BMW E60 CIC IDRIVE Controller Retrofit / Center Console Removal / USB Port Replacement DIY

so today I’m going to show you guys how to a retrofit your CIC IDrive navigation controller right down here and as you can see I’ve successfully completed the installation it looks OEM this looks exactly like it would in a 2009 or 2010 BMW E60 5 series and it was not easy I’m gonna show you guys the step-by-step DIY in a bit but let’s just go over what you need so the reason it took me a while to do this is because I waited on this trim this trim is hard to find so it can match the rest of my interior as you can see i have the dark the dark bamboo wood and it finally came up on ebay so I ordered it I’m gonna go over all the parts you need but this is the one part that links everything together the dark bamboo center console trim so I’m gonna show you guys today how to remove your center console to lift it up and to bolt on this new controller from underneath and I wanted to do it this way because this is the most OEM way there’s no way to tell that this has been retrofitted and I didn’t want to cut into my existing trim in case I wanted to switch it back I wanted to keep my existing trim so but you still need a dremel though you still need to cut the center console underneath to create this this shape so I’ll show you guys later in the video so sit back enjoy the video and also so now that I have the CIC controller as you can see right here it is much better the reason I wanted to do this is a now there’s no evidence that this car is a 2008 model it has to be at least a 2009 or since it has the CIC IDrive, a 2010, and the second reason is I really like this back button especially for using Spotify or for browsing your USB music files so I’ll show you guys how easy that is with the back button so if you go up here you can go into so you just click CD or go to external devices and if you go back here as you can see I’ll go into my Spotify and right here I can go to my Spotify menu and I can see my library right here so if I want to go into my songs, look at that sunset, it’s a beautiful Saturday here in Vancouver, English Bay so right here I can click on my song I’m in my my songs on my Spotify but if I just click on one and down here let’s say I want to go back into my songs all I gotta do is just press back this is Venice Beach Palm Palm Springs alright so right here we’re back in our menu and yeah this makes using the Spotify or navigating your music a breeze this is the best controller it feels so much nicer in your hands if you go to back right here let’s go back up songs click on it and now you can just go next track very easily Spotify is amazing Spotify is such an essential feature anybody with an E60 I can’t emphasize enough how much you need to get Spotify in your car as you can see right here I have all the parts necessary so when I first ordered

the IDrive navigation retrofit from BimmerTech I got them to send me this the controller for free this usually goes to around two hundred to four hundred dollars you can find it easily on ebay but some I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this controller but I thought okay maybe down the road I will and there’s two ways you can retrofit this controller the first way is probably the most common way and it is to use your existing center console trim like this right the older version and the method is to cut it to this shape with a dremel or some power cutting tool and that’s why they sent me this bracket right here this is from the 6 series they sent me this but I don’t want to use this because when I see this I know it’s not it’s not the OEM way like if you were to get a 2009 E60 5 series or a 2010 E60 5 series it would not have this so right away I know this is not OEM I wanted to make it look as OEM as possible I want there to be no way to tell that this was retrofitted so I had to be very patient and I wanted to order this trim piece right here, this trim piece is taken from a 2009 535i and it took a long time for me to find this on ebay because there’s a lot of other ones that had a different pattern wood trim but this is the dark bamboo wood which is hard to find and I found another one but it was left a right hand drive or they were selling it as part of a set and it was like 4 or 500 bucks and they wouldn’t sell this individually but luckily I came across this and the price was amazing it was only $32 US and this it shipped pretty quickly so I’m pretty glad to get this because it’s hard to find and yeah it’s very good condition there’s very very little wear and tear on it so this is the piece that made me wait to do this retrofit, the other pieces you can find them readily available from Amazon or ECS tuning so to make it look as as OEM as possible you would need these two brackets right here you need this one and that one I’ll show you how they all work together and alright see this bracket right here goes into this right here so you it slides in like that let’s slide it in and then it slides in there so they go together and we’re gonna be removing a center console because in order to install this part right here the bottom part like you see it screws on to the underneath of the center console so underneath of here so I’m gonna have to remove it to remove the existing IDrive knob before I install this and then this part right here as you can see it’s got these little grooves on the side and the grooves fit into these little holes right here as you can see the holes so if you clip it in like this it’s gonna make a nice satisfying click like that and then this fits really nice over top and completes the look look at that and I’m really excited I can’t wait to get this in the car it’s not gonna be easy but we’ll go we’ll film it stuff step by step so in addition to this we’re gonna be disconnecting the existing menu button and I drive knob and they’re gonna have some wires that we’re gonna rearrange and we’re gonna put them into this little plastic connector now this plastic connector you take this off goes right into the bottom there you can see you can see those pins right there alright and then you’re gonna need some tools so we’re gonna need first of all it’s probably a plastic trim removal piece right here we’re gonna need Torx this is a nicer Torx adjustable screwdriver because it’s L-shaped or we can also use this one depending on where the screws are and then we’re going to need some different Torx bits and maybe we’re gonna need this *metal* sharp pick tool what for disconnecting the existing wires alright so these are the parts and these are the tools I’ll put the part numbers in the description

