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speakers and presenters kevin is a Miami native there was any down here still a freelance journalist for the toastmaster magazine and his president center blog was intercepted front center center okay to make this bigger price Kevin attended the University of Florida and lives and works in delray beach please join me in welcoming the presentation and happy to be here speaking and cheering some ideas last year we’ve come a long way got some exciting topics on this subject and presentation trends I show hands how many of you within 12 the past 12 months step given a presentation in one way or another 11 days well very good and nothing normal dude okay I want to ask a simple question would you rather go to a business meeting or to the theater put their cabin a turn the bottle manner all right yeah there you go my dinner with their captivating performances the theater would be anyone’s choice look around with the sad fact of the vast majority of business presentations are drawing boring ignominious they put audiences to sleep but it doesn’t have to be that way with a combination of cutting edge technology and polish delivery it’s easy to create a presentation that has all the elements of the best Broadway shows it’s a fact that the more dynamic your presentation the more impact you will have with your audience now studies have shown that people remember twenty percent of what they hear and thirty percent of what they see but fifty percent of what they hear and see in combination god are those old days of the flip charts the overheads of the slide projectors today’s modern presenter uses computer-based presentations to give them the sharpest edge now albums were just 20 years old PowerPoint has become ubiquitous and everywhere for giving presentations and just like people used to say i need a xerox when they really need a photocopy you have a lot of corporate people yelling out I need a PowerPoint when they really need a PowerPoint presentation and we’ve all heard that statistic that says people use only and percent of their brain power right members group they don’t get better not nothing there’s a fact that there’s only a small fraction of the power power point that people actually use this talk today is not much about PowerPoint it is about some of the emerging trends in the industry about what’s going on with presentation I’ve got a whole lot of other programs that we can talk about in future program future programs at different work groups and different seminars different organizations I welcome the chance but for debt today we’re going to talk about some presentation trends and technologies I’d like to say if you can dream it you can do it this is really the the only limiting factor is our mind in creating presentations these days it’s all possible it’s all very exciting so what is going on in the world of presentations and as we said flip charts and overheads are gone webinars and online presentations are the newest and hottest topic there are a few years old has anyone participated in the webinar you’re shaking your hand you do conduct them do to anyone do webinars professionally so you know that that these days of gather one gathering for a conference for a seminar aren’t as Providence and even the travel market the business market is down because people are saying let me just bring my presentation online putting it on center stage what’s going on they’re going to start and become more involved more engaging they’re going to have three dimensional avatars you’re gonna be able to virtually connect with other people not just seeing a one-way conversation with yourself and the audience you’re going to actually start to have webinars we actually able to view and connect with the other people out there it can be very exciting however I’ve come up with the term of a webcast away and webcast way I think are people who are saying enough of the virtual world as the economy starts picking up experts are saying that people will start returning to the world of real presentation you’ll start to see more people saying hey I want to go to this conference because there is no substitute for a real connection where you get the mentoring the strategies the Cobbers of the friendship of real conference I’ve heard a lot of people have come back on their budgets and they’re also starting to see the results of cutting back on their budgets for travel and they’re saying we really want the real conferences that we were doing another

trend that we’re starting to see it’s called the 16 by 9 aspect ratio and that is a wide screen presentation and I thought we were going to have a wide screen projector and I had our bottom by my presentation tier 4 4 by 3 but 16 by 9 is really starting to take off you’re starting to see more widescreen presentations all the laptops that are sold today or wide screen and it flows easier on the eye the brain is able to digest information a little bit easier when you get a 16-byte online presentation so you’re going to start seeing more of that or widescreen projectors and strings people are starting to present other smartphones don’t need to say hey look at this online look at it right here on a little smartphone and these by the way are also 16 by 9 the widescreen aspect ratio another hot tool anyone have an iPad I look at a few people i think the ipad is the perfect presentation product just over a year old Apple oh I’m have is transformed the way the world presents and can help you close more sales wind new clients that is a presentation tool in your hands and so this is just if you’ve got something to say or