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hello and welcome to Wiener session one export import procedures in documentation export import train topic to be cover introduction legal framework objectives of export import policy registrations formalities and export licensing procedure to obtain export license general provisions regarding its potent important so in base fashion we were going to understand about what exactly the Export Import trade is what was it the regulatory framework of all this so the basic objective of a trade policy devolve around the instruments and techniques of cakes promotions and imports management so that means the popular trade policy of exported in border around revolve around the exposure motion and impose management so the overview if we were taking the overview of an illegal framework we need to understand the objective of expose important policies which is sessions formality major provisions regarding the import-export so now we were started with the legal framework ache Export Import streetcar Nikoli is a concert legal framework soothing Enzo hamid helmi let me know tinea what are the basic legal issues to be considered in the mind and what kind of an are various acts are there in then the foreign trade of india we were discussing about the foreign trade of india is governed by the foreign trade which is development and regulation as 1992 the rule and order issued there under the payment for the export and import trade transaction in the terms of foreign exchange management in F 1999 so the four major act governing the foreign trade would help an understanding of a foreign trade policy of a country as also its operational requirement so I’m totality there are the four major acts who are basically working on the foreign trade so what was that adds up so the techs are the verses foreign trade development and regulation Act 1992 which was basically working in the granting of an export import code II IEC basic work foreign trade at Kahoot ahead oh honey import export codes core issue cutter so we can say that the prime objective of this act is to provide for the development and regulation of a foreign trade by facilitating the imports into the argument argument a export from India and for the matter concerned there with and the xyd enter there – so it is all about providing the development and regulations of all the imports and exports of the Indian and what kind of the matters of whatever the matters are rather than that concern that is export-import concerns they were actually looking for it so that formation for the Export Import is also given under this act which is mainly see acting under the TV from permissions within a book these are the auto permissions Cassidy’s are by granting the importers and exporters code number drove it exporter yeah important co k CP 30 k key again business Carnegie and for export may trade Carnegie who say a code number issue Buddha so it is basically about the foreign trade developed development and regulation at 1990 there is another act that F is Foreign Exchange Management at 1999 this is basically or to facilitate or the main objective of this act is to work on auto facilitate the external free ad payments and to promote the orderly development and maintenance of the foreign exchange management in India so the basic work of this is to work on these external trade and payment to be promoted orderly development and maintenance of foreign exchange today I’m gonna give this Nene honey for an exchange that is where the main work of Hema is to work on the External Trade Agreement at the same time here this act deal with the various regulations also he act all Matsuri regulations is a deal keziah that regulations are holding and transactions of foreign exchange exports of goods and service realizations and realizations and repetitions of the foreign exchange etc so the role of authority is the person the provision of the contraventions and penalties and procedures to adjudications an appeal the power of directors of enforcement are basically handled in this act then the second act is the customer at nineteen sixty two this basically

provides or the prime objective of this act of providing the guidelines and approved procedures related to all these situations emerging from the export and both a transaction that means it is main work is to get the proper guidelines or give the proper procedures to the export imports situation and transactions basically working on the transaction file the prime objective is what are the prime objective of this active regulate the genuine export import trade transactions in keeping with the national economic policies and objective and our mind it then to check the smuggling do not collect the revenues undertake the functions on behalf of others MC and gather the trade studies so the five main objective of this is this and yes in the legal framework of Export Import trade the last act is the export quality control and inspection at 19 so this act is basically working on to increase the quality control and pre-shipment inspection – it is basically to strengthen the export wait for the quality control and the pre-shipment inspection prohibits the export of the substandard goods and yes at the same time stablishment of export inspection councils and exporting inspections is easy you save either using a quality Chicana whether its pre-shipment inspection basically it consists with the friendship Winokur inspection yes at the same time considering the substandard goods it in that case so the main objective of the prime objective is just as that to strengthen the quality so yes at the same time they are two obligations from which this act is