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yes so a very welcome to all the students hi sorry sorry Mary minions cassia plug so there are plenty soon pareo or mosaic pareo fortified City chat box Bardot I am going to be looking into the chat they are set up so laptop work area tata bye bye we are going to be right now or without the J channel art seshu wrong man logo KO Smartboard pay classes then ticket so anyhow a modulo we charge you have will be both HSA HSA a cheery Cassidy over here so first of all hi to all the students I am able to see see some Earth Mr Azad we have on Kate we have Anakin kts Priya and we have diksha and who else come on chat OTC slow here Farrah Fawcett a sick brother chart pay yes awesome that’s great so how are you doing Artie class Mayhem Carnival a hydrogen chapter Cooper Mentor who is a betta get new students need Pixley class especially classes classes miss karakia don’t worry ugh a class K and maybe of Cuba Dominican see playlist menu here is particular Channel pay or a Baja pechakucha Kalina Checker has yoga of Costa Rica sorry available so students are be Jay Mains 2021 then then a chart a or 11 three topics Co revised Carnage at our blog will be careful game or Joe class XI Mei he have his students whoa humming resumes husband are a tacky Eureka Pooja Theory here Jee Mains 2022 Ka vo palatability time to time whole Theory a reckoning so yes now I can see a lot of students so high AK-47 hi rupees hi Prashant and we have one mole Namaste to one mole and Meghan Meghan I am doing absolutely great you do have to let me know in the chat how are you doing and we have Russia and about electrochemistry of Class 12 definitely don’t worry Electro chemistry class 12 key be Hannah Valley or we both are both amazing teaser annually are obsessed a is particular Channel paper Cassie because anyhow we are going to be bringing up something very special it can I series get that you can say I’m coach the coach Telugu stop look at me will be mine Escape escape but yes there is going to be a session where a new teacher is going to come on with an to Jason and escape a thumbs-up look like couch the couch couch the couch Nana Telugu so you just have to stay tuned for those who are new on this channel you definitely have to subscribe to keep you guys subscribe nahi Kar okay to notification or updates kashyapa the challenge econ concessions are a a Consul live sessions are which mr. acardo Israel subscribe karna bodily the Hagar and Japanese students you know thumbnail your fairer tightly coupled gate array I’m sure you know it’s going to be a minty quiz the main takeaways Charlo Carnival a coochie second Scandal but before we start how many of you are really excited to have a mentee quiz right now let’s see and for those who are just new yarder he met her fried Echo equipment equals negative who John John simek chapters code topic score local a happy life lecithin take a to to hydrogenate class sweetie witness Diego a vendor’s Depot hydrogen key classic urho to Kihei top Friday covanta it meant equation so so over here I am able to see Uncle Kumar Singh is saying a maths teacher Jello yeah have been a plus point DeMarco IQ a chair because anyhow right now we have two chemistry teachers who won physics teachers obviously maths teacher animal a and we have Muhammad giving me a high high to Mohammed Abdullah and we have a niche a new teacher for which subject it’s going to be for mathematics to get so yes and I can see your page giving me a you okay upload excited whole marriage Sarika sorry minions are excited here so you do have to give me some Smiley’s on the chat take mod has thick healthy minions both person that you know we’re embarking a Despicable Me as a movie key series key it’s a really good series so anyhow Mayhem Asia I’m Loco KO minions get our victim and yes minions sad to be a chilly Taniya una ambitious smiling how measure energetic humming shh bubbly emission naughty person that they’re right so yes there are plug in Mexico equality wrecked a ho so you do have to give me smile he’s on the chat and yes I am able to see see prey on justanna

is the first student giving me a smiley smiley is coconut Barack Obama recession skin the I am going to be taking up your names but that’s his file he’s done it again smile is what love emojis became a smile is will pump those Smiley’s xarna say what I hear he just became a chartered accountant oh Alec different different colors victim right or vocalist catch carp a job duties Canada to Abad cannot help you or tub chat pays zadar Nazareth here to grab chhote ho Kim app logo say connected to the who chat at Port Authority chat May active ran away I am sure coffees are American students are we talking music to TC scream a notorious area May or if mobile phone kaliki they credit and up chat the the HEPA rasa sorry sorry but up sorry sorry sorry sorry I am able to see kairu laughing and giving me different different smileys and we have Jai prakash we have 3 RI and we have sonal Cesaro sugar tip so you’ll pay a mentor who is here hydrogen th but the krg random wanna upload was a but they’re gonna cry because they supported by the live a lie right so you have him