2006-2011 Honda Civic Radio Replacement

what’s up guys this is Miguel from activaooo racing so today we’re going to be replacing the radio for a 2006-2011 honda civic sedan so we’re going to be installing the sony display which is partial touchscreen and we’re also going to be the installation kit so i’m going to be leaving all the descriptions below so you guys can check it out so if you like it you have all the correct parts and um also installation so these tools right here are trims and molding tools from harbor freight tools so i’m also going to be leaving the links below for you guys to get the correct parts also so don’t forget the sony is a great great great brand i stand behind them all the time and by any means necessary this is not sponsored by them but i like their products so i’m gonna be installing this product this car this whole area is one piece this whole dash is one piece so this splits and two right here and i have to like take this out so this got to take somewhere else so you take this clips so the beginning of it is right down here it’s like this um where you put the chains like a chain pocket then you have to get a filler a screwdriver right so fly head and take this out put it right out so this right here comes right under here okay make sure you use these tools right here because these are trim removers so you don’t have to damage the actual dash and you’re gonna see different like dents about it when you all use the flat head flat head i used because it was real small so it’s like a groove right here that these tools cannot reach so much alright so i got a specific thin flat head all right so down here you’re gonna have i believe it’s a size eight size eight so you’re gonna have to kind of like fill it all right you’re gonna have to fill it and take the screw out and once you take the screw out we’re gonna have to we’re gonna be able to take this whole mask right here all right so one of the most things that a lot of people forget and i almost forgot um it’s disconnect the negative you got to disconnect the negative on the battery so you won’t trigger this bag this or airbag right here that i don’t think you want to trigger this bag because it will you will have a dash like saying airbag and then you have to bring the vehicle to the dealer all right okay guys so um with the trim tool which i’m gonna leave the link below so you guys get the correct tool to um take all this off don’t forget hit that subscribe button okay guys so we’re gonna come down here i’m gonna take this out right here all right so it’s going to be a little tough to try to use your fingers before make sure you cut your nails because you might break them and then take this whole trim out all right and then you lace littering is just gonna be working all around this area right here right so don’t be don’t be crazy it’s not breaking this one is already broken but as i told you guys i have a new a new um piece right here and that came with the kit all right so it’s gonna sound like it’s broken but it’s not broken it’s just a clip so you can they’re firm so you gotta literally pull them out okay like one shot okay guys so right here you gotta like literally snap it off a little bit okay this might go back in so you try like you gotta play with it snap it keep snapping it out all right watch your fingers and use your trim tool also all right so i’m gonna try to snap all this off so you guys can see the weight comes out i’m trying to be gentle at the same time as you guys know i live in florida so a lot of these plastic they get super crispy so they start cracking as soon as you start taking them out all right because being in the sun and then even if you have that band chain

