Orientation & Training Pinoy Recruiters

are you honest hard-working and possess a good attitude are you capable and willing to learn something new and challenging then we may have the perfect job for you hello my name is Tracy Davison CEO and founder of pinoys cruisers I have hired trained and employed Filipinos for years now Tracy is the best loss jay-z is the best boss work for Tracy Davison for four years is the best boss ever thanks guys we are hiring thousands of new employees during our final phase of development happening right now you see I’m a network marketing millionaire and I have built a global team into the hundreds of thousands a team in dire need of services that I provide a team so large that I can’t possibly service them all by myself that’s where you come in if we hire you to be a part of our service company you will be trained to assist in one of the largest expansions of a global organization with in recorded history at the completion of this final hiring you may find yourself working for one of the largest employers and all of the Philippines you may find yourself Ernie the highest pay within your community while enjoying the respect and admiration those around you for doing a good job let me ask you a serious question do you enjoy being online do you enjoy using social media well then you’re going to love your job we are hiring agents to work on one some of our agents started out net shops and within weeks earned enough to purchase computer and now work from home now don’t confuse this with a home-based business we will come up with a work schedule for you to work at least 10 hours a week and this is a job so we expect you to work as scheduled within our application process we’re going to put you through a simple test to see if you have the minimum skills to hire you to be one of our agents if you’re already a Facebook user and you should be able to pass this test less than an hour here put our recruiters we offer you both full-time and part-time work schedules very high pay rapid advancement opportunities ongoing training and support and a full array of benefits to meet the needs of you and your family if that sounds good I suggest you applied today this may be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship apply today you okay so our battalions pinoy recruiters

to explain on the Commission campano your own commission on three levels okay first into this ksenia the company’s name is spinny recruiters and we have our products and services for five hundred dollars which is twenty thousand pesos two hundred fifty dollars 10,000 pesos one hundred dollars four thousand pesos fifty dollars two thousand pesos okay so we have three levels first the agents okay cool asian guy you will get a ten percent commission okay ten percent commission which means ten percent of 20,000 is two thousand ten percent of 10,000 is one thousand ten percent of four thousand is 400 hung gaan dit oh okay a Chaka if you’re going to be working with us part time as agent at twenty thousand pesos weekly young ten percent men is 2,000 full-time 40,000 incognito mode that’s 4,000 only okay so that’s the agent for ten percent commission the second level is the leader at all the leader will have a fifteen percent commission 20,000 times fifteen percent is 3000 conn-young at ocean production services not na teba so phony are in exile cannon 10000 * fifteen percent is 15 and so on and so forth okay say for example not weekly production gong full-time at forty thousand pesos so automatically young fifteen percent now forty thousand pesos is 6000 pero as leader you will enjoy the weekly over rights okay you overrides is like for example a canary meron kang five agents five agents work by three of them per unit Liu lang yung LA Couronne um twenty thousand pesos reproduction automatically meron kang 3,000 cikini tanilla I see my percentage Corinne dhoni de bah so in addition to your weekly production + weekly overrides at the young nine thousand total pay as leader for fifteen percent commission is 9000 okay and the second the third level is the director at all the red bar is twenty-five percent measurement estas so I encourage every each and every one of you to work hard work fast occurred para magkaroon canal twenty five percent commission as director ok so it’s malahide la gente twenty-five percent of 20,000 is 5,000 imagine more in one day alone you can earn five thousand forget on CL SMO 25% of 10,000 is 25 2500 and so on and so forth Malaga diba compared to an agent alone so your weekly production say for example full I’m as director at 40,000 twenty-five percent is 10,000 malaka one day pearl onion if if say for example major my beliefs beliefs c’mon trabajo you can earn 40,000 in a day Bahama hard LOL hop

on five hundred anyway to continue I said the rector Marin cutting chance to end a weekly override or to enjoy the weekly overrides for example 15 and young agent below you as director you have 15 ok pero yung mainland Jana kelowna production at 20,000 so with that meron kang 18,000 right Marin tankini toscani ligase a second director nila so in addition to your weekly Maricopa override weekly 28,000 that’s one week alone isn’t that the big amount of money a big help for the family so again method to time level agent leader and director so Congress on your mug indirect or you have to work hard work fast as you could as a copy paste copy paste and I’m entire so as agent you will have a recruiting bonus 80 200 200 for people that you that you invited to work with us humana Tony ino nom al trabajo amen not opposition briefing young training h aha ido not oppose on 10 ours facebook marketing marin car meron kang 200 pesos okay and um currently palla before i forgot we were currently hiring 100 directors 1,000 liters and 10,000 agents massive hiding Thailand so if in case hindi nope and I ain’t Indiana toe or metal metal Arriba just I tried to shoot Michelle a p.m. or Tracy maybe or maybe me you can try to message me in facebook ok so that’s how our pinoy recruiters commission worksheet I mean sorry pinoy recruiters commissioned works ok thank you so much and blessed day to everyone you okay i will be explaining to you the binoculars commission worksheet okie Catania this is the full name this is the mobile your mobile number your facebook your skype and your email from January up to jun 18 or this way kiss week 25 so every week it varies so next week is week 26 okay this box here is total ours were young one week work hours no infinity recruiter say then I don’t get how many hours will you work with us along auras sbisa beans ahind 15 hours okay leggett me jan 15 hours and then currently cassie bug up a lung you’re into ten percent commission as Acting Asian Vito melon time ki not wanna five percent the ba ba ba yung percentage commission mo if you’re not working well but ask on acting leader cut fifteen percent acting director is

