CR-10 Factory Tour!

So today we are at the Creality company. I don’t know because in some of the reviews they say it in two different pronunciations But today we are at their company and I am going to show you around To meet their engineers, their boss, and the workers Hello, hello This is their manager we have been talking on Wechat How about speaking in Chinese and mix with some English explanation? How is your English? Not so good No problem, then you can speak in Chinese People are curious about how things are made It’s why they like factory tours or behind-the-scenes footage They want to see how the sets are built, how the animation is done, how the director cast the film, etc They want to know how and why other people make decisions That’s why I am going to show you guys the Creality company today To show you guys what’s behind the scene. Come on, show me around Sure This is our marketing department They are in charge of domestic and oversea marketing I don’t know if you already this, but your 3D printer is well-known to the foreign market I am friends with Lulzbot and Prusa We often discuss in the 3D printing community, and most people speak very highly of your printer So it’s called the makerspace in here. They have different stuff Hold this, hold my camera. In the meantime, I also want to use my phone to shoot video So we are looking at the CR-7 I think. What is this model? CR-7 I guess a lot of makerspaces are using this one Yes That’s what I thought. Let me try to turn on the display We didn’t plug it in And what is this? A pancake printer I dind’t hear you. What kind of printer again? For the pancake For cooking I see, for the pancake Ok, let’s take a closer look I don’t need a pancake machine, I just make it in a wok, but it’s cool I guess you use this to extrude the flour (batter) and then the pancake comes out This one doesn’t look like a FDM printer. What is this kind? This is CR-9, this is also an FDM printer The case fooled me, most printer looks like this is usually SLA or DLP Oh, but ours have this kind of enclosure for FDM printer Alright, let’s take a look at the next one CR-2020 OK, this is CR-2020 I noticed that most of your printers are name after their size Right This printer is very similar to the first one Yes, this one is CR-8 So the CR-8 is a little bit bigger than the first one? It’s easier to assemble this one

We sell this one as a kit The one next to it is the one that sells the best the CR-10 This is the most popular one. They ship it overseas and they sell tons of this one You guys must be familiar with this one. Because this is the CR-10, you are all buying this one I heard that the print quality is pretty good but I don’t own one If you are interested in this one, go check out the videos and reviews online What do we have next? CR-3040 Is there another one like this called CR-5060? Right A bit bigger than this one The room next to this one, we store some more printers Wow, look! It’s a giant Dragon Ball Is this one 3D printed also? Right We used ten CR-10 to print this guy. It takes a month to print it It takes a month to print him? And then it took us another two months to paint and put the printed parts together WOW It took them a month to print it and then assembled it for another month. Good work Let’s look at the other side, I see so many different printed models There is the Hulk and the moon ball that everyone in China prints I see high heel in the middle, I have printed high heels before. Let me go take a close look at it What kind of filament are you using? Only PLA for this heel? Right, this one is PLA This is only PLA, the one I printed before I used wood filament Let’s see what else they got? They have the hand, a lot of people printed this hand Right What did you add in the front? Sonic sensor? Sensor When you plug it in, it will move It can interact with people This model has different color in one piece, did you use color printer or what? We are doing research on color printer Let me take a look at this one, what kind of soft filament is this? TPU So like the kind I am using Right That one is our meeting room And that one is another room for showing 3d printers Is that one for customer service staff? They take care of the orders And this is the after-sales support team They take care of our orders online and promoting our business as well Ok, this is their after support team here They are here to deal with customer’s complaints and issues What about customers overseas? Do they get after-sales service? Yes Even for foreigners I am surprised (English language support is expensive) There is another room showing more products Or maybe it’s just the same products but they are testing them in this room Same, it is for showing people our 3D printers, but the size of the 3D printers are a bit bigger than the one I just showed you Ok, this one they store bigger machines in this room I think they are testing the machine before they are shipping it Hello, I am filming here. But don’t mind me keep doing what you were doing Please hold my camera for me for a second So in this room there are tons of 3D printers and even the big 3D printers And there are some that have been packed up here They are testing these printers here. It looks smooth, it looks good The CR-10 is printing right now and it looks good What else? All CR-10 here. I wonder if they are printing another big model But this one, what happened to this 3d printer? Is this one broken? No, it is fine Ok, just look weird because it is the only one here were put in this way So what is the model of this one? This is CR-4020 This one is printing a shoe This is our DLP printer This one is DLP not FDM More CR-10 Those looks kinda messy. That’s why I am worry when I get the SLA printer, I will make a mess like this This one looks bigger than CR-10 This one is CR-10 500 Are these two guys engineers?