a block excitement be there Paro right so so Escobar correcting it it or are they play hockey a quiz kanji is Neverland ticket so yes Korn concert students Mentor who is Koji je H Ki very bottom where they go high resistance to drop turkey a Tom lipsky body events Diego who bought simple huh be many hydrogen chapter or two parts were Toda right so a big witnessed ago class who chu chi hair or ugly glasses are ready go so Abby’s Omnia Paratus officially classed movable has are the basic so expectations are Milliken HL n gr Arch to both you know toward questions whenever I are both basic square okay but en Casa Marina was already react you ask questions made terminologies boards are eventually they get the yes so with this we are going to start really soon and Joe students and I hear bus a red color copy button up Logan at the bar in here hey Bill I can do the bars and I have press all talking notification sorry sorry sorry sorry Ray but matcha powder at the end up Locker is okay or like attendance clay 0z sternum so now over here before we start bust coach excitement or because you know what with with an to is sorry we for took a historical record especially bar is heavy or Zarate result is when it comes to Jay advance and I am going to be taking up you know this time to say to you know speak up some names and their ranks Jin students met Jay Advanced go qualify kiai I serve or surf online cable C so let’s talk about and take their names so over here we’re going to talk about draw from Mumbai having the rank 43 and then we’re going to talk about we have mother mother 208 we have Thun May 27 we have access to 90 and then we have pandya 482 aair let’s have more porous it or hair bows are so Todo Todo economic uh but list of you be healthy Dario Dario so yes over here we have 582 from God of and other keep a says 6:35 Agni bhagavata says 663 yes Kappa 776 76 and more more capacity 778 more eager can he be videoed a courier to find out what’s happening photo video together Charo so now over here let’s talk about the rankings five in top 500 rank and 11 in 2044 in 2001 21 in top five thousand a ir and 253 in top ten thousand a is written a number with doing a pie here own students KO / Jo Jo students entirely entirely without the paper I get it ticket so yes let’s get started over here menti code mentee goji berry so www.minettis.com Kipnis students coal car battery a ugly time they go to YouTube kobani karna be okay Joe students made a piranha have a giant a YouTube blogger bun the Kia so question question mentuk has a thickness of Pele YouTube page or the cowboy Pablo gonna be a challenge so yes our Vlog agar question pay upper hand panna cotta here Hai toh YouTube a question dr. Anna or made a chart active enough to do things is a gurney up Logan it ache leaderboard with navy and shunt username hung up Logan image button icon say username up ahead du Cinema other up leaderboard with nahi ho table when I fear of emoji batana have key rank care K takeyama gasps are they hanging keycap drank improve booty Gio bromante quiz will never leave wada competitive Hoagie because questions boas are the easy so you about the Android so the mentee code over here is you have a have 5027 zero two seven

seven three five zero two seven seven three what is meant to codecop like or the film has a fortified see chat window then I thank you my friend Mindy code you know meant Equestria Girls who take a I am going to be waiting for your go go so whatever it is it 5027 five zero two seven seven three is going to be your Mentor code so let’s see keep majorly up Muji J yo versus active oh you know this actor who chat at bay so Rakesh please English sir Zara’s other cheese a Hindi Merengue I’m so sorry about it but nevertheless I will try to keep things in English anyhow whatever whatever things are going to be on the screen is going to be in English together so yes some Earth is the one giving me a yo subset Pele joined that’s great some Earth and over here we are able to see Abdullah as well shrinivas is ready I think she never has had been there in the previous quizzes as well what’s the right area Anjali there is there is there yes and Jai prakash I am sure you’re ready BSA BSA 2004 sir I’m a student of JF batch welcome welcome to this main takeaways so yes over here Russia is asking Cassie apply conahey please repeat sir so up like a second ahead www.minettis.com patch on it but it shows showed us another this is youtube.com whatever cement t-dot-com the game is collect near tab kulina or Escobar up Logan is code to enter gonna be happy but about arakawa code code Aldo code good Aldo vasco de Oliveira all this cable up log log in her pocket buzzlog in Korea it could use a name like now Emoji Banana yoga toe color so yes I am able to see everybody’s joining so Anjali is ask saying I want to get into I see to it’s an amazing campus whose Cabaret baby and bath Africa because he’s stationed at chess occurring it but yes I see getting into a I see is a good dream and which is achievable as well so yes I am sure if if you are gonna you know be very positive about how to start your syllabus how to cover it I am sure you will get into it to get so now over