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hello this is dump alumnos and welcome to a minecraft let’s play video as pork chops suddenly fly through my door um thank you very much whoever gave me pork chops um yes another video inside my lovely world and in this video I’m going to be going over to stampy’s Funland or where stampy’s Funland will be and I’m going to be building basically the big opening sign i’m also here being joined by epic big c AKA chloe and frog angel as well is helping me out my world actually she’s and reorganizing all of my chests and making a ripping tidy and plays written down a sign here can i join ya course he can i’m just very quickly sent an invite to anchor looks like i’m also gonna be joined by Hank in this video as well so I let me just invite him quickly there we go we got a full crowd of us now going to be helping me out in this video all I say helping me out more running around near me and throwing things around and building things and breaking things and stuff so anyway the more the merrier I see ya this is a frog angel 666 who son who’s been watching my videos for a while and that she got added to the love garden in the last video officially her gamertag but she was added before that anyway and what she’s doing like she’s going through and organizing everything look at this look how neat and tidy everything’s got my plants here I got some I don’t know some shrubberies and stuff in there some saplings stampy’s talents be left empty and my food organized look at all that look how hi Diani everything is it is completely not like me to have everything this like tidy and neat and so yeah thank you very much Allison Louise for coming in here and sorting out all of my stuff over while I’m in this area I’m gonna go to my love garden and give someone shout out and all my love garden is if you don’t know is a place where I picked my favorite comment from each video and I add whoever commented to my love garden and if you comment asking to be put my love garden and then unfortunately i won’t pick you I only pick people that comment about the video or just something that stands out and makes me laugh or makes me smile or make me cry or anything like that and in this video i am adding a bass idle tomb Bessie doll tomb something like that abbr siedel tomb free and they commented on my was it my troubles brewing video and in that video I set people a challenge to leave as random a comment as possible and I got an incredible response I got something like a hundred and twenty comments within three hours or something so I had a lot of comments to go through and I went through every single one including people that send me messages on facebook because they didn’t have YouTube and I had actually great fun going through and reading them all and loads of them made me laugh somewhere rude and I couldn’t include so I’m not going to mention them once but the winning comment was wondered it just made me laugh it just stood out for some reason it’s not very long and it is my eggplant woke up at 1am and milked my dinosaur on Neptune while simultaneously eating space porcupines I don’t know that comment was exactly what was after just a complete sentence which is a real sentence but it’s just a load of rubbish and his random and bizarre and I see yeah that’s why I decided to add beside all tomb 62 mile of garden so yeah welcome um in my last video you saw us building my farm over here where I got my piggy wigs my Woolies and my moo moo’s all inside their pens and I haven’t added anything to here yet but if I have time at the end of the video and I am going to come back here and I’m gonna sort of try neaten up the area a bit maybe give them a drinking trough or like some baths or something but i’m only gonna do that if i do have time at the end of the video but as i said the main thing i’m going to be getting up to is building the sign at the front of stampy’s Funland and I’ve started it I’ve started to build it and all first I need to go get a dog don’t I don’t forget about taking a companion with me which I take with me miss best fisco discover a look and see whoever none taken in a while um I take I take Cedric with me i’m taking a Cedric with me in a wall and you can tell which one Cedric by the bark if you listen out carefully there we go here Cedric did you hear him did you hear the way that Cedric barks he’s got a slightly lower bark than all of the other dogs and that’s how you know which one Cedric so Cedric would you like to join me as we go over towards my golf course and looks like Chloe is going to be coming with me as well you’re not hiding Chloe I can see where you are just don’t get in my way that out the way Cedric Cedric out of the way come on come on boy be a good boy that’s the one okay let’s go yeah yeah she didn’t bang into anyone that’s that’s probably a first I might actually get towards my golf course before thee before the end of the video and I need to show you what it is that I’m building let me see if I can press the button then put this down kinda kinda I was trying to leave one there for Khloe you’ll see what I’ve done I’ve started it and I’ve started to just sort of work out the dimensions so that is what I’m building today I’m