now the first step you need to do to install the CIC controller is you’ve got to pop out this thing for the transmission here so actually very easy just put your put your hand under it push this down and you can pry it open and over top toss it to the side now cuz we’re gonna remove this trim piece and there’s 3 Torx screws alright so once you pull this cover off right here you can easily take out the three Torx t20 screws there just like like this right here and you need a Torx t20 screwdriver like that very easy take them out one two three and then the next thing this one here you’re gonna have to pull pretty hard on this you might pull the top part of it by mistake but to get a better grip I would rip it down here hold downwards and then up and just pull it up like that now we can take out the trim piece right here so this trim piece it is held in by these two Clips right here as you can see and they’re going these two two holes so it’s similar to a door panel removal right here so you take your plastic trim tool and you carefully wedge it right here and you start with releasing the first clip and pull upward gently pull and then release the second clip and then once they’re both out you press this button right here that releases the armrest cover and you can lift this up now you can it reveals the wiring harness for the menu button which we’re gonna disconnect and now it’s quite a bit easier to disconnect this if you pop the menu button out like this from underneath as you can see right there it comes out and then it reveals the harness right here so let’s see how much easier it might be to take it out it’s a little bit tricky so I’m gonna pull this out right here and then we’re gonna go to the next step alright so the next step right here is you want to get to these screws under this carpet trim that hold in the center console so in order to do that it’s a good idea to just or the power seats so we can just and then slide it just so we can get the best access to this trim so we’re gonna need our plastic trim remover piece right here we’re gonna want to wedge it like that and push it because there’s Clips right here that slide this way so we’re gonna wedge and push this back all right all right so these um carpet strips are actually are easier than I thought to take out so this guy came from came from right there and I found the best way to do this actually is to pry it from up top here just pry it from up top and then it will come out and you slide it back and as you can see it’s connected by these clips they go in there these clips slide right out and there’s one two three clips and once you take those off it reveals these seven millimeter bolts right there just this one right here that’s holding it in so we take our Torx screwdriver and we attach the bit right this seven millimeter and just put this driver right there let’s get in there and then we’re gonna unscrew unscrew these bolts so we’ll do the other side and then we’ll continue with the DIY alright guys so the next step right here is actually the hardest step so far we need to remove this trim piece right here and it’s not easy you have to be patient with this so what I did is I use this plastic trim remover piece and I started by wedging slowly underneath here then I work my way into the sides and then kind of go in and just kind of gently get deeper and deeper in there and it’s so satisfying when you hear that first pop and you know you um popped one of the clips so then I’m like okay this is the right way to do it and pop this one and then I kept working my way I wedged one in here and then I had one wedged in there and then I