here question question the kinase a pan skip out to see the question I guess the question would be harnessed by lemon tea pelty hair makeup videos on a burger henna so you’ll pay let’s have and let’s see how many students have been been joining okay okay let’s see push the Horizon yes okay so over here question chicken tikka masala question number one chalu Jacob is penology so happy I am able to see 36 students have joined safe 36 but coiba thing is uh are working it I am able to re still numbers are increasing 38 39 Charlie Charlie is program chalice compartmentalize regarding it Anna so 40 where a 40 got a great day so how many get the students joined Carnival a Gotham is saying I’m unable to join Gotham Deco code code hair 5:02 773 coincide pay em enti dot c om bus sympathy Canyon can you hop a bus 5027 zero two seven seven three is the code that you have to apply that’s it so yes I am Crown some earthcare ahem ahem Crown wow but yeah so what are all you know shapes and things have you got up your doggy corner or you spike on irda a balk on hairdo let me know on the chat as well together so so somewhat nizamiah head crown great awesome so now let’s get into the first question the first question the hiccup go YouTube it right so over here the first question of this class talks about most abundant isotope of hydrogen is most abundant hydrogen isotope of hydrogen is to get so now let’s get into this this one okay city is saying I am elephant elephant Teague a Berea the question is going to be there in front of you you do have to you know give me your answer as soon as possible possible Mahajan for those of you who are just joining on YouTube but if it’s a mentee DOT Compostela jockey up is particular quiz May participate car so Co you have to use the mentee code which is going to be five zero two seven seven three together and yes the time ends in two and one time up let’s equip the students the media are correct answer and yes twenty four of you are correct it deuterium fukunaga ended with a deuterium Alibi checked with cure you happy after misclick how you do have to let me apply a mascara like in other Eric Del T say mistake cardia TT semester click to chat me but nevertheless is cold summers in our browser we get a subset a

easiest question have when it comes from the chapter hydrogen though leader would take mr. Pyle a solution so over here pay attention when we’re going to talk about the correct answer which is going to be give me a second pro team so you have a protein get a smack about a pro team we case may be are only having one proton and 0 Neutron in the case of hydrogen Athena give you know two isotopes Chabad Korea there are all gonna have have same number of protons because you have a elements a map or just be elements a motivator protons Amasia same ring is what we have to remember now in the case of deuterium one proton and one Neutron take a and when we are going to talk about tritium over here we are again going to have one proton and two neutrons now who is going to tell me the abundance the correct percentage of abundance of protium I am going to have this one on the check so Jones our student mode is upset paleo answer they never lie am going to take his or her her name I’m Kate Kumar is saying 0.16 hmm the up is 0.16 care here are you talking about the deuterium jokey room number but i-i’ve Otis a closer but yes over here the correct answer to this question is ninety-nine point scale Galaga okay 98.9 a chub 98.9 my yoga 99.98% 99.98% is going to be your correct answer is what you guys have to remember TK T TM G bar a masquerade negligibly available just because of radioactivity deuterium gay bar in vodka rate is somewhere around somewhere around today 0.0 5 which is now that yes percent Yes somewhere around this is what you have to remember to get so yes now let’s move ahead ahead now move ahead towards the next question but who say Pat Healy a sip a leader but now you can cut them question their hair down so it’s negative Malaga feel like they have leaderboard so yeah overhead the next question talks about hydrogen is evolved by the action of dilute hno 3 in the case of iron magnesium or manganese copper or aluminum let’s see get the students because the clay bar sipping a lay leader board board so let’s have the leaderboard okay so anyhow pal a question about this later uncle is going to be at the top then we’re going to have a show any then we’re going to have Siddharth and more god of the mentee legend Okay so we have one kaushik 9th class yay one kaushik I think 9th class when a student is lamenting was met with a FAS hey we’re on be on the chart then we have yo yo then we have a son now and we have with the and we have Anjali Anjali ticket doable and santoku username planning to ultimately my version of that came a up logo locate kapenga chat P so so now let’s move towards the next question so the next question what our charge a Manhattan screens ithaki op question corre corre suppose you too baby for those who are joining five zero two seven seven three is going to be the mentee code hydrogen is evolved by the action of dilute hno 3 on on iron manganese and magnesium copper and aluminum or aluminium