free from so these are these two export houses are their export orientation units are their its port made against a letter from a foreign buyer a setting that we does not require the pre-shipment inspection for any official agency land product during the ayah is i mark okay is 30k say the PCB then he gives a goods are thinking so they were not come to do that for a certain inspection next topic is objective of Export Import policy what is exactly the objectives of Export Import policy so yes the main aim of these policies are promoting exports and argument agree for an exchange earning so Hans above-knee export Quezada increased caramel toffee nosed posada work and mature than just the reason behind heat hammock earning factor increased imagine happening Conchita and yes at the same time the another one is is regulating the export wherever it is necessary for the purpose of either avoiding the competition among the Indian exporter or ensuring the domestic availability of essential item of the mass communication consumption and D reasonable prices in terms of homogeneity export hotel cusco regulate gonna regulate in terms of if we were promoting the export that doesn’t mean that we were lacking in our own consumption when that comes you say minimize chemically avoid the competition amongst the Indian exporter Indian exporters cannot come second competition Ratna and yes at the same time there always do and make sure that he dovey consumptions am i required Hank more succesfully within the country fulfil arenas a bad exporter so these are the two main purpose and objective of Export Import policy so the objective of Export Import policy they were the major aspects of trade policy straight policy supposed major aspects and what these major aspects are such a felling a regulation and management of imports on Geo which is a import surveyor escape proper regulation or risky proper management second promotion and regulations of export export cause others either promote KCK Ajay auto ski proper regulation then introduction of a duty-free promotion capital goods that is the EPC G in terms of basically working on to increase or introduce with duty free promotions go to the duties in sa capital goods columns enough for strengthing of the advanced licensing system and yes work on the advanced licensing system a case study case a I would need I sent you this template or work on cars are clean another is liberalizing the import and boost the export my map name import Culebra license the same time we boost the export simply simplification of a procedures and reduce the interface between it’s Porter’s and the DG f TD DFT is what the director-general of foreign trade so in terms of simplifying of overall procedures of export-import trade commodity exporting for threads or

things NK procedures Co simplified on one another as you increase the transparency in the change trading environment that means it is working on to be very much clear with your trading environment be very much clear with your trading concept so this is a transparency concept strengthing a domestic intern industrial growth that is working on to allow enough country can improve their domestic industrial growth with the help of exposure mode then generation of employment by giving the recognization to SSI sector it is to working on in the EM generation of employment history si Han of nicmos is industry sectors can those others is unemployment couldn’t wait collecting it then to drive the maximum benefit from expanding the global market opportunity that has to work on a hump history case a up need global opportunities with maybe arise working at Castle say of Turkey it benefits in viscosity then to enhance the technology strength and efficiencies of Indian culture industry and service that means how we can strengthen themselves ha opening up coca suspenders in strength for when a certain occasion a poor efficient banana cream with the help of exporting technology in terms of the technology part it sport import schema that say having SME technology can focus at there so he further has 30 Hammadi agriculture industries and service sector Canada now the registration formalities and export licensing yes Kissimmee three key key export rates that connects Fla bars other Tsurugi who’s ahead licensing or formalities the distillation for manatees Co fulfil karna so now what what are the various registration formalities in sport Licensing’s the first concept to be considered that is imported exporter code number this is basically the kind of the Cynar registration function which proven that that which actually proves yes the person have that number that means person has registered in particular country to work on the exponent both so no export or no import shall be made by any person without any import exporter code number so kiss agar it person keep as imported exporter code number nahin so what you see be very picky exporter in Portsmouth Edel Anita’s exam yes at the same time and any application of a grant of IEC number shall be made by the registrar head office of the F Rican to the regional import export licensing authority along with the following document in terms of of both side documents key submission is such particular number really apply cannabidiol so our documentation is con considered at the first documentation is profile of the exporter importer person conehead busca over on profile second the bank resets in the duplicate DD for these thousand as enough see four thousand rupees somewhat Khurana within a as enough 3 then certificate from the bankers of the applicant yes you have to confirm your banker as well as it comes to me codes are the Export Import Miyagi don’t have my banker