going to be filling in that sign oh it looks a bit like layer a massive black board at the moment but before I do that I’m gonna get rid of this mine cart so Chloe doesn’t bounce back off it and i’m going to show you over here because this is what stampy’s Funland well we’re stamping earth stampy’s Funland is gonna be and yeah it’s just a massive field and um I didn’t level any mountains or anything for this all I did was build all this ground over a lake as this was actually a frozen lake and I just placed all of this grass over it and I did have some help from a few people and I kind of she remember who was we did it ages are going there’s about three or four of us people that just joined my game and I’m sorry I don’t remember your names um I did really intend to give them a shout out but and it was so long ago I just can’t remember who it was but if it was you then thank you very much and so if I dig just under here yeah there we go it’s all just it’s all just water underneath us i’m gonna plug that up before Cedric pulls down there and has a watery grave down there so yeah um it’s kind of massive here and I could get rid of a bit more of like the surrounding area and but yeah I kind of like just this huge empty area and hopefully within about 15 videos or so this should be pull up with rollercoasters and sideshow games and haunted houses and I don’t know just all sorts of kind of fun and exciting stuff in a circus I should build a circus that’s what I’m gonna build here that’s going to be my main big project I’m gonna build a massive circus and look how excited Chloe’s about me building a circus look she loves it even though she can’t actually hear me yes and that’s what I need to build I don’t know if I should build it here or just nearby but I thought that should be my next big project shouldn’t it okay let me just hit going ahead through my golf course which I assume most of you have seen in past videos and how you doin over here um Gregory jr. you okay you happy do you still love me he does Gregory jr. does still love me okay let’s head over here and actually and start building up as always I’ve spent ages talking about what I’m gonna do we’re not actually doing very much so let’s get to work and hopefully in this video I’m going to teach you how to do a block writing in Minecraft successfully because i’d only be i don’t sound mean but I get sent a lot of pictures and I’ve been in a lot of worlds where people have tried to write things in signs in Minecraft and it looks a bit of a mess it’s kind of all over the place and it’s so easy to write well in Minecraft all you need to do is cheat and what I’ve done I’ve looked online and I found an amazing picture it’s on a website called planet minecraft calm but if you just search into Google a Minecraft block writing and then go to images the very first picture is a picture that shows you how to write big letters using just blocks and there are other websites where you can just type in what you want something to say and it will work it out but for this I think this works perfectly and this is the website that I used forum the sign I did for my a thousand subscribers if you saw my thousand subscribers video I had am a big sign that said a thousand subscribers and I said on fire actually Chloe set it on fire she was behind the scenes on that video with summer flint and steel setting it all on fire but and yet it just seems to work really well and once you got this picture up all you need to do is work out the dimensions each letter is maximum four blocks wide and seven blocks high and so all you can do is to all know Cedric’s up here sit down Cedric don’t fall down I know how we’re gonna get said although I fallen down Oh I’ll do how am I gonna get Cedric down safely I know what to do if I run over here oh god I’m flying I didn’t mean to do that sir I’m not in creative mode I got hoes privileges though and I didn’t mean to fly then sometimes I jump twice I knew what I need to do is I need to get Cedric to teleport away I no answer hello Mike and how am I gonna get a Cedric down without him dying I shall I think he should be able to survive that fall I think you should be okay um let me just get rid of this scrabble also by the way if you didn’t know um travel wisin why isn’t it working wasn’t the gravel there we go when gravel falls because it’s got gravity if you put a torch underneath it all gets destroyed so when you’re making pillars to climb up places them if you use gravel it’s better than dirt because you can just get rid of it easier okay let’s leave said York up here for now we’ll deal with him later I see all you need to do is mark across so you’ve got four blocks for each letter and then seven blocks high for making any sense so I’ve got the picture up on my laptop screen and so all I need to do now is try and copy and I know I’ve got it wrong it’s five blocks wide one two three four five I think I’ve done this sign too small I think it needs to be bigger I wanna care i leave it like this for now another pickle rid of my gravel or they do bigger rid of my gravel now I’m stuck up here how am I gonna get down and his

gang dark and I’m stuck up here you bullies you i know i could do i got water on me and I didn’t plan for this did they check this out check this out for an escape route if you’re ever stuck up high somewhere put down some water and then I push Cedric down first you can go first to make sure it’s safe and then i’ll go down afterwards go and Cedric drop down i knows all the dogs always swim up don’t they okay when it released at least I can get down Cedric out the way out the way come on let’s go let’s go then then you can just drag on oh I’m crouching there we go then you just drop down in the water and be safe yeah it worked like I got down safely oh yeah yeah you don’t need to pile it up now I’m down safe now and anyway it looks like I got literally nothing done today oh so instead of staying here and risking the night with all the googlies as i can already see it am skeletons fawning over there i’m going to go back to my bed and I’m going to sleep and hopefully i’ll get that sign finished in the morning and I for I’d get it done quite quickly but as always things take a lot longer than I intended them to anyway let’s let’s head back to the the safety of my house