for options and this quiz ends in three two and one bus time up cousin were over here 29 students majority of the class is giving me the correct answer I got I am I am really proud of you all my minions so over here some art care is our last gulp is a mistake t get charcoal body goodness wouldn’t dismiss students name is particular this particular quiz me miss click Kiya Hai kuch bhi to base our blog 1 lakh at pegged LTS a Mystic ticket so now over here let’s talk about how B is going to be the correct answer so over here yes magnesium and manganese so over here what we have to remember is whenever you’re going to see magnesium reacting with two moles of hno3 you have a buddy on this is diluted it’s a vdi elika here we have very diluted and you happy we’re going to talk about just two moles of hno 3 which is going to be available in water okay what we exactly do is magnesium cation a hydrogen go badly for some pinochle so what’s going to happen over here no.3 hno3 formula you’re gonna see a structure Urology so you have a nitrogen is the case then we’re going to have

double bond oxygen then we are going to have oh – take a + H + qk nickel yeah and what’s going to happen a clone pair Bachata nitrogen campus but oxygen is a Rota Rota or were otaku Maya because you have paid is oxygen capacity they said six electrons balance totally get the CO T8 / is nitrogen in keahak eBay or nahi bonaga or dada covalent bond but I’m is ACTA mere pass vacant d-orbital Heaney Heaney met pastor Topeka three as other the you have a nitrogen interrogation kobanyar but near to those that are two lone pair: D take it this is the coordinate covalent bond is what we have to remember Yavapai had double bond with oxygen you have a has single Bond so so the inter give right agree Mr go but yes you have a hydrogen H + job Nicole yoga I gotta tow as a particular though I ends though anions wrecking it which are going to be compensating the charge of magnesium two-plus henna Charo I’ll be a happy a barber structure neighboring a but you have is how much they have manganese health care manganese Ki Kahani Mega Man 2 Thor sex extras or live or work you okay magnesium boards other reactive but manganese with another reactive ninja right but nevertheless is Killian dollar authorities extra hno3 molecules which are right now of more than two right so you have a what we are able to see manganese name is Alia Hagar apna it’s hard but again hydrogen go kaha hydrogen core manganese nay and magnesium name is question make Jack aha yeah blow gonna lick my ass Chatman so so over here let’s see T up looked at me like they Ho Ki nahi but anyhow my Battalion down chat Moody 36 Lowell agree slow as an image of a good cat down to egg go second look to Jesus Co anime but nevertheless smileys smileys but I’ll channel so let’s move towards the next question so the next question over here is n solid hydrogen the intermolecular bonding is in solid hydrogen the intermolecular hydrogen bomb intermolecular bonding is ticket so now for options are ionic vanderwall metallic and covalent let’s see get the students doing a correct answer will say a a leaderboard so yes we are able to see are we have a majority I gotta pee p and K is going to be at the top 36 double d – yes we have a Sony we have got of them intelligent so the Hearth with Rita Anjali BSA 2004 sonal Rosanna and and no-hit Singh Chauhan that’s great so now the next question for you for those who are joining just now you can participate in this minty quiz by using the mentee code five zero two seven seven three in the case of solid hydrogen the intermolecular bonding bonding is and you have three two and one time is over let’s see keeping the students there I am hwijae correct answer but hop a medic Parra who copies are students in Asahi answer the ahead were you happy I am Nick Corey a covalent q humbucker a intermolecular bonding key Humboldt current intermolecular hydrogen you know not hydrogen intermolecular bonding so you have a deck with a key intermolecular caraga so over here let’s go towards the solution the being bad getting a hydrogen key hydrogen gas bottle of hydrogen per molecule McClure dihydrogen so we always write this one as H2 header name is Micaela Vitale one hydrogen atom is attached with another hydrogen atom what do you have a board order in in these in this particular molecule is going to be one you have a bond order K I hear one but you have to have kakinada yah yah yah equally cute is a or b so it’s collaborative let’s say the avocado number one sorry both sorry they get I will get a number in there oh so you have a a burger as a Bohol sorry molecules available hungee Chaya maripaz gasps oh chhaya maurepas liquid oh tie him up a solid Oh Inkay Beach myself may surf town of Allah Vander wal force of attraction V WF V van w means Van Der yes wall wall and force Van Der waals Force Van Der waals Force km/h electron vwf Medicaid key short