I used my other one where is it then I use this one and then I went in with the side at the same time and gotta be really careful slow and steady here and then and then you can pry them out now let’s take a look I’ve never seen this before and see the electrical connectors behind your whoo there’s a lot of stuff going on here that we’re gonna need to disconnect before we can remove this center console I don’t want to remove it completely I just want to remove it enough so I can disconnect the old iDrive controller and just attach the new one that’s all I want to do so maybe it’ll be a bit easier cuz you got it there’s two screws down in there but we got to get this thing out of the way before we move any further okay so I’m gonna disconnect looks like the seat heater sensors and the cigarette lighter adapter is here wiring harnesses and then we’ll get back in alright so we disconnected this trim piece down here with the see heater sensors and a cigarette lighter power socket so I’ll show you what plugs into what here so now for each cigarette lighter socket there are three little plugs that go into it right here as you can see there behind like this so there’s this white one the black one and this right here is the light bulb so this goes into here that white one there goes into this the black one there goes into this one here and then on the other one it’s the opposite so the black one goes into here the white goes into this right here and then this is the light socket that looks like it just pulled out it goes into that right there like that just pulled out of there and now this one here is for the seat heaters wiring harness that goes into right there and then the other one goes into right there so now we can take this out of the way and then we can remove the vent and we can do that by first taking these clips out cuz you got to disconnect this harness now for the event and then we can proceed further and get more space to work with down here all right so to get the vent out you need to take off these clips that one I took out this one and then I got to take this one out it looks like this right here this is the clip and I found the best way to take these out is to use my a metal pick tool this guy right here looks like it’s for a dentist and then you kind of this perfect as you just slide it like this right here see easy fly at me there we go all right now should be easy to take this vent I’ll just pop it oh so just kind of there we go we wiggle that out now we got to disconnect the harness see how much room we got here to work with turn it upside down it looks like there’s the harness just gotta pull that pull that sucker out of there give you a close-up right there I’m gonna pull that out and then as you can see there’s enough there’s a bolt right there it looks like another seven millimeter might be might be bigger but I’ll take this vent out and then we’ll take out those bolts alright so it looks like it’s pretty hard to take out this wiring harness it’s pretty stuck in there like from both sides so I’m gonna leave it in here for now I don’t want to break it and I’m gonna see if because I don’t need to remove this completely I

just need to lift it up a little bit I think I’m gonna have enough clearance I want to lift it up like this so yeah let’s see if we can just get it to move so let’s get this out of the way and let’s take down here we have two ten millimeter bolts one right there so we’re gonna take our Torx driver right here ten millimeter now we’re gonna go right down into there so you need this l-shaped one that is really tight in there you can’t fit just a normal normal one right here so there you go nice camera see there’s the bolt and there’s the driver so it’s yeah there you go yeah it looks like we have enough clearance so it’s coming loose so it’s working so unscrew those and then we’ll get this center console moving alright and three two and one alright so it looks like we have some wiggle room here I was able to get the two 10 millimeter bolts underneath the rear vent and now there’s two last right here these are easy and these are Torx t20 so get your screwdriver here with your Torx t20 bit and go ahead and unscrew those right there I’m gonna clean this up here all these crumbs that got through the cracks that’s the last thing we’re almost there I think the hard part should be over by now yeah let’s take these out and let’s see if we can get some you can lift this up enough to unscrew these this controller underneath and now there’s two more two t20 screws just down there one and then there’s the other one so let’s get those out also and yeah I’m able to lift it up a little bit then I gotta lift it a bit higher to access the area underneath so unscrew that and then we’ll lift up the center console alright so looks like I have to disconnect the rear vent right here and after some trial and error I use pliers so as you can see there’s the pins for it and the connector is this one right here yeah so pliers definitely help just be gentle you don’t want to break it and then there’s one more down here but you have to disconnect before you can and start lifting this up and out of here because we have to lift it up we have to remove it completely the only way to get access to underneath there, where the knob is, is to remove this completely unfortunately as much as we want to avoid this we have to do it so the other thing is there’s this other connector down here as you can see here I’ll take this out of the way this one down there see this this connector it kind of slides slides into that so you can just on slide it off and there we go and now we have everything disconnected from the rear vent here and as you notice I also took out the parking brake right here the handbrake so I’ll show you how that’s done so for this right here it’s connected with a few clips right here they two on each side like these like little teeth 1 2 3 4 5 down there and yeah you got to be

