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the first things i want to pay attention to is this one known considering system css network is a custodian based one nothing hello i’m melissa massa so today’s the investment reviews network token called cell cell okay so let’s start so as usual this is my portfolio strategy so i only argue my assets to the bitcoin and all the article increases later these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my portfolio strategy please check out my other video about my portfolio strategy okay and then today seriously network categorized here number three token quarter or d5 at the same time they’re going to provide their own work application so it’s it’s also matched the category of the dots especially b2c depths okay and as usual i’m going to apply the six an archive point so standing for the pain points products team execution power token economy and hype cycle and for each i set a 5.0 point here so the total score is 30 point three zero okay and then let’s start from the number one pinpoint analysis and then here are the two pin points related to celsius network the first one is this one bank landing model is frustrating with the having to negotiate terms such as maturity interest rates or collateral with the peer or counter body let me explain why simply say actually banker plays just like an intermediate exploitation player in an existing financial system so here’s a depositor who have extra money and usually they’re gonna you know deposit their money into the banking system on the counterparty side they’re the borrower who need the extra money for example like for buying a new house buying a new car or starting new business or something okay then you know with the basic renting contracts borrower have to pay the interest depositor can receive some of the interest from the banking system stuff right but the food is going to decide about you know this extra money allocation to the borough side it’s bunker they’re going to kind of a mutual exploitation player about you know asset organization optimization in the banking system stuff these existing lending mechanisms itself will be disrupted by blockchain technology and to understand this point we have a great analogy from the internet on internet is a media technology and before the internet the tv was a major media format so every single artist who wants to create the contents and the distributed user side they have to deal with that mutual exploitation player here for their business staff so such as artist productions tv channel or advertiser okay the internet fully disrupted this mutual exploitation filtering mechanism on a tv media just like more democratic way with the user internet first of all as you can see when you look at the youtube or instagram or water plus no one stop you to publish your contents unlike tv media here so it’s converted to free world but at the same time who gonna filter out about an ethical contents or a proprietary of the content stuff is also a user like button or share button or reporting functionality all these kind of democratic tool in our internet ecosystem the monitor contains more healthy way and the completely same thing happening on blockchain space in a financial system so when you look at the old financial system those users have extra money even they’re going to deposit the money into the existing financial system they cannot directly or democratic way to distribute the extra money to the user side here those people who need extra money buying a new house buying a car or starting new business or something instead these mutual exponential players such as bunker bridge catholics and credit scoring company manage those kind of asset optimization stuff so with the browser and technology we’re going to decentralize it you know which means that more democratic white so which means that you know just like an internet user can decide those asset arcade optimization by themselves that’s the critical pain points defined learning platform it’s trying to solve okay and then pinpoint number two non-custodian system is very critical for defy to protect the customer’s assets from hacker okay so central exchange lending platform is hackable because they hold all the funds so this is the kind of quotation from the one of your major decks project xerox protocol from the white paper they’re going to clearly describe about the critical difference between central exchange and dex system so this is a central exchange model when you look at you know central election system such as binance or coinbase or any other existing you know

stock exchange system or the system running like this y so once you’re gonna deposit your assets into their system they’re gonna aggregate all the customers assets within one system then this system model extremely motivate hacker to attack the system the reason is once hacker successfully attacked this system they can get over millions or sometimes hundred millions of dollars with the one system attack so huge business chance for them all right but in a dig system it’s completely opposite side so in a dex system each user have their own applications like this why but they never deposit their assets into the central exchange system instead the decentralized dex ecosystem or land platform is connected user network while the user can still hold their assets on their own wallet like this way then once we’re gonna you know achieve to build this kind of amazing and decentralized ecosystem for hacker it’s extremely tough work for them to attack this system because first of all hacker doesn’t know anything about how much asset each user holds on their wallet attacking costs for each wallet is completely same as attacking one aggregated system like this one so these fully decentralized distributed you know decks or landing platforms ecosystem it’s extremely disincentivize hacker to attack this system so that is why this type of you know system is very critical demand in a defy ecosystem and usually we call this hoodie desensitized decks or any problem is non-kassidian style this one is castilian style and this one is non-custilian style okay