Virus and Going Viral / English Addict 47 LIVE Lesson / Wed 4th March 2020 / Panic Words and Phrases

hmm some good advice there here we go again oh yes we are back everyone hmm if you like learning English if you are a big fan of the English language you are in the right place welcome to another English addict live from the birthplace of English which just happens to be England hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy are you really happy how are you feeling what a strange period of time to be living through I think a hundred years from now people will be talking about this particular period of time and they will be saying things like what the hell was going on here we are once again we have made it into March and we are here together again to learn a little bit of English and I and with you once more yes I am with you three times a week by the way you can catch me on Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK time is when I’m on so I hope you are feeling good I know that things in the world at the moment are a little strange however here is something to cheer you up here is the view in my garden at the moment so earlier there were lots of birds feeding in my garden but now of course they’ve gone because I’ve started my livestream this always happens by the way I’ve noticed this whenever I turn my camera on the birds vanish I don’t know why it’s almost as if they know they are being filmed so there it is outside the

live view I hope later on there will be more birds we had the woodpecker this morning the woodpecker actually came to feed from the bird feeder so I was very excited about that however there is no woodpecker there at the moment here is another view outside just to give you an idea of what the weather is like today you can see it’s a little bit wet we have a wet day here in the UK lots of rain and it is quite cold many people staying in today well unless of course they have to go to work however most people are going about their business as usual however things might change those moments of normality might suddenly change over the next few days I suppose the best advice I can give at the moment I suppose the best advice I can give is don’t panic don’t panic anyone don’t panic don’t please calm down don’t panic everyone let’s just stay calm talking of which we are talking about the word panic today because it would appear that a lot of people are becoming a little bit worried about you know what you know what I’m talking about that thing that apparently is causing a lot of chaos around the world I know I’m being a little jokey about it but let’s face it it is a very strange period of time to be living in I must be honest with you it is a very strange time to be living in so we have you know what a lot of people are talking about this at the moment a lot of fear a lot of anxiety and of course the media are getting involved now by telling people all sorts of information some of the information is very misleading leading of course and causing more panic so what do you think how are things where you are here in the UK we are trying to stay calm over the coronavirus however at the moment there is a lot of misinformation information that is being given out that isn’t strictly true so the only piece of information that probably we need to know at the moment is to stay clean to keep your hands nice and clean so that is one of the best ways of protecting yourself against you know what so hello to everyone nice to see you here today and guess what we have made it we have almost made it to the middle of the week yes it’s Wednesday mmm a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment no one really knows what is going to happen next however I know what is going to happen next here on the live chat because here we go again hello to everyone on the live chat a big special hello to Vitesse hello Vitas nice to see you here today guess what you are first on today’s live chat congratulations apparently in certain countries there is a shortage or it is being reported that there is a shortage of this apparently in some countries Japan has been mentioned and also Australia was mentioned this morning as well apparently people are rushing to the supermarkets and they are buying lots oh this I don’t know why but apparently this is on the list of things that you need if the coronavirus becomes much worse so I’m not sure why toilet paper is the most important thing or one of the most

important things because there are other things you can use is well beside this I suppose you could use kitchen paper so maybe you could get some kitchen rolls instead and use those in fact I think in some cases maybe using kitchen paper instead of this might be better you could also use newspaper as well you could buy your daily newspaper and then later on you can reuse it as toilet paper so a very strange period of time is occurring what do you think how do you feel about it do you feel worried do you feel concerned about what is happening or maybe you are not worried at all of course there are many theories as to how the coronavirus started however many scientists many researchers and experts seem to think that this is where the coronavirus started now we are pretty sure that it started in China however this is where the coronavirus is supposed to have come from do you recognize this animal it is a Pangolin and apparently in China this particular animal is delicacy it is eaten in China and apparently they suspect that this is where the transmission of the corona virus occurred so it’s happened in China in Wuhan and this apparently is supposed to be the animal where it came from how it was transmitted from animal to human still remains slightly mysterious I think it’s safe to say that there are many people who don’t know what is happening at the moment with the corona virus however they seem to suspect that this particular animal is responsible for it nothing surprises me anymore do you remember in the past we used to get very shocked by things things used to make us feel very surprised nowadays we seem to get angry over things we always seem to be in a constant state of outrage however in the past things used to genuinely shocked us we used to be shocked by things these days it is so hard to be surprised by anything that happens do you feel the same way as me I wonder these days it is very hard to be surprised by anything that happens anything don’t forget whatever you do don’t panic don’t panic hello everyone its English addict with myself mr. Duncan is my name by the way for those wondering who the hell is that strange weird man on my computer monitor at the moment my name is Duncan and I teach English and I have been doing it for a very long time in fact I think one day I will actually forget how long I’ve been doing this for because I’ve been doing it for so long so maybe when I’m another 10 years older and my brain begins to fade my memories begin to slip away perhaps I will forget how long I’ve been doing this for it’s a long time anyway hello to the live chat hello all so – laughs a nice to see you here today I’m just I am adjusting my controls I don’t know why they seem to be very far away sweetness hello sweetness nice to see you here today also black catcher nice to see you here today sweetness says hello there happy Wednesday how are you dear mr. Duncan I hope you are doing well I’m okay I can’t complain I will be honest with you christina is here the situation is not getting better how long will it last I am so worried about it well can I just say you can stay calm at the moment because you have something nice to watch however I suppose today’s live stream where will not take your mind of what is happening in the world because I’m going to talk about viruses words connected to