Kind of Come come, I want to interview the engineer Yes, how do you know I am an engineer? Random guess He is also one of the boss here I added your Wechat Oh, really? A lot of people know who made Prusa and Lulzbot 3d printers But nobody knows the Chinese engineers and their effort to make sure those machines work All those good work owes to the diligent engineers I want to take a picture with all the engineers and then crop a picture from the video Can I take a picture with all your engineers? Ask the engineer to stand up and take a picture with me Aren’t you guys part of the engineering team? Actually the engineering department is in another room Alright, you guys get back to work. Let’s go to the engineering room later Let me think of a question for you. Are you guys planning on making a new type of 3D printer? We have developed a new one You already have the prototype? Yes Is it FDM printer? Right Not just FDM, we are making DLP and SLA printer as well SLA too? Yes Really? Yes, DLP and SLA included Cool, Let’s go to the engineering department Ok, no problem Let’s go to the technology department Actually I am quite interested about their working environment here. How they feel about it. Let me pick one randomly How about this nice lady? Hi, what do think of the working environment here? Not bad You are in charge of taking orders online, right? Yes I think you guys are getting a lot of orders now Yes Do you get a lot of complains of the products? Not many Can you handle most of their problems? Of course If they want to get the missing parts or swap parts would you guys send to them directly? Normally we would Cool, good. Thanks Keep up the good work, guys Let’s go to the technology department. Is it that one? Yes, this is our technology department They look happy, they are smiling Hello, everyone! Don’t mind me. Keep doing what are doing. Although I want to interview you A lot of my follower are foreigners. And most of them owns your 3D printer. Also a lot of the people you who review your printer like Joel Telling, I am sure you are very familiar of them And a lot of people know the Western engineers. But you guys don’t have a lot of media coverage So today I want to take a picture with all of you Please stop what you are doing for maybe 50 seconds and let’s take a picture Come on, come here These are their engineers. They are hardworking. I think they are unappreciated Hello, what’s your name? JianFeng Wong Mr. Wong And your friend? Mr Gong Ok, let’s take a picture together. Come, come Now everyone can see who’s the brain behind all those products I think we got it. Thanks guys Let me interview you for a minute. I heard that there are more products are coming, right? Yes Have you encounter any problems? CR-10 sells the best oversea, do you think your new product will be popular too? We believe in ourselves, we think that any products comes from us can sell well But the CR-10 is the most popular one Yes, CR-10 is our most popular product How long until the next product release? We are still working on it, probably in two months What type is it? SLA? DLP? Still FDM I see We are working on DLP too Ok, I think people will be excited when they hear about it, and they will be looking forward to your next product Thank you for saying that Don’t mention it. Keep up the good work Let’s go. What else are you going to show me? Now I’ve met the engineers and then