share this is a rim of wonderful to show and it also presents an information that you are on the cutting edge of technology at the same time people are using cloud where I where is software that is not even on your on your laptop remember the days where we all have to trade files by this will be burned the CD for you and give the presentation to you wanna this basically when collaborator is a saying I don’t have to give you the file you can just go on the website and see it let me upload it to go daddy’s final site or maybe I’ll just upload the presentation as a video you can go to Google Docs and download so it’s no longer the need to transfer files via email it’s all just virtually out there another couple of tools slideRocket and pressing these are two new presentation technologies that are out there and slide rockin when I spoke with the topic executive there I said this is working with PowerPoint you said no this has been to crush our point the idea here is that it’s basically a substitute for PowerPoint you can create presentations with amazing quality and effects just on our website simply called prezi com and slideRocket also social media everyone is the big hot topic you don’t longer need to just say go here’s my powerpoint you can upload your powerpoint share it on facebook on linkedin twitter SlideShare is a whole system like youtube for uploading your presentation so people can see your content it’s out there and the whole world is your stage now to present just through social media one thing as kids as people we are all captivated by movements you can start seeing a lot more presentations that have animation that had a lot more exciting effects because we don’t need to be limited by static slide anymore the technology on computers has evolved we’re able to have animation at the same time we don’t want to go overboard with presentation animation videos are going to start to see for video intros even if it’s done then to be a part of the presentation you’re going to start seeing conference rooms where you start showing up you’re going to have motion backgrounds motion with a parking video back of a of a presentation background and this was just showing up on the screen as people were assembling for a training session with two puse by God are the old days of clip art what you’re going to start seeing now a real photographs real clipped images not even photos with backgrounds it’s going to be just a transparent image edge right there real real images so getting away from the illustration type of foot mark that’s not to say that illustration is dead you’re still going to see a lot of high-tech 3d illustrations little avatars real actual icons high graphics this little guy from digi if from cox cable his name is digi and he was really an avatar that helped on the story people still like cartoons and I caused a really great ways of helping convey a story of what’s going on it could relate to cartoon characters if you have a complex concept of presentation at the little heart conveyance or bullet points maybe one a little little icon so you can start seeing these icons born at the same time people love reality and with the prevalence of phones and cameras everyone is taking photos other stuff we don’t need to tell as many stories as much as we can show what’s going on in one real example I was on a flight to San Francisco a year ago and i sat next to this little baby boy who was just six weeks old and it was just so so amazing that this little kid was right here and

I took a photo with a mom and I where we’re just chatting it is it’s just amazing to think how far we’ve come in just 20 years and how far we will be with this when this little one is really anything on the wing or what yeah when you’re standing on the wing in the window in that picture yeah totally does yes chef Griffin power it’s a bad girl existing next week where is what just became part of your prisoner yes we cannot take that for me a new as a day of the windows discounted finish yes yes I’m gonna check for that really fun to take credit for tonight moving on from from the wingman photo darker date the darker days are over a few years ago people were using darker backgrounds lighter text in gave a feeling of conservatism of quality but the main thing is that a lot of the projectors that were out a few years ago these were the better high-end projectors that can project this image a lot better darker backgrounds lighter text and so what people are starting to do now they’re saying that technology has improved to the point where we want lighter backgrounds bright and bold as people are becoming more relaxed and less uptight with their fashion were adapting to a lighter background and were able to open up windows you’re not starting to see as many dark conference rooms as much effort as much people are writing while there while they’re presenting and so lighter backgrounds are the in thing these days bullets the next big thing the end of bullet points some people still think that they need to put their whole message up on the screen but bullets are biting the dust I’m gonna have a few things you’re shorter is better take it from someone who’s five foot four I think that shorter is better than I hey concepts like Twitter where you’ve only got 140 characters to send out your message this is going to start training the way that people are presenting their information in presentation slides hopefully just get to the point exactly exactly you don’t need to have all your bullets on one page span your message across multiple pages and we’re going to show you a few examples consolidate your graphics span them