virus and also the way in which that word can be used and what does it mean when something goes viral what does it mean also we’re talking about words connected with panic panic what does it mean how how can express the feeling of panic also I thought it would be interesting to talk about something else this is one of my philosophies of life so this is one of them one of the things I always like to do every day I always like to learn something new I make it a rule to tell myself that every day I have to learn something new one new piece of information however it doesn’t have to be one it can be more than one however I always say that it is good to learn new things every day so a good question to ask before we get into the unpleasant stuff what did you learn today have you learned anything today so far now it doesn’t have to be connected to my lessons it can be anything have you learned something today that you didn’t know yesterday so not just my lessons but anything in life did you find out something what did you learn today maybe a new piece of information maybe something new that you’ve discovered maybe a fact that you weren’t aware of or maybe something you didn’t know about yourself so I always tell myself to learn something new every day whatever it is because then your brain will stay active and I always believe that learning new things is a great way of keeping your brain active and also fresh so once again I will ask you what did you learn today did you learn something new today something interesting maybe a new fact or maybe a little bit of news that you didn’t know about maybe your neighbor told you about something maybe they gave you some information you didn’t know so what did you learn today did you learn something new today and if so what is it mog mog is he Hiroko hello Hiroko nice to see you here Oh pal Mira is here as well nice to see you as well nice to see you here pal Mira sweetness says I hope you are all doing well we are okay but don’t forget if you are feeling a little unwell under the weather maybe check with your doctor or perhaps even stay indoors a new phrase that people are using at the moment self isolation it’s almost become a buzzword over the past few days so people now are talking about self isolation so what you do is you stay at home you avoid contact with other people we call it self isolation to be isolated means to be away and also distant from other people there is no one nearby hello LAN new in hello teacher and everyone from Vietnam yes I know I have a lot of people many people now watching in Vietnam can I say a special hello to everyone watching in Viet now I know I have a lot of people watching me right now thank you also to Alex D a well-known English teacher in Vietnam who has been talking about my lessons thank you very much hello also Irene Luis Mendez is here as well Marina oh hello – marina how are you today thank you very much you might notice that my voice sounds a little dry today for two reasons one it’s very hot in the studio and also I forgot to bring my water so I haven’t got my water here in the studio so at some point I’m going to have to go outside and get my water which is over there hello Belarus ear I think your hands are quite clean

already stop washing them the skin will be damaged well I suppose you don’t have to wash your hands all the time however after you’ve been in close contact with someone or maybe if you’ve been to the toilets but then I suppose you should be doing that anyway you should be washing your hands after you go to the toilet that is obvious very obvious hello are there any loo rolls yes here we go apparently there is a shortage of toilet paper in Japan and also in Australia apparently I don’t know how true it is but apparently there is a shortage however however we can also call this loo roll as well loo roll or toilet paper excuse me can I just disappear over there I’m going to get my water because I forgot to bring it I’ll be back in a moment whilst you’re waiting here are the birds would you like to have a look at the birds oh my goodness look there are so many birds on the bird feeder of course the only problem is if I go out of the room I will actually disturb the birds so then the birds will fly away so you can see there are lots of birds we have green finches also gold finches can you see the little birds with the red faces they are called gold finches gold finches so now I’m going to disturb the birds by walking past the window so see if you can see see if you can spot the moment when I go past the window you will see all the birds fly away so I will be back in a moment I think I can’t find my water I don’t know where my water has gone how strange I seem to have lost my water has anyone seen my water hmm so did you spot the moment when I went past the window and all of birds flew away yes they did okay I’m back now sorry about that my throat is a little bit dry today because I’ve been doing so much talking this week for various reasons which I won’t go into but I have been chatting a lot this week so hello to the live chat once again we are talking about viruses pachu says what is the status of the corona virus or as many people are calling it now covered 19 here in the UK I think there are 50 people now affected directly by corona virus 50 which does it seem very many when you think about it however the big worry and this is the reason why people are worried is not the number that are infected now but what will happen later as those people who have been affected but don’t realize it come into contact with other people so you can see that is the danger that so the real worry here is people coming into contact with other people who are infected with the corona virus but they don’t realize it so I think that’s the big problem here yes it’s rainy today we’ve had a lot of rain it does not feel like winter and it certainly doesn’t feel like early spring to be honest Marina says it’s so hard with coffered 19 but you are right to joke about it a bit yes we have to find some some light moment it’s from all the misery you are right and not only that if you thought that was bad enough guess what guess who’s back yes Crocodile Dundee is coming back Paul Hogan is coming back to our big screen