and based on this understanding that’s topic product analysis so before i move into the detailed stuff let’s check out the history overview of the celsius so this project is funded in 2017 at new york city by alex nuke and daniel and they launched their first landing app on 2018 and also firstly introduced its very own token server token vr token sales that took place through 2018 then these startups eventually rise over 50 million dollars whilst of crypto in may 2018 and in june 2020 services publicly launched a 50 million equity offering kind of a crowdfunding style and that network achieved their investment goal of 10.5 million dollars in under 6 hours from 39 investors and this is a product of what we will sell so you can download their iphone and android applications on each platform so this is a lending you know platform business stuff so once you’re gonna buy some of your favorite tokens such as you know eth on binance or bitcoin on coinbase or something you gotta transfer these your crypto assets celsius applications and then you can lend your token to bolo aside okay so it’s very simple applications and based on this understanding as usual let’s move to the barricade professional analysis and a services network here in my analysis there is a two type of major competitor such as central exchange player such as binance crypto com also decentralized landing platform such as even a compound the first things i want to pay attention to is this one known considering system synthesis network is a castilian-based one not non-custodian-based one so as i told you in the people analysis this score is quite low and the same as decentralized systems such as binary script.com2 okay even a compound has much more advantage to these areas the one reason is you know these three player centroids player provide their own web applications but even compound never provide their own applications to maintain the non-custodian decentralized network system as a lending platform okay the other elements also i want to pay attention to these combination stuff exchange of landing the reason is if you’re the bias user or user you already know that these two centralized exchange players also provide landing products okay then also they’re gonna provide exchange services so from the better user experience perspective these binance and cryptocom it’s much better one because users can buy and land their own crypto assets with the one-stop services services network since they don’t provide any kind of exchange services so users all the time have to transfer their crypto assets from binance to celsius it’s very frustrating so there’s a certain level of the friction cost out there so to me the value card portioning of the thirst network is not quite strong as a lending platform okay one more thing i

also recommend to understand here is multi-quality platform strategy the good references compare and ave i think cersei networks also take the same property still currently the comp also eve listed around 30 crypto assets here like major crypto assets such as bat token ethereum token over direct product also they know major stable coins such as usd tether for the random business staff too but as a next step they’re also planning to list nft token non-fundable tokens such as virtual game item or house or your smartphone or digital odds or your car like this one in my analysis the nft market is the next key gross driver for the defy ecosystem then services also provide lending services so on their plan in my analysis also they are planning to scale up there are crypto assets from fungible token one to non-functional token one okay and then number three team analysis and these ds4 player with a key member for the serious network sir alex co-founder and ceo he’s also the founder and managing partner of the governing dynamics israeli american venture fund also he’s the founder and chairman of the trans wireless largest wireless network in new york city subway system and he got the base of economists at the terrible university so he’s very talented serial entrepreneur and the second guy nuke co-founder cto he’s also the member of the forbes finance council and also he’s a founder ceo at the seven pop and also founder and cto at the carbon project and he got the bs of computer science at the israel institute of technology so he’s a very you know experienced serious tech guy you know in a status and the third guy daniel the co-founder ceo he’s also the managing partner at the governing dynamics alex and daniel use walk together the good team combinations and also he’s a founder and ex-ceo at the actress robs and he got the b of economics at the brown university so he’s also the serial tech entrepreneur and first guy ronnie chief revenue officer and head of strategy he’s a partner at the herzeg is a consulting company in israel and he got the mba at the terrible university and also with these four members they have over 50 team members so thinking about in the future development about the dao ecosystem these team size is a relatively big one so in my analysis it’s kind of very tough work for a service network to develop that effective ecosystem to compete with the other d5 platform direct computer such as compound and abe okay number four execution power analysis so here are the stats about social network from from decisions data celestials launched apps in 2018 and then currently as of november 2020 they already have over 215 saturn active user worldwide and also they already get over 2.2 billion worth of assets held under management so seemingly g stat is in a pretty good number but once we’re going to compare their direct competitors as compound 8 looks a little bit different because compound already achieved 2.79 billion total valley rock and also ave also achieved around three billion on their total body rock okay so asset size total asset management size is this direct competitor is already overwhelmed of the sales network under asset management sites okay and the data points also we need to pay attention to is defined wallet so these days you know those users who are going to use the compound aim they’re going to connect