forceful and you got to use this plastic trim remover piece and pry it out of there and it kind of lifts up over and now we gotta lift, we got to pull this really hard and pull this out cuz the main thing that’s getting in the way here is the handbrake, now I figured out there’s this little trick where as you can see down there you see that spring, we gotta push that spring back and then we can we can pull the handbrake all the way up so that way we can easily just lift this up because this is the only thing kind of standing in the way here alright so I removed the handbrake boot, you gotta like pull really hard apply a lot of force it’s just one piece like this it’s all together so you just pull up as hard as you can with both hands and voila now the secret here that I discovered is that see that little spring, that blue spring, you take your flat-head screwdriver and get down in there and you push push the spring back with the screwdriver and as as you’re pushing back you can raise this even higher, as high as as possible, now I’m going to try to lift it up and over because we have quite a bit of clearance here hopefully this will be enough alright stay tuned and I’ll see if I can remove it in three two one alright so I finally removed this CCC control knob right here and oh this is such a pain in the butt to remove, but finally it’s out of here! and I didn’t need to remove the whole Center console, I didn’t need to lift it over, but I did need to lift it pretty high and as you can see it is tricky to get it over the parking brake right here I lifted this as high as I could but it gave me enough area to work right here and I lifted it and I’m using the gearshift to hold it up like this and yeah so I used this screwdriver is your best friend this was able to help me get the final screw because this thing right here it’s bolted down to the bottom and obviously it’ll be a lot easier if I were to remove this completely I could just put it on the bench and unscrew this these four screws with piece so first thing I did is I disconnected as you can see right here the connector for the ccc controller and that connector it is down here and we’re gonna be taking these pins out and we’re gonna be putting it into the new CIC so there’s there they’re just down there and yeah so I work from the back here I lifted it up with one hand and then wedge gets underneath from underneath from behind which is a lot harder I know I was able to unscrew the two screws that were here and then I got in the front here I lifted this up even higher as you can see it goes up even more and then I got some access with this guy but the last screw was was the toughest so I had to use this and kind of wedge underneath and it’s a torch these are Torx t20 screws just like this just like most of them so the hard part is over now I don’t think I need to remove this all I need to do now is to cut cut this into the shape so we can fit our new controller in there so that’s the radio I’m gonna cut it and then I’m gonna because we got a screw in you got a screw in this guy underneath the bracket so we’ll do that and we’ll be right back in three two one all right cut out part of the center console right here mainly this this little strip but I think I need to cut more because this is soft but underneath this some hard plastic cuz I gotta get it to fit this this shape so I think I’m gonna get some power cutting tool because the knife I use a knife and yeah it’ll be easier with the power tool but before we do that I want to make sure

that the controller is working so we’re gonna do the wiring so as you can see here these are the two connectors so this connector right here came out of the older CCC knob and this one came from the menu button so what we’re gonna do here is we have to rearrange the wires so as you can see this one I’ve already taken out we’re going to take the first to the bread and the brown right here and we’re gonna use this connector and we’re gonna put them in the first two slots starting from the left here so the red and the brown are going to go in the first two slots and then right here so the red and the brown are one and two and then this pin number four and five so the second black one and the yellow one are going to go into three and four here on this one but it’s pretty tricky actually to take these pins out and I realize that there’s a trick to it and to make it to make this easier as you can see the side of it see this plastic side this thing right here you have to pop this out pop this out from from the sides here see I’ve unhinged it so I wedged my metal pick tool right into there to uh to take this this plastic clip out and now you want to take your metal pick tool and you want to press on the silver part right here and as you’re pressing you can slide them out as I’ve tested because this one I’m not going to need so I test it on this and I’m going to proceed to do the other ones and then we’re gonna plug it in and make sure that the controller is working and three two one all right so I’m so happy I connected the CIC controller and it works as you can see it lights up very nice on the buttons work the back button is really nice and I have one tip that I recommend at this point right here I’ll zoom in on the connection right here so you guys can get a close look there it is there’s the wires all lined up in the new connector in a put electrical tape on the wires that are not using so they don’t touch each other but one thing that I definitely recommend if anyone’s doing this is when you unpin the wires when you unpin them from the from that little plastic connector make sure they don’t touch each other or disconnect the battery beforehand but yeah make sure because this what happened to me is they touch the two wires the two that are in there the first two do red and the brown one they touched and right away the screen turned off this wasn’t working at all and I’m like damn so what happened is I burnt a fuse and I looked at the diagram under the trunk lid and there’s a bunch of them that are correspond to the iDrive or the radio and I pulled out quite a few and I found that fuse number 79 which is a 10 ampere fuse was blown so I was happy that I was able to identify it and that’s the problem so I quickly went to Canadian Tire and I bought right here this pack of fuses it’s only six bucks they got quite a bit so in case quite a few different ones and it was a 10 ampere fuse that I needed and now yeah that’s the hard part that’s I’m so happy that’s out of the way but we still got more work to do here as you can see because we got to cut this out so what I did is I also bought a a dremel from Canadian Tire I got this portable one right here portable Dremel and it comes with a few food a few different bits but I’m not sure if it gives you the right one so I also got this this bit right here that looks like a blade for cutting so I’m gonna go charge this up and learn how to use it and so we can go ahead and cut this opening and finish this off so I’ll be right back in three two one alright so I use the Dremel and I cut around here got to be really patient with this and as you can see it fits it’s the controller now controller is in