as Crocodile Dundee Crocodile Dundee is back oh hang on a second no that’s not Crocodile Dundee that’s an old leather sofa that’s a piece of old leather covering a sofa no that is Crocodile Dundee he’s back everyone although to be honest with you I can’t tell the difference between him and an old leather sofa yes just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder Crocodile Dundee is coming back to the big screen in in a great film apparently called the very excellent mr. Dundee coming to a cinema near you does anyone actually remember Crocodile Dundee I mean come on is it the 1980s again so apparently Paul Hogan who plays Crocodile Dundee or used to in the 1980s has decided to make a new film even though he’s about I think is about 95 now but he is back in a new movie called the very excellent mr Dundee and there you can see a picture of the poster you can see also John Cleese is appearing in the movie as well apparently and also Chevie chase well-known American comedian so I cannot believe they are bringing back Crocodile Dundee what do you think do you do you really want to go out and see another Crocodile Dundee film and I suppose the big question is what will actually happen in the film because he is getting on a bit now I have a feeling that the movie will have a lot of de-aging have you heard of that nowadays if you are an old actor they can actually use computer technology to make you look young again you can look young and youthful once again so I like the sound of that to be honest so Crocodile Dundee is coming back and you thought coronavirus was bad the birds have returned in the garden for those who are wondering there they’re back now they are back you can see the Goldfinch you can see the blue tits so those are the birds right now in the garden meanwhile we have a lot of things to talk about today we are talking about well one of the things I want to talk about is panic panic and one of the things that we often think of when people panic is well first of all their behavior changes quite a lot so people start doing strange things and one of the things that people sometimes do is they start panic buying so you panic and then you start buying things because you think they are going to disappear so we say panic buying so when we describe panic buying we are saying that people become very afraid worried and upset and they go out and buy things that they think they need panic buying and the reason why people are panicking at the moment is well it’s because of the coronavirus it’s in the news it’s in the newspapers it’s on the internet people are talking about it all the time however we can also have a look at the word virus would you like to have a look here it is the word virus now this is something very technical but I will try to explain it as slowly as I can an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat it is too small to be seen by light microscopy so when we talk about microscopy we are talking about using a microscope and quite often if you use a microscope quite often you will need light also to illuminate the thing you are looking at so it is too small to be seen by light microscopy and is able to multiply only within the living cells of

a host so a virus is something that lives inside cells of a host so when we say host it means the body or where the virus actually is so the person with the virus is the host in their body it is in their body I don’t like the sound of that to be honest I don’t like the sound of that at all also we can say virus as a noun well an infection or disease caused by a virus so when we say virus it can mean the thing oh it can mean the infection or disease that is caused by a virus such as the flu virus you are naming a specific type of virus the virus also as a noun can be a harmful or corrupting influence a thing that might be harmful a thing that corrupts is a is a thing that has a bad effect or maybe is a bad influence on other things so we can use virus in that way as well you can have a computer virus I’m sure at some point in our lives we have had a computer virus I know I have many years ago when computer viruses were more common I would often get computer viruses a computer virus a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental or negative effect such as corrupting the system or destroying data so yes we can have a computer virus a virus that literally spreads from computer to computer something can also go viral as well as an adjective so it is of the nature caused by or relating to a virus all irises so when something goes viral we are expressing the nature of the thing that is spreading it has gone viral for example you can have something such as a video that is gone viral an image video or piece of information circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another so on the internet quite often things will go viral they will spread very quickly a viral ad campaign so maybe an advertisement that lots of people start talking about can also become viral a lot of people start talking about that particular thing the video went viral and was seen by millions so something that is gone viral is something that is spreading around because people are telling other people about it and let’s face it the best place to tell other people about things is the internet so we can say that something is viral widespread transmittable or is being transmitted something is contagious or catching it means the thing is going around it is spreading so we can have a viral video so a video on YouTube that is very popular and suddenly lots of people start watching it however I must be honest I can’t remember the last time I saw a viral video on YouTube when was the last time that a video on YouTube went really viral I can’t remember I don’t think YouTube has viral videos anymore do you think so I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a viral video I can’t I can’t remember at all I remember many years ago there was a guy called Tay Tay Zonday or Zay Zay tondet is that is that his name and he had a hit with a song called Chocolate Rain that is one of the first viral videos that I remember on YouTube and of course there are other