their defined words to those you know landing platform such as company eve and these days these d5 wallets such as metamax coinbase wallets transports mice awards b pi it’s largely growing these days for example metamax already achieved over 1 million download series network since they’re going to provide integrated centralized you know application model on the rendering platform also the word applications they have to compete with this player and these players provide a more decentralized approach for the product development staff too especially for the dial development perspective social network is a little bit behind okay and this one token economy analysis token economy design matrix which i made and the matching category of the celsius is first one this one cultural define and also the dapps here and especially critical ms and network effects here this is network effect on a sales network it’s completely similar as in compound eve first things they have to pay attention to is the borrower economy so they have to identify strong demand on our coin trading opportunity for the broader side such as usd tether or bat or ethereum so then they have to find a

supply customer to provide a liquidity for those in the rural economy here there was going to you know build the initial growth mechanism on a broad side and surprise side they are going to scare up other crypto assets such as the nft token as i mentioned then you know they’re going to develop another use case we usually call this kind of defined lending business opportunity from the crypt asset staff it’s smart assets or blockchain asset tokenizations okay the other network effect model itself is you know from their descriptions it’s like they say so the system puts those with the highest self balance and hotel ratio at the highest priority hotel ratio meaning the amount of sale contained in a sales wallet at the amount withdrawal from the same wallets okay therefore higher hotel range of the sale on the user world balance there are also lower interest rates loan for holders who can receive up to 30 discount that’s their incentives on all interest payments and also lower interest rates on coin loans too the users who choose to obtain their weekly interest in sale no other crypto assets can also earn higher interest rates of up to 35 okay and lastly holding substantial amount of sale comes with the many benefits if the user over the one of the top holders they received the designated hotline invitation to events meet and greets with the services team and also exclusive events for their top sale hotel community this type of you know incentive royalty program staff is very popular to other centralization player also you know when you look at the internet player quite popular too but from the software scalability perspective these elements is not that critical it’s much more in your known custody and stuff and also the more higher you know either formulation on a lending platform it’s much more critical for the user side that’s the things you should understand here okay and then govern us now i think it’s very critical because you know measure define landing platform their direct competitors says it’s compell aid it’s so seriously developing their dial ecosystem so since serious network focus on the centralized you know business development model so they’re kind of well behind compared with you know compound ave serious efforts will be required for the sales network okay and at number six hype cycle analysis and gartner high cycle analysis as usual blockchain technology 220 versions and a matching category as i mentioned blockchain asset tokenizations this is one of the key goals layer for the blockchain industry next two to five years okay and the second one is since they’re going to provide you know b2c applications so decentralized applications is also another matching category and about the decentralized stuff as i mentioned about cersei network it’s literally behind because they’re going to take the more central approach okay then final score about a pin point without any questions it’s a 5.0 because the center landing platform is one of the critical industry layer for the blockchain industry to disrupt existing banking system okay so it’s 5.0 about products as i said first of all their product is a custodian-based one so from the hacking risk perspective it’s pretty high also compared with existing central exchange systems such as binance or coinbase staff seriously network only provides lending platform solutions and a binaries also provide a random product itself so competitive sensors exchange player way behind so my squad is 3.5 about team the founding member is well experienced zero tech entrepreneur which is great but their market development style is central approach also they already developed in a 50 team member size is relatively big one to develop the effective double system so i set the four points out here okay the execution power so their execution power is not that bad level but thinking about you know other direct competitor compound ave they’re already overwhelmed the total value of size of the under asset management staff and also when you look at the central exchange player crypto com and binance they’re gonna also provide their own product so from this perspective i literally count the minus here so i set four points over here token economy there is no critical difference to compete with central extreme players such as binance or d5 players such as compound ape and also their dial development model is a little behind compared with compound 8 so i set a little minus here so 3.5 about half cycle blockchain asset tokenization has a huge potential but once we can analyze about the dapps business opportunity they’re going to take the centros approach so i set a little minus here so 4.0 so the total score is 24 points so my minimum investment criteria is over 25 points so from this perspective i cannot recommend investment in

third tokens okay all right so that is all this time i also make a lot of interesting video on the crypto blockchain space so thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe channel you