there and now I’m gonna screw it from the top here and then I’m going to lift it up and screw it from the back and but before I do that while I’m in here I decided to replace my USB and auxiliary port right here because it’s pretty slow this is like from when the car was was made the USB ports were we’re not as fast as today so I disconnected the old one right here this is the old one and I got a new one from Amazon, 26 bucks, and it’s way faster because I tested it on in the Combox port in the trunk so I pop this it’s not easy because you got to pop it with your fingers you got to pop it you know from here and then it’s attached to this little plate here and you got to take it out of this little little frame and then I reattached this new one right here to the to the frame so I’m gonna connect connect the USB port screw this in and then reassemble everything and yeah do a do a road test all right so the best way as you can see the CIC controller is in there, I used the Dremel to cut the opening and then I lifted it up from the front over the gearshift to put in the two front Torx t20 screws and since I can’t lift the center console up and over because of the handbrake I lifted it up here I put this hammer here to hold it up and then I can reach in underneath with my screwdriver and bolt it down from the bottom up upside down now you want to do this one one bolt at a time but you want to push it up after you screw in each bolt so so there’s no wiggle room so it’s in there sturdy as possible because you don’t want to go back in here again alright so I found this is the best method to screw on the controller all right tighten the bolts and put everything back together in three two one alright so the controller is nice and firm in here it’s pretty sturdy it’s bolted on from underneath which is not the easiest task because you have to lift it up right here and go underneath and I used I use this screwdriver right here I just took the bit off off this one because this one I think is too long you don’t have enough space so just take take the t20 bit put it in this and you’ll have enough area to twist to twist the screws upside down and yeah so this the controller is finally installed the hard part’s over I’m just putting everything back together again I put your boot for the handbrake back in but just a few tips before I put everything back is you definitely need the Dremel you can’t cut this with a knife or a blade this right here was the reason I was able to do this so definitely this is very good good product it’s portable as well so definitely fully charged it takes about two and a half hours to fully charge but it’s it creates a nice very fine cut so you just get this bit right here and as you can see right you’re like a surgeon with this so I would put also while you’re doing this put some microfiber towels around here because you gotta get a lot of sawdust around especially underneath so put one in the hole here put one around and keep cutting and then keep trying to fit it in until you have enough room and I think I did a pretty good job I didn’t cut too much so yeah you definitely need the Dremel okay so now when you’re putting everything back together as you can see I got the new trim for the 2009 or 2010 535 and as you can see right here it’s got the one I had before has some different right here clips that are probably more specific to these holes right here so what you want to do is you want to remove the clips from your old trim okay if you’re using a new trim and put them in the new trim like this because as you can see those might not fit as snug

because the center console might have different holes on the twenty ten so I would just reuse the same clips alright so I’m gonna put the finishing touches back on this and then we’ll we’ll do another video when it’s all installed but if you haven’t subscribed subscribe to my channel I’ve never seen a DIY video for the center console removal as comprehensive as this or for a CIC controller retrofit for the E60 so if you like this content subscribe like it and I’ll see you in the next video thanks for watching