and let’s go to sleep actually I probably be quicker I just to go to the emergency igloo because it’s a lot closer son give me that minecart track back yes I think I’m just going to head over to my emergency equal i’m going to sleep there for the night and if ank and chloe follow me that should be fine because there are free beds there and I should probably of my sword out as well just so just so I’m ready and safe in case unk does attack me yeah sorry for being so slow and getting like almost nothing done in this video but we’re only halfway through it so far so hopefully I’m in the middle what’s going on here there’s a random like hold down there okay looks like I’ve had a few people making holes in my world let’s just put some dirt there for now and I feel that full of snow a little bit later on alright anyway let’s go to bed let’s go to bed before too many googlies and nasty start spawning and start trying to attack me um is everyone else going to bed where where is everyone else um ok looks like who’s the red person they’re still miles away was was Chloe doing like all the way over there she’s like miles away from like anywhere to sleep I don’t know maybe she’s I think she must have put like a a bed inside my like head in the golf course or something because she was able to sleep as getting roared as gonna have to kick her there but I guess she can stay oh I’m just gonna make a bit of snow um just so I can clog up that hoe and I made another bloody hole there’s all like gaps underneath here because um when I was like making this area I dug out all of underneath together the sandstone because so much of my world’s made out of sandstone um I needed to get as much like it on I’m just making holes everywhere I keep trying to get rid of just the top bit of snow by keep making more and more holes I think I’m doing more damage here than I’m doing good once again just wasting more time ok let’s just get as many snowballs as i can and then uh yeah try and fill in these gaps because i was it going to annoy me i could say i’ll leave it and i sort out after the video but it would just be bugging me the whole time there we go this this should be enough snow just to fill in these last few areas and cedric stay safe don’t fall down any of these holes and I’ll now place it in the wrong place am I officially the worst builder in Minecraft is it is it safe to assume that there’s no one at building in Minecraft than me I would say so anyway it is harder when you’re talking as well like I do find that I’m better at minecraft when I’m not doing commentary because then I can just simply concentrate on like what I’m doing and not have to worry about having to speak to anyone else at the same time basically I’m better at minecraft and I’m being grumpy and antisocial and look at squid saying hello howdy having the time of its life there under that bridge it’s actually been a while since I’ve had some fun riding around on these mine carts I still don’t know I find it so much fun I think that’s why I’m waiting to build my roller coaster so much because I don’t know there’s always just something fun about I don’t know building mine cart tracks and riding them around and on what did clover is that was she slept is that close makeshift bed room that she made up there okay whatever whatever makes her happy and I’m very conscious now that I believe this whole sign is too big and I’m not too big too small and I’m gonna have to extend it but it’s not it’s not a major problem but um I’ve actually also worked out that it fits perfectly for writing a stampy’s Funland there’s the exact same amount of letters in stampy’s as Funland so that’s sort of quite convenient so 1 2 3 4 5 solo okay this this wants to be five why don’t know no oh no I fell down okay it is it’s official i am officially the worst pillar in Minecraft I love the Fed this is supposed to be me giving you a guide as well I mean what I’m doing here would be ten times as easy in creative mode but probably more fun doing it not in creative mode to be honest so I’m here just looking at a picture and I’m basically just copying it to be honest I’m gonna try and not make as much I know and Cedric’s come back up here I forgot to make him sit down you stay safe Cedric I’m hopeful if you fall down one of them’s going to give you some pork chops I saw one Cedric to keep teleporting up and dropping down and

hurting himself he seems to be staying put though and not put himself in too much danger so that’s it that that’s my s done and all I did was just copy what it looks like and yeah you can’t really see from here but that does kind of look a little bit like an S and then I’ve got a gap of one and then so now what’s my next letter T so 12 there and then and I climb up on it and then it’s just to either side of here so I want some the same level as the stampy which is this one I just need to do I know is this and then one on either side and there’s my tea and all you need to do is just copy the picture and then hopefully you’ll make things easier ank why are you doing you may not be trying to hurt Cedric I don’t know I fell down lucky those that water there oh dear oh and um frog angels come over to join me as well they can all laugh at me why didn’t you help why don’t you help me um let me let me get a sign and rock put it down and then ask them all to help me i need a crafting table i just write down a sign saying please help hopefully they’re help me out building i thought i’d do this a lot easier I mean when I built the a thousand subscribers sign I was like I that was so easy i did it in five minutes but uh i was doing it in creative mode and I didn’t really think about how much easier it is and you could do it so that I’m like building it into the sign but I’ve decided to have the