decide Colonel that just to deal with all the external dealing or Export Import afraid then two copies of a passport size photograph of the applicant beauteous attested by the banker in terms of a photo passport size photographs they mean UTM which definitely attached by your bank then if there is any no residence interest in the applicant firm and an NRI investment is with the full reputations benefit provides the full particular and enclosures photocopy of RBI approval for such investments in that terms yes you have to take the approval of the the NRI investment a specificity in Norman’s interest that Isaac those case may our VIP approval leaning 14 PCB they’re giving import-export skinny their delegations on the applicants later head above the applicants non association with the cohesion listed firms in terms of Geneva hamari closure listed firms okay here’s the key then get formations name using a co export important as a ketose regulation beanie movie that this person or that letterhead particularly not belongs to that particular listed company in yet SK a lava eight document or who died had to submit to Allah that is the copy of a fan can pan card is basically permanent account number of the income tax so up cop movie submit Kevin Oliver after that getting the is easy another regular registration formality easy the dissipations come memberships at this certificate that is our C MC which the exporter and what will have to be so any person applying for the license to import or export of all for any other benefit on the concessions under this

policy shall be required to furnish the registrations come membership certificate so it is may be obtained from one any one of the export promotion comes in or any of the commodity board or that it can be taken from any kind of fi e o org ID EPE di or the M PDA or administrative authorities of eh-eh TB or SPP units so in that case yes up quick membership card Lee nouns I when you were entering into the any kind of export input so export of the registered exporter having valid are CMC will only qualify for the benefits provided in the exam policy so exam policy and the benefits our exporters who provide service I would uh be valuable only would the be considered a assignee other egg export will give us our CMC cut Kouga to certificate movable so yes of all the basic all goods may be exported without any restrictions expect to extends as its food are regulated by the negative list of export so the basic negative list of the exports of or the negative list consists of a good devar basically comes into the three parts come originally be negative list of its for Saudi any give all goods choking an array exporting goods and then any ethic with teamfights moon dividing it sub say para hair the prohibited items prohibited items are those items which cannot be exported or imported Bo items okie CV that is a export import and many who sustain these item include any kind of wildlife any kind of exotic birds vying flora beef human skeletons tall fat and oil of any one animal origins excluding fish oil good and good product in the form of logs timber stems roots box chip powders flakes dust plump and Caracol hoodies gaining a prohibited items within edge will go up bill Colby of export imports mini cut something and yes more or less they were not the sign of a nothing export/import ponies a second is there is restricted items unexpected item is comes into the any Goods the export or import of which is restricted through the licensing may be export or import it only in accordance with the license it should in this behalf the restricted items revoking a joky basically like Samson Miliband he up Export Import may assert a third part as the cancellous writer cancel eyes item basically that any goods the importer or exporter of which is canceled eyes maybe importance portal by tantalizing his agencies specified in the negativeness book bot CSE hamari its port are imported a gently so teeny little canceled here as Akihiko is particular product key under deal many terrific so cancel eyes good camera garden so that these are basically the three kind of on a good which I which haven’t negative list whoo-hoo negative list may attain this can them export import media heat that sustained now what has a basic provision of procedure to obtain the export import license donkey with Anika export import license Lena who died those chili catch-up procedural who that so that procedure basically comes from an application for the grant of the export license may be made in the prescribed form to the director-general of the foreign trade or its regional licensing authority for restricted items and an application is to be made in a duplicate of the appropriate form there are two different export license application forms in that case earthquake application form submit Khurana who Donna Jo Kia could DGF t go some economic if you were dealing in or you want a permission for the restricted items in that comes you have to take the duplicate copy of that F in create form so applications the export of registrations a waiver comes in to the items the application of exposure registered item a chemical and spray in media again indicated these form is sent to the directors and love thee for the trade and new business applications for grant of the export license for the export of these special chemicals expect your application are to be sent to get every DFT and yes in the municipal bloom under the chairmanship of the dtft shall consider the application for the both of these item so in that case either of specificity chemically a special chemicals canon e-zero schism you have to take the