viral videos cool there’s charlie bit my finger who remembers that charlie bit my finger a very popular and well-known viral video for many years ago hello to everybody Irene is here also marina let’s spread English with mr. Duncan like a good virus yes I think that’s a good idea so of course sometimes telling other people about something or showing other people things can be good because well it has a good influence so of course something that is viral can be a good thing may be something that is offering advice can go viral something that makes a person feel happy or maybe something that reassures you can go viral and it helps lots of people so yes for all you English at ik’s out there I am here trying to make English become viral in a nice way Rolfie says apparently the Pope Pope Francisco is apparently sick as well with some sort of virus now this is something that I saw in the news a couple of days ago however this morning when I was flicking through the news on my phone I noticed that there was a story about the Pope and it said that he’s been tested for coronavirus and it came back negative so for all those worrying about the Pope the news that I received this morning was that he was actually negative for coronavirus which is good news for many people I’m sure I remember viral videos of viral videos called the cold water challenge oh yes the ice bucket challenge where people would pour ice cold water over their heads and I think it was for a charity I think it was some some sort of illness that causes damage to your nerves ALS am i right there I think so hello Umberto hello also to Anna also to pal mirror again yes there are many viral videos however these days I don’t think there are so many I don’t think there are very many viral videos these days because there are so many things now on YouTube it is very hard for one thing to stand out what do you think have you seen a viral video recently because I I don’t think I have not for a long time hello marina hello also Luis I’m not worried about coronavirus because I think that our life is like a road and when you take it all the things good or bad are waiting for you yes I suppose so and that is one of the things about life you never know what’s around the corner something good or something bad might be waiting for you so here’s a good question what did you learn today did you learn something new about the world around you or maybe something that you didn’t know before maybe a fact or a piece of information or maybe you learnt something that you didn’t know about a person or about yourself so I always try to learn something new every day even if it’s just one thing self-improvement is always a good route to take in your life that’s what I think anyway hello all so – oh hello – pachu when was the last time you watched a viral video I can’t remember the last firewall video that I watched because many years ago on YouTube they used to be lots of viral videos Tay Zonday was that his name I want to say Tay Zonday Chocolate Rain falling out of the sky do you remember that song and then there was the little baby who bit his brother’s finger charlie bit my finger and there was another one the sneezing Panda as well the little panda that sneezed that was

very popular so many years ago in the early days of YouTube because I have been on YouTube for nearly 14 years I had mentioned that today I’ve learned a few new words in English says heart Tran hello heart Tran nice to see you here today I’m teaching English talking about English hi Lee Kwang says today I learned how to write an essay about education well then I’m glad that maybe my lessons perhaps have helped you achieve that goal I hope so thank you also to Christina I learned to live every moment of life with intensity or intensely because the future is always uncertain as I always say live every day as if it’s your last because one day you’ll be right thank you very much also to Rolfie yes apparently it is true you can look it up he is sick that is the Pope but it is not coronavirus so for those who were concerned about what I said earlier apparently the Pope does not have coronavirus according to the official report so that’s all I can say about that really thank you very much for your company today nice to see you here hello also – wow so many people already appearing now so many viral videos can you remember a viral video can you remember a viral video from YouTube maybe something that you used to watch a game and again and again so I remember the Chocolate Rain song oh there was also another song as well that was very popular about five or six years ago who remembers Monday is it Monday or Friday Friday Friday Friday I always look forward to Friday it’s my day who remembers that Pham my says hello it’s the first time that I’ve seen you thank you very much Pham my nice to see you and welcome and for those who are worried about my voice don’t worry don’t worry it isn’t it isn’t I feel completely well I’m okay it’s just that my voice is a little worn out because I’ve been using it a lot hello mog mog I have learned English now in my area and I only have 15 minutes remaining until tomorrow arrives oh I see so mog mog is preparing to go into tomorrow don’t forget try to learn something new every day even if it’s just one thing something new every day hello sir he thank you very much you are God like me me please every night I ask myself what was the new thing I learnt today I always find something and I always find something I could learn to discover I know it’s one of the things I love about life it’s one of the things I love about existing is the fact that there are always new things to discover I don’t know everything there are many things that I don’t know for example yesterday I didn’t know that this animal existed so yesterday I didn’t know that this animal was a real thing but now I do and apparently there is a theory that this is where the corona virus originated in China because in China apparently this particular animal is a delicacy even though it is also an endangered animal as well so I didn’t know that but now I do Tania says oh my goodness is it really episode 47 yes this is 47 episode 47 of English addict I can’t believe it