I think I would like to meet the factory workers too I am sure people want to see how they assemble the printers Right They definitely want to see that Do you want to take a look at our scanner? Sure, let’s take a look I think it’s worth showing people Sure, hold my camera We have one production department here. But we also have one in another building Do a presentation for us Sure Does it need to do calibration first? And how long does it take to scan the object? Usually within 10 minutes Does it takes 10 minutes to scan that plastic board? No, this one is just a calibration board. We will choose another object to scan later Go find one model for scanning Why don’t we go downstairs to see other stuff first and then come back? Okay We will come back later Thank you for showing me, we will come back Why don’t you prepare first? Now we are going to see how the printers are being assembled. So come with me Is this just a warehouse? Yes This is the warehouse For their material And I see tons of filaments at the back. Do you guys sell that too? Right Look at the filament at the back What are those workers doing in there? They are in charge of testing the circuit boards Ok, and let’s take a look in here Hello, what are you doing? I am filming your company today What are you up to? Please hold my camera for a second. Thank you He is in charge of quality control QC? Ok, he is in charge of the quality control Are you the guy who is testing all the machine’s quality? I test some of the materials He has a multi-meter here. I thought they would do testing in a bigger room Control box I have watched some of the videos from Creality’s channel about how you assemble the control box before But it is better to witness how you guys do things here I really want to show people the workers behind the scene. Because a lot of people know the product but not the people It is my pleasure to show people how the company do business and all the employees here Cool Thank you so much Hello, everybody! Are they assembling these? Don’t panic, I am just trying to shoot some videos here Your products are very popular in the West, so today I am going to show them what’s behind the scene Lets try to snap a shot Don’t mind me, keep doing what you do Hold my camera Try to point the camera to me Focus on the showing image, make sure your worker and I are in there I am going to film her, and you film us I want to know what you are working on I am cutting the boards How many do you need to cut in a day? Hundreds Wow, hundreds of them. Do you cut them manually? Right You see they are all women in here doing assembling and cutting boards And do you have to cut hundreds of boards a day? Yup All female workers here, just like I saw in your videos What is the acceptance rate here? There are no failures? Sorry I can’t hear you So 98% of them are good? Yes Take a closer look At least they got the fan here. Now is autumn, so I think they are ok These girls are amazing Look at the boards here I could never have done that. What is this little machine here? It’s for testing stepper motor drivers All female workers no male workers in this circuit board room Wait, there is one male worker here Let me interview the only male workers in this room Who cuts quicker? You or the other girls?

He cuts the same amount like you guys right? Wait, there is another male worker here, How did I overlook you? Actually two male workers here in total Now he is doing some soldering work Comparing to my soldering skill, I think they are much better. Fantastic His soldering skill is so much better. Actually I really want to try soldering here But I am sure if I do that, your board would definitely fail to meet the standard Now let’s move on and go inside Wow, look, this is where they assemble all the 3D printers. There are tons of 3D printers Hello, hello! Hello, what are you working on here? Sorry, what? I am making accessories Are you assembling the threaded rod? Smooth rod There are so many screws over there Hi, I am coming down with your boss to see if you are being lazy. Just joking. We are filming the production line here To show the foreign audiences the workflow in here What is that? The motherboard Oh, the boards they were testing and making in the other room Yes And they even do the packing in there? No, these comes straight from the warehouse and then we will put them in the 3D printers later We only use these motherboards from the warehouse for 3D printers What abut the room next to you? But the room testing the circuit board doesn’t do the packing, only testing? Yes Did you 3D print the angry bird ? Yes And this is their toolbox I think Looks like they are very professional What is he doing? There is a bench grinder here Yes, we use it to grind things What do you need to grind? For examples, we need to grind the smooth rod to make it shorter Ok I didn’t know you have white case for your 3d printers I thought there are other factories that manufacture the case for you I didn’t know you make them here No, we don’t make them here. We asked other factories to manufacture them Let’s go, I see more stuff there I guess the assembly line and production line are all on this floor You only see the tip of the iceberg So many female workers. I think more than half of your employees are female Hello, what are you working on? I am here to film how you guys do things, I am curious Ah I see. You are assembling the nozzle I think the orange bottle is CA glue? Let me get one and take a closer look Not bad Now let’s go back to the showroom. The scanner has to wait a while so we are going back to check it out Hi, how’s the scanner going? Let me see I just finished scanning the object. Let me restart So we are back here and he just finished scanning one model and now he is trying to scan it again This is teeth I think. Is that teeth? Right How long does it take to scan that? The whole process takes more than 10 minutes

About 10 minutes? Actually I only need to know the time. I don’t need to watch the whole process It takes about 10 minutes to scan the teeth? Aside from touching up in the program? Yes Let’s go to your office