across pages if there’s text that you can say in the fewer words consolidated say it with graphics if you have a lot of stuff spam across pages here here’s an example this is a slide from office depot how we do it on sidebar so super super so office depot we work with them a lot in the past till they laid off everyone that I used to work with and this slide I said guys we got a lot a lot of opportunities with this slide now my lava is great no ANS can I want to get it definitely I said well first of all what they got going on here a lot of people still do this they see a presentation as the document projected on screen there’s a big difference between documents and presentations so what we’re saying here they got their mission their vision and the three strategic objectives and the main way that we went to work with this is to say for a small let’s cut out this this typeface changes times roman font into something a little cleaner like an Arial font it reads well when it’s printed but not well when its projected so three cups mission vision street let’s say let’s go with their mission on one slide that was a big prominent graphic let’s go with their vision on the second slide and then we took their three strategic objectives and spans that book across one page each one of them with a graphic so you can see how much more graphical it is you don’t need to spend five minutes on one slide now you can spend a minute and a half on each line or one good if you move through and the audience’s attention is retained a lot better here’s another example there though shows were down there tardies were down there satisfaction was way up how can we say this better or graphically and the way we do that is with graphics no shows down so you got some empty chairs parties down so you show a clock a patient satisfaction up people remember concepts with images and you’re starting to see a lot more graphics and presentations or its least something

that we’re striving to do more Willie jolly great motivational speaker willy is on this slide no less than four times one two three there’s another build another one so we said Willie you’re good but you don’t need to do this many you can actually here’s what’s going on you got seven different topics going on you got Willie one two and three flasks is quote diller fellows quote this topkapi ER and this one down there seven items on one slide it’s a lot of the brain to take in so we said let’s clean this up and the way we do this is a simple title slide for Willie with William jolly down to the bottom it’s a very colorful background because will is a colorful guy and then we said well here’s what Gladys Knight had to say and here is what Gilbert they’ll have to say and what is still I think in people finds is a level of conservatism that we were going to run out of money we’re going to run out of space in or slide carousels we don’t really want to have that many slides what really is up as a whole unlimited number of slides that you can have it in a presentation and is bandwidth increases we don’t even need to be concerned as much about the amount of space that it’s taking so in that knee there’s one of our latest slides one of our latest slides and this is this is fun because you’re going to see an evolution of how some concepts Kim can really help everybody to improve their presentations we’ve all seen slides like this writing just a lot of text on screen how employers are overcharged and what we did for this workers comp company is basically just say let’s go with a lighter background and then we’re going to take these concepts and put that into what’s called smart aren’t so the employers overcharged I’m premium audit the experience modification factor directors mismanage the employee injuries are not managed and what’s going on here it’s better it’s still not great because they’re still in my opinion a lot of text and I think the key thing is presenters and speakers that we all should be working for is minimalism is you I where all the speakers how to say this with fewer words and so what’s going on here what I noticed is how employers are overcharged and says employees are overcharged on premium on it you’re saying almost the same thing so what I did here is to say let’s find this a little bit better and basically just saying premium onic experience modification factor and mismanaged employee injuries here’s the previous slide you see what’s a so it’s just a little consolidation of the text date there were presentations I did that were somewhat complex and sometimes I felt that I had to use the slides as my own crib sheets and I that if I made them too simplified I might not remember a couple or what they were wanting me to talk about and I didn’t want to read so how do you find balance between really simplifying the image but still making sure that as a speaker you remind you what you want to cover or is that just a proper eight for a better preparation raised voice in what could I tell if I’m going like Obama telefunken okay what i’m doing here is I’ve got a presentation I’m not right over here i’m using an annual screen setup and the dual screen setup allows me to look at this presentation with notes on this side here that allows presentation to show one thing with my notes over here but there’s no substitute for practice practice practice practice so it really should not be a crib sheet as speakers we’ve all should be knowing our content and speaking to it not reading it so but with a dual screen setup we can show you how to do that other time reach into your articles that this will allow me to preview the slides that are coming up this works