format tzadikin Either you know boards can reply met Carina maxcut seoktae but yet nevertheless so Vander Waal forces of attraction is going to be the correct answer to get so now with this one let’s move ahead and let’s see what’s going the next question so we have the next question talks about the lightest gas is going to be very easy question nitrogen helium oxygen yeah hydrogen let’s see concert student music music Jack Maybe answer correct data so now let’s move ahead ahead towards the next question but yeah so zeppeli durwood and uncouth me a question here on KidCo get Co marks in the Himalayas question maybe because she is a girl at work so Aishwarya Gora Gora was the fastest one over here and then we have Anjali BSA because f an academy physics Wala gang and Yoyo rupesh and society and Uncle Kumar Singh Jay JIT charro parade and dress like the I and catco Marnie now let’s move towards the next question the lightest gas is is nitrogen helium oxygen or hydrogen over here a gherkin email in masochistic of molecule bunting here you do have to see molecular mass this car molecule New Haven de Oscar taking a atomic mass and over here yes jaha pay homage career age of hydrogen key chapter Cabaret me me here hookah is chapter hero he hydrogen let’s see if Bucky students Galactica rain why are you giving me the the lightest gas is helium and he oxygen or nitrogen oxygen clear to students here or nitrogen cleave one so I just want to know key as a consular logic lagaya kids with Nicola the way as a console or generic in nitrogen or oxygen CO2 scrubber Nevada over hydrogen I would like to know so now over here let’s move towards the solution both easy Sy because in the case of hydrogen if you’re going to talk about the molecular mass mass one atom of hydrogen and one atom of hydrogen the molecular mass over here is going to be 2:00 a.m. you a mu stands for atomic mass unit Hera over here in the case of oxygen oxygen gas maybe than I have oxygen double bond oxygen one oxygen has what particular Mass you have pay is cut it NE mu down low molecular mass you do have to let me know helium decays me we are simply going to have just one which is helium right and when we talk about nitrogen so it is going to be two nitrogen atoms having to bond between them so you have a I am able to see the chat log is very metal work on some was a coach at Bay electric which mr. diehr so over here Jai prakash is saying LTS a mistake LTS a mistake the hooah but John has URI hike in nitrogen answer the other oxygen so do let me know over here definition of a mu a mu stands for atomic mass unit More Concept catch after my ma up local co-op Hachiko playlist magic is Arruda câmara anyhow Jazzy him a scores because I’m gonna belong definitely we are going to be coming up up with the revision so do not worry about it so yes over here whenever we’re going to talk about each oxygen atom you have a we are going to talk about 16 and 16 and the total weight over here comes out to be 32 am you and and whenever we’re going to talk about for helium you have your own table I have four a.m. you and whenever we’re going to talk about nitrogen and nitrogen dinitrogen to you have to pay each one is going to have 1414 cooker any twice we can have 34 am you to get so you have it the lightest one is is together so now let’s move towards change hodja yes the mentee leaderboard so yes over here I am able to see Sabina answer key a service here in here way gaurav here I go yes only rupesh and you know yoga scene change way Naaman be in Amman class ninth being the fastest one over here so yes Norman has joined the leaderboard let’s move towards the next question para hydrogen is para hydrogen is less stable than Ortho hydrogen more stable than Ortho hydrogen

as stable as Ortho hydrogen and none of the above above so over here I am will see 14 students are giving me the correct answer which is less stable than Ortho and over here 15 students are giving me the answer which is more stable than Auto so let’s over here both the factual question is Miss other coach here he named over here we simply have to learn what is para and Ortho it again so you have it let’s move towards the solution yes so whenever you going to talk about parahydrogen parahydrogen case may both with I care so much about them your Habib and I’m going to talk about hydrogen Tak item one ticket this is one atom eh one nucleus together and we’re going to have another hydrogen in the lucky Peach macaron big one but bonded the hang of it you have a cell phone pocket carrying a proton Escobar away a yes a proton or a proton we have a moon acaba La llave whenever we’re gonna talk about para Llamar page spin jota jota hamesha opposite so if proton one is you know spinning anti-clockwise then one is going to spend clockwise that’s what is is para and when we get to talk about the the ortho they are spinning in the same direction so the proton of the one hydrogen if it is spinning in the clockwise Direction then in the second Adam has been it was organized a you know spin in the clockwise direction as well other Eric anti-clockwise here to do are be anti-clockwise he hoga is what you have to remember to get so now with this let’s move towards the next one but before this one let’s get into the leaderboard leaderboard and for those who are saying key misclick wha Kyra it’s okay don’t worry clear clear backlog keep backlog cochlear chemically don’t worry I am again going to be bringing