twenty-five percent qualified gas acting leader at fifteen percent to marin canal monica on the recruit who works under you like see a doctor trabajo ceylon on cotyledon tina trabajo pero echo in the greatest vanilla salmon to work with us okay so you are getting paid through your client your employee and your name of your recruit okay the recruit here could either be your client and your employee okay the client here are the people that you talk to using the MLM I’m sorry using the facebook marketing tools or steps which I will be explaining on the next video say for example name on the client is tom tom is interested you talk to Tom you fill this out phone facebook skype and an email at cha Chi Yong date theories don’t million cocoon in tiny shell or Chi Tracy okay new information and young biood don’t answer i needa say for example jun 15 sháá like interesado not buy them then shot during 15 okay you have to put the date the bad Shannon 10,000 worth of services from us automatically ten percent of 10,000 is 1,000 pesos makikita mo engine and another prospect or client begin client will not see Robert they gave me information in orbit chan now closed young deal jun 18 allah gave me and john i had shown on 20,000 words of services from us ok automatically ten percent of 20,000 is 2000 with makikita mo dito and you can also see it here detailed details at us well done lad miss Whelan cooling so you’re young Bob you neva by diamond say no naka program night I told you no one miss money Tracy for you so it would be easy but now McDaniel to measure on your right then and there I am a maritime penal recruiters Commission worksheet well I young gagawin dito this one here but this one here you have to fill that out Ethel and this one here okay everything you name of employee as I’ve said earlier I those friends that you recruited to work with us who you recruited you to work like you do ill again new information dito your skype is optional better you’ll email i’m sure my my email Scylla okay you name of recruit obviously if palm is not sign up with penny matrix little Yin is a sign up nothing shot and he will have his penny matrix username p.m stands for penny matrix so Allah gave me a new information nee Tom or Robert dito young p.m. username you can ask that to Tracy Michelle or Tommy himself ok may more boxes and jan mayen not scale so that’s how do your worksheet works visit us sababa chromakey kita and yo marant i own activity key which is coded red for the actor schedule and work is yellow now a 24-hour style smle bjarne goose montebello gabay okay you better man ohmahgah so not 24 hours time military hours 24 one here is one am 24 here is 12 midnight so half point at 1pm is 13 hours ok secunia rate even on kita anong Ora’s bassam al trabajo in a week and you said ah i would like to work ten in the morning from monday to friday so we have to highlight that with red hanggang 2pm 800 p.m. I am Obama goon break aoyama-kun break so ill again and attend the resurrection highlight it with dread and this one here ok Dylan ok towelette do you want to work with eczema trabajo no weekends have a moussaka and I oh I say you have a lot of things to do in a weekend ok weekend it’s okay if you don’t want to work ok lang yan kung

gusto mo Wren mug work sabihin Ellen’s happen on training ok at all in between ten in the morning to 11 metal space channel mmmm space in between the hours of the day jean-marie Lila guy cohen on ginawa mo non lunesta umaga between 10am 11am say for example not facebook marketing Casilla gave me and Jan facebook marketing go on depending on you know go one would one okay you have to highlight that with yellow again as per instruction young other coordinating is thread for schedule work is yellow at the Omaha TVP key getting trained promoting job interviewing hunger dito para and basahin uma booty una holiday uncommon among ganado aside from this here on top Illidan yalong at least another lemon I think one genome amo ok so this is a layer for melanoma questions they don’t wedding Palatine your schedule reading on Palatine you just have to inform Michel desk or you can just pass yung bago work Shapiro please what young fella Wendy todito wall new ito it happy place into a different sheet can say well Anna indian hot program on week 26 palette Angela young luma na information a tokina pasa 802 on tiny shell in this a pen so I’ll and follow instructions okay fill this up a couple A&P able to before I forgot say for example pill ananka tamo aqui em casa Minihane Walla you kuya column so un panel ni kuya in my money sister or whoever iligan yo dito boom kanino 80mm gotta meet anymore for us to transfer your salary or your funds ok so I think this is clear already let me know if you have questions PM me or whatsoever thank you so much and good luck sure you did I wanna show you you you