so we will soon be celebrating our 50th episode I’m looking forward to that Marina says yes there was a viral song called happy oh yes I remember that one I wanna be happy everyone be happy yes I like that song it was very good thank you very much thank you to Mohammed fayez who says hey dude is that me thank you I just subscribe to this channel and now I’m here to learn English can you help me well that’s what I do I am here to help everyone with their English whatever it may be I will try my best to help you hello also – Tuan who says you should have lemonade with honey it is good for your voice I don’t know why my voice is so strange today it’s very dry it might also be the weather as well and also the fact that I’m standing in a very hot studio it’s so hot in here as well so maybe it’s a lot of things in the Lithuanian Pangolin is translated into who eats ants yes because the Pangolin apparently it lives on insects yes but apparently also some people think that they taste delicious so they eat them Pedro we see ya oh hello Pedro Pedro Belmont is here but now I think he’s about to go hello Alec Z I read about the pangolins but then it seems that it was an error by the journalist the virus is similar to covered 19 but not the same oh I see okay then well this is something that I I was watching just two nights ago so I think it was on Monday night I was watching something and they were talking about the Pangolin and they were saying that this is where they think the corona virus came from how it was transmitted so maybe maybe that now has been disproved as well but this is one of the problems that people are facing right now people actually don’t know about it there are many things that people don’t understand about this new virus another thing that people are getting confused by is how long it will take to get a vaccine so if you have a vaccine then you can vaccinate people to protect them from the virus just just like flu so many people especially people who are elderly or people who are young or people who are vulnerable to infection they will have the flu vaccine so now they are trying to find out if they can develop a vaccine to protect people from the corona virus however vaccines take a long time to develop it’s not a few weeks it’s not a couple of months sometimes a vaccine can take a very long time to develop because you have to develop it you have to find out how the virus works and then you have to work out how you can produce the vaccine as well some vaccines are produced in eggs did you know that they actually use eggs and grow the virus or the the actual vaccine in the eggs yes that’s it you see learning new things all the time hi Lee Kwang this animal is in Vietnam and is hunted by many people because of its skin yes it’s terrible isn’t it amazing that there are people in the world who will actually kill an animal just so they can have its skin but then is it any different from killing an animal for its meat is it any different or is it just the same very very very weird times Pedro says I will oh I think Pedro is going somewhere I don’t know where Pedro is going but he’s going off somewhere Ralphy says it is like we are living in the movie virus oh yes I remember that movie it’s a very old film I might watch it again Parise or parisa says hello dear mr Duncan my husband and I or my husband

Dom and me or listening to you thank you very much Parisa hello parisa and also hello to your husband as well a big hello from England welcome nice to see you here Emanuele is going as well I think so Jay says hello from Belarus I write this message for the first time in the live chat you are the best English teacher thank you sir Jay and also welcome to my live chat if it is your first message welcome I’m trying to keep it happy even though things are looking very strange at the moment a lot of people are panicking he is something to cheer you up if you are into computer gaming if you like playing computer games well here is something that you might like to have in your bedroom look at this apparently this is a new product that has been developed in Japan and now you can play your favorite computer games whilst lying in bed so this particular thing is not only a bed it is also a computer console you have your monitors you also have your cell phone which is above your head all the time so this is the new thing that we might be seeing in the bedrooms of many teenagers here’s a closer look so there you can see on the screen you can see the bed you can also see the computer monitors so you can spend all of your time in bed whilst playing your favorite computer game what do you think about that is it a good step or a bad step I mean really you can’t spend too much time doing something really I think so hello also – oh hello Minh Tran hello teacher you are really cute thank you very much I’m a little embarrassed now you’ve made me embarrassed little hello Ralphy hello also to Marina again there is also another movie with people who catch an infection called contagion yes and also that’s a very good word so a contagion is something also this spreads like a virus contagion I like that word very lovely word there thank you very much for for mentioning that word because I left it out of my list hello also to Palmyra says I have never played computer games me neither I can’t remember the last time I played a computer game I think it was many many years ago 20 years ago maybe I think was the last time I played any computer game so I don’t play computer games I don’t play anything like that however I do spend a lot of my time in front of the computer making my English lessons and also doing this right now so as I stand here talking to you I am standing in front of my computer and lots of other technology as well hi Lee Kwang says I wish I could have this computer in the future or this PC this personal computer so there it is something launched in Japan it is a bed a computer a computer monitor you even have all of your food nearby there is everything you could possibly need right next to your bed I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not I don’t know what do you think we are coming up to three o’clock here in the UK day yeah oh hello day yeah apparently black gotcha your real name is daya nice to see you here today thank you very much it’s nice to find out what your real name is to be honest sometimes it becomes a little more personal and friendly Ahmed oh hello