formation of bz f what are the provisions regarding the export and import export or import key regarding Chaka se general provisions and Joachim hundred again comes into the policy variously realized various provisions of an import-export the first is export and import free unless regulated but that means the export and import are free expect to extend their regulated by the provision of a policy or any law for the time being inner force so the item buys Export Import policy specified in the ITC that published by the dtft so in that term yes boy item which are unless regular whoa jokey words which are free to make free accept to extend that they will be regulated by the provisions of the policies so what compliances are what regulations or provisions they have to take care subsidy Eliza the compliance with law in terms of every sport or importer is to compel with the provision of the foreign trade which is the foreign trade act 1992 and the rules and the order made their order so there are also required to compel with the provisions of a policy terms and conditions of any license granted and provisions of any other law for the time being in a port then second is the interpretation of policy this is if any of these are doubt arises in respect of the interpretations of any provision of policy it will be referred to the dtft whose the seasons will be finally an was taken finally taken and yes the second third is the exemptions from policies and procedures any requests for the relaxation of that provisions of that policy or any kind of provision procedures on the ground of hardship or enough advice impact on the trade mainly made by the dtft again forces trade with the negotiating countries in terms of the director-general of foreign trade may issue from time to time such instructions of a frames are schemed as may be required to promote the trade and strengthen the economy time with the neighboring countries then another is trade with the Russia under the debit payment agreement in this case the trade with the Russia under the debit repayment agreement BFD may issue from time to time instructions or a Finn’s screen transit facility was their transit of goods through India from to another country adjacent to India shall be regulated in accordance with the treaty between the Indian and those countries the way that is basically regulated by the that who’s of that country then the execution of a bank guarantee legal undertaking what whether whatever any duty-free import is allowed or where otherwise specifically stated the importer shall execute a legal undertaken or a bank guarantee with the customer Authority before clearance of a good through the customs so however exporters with the export unaware of it needs to be factored in the currency so in that terms the procedure licensing air and a good track record of three year of the exporter will be permitted for that lega under taking then another is the free movement of export goods these are consignment of items allow for the export shall not be withhold or delay for any reasons by any agency in the case of any doubt the other authorities concerned may ask for the undertaking for the export then another is the third party export this basically working on getting an a license holder may export directly or through the third party clearance of goods from the custom this is the goods already import it shipped arrived in advance but not clear a chronic custom may also be cleared against the license if you subsequently then electronic data interchange that is EDI it is unbasic alee impact to work toward to towards the greater simplification standardization harmonizing of the trade document that is DG ft shall move towards an automated environment of filling and the whitening or a conjugation of the documents with other community partners including the customers and bank then terms of export as we study about these port and

important are we individually discussing about words journal provisions regarding these four so it should be or it can be the free export in terms of all goods may be exported without any restriction expect to be extend such export are regulated by ITC’s or any other provisions of this policies or any other law for a time being in force that some receipts for their export of samples a specific provision has been laid down for the export of the sample in a free of charge goods then denomination of the export contract this is all export contracts and invoice shall be done denominated in these freely convertible currency of Indian or Indian rupee but export procedures shall be realized in this really convertible currency so contact of which payment and receive for the eight that is if you follow then the ionization of the export procedure if and any exporter fails to realize the export procedures within the time specified by the Reserve Bank of India he shall be liable to action into accordance with the provisions of the Act and the policy another is the export of goods and spares go to basically include the edible item of value not exceeding to be 5 lakhs in licensing here may be exported aDNA gift so those items mentioned as restricted from the export shall not be exposed as good as in a gift without a license so the certificate permission is required in that M in this Paris part yes warrant Express where whether the indigenous or imported plant equipment machine these automobiles or any other good except from those restricted restricted that may be export all or along with the main a cube or subsequently so that is this shall be done within the contract warranty period of such Goods subject to the approval of I V I then other is the export off the passenger baggage it is the bona fide basically personal baggage it may be