like a teleprompter basically here’s a here’s that that one slide did that answer the question so something pretty budget is that it’s one thing to hear the same presentation over and over to get good at it when you have to condense a lot of complex information to present once and you only have a few days to put it together and you’re never going to do it again it really becomes a lot of material to memorize the presentation that’s all good I mean your eye is the design i have the same problem I’m 69 a short-term memory it’s gone you coming I designed these things all the time you just need you’re both right he’s right and you’re right the text that you need can just be small and at the bottom I was ways to do and then looking at make the middle in addition for any idea what a lot of mary says work happily trying to get off but you’re nobody’s gonna read that who’s in the tank but i can use it right and this is where you’re gonna go you’ll beat the people down more information all with government must be there you can a few more slides that will open it up for questions this one’s live look fat what we’re saying here how employers are overcharged and this may be adequate for some folks but what I’m saying here I think the three images are competing I think they’re

good but at the same time I said and let’s go with one general concept of how the employers are overcharged big title this main point of ultra overcharges is more prominent and now we’ve got our 3p bullet points out there on set against the third light background this was done Photoshop with some of the facts in PowerPoint you can even do the same thing just directly employed so it’s getting that key concept across that you as a speaker would be addressing ok here’s another trend that I think is happening that I don’t think is very good that people are just saying I don’t really care i just need to take the stage and i’m just going to put by text up there no matter how important it is it’s really more about the discussion and you got multi-million dollar companies that are going out with presentations like this these days because they don’t really think that they’re imagism is as important or another trend that I start the sea Wow powerpoint 2007 and 2010 makes it really easy for me to create great presentations with all kinds of effects and i can put my phone is in there anybody doesn’t need to spend money on an outside expert because anybody can do powerpoint these days and i will do it myself or give it to an assistant or I felt some really good graphics on the internet that can make match with the photo so I can show it off the boss to create and showcase my creativity and I really need to don’t need to pay the app outside expert because I can really create some great presentation they get my point across that we strategically hope aesthetic and what are we stay into the key objectives the corporate ROI of a low-hanging fruit and love let’s are low-hanging fruit so this is anyone can relate to this you know that this is what’s sad to say it’s happening not just in my industry but a lot of other industries that people with cameras don’t think that they need to hire a professional photographer video folks are being cut out and if you got the budget hire a professional to do the job that professionals to do another trend that we’re starting to see micro projectors atar of battery operator projectors that will fit in the palm of your hands they are led driven and you don’t even need to have a computer because they’ll take a little chip of memory stick plug right in and show your cousins getting a right front of it high-definition projectors are coming out flat screen plasma TVs are coming rrr already there then again you don’t even need a computer to plug in I’ve got an old the old style here that brought my computer along but you can show your presentation right on a USB memory stick and one great presentation trend that’s still out there is that people are still afraid to present almost more so now because people are hiding behind their computers and say here’s what’s going up but still one of the greatest fears out there is my friend woman sweet a problem speaking exactly thankfully there are groups out there that can help like Toastmasters on a second generation postmasburg both my parents were involved and if you ever need help they’re out there with the similar missions although Donna’s philanthropic is rotary and so many other trends out there I want to just take a personal message of thanks to rotary because although I’m not a member the group has been important to me since I was a kid I remember when I was hospitalized for a bronchial asthma lung collapse and woke up in the hospital and guarantees there were these clowns there were these clowns and they were all around me in the ICU unit and they had this little wheel rounded and I was all of my life I’ve seen this wheel and I never really understood what it meant until a year ago when i went to my first rotary meeting and it clicked that here these guys were making me so happy as a little six-year-old kid nearly lost my life and so you guys have really been a lot to me over the years so thank you that’s that’s basically just some of the trends that you’re seeing in presentations it’s been an honor to speak with you I welcome the chance to chat with you a little bit offline or over dinner and speak about some opportunities times are a little challenging right now I welcome the chance if you know anyone who could use a presentation or some help even in marketing I welcome the chance to chat with you thanks for having me and I look forward to talking again