mini dot You also need to have access to different screws, cause you never know which one will fit I use for something like this exapmle. I haven’t bought it, I just have such things at home There might be a problem if you don’t have the screws, cause… Ok, let’s leave this piece of paper There might be a problem with the screw spacing, cause there can be different in defferent mounts or you will have to ream the holes If you don’t want to do this then I recommend you to have few sets of screws to find out which one fits Shooting the gun with the RMR sight is something new for me as te pistol fan. I must say that at first it’s more disturbing than helpful. You have to get used to that Other than that – the copies of that kind of sights are not very good quality It can be quite seious – I saw the FNX replica with the real red dot sight on it I think it’s too much, but that depends on who likes what I’m not going to comment whether it’s good to have such sight or not. I think that if it’s about the showing off, then it’s worth it But when it comes to functionality, which is the most important to me – you have to get used to this device And last but not least – if we have the replica, we have to carry it in something I’m not gonna say which holsters you should use, I will just say, that I don’t use the material holsters I don’t use them for long time. They are uncomfortable for me, they are annoying during the game The market is filled with stuff, we have plenty of polymer holsters I see two solutions when it comes to polymer holsters. You can buy the ready holster or order someone to do one for you I saw only one model of ready – to – go polymer FNX holster or I just suck at searching. It is the Bladetech holster Bladetech makes nice holsters, cause I have them in my collection, but spending 150 bucks for a piece of plastic is not very nice In this situation you can help yourself by ordering a custom holster from one of many companies Even in Poland you can get the holsters like that from polish manufacturer There is one problem though. FNX is pretty exotic gun, quite unseen in Poland If you want to get a custom FNX holster with the flashlight, then the company will definitelly need the replica to work on it I’m not an expert, but it doesn’t look that good, cause the gun might be damaged during the process Best case scenario – the paint will go off the slide, the worst case – I don’t want to think about it It can be destroyed for good or deformed

What to do then? I choosed the third option – no ready holster, no custom holster made with the replica My channel is non commercial, but let me introduce you to the KT – MECH holsters I wasn’t very keen on ordering a piece of plastic from overseas. But eventually I made my mind Basically becasue KT – MECH makes the real steel holsters. Those are not the replicas holsters When you visit their website you’ll find very long list of guns they can make you a holsters for FNX was one of those, which means they have been working with the real steel – cool And this way after something like three weeks after paying for the order I got the Defender model, the only so far for the gun with the flashlight The cool feature about this holster is the fact, that it does not scratch the slide Well, if you look close enough you will see the paint gone off, but this is mainly on the sharp parts of the gun The holster itself is made of thick, but elastic kydex and is quite delicate for the gun I will show you the larger plan and the thing I also like, which is the consequence of the fact it is made for real steel, and It’s the fact, that we can rest assured that the gun in this holster will not be damaged or lost You can run, crawl, um, do different things and the gun will not get out of the holster As you can see the version I ordered is with the belt loops, so I can wear it on the belt – I just like it simple KT – MECH makes also other mounts for their holsters. I will not talk about them, take a look at their website and see for yourself The specific of the belt loop holster is the fact, that kydex takes shape of a hip and squeezes the gun even more inside We can be sure, that the pistol will be always with us and we will not loose it. As for me – big plus Well, as you can see the FNX material is quite large, but I think it was just ment to be that way Few things had to be said about that gun, I hope my comments on it were helpful, cause few people asked me if it’s worth to buy it My final thought about this gun is as follows – it’s a pity, that this gun wasn’t taken care more, not enough attention was paid to it Especially becasue of the fact, that the manufacturer of the gun is not Cybergun, who has only a license agreement, but VFC – Vega Force Company A company that is not famous for making bad replicas I wouldn’t recommend his gun to a beginner, cause it’s a gun you need to invest in, and it also can discourage the beginner, unexperienced player If you want to see the Cybergun FNX 45 in the battle, then in the video description below you will find a link to another video It’s a CQB Report from Dobra, where FNX had some nice HIT’s, so it worked fine But as I said – it could have been done better So THE BAD is over and let me invite you to the next video, where we will see the real GOOD gun See ya all, Herod out Mother