Ahmed Ramadan contagion movie is about the corona virus in 2011 oh I see yes I haven’t seen that particular movie I haven’t seen it hello also to Marwa mara what my her who asks how are things in Syria well you may have noticed on the news during the past couple of days a lot of things happening in Syria there is another migrant crisis it is about to occur where large numbers of people are trying to move from one place to another so some very serious things happening at the moment there Cristina says I remember a movie called outbreak with Dustin Hoffman I remember that one yes again I think that’s quite an old movie but yes I I I remember that one I think that’s quite an old one though I think maybe from the 1990s let’s have a look at some words shall we okay because the reason why we are here is to look at words look at phrases and to get some new words into our brains so at the moment a lot of people are talking about the corona virus and some people are starting to panic well here is my advice don’t panic please please don’t panic don’t panic whatever you do please don’t panic can everyone stop panicking so we have we had the virus words and phrases earlier but now we have some panic words and phrases some panic words and phrases there are quite a few so please concentrate listen carefully panic words and phrases well first of all we can use the word alarm if we we feel alarm or if we feel alarmed it means we are feeling panicky something makes us suddenly frightened you might panic you will feel alarmed so alarm is another way of describing panic don’t be alarmed there is no need to panic so if you experience the feeling of alarm you are experiencing panic panic another one terror as well you can feel terrified you can feel anxious or worried about something so the feeling of terror can also be panic it is a type of panic where you will suddenly be afraid of something or a certain thing might make you feel terrified so terror can also be used as a synonym of panic terror you feel terror you are terrified shock can also be a form of panic so you are shocked you might feel worried about something you start to panic you feel as if you’re going to use your mind because you are so shocked you start to panic horror here’s another one horror horror is the feeling of suddenly being overwhelmed by fear so quite often fear and panic are connected so you might feel fear which will then lead to panic but don’t panic there is no need to panic everyone can just calm down you might also lose control if you lose control it means you stop behaving normally you stop behaving in a sensible way as I showed you earlier panic buying panic buying so people lose control they start to panic they behave in very strange ways they stop behaving normally they start to

panic they lose control you might also lose your senses as well so you start acting in a very strange way you start acting as if you’ve lost your mind you lose your senses you start to panic you might go into a panic if you go into a panic we are describing the moment where you are calm but then suddenly you start to panic so you go into a panic you are calm but suddenly you go into a panic you suddenly start to worry about things you start to get upset you start to lose your control you go into a panic here’s another one I like this one I like this word you might freak out if you freaked out it means you lose control once again you panic you become overwhelmed with panic you start to worry you freaked out you might also react to something that makes you feel panic so the word freaked out or the phrase freaked out can mean lose control you lose control of your senses you freaked out over something I like that one you might become fraught to become fraught is to become fearful or anxious so you become fraught over something again an interesting word perhaps you’ve never seen this word before we pronounce it fraught fraught you feel anxious you feel worried you suddenly feel the sense of anxiety you become fraught we might also describe panic as an overreaction so maybe you over react to something so overreaction means you react too much to something so something that makes you panic might be an overreaction there is no need to worry your overreaction is when you react too much to something so maybe a small thing happens or something that isn’t very important however you might feel that it is important so you over react so an overreaction is when you react too strongly to something that is unimportant so sometimes people will panic over very small things they will get very upset over very small events so panic can be described as an over reaction you overreact to something I live the spelling of this word can you see there so that looks like it has been misspelled however it hasn’t that is how you spell overreact all one word it is one word eric says mr. Steve might lose control once in a while yes you might be right especially when he’s driving his car that’s all I’m saying for now pachu asks do you like watching horror films I do there are some horror films that I like watching there are some horror films that I don’t like watching if you suddenly become afraid of something or maybe something makes you worry too much you might go into a panic you suddenly go into a panic you suddenly start to panic so this phrase is saying you are reacting to something you are going from calm to afraid you go into a panic you suddenly feel afraid

fearful worried anxious you go into a panic thank you very much for your messages yes strange things hello strange things it’s a compound noun yes you are you are putting two words together pressing them together to form one word over react which basically means you are reacting too much to something too much Deb I Yan asks seriously what is this what is this man doing well if you have an answer please send it to my email address and I will read it also when people start to panic there might be panic and I like this word look at this word can you see it there pandemonium I like that word very much pandemonium if there is pandemonium it means there is chaos people are running around afraid there is chaos all around you so you might say there is panic and pandemonium pandemonium serene snow says I wish people were more like people in the fifth fifties and sixties we are all stuck here we just have to make the best of it serene Oh wishes that the 1960s and also the 1950s would come back however I’m not sure if the 1950s were were really a good time to be alive there were lots of bad things happening in the 1950s lots of things happening hello – oh hello – Mohammed fires will you watch adult movies when you say adult movies what do you mean by adult movies I think I know what you mean but what do you mean panic attack I know all about this because for many years I used to suffer from panic attacks it’s true it might not seem like a real thing but I used to get terrible panic attacks where suddenly my body would react to nothing it would feel as if I was going into some sort of shock so my body would suddenly start to overreact to nothing around me my heart would start to go very quick and fast and race away I would start to sweat and parts of my body would start to twitch and tremble and I would have a panic attack horrible thing so have you ever suffered from a panic attack it’s a horrible experience it actually feels is if you’re about to die that’s what you think in your brain you feel as if your life is about to end when you have a panic attack it’s a horrible horrible thing so a panic attack is something that can affect many people some people have it for many years some people have it for a short time I had it after I came back from China when I was living here in the UK because I found it very hard to readjust to life back here in the UK so I used to suffer from terrible panic attacks horrible here is the thing I mentioned earlier panic buying if you buy whilst panicking we call it panic buying as we have seen on the news apparently this this particular thing can you see what’s happened there it’s I’ve started to unroll my toilet paper but unfortunately it hasn’t unrolled properly I hate it when it does that they hate it when toilet paper does that it’s it’s it’s unrolled but it’s unrolled in a strange Road and roll so there is a apparently panic buying at the moment of this