you can um actually still get some heat here all right guys okay guys so i’m pulling this right here using the trim mount so this is gonna split in two pieces all right so then you’re gonna have to play with this to get this out all right and then you kind of like look inside to see what else is holding it make sure you be careful with this piece right here because this is staying in this one i’m not that concerned about it but if you needed to conserve it and and like replace something inside the radio make sure you take your time so you won’t break it alright so i am trying to pull this to the side all right so this is how it’s going to come out right there’s going to be some plug so basically disconnect the plugs all right and make sure that you keep everything intact because i’m gonna show you guys in a few minutes in the table how to swap all these items onto the new mask all right so still taking these out right here and then try to use your tools all right so you just press it all right take them out take as much possible as you can right here all right look for the antenna if it has an antenna and then you take this out so the bolts that i was telling you about is these two bowls right here guys there’s two balls right here that go on there this is the ones you’re trying to reach down here we’re fortunate enough that these were not there so i guess the dealer had took this out and forgot to put this out but okay i actually got all the plugs out as you guys can see this is the final piece all right this is what you want to want to take out so i’m going to show you guys next how to transfer all these items onto the new mask all right guys so i am gonna be showing you guys how you transfer these items from right here you see these right here so this is the back end this is the empty mask that came in with the kit so we got to transfer all these pieces on to the new mask that includes this all the sensors and buttons right here you guys see it right there right so it’s basically what you guys gonna do is you’re gonna come here and you’re gonna get a phillips screwdriver and you’re gonna start taking these all these buttons out from the back and then they’re gonna come pull out out of the back and then you’re going to insert it here and transfer it onto these masks so you take these out slowly make sure you don’t break nothing okay so basically you’re going to start taking everything out all this stuff out little by little take your time don’t break the mask don’t break the ball you’re gonna need these screws if you don’t have no screws okay um fortunately we got extra ones here just in case that came in with the kit okay so let’s take all these things out so continue to take all these bolts out make sure you keep the bolts for that so what i’m trying to do i’m trying to disconnect this find all the way all these bolts everything that’s here to take out and then i need to expose this also i want to tell you guys these clips when you take everything off you got to transfer these clips to the new one because these don’t come as new clips then right here you guys can see there’s nothing here okay so i’m starting to transfer everything here okay guys okay so guys i am not gonna need this after all this whole part is the radio area okay which is this part the cd changer so i’m not going to need none of these buttons right here so all i’m going to need is the ac buttons so the way you take these out before you put all these screws out you want to take any of these thin tools and you want to pop the button up okay so you gotta pop the button up so let me do it with with the fill with the flathead right here okay so you pop this button out then try to do it as gentle as possible because these buttons you’re gonna need to transfer them okay i’m trying not to break any of these buttons because you got to pop them out in order for this whole piece to slide off all right so you take these out and then you pull this out

this is what you need to transfer okay guys this is what you need right here okay guys so this is the ac control display so i’m gonna transfer it right here all right so it even uses less buttons than what i use on the old one so you gotta get all this stuff right here so just add it on put everything on then you’re gonna put the buttons at the end after you install the display um for the ac unit so this is gonna control the ac control unit this is going to control everything in your ac all right so comes six bolts six screws and you only you only use four screws on the new mask right here so we’re about to wrap it up okay this you add everything here okay so this is the way it should look so i’m gonna flip it around that’s the way it should look so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put all the plugs in okay they look very similar so make sure everything is good okay that one goes there this one before i put it on i want to make sure that it’s on the off side okay so it’s right there so when you before you clip it on you want to make sure it’s pointing where it’s at because remember these are lights come out out of these buttons so so you got to go all the way so basically what i do i put in one side on the left side then put it in clip it and then that’s how it goes okay so clip it all in make sure it’s all in and then the buttons make sure the buttons work okay it’s working nice all right so that’s it guys i’m gonna be adding the next item all this comes in one kit i’ll be putting the links below don’t forget like subscribe and hit that bell button so you can stay connected to all the upcoming videos all right guys all right guys so this is the sony display this is a new one it’s it looks like a touchscreen but it’s not a touchscreen it’s better what it was this is the difference this is the old one right here which is heavy and big and this is a new one the reason why we’re gonna uh do this new one is because it has a whole bunch of different features bluetooth it has all this all the new stuff so it is lighter better it’s a lot a lot better so what i’m gonna do guys i’m gonna put everything below so you guys all the links you guys get the correct product and the correct tools so