up sessions so do not worry about it again so now over here I am going to able to see a show on E gaurav BSA because Naaman was a pierogi Angelino hit and we have fun Academy and we have rupees and we have you you channel so now let’s move ahead we have the question number 6 out of 10 and over here let’s see how many of you are going to be able to give me the correct answer Atomic hydrogen is obtained by atomic hydrogen is obtained by so over here what we are able to see yes the time is up over here I am able to see very few of you are giving me the correct answer that’s totally fine because anyhow a topic toward us a turkey here so let’s learn what is going to happen over here so whenever we’re going to talk about the the atomic hydrogen hydrogen is at all you know obtained by Toto make hydrogen would are Atomic urgent question with a certificate a moute so if you gonna talk about let’s say our plus H2 h to either say how are you colonel either banana this this over here is going to be the atomic hydrogen right right also Cassidy data we simply have to pass silent Electric discharge silent Electric discharge mclubbe Zoda tase Zod has or Katakana the wrestling Arena over here through hydrogen hydrogen mclubbe dihydrogen dihydrogen at low pressure at low pressure at low pressure mclubbe Jazzy how many are could carry to eat you don’t know hydrogen atoms here a yay duels are sticking together if you can have too much pressure then ultimately hydrogen or hydrogen atom keep a space vessel both come regularly you don’t know if it’s a Viper’s Boardman acetate so low pressure can their home carrying a key mm-hmm thank you tener be Adams been injured maybe atoms in molecules and we’ll do do re low pressure system is a total Anna so hence we are going to be able to make the the dye the atomic hydrogen over here so now let’s talk about the next question hydrogen obtained on Latium is known as atomic nascent occluded or heavy so this may say up logos so much naihanchi concerns are so you whenever I let’s move towards the the leaderboard

is there a lag between quays and class I don’t think so so Zhanna yoga very few seconds very few seconds Krishna you do not have to spam the chat anyhow I’m going to tell you how to clear the backlog in the upcoming sessions so if you haven’t subscribed for da fuxx sake Elena so over here we are able to cbsa those are Char subset of Portugal sugar rush when Igor of Naaman because rupees society Anjali with he and no hit being there in the leaderboard but a betta jitna students leaderboard bin nahin I hear upload an image with a company ranks but I he name Otto Africa Ghana start your first question about drank ID or BJ’s rank below Bullock oh so parallel currency rankly or up considering for you do let me know so over here we are going to be moving towards the next particular question question hydrogen obtained on plaid IAM is known as the other a Palladium yo-ho-ho Jake metal so concede term you have a use whenever you have four hydrogen Atomic nascent occluded yeah heavy heavy and over here I am going to see over here 14 students are right majority of the students who are right now in the Cession are doing it wrong but what about me you have a sickness or the opposite they included hydrogen come with love keota yeah I’ll call it hydrogen inning occlusion comma Club kuwata is what we have to learn over here again so now let’s move towards the slides or chloride hydrogen is the correct answer so whenever you going to talk about the occlusion process you have a let’s say a electrode here here made up of metal a echo experimental you something question mate Palladium given the it could be any let’s say Platinum okay let’s say gold which be so now over here whenever we going to have a ch2 gas which I am going to make it as Circle they came to me are you happy to drawing manga have it circled yogibo H2S when the H2 gas sticks sticks gets adsorbed as well adsorbed we can selectively whenever these particular H2 molecules are going to be there attached with the metal surface yay job Barb and I am metal TK so what’s going to happen over here this particular process is going to be known as occlusion or Jonesy be gas metal surface pay buddy hoagie Hoops go home carrying a occluded gas is case meograph it is going to be hydrogen then it’s going to be uploaded hydrogen are here for a term Pelican SMG or zeppeli assume G then you do have to give me a you on the chat so let’s see keeping students in a art occlusion for some job to get so now over here again impeach a little Odessa over here I got a bad career Atomic hydrogen kibarim yeah they’re ambedkar a nascent hydrogen kibarim then let’s see what’s the difference you have a gram of hydrogen Atomic hydrogen hydrogen giving him bad cop here it is H you have pay is kohai 8 electron TK and when are we going to talk about the nascent hydrogen as well this is is also the atomic hydrogen only the only difference is gymnasium nascent hydrogen Cabaret baat karta it Is possessing the nascent hydrogen Is is possessing more energy so the be embarking a nascent hydrogen gibara me it actually has more energy hence we say Cal for a quadriga will be hum Auggie Augie an evaluation