particular thing toilet roll toilet paper to do oh I know what I’m gonna do yes I love having this power I love it I have the power a shortage makes scrambling but sharing will leave a surplus I like that yes I like that phrase that’s nice yes so sharing can leave a surplus however buying too much of one thing will leave a shortage which you can see in this photograph look at that so you can see this poor lady she is trying to buy her groceries but unfortunately the shelves are completely empty unfortunately there is virtually no food left on the shelves apparently here in the UK what we tend to do we often buy bread and milk so quite often if we think that something bad is about to happen we often rush to the supermarket and we’ll we will buy lots of bread and also lots of milk as well so we see those things as very important very important things strange things asks mr. Duncan do you do your classes every day my classes are with you on and you can see it here Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2:00 p.m. UK time so I am with you three times a week you can catch me live on Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2:00 p.m. UK time and I suppose I should also mention that you can like and subscribe so if you like what you see please subscribe it’s gone thank you very much for your company today we are looking at words connected to panic panic we had panic buying and now we can say that a person will go into panic mode so we are using this as a phrase that means the state or the action of panicking so you go into panic mode something that happens that suddenly makes you panic causes you to go into panic mode it’s almost like programming a computer so your brain suddenly starts to work in a different way you start to panic in your mind you go into panic mode mode just means type so your panic behavior or the way you are behaving so panic behavior panic mode you switch to panic mode you start to panic over what is happening okay then this is very interesting I like this one you might run around you might run around like a headless chicken run around like a headless chicken this particular phrase means that you panic you can occur over something something makes you panic something makes you run around scared and afraid you run around like a headless chicken apparently I’ve never tried this I’ve never tried to cut the head off a chicken but apparently sometimes if you cut the head off a chicken the body will run around for a few moments I’m not sure if it’s true or not I don’t know but apparently there is a phrase a great phrase in English you run around like a headless chicken you run around like a chicken that has had its head cut off you might freak out over something you freak out over something people are freaking out so you might say that because of the coronavirus people are

now starting to freak out they are freaking out over this unbelievable urn believable so panicking can take many forms we can also get a person to stop panicking so maybe your friend is starting to panic because of something or maybe your friend is starting to lose control of their senses and you might say please calm down calm down it’s okay there is no need to panic don’t panic calm down everything will be all right please please calm down calm down you might have to tell your friend to calm down because they are getting very anxious about something you might have to tell everyone maybe there is a news report where perhaps the president or the prime minister of a country might urge everyone to stay calm we urge everyone to stay calm please stay calm don’t panic we urge everyone to stay calm here’s another one there is no need to panic there is no need to panic so everyone please relax calm down there is no need to panic there is no need to get upset over something there is no need to panic and all we have one more I like this one this is a good piece of advice remain calm remain calm if you remain calm it means you stay calm you don’t worry you don’t get upset and most importantly of all you don’t panic don’t panic please everyone please don’t panic don’t panic so remain calm keep your head don’t panic don’t lose your head stay calm and relaxed talking of relaxing things would you like to see something relaxing right now look at that the view in my garden at the moment and also the view from my window as well right now there you can see it is raining at the moment here in the UK however spring is on its way spring is coming are you excited about springtime I know not every country in the world has spring however some countries do whilst others don’t and there you can see the view of my garden with the lovely birds looking very happy even though it’s raining it’s almost time for me to go today but what did you learn today did you learn anything new from my lesson so I will ask this question before I go what did you learn today did you learn anything new from my lesson or maybe you learnt something new away from my lesson maybe you learned something new about yourself maybe there was a piece of information that you didn’t know before that you do now what did you learn today look two three who I believe is watching in Vietnam says keep calm and try to relax I will try my best to relax I need to find a legal paper but I got really crazy around the whole house and I couldn’t find it quite a loop can I just say two things first of all I didn’t know your name is also a Caribbean island and also don’t you hate it when you can’t find something it happens to me all the time there is always something in my studio that I need and then suddenly I can’t