you can adjust it guys how you guys want it okay adjust it right here inside so mix it a little bit and you put it right where you ask what you want it and then because these bolts right here they’re adjust okay and you tie it down right here both sides this final view it’s all marked up so we’re gonna clean it out real quick all right so here you have it guys that’s it final final product everything works the buttons go up right the way it’s supposed to be so we’re gonna um next we’re gonna do is color match the plug from the car to color match these so we could have it straight from the back and it’s just plug and play right here guys okay all right all right guys so these are the wiring harness that came in with the kit for the radio so basically what we’re gonna do is this is the antenna the adapter and then this is the radio okay so we’re gonna color match the radio plug with the wiring harness adapter that we have for the car so all the functions work so basically what you’re going to do is just color match all these i’m going to match all these right here so i’m going to open it up so you guys can see it then usually a lot of them have a list on the colors what it means where it goes to okay so what we’re gonna do is basically color match these right here plug it in make sure you use electrical tape black electrical tape all right and this is how you’re gonna just plug everything program plate plug and play that’s it guys plug and play all right so i will leave all the description on the description you’re gonna leave all the links for all these parts basically it’s just one leg the whole kit comes with everything you guys see here okay even the remote everything all right guys we’re ready to wrap up guys so i’m just adding tape you guys could do this however you like you want to put some plugs you want to put salt on but i’m doing this really old-school way so which is tape and then i want to do is i’ll re-tape everything on it so this is a little bit time-consuming but like this i know that this good connection on everything these are the speaker wires right here all right so wrapping the wire harness up so i’m just basically what i did was i added all of them and then you guys should get one of these tools i’ll put the link in the description below for this tool you can get a heart um harbor freight very good so you get all these strippers these are wire strippers a clamp side okay so basically you put the wire in here you match it up by the gauge you close it and it strips it right out so very helpful tool all right so i’ll be here wrapping it up continue to do this all right guys so this is a final product for the connectors

and um now i’ll show you guys how everything is going to look in the inside so right now i am putting the plug onto the wiring harness and then i’m putting it right back to the radio okay make sure try to hear those clips there it’s gonna be a couple of things that you won’t use that are connected to the old one like i don’t believe we’re gonna use these right here so basically it’s just a couple of things that we have here the climate control and stuff like that so i’m gonna plug in as much as possible this is here clock with the clock and stuff like that we’re not going to use so this plug right here is for the clock at the top um this is the climate control so basically what we’re going to use is the stuff right here so now we eliminated a whole bunch of buttons that we um that we used before so i’m going to be plugging these in now so i’ll have it backwards make sure you get put all these plugs before you connect the negative back on once you put the um the airbag on then you put the negative back on the battery okay the hazard lights and the airbag and the radius so we’re gonna end up with these two plugs right here that we’re not gonna need because these are for like the cd changer and stuff like that and this is for the clock at the top all right then the next step is try to mount it a little bit here so it can stay here and then connect the negative on the battery and try everything out before you install it okay okay guys so i’ve connected the negative post on the uh battery so now we’re gonna check it out so it all this might go crazy so hazards work okay radio is on as you guys can see you’re gonna have to manually read the instructions and get everything going here okay and then all this works okay so now we’re gonna continue and adding all this stuff in if you have the bluetooth mic you can connect it that comes with this system you connect it and um take advantage that all this is off so you put it right here and connect it right here it has a little clip and it goes right here okay so you run it through here and then come through here to the dash and put it right in here so and also with the um steering wheel um control so that being said guys let’s continue on to put everything back where i want this so

all right guys so here you have it guys um the final product guys so we’re gonna um turn it on this is the most important part of it okay this cannot show up there’s no airbags notifications on the dash this is the dash it turned the ac off turn everything off so now this this remote also this um radio also came in for the remote which is pretty small pretty cool so it’s nice so now i like to do everything like old school so i like to turn it on the way it should turn on so everything comes up let’s see general display find more demo clock adjustment okay so set everything up guys say what you want okay so let’s see if this works you have to activate it alright guys so anyways just check the way everything works and um that’s it guys that’s a final installation for um 2006 to 2011 honda civic sedan four doors so make sure you click this that also the kit came in with some tabs so when you turn the car and you’re driving if you hear any noise the tabs actually will click here so you won’t um have any that plastic noise so i got the vibration noise all right so install everything back everything the way it goes this goes here and um that’s it all right guys this is the final result radio is on everything looks flash nice you guys can hear the music no lights no nothing thank you for the support guys subscribe like and hit that notification button let’s get it