the balcony numerator for efforts to boost our next question cure nascent hydrogen consists of hydrogen atoms which are to a comforting for the quickest algorithm Echidna students active hair attentive hair let’s see keep the student’s name which is Sunnah and yes yeah happy I can see society and Anjali not giving me the correct answer probably yes and you have a BSA still at the Lead Core of Ashwini vikas swarup a cinnamon no wait the second area yes the second area welcome back to the leaderboard society and Anjali so now question for those who are just joining right now though the moment ago is about to get ended but anyhow you can just use the mentee code five zero two seven seven three to get into the quiz quiz and you still have almost 18 seconds nascent hydrogen consists of three two and one time up let’s see how many of you are giving

me the correct answer still assist students cure couch the couch the students students but to be to have an extra Edge soon Bill energy to get so you hop a we are gonna be getting into the solution do you have a necklace why hydrogen atom with the excess energy is going to be the answer boho the factual psychokinetic term could Define current term who teacher or term kiss you again occur Turkey right Christmas other logical error on a cacophony but you have a we’re going to talk about excess energy this is very important do sorry Connie here T hydrogen Joe have Adam on a TV take a hydrogen molecule will not be considered as a nascent hydrogen together so you have a excess energy Cucuy Cucuy ruling a because anyhow we’re talking about molecule molecule here to nascent hydrogen Cabaret Bar technical sector we have economic hydrogen atom give our Mr cahit actually looks like adjust hydrogen having just one proton and one electron to electron menu bar banali I not say I whisk energy to these are the energy let’s say if this is on the y-axis axis this is the y axis guys UK and on the y axis I am making up energy okay so you have a yoga mat Koenig nascent hydrogen kibarim a husky energy johar was Zada hoagie ache Atomic hydrogen is a jokey wolf same like that so is chi energy somewhere over here and it’s Cannery somewhere over here is what you have to remember this one over here is is Atomic hydrogen and this one over here is is nascent hydrogen is what you guys have to remember to get so nascent hydrogen are going up logo so much Maya what about such at makes my days are low and over here I am able to see see kairu and a myth and few of you are giving me some spider he’s back again students Missoni era is what Jim kumazawa you do have to give me likes for this video okay a graph logo or many quizzes chain the definitely like kotoko so now the next question is going to be a the most reactive state of hydrogen is is most reactive state of hydrogen Cabaret Bathory to get so now let’s see how many of you are going to be able to give me the correct answer we have the leaderboard and yes you have a core of the mental agent cho superhero page number nine no-hit Gonzaga Cobalt a so over here now we have BSS still at the top you a query yeah we hacking jewelry at the bottom of the cookie yeah hop a lead Joe have a board of a charity case trick is typically a BSN okay Ashwini because governor of still there repair the second year Naaman with the Arjuna Arjuna know it let’s move towards the next one but anyhow I’m Regina have BSA consi hacking it is Elizabeth oh Chad pay and by the way thanks Kara ibiki students key do let me know in the chat and you still have almost an an almost ten nine eight seven six 6 three two and one time up let’s see how many are there in the list and over here I am going to see 18 students are giving me the correct answer Bucky get students let’s learn which one is going to be more reactive and which one is going to be less reactive telling you see put on a veil a diagram pajama nascent hydrogen and atomic hydrogen giveaway but I had a ticket so you’ll pay let’s move towards Atomic hydrogen is going to be more more reactive why so they got your happy about getting energy from hydrogen coincide with Yankees are the energy Atomic key and a second key zidane Arjuna Valley High nascent hydrogen keep a happy with us literally a Dodge electronically take a of a young female body together and you hop a this is going to be the nascent hydrogen energy levels one azadeh a bhop am energy have already come Bernardo I am making up again and atomic hydrogen hydrogen eh – short for me a of agar hum our apis is level pay lower