find it so quite often I will put something down especially especially my pen quite often I will lose my pen and I can’t find it anywhere I don’t know why but sometimes my pen just disappears it just vanishes into thin air I don’t know how or why so yes there is something very annoying about losing things I hate losing things there is nothing worse than losing something and then you start to panic because you can’t find it you start to freak out because you can’t find the thing you are looking for Marwa says I have learned the words related to panic and also being calm ok that’s good so those are the things that you’ve learned from today’s lesson thank you very much thank you very much for your company today yes we have learned more words about virus and panic thanks a lot mr. Duncan I am feeling better after your lesson well can I just say that I am NOT panicking at the moment I’m not worried too much and of course the best piece of advice I can offer you the best advice that there is that I can offer you right now if I can find it here it is Keep Calm and wash your hands Keep Calm and wash your hands that I think is the best advice that I can give today Keep Calm but don’t forget to wash your hands that is one of the best ways of protecting yourself from the coronavirus and it will keep you fit and healthy which is a good thing when you think about it hello’s that seeker oh.hello said seeker nice to see you here as well it is not easy to relax not at all but I will try my best well a lot of people do live in a state of anxiety and worry stress is something that many people suffer from nowadays so a lot of people in the world now suffer from stress so I’m pretty sure that the coronavirus will make some people very nervous and afraid however before I leave you today I would like to read to you my little poem that I wrote this morning in bed I’m not joking I actually wrote this poem in bed after opening my eyes on a new day here it is so here is my lovely little poem before I go let the first thing you think as you wake in your bed be the happiest thought that exists in your head don’t let it fade or slip away keep that memory nearby and rest assured and without a doubt you’ll be ready to face a new day and that is where I will leave you so I hope you have plenty of toilet paper I hope you have plenty of food nearby although I do have a feeling that we might not need to panic quite so much at the moment however who knows what the future holds who knows thank you very much Pat Chu thank you also to Ana thank you to everyone here in Egypt in my country at the moment we have some hot chocolate which is called corona yes there is also a beer a type of beer called corona as well by the way the word Kara no means crown because the coronavirus looks like it has lots of little crowns on it in fact I think I have a picture of the coronavirus right here here it is so there it is so you can see the corona virus has lots of little crowns all around it up there you can see crowns so that is the reason why the corona virus has its name because you can see there are lots of crowns on top of the corona virus and that’s the reason why we have it thank you very much for your company today I hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson and I hope very soon we can all say

goodbye to the corona virus I really do thank you Eric thank you also to Luis Mendez Irene umberto also now Rima thank you very much for joining me today as we come up towards the end of today’s livestream I hope you’ve enjoyed it I hope you all stay safe as well wash your hands it’s the best way to keep yourself safe apparently oh look quickly before we go right there look the birds are now very busy on the bird feeder one of the reasons why the birds are very busy eating in my garden is because there isn’t much food around at the moment so there aren’t any insects there is very little for the birds to eat so needless to say the birds are very excited to come into my garden thank you also to Valentin oh hello Valentin I didn’t see you here today hello whilst the coronavirus is out and about you’ll never get completely relaxed and feel safe I suppose so yes there might always be a little feeling in your mind of worry or anxiety but of course it isn’t the worry it is how you deal with it that is important that’s what I think anyway so I will try my best not to worry of course the main thing with what I do is is that I can stay at home so even if the virus becomes really bad I will still be here during my live lessons so even if I have to self isolate myself in the house it means I can still do my live streams so it won’t affect me very much at all and of course if you have to self isolate then you can watch my live streams as well so I think I will continue making these video lessons and these live streams even if things do become worse or get bad so that’s all I can say Suleyman hello Suleiman Suleiman you don’t have to keep pressing your button you don’t have to keep pressing your button solar man yes I have seen your name you don’t have to keep pressing the button or else I will have to do that there we go I’m going now thanks for your company I hope it’s being useful thank you very much for your lovely messages Pilar says to everyone click on the like button yes you are more than welcome to like and subscribe this is what I do and don’t forget I do it all for free a last look in the garden before I go and then I will definitely disappear just like the birds Thank You grace I love your lesson very much and I’ve learnt a lot thank you very much maurois says keep safe everyone I hope so as well please stay safe stay happy stay well please do not get sick protect yourself wash your hands and take care until the next time I meet with you here on YouTube which will be Friday by the way I am back with you on Friday so that is when you can see me next I will be with you next on Friday and don’t forget to p.m. UK time lots of other things to talk about thanks for joining me today I’m going now we are coming up to 90 minutes of live English addict but unfortunately I must now say goodbye you can have the captions later and also you can like and subscribe mr Duncan you are still working and that is one of the most important things bye for now Thank You Valentin that’s very nice and new in says or asks how to be good at English well one of the ways to be good at English is to use it every day listen to English every day make English a part

of your life just like your arm or maybe your nose you have English it is part of you it is something that you use every day thank you very much Stephanie de hello Stephanie de I haven’t seen your name before is it your first time sweetness thank you very much thank you pat you thank you for watching today I’m definitely going now even though I keep saying that I’m going but I am definitely going right now thanks for your company this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson a lot of things a lot of stuff for you to look at a lot of things for you to think about I hope today you learnt something new so something to think about after I leave you what did you learn today what did you learn from today’s lesson let me know in the comments and of course until Friday 2 p.m. UK time you know what’s coming next yes you do stay healthy and stay safe ta ta for now 😎