letters kind of sticking out just to make things easier and a shout I should probably write a sign on what why why why was that censored I said please help um I catch to another sign like saying help then i guess i don’t know why i made another sign one would have been enough I just do a sign saying help and I see if they’ll give me a hand I honestly thought this would take me about half a day to build this and then in the next day I could be updating my farm but just taking ages I’m just so rubbish at it to be honest I’m gonna have like a million piles of gravel-like leading up here from my my failed attempts getting up there any more dirt and ground in here I know it’s like they’re ever you want a lot oh well doesn’t matter ok so the next letter is the the letter A I think maybe if I do it from one out as she said right you sit down you sit down before I go back up there I’m so scared Cedric’s gonna die on him to die by falling off my sign you know I don’t want stampy’s Funland to be tainted with bad memories of when my dog died I think this is probably the way to do it like stand in front of it and then then you can build it around to like climb up on the letters your building so yeah I need the letter A so I should probably build just like a straight bridge all the way along here like if I do like this then I’ve just got like scaffolding that I can just use while I build all the letters this is how you should do it I love the way if I try to like advertise this video as a guide on how to build block letters and then and then I go and do this and like build it in the most inefficient and stupid way possible oh well I’m determined to get this done maybe not in this video we’re going to get as much done as I can so yeah so there’s a gap of one and then the a goes up like that and then along the top there’s one two three and then this goes down here like this here we go I’m making a bit of progress now and then go along like that now go that should look like an a when you look at it from the side so sta the next letter is the letter M I need if you’re spelling stampy so the M is just a straight line all the way down to there and then I mean I know you can’t see the picture that I’m using but as I said if you search minecraft block writing and then just look at that first image you can see like what I’m basing this off I’m not just really good at telling like how how I should build I’m actually pretty awful at doing that and then yes is this right 1 2 3 4 5 yo this is right yeah this is the way to do it build like if you not do now on creative mode build like a long row of scaffolding and then do it like that so I then need the letter P which will obviously be one straight line along here and then the P goes one two three and then there’s two there and then one two three why didn’t I build it like this from the start and is it going to fit in or I think my sign is going to be slightly too small as so stamp yeah then yeah it’s kinda she’s gonna be way too small isn’t it I now need the letter Y which can be a bit of an awkward one on it like that then like that and then oh no oh no I fell down oh dear ouchie ouchie ouchie zum now I’m gonna get back up there was my scaffolding not long enough i think i just walked off to the side um yeah my whole sign isn’t big enough I need to get rid of that whole row and redo it again oh no see this is going to take ages isn’t it i should also have some pork chop pork chops I need to have some pork chops as well to try and try and get my hunger up so I can get my my health back up i really dont to die in

this video because then we have to walk all the way back over here again so yeah i’m going to get rid of this fro and just build it all back in with black wall and I don’t have any black wall I did have black wall in that chest but someone’s picked it up how Chloe’s got it cuz Chloe built some of her stuff there um hopefully she realizes what I’m trying to do and I uses the black wall that she picked up I’m just gonna dig down with my pickaxe I know you’re not supposed to destroy war with your pickaxe but I can’t be bothered to keep switching between them and hopefully Khloe sees that I’m trying to extend it and adds it for me also are so confident that I worked out all the dimensions and stuff and I know looks like frog angels left and there’s no point in fighting her now because like I’m probably not going to be on for that much longer because I’m running out time in the video but yeah we have to like extend the sign this is gonna take ages you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna extend the sign and try and sort that out and then I think I might just build the rest of the sign while I’m not recording because it might be a bit boring and then in my next video I should be building an XP farm and I’m going to properly research how to do it and hopefully I give you a much of a better guide but you get an idea of what it will look like I mean imagine the sign was longer and I could fit it all in and imagine there wasn’t a load of piles of a gravel and there wasn’t load of dirt and I’d finished writing a fun land as well and then you would have imagined a sign much better than what I bill and um this video to be much more successful so even though it took me a while and I was building it rubbish at the beginning I think that if you do build just one straight bridge and then follow the guide that i told you about online i can leave a link to it in the description actually if you want if you find out what i would like to see the one that i’m using and then that is the best way to do block writing basically learn from my mistakes I’ve unfortunately now that is the end of the video here as I thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you all later bye