Energy pay those hydrogen’s atoms available available hungry energy both come here energy ball had come here to yeah I don’t know a user has a react Julie Kasich team right but other you happy energy balls are the hey Matlab though particular hydrogen atoms to available hey but you see anyone unco Co the waiver of Dia heat provide or eh music the energy to access I in don’t know which are a Adams cape has who can see with are you guys all set to you by radiation radiation home today kaito but again Yama pay in octopus Paz Baja Giada energy Vesey available here ta alaa Gallagher has active because pass on a cup guys are mashaallahu Kana pass on a kiruna g a chemical biology Roja stability and the other hey humming shh sorry Americana students aren’t a stability is always in proportional to energy energy take it up so stability is inversely proportional to energy to hop a energy who he come whap a stability who Quezada and agape yellow ochre react charging out of stability where she is or has other a but other you don’t know not a chance is what we have to remember to get so now let’s see how many of you are giving me smile he’s over here so much Kumar saini neck sad smiley wedgie a cow who do let me know and that’s move towards the next this is gonna be the last question guys so whatever is the vector here is koukaon G they go yes question Kelly male lead about the carnival who Class K and me together I’m bothering you or because it’s pretty much he’s okay so stay tuned whether the following Metals cannot absorb hydrogen gladium aluminium nickel Cobalt Joe student told us a street-smart hoga he or she would be able to to Jews the odd one out you have a odd one out option option Kansai come on and yes 10 10 8 8 over here the correct answer has been given by ten students Bucky kgtv shouldn’t have chocolate let’s learn over here so now we are happy whenever we’re going to talk about give me a second guys give me a second leaderboard with Hannah has subcell ask me suspense bonaga technology right so here whenever we’re going to talk about Palladium aluminium nickel and Cobalt yaha Purge it maybe shouldn’t snake Gulch is a mistake TI a John John bouquet odd one out so much maniacally way because whenever we’re going to talk about option A be a C or D be K by m bottom bottom occurring in all of these are D-Block limits or gem bodka Caray aluminum say aluminium is we have much reactive when compared to all of these others so hence anyhow aluminum Cassatt hydrogen Coast or hoonah Putin has of the feasible range is gonna hydrogen Platinum nickel or Cobalt kids are safe masseuse Gregor so over here when we’re going to talk about hydrogen just getting absorbed then hydrogen will be able to get absorbed in the interstitial spaces of these d block elements but in the case of aluminum that’s not going to happen again so hence over here aluminium is going to be the correct answer anyhow odd one out Kansai be together shut up so over here before we show before we see the leaderboard let’s talk about few more things so over here first of all aluminium is going to be the correct answer and determine a student’s Priestly class Cisco Miss Miss Carr Tiara here you should remember Jeet law 2022 Can-Am say series bunny we met personally happy have a own students Kelly a chemistry lab around us on Terkel around Joe student survey class 11th may take a us XI Mei jabya batiatus footage isn’t a fugitive 2 easily map local sorry so let’s talk about matters let’s talk about More Concept let’s talk about then atomic structure periodic table chemical bonding More Concept chemical bonding hygge then redox reaction Geisha States thermodynamics chemical ionic subcommittee by of it today hydrogen because I gonna lie so yes do remember that and yes over here for those who are looking for kekaha Java page a key best you know coaching coaching Miller or get online to bahati easy here grab a tomato coaching ability right and anyhow in the starting of this particular session I told you I showed you

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with our sake what we got Shopkins again obligation to get so scaly app logo subscribe to recognize Channel go and yes over here do join the vedantis telegram group Taki up logo sorry sorry updates military rank and Abby JoJo’s students so today a key leader board to the hiring so leaderboard they glitter here and over here I am able to see but ashwani and BSA and God of mentee Legend BSNL each heard the announcement and over here oh wow he hota Hai consistent rennick on the teacher Ashwini if you are really happy to see yourself at the first rank you know what matters are the Hoosier because anyhow I was able to see since question number one you were actually present over there and you didn’t leave the hope to win right a happy you are having blank tomorrow yes so you would count competitive exams masi Oka play by sapna based in it Glow gonna pass then I ho sakta Hai Bucky can package for them but anyhow he a competitive examining here and I am sure Joe students first Mejia pie they’re going to try a bit more extra Mary classes core regularly follow crew and definitely mentee quizzes or misogyny Agony so anyhow we’re going to again meet again again yes anyhow we’re going to meet again so till then do sharing my videos do share my videos with your friends do subscribe the channel and liked oh Pocoyo podo sake mu J or the K likes with AK what is it ODC motivation you know 33 Energy bill Theory take a Humphrey similar again next particular session candle but yeah Dre comments can drop off new views and ideas are all sick pay I am going to go through those views and comments regularly take care so let’s meet again again until then all the best take and stay safe bye to everybody bye-bye rupesh Summit Anjali City BSA bsas your second that’s a good one I like the way you took the the lead