exported either along with the passenger or in the unaccompanied and accompanied with one year before or after he presented the past from India so those item mentioned as restricted Shann lantee license shall require a license export in case of then export of imported goods this replacement Goods and the world when that is worth impro imported in accordance with these policy may be exported in the same and subsequently the same form without a license so certificate Commission’s or authority it is basically required but this can be done provided that the items are the item to be imported or exported is not mentioned as restricted from the according code that is the first function second is the replacement good verses related to the go there apart they are off on bearing the exporters and found the defective damaged or otherwise unfit for you for use maybe replace the free of change by the exposure so such good shall not be allowed clearance clearance by the customers authority provided that the replacement of goods are not mentioned as a restricted item for the export in the country then neither is the repair good repair goods are basically the goods or the part to or not on began exported and found the defective damaged or otherwise unfit for the use may be imported for repair or subsequently we export such good shall not be allowed clearance without the license and accordance with the custom notification issued in this behalf when that turns the another that is remissions of the service tests in that that is domestic terrorists area so for all goods and services which are exported from unit into the DTA and unit in new oil can be eh t v– so that is the missions of the service test is then the exemption from the Texas in the SCC that is assessing units are exempted from these service techs then private bonded warehousing that is private

bonded warehouses exclusively for the export may be set up in domestic tariff area as per the norms and conditions of the procedure the goods from domestic manufacturers without the payment of duty so the supplies may be all made by the domestic suppliers who they notify the warehouse can be treated as the physical export of provided the payment for these things I mean in the phone excuse or any foreign exchange so if that comes into the private bond warehouse then another is comes into the export we did the export now comes the import part import part initial one is the actual user condition this is what capital goods raw materials intermediaries component consumers spare spare parts accessories instruments and other goods which are imported without any restrictions may be imported by any person secondhand goods all the secondhand goods accept the second-hand capital goods as expected from the import and may be important only in accordance with the provisions of the policies so the import of these secondhand capital goods include the recognition Spurs are allowed to freely accept the personal computer laptop all the photocopier machine with photo copy machineries or it can be air can be snot this can we do these Arjun you said which will be allowed against the lessons and other is the importer for gifts important for gates basically shall be permitted where such Goods are otherwise premium portable under this policy then import of export basis that means new or the second-hand drugs to fixtures dyes module patterns and press tools and the anti last so the construction wishing these containers packages maintained for the packaging of the goods for the export and other equipment may be imported for the export without unlicensed on execution of media understanding banger ending with these custom Authority so that is another point then next is the improvement of the export visas in terms of capital goods equipment components / parts essentially get at the same time whether imported or indigenious may be sent abroad for the repair testing quality improvement or upgrading of technology and the improvement without a license so in that case another is comes into the import of machine and equipment use in the products abroad after the completion of the project abroad the project contracts who may import without a license use goods including capital goods provided the provided they have been used at least for one year then another is the sale on a high C that is sale of goods on a high C for import into the India may be we may be subject to the policy or any other law for the time being in a force then another is import under the lease financing this is permission of a licensing authority is not required for the import of new capital goods under the lease financing then public public and private bounded warehouse for import that means such warehouse may be set up in DD so import Goods except D prohibited items arms in munitions as our newest ways chemical Navy warehouse so that goods may be cleared from the home consumption on the payment of the custom duty applicable anytime for clearance of these Goods another is export from ocean capital good scheme this has new and old capital goods including also for the pre and a post production facilities and capital goods in that case then yes there are few quotients which you have to do it yourself first is what are the general provisions regarding the export and import so you have to give on the examples of all these general provision which is related to export and import and yet at the same time the Export Import 3 unless regulations and another is explained the importance for Co number what is I see number you have to

explain it and why it is required IEC number so this is all about for the today’s session we were winding up here thank you so much happy learning villa